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Tommy ‘Cluck’: Tales of a Cuckold Husband.
Chapter 1
Sam’s Sloppy Seconds

It was right around the same time that I decided I wanted to be called ‘Tom,’ rather than ‘Tommy,’ that I sucked another boy's dick for the first time.  A year later, half-way through my Freshman year of high school, I had sex with a girl for the first time.  And as much as I hate to admit it, other guys excited me a little more than girls did.  Throughout my later teen years I messed around with both guys and girls; with the guys it was all about the sex, getting it on and getting off, nothing romantic or lovey-dovey, as it was with the girls.  I never admitted to anyone that I even had any type of ‘feelings’ toward other guys. I never told anyone that sometimes, when I jerk-off, I think about other guys. And no one, other than the guys involved, knew about all the dicks I’d sucked, and most of them thought that theirs was the only cock I’d ever sucked.

But then Meg came into my life.

I met Meg just after I turned eighteen and at first I didn't think I had a snowball's chance in Hell with her.  I mean, she was hot as fuck and I was just a skinny little guy with nothing much going for me. That first night Meg took me back to her place and she fucked my brains out...  And when I say she fucked me, that's exactly what I mean - it might have been my cock in her, but she was in control the whole time.  I ate her pussy when she told me to, she told me how to use my tongue, when to stick a finger in her.  And then after sucking my cock for a couple minutes, she got me on my back and mounted me, and rode my cock until I flooded her cunt with cum.  

Meg and I dated for three months before she asked me to marry her.  Not once in that time, or since actually, did I initiate sex.  We got it on several times a week, sometimes even several times a day, but always when she wanted it.  And it was always how she wanted it.  If she wanted me to eat her pussy, I did.  If she wanted it doggy-style, or missionary, that's how we fucked.  

So that's how it was, not even nineteen, married and pussy-whipped.  I was happy to let my hot wife control my life... at least people weren't so suspicious about me being a fag.  And while I still had urges and desires for other guys, Meg and I fucked so much l barely had time to jack-off and fantasize about cock.  

Then one night, a couple months after we got married, I was at work and spent the entire shift training this new guy who was such a hot stud, I had a hard-on the whole time.  I was hoping Meg would be sleeping when I got home, so I could masturbate and think about sucking that stud's cock and swallowing his load. 

It was a warm night and our third-floor walk-up apartment was even warmer than it was outside.  The first thing I noticed when I walked through the door were the smells of sweat and sex.  Meg was asleep on the couch, wearing only a long t-shirt.  My first thought was to go to our bedroom and get myself off, fantasizing about my new coworker's hot bod and how much l would love to have him blast a big wad of spunk down my throat. 

I went over near the couch, just to make sure my wife was sleeping soundly, and realized that the sweaty, sex smells were much stronger.  Now like I said, Meg and I fucked a lot, so it wasn't unusual for our little apartment to smell like sex, but this was different.  For one thing, we hadn't gotten it on since early the previous morning, so all those smells had already dissipated.  The other thing I noticed was that the sweaty smell was different than what I was used to, much more musky and masculine.  My already chubbed-up cock got even harder as I tried to figure out why my sleeping wife smelled like a men’s locker room.  

Without much thought I carefully lifted Meg's t-shirt and, since she wasn't wearing any panties, saw that her pubic hair was wet and matted.  Her pussy lips were red and swollen, and there was something creamy and pearly-white oozing from her gash.  

I knew what it was, bit still had to wipe some of the goo on one of my fingers, which I then put in my mouth.  Yep! I'd had enough spooge shot into my mouth to know that it was what I was tasting.  My cock was rock-hard, wondering who's cum was dripping from my wife's pussy.  

Now I know that I should have been pissed-off discovering my wife had recently been fucked by another guy, but all I could think about was how much l wanted to shove my tongue in her pussy and eat all his spunk out of her.  For the first time ever, I stuck my finger in her pussy without Meg telling me to do so, withdrawing it a second later and sucking another taste of my wife's pussy juices and her lover's cum.

It tasted spicy, salty and I needed more.  I inhaled deeply as my face moved toward my wife's pussy.  I could smell her sweat, his sweat, as well as both their sex smells, her oozing pussy-juices and the bitter, bleachy odor of his cum.  Since her legs were only parted by a few inches, I couldn't actually get my mouth to her hole, so I first licked right at the top of her pussy, my tongue dragging mostly across her matted and wet pubes.  And also right across her clit.  

Well I should have known, having her clit licked woke Meg.  "Oh god,' she moaned, her legs spread a little and she put a hand on my head, "not again Sam.  I'm exhausted and Tommy's gonna be home soon."  Despite her words, Meg spread her legs a bit more and pushed my face against her crotch.  

So, if you remember, I’m ‘Tommy’(Meg always added the 'Y' to my name, even though she knew I hated it), not Sam. As my tongue finally got into her gash and I got a good taste of the goo dripping out of her, the reality of the situation hit me. 

See, Sam was a guy who lived on the second floor of the apartment building.  He was a few years older than Meg and I were (at the time, Meg had just turned twenty and I was a month or so from my nineteenth birthday), he was maybe twenty-five or so.  Sam was also a Stud (with a capital 'S')!!!  He was big and beefy and one of the most handsome, gorgeous, beautiful men I'd ever seen.  I'd fantasized about Sam, jacked-off imagining that I was down on my knees and he's feeding me his cock.  

And if what I inferred was right, I really was tasting Sam's cum.  That my wife had cheated on me with such a hot stud got my blood boiling.  And not in anger.  Lust took over and I shoved my face deeper between Meg's legs.  Just as I was slurping a big mouthful of fluids from her pussy, my wife realized what was happening.

"Tommy" she yelled, pulling my head away from her crotch and jumping up, "what the fuck do you think your doing?"

I felt like I'd been caught doing something really wrong, even though Meg was the one who'd obviously been cheating.  I was just licking my wife's pussy (even if it was the first time I'd done it without Meg telling me to do it).

I guess I must have licked some of the goo from my lips, and Meg woke up enough to realize exactly what was happening, because she suddenly announced, "You're eating his cum!"  Then she looked down at my pants and stated the obvious, "And you have a boner!"

I wanted to shrivel up and die.  Find a rock to crawl under and never come out again.  I couldn't believe it, Meg cheated and I was the one feeling guilty.  

I must have looked like a deer caught in the proverbial headlights, as right before my wide eyes Meg pulled up her shirt just enough to expose her pussy and she stuck a finger inside.  She pulled it out, coated with goo and reached her hand toward me.  Without a thought, my mouth opened and her finger went inside.  I sucked the goo from her finger and Meg chuckled.  

"You like it," she said grinning, "don't you?"  She pulled her finger out, shoved it back into her dripping cunt and then put it back in my mouth.  "I always wondered if you were part faggot."

I neither denied nor confirmed her accusation, but kept sucking the goo from her finger.  Then she pulled her shirt up a bit more, settled down on the couch some and spread her legs wide.  I could tell she was working her pussy muscles and even more goo oozed from her slit.  "Come here and lick my pussy," she said in a taunting tone, "come and eat a real man's cum out of me."

Of course I did as she wanted.  I dove between her legs and ate her pussy like I never had before.  Meg grabbed my head and pulled me tight to her so that I could barely breathe, but I didn't care.  With Sam's cum drooling from inside her, her pussy tasted better than it ever had.  

"Eat that stud's cum, faggot!"  She grunted, grinding her gash against my face.  “You should have seen him, Tommy,” Meg continued, her words breathy as I ate her out, “Sam’s cock is at least twice as big as yours.  And oh my god, it’s so thick.  I thought he was going to rip my pussy when he pushed it in.” 
Yeah, I realize that most men would have been upset about hearing how their wife got fucked by another guy.  Maybe I should have been.  But I wasn’t.  The more Meg told me, the more turned-on I got.  And the more turned-on I got, I ate my wife’s sperm-coated pussy with even more enthusiasm.  I think Meg realized what was happening, so she started from the beginning and told me the whole story.  The whole time, she held my head between her legs and made me eat her pussy. 
“I took the trash down to the dumpster just as Sam was getting home from work.”  I could imagine it, the big, beefy stud worked in a warehouse or something and always came home wearing one of those zip-up cover-all things, which would have been loose-fitting on almost anyone else, but on Sam it clung to his muscular body.  “I was following him up the stairs and god, he smelled so good; all sweaty and manly.  Shit Tommy,” Meg applied more pressure to the back of my head and pushed her hips forward, pushing my mouth so tight to her crotch that it almost hurt, “the way he smelled and watching his back and ass       o up the stairs, my pussy started to get so wet.” 
As she talked and grinded herself against my face, I could also tell that Meg was working her pussy muscles and every time she clenched, another little dribble of Sam’s spunk oozed out of her for me to scoop up with my tongue.  “I don’t know what came over me, Tommy.  I asked him if he wanted to come up here for a beer and a joint and before I knew what was happening, he was naked and I was on my knees, between his legs and trying to suck his huge cock.”  She pulled my head back just a bit and in a voice like a stage-whisper, she said, “Finger-fuck me Tommy,” then, as I started pushing a finger in her slit, she continued. 
“You should see his cock, Tommy,” she said around the groans she was making, “it’s got to be at least nine or ten inches long, and it’s probably as big around as your wrist.  My god, it’s the most amazing cock I’ve ever seen.  And he isn’t cut.  Even when it was totally hard, there was still a good half-inch of foreskin hanging over the tip.  It’s so big I could barely get more than just the head of it in my mouth.  And it’s so fat there’s no way I could deep-throat it, like I do your little dick.  And his balls.  My god, his balls, they’re so big – like one of his is bigger than both of yours – and they’re all hairy and they smelled so sweaty.  He loved it when I pushed my nose through all that hair, then started licking his sweat off his balls. ” 
By this point my cock, which had been at least semi-erect all day, was so hard it was throbbing.  Knowing that I was eating the big, dark-haired stud’s cum from Meg’s pussy, as she told me all about how it got there was turning me on like nothing else ever had.  “After that, I tried to kiss him, but after smelling my face, he pushed me away and said, ‘Fuck that, I ain’t kissing no bitch that smells like my sweaty nut-sac.’  So then he grabbed me and shoved his hand down my panties.  God Tommy, I swear I came when his hand got to my pussy and he said, ‘Getting all wet for Sam’s big cock, aren’t you, slut,” like I could feel the rumbling from his deep voice through his hand on my pussy.”  Her voice turned to a stage-whisper again and she told me to take my finger out and stick my tongue back in her pussy.  Then her tale continued, “And when Sam, stuffed one of his fingers in my pussy, oh god, it’s like his one finger is bigger than your dick.  God Tommy, I couldn’t believe how good it felt just being finger-fucked by him.  I had one of my ‘little-comes’ when he put a second finger in me.” 
“Then, oh god Tommy, when he fucked me…” my wife continued to tell me of her infidelity as she held my face tight to her twat.  It was right about this point when Meg had, what she calls, one of her ‘little-comes’, which I guess was somewhat like a true orgasm, only not so intense.  She thrust her hips and at the same time pulled my head in, grinding herself against my face so harshly that I knew my face would be red and raw from her scraping pubic-hair.  Her body twitched and the muscles of her pussy clenched around my tongue, her words caught in her throat and I got a small gush of her pussy-juice in my mouth. 
“Like I said, I thought he was going to rip my pussy when he first put it in.  It felt like that time I had you try to fist-fuck me.  I even asked him to stop, but he just said,” and her tone went deeper, trying to imitate Sam’s masculine voice, “’Aww, don’t worry, honey.  That hole’s made to get a baby through it, my dick ain’t gonna hurt it none.’  And he just kept shoving it in.  God Tommy, it was amazing.  It hurt, but it felt sooo good at the same time.  And when I felt him hit the back of my pussy, well, there were still a good couple of inches of his cock that didn’t fit inside.” 
Meg went on with her story, telling me that while Sam hadn’t been gentle with her, he never gave her more than she could handle, and before long had managed to stretch my wife’s pussy to the point of her being able to take his whole, huge cock.  At one point without stopping her tale, she pulled me by the hair, off her pussy and up her body.  Once there, her hands went down to my pants and she started unfastening them.  She went on, telling me about being fucked by Sam, as she pulled my dick out and positioned herself under me and guided my dick into her sloppy, wet pussy. 
“I never felt so full, like when Sam pushed his huge cock all the way inside me.  And when he finally started to fuck me real hard, shit, I felt like I was going to explode.  It was like I was having one of my little-comes the whole time he was fucking me.”  My wife was wiggling under me and I could feel her pussy muscles trying to squeeze my dick.  As soon as I started fucking her, I could tell that her pussy didn’t seem as tight as it usually did.  And even as she tried to squeeze her hole tight, it wasn’t the same.  Yet, even though there seemed to be less physical stimulation to my dick as I humped my wife, the thought of having my dick in that pussy, still dripping with another man’s cum, had me more turned on that I ever remembered.  I’d never had another man’s sloppy-seconds before, and I liked it. 
While I fucked her, Meg went on to tell me all about how she got fucked by our studly neighbor.  She told me about how he sucked and bit on her tits, and she even raised her shirt so that I could see her swollen, red, and in some spots even purple, tits, which had obviously had a rough afternoon.  She told me about how he made her suck on his chest and bite his nipples, “He even made me lick his hairy armpits.”  Meg admitted, undulating under me, trying to feel more of my dick inside her.  “And the whole time, he never stopped fucking me, deep and hard with that HUGE cock.”  I sniffed my wife’s face and, sure enough, I could smell him.  And I swear, I could tell the difference between the stink Sam left on Meg’s face from his balls and crotch, and that from his sweaty armpits.  I started fucking her a bit harder and faster.  I learned that Sam fucked Meg for about ten minutes, hard deep and fast, before he came.  “There was sooo much of it, Tommy.  And I swear, I could feel each wad of it as it pumped out inside me.  Just feeling that huge cock spurting inside me made me come.  Oh god, I came so hard.  Nobody ever made me come like that.”  
Her story didn’t stop there.  Sam, it seems, is a true stud and popping one load of his manly spunk into my wife, it seems, wasn’t enough for him.  “He never even got soft,” Meg cooed as I fucked her.  One of her hands was down between us, rubbing her clit, and her other hand was pinching one of her nipples, which was already red and swollen, thanks to the guy who lived downstairs.  “He just kept his cock in me, it felt so good sloshing around in his big load of cum, then after a minute or two, he started fucking me again.”  She threw her arms around me and pulled me down so that all my weight was on top of her and her hips kept grinding against me, as I pumped her as deep as I could.  She pulled my head down so we were cheek to cheek, her mouth right against my ear.  I could feel her breath on my ear as she whispered, “And god, did he fuck me, like I’ve never been fucked before.  He flipped me over and fucked me on my hands and knees.  He put me flat on my back and fucked me like he was trying to nail me into the floor.  He even picked me up and fucked me standing-up.  He fucked me for at least half an hour, even probably even longer.  I don’t know.  And his second load was just as hot and seemed even bigger than the first.  Oh god Tommy, I must be dripping with Sam’s sperm, there was just so much of it.” 
It wasn’t long after that my wife spoke the words that pushed me over the edge and I started to come.  “God Tommy,” Meg sighed with me grunting and groaning, humping and pumping on top of her, “I can barely feel your dick in me, after being fucked by a real man earlier.  You might never satisfy me again.” 
I grunted hard and pumped deep, and started to bust my teenaged nut in my wife’s already-cum-filled cunt.  Then all the sudden I was violently flipped off and over, and Meg was yelling, “Are you fucking kidding me?!?  Tommy??  You are not coming!!”  But I was.  The ribbons of white spurting from my skinny, five and a half inch dick were in direct conflict with her statement.  The first two wads of cum I pumped out were deposited inside Meg’s pussy.  All the rest were sprayed all over my chest and belly, one little glob even landing on my chin.  And as I finished my orgasm, my wife laughed at me, “What the hell, you fuck me for what, maybe two, three minutes and you’re done.  Or, are you going to give me two loads, like Sam did?” 
We both knew that wasn’t going to happen.  Not for a while anyway.  I might have been eighteen years old, but for whatever reason, it took me a while to recharge.  The more intense that my orgasm was, the longer it took me to recover.  Meg told me, once again, about how hard Sam’s cock had remained after popping his first load, as we both watched my dick shrivel and go limp.  Meg scooped my cum off my torso and fed it to me off her finger, her other hand busy working in and out, playing with her sloppy pussy.  “You liked licking Sam’s cum out of my pussy, didn’t you?” she said, as she fed me my own cum from her fingers.  I nodded, sucking greedily at her offered treat.  “Remind you of those dicks you sucked off as a kid?” 
Now, before we got married, I admitted to Meg that I’d sucked-off a couple guys…  Or, rather, I lied when she asked me, “Have you ever sucked another guy’s cock?” and for whatever reason, Meg could always tell when I was lying.  She confronted me and I ended-up telling her I’d lied, I had sucked cock before.  Although, I had managed to leave-out several of my guy-guy encounters, during my confession.  Meg knew that I had sucked guys off, but I only told her about maybe half of what I’d actually done.  And she’d also promised me that she would never bring the subject up again.  Then, when she’d wiped all my cum off my torso and fed it to me, still flat on my back she told me to stick out my tongue and she sat herself right down with mu tongue in her pussy.  Meg ground her pussy against my chin, mouth and nose, pinching her nipples and sometimes rubbing her clit, until she unleashed a screaming orgasm all over my face.  I could even taste the two wads of cum I had managed to pump inside my wife, which sort of made my dick twitch, but wasn’t enough to stop it from shrinking. 
That night after we ate dinner and I had a couple hours to recharge, Meg and I had sex again.  And while Meg was always in-charge when we had sex (well, Meg was in-charge when we did anything, but especially when we had sex), this time was different.  This time, once she’d gotten me to start eating her pussy like she liked, she asked me, “So, if you ever had the chance, would you suck Sam’s cock?”  I took my mouth off her pussy just long enough to say that no, I wouldn’t want to suck our neighbor’s cock, then with the words still vibrating in my throat, I dove back down on Meg’s pussy and resumed the task she’d set me to.  I even shook my head back and forth, groaning the word, “Nooooo….” as I tongue-fucked her.  “You’re a fucking liar,” she accused, correctly I might add.  “I’ll bet you’ve even jacked-off thinking about sucking his huge cock.”  She was right again, although I denied it.  And again, she knew I was lying.  Before long, she had a huge, gushing orgasm, covering my face with her juices and probably any cum that was still left inside her, either from me or Sam. 
Before we got married, Meg had also asked me if I’d ever let another guy fuck my ass.   Honestly, I said that I hadn’t.  I’d sucked several cocks, but never taken one up my butt.  After Meg caught her breath after her big come, she started asking me, once again, if I’d ever been butt-fucked. At the same time, she started to jack me off. She kept asking and I kept (honestly) denying, and before I know it, I feel a finger from her other hand starting to slide between my sweaty ass-cheeks. She finally gave up on asking me if I’d been butt-fucked and started asking if I’d ever want to be fucked by another guy.

It didn’t take long once she got her fingers deep in my butthole. First one, then two, then three. It wasn’t the first time Meg had finger-fucked my asshole. She’d even put other things in my ass, a magic marker, a taper-candle, and once she even got a carrot halfway inside me. “Tell me you want to get your cherry ass fucked by a big, huge cock like Sam’s.” I tried denying it, but whenever I did, she took her fingers out of my ass. It felt so good, having her jacking me off and fingering my hole, that I began to beg her for more. I came with three of her fingers up my butt, splattering my second load all over my torso. This time, she made me wipe it up with my fingers, and she also made me suck my own cum off my own fingers.

I was drained, having blasted two huge loads of cum that night, and after working all day, so once I’d gotten off, I rolled over and fell asleep. The next thing I knew, it was morning and there was a pounding on the door. It took me a minute or two, figuring that Meg would answer the door, then looking at the clock and realizing that she was at work and had been almost an hour, I grabbed my robe and went to the door.

I’m not sure if I can explain it, just a bad feeling, I guess, but as soon as I saw Sam standing there in the doorway of our apartment, wearing only a pair of tight running-shorts and a pair of sneakers and socks, with sweat dripping down his body…. Well, you would have thought inhaling a deep breath of Sam’s masculine body odor, I would have gotten hot and my blood would have boiled. Instead, I felt a shiver, got goose-bumps and my blood turned to ice. I couldn’t even look the older, much more manly-man in the eyes, and as I cast my gaze down, I saw the huge bulge in his shorts.

“Oh Tommy,” Sam’s deep voice rumbled my name (or rather, the diminutive variation of my name, which I hated – but as with when Meg called me ‘Tommy’, I wasn’t going to tell Sam how much I hated it either…), “I was expecting your wife to answer.” Then he chuckled, “I still can’t believe you two kids are married.” I felt myself become even more, well, self-conscious, or even guilty for some reason. Then the kicker came when, without a lick of shame in his voice, Sam announced, “So, yeah, I ran into Meg when I was leaving for my run. She told me that when I got back, to stop in for a blow-job and maybe even a fuck, if I was horny, and I am.” He pushed by me, entering our apartment without an invitation. “Where is she?”

I was so flabbergasted by what was happening that I couldn’t speak. I mean, what would I say to the man, who less than twenty-four hours before had fucked two big loads of his cum up my wife’s cunt, and was now pushing his way into my home, expecting to again have sex with my wife.

Now, our apartment isn’t that big and after doing a quick look-around, it was plain to Sam that Meg wasn’t there and the big, beefy broad guy turned and looked at me. “She ain’t here,” he stated. “But she promised me a blow-job, she even said that,” his voice tried to go high pitched in imitation of Meg, “When you’re done with your run, come on up to our place. I promise you’ll get your dick sucked, and maybe even a fuck, if you’re lucky,” he shook his head a bit, and when he spoke again, his voice was once again deep and rumbling, “that’s exactly what she said,” he looked at his watch, “just a bit over an hour ago.” Then he looked back at me. “I’ve been thinking about her sucking my cock and fucking her this whole time,” and realized the movement I saw was him adjusting the bulge in his shorts, “damn, she’s got a great pussy, even if she ain’t that good at giving head.”

“Meg’s at work,” I managed to eke out, though I still couldn’t look at the big, handsome stud. I was terrified that if Sam looked me in the eyes, he would know, somehow, like my wife knows things about me, how much I wanted to tell him that I would suck his cock, since my wife wasn’t there to do it. But of course, I couldn’t do that.

A second later, Sam took a deep breath and said, “You don’t mind, do you?” He didn’t wait for me to answer and went on, “I mean, Meg told me that even though you guys got married, you still had an open relationship,” and he chuckled. “I mean, I’d never let MY wife fuck other guys, but I guess it’s like they say, to each his own.” I didn’t know how ‘open’ my marriage was, I couldn’t help but wonder if it had been me sleeping with another girl, how that would have gone over.

So anyway, a second later, Sam exclaims, “Wait a minute?!” and he takes a couple steps toward me. I can’t help but look up and take a quick look at his face. A reflexive move to ascertain his intentions at approaching me. It’s something us smaller guys do without even thinking about it. When I see a bigger guy coming at me, I want to see his face to know what to expect.

What I didn’t expect was a big shit-eating grin on the tall, dark and handsome older guy. His voice was smooth and seductive. I never knew what hit me. “Wait a minute, I remember something your wife told me last night when I was screwing her. She told me that you’ve sucked guy’s cocks before.” My already cold blood went even icier. Meg had promised never to speak of that to me ever again, let alone telling someone else.

Sam’s grin got bigger, “I’ve let faggots suck my cock before, most of them give a better blow job than your wife does.” I looked from his face, but as my eyes went to the floor, I couldn’t help but see Sam’s big hands starting to push his shorts down his thick, hairy legs. I couldn’t help but stop and stare. Meg was right, Sam’s cock was amazing. It was still dangling, nowhere near being fully-hard and it was already much bigger than my dick could ever get.

For a few seconds, as Sam pushed his shorts all the way down and stepped out of them, so that now he was standing there in the living-dining room of our small apartment, wearing only a pair of tennis-shoes and a pair of socks. Other than his feet, the man was completely nude. “Look at me,” he said, his tone of voice sounding much like Meg’s when she talked to me sometimes. I couldn’t resist and turned my head up a little so I could see his face. He looked back at me for a couple seconds, then a big, bright smile came over his face.

“Yeah,” his voice was sounding smooth and seductive again, “you want it,” my all-but naked, gorgeous, downstairs-neighbor hissed in a way that almost made my cold blood begin to warm. “Come over here and suck my big cock, Tommy.” I couldn’t look at his face any longer and my eyes zeroed in on his cock. It was growing. It was getting harder, longer and thicker. He was right, I did want it, but I couldn’t move.

Well, it took a bit more romance from Sam, but within a couple minutes Sam had a full-on boner and I was down on my knees trying to see how much of it I could get in my mouth.

To Be Continued…..

Sorry, I hate to leave you here, but I’ve been writing all day (I’m starting to get a headache from staring at the monitor) and nearly fifty-nine-hundred words is good enough for a first chapter. This story just seemed to pop into my head a few days ago, and there’s still a ways to go before it’s done. I’ve got a few other characters planned and a lot more action for Tom, Meg, and Sam.

As I think are most writers on here, I’m a slut for feedback. I’d love to hear what you think about my story so far, both positive and negative (as long as it’s constructive criticism). Please feel free to drop me a line at

Thanks for reading!

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