Me (jack):17, 6.1 dark brown hair and fit with brown eyes
Kate: 17, 5.6 pale skins, long brown hair and fit with blue eyes
Ashley: (my hot, but part socio cousin) 16, 5.4 long blonde hair not tanned but not pale skin

I live up in the middle of nowhere there was a town 50 minutes away; my name is Jack i am 17 and an only child, only other teen around was the servant’s daughter Kate. We grow up together. There are only three inhabited buildings a stable, a servant’s house were Kate lives with her mother and father and the large two story house I live in, there is also a large lake with a castle in the middle of it and a waterfall. I was never I want this and I want that kind of person like other rich boys. My parents were all ways busy and the same with Kate’s so they did really notice if we didn’t come home .
One day me and Kate swam under the waterfall and found a tunnel that came out in a cave, the water came up to my knees, I was wearing swimming shorts with my black survival knife and a torch strapped to my thigh and Kate was wearing a black swimming suit. There were two ledges one was 4 meters by 5 meters and the other was 2 by 3, the smaller one has a ladder leading down ,Kate started to climb down she looked at me “you coming” I pulled my torch out “of course” I said before following her , when we reached the bottom was a long tunnel with dark cold wet walks ,at the end of the tunnel was another ladder, which came out in a small room with another trap door and lever , I pulled the lever and one of the walls opened , they were in his house , the small room was under the stair case , it didn’t take them long to work out it to open the door from inside the house you need to turn a light fixing . When we went back to the cave I kissed her “I love you” I said “I know; now we can express it.
There was a love interest between and Kate but were had never been able to act on it because of my parent’s views. Over the next month we smuggled a double bed, bedding, clothes and tined food down to the small cave. I set the bed up on the big ledge.
We explored the second tunnel and in came out in the old castle. There was a large pool in the middle of the courtyard, the castle had no keep and the towers at the back were taller than the front and had pointed roofs. We explored the castle thoroughly and found two large bedrooms in one in each of the back towers; an underground arms room with swords and armour and treasure room which must have been forgotten about, in the front towers four smaller bedroom, two in each and a set of keys. The count yard was split in to two parts by a wall the first part was by the gate which was now walled up to save money and because my great grandfather thought castles were out of fashion for his type of family in 1920 so he had the manor build when that happened it was turned in to a holiday experience place but that wasn’t very successful so it was walled up the beds , chests , everything left in 1990s .on the wall was a 4 floor tower in the tower , in the tower we found cells on 2to 3 and another bedroom on 4 ,all of the smaller bedrooms and the rooms in the tower were lockable with lever by the door on the outside .the second part of the court yard had a tilled pool which original would have been were people would have washed and got water ,over the pool was a pump which when Kate tried it pumped out clear water, Kate kick off her shoes and dropped her trousers ,knickers and took off her jacket and t shirt to reveal size c breasts, then she stepped in to the pool , I instantly stripped off and joined her , I hugged her as we kissed , I pressed the tip of my cock against her pussy, she looked into my eyes with reassuringly , I kissed her before pushing in , she gaped and stared to moan as I started to move in and out of her , her juices flowed down my cock in to the water , she wrapped her legs around my back after a while she said “Can you please cum in my ass, I want to feel your cum inside of me and I don't want to get pregnant right now " I pulled out of her and we got out of the pool , she got on her knees and opened her ass , I push about half my cock in holding on her smooth round ass , he ass was as tight as her pussy maybe more by when she said to push the rest in I didn’t hesitate, Kate let out cry as the last bit went in , I held her sides as I moved in and out ,second later it came fast and lots of it just as I had gone deep inside Kate’s ass , I pulled out after finishing and a part of my load came with it , I then sucked some cum out of her ass and pass it to her during a kiss and she swallowed it , we wash up in the pool be for getting dress .

We order costumes, lingerie, sex enhancers, and swimwear internet and stored them and clothes a chest in the cave and in the castle, we also cleaned up the beds and got bed linen for them.
One night when we were sleeping in the castle we were awoken by a noise, we quickly got dressed and approached the hallway were the noise had come from armed with crossbows “hi jack I wonder where you were” a voice said “shit, its Ashley” I said , we locked her in the room at the top of the prison tower . When we go back in to bed Kate asked “would she give us up” “I don’t know” I said “she’s about my size and it would be nice to have a third person if you don’t feel strange fucking your cousin” “we can talk to her in the morning”
In the morning I put the deal her and she agree to join us. That night Kate played a slave princess held captive in the bedroom of the middle tower wearing a leather chest plate with long pieces of material covering her groin and ass and going down to her feet (*1) and Ashley played the brave knight come to save the princess wearing a short dress which cover the top of her legs and a cape (*2) and me I was dressed in a knights costume (*3) and played the dark knight keeping the princess captive.
It started were I had captured the brave knight tying to rescue the slave princess and I have taken her to the bedroom when the slave princess is. I push her on to the bed “strip her” and Kate begins to take off Ashley’s costume “you see brave knight she is not my prisoner “, when Ashley is naked me and Kate strip off. Ashley is on her hands and knees, I get bend her “ready to get you cherry popped” I said, she nods so I push my cock in, I started slow but sped up when Ashley said to , to keep up the knight fantasy Kate held Ashley’s hands down on the bed , my balls were now slapping against her ass so fast and her juices were dripping out of her pussy with a little blood from where her cherry just popped , I put my hands round her small tits and sliding them all around her body , I couldn’t believe how sexy she was , not as sexy as Kate. Ashley pussy was tight , I could feel that I was going to cum so pulled out and pushed my cock in to her ass , Ashley bit her lip but it didn’t take long before delivered my load in bulk. Then I got on top of Kate and moved my cock in and out of her while kissing her, I picked her up and I fucked against a wall before going anal doggy and ejaculating in her ass, they sucked the cum out of each other’s ass and swallowed it, that night ended by us falling to sleep in the bed together.
The end
Link below to costumes/ similar costumes used in the story
*1 *2


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