This story follows Jarrod Bowling, a man fresh out of bootcamp.
My parents had told me not to do it, but had I listened? No way! I was a self absorbed teen who thought he knew everything, and now I was paying for it. Hold on, let me go back to the beginning. It all started when recruiter came to our senior class, spouting all this bullshit about "Show pride in your country" and "Stand up for what you believe in". What a load of shit.

There were only 12 days left in my senior year. I hadn't bothered to sign up for college, so options were limited. I was told that once I got out of boot camp, I would be making 90k a year, a ton of money for a kid like me. I come from a small family, an only child. My parents could barely support the three of us. We lived in an old run down apartment, and everyone at my school knew about it. The thing is no one would pick on me because I was big. My dad had potential to be a pro boxer, but in his early twenties he was robbed behind our local grocery store, shot twice in the shoulder. It ended his career. We kept his work out equipment though, and I ended up using it all the time because I had nothing better to do. I had no friends to hang out with.

Back in the early days of school, the first few grades, I had a ton of friends, people really didn't care how poor you were. Once I got around 5th grade though, hints started changing. People noticed how I smelt worse than everyone else, or how my hair was a bit on the greasy side. It's not that I didn't want to shower, our water was just shut off. After that, I never really had any friends, or girlfriends. I spent all my free time working out, I was determined that I wouldn't get picked on.

After all those years of working out, I could bench nearly 300 pounds, yet I wasn't huge. I still had a more slender build. I didn't like big muscles, mine were extremely toned, I'm 6'1" and only weigh 185.

My high school years dragged by, but the day after graduation, despite the pleading of my parents, I enlisted. Boot camp was grueling, but I fought through it. At least now I got to shower every day. I made friends with a lot of the guys there, and a few women. The government just recently lifted the law on women fighting in combat.

Boot camp was over, and I was ecstatic. We were being shipped out, ever sing the Russians bombed us, we had been at full out war. What I didn't know the was how great boot camp actually was. I though boot camp was hell on earth? I hadn't seen anything yet.

Our truck let us out right in the behind the front, and I already wished I could go back to camp. There were dead bodies littered all over the ground, some were missing arms, some legs, and some were just heads. Nothing else. My platoon charged to the front line and jumped right into battle.

When my parents begged me not to enlist, I should have listened.

Chapter 1

"Spencer, what the hell are you doing?" I yelled.

One of my good friends, Spencer Joseph, had jumped out from behind cover and was now charging headstrong at the enemy line.

"Fuck it, I'm going after him!" I mumbled as I took off for my friend.

"Damn it Pvt. Bowling, get your ass back here! If Pvt. Joseph is out to meet his maker, so be it! But I'm not letting you go down with him!" Howled Sgt. Letty.

Sgt. Letty was a very big man, and he would surely put one hell of a beat down on me if I disobeyed him, but I really didn't care. After going so long with so little friends, I wasn't just about to let one of the best friends I've ever had just slip away.

I was now about 5 yards behind Spencer, sprinting full force. I was amazed neither one of us has been shot yet. My feet left the ground, and my shoulder hit Spencer with a sickening thud. We tumbled over the ground, but I finally found some purchase on the rough cold terrain. I dragged spencer behind a concrete wall. It wasn't very tall, but as long as we both laid down, we fit.

"What the hell are you doing Spencer? Do you wish for death that bad?" I seethed

Taken aback by my anger, Spencer roared "Who the hell gave YOU permission to judge my actions, what I can and can't do? Besides, it's not what you think. I really wasn't trying to kill myself."

"Oh? Than what the hell was that? You could have easily been gunned down!"

Before spencer could answer, a massive explosion ripped through the air. Dust flew everywhere, and I was launched 15 feet from where Spencer and I had been. I looked over to see a massive crater slightly left of where spencer and I had been laying. My whole body hurt like hell, but I had to make sure my friend was alright.

"Spencer!!?" I wailed.

"I'm over here" croaked a voice coming from behind me.

I whipped around and saw my friend... Or at least what was left of him. His legs had been vaporized, and he was missing an arm. His face was charred, along with the left side of his body.

"Don't worry about me, this was meant to happen. But you? You came out unscathed. Promise me, you'll end it?" Spencer managed to choke out right before he died. I never had the chance to ask him what I was supposed to end, and what he meant by it was meant to happen, but he obviously knew something I hadn't.

"Don't move" said a feminine voice behind me.

I felt the cold steel of the pistol press up against my temple. Before I had a chance to react, to swat the pistol away, or even roll out of the line of fire, a swift elbow to my temple knocked me unconscious.

I dreamt of going back to being a kid, when life was so simple. The slightest things entertain you. The other kids aren't so judge mental. I had actually been fairly popular during my elementary school years. Why couldn't everything be as simple as it was back the ?

I was rudely awakened by a bucket of cold water being poured over me. There were straps over my wrists and around my ankles, and electrical circuits hooked up to the chair. There was a woman standing in front of me. She was slender, around 5'4". She had dark brown hair that fell over her shoulders in waves. Her eyes matched her hair. I couldn't help but admire her beauty. Her breasts were easily a handful, but not too big. They seemed to stand proudly on her chest.

It wasn't until she spoke that I realized this was the woman who had knocked me out, yet I hadn't quite caught what she said.

"What was that?" I questioned.

All of the sudden the chair started to hum, And my body started convulsing. She was going to torture me to get every ounce of knowledge I had. I wasn't U.S.A intelligence, how was I supposed to know anything?

"When I speak to you, you will listen!" She scolded me.

"I said, Tell me everything you know about the program." She stated.

What program was she talking about? What was going on, first Spencer telling me to "End it", and now she was questioning me personally about "the program"?

" I have no idea what you are talking about, What program??" I pleaded.

The chair began to hum again and I tensed myself, ready for the shock. Only, it didn't come. I looked back at this woman, and she looks perplexed.

"Perhaps you have forgotten..." She finally said.
"Maybe this will jog your memory." She announced, a victorious look in her eye.

She walked towards me, and slowly lowered my pants

"What are you doing?" I asked

She said nothing, and continued as she was. Her hands slowly pulled my pants around my ankles, even if I wanted to fight it, I couldn't. My hands were bound. What cruel thing was she going to do? Rip off my penis? Her nimble fingers quickly removed my boxers, and she grabbed my shaft. I prepared my self for her to stand up, and rip it off or something along those lines.

What she did next I completely didn't expect. She popped the head of my cock into her mouth and began to swirl her tongue around the tip. My member had sprung to life in no time, and was standing at full attention. She deftly jerked her hand up and down, while bobbing her head on my cock. I couldn't imagine much better of a feeling than the one I was experiencing. She used her free hand and started massaging my balls, and being the virgin I was, it didn't take long before I felt a churning in my balls.

"Ugh, I'm going to cum" I warned her, but she continued.

Before long, long sticky ropes of cum started to rush up my shaft and burst out the tip of my cock. I embedded my seed deep into her throat as she greedily sucked it all down.

Although that felt amazing, it didn't help me remember a thing, and I was still extremely confused. Why had she thought that was going to help In the first place?

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