A pool at a villa in Italy
“Zia, can you show us what you were doing before? I know that you were not helping him with his pain.” Said Anna

“Yeah, we want to know what men like and how to do it. Plus we want what just happened to you.”

Roberta didn’t waste any time “Sit here” sitting the girls on either side of me. She pulled off my shorts wrapping her hand almost all the way around my cock. “This is the sensitive area” pushing right below the head. “Some men have skin over this, called foreskin. As you can see he doesn’t.” She started stroking my erection “You want the grip to be tight, but not hurt” I reached down fondling their asses as she proceeded. “Ok, you try it.”

Mary started first and as she started her hand was quivering first getting the lay of the land cupping the bottom in her small slender hand and then moving it up and down “Like this?” Roberta reached over tightening her grip. As she was leaning up against my belly I started stroking her slit through her panties. She stood up not letting go of my cock pulling them off and stepping out of them. Anna decided to do the same. I put my hand under them when they sat down making them lean in against my belly. I did not have a good angle with Anna so I was just playing with her ass and anus, but was rubbing Mary’s slit that was already leaking her juices so I brought it to my face smelling and licking it. Oh my lord did she taste good. I jerked down and re-positioned Anna doing the same to compare and it was just as good maybe a touch saltier as I did this precum started to flow.

Roberta “that’s when you really know they like it” leaning down licking the precum off of the tip. Some more came out and this time Mary leaned down to taste it. As she leaned down to lick my cock I pushed my finger into her pussy and I thought she was going to fall over.

“Oh Dio!” Anna looking behind Mary to see what was going on as I started gently moving the tip in and out of her slick hole making circles between her little lips. It really hit her hard when I moved that finger to her swollen clit. Her body started to shutter as her orgasm started pulled her over to straddle my face with my tongue sending her over the edge as I licked every bit of her pussy opening her lips and burying it in her far enough for her muscles to grip it and then push it out. The whole time massaging her tits an pinching her nipples between my fingers. I sucked her clit causing her to scream loud in delight pushing hard back against my face. Precum was flowing freely with this excitement even though no one was touching it.

Anna decided she would take the helm licking the head of my cock and starting to pump it. Mary came down from her orgasm laying across my chest and kissing me deeply. "Oh Dio, I never felt like that before. I want to do more a lot more if it feels like that." I reached my hand down between her legs and through to her ass picking her up a bit so that I could enjoy her nipples. Sucking each in and out and nibbling on them while I played with her ass. Finally putting my finger between her cheeks and massaging her anus. She then turned around watching Anna pump my cock.

Anna turned her ass to me and I started playing with it. I leaned up and started licking her ass tonguing her sweet anus and running my finger through her slit and teasing her lips. I got a small taste of her sweet sex and did not know how I would ever live without these two. They were like two flavors that could never be matched. I was an oholic of their juices, straight addicted. Trying to stall from shooting my load I turned my attention to her. I laid her down gently kissing her with soft passionate kisses. I traced my way down her neck sucking and biting her ears making my way to her breasts kissing around them teasing her and not sucking her nipples. She massaged the back of my head with one of her hands as I finally sucked in her tight nipple with her moaning in appreciation. Kissing down to her belly button and back up to her left breast while I drew a trail with my finger tip to her pubic region to each side of her slit tracing small circles on the sides feeling the heat emanating from her pussy finally rubbing my finger in the center up to tease the clit making her body tense and back down. slowly pushing my finger through her little lips into her wet pussy leaving it in and rubbing her mound and clit with the palm of my hand.

Ana started breathing deeper and faster telling me it was her time to let go. I kissed down her belly "Please Zio please" pleading for me to take her over the edge I licked every nook and cranny of her pubic area then the space between her inner thighs and slit. "Zio, DIO, Zio perfavore DI DI" (uncle uncle oh god do it do it) her little pussy was so wet and smelled so good I flattened my tongue on her clit while placing both hands under her ass holding her up with her legs wrapped around my head. Following through and shoving my tongue into her hole moving my hands up her back I stood straight up eating her pussy with her legs over my shoulders causing her to explode leaning forward against my head as her body shuddered and I sucked her clit to get every bit of her ejaculate. I eased her down so that the head of my cock was up against her slit. She looked me in the eye and tried to push herself on it.
"No, stop, don't do it Anna! I know you want to and so do I, but your first needs to be special" I pulled her off kissing her to let her taste her own juices.
They laid me back down "Zia, how do we give blowjobs?" Roberta licked her lips and dove in sucking in the tip, licking the shaft and then sucking each nut. she flattened her tongue headed back up the bottom of the shaft as I pushed her head to stop her.
"If you keep going I will shoot right away"
"OK then, you guys try it. One of lick the shaft while the other licks the top and then switch." they started and their tongues felt great. Their asses pointed up towards me I started playing again. This time lubricating my fingers in their slits and then pressing against their assholes. They seemed to like it as they pushed their asses back towards me. So I went for it sticking my fingers in up to the first knuckle. They started licking more feverishly with Mary sucking the tip into her mouth. "Now use your tongue on it and then just a little bit of teeth as you pull up." Oh god she was a great teacher. Mary went about halfway down it before gagging, but not letting it scare her continued to suck it. By now I was down to the second knuckle in their asses and they were writhing with pleasure, if not for the moaning I would have thought it was out of pain.

Anna swapped trying to suck it. Not well at first and then a switch flipped and she added some serious suction. She actually reached up and started pumping the shaft as she continued sucking the tip. Finally I was ready to blow. "I'm going to cum!" Anna continued pumping and Roberta leaned over taking Mary's hand to work the other side with her. I looked down seeing Roberta leaning over and bam I started shooting hard against he chest. The girls squealed in excitement seeing me shoot. Roberta turning around as I shot up her ass and back. Mary dove in licking the tip and I shot another rope part in her mouth and the rest up her face and into her hair. Anna not wanting tp be left out locked onto the tip still pumping as I shot a load into her mouth. She came of coughing and then went back in.

Roberta turned around moving the girls out of the way and started sucking my cock back to life. She sucked like a pro bringing it back quickly. Her body painted in cum Had turned her into a crazy nymphomaniac. Once she got it to where it was hard enough she turned her ass to me grabbing her knees and it impaled her like a sword. Her pussy so wet that it glided in easily then getting really tight about half way in. She sat up slowly letting the rest enter "DIIIOOOO" as It sunk almost to my balls before topping out. She must have never felt that as her body shuddered as it did. She sat for a minute just rocking back and forth on it, then she started pumping harder. I stood up turning her around with her ass towards me and started slamming into her from behind. I licked my index finger and shoved it in her ass causing her to release her hold on her orgasm. Her pussy muscles were tight and strong, I felt them shudder and the clamp down on my cock as I continued to pull out and ram it back in. She was screaming something I could not understand almost like she was speaking in tongues. I grabbed her ass from both sides and continued with the assault continually topping out thinking one of us was going to give way as I finally was ready to cum again.

"I'm going to cum again!"
"Di, cum in me! Let me feel it!" As I pelted the walls of her pussy with rope after rope of cum. finally I dismounted and she winced as I pulled out. my cum dripping from her sloppy pussy. I felt Anna and Mary start hesitantly finally licking and sucking me clean.

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