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Story continued. Introducing new things to each other. Comment and let me know what you think. Im trying to write more things for differant people that enjoy differant fetishes. Thanks for reading.
The next morning we wake up from an amazing night. I look around and see our clothes still lying on the floor where my mom had thrown them. My mom starts to stand up and gives me a sexy look and a smile.
"Morning baby."
"Morning mom."
"Did you sleep good last night?" My mom asks me with a smerk.
"I dont think i've ever slept that good." As I smile back at her.
I look down and see dried up cumm all over my thighs and dick. I look at my mom and she has even more dried up cum all over her legs and stomach and pussy. She walks over to the pile of clothes and bends over to pick them up. Theres nothing like seeing a big round ass bent over and a perfect pussy right in the middle of it.
"C'mon honey we need to get you in the shower and clean you up."

She comes back to the couch still naked and helps me get up. We make it to the bathroom and she heads over to the shower to run the water. As the water starts to get warm my mom gets the towels ready. She walks up to me and helps me to the shower. My mom has a big stand up shower in her bathroom with a bench in it to sit down and relax while your showering. She sits me down on the bench and to my suprise she didnt leave the shower.

"Mind if I shower with you?" My mom asks me.
"You know I dont mind mom."
She moves under the water and lets it run over her face and hair and down her body. I sit there watching as she starts rubbing soap all over herself. She starts washing her tits working her way down her flat, sexy stomach. She reaches her hand down between her legs and starts cleaning around her pussy and down her thighs where the dried up cumm is. As shes rubbing her hands all over her ass and body my dick starts to feel a little tingley. She rinses off and points the shower head towards me. She grabs the sponge she used to wash herself and starts at my neck and works her way down my body. We havent said anything to each other while were in the shower. She rubs around my dick and down my legs getting all the cumm off me. When she finishes she puts the sponge on the bench and with soapy hands she grabs the base of my dick and pulls down til the head of slips out her hands. The feeling of my moms hands and soap being on them while shes rubbing my dick was an incredible feeling. Repeating it about 20 times with both hands my dick starts to grow semi hard. She stops and moves out the way of the shower head so i can rinse the soap off me. I get done rinsing off and im thinking we're about done with the shower but i was wrong.

"Are you ready to get out son?"
"Not really but I didnt even get a chance to pee when i woke up so i really have to go."
"Well i have to pee too just wait a couple more minutes."
"Why mom i gotta go bad!"
Then she says something to me that i never thought i'd ever do or be asked to do in a million years.
"You wanna pee on me?" She asked with a serious look.
"Ummmm really mom? That would be kind of gross and weird. I mean thats something you see on a porn video."
"Well i've never done it either so i think it would be kind of fun."
"I guess so mom." I was hesitent to say yes as i answered her back. "So how we gonna do this?"
"Ill just kneel in between your legs and when your ready just start peeing. Dont pee on my face or in my mouth."
So my mom kneels between my legs with her tits 3 inches away from my dick.
"So you ready mom?"
She opens her mouth as a joke then closes it real fast smiling at me. 5 seconds later i start to pee aiming it right over her boobs. I moan out a little in relief finally getting to pee and watching my mom rub around her tits while im peeing on them. I pee for about 20 seconds then she stands up and grabs my dick while im still peeing and aims it right at her pussy. Now she has one hand on my dick and the other softly rubbing her pussy up and down.
"Ohhh that feels soooo good honey. Thats making me tingle all over. I cant believe how good it feels!"
Mom moans a little bit as she continues to rub her pussy.
I pee for about a minute and a half and my mom loving every second of it.
"Damn babe, make sure you tell me before you have to pee next time!" As she says smiling at me.
"Now its my turn!" My mom says to me as she stands up and puts on leg over me on the bench where i can get a perfect view of her pussy. She then tries to aim towards my dick but as soon as she starts it starts going all over my stomach and legs. She moves her pussy closer to my dick as shes almost straddling me. She grabs my dick and holds it against her pussy and all i could feel was a warm sensation running down my dick.
"Damn mom, its so warm!"
"You like that baby? You love your mama peeing all over your dick?"
"I actually do!"

While my mom is still peeing she starts stroking me softly making it even more desirable. I start to get harder and harder the longer she pee's. In less than a minute my dick is fully erect. It wasn't the sexiest thing we've ever done but it turned me on soooo much. Her peeing starts coming to an end and its now just dribbling a little bit out.
"I know i told you i didnt want you to pee in my mouth but I wanna taste it." My mom says still holding my dick.
"Alright mom."

She kneels down between my legs and licks from the base of my dick all the way up to the head. She does it again and once she reaches the top again she puts half my dick in her mouth and starts bobing her head up and down. I couldn't help but to grab the back of her head trying to force my dick deeper down her throat. She grabs my arm and pulls it away from her head and brings her lips up to mine and forces a kiss on me with the most tongue i've ever had. I could taste everything she was tasting and to tell you the truth it didn't taste like much. A little salty but not anything like i expected.
"How was that?" My mom asked with a sexy look.
"Wasn't bad i guess. Never thought i'd enjoying doing that as much as i did."
"Mmmmmmm, thats what I like to hear baby."

So we start rinsing ourselves off and i cant help but stare at my moms ass as she washes off all over again. She notices me staring and see's my dick is still solid hard.
"You like your mamas ass too much huh?" Asking me smiling and joking.
"Thats what i love the most about a girl is her ass and yours is just too amazing not to stare at it."
"Well I have an idea to make that hard dick go away for a little while."
"Oh yea? Whats that?"
My mom turns around and squats down between my legs and places my dick between her ass. She moves up and down on it with her hand still behind her jacking me off with her hand and ass at the same time.
"You like watching my ass bounce on your dick baby?"
"Mmmmm fuck mom that feels sooo good! Dont stop!"
"You know im not gonna stop til I feel your cumm running down my ass."
As my moms working her ass all over my dick i see her other hand between her legs rubbing her pussy and I feel part of her hand tickeling my balls as im getting jacked off. It was almost too much and i couldn't hold my cumm much longer.
"Shiiittt mommm im almost thereee!!"
Just then she leans forward with my dick barely touching her ass and puts my hand on my dick.
Jack off all over my ass baby while you watch me."
I start stroking myself almost as fast as i could while my mom bends fully over making her ass bouce right in front of my dick. She brings her hand between her legs again and slips 2 fingers inside her pussy. The moaning gets louder as shes about to cumm faster than I am.
"Fuck babyyyy im almost there! Cummm all over mamas ass! I wanna feel your cummm nowww!! Ohhh fuckk immm cumminnnggg forr youuu!!!"
"Mmmmmm fuuucckkkk im cumminnn tooooo! Finger yourself deeperrr mamaaaa!!!!
As we both moan louder to each other I shoot my first shot off cumm more than halfway down her back. Second and third shot reaching halfway down her back. I keep cumming hard and shoot more cumm on both her ass cheecks. I aim the last of it straight towards her pussy and hand shes fingering herself with.
"Mmmmmm babyy i can feel your cumm running down my ass and pussy!"
Juices start flowing out from my moms pussy as she keeps fingering herself with my cumm running down her pussy and fingers.
"Ohhhh gawdddd babyyyy!" She says as we both moan heavily.
Taking deep breathes we finally start to relax and caress each other. My mom gives me a peck on the lips and turns the water off. She reaches out and grabs our towels to clean off.
"You never cease to amaze me mom." Still trying to catch my breath.
"You either sweetie."
She helps me out the shower and we get dressed and we get to our normal day.

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