A tale of a vampire
This is a new story that I actually dreamt one night, not much sex in this part so don’t bitch. You were warned.

Some fates are worse than death.

I remember that night vividly. A cool spring night, light breeze blowing, full moon was out, and gardenias were blooming. The gardenias stick in my mind, I always loved the smell of them and as it was the last thing I smelled as a mortal, they hold a special place in my heart. Now, should I go totally cliché and tell you my story just like Louis did in Anne Rice’s novel? I guess I could, there are similarities, just a few mind you, but there is no love in my tale. No, just pain and grief with the occasional lustful event. I’ll start from the beginning. Cliché.

My wife had been dead for five months, the victim of a drunken driver, who was oddly enough celebrating his divorce. Funny, his “happiness” of being rid of his wife, cost me mine. I had taken to walking since her death, no place in particular, I would just stop the car and walk till I grew tired and then head back. The mood struck at the oddest times. This night I was driving through the Smoky Mountains. My wife had family there and I was staying with them to clear my mind. I was near Clingmans’ dome, the highest point of the Smoky’s. I remembered it had a long walkway that led to an observatory, so of course I had to stop and go up. A little thing like night time wasn’t going to stop me, so I set out, bypassed the gates and made my way up. The view was spectacular and the gardenias were intoxicating. I was content in my solitude.

From behind me I heard a small giggle. I turned, shocked at the noise, to see a girl of no more than sixteen years old. Dressed in a white sun dress, barefoot, and a little dirty, she just kept giggling while smiling at me. Something about the eyes made me uneasy. No, they were not bright red or deep black, like so many myths say. They were just brown, but empty, almost soulless, it reminded me of a shark’s eyes. I opened my mouth to speak and she pounced on me.
Her strength was impossible for me to resist and her mouth met my throat. The pain was not as bad as I had expected but up until that point its not like I expected to be a victim of a vampire. I remember the feel of the blood being pulled from me. It was the most curious sensation, I could feel my life being sucked away, ounce by ounce. She stopped and spoke.

“ You’re not screaming or even fighting much. Why?” she asked.

I didn’t think I would be able to speak, for I felt so weak, but I told her. “Why fight death? I have waited for it enough. I embrace it.” as I stretched my neck to her so she could finish me. I had expected her to continue but she recoiled from me, she stood above me with a look of disgust. Maybe she would torture me now, I was fine with it, as long as I would die. I believe she sensed that and then she laughed at me.

“Hahaha, what a pitiful creature you are! Not even going to fight for life, just embrace death, as if I’m doing you a favor? Well I’ll show you!” she screamed

She feel upon me and ripped my clothes from my body. Exposing my sweaty, frail, and venerable body to her. What she had in mind I now had no clue. She reached for my limp member and grasped it with her tiny hand. To my shock and amazement it grew hard as she stroked it. The feeling was incredible. Waves of pleasure rocked through my body and I yearned for more. I hadn’t felt a feeling like this in so long. The wonderful feeling was replaced by a hot, moist mouth, she swallowed my entire cock in one go. Her tongue swirled and patted my shaft as the head poked her throat. I looked in her eyes and noticed they had come alive, like a predator’s eyes shined with the kill, her eyes shined with my cock in her mouth. I laid my head back and just enjoyed the feeling, fairly sure nothing could feel better. I was wrong. She released my cock and straddled my crouch, her hot and wet cunt grinded on my aching dick just begging to invade her. With a rock of her hips my cock rammed home into her. She screamed in pleasure as did I. I felt like I was cumming over and over. Her wet cunt sliding up and down my shaft, almost keeping a suction the whole time. I never wanted this feeling to end but as I thought it, I exploded into her. I hadn’t cum so forcefully in my life, my seed came in torrents and seemed to not end. After a minute, my orgasm started to subside, but was replaced with a horrible burning sensation. The pain started at the tip of my dick and spread throughout my crouch, into my legs and torso, to my arms and head. I felt like I had been tossed into a volcano. She laughed again.

“You will know pain now. And Death? You’ll never embrace it.” Hahaha.

She carried me off, no not with some super human speed, just like how a child would be carried by his father. We came to a cabin in the woods that looked long deserted and I was uncaringly dropped to the floor. I writhed in agony for days, but eventually the pain stopped. I came to learn that the pain could last for two weeks. There was no standard time frame. As that would not be the last pain I would endure, the thirst came. You know the kind, the back of your throat is dry as sand, your stomach aches for the cool water, and your mind swirls with desperation to find a way to quench the thirst. Ahh, but here is the twist, you cant drink. Not blood, nor water. This, I was to find out lasted as long as you held on to any shred to humanity. You had to fully accept what you were to be able to feed, to quench the thirst. After this “acceptance period”, so she called it, you could go back to feeling remorse for your actions but most didn’t. It took me four weeks.

A few other things I was to learn. We didn’t need to rest much, a few hours a day was all. The sun didn’t burn us, it was just very bright to our eyes, so we preferred night. We didn’t have superhuman strength, we were stronger yes, but not able to lift cars. Of course our senses were sharpened, we were very agile, able to leap and climb easily. And no we couldn’t change shapes or fly. We weren’t cold like the books said, well not much, we ran a temperature of about 85. Our hearts still beat. We could feed off of anything with blood but of course humans tasted best. A bite from us was not deadly or wouldn’t turn you into us. To turn a person, it took sex, and not just a wham-bam thank you maam kind of affair. It had to bring both the victim and the vampire to climax. After which, a virus, for lack of a better term, would enter the victim. If left unchecked, the victim would turn. To prevent this, they must be killed. Funny how that worked, you felt the greatest pleasure, than pain for weeks on end.

The thirst. It never really went away, it lingered like a headache, you could carry on but it throbbed the whole time. As a vampire you would spend forever in misery. Never truly happy, just content with causing pain and suffering, like what you had been through. Feeding on a human, could go several ways. It could be quick and painless or the worst imaginable for the victim, it all depended on the vampire. We had the ability to influence the mind. Not control you but affect emotions. You could stop feeding and let the human live. That took skill and really had no use, unless you had a place to keep them for several feedings. You couldn’t very let a person go, that’s how rumors get spread. We are only know by human due to careless vampire of old.

Well enough education for now. It had been five years since I was made. I traveled on my own, not wanting to keep the company of the one who made me. I had traveled to Key West. I love touristy areas. A lot of out of town people and they disappeared easier. You could always stage an accident or just toss the body into the water and let the sea-life eat it. That method erased evidence easily. So, this night I stalked Duval street. So many pulsing bodies, so many smells, so much blood. I can’t back up my claim, but I feel intoxicated after draining a drunken human. I watched from the roof of a building, looking for my next victim. So many choices. The foreign man, with his lack of knowledge for the area, made an easy target as he got lost on side roads and alleys. The young college girl, so easy to impress and take advantage off. The teenage kid, with low self esteem and a tight body, so easy to lead astray. That would be my choice, a teenager, my dick grew hard with the image in my head. A young, supple but tight body pressed against my cold skin, warming me, filling my nostrils with the smell of blood and fear or if I made them feel it, sexual arousal. Now to pick one. Hmmm. Here was always the hardest part, for all vampires didn’t care if their victim was male or female. We would eat or fuck either. Just depended on what was available or desired at the moment. But how to choose. Then I saw her, a petite brown haired girl. Just standing on the corner as if she waited for a car to pick her up. She was all dressed up, maybe she had a date? Well she wouldn’t make it. She wouldn’t make the sunrise if I had my way.

I climbed down to the street, luckily the place I would take her was only a block away, so I didn’t have to lure her, I would just grab her and take her. She didn’t see it coming. She didn’t fight much, maybe terror froze her but a few moments later and she stood in front of me in what use to be an old meat freezer.

“Please let me go, I wont tell anyone that you took me.” she pleaded.

I just laughed and slammed the door shut, no one was going to hear her scream.

To be continued………….

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