here is the link for the song on youtube
I'd be bonin' every minute, my corncob always in it, screamin' out her name

I'd be suckin' on her tit, while I'm rubbin' down her clit, if I only had a dame

I would whip her with a lasso, lick her little asshole, makin' sure she came

I'd be playin' with her boobs, while I'm shaving off her pubes, if I only had a dame

now, I could tell you why my dick would be so red

cuz for hours & hours she would give me head, and then I'd come & come again

I would lick her little twat, hit the g-spot, make her go insane

I'd be always penetratin' even when she's menstruatin' if I only had a dame

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2014-03-04 18:32:19
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