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This story and its' characters are ficticious and do not resemble any real situation or people.
“Just” Acquaintances.

There I was, another day where the cold January morning air slapped me in the face as I walked out of the car to my first period class. Through the doors, straight, then down the hall-last class on the right. I walk in, always the second or third person to be there, and greet my mathematics teacher from across the room. Grabbing my assigned textbook, number 14, on the way in, I march down the gap separating rows of desks, and plopped down into my seat.
“Have a nice weekend, Jacob?” asked Mr. Morrison, my math teacher.
“Yes, I did. Thank you for asking, what about you?” I replied.
“Oh, you know, just the usual. Watching Sunday night football with the missus yappin’ on about grocery store stories.”
For some reason I always thought the Mr. Morrison was a bit gay.
But besides that, only a few minutes after I came in, and right after the first bell, in came the only girl in class with a grade higher than mine. Of course, I feel ashamed and depressed acknowledging it, but Juliette Monroe is the only person with a grade higher than mine. I have a 99%, and she has like a 102%. But come on! The only reason that this happened was because of a stupid mistake I made on a quiz, I care so much about my grades-I’m such a fucking nerd.
Back to Juliette, she walks in and grabs her assigned textbook, number 15, and walks past me to her desk at the far-right side of the room, second chair back. Damn is she sexy, she’s a little thick, but that just means that her curves are more shaped, *wink. She has long brown hair, semi-wavy, and almond-brown eyes. Her ass is just out of this world, which is complimented very nicely with her softball pants, she wears those a lot.
Contrary to what you may have interpreted her as: a hoe, she’s not. She is a very intellectual girl, and came from a catholic school-so you know that she’s a “goody-goody”. Unfortunately for me, I picked the wrong day to wear sweat pants, because an obvious bulge began to arise from within my pants. Damnit Wong! (I named my cock ‘Wong’, hehe.) Why do you have to wake up when it’s only 4:30 AM? Anyways, the remainder of the period, and the school day for that went on at the same rate as usual, slow as a sloth.
After school, I did what I usually did-eat something, then masturbate. Hey! Don’t judge me! I’m only 14, and if my Dad found out that I was hitting it, he’s go ape-shit and kill me. Whoa, all this time explaining my day and Juliette, I forgot to mention myself. My name is Jacob Godinez, I am 14 years old, and 5 foot 8 inches tall. I have a 7x5 (erect) penis, which according to several Yahoo searches is pretty big for my age if I don’t say so myself. I have dark brown (almost black) hair, and dark brown eyes. Also as you know, I have a rather ‘sexual’ desire for Juliette Monroe.
So after busting my nut, which was propelled by a fuel no other than internet pornography, I was startled by the tri-tone sound of an incoming text. I picked up my phone which was on the desk next to the computer. It was Juliette. The text read:
“Hey, do u hav the answers for the homework?”
I laughed at the matter, like really, of all people why would she need help, let alone answers with her homework? I replied with a teasing:
“Oh really? I thought that you were ‘better than me at Algebra!’” Which was a subject we joked about often.
“I’m serious! I forgot the copy down the answers from the check sheet on the board, and I don’t want to get a zero tomorrow!” I guess I’m not the only one who cares about my grades.
“Okay! Okay! Fine!” I sent the list of corresponding answers for questions on tonight’s homework, and she replied with a quick and simple:
“Thanks!!! I owe you.”
Hmm, you owe me, is that so? Haha there’s no way in hell she would ever repay me in the sick and twisted ways I was imagining. Anyways, time to go to bed.
I wake up the next morning, get ready, and go to school. This time in first period I’m noticing a lot more eye contact from Juliette, and for a second I thought she was trying to mouth something to me. The rest of the day droned on, like usual. At the same rate of speed as usual. I walk out of my seventh and last period of the day, and go out into the front face of the school, where my dad usually picks me up from school.
I waited a little bit and was surprised with a text from my dad saying:
“Hey Jake, I’m going to be running a little late today, I have to run some extra errands so just go to the library and wait, okay?”
I was confused as to why he had extra errands to do, whatever, good thing the library was open.
I walked into the library and signed my name on the sheet next to the entrance and then walked my way into the circular room, sitting down at an available computer. As soon as I got settled in I looked around to see if I recognized anyone who was there, nope, just some delinquent students that go here after school to receive free tutoring from the teachers that approve on going.
I log onto the computer and open up my gmail. Just browsing around, bored, my eyes wandered off the side of the screen and behind it. Juliette was sitting at the computer across from mine.
It wasn’t very long before our eyes met and she perked up, acknowledging my presence. She walked around the corner of the table and sat down on the small chair next to me.
“Hey, what’cha doing?” she asked.
I turned, trying my hardest not to stare at her full and round tits.
“Just working on the novel I’m writing for English class.” I answered.
“Oh that? I already finished that a looong time ago.”
“Of course you did, dumbass!” I said jokingly.
“Ahaha, at least I get my work done.” Said Juliette, hitting my shoulder jokingly as well.
“Whatever!” I retorted.
“Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for helping me with last night’s homework, you really saved my ass!” she said.
“Oh really? And who doesn’t get their work done around here?” I replied, with a small giggle.
“Shut up! I just wanted to show some appreciation.” She said, a little bit more quiet than her last sentence.
This time she did something that made me sit up in my chair and almost squeak like a little girl, she bent over slightly towards the computer I was using, putting the wait from her hand on my crotch, giving me a full view of that round ass. I was getting hard.
Eyes wide and trying to push her off, I whispered:
“Juliette! What the fuck are you doing?!?! Everybody in the library can see us!”
“Be quiet, I said that I needed to repay you, right? Come on, don’t act like you’re not liking what you see.”
Oh god, I was getting so hard. She was right though, that ass was perfect with the spandex she was wearing.
I was speechless.
“Follow me, lets go. I want to show you something. She got up from my crotch with a wink, and began to walk towards the main entrance doors. So many things going through my 14 year old mind, without hesitating, I got up and followed her wondering what was coming next.
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