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Chapter 3

“So you seem to be enjoying your new found gift I see” Bob said
“Eh, I’m not complaining, but in any case, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE” Erick screamed
“Calm down, how about a proper introduction, my name is Cristoforo Colombo, I am here today to give many gifts”
“Whoa whoa whoa Colombo...Columbus, you’re Christopher Columbus”
“One of different ways to pronounce my names”
“ Ain't you suppose to be dead, and what this you have to give me?”

“The world is not as it seems, this ring, put it on”
“Nah, you want me to believe that you discovered America in 1492 and you are still alive in 2013, that’s about 521 years ago, is this some joke”
“After you put the ring everything will be clear to you” Columbus said
“So if I put this ring you are gonna leave me alone and never come back”
“Yes” was his simple answer
“Okay give it to me then, get this shit done” Erick added in resign

As soon as he put the ring on he felt something different in him. He felt himself grow mentally in ways he didn't know possible but then he understood where the ring came from, why Columbus had it and the forces he protected it from. Wow history kind of makes sense now.

“Hello” she said. Erick looked at the door hoping that someone didn't peek in and see two men alone in a secluded bathroom, seeing no one he thought it must have been something he imagined.

“Can you not hear me” the voice said again. Startled he looked around searching for a vent or an opening.

Columbus seeing his distress asked him “what’s wrong?”
“Don’t you hear it?”
“Hear what?”
“He can’t hear me, at least not yet for some reason” she answered truthfully
“Who are you?” Erick said aloud
“I am the ring, it’s consciousness, and please there is no need for you to use your mouth when speaking to me”
“Erick what is happening” Columbus asked looking alarmed
“The ring’s consciousness, why didn’t you tell me that it was a sentient being”
“It’s talking to you, never did that before” he said frowning, then after a minute of silence he smiled and said “I knew I picked the right one, the one that will set the world in the right path”
“World in the right path, what?”
“Yes, well time to go now my time here has come to an end, remember one thing Erick, nothing is as it seems” and with that he disappeared.

“So did you enjoy my services tonight” the voice said
“That was you that conducted the Blow job” Erick said in amazement
“One of my many skills”
“What’s your name”
“I don’t have one, this is the first time I have been able to talk to someone”
“okay... can you pick one”
“Hmmm... how about Bella” she said
“Bella that’s cute, guess we gotta get out of the restroom now” He added

He made his way back to his secluded Island in the continent known as the library. Then saw that he barely studied anything at all decided to try and salvage his study time. Apparently Bella had other plans, because as soon as Erick touched the book she downloaded all the information in there into his brain.

“Was that you” he asked in shock
“Neat trick isn’t it”
“Yeah, just next time please tell me in advance, since I’m done here might as well go home”

Making his way down the stairs he saw Nikita at the checkout desk. She called him over and gave him a piece of paper that contained her phone number, after he said he would call her she blew him a kiss and winked at him. Erick smiled while coolly walking toward the door. Seeing a buxom blonde walking past him he wondered if he could make her flash her tits at him.

“You can” Bella said
“Normally all my previous owners had been able to this by now, but with you, when I try it’s different, maybe you need more experience”
“Man what this pokemon, ‘Erick grew level 20, Erick learned titty flash’” he answered mockingly
“I wish I had a better explanation”
“So what can I do now”
“you could persuade someone” She stated
“Isn’t that like mind control”
“Kinda, sorta but not really, because the person needs to somehow want to partially do what you are suggesting to them, as you get better at that mind control should be easier, at least that’s my thought on it”
“ Fine” he sighed. Finding his car he got in press the clutch, started it, put it in gear and left school got on the highway, music blasting he made his way home.

Somewhere in Central Florida....

“Ah finally the ring has found a new guardian, rest in peace tonight whoever you are because I will come for you”

Chapter 4

Erick got to his Chemistry lab and got to work on the experiment. Like all Chemistry lab the work was troubling, annoying and sometimes long, however Erick found the class to be very likeable for two reasons Gabriella and Amelia. Gabriella or Gabbie was a white Brazilian that had brown hair that came down to her shoulder usually in a ponytail, she was tall 5’7”, slim, small waist, no ass whatsoever ( yes not all brazilian have a huge ass), long legs, b-cups tits, had eyes so blue that it made her pupil look like a whale lost at sea, a cute concave nose, a small mouth with thin lips, she usually wore a sweater and ripped jeans. Amelia was a little shorter at 5’5” but made up for it, she had ample breast c-cups, wide hips with a nice tight ass at the end, thick legs from her days of playing soccer, she had big brown eyes which still had the innocence of a child instilled in them, chubby cheeks, wide mouth with proportionate lips, a modest crow nose, being a Muslim she wore a hi-jab and wore long sleeves shirt and long jeans.

Gabbie and Erick had known each other since their freshman year and had become best friends, this semester with because of the classes Erick had taken over the summer he had a different schedule than Gabbie. Thus after Lab and Amelia went to her next class the two sat and decided to catch up with one another, it was then that Erick wondered how far he could go w/ her.

“Bella” he said , “Working on it.” As the conversation continued Erick saw some changes in her composure, she played with her hair more, got a little more short breath and a meager flush appeared on her face.

“Damn, I’m feeling kinda horny right now, maybe I should go home after talking to him and masturbate” Erick heard.
“Can I watch” he jokingly answered to Bella
“That wasn't me, that was her” she told him
Erick’s eyes opened like he just saw an alien,
“Erick is everything okay with you” Gabbie asked

He nodded and wondered did I just read her mind, “yes” Bella told him. At that moment he felt his phone vibrate and saw a text from Nikita that read - I’m free tonight at 8:00 you should come over- she gave him her address,he texted her back - sure no problem. And Gabbie and him continued chatting with Bella literally working her magic on her, so that by the time she left she had a hard time walking straight.

Knock, knock knock, Nikita opened the door and gestured him to come in her apartment. The living room was lit by a simple light in the middle of the room, to the left of the the front door was a normal sized couch that had a matching chair perpendicular to it, a 30” flat screen adorned the white walls which ended on carpeted floor, the room however did not make its owner justice. Nikita wore a strapless black dress that ended at her tights, the dress did miracles to her curve demonstrating them to their fullest potential. Closing the door she kissed her soft lips pressing into his and letting her tongue explore his mouth. Erick not one to be outdone kissed her back returning her passion and sliding his hands down he cupped her ass.

She giggled, smiling seductively at him she turned around lifted her dress slowly showing her perfectly smooth dark caramel colored ass, he looked at it noticing nothing. “She’s going commando, dumb ass” Bella remarked. Erick rolled his eyes, and made his way toward Nikita, who when he got close ran inside giggling, he followed her into what he presumed to be her room, she was sitting on her bed. She beckoned him towards her, bewitched by the scene in front of him he made his way toward her, grabbing his collar she made love to him.

With that Erick filtered his hand through the dress rubbing her soft breast. Nikita tried to unbuckle his pants, but pushing her hands away seeing that she was about to protest he told her “Hush, it’s my turn to please you now.” Satisfied with that answer she laid her back onto the bed. Erick started by caressing her smooth tights, leisurely kissing up it to find the land of honey and nectar.He parted her legs apart, the dress rose up to her hips exposing her puffy glistening lips, which only had a landing strip of hair at the top of it. He brushed his lips against her lips making her take a sharp breath, using his fingered he delicately opened her pussy welcoming the sight of the wet pink lips that occupied it. Using his tongue he licked her abundant nectar savoring its sweet taste and fragrance.

Moving his hands to the top of her pussy he started applying pressure, she moaned deeply with this turn of event. Erick licked continued licking her pussy with a passion, then decided to finger her.

“NO, not there go back a little” Bella explained in turn startling Erick
“Ok we are gonna have to work on that”
“Look do you want to make her cum, so listen” She rebuked
“Alright boss lady” with Bella’s careful guidance he trudged his way forward.

He positioned his finger in Nikita’s G-spot, rubbing it back and forth, licking away at her clitoris. Her back rose, moans escaped the confinements of her lips, her hands gripping the sheets wet from her overflowing love-juices. “Continue like that and I’ll cum” Nikita exclaimed husky tone, just my intentions Erick thought. He continued his assault on her pussy, working it like Mozart played the piano, her legs stopped listening to her brain flailing in all directions, her slow moaned have become common, her body moving up and down in order to meet his finger in her pussy, causing her dress to ride down of her pert breasts exposing them to the humid room, with its small dark areola and nipples in attention. After that she went quiet, silence only the squelching sound of Erick’s finger in her pussy could be heard, then she shook as the orgasm started to roll through her body, her voice came back in the form of a loud scream that could have woken up the dead.

“Job well done I take” Bella inquired
“Sure is, thanks by the way” He replied sincerely
“No problem I've pleasured my fair share of males/females.... I know what you’re thinking but some of my owners were Greeks/Romans, think Minotaur”

Putting Bella’s disturbing revelation behind him Erick focused back on Nikita. Her chest rose on a more calmer tone now that the stormed has passed, her lips split revealing a radiant smile.
Trying to sit up she propped her saying “that was one of the best orgasm of my life”
“Thank you I try” he replied sheepishly
“Now show me that big boy of yours so I can repay you back double”

With an almost supernatural speed Erick removed his clothes, exposing his dick. By that time Nikita had completely removed her dress and was still a little shaky, he motioned for her to lay back down and lined his sword ready to sheath it in her pussy. He kissed her, caressing her cheek looked her deeply, zing a distant buzzing sound passed in his head leaving as quickly as it came, paying no attention to it he continued showing his affection to Nikita. He slowly impaled her orifice with his cock, she took a sharp breath no used to having something this big in her.
He waited till she was accustomed to his size before he started moving back and forth gently, kissing her nipples, leaving love marks on her neck which she returned.

He stroked her pussy like a Bow strokes the strings of a violin, making her huff, digging her nails into his back. He pumped her pussy deeper gyrating his hips as he came down, her pussy clung to his dick like a vice, massaging it as it moved in and out of her. But alas all good things must come to an end, they both exchanged grunts and moan and Erick quickened the pace of his dick, feeling his orgasm coming soon he kissed her once more. Nikita on her part wrapped her legs around him inviting him to cum in her she kissed him back, her nipples brushing against his chest feeling her second orgasm coming with an increasing rate. They both reached the mountaintop together, spewing juices in her pussy and onto the already soiled sheets.

Laying next to her Erick told her breathlessly “That was a-fucking-mazing”
“Yeah, I wouldn't mind doing that again” She replied cuddling closer to him there they laid and fell asleep. Waking up and seeing that it was 12:00 am Erick decided that it was time to go home, like a cat he dressed, kissed her atop her forehead, and made his way home.

On the way home Bella asked him “Did you like tonight”
“Yes, thanks for helping me in the end there, I almost blew it”
“You welcome”
“I have a question to ask you, you mentioned earlier today that there was some sort of limitations to your powers why is that”
“Frankly I can’t tell you, normally my owners can utilize my full powers the day they receive me”
“ok, do you know what Columbus was talking about me being the ‘one’”
“Again no, I have no information on that sorry” she replied.They continued to talk, the conversation being mostly about which ancient where he learned what was real, myth and some stories left untold.

Opening the door to his home he was barraged with questions by his parents asking him where he was, and what he was doing. His mother seeing the love marks on his necks exploded his dad however, stood back and had a slight smile on his face. He felt Bella work her magic on his mom and saw her visibly calm down and seemed to have lost all interest in the matter, his dad just gave him a pat on the back and let him go to his room. Laying on his bed he told Bella, “Yeaaahh, we gotta find a new place to crash,” agreeing with him they both went to sleep.

The next day Erick went to his Bio professor’s office regarding an e-mail he received asking him to present himself to him. The issue in question was that Erick was accepted to be one of the few students to take a special class that teaches students how to work on the lab, the class would be taught in New York. After the class he would be allowed to work in a lab for a short while in the summer giving him valuable things to put in his diploma making it easier for him to go to Med. school, the whole thing would last 2 months, it would start three days after his last exams which was in a month and a half from now. Exited he left the office and thought that life couldn't get better than now, he could fuck any woman he wanted given enough time, had a super powered being that could help him make life easier, nothing could go wrong, oh how wrong he was.

A month and half pass by and Bella’s power did not continue growing, thus the only pussy he got was Nikita, who seemed to crave him. The other girls he wanted like Gabbie appear as if they were resisting Bella’s suggestions, he could not make anyone do something they would not do in any normal situation. After another fuck session with Nikita he got home finished his packing and got ready for the travelling. The next day he woke up with a splitting headache he took some Tylenol but it had no effect. He got dropped at the airport by his dad said goodbye and made his way through the numerous checkpoint, waited at the right terminal boarded the plane and took his seat.

“Can you please do something about that headache” he asked Bella
“I can’t, been trying since this morning” she replied. Just going to have to suck it up he thought and slept. The plane landed in the big apple and Erick still felt like crap, made his way to the person that was holding a sign that read Erick Smith, made his way toward that direction, he met the chauffeur an average looking man climbed on the minivan and napped some more. Arriving at his dorm he took his luggage up the elevator, found his room, did the bed and crashed hard.

Waking up in the morning he noticed that the headache had past he got up and felt weird, went to the bathroom look at the mirror in shock and exclaimed

Looking at his reflection she gasped and said “Oh shit”


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