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Desire runs high in this nightclub.
I did not write this. My girlfriend did, and it's her first sex story, so feedback is welcome (constructive critisim yes, negativity NO.) Enjoy and be sure to leave a comment!

With her black hair down and her lithe, strong body wrapped up in some frilly, barely there red dress, she looked as hot as sin. Her lips were a dark crimson and her green eyes ringed with smoky eye shadow. She was the beacon of desire in the nightclub as she danced. Many male heads turned her way and their cocks stood to attention.
“Olivia, you look so hot tonight!” one her friends shouted. A pretty red head with massive tits, the other girl while beautiful in her own right, paled next to Olivia.
“If only some men actually took notice, Fiona!” Olivia laughed back, her hips swaying, daring for male hands to grab them and slam her back onto their cock.
The red head, Fiona, laughed and began to dance along side her friend.

He watched from the corner of the dance floor. He wanted Olivia and he wouldn’t mind the pretty red head either, if he could get his hands on them both. He was a handsome man, he knew that and so did the women around him who were constantly vying for his attention. He declined their offers, his focus purely on Olivia. She was so beautiful.
When she excused herself for a bathroom break, he decided the time was right. He would have her now.

As she rounded the last corner to the bathroom, she felt hands around her hips. She turned to hurl insults at the groper, but the protests died on her lips.
A tall man, over six foot, with chiseled features that made him look like some Greek god and perfect blonde hair that swung to his shoulders, gripped her like there was no tomorrow. His black eyes bored into her soul and her pussy clenched in desire.
“Oh.” She gasped.
“Oh indeed,” he whispered. “You are very beautiful.”
Olivia grinned, putting on her cocky, game face. “Is that so? Well, what do you usually do with beautiful women, stranger?”
His mouth quirked up in a grin, “I fuck them.”
Her mouth went dry as all her moisture flooded down south. She wasn’t wearing any panties and her pussy juice smoothed her thighs. Before she thought anymore, he had her against the wall, his mouth branding hers as his tongue swept inside, tasting her. Olivia gripped his shoulders, so hard and warm beneath her hands as he practically sucked out her soul.
With one hand, he reached in between them, parted her legs and rubbed her thighs. Feeling them slick with her honey, he grinned, groaned and pushed her harder against the wall. She was gasping as his mouth travelled over her cheek and latched onto her neck. Desperate for his hand to touch her cunt, she wrapped one leg around his hips, pulling him even closer. Their bodies were smashed against each other and she was breathing so hard.
“Do you want me to fuck you, little bird?” he whispered, biting at her collarbone. “Do you want me to slid my fingers inside that dripping wet snatch and finger fuck you until you scream? Do you want me to run my tongue between your legs and drink you dry? Do you need me to thrust my cock into your cunt until you cant stand anymore? Is that what you need, little bird? Tell me.”
She grabbed his head and stared into his eyes, her green against his black. “Use me.”
He smiled, wide and devilish. “My pleasure, little bird.”
She was swept into his arms and she wrapped her legs around his hips as he carried her into the storage room, slammed the door shut and laid her down on one of the crates. Before she could say a word, he had her legs spread and his tongue was darting in and out of her tight, wet (oh so wet), sweet hole. Olivia screamed, gripping his hair and pressing him against her pussy. His tongue flicked out, tasting her inner walls while his nose tickled her engorged clit.
Olivia moaned. “Oh yes, yes! Please….”
“Please what, little bird?” he asked, pulling away from her cunt just as he felt her walls tremble in anticipation of an orgasm. He denied her, instead licking her nether lips and running his fingers between her folds.
Her breath was coming so fast she had to try several times before she finally spoke, “Please, Stranger, let me come. Make me come.”
“Of course, little bird.”
He rammed two fingers up into her cunt and began moving the tips inside her, stroking her G-spot and folded his lips over her clit, sucking hard and licking the little bud with his tongue. She screamed, loudly, while almost tearing out chunks of his beautiful hair.
She could feel the orgasm building in strength, the best she’d ever had. It burned her stomach, shook her thighs and raged inside her cunt. As she felt it hit, she threw her head back, gripped the stranger’s head and pressed it so hard against her that he couldn’t breathe, but he didn’t stop stroking her flesh even as she came a second time.
When he pulled back, his face was covered in her cum. He stood and ordered her to lick it off his skin. She did so while contently purring. Olivia tasted herself on the man’s skin and was surprised to find herself enjoying the taste. She was salty and sweet, almost honey-like in texture.
The stranger then unzipped his jeans and pulled out his 9” cock. She gasped at it, absolutely thrilled. He was beautiful, circumcised so that there was a head to excite her. With one hand, he pushed on her chest so that she had to lean back on her elbows. Their eyes were locked as he licked his lips and spread her legs even further apart. Her years exercising had taught her muscles well, it seemed.
Stranger ran his cock up and down her slit, gathering her moisture and every now and then, teasing her with the head probing her entrance. Olivia was out of her mind as she watched him run that fat, thick cock up and down her pussy. He pulled down the front of her dress, freeing her breasts.
“No bra or panties, little bird? Why, I’d say you were looking for a fuck.” Stranger chuckled. “Were you looking for someone to fill this little cunt of yours? Were you hoping one of those pathetic losers out there could satisfy you?”
Olivia looked up at him as he pinched her nipple between his forefinger and thumb. “Yes.”
Stranger, still pinching her nipple so that she arched her back in pleasure-pain, slammed his cock into her waiting, dripping pussy. Olivia scream-gasped, her head thrown back and her neck exposed. He latched onto that creamy slice of flesh, sucking and nipping as he plowed into her.
Then he growled in to her ear, “None of them could ever satisfy you the way I can.”
“Oh, please, yes! None of them could. No, only you! Please, fuck me!” Olivia panted, hands coming up to capture his shoulders before running to his dress shirt and ripping it open, no regard for the buttons. He loved that he made her wild.
“Touch me, little bird.” He growled and sped up his thrusts so that her beautiful, DD tits bounced high enough to almost slap her in the chin. Her pupils were massive and her red lipstick was smeared across her cheek. She pulled at his own nipples, eliciting a moan from his throat. Stranger’s balls slapped against her ass as he pummeled her pussy. The wet slapping sounds drove them both higher.
Suddenly he pulled out of her, grabbed her off the crate and bent her face down with her ass pointing out at him. Her pussy was pink and dripping, waiting for his cock to reclaim it. Stranger spread her ass cheeks, rubbing the little star of her ass hole, before aiming his cock back to her pussy and thrusting home. With one hand he grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked it back so that she had to arch her back or rip out the strands. Olivia complied, bending backwards and making the penetration even deeper.
“Oh my… God yes! Yes!” she screamed, thrusting her hips back to meet him. Stranger growled, bending his knees a little so that he lifted her off her toes every time he claimed her pussy with his cock. He hammered into her while he sucked on his thumb and then rubbed her ass hole with the digit.
“Have you ever had anyone in here before, little bird?” he asked, pulling her hair with his every thrust. Olivia loved it, going wild on his cock. She didn’t answer him. And that made him a little mad. He brought one hand down on her ass cheek. She squealed in surprise. “Answer me, little bird. Have you ever had someone in your ass before?”
“Once. When I was… when I was… oh god, seventeen!” she gasped.
Stranger laughed, “Young to be doing such a naughty thing, little bird. An illegal. Did you like it?”
“No. He was… too rough… didn’t use any… oh, oh God!” she screamed, coming apart in an orgasm. Stranger slapped her hard on the ass again, enjoying the show. And then he rubbed her ass hole with his thumb and pushed it in. It was slick with his spit and only met little resistance and soon he was pumping it in and out of her, alternating between matching his strokes before going out of time.
Olivia felt the digit in her ass and it didn’t bother her. She loved it actually. The feeling of both holes being stretched was magnificent and Stranger’s cock filled her perfectly, touching all the right places inside of her. She’d already come three times and that in itself was astounding. She’d only come once before and it had been by herself. All her previous lovers had used her for only their gratification, ignoring her needs completely. But, Stranger… Oh my, he was fantastic.
“Harder.” She murmured.
She heard his chuckle as he replied, “Of course, little bird.”
His strokes became harder and faster, sometimes lifting her completely off her toes. She thrust back to meet his every forward slam. And then he gripped her hair tighter and announced, “I’m coming, little bird. Come with me!”
“Yes, yes, YES!” Olivia screamed, coming apart at the seams as his cock spurted rope after rope of cum inside her throbbing pussy. He released her hair and she slumped forward, totally spent. His weight crushed her as he lay forward atop of her, kissing her ear and cheek.
He lifted them both up and held her to him, kissing her slowly and passionately. It was, by far, the best kiss Olivia had ever had. It made her wet again, greedy to have him inside her. Except this time, she wanted to be in control of him.
He took out a tissue from his pocket and cleaned up the lipstick on her face before handing it to her to clean herself up. It was then that she realized they hadn’t used protection…
He saw the look on her face and said softly, “I carry no diseases and doubt you’ll get pregnant.”
“Give me your name and if I do, I expect child support.” She glowered.
Stranger actually laughed, cupping her chin as he said, “Reyes Bastian.”
“Hi, Reyes, my name is Olivia.” She said breathlessly.
Reyes smiled. “Olivia, do you want to come back to my place for the night? We can get a feed and you can explore me further…”
Olivia purred, “Mmmm, yes, please.”
He tucked himself back in but didn’t bother to even try to fix his shirt. She flushed at the memory of ripping it open.
“Come little bird, say goodbye to your friend and join me for the night.”
She grabbed his crotch as she reached up on her toes and whispered, “Sure you can keep up?”
He kissed her hard and sure, one hand in her hair. “Very.”

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2014-05-07 18:36:02
The whole thing was VERY hot. The smoky eye shadow thing was not for me, though. I've never liked smoky eye shadow, but that's just me. All in all, Fantastic job. You should continue the story and make them a couple.

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2013-04-10 17:29:44
it was almost worth my time

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2013-02-19 05:32:00
gud story i wud love a man 2 use n fuck me like that on everyday basis~

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2013-02-17 19:09:50
Great story. I would fuck little bird until I exploded my cum in her mouth, then she would spit itonto to her tits and rub it in.


2013-02-15 14:25:05
don't listen to Anonymous 4:29:03, We have seen the same comments several times for other writers (we beleive he suffers from penis oops writers enve.) your story was very good nice and erotic had us at it right away took a couple of hours to finish kept getting distracted

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