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Part 3, the use/abuse continues
Day 3 & 4 – July 3rd 4th

I wake up to my body being secured over a padded table by Darren and Robb. At first, I am startled, but remember where I am. My muscles are not as sore, but I can still feel the butt plug tail in my ass. I am still in the basement dungeon. I don't see or hear anyone else besides Darren and Robb.

I am standing, bent over the table. My legs are secured at the ankles, and my arms are tied behind my back. The table is not wide, and my head is over the other edge.

Darren is standing over me, shirtless with black leather pants on. I can see the bulge in his pants, and know is cock is not even erect yet. Robb is wearing just a concert shirt and jeans, and he too has a nice bulge in his pants. Robb has the biggest cock in the group that has fucked me so far.

Darren unzips his pants, his semi-erect black cock springs free, in front of my face. He does not need to tell me to open my mouth, as he moves the head close to my lips. I eagerly await the head of the cock. He puts his cock on my lips, and pushes into my mouth. I begin to lick and suck, as he slowly fucks his cock into my face. He starts fucking my face faster, as his cock grows inside my mouth. He rams the entire length into my throat one final time, spasms and shoots his cum down my throat.

He steps away, and puts his cock back into his pants. Robb is now standing in front of me. He has taken off his jeans. Even soft, his thick black cock is much bigger then mine. “Do you want something, slut?”

I know exactly what I want, I want to taste his cock. “Yes sir, I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum.”

I open my mouth, and Robb places the head of his cock on my tongue. I eagerly begin to suck the large tip of his cock. He pushes it into my mouth, as it slowly grows inside my warm mouth. Darren has moved behind me, and he begins playing with the butt plug tail that is still in my ass, twisting it, and slowly pulling and pushing it back and forth in my ass. Robb's enourmous cock is almost fully erect. I can barely take the first couple of inches it is so thick. I eagerly suck and lick his cock, as he tries to get more inside my mouth. As he is about to cum, he pull out and places the tip on my tongue. He shoots his load into my mouth and on my tongue. I love the taste of his sperm and give the tip of his cock a kiss and lick.

Darren is still playing with the butt plug buried in my ass. He then pulls it completely out in one motion. I was not prepared, and am startled by the large plug being removed from my ass. I feel Darren rubbing my ass, and spreading lubrication on my ass and inside my hole. “Your ass is open for business today.”

Robb walks behind me, and I feel his fingers also probing my asshole. One of them slaps my ass hard and grabs my cheek.

Darren zips his pants up, and heads upstairs. Robb, slaps my ass again, and then puts his jeans back on before heading after Darren.

Laying on the table, I cannot move my arms or legs, but I can turn my head from side to side. I can hear noises from upstairs, but cannot make out anything specific. I expect guys to arrive any minute to begin using me. I find I am eagerly awaiting, getting aroused thinking about what is going to be done to me. It seems like forever, waiting for someone to come downstairs. I hear the door at the top of the stairs open, and footsteps approaching. From the voices and sounds on the steps, I can tell it is group, but the stairs are behind me, and I cannot turn my head to get a look.

Someone slaps and grabs my ass, then walks around in front of me. It was Darren.

“Guys, here is the little cumdump...” Darren begins.

A female voice interrupts. “Hey don't forget us.” Oh my, there are woman in the room too? What is he planning. I suddenly feel very embarrassed, humiliated knowing there are women in the room.

“Sorry, Ladies too, as I was saying, here is the little cumdump that is spending the weekend. Some of you got to try him out on Friday, and others were able to use his mouth yesterday. I can say, both his pussy and mouth are available to everyone today. I will get things going, and then you all can have your turns.”

“Cumdump, please tell everyone why you are here.”

“I am here to service black men, for them to dump their cum into. I am just a fuck toy for your pleasure.” I tell him. I can hear a few women laughing, and some men making comments in the background.

Darren moves towards my head, and unzips his black leather pants. His cock is about ¾ erect. I eagerly open my mouth.

“Beg for it” He tells me.

I want his cock so bad. “Please sir, let me suck your cock. I want to feel you inside me, I want your cum in me. Please use me for your pleasure. I need to be used by you and your friends.”

“Very good, here, taste my cock, you little cocksucker.” He moves forward a little, and I am able to take his cock into my mouth. He slowly fucks my mouth, as his cock gets harder. He pulls out and moves behind me.

I feel his hands on my hips, as the tip of his cock presses against my ass. He then slams his cock all the way inside me. All nine plus inches are buried deep in my ass. He the slowly pulls back until the tip is about to slide out, and rams his full length back into my ass. He continues this fucking for several minutes, before speeding up and fucking my ass hard, ramming his cock deeply into my ass over and over. After several minutes, he rams his cock all the way into my ass and holds it inside as he deposits his cum deep inside me.

He pulls out and moves back around to my mouth. Placing his cock in my mouth, I lick and suck his cock clean. I can taste my ass, and his cum on his cock.

He is quickly replaced by one of the other guys. I can feel a cock press against my ass, and then enter deep inside me. I am surrounded. Guys are grabbing me, while some are shoving their cocks in front of me to suck. I feel the cock in my ass, almost as long as Darren's, fucking me hard in the ass. The three cocks in front of me, all big, beautiful black cocks. One is fucking my face, keeping the same pace as the cock fucking my ass.

I feel the one in my ass cum inside me. The one in my mouth pulls out, and he moves behind me to take his turn on my ass. I can glance around the room briefly, it is full.

I lose sense of time and everything as cocks are rammed into my mouth and ass. As each guys deposits his cum in my ass, he is replaced by another. All the men are black, and their cocks are all bigger then my average 6” cock. The men seem to be all ages, from young 20 year olds, to older men, easily in their 50's or 60's.

I feel cum leaking out my ass and down my legs. I've lost count at 15 loads in my ass, and I don't recall seeing anyone fuck me twice. After several more loads are deposited in my ass, I see Darren to the side talking to a tall, muscular black woman. She is wearing tight shorts and a bikini top, along with knee high black boots. There are two other women standing behind her, also black. Both shorter then her, one thin, the other heavyset. The thinner one is wearing a short skirt and blouse, the heavier one has a simple dress on.

Darren heads over to shelves on the one wall that he has all his Dildos and toys. I can see him handing the women belts for wearing strap-on dildos. The women are browsing the dildos on the shelf, looking for toys to use. I can't see what they have selected, but I can see them getting ready. Each strips down to underwear and places the harness around their waste. As they approach, I can see the dildos hanging between their legs. All three are enourmous black dildos. I've see the collection on the shelves, and these are three of the biggest ones Darren owns.

All three are standing in front of me. The shorter, heavier girl that was wearing the dress earlier, has the smallest, and is putting the dildo in my mouth and ramming it hard into my mouth. Even though it is the smallest of the three, it is still longer then many of the men here, easily 12” and thick.

The three of them are talking to each other about me, as I suck the dildo. Saying what a useless white boy I am, and how they need to show me how to fuck. She rams the dildo into my mouth a few more times, then pulls it out and steps behind me. I can feel her placing the tip of the dildo agains my ass, the in one thrust rams it into my already opened ass. The dildo fills my ass, and she begins ramming it into my ass over and over, fucking me as hard as she can. Her two friends are standing in front of me, holding the strap-on dildos in their hands. The one the thin girl has on, is about 14 inches long, black and thick. The leader of the three, is wearing one that is just as long but thicker.

The one fucking me, has been going at it for some time, she is slowing down, and I see the thin girl make her way behind me. They are going to switch. The woman fucking me rams the length of her dildo one last time, then pulls it all the way out. I feel the next dildo, pressing up against my ass. It is bigger then anything I have had in me, but I am loosened up by all the fucking, and the large dildo they just use on me.

She slowly presses the head of the dildo against my ass, and in one long slow thrust, gets it all the way inside my ass. This dildo is truly filling up my ass. I can't believe I took the entire length. I can feel her body against my ass, so I know it is buried inside me. She pulls almost all the way out, and the second thrust is hard and fast, she then slowly pulls out again, until the tip is almost out, then again, rams it deep inside. She picks up speed, fucking me harder and harder. The entire time, her muscular friend is rubbing the other large dildo, telling me that she is going to truly open up my white ass.

The thin woman rams me for quite a while, longer then her heavier friend. She keeps changing speeds, slowing down, then ramming hard and fast for a few minutes. She eventually pulls all the way out.

The leader of the three walks around behind me. She looks like she can't wait to use that big club on me. I feel her placing the tip of the monster dildo against my ass and slowly work the tip inside. She puts her hands on either side of my waist. I try to relax, I know she is going to fuck me hard. In one hard thrust, she has the entire length of that thick dildo inside me. This dildo is thicker then the others, it is tight inside my well used ass. She is merciless, fucking as hard and as fast as she can. Each thrust, the huge dildo is coming almost completely out of my ass, then rammed all the way in, until I can feel the balls of the dildo against my balls. She is able to fuck me hard for a very long time. After what seems like well over an hour, she suddenly pulls out and steps away.

Several of the guys are crowding around my ass now, pocking and prodding it with their fingers. One of them removes the bindings around my legs. Leaving my hands tied behind my back, they stand me up. They lead me over to the mattress on the side. One of the guys is laying down, with his hard cock waiting. I stradle him, and he places the cock into my ass. A second guy is behind me, and he begins pushing the head of his cock into my ass as well. The two black cocks are squeezed into my sore ass, together they are thicker then the dildo that just fucked me, but they have little trouble opening me up to take them both. I cannot keep myself up, and am laying across the chest of the man below me. The two of them are fucking in rhythm, stretching and filling my ass with their two big cocks.

The one below me cums inside me first, but the other one cums almost immediately after. I am picked up, someone else lies down on the mattress. Once again, I stradle his cock, and a second gets behind me. The two begin fucking me hard, and after several minutes, they each cum inside me.

This double fucking continues for some time, until everyone has had a turn double fucking my ass. From my counting, it seems there are about two dozen men, and the three women here using me.

From the clock on the wall, I can see it is after 4, but I don't know if that is 4AM, or 4PM. It seems as if they have been using me forever.

They pick me up, and bring me over to the sling. They place me in the sling, on my back. My legs are spread wide and tied to either side. My hands have been untied, and secured to each of my ankles.

The three women are back, with their big thick dildos. Once again, they each take turns fucking my loosened ass with the enourmous dildos. From this position, I can watch them as they brutally ram my ass with the toys. The last one, the muscular girl, really enjoys ramming her very large tool into me. I am actually turned on watching the big tool disappear between my legs as she rams it into me, filling my ass. Each time she pulls out, my ass aches to be filled again.

This fucking, by the three women lasts well over an hour, as I can watch the clock in my new position. When they finally finish using my ass, it is almost 6 (AM or PM?). I am so tired, I am thinking it is 6AM on the fourth.

As the women step aside, two of the men are ready to go again. One slides underneath me, and inserts his cock into my ass, the second standing between my legs, also inserts his big thick cock into my ass. The two men double fuck my ass easily and quickly cum inside my ass. As they did earlier, as each pair finishes fucking me, a second pair of men takes their place to fuck me in the ass, cumming deep inside my ass.

It takes almost 3 hours for them all to double fuck me again. I can feel my ass filled with cum. As the last pair finishes, Darren approaches with a long tube. He places one end in my ass.

“Are you thirsty slut?” He asks.

“Yes sir, very,” I reply, knowing that he is going to give me the tube to suck out the cum from my own ass.

He places the other end of the long clear tube into my mouth, and I begin to suck the cum and my ass juices from the tube into my waiting mouth. I can hear the men laughing, saying what a whore and slut I am. Once I have finished, they remove the tube, and untie me from the sling. I am placed on the mattress on the floor, and everyone leaves.

In the morning, aching and sore, Darren comes downstairs. “Today you go home, and I expect we will see you back here again soon.”

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Well, my quick fix included snoomee that I was dating at the time. It was a hot summer night and we were on our way to the club. While driving to the club, my date was so horny and was grabbing my crotch while I was driving and talking dirty. However, once we parked the car, he grabbed me by the hand and took me down this dark alley and started taking off my clothes until we were both totally naked. What we didn't realize until he started moaning loudly was that there was a factory across from the alley and we had an audience of workers watching us. It turned me on that we kept going until we both came and the factory workers watched us until we've finished.

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