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A professional white couple hunting something different
Hunting Trip
Jim and Caroline are outwardly a normal professional couple living in a better suburb of Johannesburg surrounded my similar middle class white families. Both in their late thirties and of athletic build drawing admiring glances from the men and women of their community. Although they have no children of their own the house and garden always seems full of kids looking to do some chores for cash, neither Jim or Caroline can be considered mean when it came to paying the hired help; although most of the neighborhoods teenage boys would have worked for free, particularly given Caroline’s penchant for topless sun bathing; her 36DD firm titties gave many a teenage boy an instant erection, something she was well aware of.

Their only extravagance is their annual hunting trip, although if their neighbors knew what they were really hunting there would have been mass outrage. It was a standing joke in the community, the Green’s were going hunting, but they didn’t appear to own any rifles and they never brought trophies home; although given their prey a trophy would have been totally unacceptable.

Each year they selected a different region of the vast African continent, and they never use the same two weeks, no point in developing a pattern for the authorities to track. This year it is going to be Namibia, all the travel arrangements are sorted and they are looking forward to some new experiences. Three days after arriving they are on the open road looking for quarry.

Caroline spots him first, a white kid probably in his late teens trying to hitch a ride. This is their third potential target, the first was ideal, a black girl in her mid teens, who was trying to thumb a lift but she was discounted as there were too many people around; Jim was really disappointed as he was hoping to savor black pussy on this trip. The second seemed too old for their perverted games and so it is this unsuspecting hitchhiker who will become their victim. Jim slows the 4X4 pickup as they pass the boy; Caroline quickly appraises him and confirms his suitability. They always hire pick-up trucks as they blend into the general traffic and the single front bench seat is better suited to their games.

Bradley, Brad as he liked to be called is a cute 17 year old student from Canada on a gap year; his parents are staying in Windhoek and he had been to visit a distant relative who lived in Arandis; but they hadn't managed to meet and his phone was dead so he was trying to get a lift back to his parents. From Jim and Caroline’s perspective this was just perfect. Evil thoughts are running through Caroline’s mind, she is playing out the various scenario’s and can feel her pussy juices flowing in anticipation of the wild things they can do with this boy. Soon she is rubbing the thighs of both men, Jim with her left hand and Brad’s with her right. Although it is obvious to Brad that this is wrong it does not stop his cock from becoming erect in his jeans. Moving her hands she slowly unbuttons her sun dress allowing it to fall open showing that she is not wearing a bra of panties, her breasts are firm and her nipples erect; when she shifts her position Brad has a great view of her hairless pussy. She resumes rubbing their thighs and then slowly unzips both men’s jeans fishing inside for their hard cocks. She quickly has Jim’s cock out, he never wears shorts, Brad’s takes a little longer and he has to help. She spends time masturbating the two men, ensuring she stops just before they are ready to shoot their loads.

At Caroline’s suggestion they pull off the road for coffee and a comfort break, once finished they are back in the pick-up but this time Brad is in the middle. They have barely traveled half a mile before Caroline is unzipping Brad’s jeans and undoing the top button. He lifts his ass so that she can slide them down to his knees; she nods with approval when she finds he has discarded his shorts. She massages his cock until it is erect and then bending down takes it into her mouth and delivers the most intense blow job Brad has ever had. Just as he is about to cum Jim reaches over with his right hand and cups the boy’s balls, squeezing them and rubbing the two orbs together, this is just too much for Brad and with a girly scream he blasts his thick cum into Caroline’s mouth. Even when he is begging her to stop she keeps sucking, not stopping until she has milked him dry and licked every drop of cum from his cock. She opens her mouth to proudly display a vast quantity of cum coating her tongue and then takes a swallow from her coffee carton and swallows the entire load.

Shortly after Brad is sleeping, which is not surprising given the number of tranquilizers Jim had slipped into the boy’s coffee. It was dark when Brad wakes still feeling groggy, by which time the pick-up was parked deep in the bush, miles from the nearest road. Brad questioned why they had stopped and Jim told him they would spend the night in the open enjoying the cock whore’s body. This was Brad’s chance, if he said no and walked away they would let him go; but sadly for him he wants to fuck Caroline. Jim throws a blanked from the pickup which Caroline spreads on the ground, and standing on it she seductively unbuttons her dress allowing it to fall to the floor, Jim is already undressing with Brad quickly following his lead. Caroline lays down accepting Jim’s thick cock in her mouth and spreads her legs wide so that Brad can feast his eyes on her shaved cunt. The student did not need any encouragement and is soon on his knees lapping at her pussy his tongue savoring her juices. She is bucking her hips as orgasm after orgasm washes over her and she is begging Brad to fuck her. As soon as he enters her she wraps her legs around his waist dragging him deeper inside, she is so tight and so vibrant, and it is then that Brad feels Jim kneeling behind him.

He stiffens when he feels the head of Jim’s cock pressing against his ass. He yells that he is not a faggot and tries to break free, but the point of Jim’s large hunting knife pressed against his throat stops him. Petrified Brad remains motionless as Caroline continues to buck against his penis and as Jim slowly yet relentlessly forces his cock into virgin ass. Jim is enjoying the sensations and as they will not be disturbed there is no rush. They have the whole night to play with their new fuck toy and they have some perverse scenarios to act out. The rape of Brad’s ass takes nearly an hour, an hour during which the night’s background noises are punctuated by Brad’s screams as Jim brutally uses his body. Finally Jim allows himself to cum filling Brad’s raped ass; he stands leaving the desolate boy weeping through terror and humiliation, but Brads torment is far from over and he nearly gags when he is forced to clean Jim’s soiled cock with his mouth amazed that it is still hard. Brad is not aware that Jim takes Viagra when on hunting trips to ensure he maintains his erection.

Brad is still retching on the ground when Jim is standing over him holding two lengths of rope; he is too frightened to move when the man expertly secures a rope to each of his wrists. He does not resist when he is dragged to his feet and pulled to the pickup where he is secured with his ass on the ground and with his back to the vehicle facing the blanket, he watches as his abductors couple on the ground their animal like grunts as they fuck affront him, he hopes they will soon finish and let him go. He just does not understand what they have planned for him. He cringes when Caroline approaches him on her hands and knees, he is reminded of a lioness stalking a gazelle, but this gazelle is unable to escape. Low growls emanate from Caroline’s throat as she moves forward, getting ever closer, her eyes fixed on his flaccid penis. She runs her tongue along the boy’s thigh continuing until she is flicking the bulbous head of his cock. Brad is dismayed, he is determined not to respond to her advances, but his phallus has other ideas; Caroline roughly grabs Brad’s legs pulling them towards her resulting in the boy ending up flat on his back his arms outstretched above his head.

Caroline greedily devours the boy’s cock as Jim kneels behind her working his enlarged penis into her tight ass. She is a proficient cock-sucker and it is not clear if her or Brad are the first to reach orgasm; but even after the boy has shoot his load into her insatiable mouth she continues to suck on his wilting cock. She straddles Brad’s body, leaning forward until their lips touch; she deep kisses the secured boy feeding him cum that she has stored in her mouth.

Brad’s legs are lifted as Jim once again ravages his ass, the brutality of Jim’s rape of the boy is unimaginable, the boy is no longer a human, he is a piece of meat to be fucked. Brad is aware that Caroline is standing over him; he gazes on her shaved pussy, the remnants of Jim’s cum leaking from between the lips. He hears Jim grunt that he is about to cum, he watches Caroline lifting her arms high above her head, he recognizes the item in her hands as a heavy rock, his fuddled mind cannot comprehend what is happening as Caroline sweeps her arms down, the rock crushing Brad’s skull, his death tremors giving Jim his best ever orgasm.

Because dead boys tell no tales.

Two hours later Caroline and Jim are back on the road, Brad’s body has been dropped in a crevasse where it will be found by wild animals and devoured; they still have 10 days of their holiday left, and there must be someone else who wants a lift.

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2014-01-31 16:00:34
ycY8c3 Thanks so much for the article.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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2013-03-20 14:50:02
Nt a bad story but I dnt like de end! Its dark n nt sexy at all it turned me off! Y did dey have to crush his skull?

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2013-02-17 22:43:47
Hey dude don't worry about the bad votes ... some people don't get the dark fantasy part of this site... I liked it honestly it was really dark and evil. There's nothing wrong with that some people just need to learn what not to read tho I do agree it would be better with detail I'll keep an eye out for your next story ;)

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2013-02-16 12:57:26
this is bullshit, stop this nonsense.

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I thought your story was OK, could use a bit more detail though.

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