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True until the business trip. The sex part is fantasy. Damn!
Seven inches of pleasure for Morgan

I wanted to fuck her the first time I saw her. She was down the hall, maybe ten yards distant, walking away from me with my boss, and she was wearing a short tight skirt that showed off her well-shaped little ass and legs. She was young, well less than half my age, probably in her early twenties I correctly guessed. She was petite, a half-head shorter than me and couldn’t weigh over a hundred pounds. Her hair was dark and sort; a ‘pixie’ cut, I think they call it. She turned and I noted that she had a nice face and nice, smallish breasts. On the zero to ten scale she was at least a nine on my score card.

A score card, I knew that’s as far as things would go. I still ACTUALLY scored with my wife occasionally, but beyond that only fantasized about practically every other woman I saw that attracted me. Many did, especially the cute young ones; it’s in the genes, folks. But any chance at actual sex with any of them was decades gone. Further gone than that, actually, as my possibilities for sex with anyone had only ever been marginal in the first place; I was always impossibly shy and awkward with women, and a relatively smallish and plain geek. But none of that detracted from how attracted I was to women. Puberty had been a massive chemical and mental assault from which I had never recovered.

OMG! She must be interviewing for our job opening, I realized! She would provide tremendous eye candy for our mostly male office, but her coming to work here was probably too good to be true. I want back to my desk and buried myself in work while my sudden hard-on shrank and softened back to normal. Nowadays the unexpected hard-on didn’t happen very much. Aging was a relief to me, actually, bringing a year-by-year, gradually decreasing libido. Why the hell some men wanted extra testosterone puzzled me. Less hard-ons was fine by me, as generally nothing came of it anyway. I regarded myself to be a happily married geek and long over-the-hill. After I was fifty I could even wear boxer shorts; when I was younger the slight motion of loose fabric on genitals was enough to generate too many unwanted erections. Between my wife and a little internet porn my sex life was modest but tolerable. But I could still look and fantasize; I had to, actually. Actual sex was rare, but thought of it was inescapable.

To my happy surprise Morgan joined our office a couple weeks later. She was twenty three, bright, and personable, with a couple of college degrees to her credit, and was a good worker. And she was sexy as hell. Some of her fashion choices seemed a bit too sexy for an office setting but I wasn’t complaining. She was damned attractive and she knew damn well she was. The other women in the office knew it too, and didn’t seem to warm up greatly to Morgan, I’m not exactly sure why. Disapproval or jealousy maybe?

We made small talk and got along, though we worked separate projects. I didn’t expect anything beyond that to happen but then she joined the little exercise group that myself and two male co-workers had formed years earlier. After work before going home we basically ran around the office parking-lot for half an hour to keep our aging bodies relatively fit. Jogging behind Morgan’s bobbing young ass and well-muscled legs was a tremendous incentive, we guys found. Usually she wore a tight tee-shirt through which a sport-bra could easily be distinguished. B-cup, I estimated. She seemed to have an endless variety of thin little shorts. Tight or loose, they all revealed plenty of Morgan to admire. Slim and athletic, she could have quickly ran out of sight of us if she wanted, but seemed to prefer running with us or just ahead of us.

Morgan eventually introduced us to after-jogging floor exercises such as crunches, leg-lifts and so on. This drove me crazy, and I had to keep reminding myself that I had socks and kids older than this girl, do times-tables and music in my head, and try to avoid looking at her when she did things like leg-lifts. On one particular occasion she wore little white shorts, through which tiny white bikini panties with purple poke-a-dots were clearly visible. During the after-jogging floor exercises it was almost impossible to focus on other things and keep from developing an embarrassing hard-on, but I managed. However, I often jerked of thinking about her as I drove home or as I took a shower. She was so young and sexy!

After only a few months she left to work for another company, and I figured I’d never see her again. Then on a two-week business trip to far-off exotic California, I was surprised on the first day to find that she was attending the same meetings as I was. She was as sexy as ever, and commanded a lot of male attention, including mine. During a break that first day we exchanged hellos and found that we were staying at the same hotel. She suggested that we meet for dinner later in the hotel, after she did her exercising. That sounded good to me.

Back at the hotel I too geared myself up for exercise, and went to the hotel exercise room in tee-shirt, running shorts and shoes, and jock strap. I was the only person there, until minutes later Morgan commandeered the treadmill next to mine, and we ran side by side, almost like old-times. Like in old times I tried to watch her run without her noticing and without getting an embarrassing erection. She had on loose little blue running shorts in which her tight little buns jaunted, and a tight little white tee-shirt. No bra though, I noticed with a shock, only her smallish tits bouncing with each stride, and small dark nipples showing through the thin material of the tee-shirt. I damn near got thrown from my treadmill, but managed to continue my jogging. I glanced to her face and caught her watching me with a smile. “You still keep in shape,” she remarked.

“You too,” I replied, too out of breath for much more talk than that. My cock was stirring in my light-duty jock-strap, and I started silently going through my times-tables to avoid a complete, more conspicuous hard-on. Refocusing on my running, I managed over three miles in half an hour, not too bad for an old fart near sixty. Actually, I was in better shape than I had been in at thirty
“That’s enough for me,” I announced, as I slowed my treadmill to a stop. She stopped her run also, and we soon stood side by side
“I forgot to pack a sports bra, Mark,” she explained with a grin, acknowledging my glances to her chest. The tee-shirt molded her small, perfect tits, and her nipples looked as stiff as my cock was becoming. “Do you think I’m showing too much?”

“No; I’m certainly not complaining.” Our eyes met, and I wondered just what the hell she was thinking. There was always some teasing sexual banter with Morgan, enough to practically drive me crazy. I always felt that it went too far she’d disappear though, and I didn’t want that. I was addicted to eye candy. “I guess we should go back to our rooms and shower, and then meet in the lobby in maybe thirty minutes?” That would give me time to jerk-off, I figured. I grabbed a hotel towel, briefly whipped the sweat from my face, and then let the towel dangle on front of me to hide the boner that I knew was by now tenting my shorts. My light-weight jock-strap was apparently designed to merely prevent jostling of male equipment while running; it obviously couldn’t constrain a full-fledged boner.

“That’s too long to wait, I’m starving,” she responded. “They have showers right here in the exercise center, so let’s take quick showers and we can be ready to eat in about ten minutes.”

I thought of responding that I was ready to eat her right now, but that would be too overtly over the line. “I didn’t bring a change of clothes,” I noted.

“I brought a dress and shoes, but you should be OK in your shorts, especially if we skip the formal restaurant and instead just grab sandwiches at the hotel café.”

“OK, that works for me,” I agreed. The café had dim lighting and booths where I could stare at Morgan as we ate.

She was familiar with the hotel and led me towards the showers, her cute little ass swaying. There were four little side-by-side unoccupied dressing rooms, each with clean hotel towels a small shower stall in the back. I entered the room furthest to one side, and noticed her choose the room right next to mine. As I latched the door to my room and started stripping off my clothes, I was intensely aware that only a few feet away, she was doing the same. She was taking off her little shorts and tee-shirt. The walls were so thin I could hear the smallest sounds she made, such as clothing rustling and being hung-up on wall-hooks and so-forth, and I knew that she could hear me too. It was almost like we were in the same room together, stripping ourselves naked.

I was panting by the time I was undressed, and my seven inch cock was stiff as a board. I glanced at myself in the full-length mirror before entering the shower stall, and started stroking my cock. If I was going to share sandwiches with Morgan I would have to jerk off now, or I’d be walking around the hotel with seven inches of stiff cock showing through my shorts. I heard the shower next-door come on first and realized that Morgan was already wet and probably soaping herself up, running her small hands all over her naked, young, athletic body, over those small pert breasts and stiff sensitive nipples, over her well muscled thighs, and between her legs to her pussy slit.

I took a minute for me to get my own shower going, soap myself up, and rinse off before returning to the more urgent business of jerking off. My hand couldn’t quite reach around my thick cock, but in combination with the tepid water rushing over my body, and the thought of Morgan naked nearby, I knew I would quickly get myself off. More than anything the thought of Morgan naked a few feet from me was a huge turn-on. If it weren’t for the wall I could probably easily reach out and touch her, I was thinking, and she could reach out and touch me. She could wrap her little hands around my hard cock and guide me into her hot little pussy.

I abruptly heard a knock-knock sound on the shower wall between us, so close and startling that I stopped jerking off and simply stood there holding my cock tightly, my fist over my cock-head. “The walls are really thin, aren’t they,” I clearly heard Morgan say. It sounded almost like she was in my shower.

“Paper thin.” I replied. “Not that I’m complaining.” I resumed moving my hand up and down my hard cock, pulling loose skin over the sensitive head, as I thought how nice it would be to lick Morgan’s tits.

She laughed. “Are you clean yet over there?”

“Seem to be. What about you?”

“There’s one spot that isn’t done yet. I’m getting closer to finishing it but it still needs some more work. Deeper work, I think, with fingers rubbing fast and slippery, soapy water.”

“Me too,” I replied, wondering if she was talking about what I thought she was talking about. I decided to find out. “The more I work on my problem spot, the harder it seems to get.”

“Maybe we can help each other a little. I’ll describe what I’m doing and you describe what you’re doing. Will that help us finish? I really am hungry.”

“Sure,” I managed, though my brain was operating with a minimum of blood.

“My soapy left hand is rubbing my left tit and pinching my nipple. Do you like my tits, Mark?”

This couldn’t be happening, but it was. “I love your tits, Morgan. Both of them. I’m working on my hard cock as I think of them. I’ve got seven inches of thick stiff cock in my hand as I think about licking your stiff nipples.”

“I noticed your cock earlier, bulging under your shorts. Did watching me run give you a hard-on?”

“Certainly. You cause a lot of male hard-ons, for sure, you know that you do.”

“Two fingers of my right hand are buried deep in my pussy, Mark, and I’m imaging that it’s your stiff cock. Can you feel it? Can you feel my pussy tight around your cock?”

“Feels really good,” I responded, increasing the speed of my hand. “I’m jerking myself off to the sound of your sexy voice. Work your clit for me, Baby. Cum for me.”

“Let’s both cum together. I’m rubbing my clit with my thumb, and fucking my cunt with three fingers, imagining they are your cock, moving in and out of my pussy. In-out, in-out, in-out. Ugh, ugh, ugh,” she started grunting. I could hear rhythmic bumping against her shower wall, probably her arm, moving her fingers faster and faster in her pussy and on her clit. “So-good, so-good, so-good,” she chanted for a bit, and then reverted back to guttural grunts and moans.

Meanwhile I had my hand braced against the shower wall and was fucking it, grunting with each thrust. I grasped my butt with my other hand, so I could squeeze and feel my ass muscles driving my cock into the grasping soapy hand that I imagined was Morgan’s pussy. I knew she could hear me pounding the wall and grunting.

After maybe a minute, when her moans took on new urgency, I knew she had reached orgasm. My ass and leg muscled tensed convulsively, and my balls tightened and cock erupted to cover the shower wall with thick, hot, white jiz. She stopped moaning. I heard her shower stop. My panting subsided. My cock deflated.

“Feel better?” she asked. “Don’t wash your cum all down the drain, Mark, leave it for the next jogger.”

“Sure,” I agreed, as I gave my spunk covered prick and hands a final rinse but let the spunk on the shower wall stay. I stepped from the shower in a daze and awkwardly put my slightly gamey jogging outfit back on.
When I emerged she was waiting for me in a skimpy little white dress and sandals, carrying a small bag that must have contained her little exercise outfit. The skimpy dress was bare-backed, I noticed, and a deep v-cut in the front exposed bare skin between her breasts half way down to her belly. The front was held up by a flimsy looking strap that tied around her neck. It molded each tit almost as well as the tee-shirt had, and showed the bare sides of her pert tits. Her nipples made little bulges, and their darker color showed through the thin material clearly. Actually, her skin color showed through the thin white material of the dress wherever it covered her body. Not that it covered that much. From behind the dress was only a band of cloth that tightly molded her perfect ass, and it looked like she was totally topless. Bloody hell! Impossibly, I felt my cock stir a little. I wasn’t a teenager anymore, but I wasn’t dead yet either.

“Hungary?” she asked.

“Starving,” I mumbled, licking my lips, which had gone dry.

“Me too,” she said. Then she surprised me by stepping into what had been my dressing room for a few moments. When she came out she was sucking on two of her fingers. “I like to eat desert first,” she said.
I was speechless, and I felt my cock began to further stiffen as the thought of Morgan tasting my jiz overwhelmed me.

She laughed, grabbed my arm, and led us towards the café. Her touch was like an electric shock; her hand on my arm was the first time we ever had actual skin-to-skin contact. My head spun. She was totally in control, and I was fine with that. She could have walked me into a wall and I would have done it grinning.
At the hotel café we sat opposite each other in a darkened booth, and we each got a sandwich and drinks and talked about work and the weather. For a while it was almost like the shower incident had never happened. I began to relax a bit. I was even managing to not stare at her tits very much and my cock was softening. We finished our sandwiches, but we each had a mixed drink to finish.

I felt her bare leg brush mine, under the table. She must have done that accidently, I figured, but then it happened again. We continued small talk, with me stammering a bit. I moved my leg ever slightly towards hers. She pressed her leg firmly against mine and kept it there, calf against calf. Then she slowly rubbed her leg against mine. My brain was numb. She continued to talk; while I managed to mumble responses, and I soon found myself alternatively staring at her tits and then her searching eyes. My cock was totally hard again.

She withdrew her leg for a long disappointing moment, then returned it, but this time it was her bare foot that moved slowly up my leg. She must have slipped off a sandal.

“I have a confession to make,” she told me, with a grin. “I didn’t pack any underwear at all for this trip.”

I couldn’t have heard her right. “No sports bras,” I noted.

“No bras, no panties, nothing at all.”

“But you had a short skirt on all day today at the meeting! You weren’t wearing panties?”

“None. I was totally commando. And right now under this skimpy little dress I’m butt-naked. If you peaked under this table now, you’d see my bare pussy, and cum juice dripping from it. Does that turn you on?” Her bare foot moved further up and between my legs, quickly zeroing in on the bulge in by shorts. “Oh yeah, I can tell that it does!” Her toes pressed against my hard cock through the shorts and jock. I damn near fell out of the booth.

The waiter came with the bill then, and she discreetly withdrew her foot. He stared a lot at Morgan, of course, as I charged the bill to my room with my room key.

As I sat there dumbfounded she stood to go. She was magnificent in her little dress, which pretty much showed her pert breasts, and showed her stunning bare legs almost up to her bare ass and pussy. I had a raging hard-on and was reluctant to stand and walk about the hotel with it but I decided that I had to walk her to her room. Maybe she would even invite me in? My head spun with possibilities.

“I’m bushed, Mark, I need to get some sleep,” she announced, smashing my hopes. “We both have a free day tomorrow though; why don’t we get together again in the morning and explore the area?”

“Sounds good,” I heard myself say, though I was disappointed to finish the current day’s adventure. I felt a little tipsy and out of control from the drinks.

“There’s a beach I’ve always wanted to see; why don’t we go there? I’ll drive, since I know the area.” The took a little step towards me so that one of her bare legs pressed against my knee. I turned a little towards her and shifted forward on the seat, and she moved towards me a few inches more. Her legs were straddling my thigh now, and her bare pussy was poised mere inches above my bare skin. I could feel how warm and smooth and soft her legs were against mine. “It will be fun,” she added.

I tried to imagine Morgan in a bikini. “I didn’t pack a bathing suit,” I noted.

“Wear your little jogging outfit again then. I’ll meet you here for breakfast at ten.”

“Can we take another shower?” I asked hopefully.

“Maybe.” Her smile was huge. Her bare legs gave mine a teasing little squeeze, then she backed away from me and started to turn to go.

“I should walk you to your room.”

She glanced down at my crouch and laughed. “No. Sit there for a bit until your problem is reduced. See you in the morning at ten.”

She walked away, and I watched her go, me and several other guys in the café. It was alright though, because we were going to meet again tomorrow, I told myself. I took deep breaths and finished the last of my drink until my boner subsided enough for me to get up and walk back to my room.

That night I showered again, washed my jogging duds, and watched some internet porn. A double penetration scene: very entertaining. I was almost to the point of getting myself off to the porn and thoughts of Morgan when the phone rang. It was Morgan.

“Did I wake you up?” she asked.

“Not really. I’m having a little trouble getting to sleep.”

“Me too. Is it something I can help with? Maybe we could help each other again, like we did in the showers.”

“You’re already helping, actually.” My hand was grasping my cock tightly, and slowly moving over the head, jerking myself off.

“What are you doing right now?” she asked. “I’m lying in my bed naked, with a vibrator in my pussy and my fingers rubbing my clit. My clit and pussy are covered in slippery baby oil and cum juice as I think about your hard cock.”

I told her that I was jerking off to porn, and soon she used her computer to tune to the same porn I was watching. It was a threesome that featured a teenager being double-penetrated by two well hung young studs with giant cocks. The girl was in ecstasy as both her pussy and ass were being fucked. I visualized Morgan watching the girl being fucked as she jerked herself off with fingers and vibrators working her clit and pussy.

“I’m putting a second vibrator in my ass, and the phone receiver between my legs,” Morgan said. Through the phone I could hear the buzz of both vibrators, and a rapid sloshing, slap-slap-slap that had to be her fingers feverously working her oil-soaked clit, and the vibrator fucking her juicy cunt. She panted and moaned.

“Jerk off your hard cock for me!” she said. “Then fuck me again, like you did in the shower. Fuck-me, fuck-me, fuck me! Ugh, ugh, ugh!”

Moans and grunts from Morgan and myself blended with those of the porn stars. The teen was screaming loud as two huge cocks fucked her cunt and ass. “Ohhhhhh,” Morgan moaned, as she orgasmed loudly. Simultaneously I shot my load, leaving big drops of thick white jiz on my chest and belly.

“Eat our cum,” she instructed. “Suck it out of my wet pussy.”

I scooped some of my musky smelling jiz-juice onto my fingers and licked and sucked them clean, imagining that I was eating from Morgan’s jiz-soaked pussy. Then we quickly said goodnight and I dropped off to sleep.

We met the next morning as planned. I was eager enough to do our beach exploration, though after all that happened night before I expected a public beach would be a let-down. Strangely enough, I wore my jogging outfit and she wore the same skimpy white dress from the night before. She carried a big bag though, which is where she must have put her bathing suit and other beach gear. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bikini or anything else under her tiny dress.

“We’ll need suntan lotion,” I noted, as we headed for her car. I followed behind her like a happy puppy dog, watching her great legs flex, and her butt bob under the thin dress. Her hair was just long enough to cover the thin strap around her neck, so her back was totally bare and she seemed to be topless.

“I have that and more, including a little blanket and towels,” she said, indicating her bag. “Everything we’ll need is here.”

“Everything but underwear,” I remarked, as I followed behind her behind. The sun shone through her translucent dress like it was tissue-paper, and a slight breeze caused it to flutter and threatened to uncover her cute little ass completely. “Not that I’m complaining.” I had somehow avoided it until now, but my cock was again hardening.

“You seem to be fixated on the subject of my underwear,” she remarked, as she unlocked her rental car. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“I thought I was fixated on your underwear, but I’ve gotten over it,” I said, as I slid into the passenger seat of the sporty little sedan to sit beside her. “I’m actually becoming pretty comfortable with you not wearing underwear.”

The small triangles of thin cloth that covered her tits sagged forward, and I could see her entire right tit except for the nipple-tip. The bottom of her short dress barely prevented me from seeing her bare ass and pussy, and rode up even further as she spread her legs to drive. She was essentially driving bottomless and nearly topless. She opened all the car windows and the air rushed over us, rustling her dress and giving me tantalizing, fleeting glimpses of even more Morgan.

“Exactly where are we going,” I asked, though it didn’t really much matter. I was breathing heavy. I resisted a temptation to reach out and run my hand over her incredible naked thighs, and push aside her dress to expose her pussy. I longed to plunge my fingers into her, to suck her clit, and fuck her until she moaned and grunted and screamed as I shot my spunk into her.

“To a beach I’ve always wanted to go to. I needed the right person to go with me, and I’m hoping that’s you.”

“I’m your man, all right. I’m a veteran of several beaches.”

“It’s a nude beach,” she said.

That couldn’t be right. “People on the beach we’re going to are naked? Completely naked?”

“Completely. Just like we’re going to be.”

“Holy shits!” I remarked, as she laughed.

“If you chicken out I’ll understand,” she said. “As you may have noticed I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, but you’re basically a nice shy guy. I can take you back to the hotel and you can do your internet porn.”

I had to think about it. Let me see, go with beautiful young woman to a nude beach or hang out alone in the hotel? “I’m in,” I quickly concluded. My throat was dry but my cock was hard.

“I thought so,” she said, smiling. She reached over and gave the firm bulge in my shorts a brief playful squeeze.

I spent the rest of the drive along the California coast taking in the scenery, especially Morgan. She pulled her dress up around her waist, exposing a shaved-bare pussy mound and dripping cunt slit. She managed to drive with one hand and run her other hand teasingly over her legs and pussy slit. “The leather feels great on my bare ass, you should try it,” she explained, as she plunged two fingers into her pussy.
I wasn’t sure if her remark meant I should try the leather, her bare ass, or her pussy. Maybe all three, I figured.

My stiff cock was really uncomfortable; I really shouldn’t have worn the jock-strap. I was seriously considering taking both my shorts and jock-strap off, and assailing Morgan’s tits and pussy as she drove. Doubtless she would lose control of the car and we’d both die, but what the hell!

But then we arrived at the beach. It was out in the middle of nowhere. Due to it being a work-day there were only a dozen or so cars in the parking lot. A small sign confirmed that this was indeed the nude beach we sought.

“Twenty bucks to park and use beach facilities,” a bored looking middle-aged man told us, as we pulled up to the both at the parking lot entrance. I paid him through the car window as Morgan wiggled out of her dress totally. He must have seen too many naked young woman because he didn’t pay much attention to Morgan. What would that be like, I wondered, to regularly see so many beautiful naked women that you hardly noticed them anymore? California was obviously an alternative universe inhabited by aliens.

We parked and got out of the car, my shorts tenting as I gawked openly at Morgan. She was stunning, and my heart was pounding. I was a dead man, I figured. Despite years of cardiovascular exercise I’d never make it through this day alive. But I’d die very happy, that’s for sure!

She rummaged around in her beach-bag and pulled out two extra-long white tee-shirts. “I brought these tee-shirts to keep us from burning until we get our suntan lotion on,” she announced, as she tossed one to me and pulled the other shirt over herself, hiding her delicious nakedness. I self-consciously turned away from her as I stripped and redressed into just the long tee-shirt. Hers covered to below her ass, which was a shame, and mine barely covered my raging cock as it poked out in front of me, but I had been self-conscious and was grateful for the cover. I didn’t want to overtly remind Morgan how old I was and how absurd this whole thing was. It felt great to release my cock from the jock though.. My cock was forever young.

We walked down to the beach, me carrying her bag and walking behind her. Every step she took was mesmerizing to me. The globes of her ass jostled under the shirt with each step.

At the beach a couple dozen naked people lounged about; mostly young and middle-aged couples together on blankets spaced ten-feet or so apart. Some of the women were just as stunning as Morgan. The guys didn’t seem to have hard-ons; I assumed they were veterans of naked beaches and had somehow, like the parking attendant, become totally acclimated to naked women and being in front of women naked. I didn’t see how that was remotely possible. On the other hand, I didn’t see how I could maintain a boner forever; it was a physical impossibility. Maybe these guys were simply wore out.

We found an empty spot and settled in. We sat next to each other on our little beach blanket for a few minutes, shoulder-to-shoulder, taking in the beach and the nude beach goers. It was a beautiful spot, surf and coastline, sunshine and breezes. If I hadn’t been sitting next to a sexy young woman among a bunch of sexy nudists I suppose I would have enjoyed the natural beauty more.

The young couple nearest us was stunning. She was a teen, possibly eighteen at most, and he was maybe twenty-five. Both had tan, trim, slim, athletic bodies. They lay on their stomachs, idly watching the waves, and her bare ass was as tan as the rest of her. She glanced at me and smiled, before tuning her attentions to her partner. She put a gob of suntan lotion on his back, and spread it over him slowly, paying special attention to his ass. Her breasts were C-cup in size, I noticed, and she sported a light patch of pussy hair as blonde as what was on her head.

“Time for you to butter me up,” announced Morgan, as she pulled off her shirt, handed me a bottle of suntan lotion, and lay on her stomach. She turned her head towards our young neighbors, I noticed.
I squatted over one of her wide-spread legs, savoring the feel of it against mine, and the sight of her just-visible puckered little ass-hole and pussy lips between her spread ass-cheeks. She was slightly tanned, shades darker than my white skin, but still much lighter than the well-tanned young couple nearby.
“Do my back and shoulders first,” she instructed, as I squirted gobs of warm lotion onto her back. “Work it in good.”

As I spread the slippery lotion on her, my efforts quickly became a full massage. I started with her neck and shoulders. I had to move up between her legs to reach her properly, which led to my stiff cock resting on her ass cheeks, and then as I worked on her further and squatted lower, to my sensitive cock–head poking about between her ass cheeks, and teasing her ass-hole and pussy.

“Get my lower back too,” she instructed. I reluctantly shifted back a bit, though I dangled my balls and cock against one of her legs, as I worked my way down her back slowly, squeezing muscles and rubbing every inch of wonderful smooth Morgan skin as she sighed in appreciation.

Next to us, the man had rolled to his back and the girl was spreading lotion on his front. His cock was half-hard and big, but grew even more when the girl started jerking him off. He was looking our way, I noticed, probably admiring Morgan. Some of the other people nearby were casually watching him get jerked off, I noticed.

I finally reached Morgan’s ass with my probing hands. She moaned softly as I worked the slippery lotion into her ass-cheeks and then between them. Meanwhile I pressed by balls and stiff cock against her bare leg, and slowly dry-humped it like I was a dog in heat.

“Don’t forget to get my hard to reach spots, she implored,” as I teasingly spread the lotion over her ass-hole and lower, all over her soft inviting cunt lips with my slippery finger tips.

“I love your hard to reach spots, and I’ll get to them, I promise,” I said as I briefly probed with my well lubricated middle finger first her ass-hole entrance, and then her pussy slit.

“Deeper, please,” she requested.

“Soon, I promise,” I told her. “The legs quick first. We don’t want you to burn.” I rather hastily did her legs, using both hands and my balls and cock to spread the lotion.

Meanwhile, the action of our neighbors had heated up. I glanced their way to see that the girl was energetically sucking the guy’s cock, which had grown to at least eight inches and was almost as thick as mine. Then she kneeled over him as his cock stood straight up over him, and lowered her pussy eagerly onto it, moaning as she did so, and started fucking him vigorously, pounding her hips down over his cock while he grabbed her big dangling, swinging tits with his hands. A middle aged man stood a few feet from them and watched them closely, as he openly jerked-off. Grunts and moans could be heard over the sound of waves and seagulls. Several couples were closely watching the action, and starting to casually rub cocks and pussies.

“Turn over,” I instructed Morgan, as I lifted myself off her leg for a moment. After she rolled over I crouched over her and spread lotion on her belly before focusing on her perky tits with my prick and balls. She pulled off my tee-shirt and grabbed my ass-cheeks, guiding my motions on her tits.

She also closely watched our neighbors, who were by now fucking doggie style. The girl had her head turned towards us, I noticed, as she panted and moaned each time her partner drove his big cock into her. Morgan pulled me towards her and she sucked a couple of inches of my stiff cock into her mouth and swirled her lips over the tip. It felt too good, much too good, and I knew I’d cum too soon, and not in her pussy. Reluctantly I pulled away. Ladies first.

I moved down to work on Morgan’s pussy to find her hand already there, her fingers in her cunt and rubbing her clit furiously. I replaced her hand and fingers with mine, savoring the warm slippery grasp of her pussy on three of my fingers, and then I finger-fucked her for all I was worth, my thumb working her clit so fast it was almost a blur. With my other hand, I rubbed one of her tits, as she rubbed the other. “Ooohh,” she moaned and shuttered in orgasm, her cunt convulsing tightly round my fingers. The guy that had been standing a few feet away got off watching her come, shooting thick gobs of cum from his cock as she smiled at him.

She watched the other couple continue to fuck as she caught her breath. I lay between her open legs and gently probed her pussy with my tongue, sucking her cunt juice in and swallowing it. She started to moan again. “Yes, yes,” she said, “suck my cunt!”

The couple next to us was grunting and moaning as he fucked her missionary style. The guy’s ass bobbed up and down, and the girl’s legs wrapped around him, pulling him deep into her with every stroke. Then she was screaming in ecstasy, and he gave one mighty final thrust into her and grunted as he shot his sperm deep into her. Several people on the beach applauded.

Morgan and I were too busy to applaud.

I sucked on Morgan’s clit hard and felt her muscles tense and shake as she came to yet another orgasm.
As she caught her breath again, I idly maintained my boner by rubbing it against her thigh. I wasn’t sure how long it would last.

“Fuck me,” she said, as she took my boner into her little hand and looked into my eyes, probably reading my mind. “Doggie style.” She got on her hands and knees and pointed her ass towards me
“Sure thing,” I agreed, and I moved my cock to probe between her ass cheeks, tease her ass-hole for a moment, and rub it along the lips of her open dripping pussy. Her warm slippery pussy enveloped my cock head, and then inch after inch more of my cock as I slowly pushed it into her, deeper and deeper, until my pubic bone ground against her ass.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, as I started moving it in and out slowly, savoring every inch and moment of it. It felt so great I wanted it to last forever, and continue the sight of my cock thrusting deep into her, but I also wanted to shoot my jiz deep into her as soon as possible. It was a sweet delema.

“I want on top,” she said, after only a couple of dozen strokes, as she twisted away from me and guided me onto my back. In moments she squatted over me and lowered her pussy over my cock, inch by wonderful inch until my boner disappeared totally inside her again, with her pussy lips stretched around it. She sat back a bit and supported herself with one hand on my knee, and worked her own clit with her other hand, as she moved slowly up and down on my cock, and I clenched and unclenched my leg and ass muscles to do my share of thrusting.

“Mind if we join you guys?” I heard someone ask.

It was the sexy C-cup teen from the next blanket, I realized, standing over us. There was jiz running down one of her sexy legs. Morgan said something that I couldn’t quite make out, but it must have been positive, as soon the slim young girl was kneeling down over my chest facing Morgan, and then moving her butt back until her pussy was hovering inches above my chin, in a clear un-written invitation.

I moved my mouth up and she moved her cunt down, and I was immediately eating teen-pussy that was soaked with cum juice, using my lips and tongue, as my nose poked her ass-hole. There were muffled moans from above, and I realized that she and Morgan were kissing and hugging.

Morgan let out a particularly loud moan, and her pussy pressed down and squeezed my prick harder than ever, signaling yet another Morgan orgasm. After a few moments Morgan and the girl mumbled something and the teen-pussy lifted away from my face and rotated around above my head. The little cutie ended up on hands and knees with her head away from Morgan as she settled her pussy down on my face again. I grabbed her cute little ass with one hand, and Morgan’s cute little ass with my other hand, as she began to bob her slick cunt up and down again on my prick. Meanwhile the teenager’s stud partner kneeled in front of his girl and she sucked his stiffening cock into her mouth.

Morgan leaned forward and held her face over the teen’s ass with one arm as with the other she plunged two fingers into teen pussy and her thumb into teen ass, while I still licked sweet teen clit with my tongue. I noticed that the kneeling teenager’s swinging tits were within my reach, and I moved a hand from her ass to tweak her nipples.

I noticed her boyfriend had disappeared, and didn’t have a clue where he went until I felt bare legs straddle mine. I twisted my head a little and saw that he was squatting down in back of Morgan, as above me Morgan broke into a huge grin. ”Yeah, yeah, DP me,” she said over her shoulder to the guy. “Whichever hole you want.”

I assumed she was going to be ass fucked, but was surprised to feel something slippery press against the underside of my cock. With a shock I realized that the guy was slowly sliding his cock into Morgan’s pussy along the underside of mine. I registered revulsion and a strong impulse to pull away, but wasn’t in position to do so. Instead I froze, but Morgan pushed back, impelling herself deeper on the two of us as she moaned loudly. I watched her face register shock, perhaps pain, and then definitely ecstasy. What the hell. I relaxed and enjoyed it.

I returned my focus to teen clit and tits, and was rewarded when teen moans joined those of Morgan’s.
Meanwhile, I felt stiff cock sliding along the whole length of mine, soft-side to soft-side, while Morgan and I I stayed almost motionless. Morgan’s cunt held our cocks very tightly together. At the deep end of each of his strokes I felt the end of the guy’s prick rub mine, and his balls mash against mine. It found that really did enjoy it, especially when his cock head rubbed mine, and our balls mashed together. It was forbidden and freaky, but it felt incredible. Thrusting my hips, I increased the motion between my cock and Morgan’s tight grasping pussy, and against the guy’s stiff cock as it slid against mine. Every time our balls came together I damn-near lost it.

Meanwhile Morgan bucked and grunted and moaned. The motion of her fingers in the teen’s cunt became erratic, and I stopped sucking teen clit long enough to look up into her face. Morgan’s eyes were unfocussed. She was panting and moaning, and totally out of control. I gently pulled her limp hand away from the teen cunt and redoubled by cunt-sucking and clit tonguing, and was rewarded by renewed moans from the teen.

Suddenly I sensed the guy tense and grunt, and he give one final mighty thrust as warm jiz pumped into Morgan and around my prick. Our pricks and balls were pressed tight together as Morgan’s cunt quaked around our cocks. The teen squatting over my face also trembled and grunted, and I knew she was having her orgasm.

I thrust more urgently into Morgan, and as I finally grunted and squirted my cum into her she moaned and convulsed over me, shaking and quaking, her cunt squeezing every drop from me and our close neighbor. I heard a light round of applause from the nudist crowd. The teen cunt lifted away from me and the softening cock of her boyfriend withdrew, leaving only Morgan and I lying together, totally spent.

She lay stretched out atop me as my arms pulled her close, so we were chest to chest, legs to legs, belly to belly, face to face, her cunt still wrapped around my softening prick, massaging it gently with her cunt muscles. We kissed gently then, tongues and lips probing. It might sound crazy, but this was my favorite moment.

“Wow,” I finally remarked.

“Yeah,” she agreed.

I rubbed my hands over her slowly from shoulders to ass, a middle finger finally entering her tight little ass hole. “You still need to be fucked in the ass,” I noted. I glanced over to our younger neighbors and saw that’s exactly what they were attending to at the moment. The guy’s prick was hard again already, and plunging into the little teen’s ass relentlessly as she bucked and moaned. Other couples on the beach leisurely massaged genitals, fucked each other, or simply enjoyed the sun and surf.

Morgan moaned into my shoulder as my finger probed her ass. “True,” she acknowledged, “and I need to give you some suntan lotion.” She sat up and doused her pussy with suntan lotion, then slowly spread it over my legs with her cunt lips. Meanwhile she reached down to suck clean my cum-covered, deflated cock, using her warm soft lips and tongue. Then she used her soft little hands to spread lotion over my cock and belly.

“Too bad this business trip is only ten more days,” she remarked, as she spread lotion over my chest.

“I don’t think I can last out today.”

“We’ll see.” Grinning, she squatted over my firming prick with her wet slippery pussy and moved it gently over my hardening length before sliding it into her again. It was a perfect fit.

Lyrics of the old Grace Slick song came to mind:
“You can't cock yourself woman
You need a man
All the way you need him
All the way
All the way
Seven inches of pleasure
Seven inches going home
Somebody must have measured
All the way down the old bone
All the way
All the way
All the way
Down the old bone”

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