Cindy's a horny 14 year-old girl
1. Cindy

"God, I can't stop" the 14 year old Cindy exclaimed as her finger wandered once again down to her bare pussy. She had just finished masturbating herself to another orgasm. Her best friend, 13 year old Annie had talked about how she found some files in her dad's computer that showed young girls with shaved pussies and how good masturbation was after she had shaved her pussy, so Cindy decided to see how it would feel.

"Your dad has pictures of naked girls?" Cindy exclaimed. "Yeah, and some of them looked pretty young to me, about our ages." Annie didn't mention at the time that she had also found some sex stories in her dad's computer. There were stories about older men and young girls and dads and daughters and girls with girls. At first she was shocked that her daddy would have these but as she read them she found that those turned her on.

Both girls were sexually precocious and were terribly horny and loved making themselves cum. They had talked about it but had never done anything in each other's presence - yet. The last time when Annie was talking about how she had shaved her pussy, Cindy got hot and wet and wanted terribly to finger herself and wasn't about to care if Annie saw - but she just managed to stop herself. What she didn't know of course that Annie had felt exactly the same way.

Cindy began to wonder if her dad had some secret sex files. She found thinking about that made her get even more excited.

Cindy had been masturbating almost for as long as she could remember. She discovered her little slit could give her pleasure by rubbing it by about the time she was six. The teen dripped some more baby oil onto her pussy and ran her fingers all around her slit, feeling the smooth cuntlips that were swelling up along with her clit as blood engorged her whole crotch.

"Ahhh, yes.... God, it feels so good" she lay back on her bed, legs spread apart slightly, now feeling herself up with both hands, her fingers coated with a mixture of baby oil and pussy juice. She played with her pussy and looked over to the mirror that showed her lying there. "Boy does that look sexy" she thought to herself as the mirror showed her - her pussy bare and shiny slick with those delightful juices, her nipples extended like little erasers. She ran her left hand up to cup one of her tits - she always thought she was too small - just a B-cup - but boy were they sensitive.

She had recently let Billy touch her there and it had sent a jolt of electricity to her horny pussy. She thought of that now - what his cock might feel and taste like. Yes she'd heard and about "cocksucking" and when she read that nasty book that she found in her daddy's bedside bureau that described the girl in the story doing that and have her own cunt licked, it sent into another bout of masturbation that made her cum very hard and intensely. She though of those images as she played with herself.

She slowly first rubbed the swollen lips - just circling her clit - teasing herself as she got hotter and hotter. "Oh, yesss... suck my teeny pussy" She thought. "I'll suck and lick your cock and make you cum". She played with the images in her mind as her masturbation got more intense. Suddenly as she was coming closer and closer to her orgasm, the image of the older guy next door, Alan, flashed into her head. She had seen him ogling here when she was wearing her short skirts and short cutoffs. She found that teasing him made her pussy tingle knowing she had some control over an adult.

"Yes, suck me Alan... more... more... Unhhh, ughnnn" her cunt starting it's rolling orgasm.. she tried drawing it out but it was no use. It fel SO GOOD. "Ohhhh... Goddd... I'm cumming.. ohhh.. my pussy feels so sexy and so good...arghhh". Her orgasm was intense, the most intense she ever had... her shaven pussy was in a paroxysm of orgasms - she felt the insides twitch as she buried two fingers deep inside and just held them there until the orgasms started to fade. As usual her pussy still wanted more but she had to get going.

"Wow, that was unbelievable. Hmm maybe I need to seduce Alan." Might be fun, she thought, and maybe he could show her a few things.

2. Cindy and Alan

The next Saturday, fourteen year old Cindy decided this was the day. Even though he was more than twenty years older than she, she had started to flirt with him during the week to get him more and more interested. When she saw him in his yard, she put on a tank top - no bra - and a short pleated jean skirt with thong panties. She went out and carrying a digging tool as though she was going to get something out of the vegetable patch. As she saw him, as though she was surprised to see him, she threw a very friendly "Hi, how are you" at him.

"Hi yourself" he said as she saw him eyeing her body surreptitiously. She decided to make it easier for him and bent down to dig a carrot out. She knew he could see her sexy ass. She got up and turned slowly and met his eyes.

"It's pretty out today isn't it" she said with a smile.

"Yes, I love the view out here" he said playing along.

"Well I'm glad you appreciate it". She turned quickly so her skirt flipped up and looked over her shoulders at him as walked slowly back to her house. "Maybe we'll run into each other some other time again." She did notice he had to hide the hard-on she had caused.

That night when he was in bed, Alan thought back to the afternoon and his run-in with the cute neighbor, Cindy. "God is she a sexy one" remembering her small tits showing through her tank top and her sexy ass that he showed her. Those thoughts made his cock rise and her image of those sexy little breasts - God he would love to lick and suck them and he was sure her pussy would be very tasty - helped him as he stroked an caressed his cock. He teased the tip and spread the pre-cum over it making it feel more intense and then grabbed his cock in his fist and he pumped it until it spurted its pleasure, imagining emptying his cock into her as she would arch in her own orgasmic bliss.

She saw him two days later, and again flirted with him, making sure he saw her interest. She asked him to help with a computer problem and he invited her over when she had time. And she made sure she had time Saturday afternoon. She wore her tank top and short skirt ensemble again when she went over there Saturday.

When he greeted her at his door, he was wearing a pair of loose shorts that seemed to develop a lump as soon as she showed up, she was pleased to see. When they got to his computer room, she decided to get pretty direct.

"Before we get to my computer problem, can you show me some of the porno sites".

"Well what would your parents say if I do that."

"Well they don't have to know" she said mischievously.

"Well OK. What would you like to see." Show me what you like the best".

"Well I like to look at girls but let's find out what you like" That statement started an hour of discovery for Cindy. He showed her pictures of girls in various states of undress - many had shaved pussies she noted. She saw girls licking each other, being fucked with cocks in every orifice, and masturbating.

He showed her story sites such as Mr. Double where she read two of them. All this got her hornier than she had been in a long time. her pussy got very wet and she could smell her girl-smell and knew he did too. She noticed that he got closer and closer to her, touching her first on her back and then her shoulders to see if she would object - and of course she didn't. He now put his arm around her and pulled her close to his body. She looked into his eyes with all the sexual hunger her teenage body had. She lifted her lips in his direction to let him know she wanted his kiss.

He reached down and kissed her! She opened her mouth and felt his answering tongue touching hers gently. This was the beginning of what she wanted. Allan couldn't believe it. Here was the sexy teen in his house wanting to get turned on by the porno pictures and now in his arms a very willing partner. He knew she had gotten aroused. He could smell it. and see it in her nipples and breathing. The kisses got deeper and deeper.

He slid his hand around to cup her breast to see what would happen. No protests! He loved caressing her small tits - gently pinching her nipple. He licked at her tongue. He mouth was very tasty. He slid his hand down to the hem of her very short skirt and then to the soft thigh. She answered the unasked question by sighing and spreading her legs, welcoming his hands and fingers. He gasped when he found that there were no panties and his fingers felt her shaved, smooth, and very wet pussy. His fingers slid into her slit effortlessly as he found her clit and stroked it. She gasped and began to moan as he toyed with her clit.

"Oh my God, he's fingering my pussy...ohhh it feels so good.. so much better than when I do it." she thought to herself. She leaned back to give him easier access to her body.

"How about we move to where it's more comfortable" he whispered into her ear.

"Yeah" she gasped.

They got up and he held her hand as he led the way to his bedroom. He paused in front of the bed and kissed her - then lowered her onto the bed, her legs hanging over the edge. He kneeled down and started to kiss and lick up her legs starting just above the knees. She spread her legs even further, wanting him to reach her pussy. She was finally rewarded when his lips reached her pussy lips. He licked her cunt lips and sucked at them.

"Ohhh... Goddd... that's wonderful Alan.... more.. yesssss.. eat me.... eat my cunt...ahhhhh... baby.. yess..." she babbled as his mouth feasted on her young bare cunt, making it feel better than she thought possible. His words spurred her on. He licked and sucked and stabbed his tongue into her cunt. He decided to show her more. He slid a finger past his tongue into her pussy then followed by a second finger - reaching deep inside. He felt around for the bundle of nerves he knew would set her off.

" what are you doing to me.... I've never felt this good.... ohhh... fuckkkk.... God... unnnn... more....suck me...make me cummm... do me...yess.. keep eating my cunt.. your fingers are fucking me... ohh…"

It turned her on even more as she babbled the dirty sex words. It turned him on more also. Her hips lifted and fell as she made fucking motions. Her pussy was like a running faucet. The juice running down her crack to her ass. Alan slipped his pinkie to her sexy ass and rubbed the juice into her asshole. This was a brand new feeling to Cindy.

Suddenly the finger was INSIDE her ass. As soon as she felt that finger deep in her ass she started cumming. He felt her ass and pussy grab his fingers as she orgasmed.

"I'm cumming... ohhhh.... shit...'re eating my cunt... sucking my fuck juice... God... your finger in my ass….fuckkkk… I'm cumming again..."

He just kept still as her body went through one wrenching orgasm after another and let her come down off that sexual high he knew she was on. Cindy just lay there, she couldn't move, her body still twitching from the orgasmic avalanche she was on. She hadn't realized that she had squeezed her tits to add to the intensity.

"Oh my God Alan, that was intense. I've never cum like that. Come up here and let me do you". As he got up she took off her clothes. He followed suit and as he spotted her shaved pussy his cock got harder than ever. He lay down next to her in the bed kissing her again, letting her taste her own cunt juice. She started to feel for his hard cock with very inexperience hands.

"Gently baby, gently". He showed her how he liked to be played with. He showed her how to get his cock wet with spit. She became inventive and also wet her hands by rubbing it on her pussy and then over his tip. She was pleased when he groaned his pleasure on her actions. She was a quick learner and watched his reactions to her actions. She saw immediately that he loved having the ridge around the tip of his cock caressed gently and kept it very wet as she rubbed the tip and watched him squirm.

"Lick me like a popsicle... please baby...". She complied and sucked the tip into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. She tasted his slightly salty precum - and found she liked it. She slid her fingers down to his balls and found he liked it best as she stroked them gently. She decided she wanted to feel that cock against her pussy so she released his cock, much to his disappointment but was rewarded with a groan as she slid her body against his and then rubbed the tip of his cock into her wet pussy. Alan assisted her by rolling her over on her back and then grasping his cock he helped rub it into her pussy, getting it deeper and deeper then started to withdraw in and back in again - teasing her. He leaned down and sucked one of her small tits into his mouth as he slid his five inch cock into her cunt.

"Ohhh... I love your cock in my cunt... yesss... fuck me.... more... ohh…. I love you sucking my nipples. Give me your cock..."

Alan started to fuck her cunt slowly... he ground his pubic bone into her clit... he altered his strokes from gentle slow and deep and sliding past her clit to slamming into her hard. Her cunt was extremely tight since she hadn't ever fucked anything other than a candle or hairbrush handle. His cock felt like it was in a velvet vise and gave him an unbelievable feeling. Cindy found she loved fucking. She learned to answer his thrust with movements of her own and she found that it became more intense as she learned to squeeze her cunt and make sure her clit got plenty of action.

"Yes, fuck me... fuck me... uhhhh.... yes... hard like that... oh yessss and slow... and more.... fuck me baby... fuck my cunt"

Alan grasped her ass cheeks and again wet a finger and played with her asshole, then sliding it in so he could feel his cock through her insides. "Ohhhhh yes... finger my ass... so good... fuckkkk...God I'm gonna cum again.... fuckmefuckmefuckme... daddy...fuck me..." the words ran together as she felt an orgasm start deep inside her. "Make me cumm... come with me baby...cum into my little fucking cunt"

His cock felt her cunt starting its orgasmic convulsions that drew his sperm from his balls. Her hips started to twitch uncontrollably. The sudden calling him "Daddy" turned his lust uncontrolable - he never imagined that it would be an incredible turn-on.

"Yes baby girl.I'm cumming too baby...keep fucking.. ohh your cunt is sucking the cumm out of me. Oh... fuck... cunt... shit... your sexy fucking little ass... ohhh it's too much"

He about screamed at her as his cock erupted into her spasming cunt. She wrapped her arms and legs around Alan so he couldn't move as his cock spurted into her and she was orgasming almost continuously. "Hold me and don't move" she pleaded. Her pussy was clenching his cock in waves and, as they slowly came down.

After she regained her breath she said "Wow, so that's what fucking is all about. I love it. I love the way talking dirty turns me on. Does it turn you on too?"

Her innocent candor amazed him. He knew she wanted to be held longer so he did, loving the feeling her sweat slick and soft teen body against his. "Yes I love that too. Makes me crazy with hornyness too. You're fucking amazing, girl! That was your first time?" He knew he would want her again and was hoping for a reprise. Neither mentioned the slip of calling him "Daddy" and how that turned both of them on.
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