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1970's - Italian city school girl goes out to deliver her scout cookies but finds trouble in a changing neighborhood.
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Lisa was tied to the exercise bench looking up at this big, tough, mean looking fat fuck, his cock inside her. His bearded face, gold tooth, beard and ragged clothes were a scene out of HELL.

He was ramming her cunt with his dick. Her arms and legs burned, they were being stretched as he shoved against her.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh Lisa screamed in utter terror.
Jose grabbed Lisa’s thighs almost wrapping his hands around.
He held her tight and thrust deep inside her.

Jose leaned forward thrusting as deep as he could. Scream Bitch. Scream.
He grabbed the teen’s firm tits with his hands. He was leaning so far forward he could
Looking her right in the eye as he pinched and twisted her nipples.
Sweaty, dirty, ugly he was fucking her as hard as he could.
As Lisa screamed Jose laughed in her face. He spit her face and watched as the drool rolled off her

Lamont and Cyrus ate sliders, drank beer and watched the young piece being brutally fucked.
He’s Mean MF dats fo shore.
Ya gotta like him tho.
Yea, but after I ass fuck her I would likd to slice her up, u know, nice and slow.
Peel dat nice white skin off her bitch meat. HA HA
One small slice at a time.
Dats if she makes it. Looks at her, how much more can she takes.
Maybe I ass fuck her to death. Laughs Lamont.

Man I gotta take a piss. Lamont got up and aimed his dick at Lisa’s head sending a stream
of yellow on her face. Lamont didn’t like Jose but he had to admit, he knew to treat the
little white bitch. Jose was really giving her a thumping.

Cyrus pissed in a half empty bottle of beer.
Gots sumptin fo yu t drink. He teased Lisa.
He tried to hold Lisa’s head and force her to drink but she twisted her head violently
trying to keep away.

Fucking bitch. Lamont took his belt and looped through the buckle around her neck and pulled tight.
HA HA look she is turning red. Lamont released the belt, gasping for air Lisa had her mouth wide

Cyrus pushed the bottle deep into her mouth and started to pour the foul mixture down her throat.
Lamont pinched her nose tight.
Drink it, Ha Ha.Drink it you little Slut.
The piss/beer flowed down her throat. The little girl scout piece of fuck meat, tied to the workout bench was taking a big cock fucking and drowned in beer/piss. Lisa started to choke and gag.
She was convulsing. Cyrus pulled the bottle out and put his hand over her mouth.
Desperate Lisa twisted her mouth trying to get free. Jose was going crazy fucking her harder.

Fuck Yes. AHHHHHH. Jose came in her cunt. The cum dripped out the sweet young pussy and down her leg.
Jose slapped her tight young ass. Nice fuck, sweetie. He slapped her ass hard watching the fuck meat
jiggle. Then he twisted her pussy but Lisa couldn’t scream. She was fighting for air at the same time.
Still choking, Cyrus took his hand off her mouth. Cyrus poured the beer over her face. Lisa gasping for air sucked in more beer. Jose watched and laughed. He slapped her cum coated pussy.
She could barely breath, choking gasping. Lisa spit out loads of beer/piss.
Red in the face she threw up, choked and gagged on her own vomit.

On her back the mess coated her face.
HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Look at da pig, vomit faced fucking slut.
The three men laughed at the white teen, fucked, choking, gagging,
tied to the weight bench.
Lamont wiped the mess around her face.
He looked at the once pouty white teen face, red, coated with puke, tears streaming from her eyes.
He slapped her face hard. White Bitch, git what comin to u.

Bang. Lisa flopped to the ground, her arms and legs untied. The men watched the girl struggle
on the ground.
Lamont grabbed her by the hair and brutally put her back on the bench face down.
Lisa lay on the bench with her arms and legs hanging down over the side. The little bitch was so beat up she could barely move but she could still be fucked.

Semi-conscious, delirious Lisa lay on the bench hoping for any letup in the unrelenting abuse.
She could feel death coming on. Her whole body ached almost beyond deion. Many parts were raw exposed flesh from being roped. Her face was swollen from slapping. Her pussy was red and swollen from the rough fucking. Shoulders, knees, wrists, every joint ached.

She was sick from drinking urine. Her mind slipped in and out of consciousness.
There was no way out. No hope. These brutes would not stop until she was dead.

Lamont, Cyrus and Jose stood around the beat up Girl Scout laying on the bench.
Time to do dat ass. Ha, hope she lasts fo dat.
Bruised, battered red, cum splattered, vomit caked the little Lisa didn’t look like
she had much time left.

Lamont sat on the bench in front of her and pulled her head up.

Lisa’s face was beaten up. One eye was almost swollen shut. She had bruises all over her face
He lips were, red bleeding and swollen.
Looking her in the eye. Gonna fuck dat litte white ass of yours.

I’m gonna

No No more Lisa begged in a feeble voice. Have mercy on me. Please.
U beg U little bitch, aint gonna do u no good.
Lamont slapped her swollen face with his dick.
See dats what gonna be fuckin yo ass.
I know its tight, fuckin tighter da better.

Cyrus, rope da bitch up.

Cyrus pushed her forward and tied her ankles to the
outside of the weight board. They pulled her up and tied her at the knees to the board.
Her legs were spread to the width of the board. Lamont tied a rope around her neck and then tied her
neck to the weight bar. Her back was angled up and her head up.

Lisa’s arm flayed away but helpless. Cyrus took an arm and twisted it in and then out.
She screamed as twisted harder and further. Then he took her other arm and twisted
it in and then out. As she screamed her stupid bitch head off Cyrus tied her arms together at the
elbows. Finally he tied her wrists.

Lamont looked the bound little slut over.

Lookin Good.

Lamont looked Lisa in the eye again.
Git dat ASS ready fo some HARD BLACK COCK FUCKING.
Ifs I donts fuck u to death, we gonna slice u up.

Lisa was so messed up she could only babble. Everywhere on her body was pain.
She couldn’t think focus.

Tied kneeling on the weight stand, head tied to the bar the white teen looked like
a perfect piece of fuck meat for her captors.

SMAAAAACK. Cyrus let go with a wild belt slap to the tight assed little bitch.
Gonna get it nice a red fo U.
A nice new red welt appeared.
YURE my man. Yelled Lamont.
SMAAAACK. Lisa jumped as the belt bit in hard.
Lamont laughed in her face.
Give her sum mo Cyrus.
SMAAAAAACK. Lisa let out a scream.
Lamont walked over behind her. He put some oil on his stiff cock.
Bitch gonna geit all dem 14 inched sho nough.

A few more smacks had Lisa screaming.
Dat aint nuthin, wiat til U git my cock.


Lamont straddled the exercise bench. Lisa’s ass was slightly below his cock, just right.
Hard, stiff, Lamont held his member in his one hand, her ass cheek in another and started to work the head into Lisa’s asshole.
He pushed twisted and turned trying to get it started.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. He pushed getting in maybe an inch.
The fear and pain overcame all her other torments.

To Be Continued

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2013-02-17 12:18:47
You need to learn the difference between a chapter and a paragraph. Because all ten of your chapters add up to 1 actual chapter in terms of length and information. As for the dumb shit asking for a ficticious character to get mercy, shut the fuck up. It's a story. If you your vagina is too sensitive and you require stupid happy endings to sleep better, then what the fuck are you doing reading rape stories? Go buy a fucking trash romance novel then you cunt.


2013-02-16 19:41:13
U can't rush a good rape gangbang. Da Bitch has it coming to her.
No mercy fo dat trash.

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2013-02-16 16:48:48
this shit is to much... the poor girls body is so damn raw from all the abuse shes been taking from the damn air heads you need to put a stop it before she dead... show some mercy for she or maybe bring her dad in to help her,,, please no girl ever asked to be rape... remember that....just thing of your own sister being rape and tormented like that damn this story is to damn much...,

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2013-02-16 14:54:14
your stories are becoming ultra boring

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