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Last Day of Work

I had known that this day had been coming for a long time. Money was getting tight at the business and someone was going to feel the axe. The company I was working for, Global Commodities, was feeling the pinch from a lack of sales both domestically and internationally. Because of that, they were forced to find a way to cut costs. One of those was was the letting go of non-essential employees, such as secretaries and janitorial staff. Upper management always believes these people to be expendable, but they fail to see the worth of some individuals beyond their numerical value. My friend Michelle was one of these people.

I was fortunate to have meet Michelle when she was hired at the company. She was 23 years old, fresh out of college, and looking for her first real job. A very attractive young woman, with a wonderful smile and a positive attitude, she had zero background in what was handled by the company that I worked for. As the manager of the oversees commodities acquisition department, I saw someone with incredible potential and a bright future. So like many actions associated to my job, I took a chance and recommended that she be brought on as a secretary in my unit, and I began to mentor her in the field of purchasing and selling commodities. Michelle showed great promise, but because of slumping sales and a bad economy, she never had the opportunity to excel.

Michelle had only been with the company for about six months when I received the memo from the corporate executives that all support staff within the nine month probationary period would be dismissed due to a lack of sales. This memo went out company wide, and everyone received the same information at the same time. This was the first time I had ever seen Michelle cry. She burst into my office, her eyes as red as her beautiful shoulder length hair. She sat down at my desk and sobbed uncontrollably.

“This is completely unfair.” She said, in between sniffles. She took a Kleenex from my desk, knocking over a picture frame of my last fishing trip by accident, and blew hard into the tissue. “I have been pouring my heart and life into this job, and now, after making so many friends and learning so much, I have to just give it all up? What am I going to do?”

I sat her down in my office chair behind my desk and pulled over one of my side chairs that visitors would use when I had client meetings. I waited for a few minutes as she regained a small amount of composure, a reassuring hand placed on top of her hands, which were placed on her lap. I could feel the warmth of her gentle and smooth skin on my fingers as she sobbed. It almost felt like some type of electricity was flowing from her into me. I felt an instant attraction to her, something I had never felt towards her before. We had worked several long hours before, been on a few business trips, and had multiple working lunches and dinners, but we had never had anything beyond a professional relationship. While I sat there, with my hand on her hand, I began to regret that decision. Michelle was an extremely attractive woman, and I had missed a great opportunity. I decided that I needed to help her, and as a mentor and a friend, there was only one thing I could think of to both clear her mind and set her in a new, forward moving direction. “You need to have a going way party, and we need to get you trashed.” “I mean, really fucked up.” “It won’t solve this problem, but I will reach out to some friends in the field and see what I can do for you.” “In the meantime, you need to get drunk and forget your worries.”

Michelle started to brighten up a little, and her cheeks got red when I suggested she got drunk. Perhaps she was thinking of the last time I saw her drunk. We were on a business trip to Toronto, and the dive bar that we decided to go to saw a one night only showing of Coyote Ugly starring Michelle and two of the other secretaries. After that night she had said that she had behaved a little unprofessionally, but I had told her that she was young and needed to have fun every now and then. I was only five years older then her, but as her mentor I must have seemed like a father to her. I took her hand and placed it between mine, and told her to pick a local bar for a party tonight and to go invite some people. I also told her not to worry about the costs, cause this was going to be my treat. Her response could only be described as giddy, and she reached forward and gave me a hug, followed by a short kiss on the lips. He lips were soft to the touch, and she smelled fantastic, but it was too short of a kiss to return. But it had a feeling to it, like I had dragged my feet across the carpet and touched a metal doorknob. The spark was strong and short. She thanked me and quickly ran out the door. I sat down in my desk chair, it was still warm from her body and smelled of her scent. I felt my pants getting tighter, as the bulge in my underwear grew. I moved my hand down under my desk and rubbed my cock through my pants, mainly to straighten it out, but also because it felt so good. As I rubbed my stiff dick, I breathed in her smell from my chair, and let out a small moan. I could feel my balls beginning to ache and beg for me to release the cum that had began to build in me quickly since that first touch of her lips to mine. I never masturbated at the office, never had a need to, but something about Michelle had caused me to get aroused quickly, and I was unable to control myself. I quickly undid my belt, pulled the lid off of my paper coffee cup, and removed my now completely hard cock from my pants. I was fully erect, all six to seven inches in my hand, as I stroked. Long, deep strokes. It only took a few, and after breathing in the smell of her from my chair one more time, I shot string after string of hot cum into the cup. I let the cup fall to the floor when I finished, my limp dick in my hand. Afterwards, I picked up, threw the cup away, dressed back up, and went to go wash up. On the way out the door, I ran into Michelle. She told me that she got a group together to go to Mic’s bar on Fifth street tonight. I knew the place and told her that I would see her there.

I didn’t get to the bar until a little after nine, and the party was already going strong. The owner of the bar, Sally, was Mic’s ex and now the current owner of the bar. She was contemplating a name change after the divorce, but because everyone knew it as Mic’s, she decided to keep the name. I had been to Mic’s so many times that I felt like I owned stock in it. It was a dive bar, plain and simple, but it was my dive bar. I had found several one night stands here, and Sally had helped me secure some of them. Nothing is better than having the owner of a bar as your wingman. I asked Sally how the party was going, and she told me that the red head, who I identified as Michelle, was crazy, out of control, and huge amounts of fun. Sally told me that her and Michelle reenacted a few scenes from Cocktail, and that they were running the bar for the better part of an hour. I asked Sally if she had broken anything, and Sally just laughed. She told me that she only let Michelle swing around the cheap stuff, so I didn’t have to worry too much about the price. I told Sally to bill me for the cost and left her to her work. I saw Michelle out on the dance floor, surrounded by several of the girls from work and a few I didn’t recognize. She was bouncing around, red hair flowing like a wildfire. I admired her from the bar. Michelle had an amazing body, standing about 5’8” and about 120 pounds. Her slender figure reflected the bar light off of her, accenting every angle. Her breasts appeared to be average size, and the bra that she had on under her shirt was holding them firmly in place. Her legs were long and slender, and they were a perfect complement to her upper body. But the thing I could not take my eyes off of was her ass. It was perfect. A lovely round shape, that curved along her skirt line and formed a heart shaped pattern against the tight fabric. Every time she bounced to the music, her butt shook, and my heart skipped. People say that you should always think with your head and never your cock, but both of them were wanting the same thing that night.

Michelle appeared to be enjoying herself on the dance floor, and since she looked like she was going to be there for a while, I went back to the bar and ordered another drink. While I was waiting, one of the other girls from the group came over and stood next to me at the bar. She introduced herself to me as Kim, a nice looking Asian girl, in her early 30s with black hair to just below her ears. She had on a silk blouse and a black skirt, with black heels that made her 3 inches taller than she was. The top three buttons of her blouse were undone and provided a spectacular view of her cleavage. Kim’s breasts were not above average, but they were perky and she did not have a bra on tonight. A quick peak when she leaned over the bar allowed me to see one of her nipples in the mirror behind the bar. She had lovely tan nipples, small and pointy. I couldn’t help but stare. They were very nice, and I have always liked Asian breasts and the tan nipples that sit atop them. I left my gaze lingering a little too long and was caught looking by Kim. She looked at me back through the mirror, winked, and pulled her shirt down so I could get a better look. My cock immediately awoke, and I turned and kissed her on the lips. She returned it, with tongue, and I returned it in kind. Our tongues danced in each others mouths for what seemed like an eternity. Kim broke away for a minute, then reached down and put her hand on my belt. She then pulled me by my belt to a hallway, past the restrooms, to a stack of boxes that had empty glass bottles inside of them. The boxes provided the right amount of cover for what we had in mind.

Kim resumed where we had left off, only this time she was much more aggressive. While we kissed, she unzipped my pants and undid my belt, causing my pants to slide down to my ankles. I pushed her up against the wall, and buried my face into her breasts. As I nibbled on her tits and nipples, I could hear her moans getting louder as she stroked my cock. I could smell her perfume on her breasts, and the sent was electric. It pushed me further into ecstasy, I undid two more buttons on Kim’s blouse, and freed her breasts. Taking one in a free hand, and the other in my mouth, I began to squeeze and suck. “Oh fuck, you are so dirty! Taking me down this hallway and having your way with me. Such a fucking dirty boy.” she said as she dragged her thumb over my cock head. Kim then placed her thumb nail over my pee hole, moving the sensitive skin apart. I moaned loudly into her breasts, her skin absorbing the sound. She seemed to enjoy watching my reaction and continued to explore my penis. Kim repeated the process and I nearly passed out. The pain and pleasure was pushing me to my limit. My cock was throbbing, and I was feeling weak in my knees. She did it a third time and I dropped to one knee, panting. While on one knee, I looked up and had a clear view of under her short skirt. I noticed that Kim was not wearing any panties. Kim had a hairy pussy, black pussy hair all around the lips. From my spot on the ground, I could smell her lust, her pussy was steaming with want. I looked up at Kim, and she said, “If you want it, come and fuck it.” I regained my footing and pushed her body against the wall. With two hands I pulled up her shirt, so that it rested above her waist. Kim was completely naked from the waist down, and I was naked from my waist to my ankles. I wasted little time, and I placed my cock at the bottom of her pussy. I moved the cock head around until I found the right angle, and then I pushed it into her, slowly. Kim’s pussy was extremely tight, and anything less than a completely hard cock would never have made it inside. Kim let out a loud moan as I eased into her. I managed to fill into her nicely, then I slowly pulled out, until only my cock head was inside of her. Kim managed to gather her breath, and looked me in the face. “Don’t tease me, just fuck me!” she said. I responded by thrusting hard and fast into her. The first one caused her to scream out. “Fuck yes, just like that. Fuck me like a dirty bitch. Fucking me in this hallway. You whore!” I had never been called a whore before, but for some reason it turned me on. So I responded with another quick thrust, and another. On the fourth thrust, Kim’s pussy came down on my cock like a vice, and she began to scream “I’m going to cum.” This pushed me over the edge, and I gave her another thrust. She screamed loud and I felt her juices run out of her pussy, down my cock, and over my balls. I was able to get off one more thrust, but Kim’s pussy was so tight around my cock. I could hold it in no longer and I pushed as deep as I could into her before I came. I shot string after string of hot cum up into her, and it ran down out of her along with what was left of her juices. I pulled my slowly limping cock out of her and supported her as she stood against the wall. Kim slid her skirt back down and fixed her shirt. She then leaned up into my ear and said, “I’ll remember you whore, the next time I need a good hallway fuck. You dirty bitch.” With that, she licked my ear and walked out of the hallway and back to the dance floor, leaving me with my pants around my ankles. I pulled up what I had dropped and fixed myself up. I returned to the bar, found Sally, and ordered something strong.

I stayed at the bar drinking until about 11, which is about the time the party started to wind down. Sally and I were able to finally have a conversation that did not involve yelling since the music was over and the bar was emptying out. I looked around and everyone was saying their goodbyes to Michelle. She began to tear up a little after the last person left, so I pulled her over to the bar and had her sit down on a stool. Sally goy Michelle another drink and the three of us shared a few shots. I think it was tequila, but all I know was that it burned something fierce. Sally kicked them back like a pro, and Michelle made a squinty face after each glass. It was getting close to midnight, and I began to take my leave. Both of us stood up, and neither of us had much coordination. I was doing much better than Michelle, who seemed to be very unsteady. Sally looked over at her and just laughed. “Girl is a little wobbly. Better get her home before she passes out here.” I said my goodbyes to Sally and left my card with her. “Just figure up the tab and charge me for it.” Sally took the card and said, “For everything else, ok, but for Red, she drinks for free.” Michelle seemed to cheer up a little, and with a quick lunge reached across the bar and kissed Sally on the lips. Sally didn’t react in a negative way, probably thought that the girl was just beyond drunk. So Sally just let it happen, and afterwards told me to take that crazy kid home. I thanked Sally and took Michelle outside. I hailed a cab and Michelle mumbled out an address about a block and a half away from the bar. For only being about two minutes away, the cab ride seemed rather expensive. It worked out to about five dollars a block, but I was in no condition to complain. “You win this round.” I said to the driver as I handed him a $20. Michelle and I were out of the car before he could make change, but I assumed that was his plan, as he drove off leaving us on the corner. We walked about a quarter of a block, balancing each other, until we made it to her apartment building. It was a modest three story building, older but in a nice neighborhood. When we entered the lobby, I asked he what floor she was on. “Third floor, room 304.” I looked at the stairs. Nothing scary, but in my condition, not good. I looked back at Michelle, who was a wreck. She looked at me and said, “Fucking stairs, uh. Carry me?” She reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck, letting the rest of her body go limp. Thank god she did not weigh much. I positioned her in a piggy back spot and walked up the stairs. When we got to 304 I asked Michelle for the keys, and she told me, “Just ring the bell, my roommate should be home.” I rang the bell and waited for a minute. I heard footsteps on the inside and someone working the deadbolt on the inside. The door opened inward and a blond haired girl was standing in front of me.

“Special delivery.” I said as I entered the apartment. “Wee, I’m special.” said Michelle as I set her down on the couch in the front room. Michelle seemed to be in a happy drunk mood, so I left her on the couch while I turned around and introduced myself. The roommate’s name was Ashley. She was shorter than Michelle, maybe 5’6”, barefoot, wearing a pair of men’s boxer briefs and a white tank top. Ashley was maybe 100 pound, if that, and she was an A cup for sure. However, she was very pretty and had a great ass. The boxer briefs clung to it, like they were a second skin. I found it to be very sexy, and I had a hard time not looking at it. Ashley brought me a glass of water and we sat down on the two chairs next to the couch. “Thanks for bringing Michelle home, she can be a handful when she gets like this.” No kidding.” I said. I took a drink from the glass and I began to feel my composure returning. “So, Ashley, you live here with Michelle? Are you sisters?.” “Sort of, Michele and I have been dating since college, going on two years now.” I was a little shocked. I had no idea Michelle was a lesbian. I had no problem with this, but it was hard to contain my shock in my somewhat inebriated state. Ashley appeared to understand and spoke first. “Don’t worry about the shock, happens all the time. I don’t mind.” “Sorry,” I said, “I have nothing against lesbians, and I don’t want to offend either of you, it is just that you are both so beautiful, that I never would have guessed.” Ashley blushed from the statement and Michelle made a few drunk remarks. “OHHHH. Ashley’s got a new boyfriend. I think she likes you. But you need to back off. That hot ass is mine, and I will cut you if you touch her.” The last thing Michelle said was in a huffed up joking mode, which caused both of us to look at her with tilted heads. “Michelle, you are such a goof!” said Ashley. The three of us got to talking for about an hour, and I learned that Ashley was a dance major in college, and that she met Michelle at a casting call party for one of the college’s plays. “Michelle was a complete mess, drunk and flailing around. After I told her I was a dancer, she made me have a dance off with her. She lost, no coordination, but I was hooked. She won me over and we have been together ever since.” I looked over at Michelle, who had seemed to sober up a little. “I know, she has that effect on people. I’m really going to miss her.” Michelle started to sob a little, so both of us sat with her on the couch. She took turns burying her head in our shirts. After a minute of us holding her, Michelle turned her head and kissed Ashley on the lips. A deep, passionate kiss. I could see her tongue moving into Ashley’s mouth and Ashley’s tongue doing the same. I felt a little awkward, since they were sharing a tender moment and I was getting hard from watching the foreplay. Then it happened. Michelle broke of her kiss with Ashley, and continued it with me.

Michelle did no bother with asking for permission, and I am glad she didn’t. I would have probably refused. If I had, I would have missed that opportunity that I had been thinking about since this afternoon. Her lips were soft, her tongue slid between them, moistening my lips as she entered my mouth. It felt almost magical as her breath entered me. I put my arms around her and pulled her closer, until I remembered where I was and then I broke off the kiss. “I’m sorry Ashley, I didn’t mean to offend.” I said as I looked at Michelle’s roommate. “Don’t worry, Michelle has always been bi. But I know she has been wanting to do that for a while now. I have caught her on more than one occasion calling your name out when she was masturbating.” “Personal information Ashley!” said Michelle. “Shit Michelle, stop being a wuss and do something about this.” mocked Ashley. With that, Ashley moved up to my face and kissed me, the same way she had kissed Michelle. It felt incredible, as her hair whisked across my face and then back. Her lips were just as soft, and I could feel them tremble slightly as we connected. I took my hands and ran them down her arms, her smooth skin gentle to the touch. I stopped at her hands, which met mine in a clench. Ashley then guided my hands under her t-shirt towards her breasts. To my surprise, she had a little more to grab than I had originally thought. I slowly fondled her, pinching at her nipples as we kissed. She moaned in my mouth, begging me to continue. Michelle had apparently felt left out, so with her free hands, she began to rub both my crotch and Ashley’s crotch. Ashley let out a light whimper as she separated her lips from mine, moving them to my right cheek. I moved my lips onto her upper neck. “Fuck Michelle, that feels so good. You always know how to touch me.” moaned Ashley. I looked down to observe Michelle’s work. Michelle had slid her hand under the top band of the boxer briefs and was moving it up and down inside of the fabric. I could smell Ashley’s musk building and I could see a wet spot forming on the boxer briefs. Ashley leaned back on her hands and tilted her head back in pleasure. This freed up my lips, allowing me to include Michelle in the activities. I leaned towards her, and she to me. Our lips meeting again. The electricity was immediate, and I felt it travel through my body from my lips down to my cock and then back through her hand to her lips. A complete current. I removed my hands from Ashley, who was in the grip of an oncoming orgasm, and began to fondle Michelle. I returned the favor that she had shown me by sliding one of my hands under her skirt and up to her crotch. The other hand began to unbutton her blouse. My hand that was on her crotch felt like it was on fire. The heat from Michelle’s pussy was incredible. I ran my hand over the fabric of her panties. Cotton. I could feel the wetness. She was soaked. I was glad that this was turning her on. I wanted to please her. I wanted to please Ashley as well. I focused my hearing back towards Ashley, who was moaning louder with each second. Michelle had changed her rhythm, and was now finger fucking Ashley inside of her boxer briefs. I could hear the sounds of Michelle’s finger sloshing in and out of Ashley’s wet pussy. Ashley was loosing control, and could remain silent no longer. “Fuck, Michelle, fuck my pussy. Get that juice all over your hand. My underwear is so fucking soaked. You are so good.” I looked just in time to see Ashley shiver from the orgasm. “I’m cumming, Fuck!” Ashley fell backwards, Michelle’s hand slipping out from under the boxer briefs. Ashley laid on the couch, spent. Michelle brought her hand to our mouths, and we both licked the juices from it. Ashley tasted sweet, like a peach. Now wonder Michelle liked her so much. Ashley watched us and giggled. She looked at Michelle and spoke, “Sweetie, we are all wearing to many clothes. We need to ditch these things or else we will burn ourselves out on foreplay.”

Ashley started by removing her tank top, exposing her small perky breasts. Her nipples were erect, pointing right at me. She then removed her boxer briefs and placed them in her hand. While standing naked on the couch, Ashley walked over to me and placed them in front of my face. “Smell them.” she commanded. I did as I was told, breathing in her sex. Fantastic. I could feel some of the juices on my nose. Ashley removed the underwear from my face and threw them across the room. She then kneeled down and began to remove my clothing. Michelle stopped massaging my crotch and began to remove her shirt. I had gotten most of the buttons off, but she managed to get the rest. She slid her shirt off of her shoulders, allowing me to view her chest for the first time. Michelle had a very tight sports bra on, which seemed to flatten her breasts. With both hands, Michelle pulled it over her head, allowing her breasts to drop free. Her tits were above average, larger than Ashley’s, but not huge. They were a perfect size for her. Michelle then stood up and undid her skirt, allowing it to fall to the couch. Michelle quickly kicked it off of her feet, and was standing before me in just her underwear. White cotton panties, with one hell of a wet spot. Michelle removed them, and put them in her hand. “Now smell my panties.” I did as I was told, and breathed in her scent. A musky scent that excited me. It was marvelous. Michelle discarded the panties and instructed me to stand with a wave of her hand. I did, and Michelle removed my shirt, while Ashley removed my pants. My pants and underwear were pulled down at once, revealing my erect cock. Ashley had her face directly in front of it, and breathed deep. She looked up at me with a sly smile. “Someone has dipped this cock in a pussy already tonight.” she said. Michelle looked down at her, “Yeah, that was Kim, She was really needing to get laid.” I looked at Michelle in shock. I didn’t know she knew that. She responded before I could. “I only saw the best part, when she was calling you a whore and you were drilling her. I’m not upset in any way. But that chick is a town bike. Looks like it was just your turn.” I wanted to respond but before I could, Ashley ran her tongue over my cock, sending a shiver down my spine. “She tastes good. Michelle, give it a lick.” Michelle moved her tongue over the other side. “You’re right. We should invite her over sometime.” “If you two keep talking like that, I’m not going to last much longer.”

Ashley looked over at Michelle. “Now’s your chance. Stop dreaming about it and take this dick.” Michelle looked into my face, and I took her into my arms. Our kiss was deep, my stiff cock rubbing against her stomach. I laid her down on the couch, her back against the armrest. I looked her over slowly, a picture of beauty. I then positioned my cock over her wet pussy. Running my cock head over her wet lips. Before I moved any further, I looked over at Ashley. She was sitting in one of the other chairs, her fingers in her pussy. “Don’t mind me, I can take care of myself.” That was all I needed to hear as I used my cock head to split open Michelle’s pussy. Both of the girls had shaved pussies, but Michelle’s had a light red stubble from the hair. The curtain did match the carpet. As I moved her pussy lips apart, thin strings of her cum broke with the widening of her lips, following the lips until the strands snapped. The slight pressure of my penis head caused her to moan. A low moan, in anticipation of what was to come. I positioned my dick over her pussy, looked he in the eyes, and pushed in. Slowly, enjoying the feeling of her pussy. It was tight, a snug fit. I had to stop every inch to allow her the time to adjust. Finally, I was completely inside. I felt like heaven, the silk of her pussy walls on my cock. I moved my hips back, pulling out slowly, up to the cock head. Then, pushing back into her. Michelle let out a few screams. “Oh shit, it has been too fucking long. I love you Ashley, but this feels so good.” Ashley was moaning and breathing heavy, approaching another orgasm. I could hear her juices on her fingers. This was pushing me over the edge, and Michelle was right there with me. She could tell I was close. “How much longer?” she asked. I told her maybe four or five good thrusts. “Good, cause I am really fucking close. Deep and hard please, but slow. I want to feel all of you in me. And for fuck sake, cum in me and not on me.” That was all I needed to hear. I took the first thrust hard and deep into her, hitting a soft mound in the back of her pussy. She screamed out, “My fucking god, you hit my g-spot!” Ashley heard this and immediately lost control. “I’m cumming for both of you!” she said and moaned loudly. She then sank into the chair, spent. I thrusted into Michelle three more times before she came. She was too over the edge to announce it, and I could feel her juices run out of her. I followed right after that with a final thrust, almost lifting her off of the couch. My hot seed shooting up into her. One shot, than two, than three, then I lost count. My head go all fuzzy, and I fell on the couch next to Michelle. My penis went limp inside of her and fell out on its own. We laid on the couch holding each other. I made a motion with my arm as a signal for Ashley to join us. Then all three of us laid in each others arms, and drifted into sleep.

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