Going to Livorno for a softball tournament with Taylor.
I went to a softball tournament in Livorno Italy over a long weekend. My kids were supposed to go, but then had to go to their grandmother’s. My daughter’s friend Taylor was supposed to go with us and at my surprise still decided to come along for the trip. We had a men and women’s team travelling up. I was a player/coach for the men’s team and helped to coach the women when I had the time. There were plenty of kids Taylor’s age that would be on the trip, so she would have stuff to do.
I have always been infatuated with Taylor since she moved in close to us. Beautiful young lady with curly auburn hair, chest that was probably not going to develop, soft athletic build and her best asset being her bubble butt.
I am 6’4” 250 and have always played sports. I have recently found a good set of energy/power supplements that give me monster vein popping erections when I have them and make me shoot like a porn star. On top of those I usually take others when I have games and double up for tournaments. They also helped for the night life as everyone would play drinking games and hang out often leading to sexual encounters. I am no porn star, but nothing to be ashamed of with a 9” cock. Flaccid not being huge either as I am more of a grower than a shower, but the extra help made the blood flow quickly if something excited me.
We got on the bus and everyone got situated. I always got the five seats across the back as the coach, plus I could get comfortable due to my size. I had thought that Taylor would have someone to sit with, but found her sitting with me. No big deal, there was plenty of room. She had the two seats on one side and I sat in the middle so my legs go stretch out. It was a long bus ride about five to six hours and I knew I wouldn’t sleep since I had taken my supplements that morning. I had things on my IPAD I could watch.
I had my sweats on and Under Armor mesh loose compression shorts as I wanted to be comfortable. If the bus got hot then I would pull the sweats off. Taylor showed up in tight jeans and a collared “Don’t you think you are going to be too hot and uncomfortable in those clothes?”
“I probably will, but my stuff is under the bus and since we were early it is on the bottom of the stack. I have some hot pants and a t-shirt on underneath if I get too hot.”
The bus was rolling and it was getting hot. I took my sweats off and got comfortable hanging my IPAD on the back of the seat to the left. The cover I had worked for the posts under the headrest of a car, so I had to use the handles and the ashtray on the seat to get it to the right angle. I had to put it on that side due to the way the strap was. Taylor pulled off her shirt and had a little wife beater type of half shirt on underneath it.
One of the ladies on the team came back wanting to get a picture with me for her trip album. Her name was Mercedes and was normally the quite type, but I saw that she already had a beer in her hand. Mercedes is about 20, 5’3”, a hell of a nice body with size F or FF breasts and a meaty firm booty to match. Brown hair with wide blue eyes, fair skin and some freckling. With the heat she had stripped down to a sports bra and spandex shorts with a little cheek hanging out of the bottom. She backed up onto my lap and planted a big kiss on my cheek while taking the picture. Sitting there for a little while leaning back against me checking the picture. The type of shorts I have on have a pouch built to keep from your balls chaffing against your legs, but this also kept me from being able to tuck when needed. She could feel my half erect cock against her ass. Reaching back to feel what it was she grabbed my cock. Looking at me in surprise “I guess you like having me here” as she winked and walked back to her seat. Taylor had her headphones on and shook her head at her smiling, but I did notice that she checked to see what she had grabbed and hung there for a moment.
I put a movie on and started watching it, when Taylor scooted over to see what I was watching. “Can I watch it with you? My IPHONE is almost dead, I forgot to charge it last night.” I had a Y connector so I nodded my head and she plugged in her headphones. She snuggled up next to me taking my arm and putting it around her so she could see better. Her head was leaning against my chest, her arm and hand on my thigh, and her feet curled under her ass. My arm hung over her left shoulder and I left my hand hanging limp with nowhere good or possibly inappropriate to put it. Her hair smelled nice and I could see her little nipples down the top of her shirt. The whole contact thing was making us both hotter, probably in more than one way.
Taylor stood up without taking the headphones off and peeled her pants off. As she was kind of stuck between the seats she turned her ass towards me bending down to push them off, but she probably a little sweaty and the pants were tight as hell so she was having a hard time. I reached over placing my face about an inch from her ass using my hand to hold them down as she stepped out of them. She was right about the “hot pants” as they were more like those little boy shorts with her ass at least half out of them. They were a bit loose around the legs with kind of a thong that started halfway down her ass. I could see her toe hanging out a little on the sides as she bent over to pull her foot out. I leaned in close to get a good whiff and liked what I smelled and it got the blood flowing.
He put her blanket underneath her and moved back over taking my hand again putting my arm around her placing my hand on her thigh. The bumpy ride would cause my hand to slide down her outer thigh dangerously close to her ass, I left it there longer and longer each time. She took my hand again turning to rest her head on my thigh placing my hand down on her bare belly while still holding my hand. As she stretched out her legs with her knees spread one against the seat in front and the other resting on her seat. I looked down to see that the front just barely covered her slit with the legs flaring out enough to see her labia hanging out the sides. I could also see a tuft of pubic hare pushing against the white fabric. With my hand in hers she started rubbing her belly with it. When she took her hand off mine to itch her nose I continued rubbing her belly. She took her hand putting it under her head. I continued rubbing her belly pushing my luck with my fingers drifting under the waist band. I could see that her labia was starting to swell and blossom. I felt bad about the way I was feeling but good at the same time so my erection had grown.
Taylor brushed it when she pulled her hand from behind her head bringing it down to her belly “do you think I am fat?” pushing my hand down off of her belly and pinching a little baby fat that was just below her waist band. When she pushed my hand she pushed it onto her mound and I could feel the heat coming off of her sex. I wanted to grab it, massage it, and eat it but I kept thinking about what I should and shouldn’t do with this young lady. She kept pinching her skin “Feel it” My hand being bigger than hers I reached over the top of hers which placed my fingers under her waist band and onto her pubic region flattening under her panties as she removed her hand. I then took a hold of her skin a little lower than she did and pinched. I could see that her slit raised with it and she gasped “You see? Isn't that fat?”
"Looks normal too me" as Flattened my hand laying deeper into her waist band almost touching her slit with my fingers on her pubic mound.
"Normal? What is normal? I don't think any woman likes normal. Try again!"
"What do you mean? I meant normal as in not fat" she smiled. I pinched again with my forefinger almost touching her slit I had pubes in my fingers she gasped raising her arm back behind her head unknowingly grabbing my erection.

Just as she did she looked up at me in surprise and as soon as our eyes met the bus juked left slamming on the breaks as we came around the corner finding traffic stopped due to an accident. This caused her to grip harder and my hand slid down over her slit. I held her tightly so she didn't fall on the floor as I pressed a finger slid into her slick pussy. She shrieked loudly and I grunted in pain. "Ah fuck" as it felt like she broke my cock.
"Sorry, I'm so sorry, are you OK?" still not letting go. I sat paralyzed for a minute my hand still in place. She turned to sit up with her movement pushing my hand out of her crotch. Still with cock in hand she was petting it "Did I break it? I'm sorry it was there and I grabbed it to keep from falling"

"It was not your fault. Could you get me an ice pack or something?" She grabbed an icepack out of my score book bag twisting it to start it getting cold. Turning to catch me sucking my finger. She reached down pulling my waist band down exposing my cock "on the outside" popping it back down she grasped it by the shaft.

"Where does it hurt?" as she continued to grope it. I could tell that it was out of concern and not sexual, just not realizing what she was doing. To lighten the mood "Now your just touching it because you want to" Her face turned beat red as she looked down at what she was doing.
"Shit, I'm sorry" as she placed the ice pack in place.
"Nothing to apologize for, you might have made it hard again and that would probably hurt.

She giggled as she blushed again. I leaned to the side looking over her shoulder "The bus driver can see your ass in his mirror"

With a look of horror she threw herself into the seat beside me laying her head on my thigh looking to the front to see if he had been looking. My hand was under her and I pulled it out and checked the ice. "Do you think he was looking?"

"Who cares? I would have been if I was him!" She grinned at the compliment. I put my hand in my shorts to feel for damage.
"Don't do that, you might make it hurt again. Just leave the ice on there" taking my hand and placing it on her hip. She rocked as the bus started and stopped again which slid my hand to her ass. She did not protest so I did not move it. I started stroking it drawing circles with my fingers. "I like that, it's soothing" I continued as she moved her arm up across my lap holding my other thigh, then dangled it between my thighs falling a sleep. I continued stroking her butt getting braver the longer she slept. I pulled the ice pack off as I was feeling better and I never did care for the effect that cold had on my junk.
The bus hit the brakes again waking her abruptly with my hand groping her ass. She sat up which pressed my hand under her ass and fingers on her slit as she leaned over to get her pillow. I could feel her little puffy lips pushing against the fabric and my finger. She was nice and wet. I left my hand there as she laid back down with one leg forward. "Please stroke it again?" I put pressure on her slit and started to make circles. She squirmed and moaned "nnot there" moving my hand up to her butt and she started moving around to get comfortable again. She put her hand under her pillow to situate it grazing my cock that became erect when I was touching her slit. "Oh my, I guess I didn't break it" rolling onto her back. Her panties were now pulled down to just above her slit from her movement with a little tuft of hair out of the top. She took my hand placing it on her belly again. I stoked her belly and as I hit her pubic region her legs seemed to widen and her hips push up.

“Was she really inviting me to do what I really wanted to do? My god she is so sexy and young” I thought to my self. Mercedes started walking back towards us, so I put my hand down pinching her waistband feeling my thumb against her little nub “ooooh” she cooed as I pulled her panties up and covered her with her blanket. As Mercedes said something Taylor acting as if she was asleep rolling over placing her pillow on my lap and hands under the pillow covering my erection. That was nice of her to do, but was making the situation worse. She wasn’t groping or anything just covering it up.

“I was coming back to see if you wanted to come sit with me for a while” leaning over into my ear placing her hands on my knees to stabilize. I imagined how close her huge tits must have been to Taylor’s face.
“That might be nice, that way I can give her the whole place to lay down.” I needed some adult time and maybe some release as I figured that was what she was looking for as well. As I started to move one of Taylor’s hands squeezed my cock, hard enough that a stream of precum flowed out creating a sizeable wet spot which was right up against her other hand. “Actually, I think that we are going to stop soon for a restroom and coffee break, I don’t want to wake her up and may come up there after that” the grip loosening on my cock.
“Well, ok. I guess we have plenty of time this weekend…” as she leaned forward with a short kiss on the lips. Wanting more I kissed her back and started to raise my hands feeling the death grip on my erection further expanding the wet spot on my shorts. She smiled as she walked back down the isle bouncing her ass the whole way as she knew I was watching.

“Damn it Taylor, what are you doing?”
She looked scared as she thought that I was really pissed or that she had crossed the line, which she did but after seeing or feeling as much as I had I was into it. “I covered you up so that you would not be embarrassed.”
“Ok, but then why did you squeeze it?”
“I thought that you weren’t thinking and would stand up all hard like that, so I just wanted to send a signal without showing that I was awake.”
“I guess I should thank you for that one, but then what was the last one for?”
“She blushed, I don’t really know why I did it other than to remind you that I was down here so you didn’t start some make out session. I definitely did not want to be a part of you getting to second base on those big ass boobs.”
“Ok, I guess that’s fair. I don’t know how I feel about you having held my stuff yet though. That’s a little to intimate for our kind of relationship.”
“Well I already had a handful of it before, so I did not see it as a big deal.” She responded
“What do you mean? Holding a man like that is a normal thing for you?” I offended her.
“I’m not a slut like that. That was only the second time I have felt one, at least sober and by choice. How can you even say that? It’s not like I made a big deal out of you groping me or touching “my stuff” when you did!”
“Wait, wait, wait,,,,I did not mean it like that. I never thought you were a slut and hate that word. I guess I shouldn’t have groped you and maybe it is better if I sit up there with her a while to cool things down back here. I thought you wanted it and it made you feel good. Your sexy body was enticing me and it felt good. When I touched you between your legs was purely an accident. Although I thought it, I did not mean to do it. I don’t think you are a slut and I am not a molester. My bad, I will just move and let you have the whole back seat. I am sorry and I hope that you do not feel like I was molesting you or perving on you”
“I didn’t mean all of that and I don’t think that. Can we just act like it never happened? You can go sit up there if you want, but you don’t have to use me as an excuse.”
“Cool down…”I reached over holding her hand and she locked her fingers into mine leaning onto my shoulder. “Now what did you mean about sober and by choice? You are only like 15.”
“I am almost 16 and…” The bus stopped “I guess I might tell you the rest later. You might want to put your sweats on, you have a wet spot.”
“Damn it” then looking down between her legs “looks like you do too”
“I don’t have anything and it would be too hard to get the jeans on. I’ll just use the blanket and run straight in to the bathroom.” Standing up and starting towards the door. I snuck behind the seat and pulled my shorts off starting to put my sweats on as she had come back to get something. I had not seen her as I was down pulling my sweats up.
Staring at my half erect cock “sorry, do you have a euro? I guess we have to pay to use the bathroom.” Watching her follow my cock until it was covered by the sweats. Once pulled up I reached in my pocket and handed her one.

I followed her off the bus grabbing another pair of shorts out of my bag under the bus. I saw her back pack and put it on the bus. I decided that I would go ahead and use the bathroom since we were stopped. There was a line at the women’s so I knew I had time. Most of the men were inside getting snacks and drinks. When I came out of the bathroom Taylor was next in line and there were a bunch of Italian truckers grouped behind her trying to see in on the American women in the bathroom. One guy actually had her blanket in his hand holding it up to show her ass, but she didn’t seem to know. There were two guys between me and him so I bull rushed them slamming them into him knocking all three to the ground. She screamed as the blanket went with him. One of the others hit me, but as I saw it I ducked my head so he hit the top of my forehead screaming in pain. I grabbed the blanket and threw it to her telling her to get into the bathroom. Some of the women heard the commotion and came out of the bathroom as I grabbed the guy picking him up by his throat and slamming him against the wall. Two other guys started hitting me, but I was in a rage and did not even feel it. The impact of his head against the wall knocked him out cold. Two of the girls stayed with Taylor so she could use the bathroom and then hurried her to towards the bus. One of the guys hitting me stopped and grabbed one of the ladies by the arm as I met his nuts with my shin picking him up off of the ground. A bunch more Italians came over but one of the ladies went to get the guys so they headed them off as I slammed my fist into the nose of the last guys standing exploding blood with impact. The first two had run away. I went to grab the guy with the bloody nose to hit him again and two of my guys grabbed me pulling me away. I could see Taylor looking out the bus window and crying. Mercedes came running up and then stopped when she saw the look in my eyes.
“Are you OK?”
“Yes, is everyone alright? Are they on the bus? We should leave quickly.” Starting to calm back down she grabbed my hand.
“That was amazing kissing me on the cheek.”
“No it wasn’t, it was fucked up. Let’s just go”
Sobbing, Taylor met me as I came up the stairs at the back door wrapping her arms around me we were at eye level as I was still down a couple of steps. The door closed behind me and the bus started moving. I picked her up with one hand under her ass between her cheeks using the other hand to steady myself as I walked down the isle on the moving bus with her legs coming up to wrap around my waste. As we pulled out of the auto grill the bus erupted in cheers and the bus driver came over the loud speaker “IL CAMPIONE!” (THE CHAMP). As I sat with Taylor still sobbing into my shoulder each male player coming back to high five or fist bump and every female kissing me on the lips or cheek, Mercedes slipping in a bit of tongue. I was embarrassed as I hate when my rage comes out and I get violent, especially around people. It shows a side of me I do not like for people to know.

Once everyone settled back in I pulled Taylor off of my chest and turned her sideways across my lap. ”You ok? You haven’t done anything but cry since we got back on the bus. Are you hurt?”
“No, I’m ok. I was just afraid that you were gonna get hurt or worse, for me” tears flowing again. She mounted my lap again and hugged me tightly.
“Come on, nothing was going to happen, look at all of the people we are with.” I kissed her shoulder and neck pulling her face away and kissing the tears off of her face hugging her under the blanket.
“It was my fault and if anything happened I would have had to live with that.” Kissing my neck as she hugged me.
“To start, it was not your fault Taylor all you did was wait in line to use the bathroom? You are family to me. I wouldn’t let anything happen to you and you know that. I had to stop one pervert from eying your sexy ass” moving my hands down to cup her ass hoping it would cheer her up or even piss her off anything that would change her mood. I hate dealing with crying people, especially if I care for them.
She giggled a little bit as I brought my hands off of her ass rubbing up her thighs. Then she took my hands putting them back on her ass looking me straight in the eyes “I know that you were protecting me, but you scared the crap out of me.”
“What the hell does that mean?”
“Please don’t get angry, it was just the look in your eyes when you were hurting those guys. When you looked at me you had this look that was just not you. The way you look at people just makes them feel good and women just melt in your stare as they can feel the warmth and in some cases love. I feel that and it makes me all warm inside. You had a look like all of the anger and hate you hold in had taken control of you. At first I was afraid that you would get hurt, but then I became scared for them like you might go too far maybe even killing one of them. I mean you picked a guy up by his throat and slammed him against the wall so hard that it knocked him out. He almost stuck in the wall. I saw the imprint of his body when we rushed by. Did you even feel those two guys hitting you? They had anger in their eyes, but I think it was more because they were hitting you as hard as they could and couldn’t seem to even get your attention. I think I heard that guy’s balls break when you kicked him. I watched as you kicked him so hard his crotch was eye level. Two grown men saw the look I saw and ran like hell.”

I was embarrassed, like I said I never want anyone to see me like that. Most people wouldn’t understand it, especially a young girl. She was very perceptive though. She hit the nail on the head as it is everything I hold back exploding. I picked her up and sat her on the seat next to me as she protested trying to pull back in close to me. “Look, I am sorry that you are scared of me. I never wanted you or anyone else to see me like that. I lost control when I saw someone taking advantage of you like that thinking ahead to what they would try next. I’m sorry I scared you and really don’t want to talk about it anymore. It is too embarrassing to me. Just try to sleep a little, we have about three more hours or so.” I pulled my sweats off as I had changed shorts in the bathroom. Not looking at her as I did not want to see how she was looking at me. It would hurt for me to see her looking at me in fear or disgust. The trip seemed to take a turn from how nice it was earlier. I wanted to get away in hopes that she would at least get back to where she respected me like she did when we started. “Go ahead and lay down, I guess I will go sit up front for a little while” I started to get up when she grabbed my arm to stop me.

“Please don’t” sitting me back down “I want you to sit here with me like before”
“Yeah, I am not sure about all of that” I said still not looking at her.
She sat on one of my knees with one leg on each side facing me trying to get me to look at her the bus changed lanes and she almost rolled off. As I was still looking down I was looking right at her bare slit and the panties were actually pulling it open. I also noticed that her panties were drenched and not because she pissed herself. Not really thinking I reached up putting my fingers inside her panties on top of her swollen lips that were spread open by elastic panty hem. “Oh lord” she said as I did her breathing getting heavy but not pulling away. Then I pulled them over to cover her slit with the back of my fingers wet with her juices. “Sorry, you were hanging out of your wet panties.” I don’t know why I pointed out the fact that they were wet, but it was out there now. My erection came back with that and was poking her in the leg.

She swallowed hard then kissed my cheeks and forehead “why won’t you even look at me? I didn’t mean to hurt you. If I was afraid of you would I have jumped into your arms when you came back on the bus? I feel so safe when I am close to you and I now know that you will take care of me no matter what cost to you. I can’t even explain how that makes me feel. I am still trying to figure that out. I am confused by my emotions as you use the word family and sexy in the same sentence. So I feel like a little girl and the woman I want to be at the same time.” I see a tear drop to her leg “I want you to look in my eyes so I can see how you feel or what you are thinking.”
“Hey now, I look in her eyes there’s no reason to cry. It hurt me to think that you could be afraid of me. Honestly, I am confused as well as I think of you like family as you are as young as my daughter yet I am seeing you as a sexy woman as well.” Her eyes beamed and her smile grew. “One minute I am covering you up and the next I am trying to see more. It is wrong and I need to get it in check and I am sorry for that.” The smile left her face, but she leaned forward hugging me and kissing my neck I kissed her neck as well getting a good whiff of her fruity shampoo. I kissed her neck some more and I could feel the heat from her crotch on my leg and I felt wetness as well.

“I need to change these shorts, but my stuff was in my other bag.” She reached into her backpack finding another pair of boy shorts and a G-string. Putting the G-string back in the bag “Can you close your eyes and hold up the blanket for me?” I nodded holding up the blanket and closing my eyes more like acting like it. She pulled her panties off placing them on my leg. Her ass was even better than I had imagined her little bald pussy was swollen and ready. She pulled the panties off of my leg and wiped her damp slit and put it back. I was so close as she bent down that I could smell the sweet odor from her sex that made my already hard erection even harder. She bent down to put the other panties on and the bus swerved causing her to fall ass naked into my lap. I caught her holding her in the blanket my erection poking against her ass wedged between her body and mine. Instead of standing back up she continued to pull her panties up while on my lap. Leaning forward to garb her panties her ass rode up to my chest giving me a great view of her anus. I wanted to lick it right then.
“I hope that your eyes are still closed”. I responded “Oh shit, sorry” she slapped my leg and slid down my body looking back at me blushing realizing the view I just had. “Come on, reallEE” her expression changed and her voice cracked as she slid down and my erection hit her clit. She turned wiggling to get the panties on. I could feel her swollen nub hitting my erection and a redness almost like a rash form from behind her ears down her neck. She was struggling as they were caught on my erection and she was trying not to put her ass in my face again.
I leaned whispering in her ear “Let me help” she nodded and I grabbed her legs underneath her knees picking her up with my chin on her shoulder bracing her against me. Her breathing quickened and the redness covered her face to her shoulders now. She pulled her panties up the rest of the way and I lowered her back down till holding under her knees against her chest. This action pressed her swollen pussy down against the tip of my erection. I leaned back a little and lifted my hips to slide her down with the head pushing through from the bottom of her slit to the top ending up against her clit. She stayed there for a second opening her legs around mine then scooting off of my lap.
“Thanks” seeming to be hard for her to talk. She had on Hello Kitty thin low rise boy shorts. They covered her ass a little better but had slits all the way up the side. There was a half inch piece covering her slit but the legs were loose so that you could see the sides that were exposed from the right angle. If she pulled them up her ass cheeks and pussy were exposed to cover those the top of her ass crack showed and the front was just above her little tuft of pubes with her pelvic bones making them into a bridge for full view down the front.

“My god, you could have just left these on” holding her other panties up. “Your crack is showing” as I reached out pulling them up by the waistband exposing her ass and I could see that it went up inside her slit.
“Tony!” she plopped into the seat to cover her ass.
“Oops, sorry about that” as I watched her open her legs to pull the panties out of her slit.
“Do you not like my little hello kitty pj’s?”
“A bit too little and I like them a little too much. I need to go up front and get some relief your teasing is gonna kill me or get me in trouble.” I turned to get up and she hit me on the back almost buckling me over in pain.
“I’m not teasing you, please stay” she saw me wince in pain “Did I hurt you? What happened? Are you OK?” at least my erection went to half mast.
“I’m OK, I just had a sharp pain when you hit me.”
“I didn’t mean to hurt you, I didn’t even hit you hard.” A true look of concern on her face. “Let me see your back?”
“Just don’t worry about it, I’m good. Let me get some sleep.”
She snuggled up against me kissing my neck and rubbing my back lightly “Please let me just take a quick look”
“Well, since you asked so nicely” She pulled my shirt up and started crying. “What the hell Taylor? Why are you crying?” I could see what she was looking at and I figured that she was probably over reacting. “Just settle down! I’m fine.”
She stopped crying and pushed on my back “Does this hurt?” I almost puked when she pushed. “I guess I got my answer, we need to get you to a hospital or something.” I felt her kiss the spot and a few others.
“Just stop, I’ll be fine don’t make such a big deal about it.”
Taylor pleaded “Can’t I just get someone to look at it? I have no idea about this stuff and the way your back looks scares me. There is something pressing up against the skin and it moves as you move. That can’t be right.”
“I can’t see it, but if you are that worried about it then go see if Jenna is awake she is sitting next to the chick with the big boobs. She’s a medic and I am sure that she can make you feel better about it.” She started to walk down there and I grabbed her waistband which gave her an instant wedgie forcing her beautiful ass cheeks out. “Cover yourself with the blanket before you go.” She nodded doing so and heading down the isle.
She came back with Jenna and Mercedes. Mercedes put her arms around me pressing her boobs against me and putting her hands on her ass pulling my shirt up for Jenna to be able to see. I liked that position as she had a chunky but nice booty, it was causing my erection to return as I massaged her ass and she moaned in my ear.
“Damn, look at this shit Jenna said” Mercedes looked back there and I thought she was going to puke. “Take his shirt of and sit him down on the edge of the seat in front of me.” She draped her legs Jenna is a stunning athletic blonde, but she is married. Taylor sat next to her watching intently. Mercedes took my shirt off and put my head against her crotch putting my hands on her ass again. Jenna pushed on the spot Taylor did earlier and I squeezed her ass in my hands.
“Ohhh, shit, sorry I can’t do this. I am the queasy type and I think I am going to puke.” She leaned down kissing my cheek and walked back to her seat. Jenna continued to push in different places on my back.
“You didn’t feel this shit when it happened?”
“I can’t see so I don’t know what you are talking about, so I guess not” As I was leaned forward looking at the ground I saw Taylor’s panties on the floor. I picked them up so that no one else would see them.
“So do you feel it now?” Jenna pushed hard and I almost passed out bringing my hands to my face a couple of tears ran down my cheeks. My mind wandered elsewhere as I took a deep breath through Taylor’s panties, my erection having gone with the pain was now back. The scent was intoxicating. Kind of a perfumed sweet musk that had me in a whole different world. “Did he pass out or something? Why is he not responding?

Taylor dropped to her knees on the floor to see my face. She wiped the tear that was rolling down my cheek. “Are you ok? Why are you not responding?” I nodded my head that I was ok. She turned to Jenna “He’s ok, I guess” Then she leaned down to me again “Are those my panties?” I just nodded again keeping them up to my nose as she whispered “why? Especially why now”
“So sweet and awesome, makes the pain go away” half out of it from the pain and the intoxication of the smell that was all I could say. She kissed little kisses up my neck around to my cheek trying to pull me head to kiss my lips. I just shook my head tears rolling again as Jenna pushed somewhere else causing pain. She rose back up to sit next to Jenna.
“What’s wrong with him?”
“From what I can see, he has a few bruised ribs here, here and here. This two are cracked and that’s why they are sticking out. I don’t know how the mother fucker didn’t feel it before now.”
“He’s hurt, why do you have to act like that?”
Jenna “Look, I am a medic and unnecessary violence just pisses me off.”
“He didn’t want to do it, he was even embarrassed that he did. He was protecting me =, so it’s not his fault.”
“Yeah, ok as long as that make you feel better about it. Remember I was there helping you get out of the bathroom. I was the one the guy grabbed too. I saw the look in his eyes. Anyone who can do that much damage to that many people and not feel shit like this has fun doing it. He took it too far, he could have just grabbed you and gotten in the bus. Think about how those guys are feeling right now? I am sure they had to call ambulances and we could get pulled over any minute with the police taking him away. Is all that worth a some dude getting a peek at a girl’s ass?” Taylor sat in silence. “Go get my kit from my seat.”

Jenna pulled some cream and bandages out of her bag. “These bruises are bad, so this cream should help to spread the blood that causes them. Then I need to wrap his chest to keep the ribs in place so that he does not puncture a lung or have it break through the skin. I know it must hurt like hell, but I need you to keep his hands over his head.”

Taylor reached up and took the panties out of my hand putting them the pocket of my sweats that were on the floor. She stood in front of me pulling my arms around her and my hands on her waist. I slumped down in pain dropping them behind her knees under her blanket.
“I need his shoulders to be higher” Jenna blurted.
Taylor reached down and grabbed my wrists pulling my hands up to her ass starting to stroke my head with her hands. Then pulling the waistband up high exposing her ass to my hands. I groped her ass as Jenna did her thing, the pain of her pressure was excruciating and I squeezed harder as it did. Taylor could see and feel that I was in serious pain. She pulled my chin up so that my face was right in her crotch. I could feel her shiver as I took a good sniff of her crotch. If Jenna wasn’t there, as I was constantly reminded, I would have attacked that sweet smelling pussy right there. Everything else just seemed to disappear. He was getting wet with me appreciating her sex and groping her ass.
By the time Jenna was done I was limp from the pain. I put my shirt back on and sat back into my seat, thanking Jenna. “You need to put this lotion on at least three times a day until we get back to the hospital. Here are some pain meds that will make you sleep as well, you should take one now.” Handing the stuff to Taylor.
“I’ll take it tonight, we will be there in about an hour and then I have the coach’s meeting and icebreaker.”
“Whatever, live with the pain if you want.” Jenna responded “You might want to get dressed it looks like we are getting pulled over”.
“Damn, this day just keeps getting better.” Taylor started crying again. “Come on, pull it together!” I started putting my sweats on and she helped. “better get dressed just in case they want to talk to you” as I walked off the bus. I was met by three Italian military police two with their UZIs fixed on me. I dropped to my knees with my hands on my head. The one without the UZI came over putting handcuffs on me walking me back to the car. They were pleasantly surprised that I spoke Italian deciding to take my statement there as they did not need an interpreter. As I needed my hands to gesture what had happened they moved the cuffs to the front. The bus driver came out giving a very flamboyant statement going back on the bus bringing Jenna back with him. The long tall blonde had a hell of an affect on these guys. She had them pull off the cuffs and pulled my shirt off unwrapping the bandages for them to look at my back. They took some pictures having Jenna move my rib so they could take a picture of that as well. One of them went around to the side of the car puking. They turned out to be pretty cool, taking my statement and letting me go. I played on the fact that one of them had a teenage daughter. They called me Rambo a few times and the let me go. I had the bus driver help me find Taylor’s bag and I grabbed an almost normal pair of shorts for her. Not that she didn’t look good, I was just done with the excitement for the day.

Everybody cheered as I got back on the bus walking up to give Jenna a hug thanking her. Then Taylor met me in the middle. I pulled my sweats off and handed her the shorts. She pulled the jeans off with my help. She then pulled her panties off turning her ass to me putting her shorts on. Damn, here we go again. I shook my head. “What? You’ve had your hands over every inch of it so do I really need to be shy about it at this point?” I laughed and winced as it caused sharp pains. She held up the panties she just took off “Want to trade?
“Depends, are those as wet as these were?” she blushed and nodded yes handing them to me. Sitting down next to me putting my arm around her I laughed and she hit me in the chest.
“Oh shit, I’m so sorry I wasn’t thinking” I winced laying back.
“No big deal, I have my medicine” smiling at her. She smiled widely kissing me on the cheek pulling my hand up under her arm and across to her shoulder. “So how did these get so wet?”
“Why would you ask me that?”
“Why be shy now right?”
“Well, I have never been touched the way you were touching me and the thought of you smelling me because you wanted to just really got me going.” She paused “So do you really like it? Why?”
“How do I get out of this?”
She turned looking me in the eye “You don’t”
So I looked her in the eye “It has to be the sweetest most intoxicating scent I have ever smelled in my life. It takes me somewhere else.”
“Where does it take you?”
“It takes me to a dream world where I think about what I want to do to what makes produces that scent.”
Glowing all over “Really? You must really like it. What do you…” I cut her off.
“That I will not tell. Yes, I really do like the smell” I took her hand placing it on my half erect member on the outside of my shorts. “Why be shy right?” I pulled her panties up to my nose taking in a big whiff. My erection growing in her hand her body shuddering as it did.
“I may have to give you these shorts soon.” We both laughed and she turned laying on my belly with my arm around her still up holding my hand up on her chest. I dozed a bit and woke when the bus to the exit. Taylor was sleeping and my hand was inside her half shirt cupping her little breast. Her nipple was rock hard so I started rubbing her breast and pinching her nipple waking her up. She looked up at me and I acted like I was asleep. She reached over and felt as if to see if my erection was still there. This time getting a better feeling softly checking the outline of it and then feeling the veins and head. When she got to the head precum pumped out making her fingers wet. I thought I would act like I caught her opening my eyes looking down. Acting like I just realized I had her tit in my hand quickly pulling my hand out from under her shirt. She was now acting like she was asleep.
“Taylor, we are pulling in you might want to get your stuff together.”


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