Roy introduces his new wife, step-daughter and their bottoms to pleasure and pain
We’d been married just six months. It was a second marriage for both of us. I’d lost my first wife to cancer seven years previously while Janie, my new bride had been widowed for five years when we wed. We came with built in families, I had two daughters, Jenna and Gina, twenty-one and twenty respectively; both were away at college. Janie’s sixteen year old daughter, Gloria, was completing her sophomore year. Of course she lived with us.

Before our married Janie and I engaged in some serious discussions, spending habits, savings and investments, our sexuality and discipline. We were in agreement on all points but discipline. She maintained that time out, loss of privileges, and grounding were effective for her. I didn’t completely disagree, for minor transgressions those were fine but I had several hard and fast rules that merited corporal punishment.

The rules were pretty simple:

No drug usage.
No smoking of cigarettes.
No alcohol unless permitted by parents at family dinners.
No swearing or name calling directed at another person.
Our daughters were not to be alone in the house with a male.
Treat each other with respect.
And my biggie, Honesty. No lying.

My daughters were expected to abide by the rules as I’d expect Gloria to also do. I stressed to Janie that violation of any of those seven rules and I spanked.

I was afraid this might be a make or break for us; the discussion got pretty contentious. Gloria had never been spanked. I, unfortunately couldn’t hold my tongue, saying perhaps she should have been. Gloria was rude and disrespectful to Janie, a fact that even Janie couldn’t argue. My position was that if she’d spent a little quality time bent over a lap with her panties down getting her bottom warmed she probably would be more respectful of her mother. Finally we settled, the seven rules would be inviolable and I would enforce them. We called Gloria into the kitchen, reviewed the rules with her, advised of the consequences for violating them then covered our division of labor. I’d take care of the outside, yard, pool and gardens along with handyman work, Janie would cook, Gloria got the laundry and the two of them were responsible for cleaning.

Our wedding was a small affair, just several friends and our daughters, it went off without a hitch. Jenna and Gina were of spring break, they were planning to continue on to the beaches of the Florida panhandle but were going to stay with us for several days before going on. Janie and I were delaying our honeymoon ‘til summer so, it was the five us in the house. No problem, it was a large house, six bedrooms 3 ½ baths on a split plan. Our master suite was on one end of the house, the other five were on the other. Jenna and Gina each got their old rooms, Gloria had her own.

On the third day Jenna and Gina asked if they could borrow my car, they wanted to visit some of their friends while they were in town. Jenna’s car had been running roughly so we’d dropped it off with my mechanic. I gave Jenna the keys and asked when they were planning on being home. She told me, “Around midnight or so,” and off they went.

After they’d gone I took Janie and Gloria our for Chinese.

When we returned Gloria went to her room and Janie and I had cocktails before we retired to our bedroom.

I was forty-three and still in pretty good shape but Janie, at thirty-seven was spectacular. As she undressed I just stared and smiled. Auburn hair to her shoulders, she stood five feet nine inches tall with still firm breasts, a slender waist and flaring hips, her bottom was like two luscious melons. Two luscious melons that I wanted to part but Janie was protective of that treasure, at least for now

In bed I pulled her on top of me saying, “Come on Beautiful, be my cowgirl.” She liked top, she liked the control it gave her and I liked the fact that I could admire her body and especially the expression on her face when she came.

We curled up together and slept.

Something, some sound awakened me, I glanced at the bedside clock, it was nearly two in the morning. Silently I got up without lighting a lamp and crept to the hall. I could see the entranceway to the house and I watched as my two giggling daughters tried to quietly come in. From their unsteady steps it was evident that they both had been imbibing in adult beverages. I let them go to their rooms, tomorrow we’d have a talk.

It took a while for me to get back to sleep, I was engrossed in thoughts of how I should handle Jenna and Gina. At twenty-one Jenna could legally purchase liquor but Gina was still under-aged, however, evidentially Jenna had been driving my car while under the influence. Finally I dozed off.

In the morning Janie and I were awake before anyone else. I told her what my daughters had done the night before.

“What are you going to do about it, Roy?” She asked.

“I’ll have a conversation with them but I expect more than just talk will take place.”

“You’re going to spank them, aren’t you?”

“In all likelihood, yes. Why don’t you take Gloria out to breakfast and do a little shopping, I’ll need at least a couple of hours with them.”

I pulled on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and walked them to the door. My car was half in the driveway and half on the lawn.

“Seems like someone misjudged the parking place last night,” Gloria snidely remarked.

“Seems so,” I replied.

First I went to Gina’s room. It reeked of whiskey, I shook her awake.

Bleary eyed with breath like a dragon she muttered, “Yes Daddy?”

“Tell me about last night,” I said.

“We went to a party at a friend’s house, watched some movies and listened to music.”

“That all?”


“What else?”

“Oh Daddy, we had some drinks, too.”

“Gina you’re under-aged, where did you get it?”

“Please Daddy, don’t make me tell.”


“Jenna bought it for us.”

“Ok, get up, use the bathroom, take a shower and, for God’s sake brush your teeth, your breath reeks; then meet me in Jenna’s room. I want you dressed in only a pair of panties, nothing else, understood.”

“I’m getting a spanking, aren’t I?”

“Do you think you deserve one?”

“Yes Daddy.”

I walked out of the room and into Jenna’s.

It was a replay, bleary eyes, stinking breath but Jenna hadn’t even bothered to change into nightclothes she still had on her top and shorts and instead of, Yes Daddy, it was whhhhat?

“Last night,” I said, “Tell me about last night.”

“We went to a party Daddy.”

“Where did the booze come from?”

“There were other people at the party.”

“I imagine so, still, the booze; who brought the liquor?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know, is that what you’re telling me?”

“Yes, and Daddy, I’m old enough to drink, you know?”

“Yes Jenna, I know but you’re not now nor will you ever be old enough to drive drunk. You parked half way on the lawn and, I think you might have brought the whiskey to the party. Want to tell me the truth?”

“Daaaaady, pleeeeese,” she whined.

“Get up, pee, get a shower and brush your teeth then come back here and I want you in your panties and nothing more, am I clear.”

Jenna knew not to argue, she climbed out of bed, grabbed a clean pair of panties from her dresser and headed to the bathroom.

Once both of them returned to Jenna’s room he had them sit on the bed and asked, “Gina, why are you here?”

“I’m not allowed to drink and I got drunk last night Daddy.”

“Anything else?”

“We stayed out way later than we said we would, too.”

“And how about you Jenna?”

“I bought the booze and drove after I was drinking and stayed out, too.”

“Anything else?”

“No Daddy.”

“How about the fact that you weren’t honest with me about where the whiskey came from, remember that?”

“I’m sorry Daddy, yes, I remember.”

“Alright, Jenna I want you to go to the kitchen and bring one of the straight backed chairs to my bedroom.”

She got up to go and he motioned for Gina to follow him.

Once Jenna had brought the chair he situated it in the middle of the room and had her sit on the bed in front of him.

“Gina, you’re first, come stand in front of me.”

“Now turn around and look at your sister.”

He glanced at the bedside clock and made a note of the time, she was going to get twenty minutes.

With her back to him he instructed, “Take off your panties and lie over my lap.”

He didn’t want to overly embarrass her by making her display her pubis to him as her panties came off, he’d see plenty later want to or not.

She quickly lowered her panties, walked to his side and prostrated herself over his lap. There was mo more conversation, he began her spanking.

He spanked side to side and up and down. The blows weren’t vicious, about twenty-five percent strength, he was simply warming her up for what was to come. He spanked like that for five minutes turning her bottom bright pink. Gina’s eyes were teary but she wasn’t wailing and trying to escape, at least not yet. He stopped and gently rubbed her for two minutes.

“Ready?” He asked.

“Yes Daddy,” she whispered.

The intensity increased, he doubled the power of his blows, Thwack, thwack, crack, crack, his hand fell. He covered her from the top of her buttocks down to mid thigh working up and down, first the right side then the left.

Gina was sobbing and begging, she squirmed and thrashed her legs. He tightened his grip around her waist and continued. Steadily he continued for ten minutes then stopped and rubbed her back and bottom until her sobbing had subsided.

“Spread your legs Gina, I want your inner thighs.”

“Please, please no Daddy.”

With a crackling sound like lightning striking he smacked her at the junction between her thighs and her bottom, rapidly, two strokes one to each side. Gina nearly jumped off his lap, the pain was so intense. With a hand on the small of her back he held her down.

“Spread your legs.”

God, she was open, so very open, all of her young treasures were on display, her anus and her labia, when he began to spank.

All along the tender flesh of her inner leg blows rained down. She tried to escape, twisting and turning as she wailed in agony finally she succumbed and just lay still. Her hair was tangled, her eyes pouring tears, her nose running, all she could was sob.

It was over, he was massaging her back and shoulders, gently caressing her. Her legs were still akimbo, she didn’t care. He wasn’t sexually aroused but he couldn’t fail to notice, her pink inner core was open, he could smell her feminine fragrance, she didn’t care, it was over, Oh God, it was over.

He continued to caress her as she cried herself out then her lifted her and took her in his arms and held her.

He kissed her cheek then her teary eyes and told her he loved her. She wasn’t a bad girl but she’d done a bad thing. Now it was over. She snuggled against his chest, “I’m sorry Daddy, I know you love me and I love you, too.”

After a few minutes he helped her up saying, “Why don’t you lie down on the bed while I finish what has to be done.”

“Jenna, come here.”

Almost like she was in a daze Jenna slowly rose from where she was seated and walked to him. She stood in front of him then turned around facing her sister. God, how she hated this ritual. He made them lower their own panties in preparation for their spankings; it only added to the humiliation, worse yet, with her back to him as she bent she knew her all and everything was on display. But without any prodding or instructions she slowly lowered her panties, tossed them on the bed and bent over his lap.

He hadn’t had any words for Gina but he did for Jenna.

“Jenna, you’re twenty-one, an adult under the law and the consequences could have been severe for what you did last night. You bought alcohol and shared it with a person under twenty-one; that’s called contributing to the delinquency of a minor. You drove my car when you were intoxicated, had you been stopped by the police or, God forbid, been involved in an accident it would have been a hefty fine or worse, incarceration and, most important to me you put the lives of my two most loved people on earth, my daughters, at risk. Your punishment is going to be severe.”

She started to reply, “Yes Daaaaa,” as the first blow struck.

Unlike Gina, Jenna didn’t get a light warm-up. The first one stung like fire as did the next forty-nine. After fifty Roy took a break, Jenna’s tush was already aflame and she was sobbing; he rubbed, caressed and massaged her until she’d settled down.

Momentarily he glanced up, Gina’s eyes looked like two tear stained saucers, she knew she’d endured a punishing spanking but Jenna was already wailing like she’d been by the time hers was over.

His hand came down; harder, much harder. Jenna was already crimson and it had barely begun.

As the blows rained down Jenna tried her very best to escape, she twisted, turned and gyrated her hips. Roy pinned her down but in her efforts she’d turned so her scarlet bottom was now toward her sister.

Daddy’s hand continued, Jenna got redder then showed purple but her motions had changed, she was pumping her hips and, through her sobs Gina heard her breath grow ragged.

Jenna was still pleading, “Please Daddy, no more,” but Gina could see that her bottom seemed to be coming up to meet the blows.

Jenna had always gotten about four times as many spankings as Gina; Gina had thought that her older sister was just more rebellious than she was but, as she watched her sister writhing she understood, she understood as she saw the moisture leaking from Jenna’s vagina.

“God Damned,” Gina thought, Jenna just climaxed while I was watching. With that knowledge she also understood the scent in the room; aroused woman, her sister; Jesus.

Everything else was an anticlimax, it went on for thirty minutes, Jenna endured the punishment to her inner thighs; Daddy held her and soothed her afterward then sent them both back to their rooms with a further admonition about drinking.

They climbed into Jenna’s bed and held each other.

Unbeknownst to any of them Janie and Gloria had come back while the punishment was in progress. Jenna was wailing so loud that no one else heard them. Janie stopped at the front door, she knew what was happening. Gloria started to speak but Janie hushed her. They listened for several minutes then Janie motioned Gloria out the door, they drove to a Starbucks and had drinks.

“Mom, what was going on in there?” Gloria asked.

“Those girls went out last night and got drunk is what happened and, I think you and I just heard Roy making them pay for having done it.”

“Mom, was he spanking, I mean, he said he would but did he really mean it?”

“Seems that way so, don’t get out of line, I really don’t want you to learn about spankings.”

“Mom, have you ever been spanked?”

“Yeah, my Dad spanked, I got my last one when I was twelve.”

“What, he thought you were too old?”

“No Gloria, he had a heart attack, he died when I was twelve. He’d made it clear that if I or my sisters were under his roof we were subject to his rules.”

“What did Grandma say about that?”

“Mostly Ouch, she wasn’t immune, if he thought she got out of line she went over his lap, too.”

“God Mom, what was it like living like that?”

Janie had to give that question some serious thought.

“Gloria, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression of your Grandfather, he was a wonderful man and a fantastic father, he had rules that we were expected to abide by, really not so different than Roy’s rules; if we broke the rules we were punished, even Mama had to abide by the rules.”

“Roy wouldn’t really spank me, would he?”

“Do you really want to take that chance?”

“You wouldn’t let him would you Mom, I mean, I’ve never had a spanking, it seems so barbaric, don’t you think?”

Janie gave Gloria a little swat on her bottom saying, “I’ll do all I can to protect this,” and gave her a grin.

When they finally returned home Roy was in the den watching a football game.

Gloria asked, “Where are Jenna and Gina?”

“Upstairs in their rooms, they weren’t feeling so well and wanted to take naps.”

“Can I go up Roy, I mean talk with them, check on them?”

“Sure Gloria, I imagine they’d enjoy your company.”

After Gloria had left Janie asked, “Do you really think they want company. Roy, we came in while you were with them, I think it was Jenna wailing like a banshee, we left so we didn’t have to listen.”

“Janie, I want her to talk with them, they’ll both be laying on their tummies wishing they hadn’t done what they did. Maybe Gloria will gain some understanding that there are consequences for improper conduct.”

“Roy, you wouldn’t do that to MY daughter, would you?”

“Janie, this is a discussion we’ve already had. The rules are the rules, so yes, if Gloria merited punishment she would receive it.”

“I’d oppose you over that, you know.”

“Why Janie? I think we both want the same thing. We want children who understand right from wrong, who will do the right thing when given choices and understand that wrong choices have, at least, the potential for painful consequences; don’t we?”

Roy had never discussed his relationship with his first wife, there’d been no reason to. Millie, had been a firecracker, fun, sexy, and at times uncontrollable. She loved to flirt, she loved to have a few cocktails and she had the sassiest mouth he’d ever encountered. He’d loved her dearly but she’d required a guiding hand. He’d supplied it, her taut, tight bottom spent more time ruby red than it did flesh toned. Yes, he’d spanked his wife, he was a firm believer is discipline, even domestic discipline. He had a sneaking suspicion that Janie would eventually enjoy the dubious pleasure of his lap.

With a whack on her bottom he said, “Please, let’s not argue over this now.”

Things went swimmingly well, the family, Janie, Gloria and Roy settled into the routine that families enjoy.

Summer came and their long delayed honeymoon was scheduled, they decided on a cold weather vacation, skiing at Blackcomb Mountain in British Columbia and, although it was their honeymoon they decided to take Gloria, she’d never skied and they were sure she would enjoy it.

She did, Oh Christ, did she ever, seventeen, and beautiful the ski bums were around her like bees to honey, she was ecstatic. Both Janie and Roy were glad they’d brought her along, she was in heaven.

When they got home they resettled into their domestic routines. Roy to his office, Janie her nursing duties at Metro hospital and Gloria into her studies, the mundane existence of working Americans; it was pleasant.

It was nearly a year into their marriage, Roy had the opportunity to slip away early and he was a fine cook, he decided to surprise Janie and Gloria. Shopping at an upscale market he bought two inch filets, Idaho bakers, thin asparagus spears, the makings of a Caesar Salad. For dessert he chose a cherry cheese cake and the wine was a vintage California Cabernet Sauvignon. He was damned proud of himself. He knew Janie would be impressed.

Then he got home, he was over two hours early and not expected. There was a strange car in the driveway. He parked on the street but carried his purchases to the house. It was quiet when he went in, he put what he’d bought in the fridge and walked through the hallway. Everything seemed normal except Gloria’s bedroom was nearly closed. He silently strode to it, through the crack he could see not only a young man but further, his hand was under Gloria’s tee shirt, an empty beer can sat on the nightstand and the sweet/cloying scent of marijuana wafted out the door.

Roy paused, how to handle this. He returned to the entrance, opened and slammed the door and announced loudly, “Anybody home?”

Gloria came out, “Hi Roy, you’re early.”

“Yeah, I thought I’d cook some steaks for us tonight; whose car is that in the drive?”

“Oh, just a friend; she’s gone now.”

Roy heard the car accelerate away.

Yeah, the guy had escaped but Roy knew Gloria hadn’t had time to clean up and get the smell out of her room, he walked toward it.

“Gloria, tell me the truth, what was going on here today?”

“I’m not sure I know what you mean, my friend and I were listening to some music, that’s all.”

“Gloria, let’s go back to your room, now.” As he started down the hall.

“Roy, what are you doing, that’s my room, it’s private,” she said as she tried to bar the door.

“Gloria, please don’t make it worse. I know you had a young man in your room, I know he at the very least had his hand up your shirt, I know you were drinking beer and I know marijuana was being smoked in your room. Is there anything you’d like to add?”

She decided to go on the offensive.

“Fuck you Roy, you’re not my Dad, I don’t answer to you.”

“Gloria, I think perhaps you’re mistaken. In this house we have rules, rules I, your Mother and you need to abide by, you’ve broken almost all of them today.”

“Yeah, and what are you going to do about it?”

Roy muscled her back into her room and forced her down onto the bed.

“I think you know what I’m going to do,” he told her as he pulled her top up and over her head. She still had her bra on though it was raised above her breasts, he rolled her onto her stomach and unfastened it, turned her onto her back he pulled it off. Her breasts were firm, peaches capped by cherries; cute, he unfastened the gripper on her Levi shorts and pulled them off then stepped back.

As she lay on the bed she was clad in only peach tinted panties, she tried to cover her breasts with her hands, and she screamed at him, “What in the hell are you doing?”

He took her by the arm, “Stand up Gloria,” he said as he pulled her to her feet.

“I’m going to spank you, when I spank you will take your own panties off and lie over my lap, now turn around, I want your back to me when you take off your panties.”

“You’re outa your fucking mind,” she screamed.

“You’ve earned an extra five minutes over my lap, now drop your panties.”

“No way, no fuckin’ way asshole, she screeched.”

“Gloria, I won’t tolerate the language. Now, either you take them off or I will, your choice.”

“Gloria, once upon a time I thought you might be a bright girl, it seems I was wrong. When we started I intended to give you about three moderate minutes, now you’re up to ten and it won’t be moderate. Drop your panties or I’ll help you.”

She was beginning to realize the seriousness of her situation but still she thought she might escape.

“Mom won’t let you do this, you know, she’ll protect me.”

“Gloria, I’ll deal with Janie later, now it’s you I have to deal with. Are you going to take off your panties or do you want me to do it?”

Gloria began to quiver, finally it had dawned on her, she wasn’t going to escape. She was going to get the first spanking of her life, she was seventeen, a nearly grown woman and she WAS going to be spanked. Her knees trembled and she nearly fell.

As she tripped toward him Roy embraced her saying, “It won’t be quite as bad as you imagine, it will hurt but you won’t be injured, Ok?” He’d guided her over his lap as he held her.

“Lift your hips, let’s get your panties off.”

As she complied he pulled them down over her hips and off her feet, when Roy spanked he wanted his subject totally naked.

“Gloria, I’m going to spank you for ten minutes, you’ll cry before I’m done; you’ve done something bad, you’ve broken the rules but that doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Are you ready?”

She nodded yes and he began.

She got ten minutes of his moderate swats. She was crying and sobbing by the time he stopped; he pulled her into his arms, held her and kissed her tears. She hadn’t had this kind of male attention in years, she snuggled against his broad chest.

“Do you love me Roy?” She whimpered.”

“I do Gloria, I know you’re a good girl, sweet as sweet can be.”

“Roy, please tell me the truth, did you like spanking me?”

“Gloria, that’s a very strange question, why do you ask?”

“You didn’t hit me very hard, I heard Jenna and you were blistering her but you didn’t do that to me, why not?”

“Gloria, it was you first time; in the future it will be harder, trust me.”

He helped her up saying, “Why don’t you lie down for a little while. Think about what you did to get spanked, review the rules”. He got up and left the room.

He heard the front door open, Janie was home.

He’d wanted to meet her at the door but she’d gotten ahead of him, she was in Gloria’s room.

“How’s my baby?” She asked.

“Sore,” she replied.

“Oh baby, what happened?”

Roy had just entered the room as Gloria said, “Roy spanked me.”

Janie felt/sensed Roy behind her, she wheeled and swung, slapping the left side of his face as she screamed, “You sonovabitch, you beat my daughter?”

Roy grabbed her slapping hands and said, “No, I didn’t beat her, I spanked her, perhaps you should ask her why.””

“Look you sadistic bastard, I know what you did to you did to your daughters, you’re not gonna do it to mine.” Janie struggled to escape Roy’s grasp. She was a powerful woman, at five-nine she could take care of herself and she lashed out with her foot.

Roy’s voice was never raised, he gripped each of her hands and told her, “Settle down, let’s talk.”

Kicking and screaming he led her to their bedroom, “Sit on the bed, we need to discuss this.”

“Janie, did you bother to find out what had happened, did you learn she was in her room with a guy who had his hand up her shirt, how about the beers and marijuana, did she talk about that? No, I didn’t think so.”

“Ok, Roy, I might have overreacted, I’m sorry, what really did go on?”

“I just told you, felt breasts at the very least, beer and reefer, isn’t that enough?”

“Oh God, I’m sorry, she did deserve a spanking, didn’t she?”

Janie was still dressed in her white nurses uniform, white shoes, white hosiery, white dress, and, of course under it all white lingerie.

“Yes, I thought so, so I administrated it.”

“Oh Roy, I’m so sorry about how I reacted.”

“So am I Janie, so am I. You realize you swore at me, called me names, struck me and showed me no respect?”

“Oh God Roy, I was so upset, I’m so, so sorry, what can I do to make it up to you?”

She had no idea, she’d broken so many of the rules but she hadn’t realize they applied to her, too.

Roy sat her on the bed, he slowly removed her white nurse’s shoes then his hands slid under her dress to lower her panty hose.

“You have spectacular legs,” he commented. At five-nine she had long slim legs that any man would admire.

He began unbuttoning her nurses uniform; when it was completely open he let it fall to the floor. It momentarily snagged at her hips but he helped it to drop. She stood before him in panties and brassiere, he turned her, unfastened her bra and let it fall off her shoulders to the floor.

Turning her back so she faced him he sat in the spanking chair he’d used earlier with his daughters. She towered over him yet he said, “Turn around, face away from me, take off your panties and lay over my lap.”

“Are you out of your mind Roy, what are you thinking?” She said as she jerked back.

“What I’m thinking is that you broke the rules, a lot of the rules and now you need to be punished.”

He’d gripped her wrist and pulled her toward him.

“Janie, here are your options, either you take your panties off or I do. If I do it you’ll need to buy new ones but if you do you can toss them on the bed and wear them again, you’re choice.”

“Let go of my arm,” she said.

“What are you going to do?”

“Take my panties off and take my spanking.”

She did exactly that, she turned and after slithering out of her underwear she sprawled across Roy’s lap.

“Janie, you know what this means, don’t you?”

“Yes Roy, I know and I understand. We, all of us need to abide by the rules you’ve set out for us and if we fail to do so we will be disciplined.”

“Are you ready?”

“Please spank me Roy.”

He spanked with a steady cadence of moderately hard swats. This spanking wasn’t intended to blister her bottom like he’d done with his daughters but it was going to be lengthy. After five minutes he stopped.

Janie started to rise but with a hand on the small of her back he held her down.

“We’re not done yet Janie, this is just a little rest for you.”

He rubbed her bottom for several minutes then began again.

Janie’s bottom went from pink to red and as her spanking continued her eyes teared.

Finally he paused and massaged her back and bottom. Again she tried to rise, again he held her in place.

“Please Roy, isn’t that enough?” She whimpered.

“Not nearly,” he answered.

But we are making progress, he thought, a few tears so far but more were going to fall. He resumed.

Now he spanked up and down, although he concentrated on her sit spots he did move down her thighs nearly to her knees then back up the other side.

Janie went through the stages, she wriggled, squirmed and kicked as she tried to escape, the tears started in earnest and through them she pled and begged for him to stop, finally she simply lay limply and wept.

A glance at the clock told Roy that the spanking had gone on for thirty minutes, it was almost enough.

“Spread your legs Janie,” he instructed.

She was prepared to do almost anything to end it, she complied.

Like fire her inner thighs burned, three hard smacks to each and then it was over.

Gently he stroked her as she continued to sob, her shoulders, her sides, her back and finally her bottom received his attention. Her legs were still splayed, his hand wandered to her sex.

He parted her labia and let his finger glide along her slick vulva, even through her tears Janie began to respond. As her hips rose and fell he slid his middle two fingers into her vagina; his index finger found her clitoris; she rode his hand.

Moistening his thumb with her vaginal juices, he pressed it against her anus and rubbed. He felt her tense, she was quite proprietary of her bottom, none the less Roy had every intention of having her and now seemed as good a time as any to begin conditioning her.

As she began to react more intensely to the pleasure her clit was receiving Roy felt her relax the clench of her anus; she was vigorously pumping on his hand, he pressed against her little rosebud and as she thrust back her own motion forced his thumb into her.

Janie moaned deep in her throat, “No Roy,” but she still continued to rock her hips.

She was tight, her virgin sphincters pulsed trying to eject the invader, he pressed deeper into her.

Janie was moaning and mewling as she humped, her body trembled and she screamed out as she was rocked by a tremendous orgasm.

It took several minutes for her breathing to return to normal; as she lay across his lap he caressed her and crooned endearments. He helped her up and led her to the bed.

Lying on the bed she looked up at him and asked, “God Roy what did you do to me?”

“Well beautiful, I think I spanked you then helped you cum.”

“Yes, I think you did, that and more.”

“Did I hurt you?”

“God the spanking hurt but not the other, it just felt a little funny at first.”

Her voice was a little quivery as she continued, “You’re going to take me that way, there, aren’t you?”

“Yes, but not until you ask me to.”

“Why would I do that? It could be a long wait.”

“I don’t think it’ll be so long, I know you like to please me, true?”

“True, so I guess we’ll see.”

“Hey, I’ve got some fantastic looking steaks, how about you get a shower then meet me in the kitchen, you can be my salad girl, ok?”

“Ok, see you there.”

Soon after Roy had left the bedroom door opened and Gloria came in.

“Mom, what in the world happened? I heard moaning, crying, and you screamed.”

“Were you eavesdropping Gloria?”

“Unh yeah, I guess I was; I was outside your door.”

“Well, what do you think happened?”

“Mom, just tell me, ok?”

Janie and Gloria had always had the ability to talk to each other, nothing was really taboo; Janie began,

“In your room, I slapped and swore at him, I lost control and that was foolish, Roy spanked me long and hard. I’m not sure want to sit down.”

“And? What else Mom? There’s more isn’t there?”

Janie blushed with embarrassment, she and Gloria did share secrets, but still, this was a little much.

“Mom, I can see there’s more, so tell, what did he do?”

“Alright Gloria, I’ll tell but it’s gotta be our secret. He made me cum with his fingers, ok?”

“After he spanked you he fingered your, ahh, your pussy?”

The blush deepened, “Yes, that’s what happened.”

“Mom, what are you not telling me?”

“Gloria, please, this is embarrassing me.”


“Oh alright, he put his thumb in me while he fingered me.”

“Hey, that’s not so bad. Why are you embarrassed?”

Her voice dropped to a whisper, she said, “Gloria baby, his thumb wasn’t in my front hole.”

Gloria’s jaw dropped. “You mean, I mean he like put his thumb in your bootie? Did it hurt?”

“No, it felt a little funny at first but that’s all, now, please let’s drop it.”

“God, I wonder what it really feels like, it sounds so icky.”

“Careful, if you don’t let it drop I may ask Roy to let you find out.”

“Oh Mom, you wouldn’t, but if it would make me scream like you did, I might like to find out.”

“Really, what would you do if it did happen?”

“Probably shit myself.”

“Language. But you’re close to right, I felt like I was going to go when he pulled it out of me.”

“Now come on, let’s get a shower and go help Roy, he’s fixing filet mignons tonight.”

They met in the kitchen, looked at each other and laughed. Both were wearing night gowns.

“I’ll bet you don’t have any panties on under that, do you?” Gloria asked.

“No, how about you?”

“Nope, I’m still too sore.”

“Me, too,” Janie replied.

“Gloria, if you’ll set the table I’ll make the salad and garlic bread.”

Roy brought in a platter with the steaks, took the baked potatoes from the oven and put the steamed asparagus spears on a plate then pulled the cork on the wine.

Each of the girls gingerly took their seats.

With a wicked little grin Roy asked, “Anyone want a pillow?”

After the cheese cake and coffee, Gloria and Janie cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher.

A couple of television shows later they retired for the night.

It was one of Roy’s favorite times of day, watching as his sleek bodied wife undressed. Tonight she added a few sensual twists and turns for his benefit.

“Fantastic, you’re absolutely spectacular Janie,” he said as he admired her firm breasts, her narrow waist and her still red bottom.

At the bedside he held her, kissed her and lowered her to the mattress; following her down.

“Careful, I’m still pretty sore,” she told him.

“Maybe I can help you take your mind off of it,” Roy answered as he opened her legs and knelt between them.

Janie’s absolutely favorite form of sex was cunnilingus, she began to moisten in anticipation.

“Yes, maybe you can.”

First he kissed her then lowered his head to her breasts. He sucked one nipple and toyed with the other, circling her areola with his finger then giving her nipple a light pinch. After attending both breasts he trailed down her body, over her taut tummy and through her full auburn patch before parting her nether lips with the tip of his tongue.

God, he loved the taste of her, her fragrance, her slickness; he laved her vulva and tugged on each labium with his lips. She cooed in appreciation.

Moving downward he dipped his tongue into her molten vagina as Janie began to wiggle. He continued down, over her perineum until his tongue circled her tight little ring.

Janie gasped.

“I won’t hurt you Beautiful, just relax.”

He started back up but before he left he replaced his tongue with his index finger, rubbing her, getting her accustomed to contact there.

He settled onto her clitoris; her little pearl glistened, red and swollen he took it between his lips and gently sucked before batting it with the tip of his tongue.

Janie was on the verge, she began to buck her hips up to get more contact, her breathing became shallow and raspy and her body began to tremble. She was a screamer and she did now.

“Oh God yes Roy, yessss, yessss, like that, just like that, oh, oh, Oooooh,” she whooped as her vagina clenched then gushed.

He stayed on her, drinking her sweet nectar until she begged him to stop, the feeling was too intense.

He slid up her body, kissed her and asked, “Feeling better?”

“That was exquisite, wonderful, out of this world, I needed that, man did I need that.”

They lay together for several minutes before she whispered, “Roy would you do me from behind, I’m not ready yet for the other but would you enter me from the back, let me get used to feeling you mounted on me?”

Janie was already rolling over and pulling herself up onto her knees.

He started to pat her bottom but caught himself at the last moment, she was still a fiery shade of red, he moved up behind her.

The feel of his cool stomach against her seething bottom was soothing, he entered her. Roy was a pretty big boy, it felt like he was stretching her whenever they made love, she groaned as she accepted him.

His hands slid forward, he massaged her breasts as he began to stroke into her.

“You can touch me there if you want to Honey, I won’t mind.”

Without hesitation he lubricated his fingers in her juices and circled her hole, pressing then said, “I’m going to put a finger in you, don’t be scared.”

Slowly he inserted his index finger into her to the second knuckle, she tightened.

“Just relax Beautiful, relax,” he said as he began to pump her with both his finger and his stiff cock.

He rode her hard and fast, he could feel the cum rising as she began to thrust back against him meeting his powerful strokes, he could feel the clenching of both her vagina and anus as a mega-orgasm flowed through her, her voice raised as she screamed out her pleasure. He gripped her hips and roared, pulse after pulse of his semen flowed into her as he came explosively. He stroked her until he began to soften.

They lay entwined in each other’s arms enjoying the post-coital glow, she whispered, “Roy, I told Gloria what happened.”


“She overheard, she asked and I wouldn’t lie to her.”

“How did she react?”

“She said it sounded icky then she wondered what it felt like. I told her if she didn’t drop the subject she might just find out.”

“What, you threatened to do it to her?”

“No, I threatened to let you do it; you have a bigger thumb.”

“You know Beautiful, I’ve never talked much about Millie, my first wife.”

“No, you haven’t, did you spank her, too?”

“Yes, about once a week, sometimes twice. Millie was a lot of fun but she could go overboard. She liked to act up when we were in circumstances where she knew I couldn’t spank her, like at a concert or when we were visiting friends, that kinda thing.”

“So she liked to take advantage of situations, what could you do?”

“I gave it a lot of thought, she could be really embarrassing when she acted out. I’m not changing the subject but anal sex can be a lot of fun and pleasure in the right setting between two consenting adults but in different circumstances it can be humbling and humiliating, that’s what I settled on.”

“How, what do you mean?”

“I insisted that she keep a small tube of KY Jelly in her handbag. A good spanking can get loud and requires time and privacy but, to slip away for just a few minutes was no problem. I preferred a bathroom or an unused bedroom, somewhere with a mirror so she could see her face. For a spanking I like you ladies to remove your own panties, I think that makes you more a participant, that you understand that you’re surrendering and acknowledging that you understand why the spanking is necessary but this was different.”

Janie was having a difficult time catching her breath, she wanted to hear the rest but she was fearful, she understood that what he was about to tell could happen to her.

“Yes Honey, what then?”

“I’d take her to that private place and have her first, hand me the tube of lubricant and then to bend forward, hands on the bedroom dresser or the bathroom vanity and gaze at herself in the mirror while I raised her skirt and took her panties off or lowered her slacks and panties, had her step out of them, lubricated a finger and penetrated her bottom. She had to watch herself being digitally sodomized as I explained her transgressions and what her punishment would be. Usually I hate to delay discipline but when the circumstances dictated it I would. While I had my finger in her I’d explain; when we get home you’re to go to the bedroom and prepare. As you already know prepare means be clothed in nothing but your panties and be ready for your spanking. Once we’d had our little talk I’d hand her back her panties and the KY, she wasn’t permitted to put her panties back on until she was in our bedroom nor was she permitted to clean up the lubricant I’d used. Sitting in that muck usually induced her to cut the evening short, she preferred her spanking to the finger.”

“God Roy, that sounds horrific, you wouldn’t do that to me, would you?” Janie asked in a quivery voice.

“You wouldn’t give me reason to would you Beautiful?”

Janie trembled in fear and, truth be told, anticipation.

“You’re going to do that to Gloria, aren’t you. You know she has a difficult time containing herself.

“Explain it to her Janie, it’s not something I want to do but if push comes to shove I will.”

“Me, too?”

“You, too.”

“Should I buy a tube of KY?”

“Only if you think you’ll need it.”

As they drifted off to sleep Janie decided she would, even if not for then maybe for Gloria.

Over the next several months things went smoothly in the household; oh, Gloria brought home a “D” on her report card but that wasn’t a violation of any of the seven rules. She was grounded for a week, Janie handled it, explaining that now she’d have more time to study.

During this period though Janie’s job was severely stressful, with the flu season in full swing hospital admissions were at a near all time high. Extra hours, double shifts and cancelled scheduled days off were running her ragged. She’d grown snippy and snappish to both Gloria and me.

I tried my best to be supportive and sympathetic, I often took us out to dinner, I would have cooked but my efforts were inedible, I bathed her and gave her soothing massages but still it was obvious that she was suffering. One evening when she got home she went straight to the bedroom where I found her crying.

“Roy, it’s getting to me, I know I’ve been a bitch to you and Gloria; even our sex life has suffered, I’m just so tired and so damned tense. I thought maybe a good cry would help, I know some women who find a little sobbing cathartic.”

“Maybe you’re right Beautiful, maybe you’re right. Let me order some take-out for dinner then we can talk about it.”

After some greasy KFC Gloria went to her room to study. I took Janie’s hand and led her to our bedroom.

There I hugged her and told her how much I respected the effort she was putting forth and how much I loved her.

Her eyes teared up as she whispered, “Roy, I think I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown, I’ve got to do something.”

As I began unbuttoning her nurse’s uniform I told her, “I think that good cry you suggested is a wonderful idea.”

I sat her on the bed, untied and removed her shoes then stood her back up. I pulled her panty hose down, took her dress off her shoulders and unfastened her brassiere letting it fall to the floor. I led her to the chair and sat down.

“Janie, I want you to take off your panties for me.”

Almost trance like, she turned her back to me and lowered her underwear.

“Now, over my lap.”

“Roy, I haven’t done anything.”

“No, this isn’t for what you’ve done but I still think you need it. Until we get through your crisis you’ll get one spanking a week. Call it a maintenance spanking for stress relief, come on now, over my lap.”

It was a moderately firm spanking that lasted ten minutes. Janie’s bottom was a nice shade of red and her tears were flowing when I turned her and held her, soothing her, kissing her leaking eyes and her soft lips.

With her pretty head buried in my chest she sobbed for nearly twenty minutes. I just held her and let her cry.

Eventually she looked up at me, “God, I feel better, my poor bootie’s sore but the tension is gone.”

“Maybe I can make you feel better yet.”

“Would you Roy, Oh my, do I need that, too. It’s been a long time.”

I stood with her in my arms and laid her on the bed then undressing I joined her.

Without preamble I opened her legs and feasted.

I thought, Gloria will know what Mom’s doing tonight, her wail when she climaxed rattled the windows.

Afterward we snuggled, she asked what she could do for me, I told her I was ok, tonight was all for her.

Her last words before falling into a peaceful sleep were, “Thank you, I love you Roy.”

We fell into a Friday night ritual, she got her spanking then her oral although now we usually made love afterward; I think she looked forward to it, she always seemed anxious to get to bed on Fridays.

Aside from Janie’s maintenance spankings no one had earned one as punishment in over six months. Usually all it was required was that I lift an eyebrow to remind them that they were treading on thin ice, but that was about to change.

Just a couple of weeks shy of her eighteenth birthday Gloria asked to borrow her mother’s car, she said she needed to go to the library. At around nine that evening I answered the phone. It was the State Police, there’d been an accident. Gloria had slid off the road into a ditch, there was minimal damage and no injuries but the car would need to be towed out. I called my mechanic, he offered twenty-four towing, explained what had happened, gave him the location and told him I’d meet him there then Janie and I left to retrieve our wayward daughter. I say wayward because she was miles away and in the wrong direction for the library.

When we got to the scene there were four teens in the car, Gloria, of course, one of her girlfriends and two boys.

I spoke with the trooper, no ticket was being issued, explained that a tow truck was in route and thanked him for his consideration. He left before the tow arrived. I had them tow the car to his shop, I wanted it checked over for potential damage before Janie drove it again.

All four teens were packed in the back seat of my car. I got directions and drove each of them home. That left only Gloria who sat quietly.

Once we got back the house I convened a small family meeting so Gloria could explain what had gone on.

It came out in the saddest voice you’ve ever heard.

“We were going to the library, Suzi and me, we were but we saw Billy and Brian and stopped to chat then we all went to get Cokes, then a cat ran out into the road and I slammed on the brakes but the car skidded and we ended up in the ditch.”

Nice try Kiddo,” Janie said, “Now wanta try the truth?”

“But Mommy, it is the truth.”

“Gloria, we don’t lie, now tell me what really happened.

Her face fell and her eyes teared.

“I’m sorry, Suzi and I made a date to meet Billy and Brian and I was texting, I lost control and ended up in the ditch.”

“There, don’t you feel better getting it off your chest.”

“Mommy, please no.”

“Roy?” Janie asked.

“Gloria, I’d like you to go to your room, get ready and meet me in our bedroom, understand?”

“Yes sir.”

After she’d gone he asked Janie if she wanted to be there for Gloria’s punishment.

“Janie, it’s going to be long, hard and painful, you may not want to watch.”

“No, I think I need to,” she said as she got up and walked to our bedroom.

I changed into shorts and a tee shirt and was sitting on the spanking chair waiting when Gloria came in.

Janie was sitting on the bedside; I stood Gloria in front of me.

“It’s not going to be a long and drawn out explanation of the why of this, you deceived your mother about why you wanted to use the car and then you lied, correct.”


“Turn around, face your mother, take off your panties and lie on my lap.”

Gloria was already crying before the first stroke fell.

She got ten minutes of a moderate spanking to warm up her nerve endings then a two minute massage.

I increased the force of the blows, her butt was scarlet as I spanked down her thighs and back up. Gloria squirmed and kicked, she wailed and begged, “Mommy please, make him stop, make him stop.”

After ten minutes I took a break, again I rubbed her, she tried to rise, I held her down,

“We’re not nearly done Gloria.”

She had ten more minutes to go but those minutes would be brutal. Five more minutes with my hand but now the blows were at maximum force, I tried to spread them around so no one place took the brunt, I didn’t want severe bruising and I was already seeing some purple on her sit spots. Gloria had ceased to squirm and beg, she just lay sprawled, tears and mucus flowing.

I jiggled her, getting her into position then spanked. The first two were on the crease between bottom and thigh, they crackled like high tension electricity, Gloria bucked and wailed. That had gotten her attention.

I concentrated most of my effort on her thighs, her bottom was already glowing a fiery crimson then the finale.

Although they were already splayed I told her to spread her legs.

I don’t think she understood or was able to comply, I opened them for her. She got five thwacks on each inner thigh.

Gloria was spent, I let her cry herself out then took her in my arms, smoothed her disheveled hair and kissed her cheek.

“It’s over Gloria. I want you to know that your Mother and I love you dearly and want only the best for you but the major thing we won’t condone is untruthfulness. It’s over now and you’re forgiven.”

I helped her to her feet and Janie walked her to her bedroom.

Coming back Janie said, “God that was brutal but I doubt that she’ll be inclined to lie to us again.”

“I think not,” I said.

“Would you do that to me Honey?”

“Only if you deserved it.”

“Would you kiss it and make it all well?”

“I’d kiss it with no excuse, it’s so darned cute.”

Taking off her clothing she crawled tummy down onto the bed saying, “Show me.”

No further invitation was necessary, I climbed in and smothered her luscious melons with kisses.

When I tongued her tight little ring she moaned, “That’s dirty, what are you doing?”

“You’re clean, you bathe every day, so, does it hurt?”

“No, really, it feels kinda nice.”

“So relax and enjoy.”

“Roy Honey, isn’t anal sex messy.”

“It can be, I guess you could say I’ve had a couple of shitty experiences.”

“God that would be unbelievably humiliating and embarrassing, I’d hate it.”

“Me, too but there are precautions we can take.”


“An enema to clean you out.”

“Even though I’m a nurse and have given them, Honey, I’ve never had an enema, what’s it like.”

“Warm water, it can be pleasurable. Sometimes there’s a little cramping. I used to give Millie one once a week or sometimes more if we were especially active.”

“You had anal sex with her?”


“I’m not quite ready to take the final step but would you give me an enema?’

“We’ll start Friday before your spanking, ok.”

“Do I need to get anything special, any equipment or anything.”

“No, I have everything, I kept it after Millie died, sometimes when Jenna or Gina was having trouble I’d give them one.”

“Are you going to give them to Gloria, too?”

“Only if she needs one. Beautiful, there are really four types or, at least reasons for an enema. First, for medicinal reasons like you give at the hospital, second, a cleansing enema like you’ll receive, third, some people find them sensual so I guess you might term them a romantic enema and lastly for punishment.”

“Oh,” was her only reply.

“Now be quiet and relax, I want to savor my tasty wife.”

The next day at work, Thursday, she was nervous and distracted. She’d come to look forward to her Friday spankings, they were amazingly therapeutic. It felt so good to give herself completely over to Roy’s control but tomorrow she was going to get her first enema and she was tense. Roy had told her that they would eat lightly for Friday dinner, just salads and garlic bread with a glass of red wine for her, he didn’t want anything heavy in her bowels. He and Gloria would have the same along with a serving of pasta.

Time dragged, then flew, Friday was a bit of a daze, her tummy was turning flip flops, she must have peed twenty times, fortunately no overtime today, she felt as flighty as a young girl getting ready for her first date. The clock finally read 5:30, she started home.

Everything seemed so normal when she walked in, how could that be? It wasn’t normal, she was so very, very nervous, nervous and a little frightened. Roy kissed her at the door then said, “Why don’t you change and get comfortable. Dinner tonight is going to be pretty light and even I can handle spaghetti, garlic bread and a salad.

In the bedroom first she wanted a shower, she needed to feel really clean, then, panties, no bra, shorts, a pull over and sandals, no, she’d go barefooted. She went out to the kitchen.

“Damn you look beautiful, Beautiful. Let me pour you a glass of wine while I serve.”

“I only want a salad Honey, my tummy’s a little queasy.”

“Really?” He asked with a grin.

“Really!” She tartly replied.

She ate almost nothing, most of the meal she just chased an olive around her plate. She did have two glasses of the Chianti though.

Miracle of miracles, Gloria offered to clean up without any prodding.

Janie said she thought she’d go lie down for a little while. As she left, Roy said he’d be with her in just a couple of minutes.

When he came in he asked how she was feeling.

“A little nervous to be completely honest.”

“Not to worry Beautiful, it won’t hurt. Let me get the stuff.”

He got a large towel and spread it on the bed saying, “In case of leakage.”

She’d Googled enemas, she hoped he’d put her in the Sims position, lying on her left side with her right leg pulled up, the hands and knees position looked so embarrassing. When he took the things off the top shelf of the closet it was nothing like what she’d seen and was expecting. It was just a large red rubber ball syringe and a bucket.

“What’s that,” she asked.

“My equipment, I like to give enemas over the knee with a syringe.”

He went into the bathroom and filled the bucket with warm water. Picking up a tube of KY Jelly from the medicine cabinet he set the bucket down beside the bed.

“You’ll need to get undressed Janie.”

She peeled off her top, dropped her shorts and shimmied out of her panties.

“Over my lap,” he said, patting his lap.

Once she was in position he explained what he was going to do.

“First I’m going to lubricate you then I’ll give you the water. It will probably take around six bulbs full, then I’m going to massage your tummy and have you wait a few minutes before you’ll evacuate, ok?”

She nodded yes.

She felt him spread her cheeks and rub a soothing coolness over her.

“My finger is going into you now.”

He pressed the lubricant into her.

“Starting,” he told her as he penetrated her with something bigger and longer than his finger.

She gave a little gasp.

He rubbed her back saying, “Just relax.”

He squeezed the bulb, she could feel the warm water flowing into her bowels, it felt nice, warming and relaxing. She felt it sliding out then it was back, more water. He repeated the procedure four or five times.

Janie said, “Roy, I think that’s enough.”

“Why, are you cramping?” He asked.

“No but I feel awful full.”

“You can take some more Beautiful,” as he spread her cheeks and inserted the nozzle.

He got to seven bulbs before she moaned, “I’m cramping, enough Honey, that’s enough.

It was a 10 ounce bulb and she’d taken seven, over two quarts, it was enough.

“Ok, now I want you to get up then lie on the towel on your back.”

When she stood her bulging belly hung down, it reminded her of when she was pregnant with Gloria. She lay on her back.

“Atta girl, I’m going to massage your tummy now, I want to work the water deeply into your bowels.”

With a circular motion, pressing upwards he forced the water through her descending colon, across her transverse colon and down the ascending colon; the cramping had stopped as the water was distributed further into her.

“Now I want you to hold it for five minutes so it rinses you out.” He leaned down and kissed her.

Five minutes later he asked, “You ready to go now?”

“Oh yeah, I’m ready, help me up, my belly’s so big.”

He helped her to her feet, led her to the toilet and sat her down. He left the room, shutting the door behind him, offering her some privacy.

With the quantity of water she’d accepted he imagined it would probably take twenty minutes for her to expel. He put the towel in the hamper and set the bucket and syringe aside, he’d clean them later. He thought she’d wrung out and drained when she came out, they’d delay her spanking so she could lie down for a little while.

It was nearly thirty minutes before Janie came out, she said, “It was just water in and out, why do I feel whipped.”

“I’m sure it puts some stress on the body; why not let’s lie down for a little while.”

“Suits me,” she replied as she climbed into bed.

We lay together, kissing and hugging, Janie said, “My bottom’s never gotten so much love and attention, fact is I don’t think any of me has ever gotten so much love and attention. You take such good care of me and Gloria, too, I love you to pieces.”

“Taking care of you and your lovely daughter are my pleasure and my passion.”

“Let me know when you’re ready, I think we’ll take it real easy tonight, maybe only five minutes of light spanking.”

“Spank me hard enough to make me cry, I want to cry while you hold me afterwards, I feel so close to you then, like I’ve given myself to you and I like that.”

About fifteen minutes later she said, “I’m ready.”

I helped her up, as she stood before me she complained, “I don’t have any panties on to take off.”

“I chuckled and told her, “I’ll forgive you this time.”

With her draped over my lap I brought her to tears.

As she wept against my chest she whispered, “Thank you Honey.”

Then I got my taste of her honey and she got her screaming orgasm.

She rolled onto her stomach and, looking back over her shoulder she asked, “I’m not quite ready to go all the way yet but, if you want you could, you know maybe get on my bottom and let your cock slide along my crack. You can cum on me if you want.”

I straddled her hips, parted her succulent cheeks and put my cock between them. For the first time she felt my weight on her back and hips and for the first time she felt my cock press her anus. It wasn’t heaven but it was close.

I’d ridden her for ten or fifteen minutes, I was getting close when she murmured, “Oh God Roy, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.” I’d slid one hand under her and had been playing with her clit while I rode her.

I was ready, too. I answered, “I’m right with you Beautiful, oh hell yes, I’m right with you.”

“Honey, press it against me, I want to get some of your cum in me, Oh Christ, she screeched as I pressed my cock head against her tight little ring and blasted. I must have slid in a little way, my semen lubricated her and her bucking hips were being forced back against me.

When we’d finished Janie was so proud of herself, exalting,” You got into me Roy, you got a little way in me, I felt you spew in me and it didn’t hurt a bit.”

I hugged her, “You’re quite a woman Beautiful, an amazing lady, my lady, God, I love you so much.”

“Honey, can I sleep just like this, with your juice in me and on me, can I, can I?”

“Come here,” I answered as I took her into my arms, “Of course you can.”

She did shower the first thing the next morning, though. She was already frying bacon and eggs for breakfast when I came to the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee. Gloria was there, too.

“Hey Kiddo, are you ok?” I asked her.

“I really screwed up the other night, didn’t I?”

“Well it would be really hard to say no to that but what’s important is if you learned from the experience; it’s in the past now, I’ll never bring it up again.”

“Thanks, I really don’t want to be a bad girl.”

“Gloria, you’re not a bad girl, you’re young and young people don’t have life experiences, as a consequence they tend to make bad decisions, you did but, as far as I’m concerned that’s ancient history, ok?”

“Ok,” She answered.

We chowed down on eggs, biscuits, bacon and cantaloupe slices then Gloria took off to meet with friends and Janie dragged me kicking and screaming (not really) on a shopping spree. We were invited to the palatial home of a mega-millionaire cardiologist, the head of heart surgery at Metro General.

“It’s completely casual,” Janie said, “I just want some cute jeans and a “Smart Assed” tee shirt.

We searched and searched, how can it be so damned hard to find jeans and a tee shirt, I thought.

Voila, she found something. It was a honey yellow shirt emblazoned with a bee hive and buzzing bees with the moniker, “I love my Honey.” A play on her pet name for me, I certainly couldn’t argue with her choice Finding a pair of sexy hip hugging jeans was the easy part.

When we got home she modeled her new attire for me, even though it was only a tee shirt and jeans she looked sexy as a fashion model, she’d earned a big kiss and a hug.

We took full advantage of Gloria’s absence, Janie could scream to her heart’s content, and she did; several times.

We knew Gloria wouldn’t be home until late so we went out for sushi and sake, made an early evening of it, let her have her ultimate pleasure then made her my cowgirl. We were both spent, we fell into each others arms then the arms of Morpheus.

Janie was excited about going to the doctor’s party, truthfully I didn’t share her enthusiasm, I found most of these kinds of events boring, boring, and boring. I had no knowledge nor interest in learning about coronary bypasses or kidney replacements, sorry.

We arrived, we’d asked Gloria if she wanted to come. She’d, sensibly declined I might add, so Janie and I went. Parking was directed by a Gestapo who blew a whistle at us and, I guess since I was driving a five year old Nissan, we were sent to an area that was about a day’s hike from the exalted premises. We hiked.

The host at least greeted us at the door, he gave Janie a little buss on the cheek then was introduced to me. Middle aged and evidentially affluent, he shook my hand and we passed through. The party was on the back lawn.

The party was catered, there was a whole pig roasting and a side of beef on a Texas style barbecue and then the drinks, anything you wanted, just ask, a liveried waitperson would immediately meet your deepest desire. I had a Bud, Janie was not much of a drinker, a glass or two of wine with dinner and the rare Cosmo but not much else; she asked for a Martini, Oops, I sensed trouble.

Within an hour she’d slurped down a second and was looking for a third; I cautioned her but she laughed, “No problem Honey, I can handle it.” She wandered off and a couple of the docs engaged me in conversation.

They knew I wasn’t in the medical profession but, none the less asked me for my opinion about stem cell research. I’d done extensive reading on the subject, and even discounting religious objections I had questions, how would we support the aging population, if we lived to one hundred and fifty we certainly couldn’t retire at sixty-five, would one hundred and twenty-five be the age of retirement in the future? They had the same concerns but no answers. My Beautiful wife wandered/reeled over at about that time.

“He’s not a doc, you know?”

“Yes, we know that, actually we’re soliciting the opinions of lay people.”

“He owns a garage, he fixes cars, not hearts, not kidneys, busted carburetors and that kinda stuff, you know.”

“Please,” the doctor said, “We, my colleague and I wanted to speak with some persons outside the profession,” he said as the two of them walked away.

I couldn’t believe what I heard next, my wonderful wife slurred, “Well you certainly (it came out as shurtanally) fucked that up, I wanted to make some points with them.”

I was nearing my boiling point, I said, “Janie my beautiful wife I think perhaps we should leave.”

“Are you nuts,” she replied, I want some of that pig,” she said as she pointed to the piglet turning on the spit.

I was concerned, things were going south on us but I said, “Ok Beautiful, let’s get a table,” as I led her to a table at the side of the lawn.

“Whassa matter Roy, you don’t like me no more? She slurred.

“No, I both like you and love you but your conduct right now is outrageous. Stop it, Janie, just stop it now.” I raised my eyebrow, the cue that consequences were forthcoming.

I was surprised, the host stopped at our out of the way table and addressed me. He mentioned that two of his colleagues had spoken to me and they were interested in some of the points I’d raised about the potential problems longer life spans might create.

Janie couldn’t resist, “Doctor Uberhander, my husband owns a garage, he knows nothing about medicine.”

“I see, well, Roy, it was my pleasure meeting you, my friends were interested in your opinion.” He wheeled and walked away.

“Well you really fucked that up didn’t you Roy, the top dog in the cardiology wing and you chased him off.” It didn’t exactly sound as I’ve written it, she’d now downed three Martinis and she was slurring so badly that she was nearly incompressible.

I stood, my intent was to take Janie to the car and escape but Dr. Uberlander’s wife, Victoria approached.

With a big smile, after all she was the hostess, she asked if we were having a grand time.

Janie answered, “I would be if my husband didn’t keep trying to sound like a medical expert.”

“Yes, well,” Victoria Uberlander said. He looked at me with a pitying look, she recognized Janie’s condition.

Once Victoria had left I suggested that we go home, Janie refused.

“Beautiful, if you don’t want to go home I do believe you need to use the ladies.”

“No Roy, I don’t.”

I squeezed her arm, “Pick up your purse, I’m sure you do.”

I led her into the palatial home, I wanted a bit of privacy so I led her up the stairs.

“Roy, what are you doing?” She asked in a quivery voice.

“I think we need to have a talk, don’t you?

“Please Honey, I’m sorry, I know I’ve been a bad girl, I drank too much and was just so excited about being invited here, you understand, don’t you?”

I found a second floor half bath, I nudged her in then closed and locked the door.

“Beautiful, I never imagined it would be you, I absolutely knew it would be Gloria, but tonight we’re in someone else’s home and you’ve made a complete ass out of yourself and a fool of me.”

“Please don’t do this to me, not now, not tonight, please Roy, don’t.”

He gave her a firm smack on the bottom then asked for the lubricant she was suppose to have in her purse, she retrieved it and handed it to him then begged, “Please don’t.”

Her jeans were held up by a belt, she felt the buckle being opened, then there was a button, it parted, one side from the other, the zipper sounded as loud as a bell as he pulled it down, he took her cute hip huggers to the floor, her sexy bikini panties followed, both puddle at her feet. He instructed her to step out of both. They lay on the floor.

“Janie, you’ve embarrassed me, you’ve been disrespectful of me and you’ve sworn at me, why.”

“I’m sorry Roy, I’m so sorry, please, I’m just so tense and I was excited about being invited to this party. Please, can’t you have some compassion?”

“Later, maybe later but right now I want you to have both hands on the vanity, I want you looking into your own eyes and I want your butt thrust back toward me. Do it now.”

She thrust her bottom back as he’d instructed, he asked, how much when we get home Beautiful, five, ten, twenty minutes?”

Her knees weakened, she started to sag, he held her up then inserted his finger deeply into her bottom, Janie moaned

“Look at yourself Janie, watch, is this sexy, are you excited about what’s happening?”

He jammed his finger deeper, her head snapped up, they were eye to eye in the mirror. His finger probed deeper into her, she groaned and leaned forward, not so much pain but from an agony of embarrassment and humiliation.

He pulled his finger out and told her, “You can put your jeans back on but put your panties in your purse. Her tight little hole was leaking the lubricant, she could either sit in the mess or leave, it already felt messy to her, she could just imagine staining her jeans and someone noticing.

“Honey, please take me home, I want my spanking.”

“First we need to thank our hosts.” He led her out onto the lawn.

The doctor was engaged in conversation with three other men but his wife was circulating, Roy took Janie’s hand and led her over.

“Mrs. Uberhander Janie and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening but Janie’s not feeling so well,” Roy said.

Janie stood silent and contrite.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that Janie, sometimes alcohol and barbecue upset my stomach, too, but Arnold always knows what to do to set me right,” she said with a tight smile.

Janie sensed that Victoria Uberhander and she had a common bond, that she had also been across a lap getting her fanny reddened.

“Yes, well Roy has already been a big help and when we get home I’m sure he’ll do even more.”

Vicky again smiled, “Yes, we do understand each other don’t we?” As she moved closer to Janie and surreptitiously gave her bottom a little pat.

They drove in silence, she was nearly scared speechless by the time they got home, she vividly remembered what he’d done to Gloria and she was anticipating as bad or worse. She was so scared she was almost ready to pee herself, she wanted to go potty but he stopped her.

“Take your jeans off and put your panties on before you go,” he ordered.

He was waiting on the chair when she came back into the room.

He stood her in front of him and asked, “Tell me about the experience Beautiful.”

“I was mean and nasty to you. I embarrassed myself and humiliated you and I apologize, you’re completely right to spank me.”

“The rest, how do you feel about that?”

“God Roy, I’d much, much rather have the spanking. I felt like a chastised little girl, humbled and humiliated. But that wasn’t even the worst, Mrs. Uberhander knew, knew you’d done something, she realized you hadn’t spanked me but she saw right away that you’d done something to get me under control, I suspect she might even have guessed what.

She understood because she’d been there, I’m fairly certain that Victoria Uberhander has spent quite a bit of quality time sprawled over Dr. Uberhander’s lap.”

Without instruction Janie turned so that she faced away and lowered her panties.

Roy noticed that her anus still glistened with the lubricant, she hadn’t cleaned up when she’d gone to the bathroom, she was waiting for his permission. She bent over his lap.

He only spanked for ten minutes and, then not particularly forcefully. Once her tears were flowing he stopped and caressed her body.

“Hold me Roy, please hold me,” she asked.

He took her into his arms and let her cry herself out crushed to his chest.

Once in bed Janie said, “Roy, I’m a mature woman but it was still immensely humiliating, I can’t imagine how a teen aged girl would feel. I pray that Gloria has sense enough not to act out when we’re out in public.”

Gloria’s birthday fell midweek, Roy and Janie let her host a pool/birthday party at their home on the following Friday evening. She asked around twenty of her nearest and dearest friends, Roy and Janie were taking her out for a private family celebration the following Sunday.

The party was a success, Janie handled the monitoring duties to assure that there was no alcohol consumption or marijuana smoking, she only caught one flask which she poured down the sink. There was food in abundance with music and dancing out around the pool. It didn’t break up ‘til after one in the morning.

After everyone had departed Gloria said, “Thanks Mom, thanks Roy, I had a wonderful time and I’m sure all the others did, too, but now I’m heading for bed. My tummy hurts a little, I think I overindulged on junk food and soda. Night.”

As she walked away Roy commented, “I’d bet you looked just like she does when you were eighteen, she’s really a beautiful young woman.”

“Yeah, my clone,” Janie chuckled.

Gloria was the same 5’9” as Janie although she was ten pounds lighter. Auburn tresses, green eyes, small breasts high on her chest, she was more slender that Janie with a miniscule waist, gently flaring hips and a high tight bottom. In her youth, her long slender legs gave her a coltish look that Janie had long ago lost but then, Gloria was eighteen and Janie was thirty-eight.

“Beautiful I’m tired and you look beat, want to skip our Friday rituals?” I asked.

“Not skip but I could go for a delay, let’s do them tomorrow.”

Saturday was uneventful, they all just lazed around. Gloria seemed mopey and complained about an upset stomach and a general malaise. At one in the afternoon she went to her room to take a nap. At the same time Roy and Janie took the opportunity to complete their rituals.

Janie got her enema, her spanking and her screaming orgasm then they napped, too.

Later they all went to see a new movie then had pasta at their favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant, nothing fancy; fancy would be tomorrow night.

Their reservation was for eight, the restaurant was a world famous steakhouse, each steak was hand cut to order and, of course beef was their specialty but everything else on the menu was exceptional, from their hand made salads, fresh bread and rolls baked on premises, and most spectacular, their wine list; it was about as thick as a New York City telephone directory. Dessert could be served in a private room, just their group, a choice of music to be piped in for your listening pleasure. Roy had reserved one of the rooms.

Janie had purchased new dresses for both Gloria and herself, both girls looked stunning, Janie’s was peach and Gloria’s a pale lavender. Several sets of male eyes followed them as they were shown to their table.

It started almost immediately, what was planned as a celebration was devolving into a chore. Gloria seemed to find fault with everything, from the bread to the salad to the prime Delmonico, nothing met with her approval. Finally Janie got a little fed up.

“Gloria, what’s the matter with you, you’ve acted like a spoiled child ever since we arrived here?”

“Nothings the matter, just leave it alone Mom.”

“Gloria?” Janie questioned.

With a sweeping gesture Gloria repeated, “I said leave it alone.” The gesture overturned a half-full wine glass, fortunately no one was splashed and the staff promptly had it cleaned up.

Janie had had about enough, she said, “Maybe we better skip dessert and go home.”

To which Gloria whined, “No, that’s the only part I’ve been looking forward to.”

So it was decided, yes we would have dessert. We were shown to our private room and presented with a menu of treats and a wine list of after dinner beverages.

Janie had control of the music, she selected classical and kept the sound low, just relaxing background strains as we attempted to enjoy our desserts.

Gloria had pouted but at least she wasn’t complaining then she erupted.

“Mom would you turn off that damned longhair music, it’s making me sick; Christ, it’s my birthday dinner I should get to listen to what I want.”

“Alright, that’s enough Gloria, quit acting like a six year old. If it will please you though, I’ll change the music,” Janie told her.

Sarcastically she sneered, “Yeah, thanks Mom. And I’m not a six year old, I’m eighteen, emancipated, able to do what I want.”

“Gloria, so long as you live under our roof you can forget doing what ever you want. No matter your age you’ll abide by our rules, do you understand.”

“Ah, screw that, I’ll get my own apartment.”

“Gloria, you’re a high school junior, with no money and without at least a high school diploma no job prospects. Just how do you propose to pay your own way.”

Gloria should have realized she was crossing the line, my eyebrow was raised so high it was part of my hairline and Janie was emulating my manner; but no, instead she hissed,

“I’ll get some fuckin roommates, that’s how I’ll do it.”

I thought Janie was going to slap her, instead she picked up her purse, took something from it and passed it to me under the table, saying,

“I need to use the ladies’ room, Roy, maybe you can talk some sense into her, I’ll be back in fifteen minutes or so.”

Janie didn’t go to the ladies, she posted herself outside the door to the room to assure that none of the servers interrupted.

“I wanted to go, too,” Gloria pouted.

I’m not sure why, but I’d anticipated problems tonight and had prepared accordingly. Since my quiet punishment was quite unhygienic I’d slipped a vinyl glove into my pocket. Under the table I pulled it on.

In the room, along with our table and chairs was a low buffet the servers used while serving, the walls were mirrored all around.

“Gloria, get up and stand by the buffet facing the wall.”

She dallied, I said, “Now, obey right now.”

It finally got through to her, she was in trouble.

“What are you going to do Roy, you can’t spank me HERE, my God we’re in a restaurant.”

“No, I’m not going to spank you, not yet, that will wait ‘til we get home but I am going to give you a reminder and some instructions, now get up and do as I told you.”

Once she’d complied I came up behind her.

“Put both hands on the buffet, lean forward and look yourself in the eyes.” She complied.

“Keep your hands where they are and keep watching yourself.”

I lifted the skirt of her dress and flipped up over her back.

As her panties came down she gasped, “What are you doing?”

“Quiet, not a sound out of you.”

I lubricated my gloved fingers, with my left hand I pressed down on the small of her back.

“Raise your hips,” I told her as my right hand parted her cheeks.

“No, please Roy, don’t.”

“I told you quiet, I meant it,” as my index finger penetrated her.

Gloria moaned, I’m certain she felt some pain, she was twice as tight as Janie and Janie was as tight as the vaults at Ft. Knox.

“Keep your eyes in the mirror, I want you to look at the reason this is happening. You, Gloria, your conduct, that’s why. Now, when I finish I’m going to hand you your panties. You will not put them on, you’ll put them in your purse, when we get home you will go to your room and prepare for a spanking in my room. Speaking of your purse, in the future you will always keep a small tube of KY Jelly for just such occasions as this, do you have any questions?”

“No sir.”

As I forced my finger deeper into her I elicited another moan but I felt something else, I reached under her with my other hand and felt her abdomen, she was unnaturally tight, I pressed and she moaned.

Her bowels were compacted.

“When did you last have a bowel movement Gloria?”

“Three days before my party.”

That was five days ago and, on top of that she’d stuffed herself on junk food at the party.

“Kiddo, you’re constipated.”

“I know Roy, my tummy feels so bad. I told Mommy and she gave me a laxative.”

“When was that?”

“Last night.”

“And it hasn’t worked yet? It’s not going to, I’ll take care of this when we get home. Gloria, this doesn’t excuse your conduct but it, at least explains it.”

“What can you do Roy?”

“We’ll take care of you before you get your spanking.”

At that moment the door to our room opened, Janie quietly announced, “It’s me.”

Gloria sobbed, “Oh God, I’m mortified, here I am with my butt bare and up in the air, Roy’s finger in me and my Mother walks in.”

Janie couldn’t resist, with her cell phone she snapped a picture.

“Oh Mom, you wouldn’t, please, please, never.”

Withdrawing my finger I said, “Maybe we should go home now.”

I tossed the glove into a waste basket as we departed.

At home while Gloria got ready Janie spread the towel on the bed while I got the enema equipment. I only filled the bucket partly full with warm water but did add two packets of Castile Soap. I was going to give her a wash-out, only two or three bulbs full to cleanse her lower bowel then I’d give a second enema of as much as she could take with clear water to rinse her and also clean her colon. I was sitting on the bedside waiting when she came in.

She took in the appliances I was going to employ and stammered, “Wwwwhat are you going to do?”

“I’m going to give you an enema, two in fact before we’re done, come over here.”

“Roy, you’re scaring me.”

“Come on, this isn’t going to hurt, in fact, it’ll make you feel better.”

I tugged her panties off and guided her over my lap.

“It’s not so scary, but I’ll explain as we go along so you don’t have any surprises, ok?”

“I guess,” was her tremulous reply.

“Ok Kiddo, I’m going to lubricate you, you’ll feel my finger rubbing some cool gel on your bottom hole then you’ll feel my finger in you, ready?”

I was already parting her cheeks before she answered. I rubbed a quantity of lube over her opening then warned her that my finger was coming in. She moaned quietly as I penetrated her virgin bottom. As I mentioned back at the restaurant Gloria was unbelievably tight, I thought to myself the man that gets this is in for a real treat.

Janie was sitting on the spanking chair watching as I filled the first bulb.

“Gloria, I’m going to put some soapy water in you now.”

I gave her three bulbs then rubbed her back and bottom as I had her retain the enema for ten minutes.

“Janie, would you help her to the toilet,” I asked.

While the girls were in the bathroom I went to another, rinsed and filled the bucket and washed the syringe. I was waiting when Gloria was finished.

“Whew, that worked, thank you Roy,” she told me.

“Feeling a little better now?”

“Yes, a bunch.”

“Ok, back over, this one is only clear water, the first one was soapy, we need to rinse you so the soap doesn’t irritate you. I’m going to use a lot more water though, we’ll clean your entire colon.”

Once she was over my lap I told her that I needed to lubricate her again and then we’d start.

After she was lubed I said, “Ok, here we go; just relax.”

I watched as the nozzle parted her tight sphincter muscles and slid into her. I rubbed her back through out and enjoined her to relax.

She took it well, I’d gotten five bulbs into her before she complained of cramping. I gave her a break for a few minutes until the cramps had passed before adding a sixth. She couldn’t take more.

I helped her to her feet then guided her down on her back.

“I’m going to massage your tummy now, we want to work the water all the way up into you. I began.

The same upward pressing circular pressure I’d used with Janie, the cramping stopped as the water was disbursed then had her hold it for five minutes before asking Janie to again help her to the bathroom. Once they were gone I cleaned up the equipment and stowed it in the closet. It would be back out the following Friday.

It was twenty minutes before the girls made it back. I asked Gloria if she’d like to lie down for a few minutes before we proceeded. She said that would be nice. She crawled onto the bed tummy down.

“Want me to rub your back?” I asked.

“Unhuh, please.”

After a few minutes she whispered, “is Mom gonna stay and watch me get spanked?”

“If you want her to, yes.”

“No, I’d like it to be private.”

Janie heard her and said, “I think I’ll go and watch a little TV while you two finish.”

She left closing the door behind her.

I got up and moved to the chair saying, “Come on, let’s get this over with.”

She laid across my lap.

“Would you rub my bottom before we start, please.”

As I rubbed I asked her why she hadn’t wanted Janie to stay.

“Roy, I’m eighteen now, chronologically of age to take responsibilities for my conduct. I know I was a little bitch tonight, and I’m sorry. I’ll apologize to Mom in a little while. But I’m afraid I’d embarrass myself if she stayed.”

“What do you mean Kiddo?”

“I just wanted to talk to you, tell you about a conversation I had with Gina. She warned me about spankings and even told me about your finger. I guess I didn’t believe her but she said that both she and Jenna feared that much more than any spanking. The humiliation and embarrassment, the sensation that we’re bad little girls, having to look yourself in the eye, knowing that even after the finger comes out we’ll still have a constant reminder, no panties, bare bottomed, until we get home and get a spanking, that we’ll be messy and gooey. Now that I’ve experienced it, just like Gina and Jenna, I don’t want to go through it again. I promise I’ll do better in the future.”

“ I understand, now are you about ready,” I asked.

“Yes sir,” she replied.

“I’m going to spank ‘til you cry, I want you to understand that.”

“I want to cry ‘cause then you’ll hold me and hug me.”

“Yeah, I will; here we go.”

I gave her a ten minute warm up and had her a nice shade of pink when we took our first break.

As I rubbed her bottom I watched as she inched her legs slightly apart, just enough to get a glimpse of her other pink spot.

When I picked it back up, I was more forceful, I’d gotten her to a pretty shade of red before the first tears flowed. She wriggled on my lap and her legs parted further. I had a feeling that it was intentional, she was showing me her pretty young wares.

I continued to spank until she was blubbering then stopped to caress her. I massaged her cheeks then rubbed across the crease between thigh and bottom, she raised her hips to meet my hand, it was evident that she wanted me to touch her, but no, I wouldn’t as alluring as she was.

“Ok, let’s finish up. Spread your legs, I want to give you a couple on your thighs.”

She was energetic, splaying her legs so far that her cheeks parted, I had a view of her little rosebud. Her labia were open, her vulva was coral pink and wet. She might not have climaxed but she was certainly lubricating, the scent of feminine arousal permeated the room.

Two quick ones to each thigh, I let my hand rest where I’d last struck.

Through her tears Gloria whispered, “You can touch me if you want to Roy.”

“No, I can’t Kiddo, I’m your step-father, not your lover now just come up here and let me hold you for a while.”

I cradled her svelte body, smoothed her hair and kissed her cheek.

“Roy, can I call you Dad?”

“If you want and it’s ok with your Mom, sure, I’d like it if you called me Dad.”

“Dad, I like saying that; Dad, I know you give Mommy a spanking and an enema every Friday night; could you do that for me, too?”

“Well a little maintenance spanking might not do you any harm but you don’t need an enema every week.”

“But you give Mommy one.”

“Gloria, that’s different.”

“Yeah, I guess it is; you’re getting her ready, aren’t you, you’re gonna put it in her back there but you haven’t yet, I’d hear if you did.”

“I think that’s more information than a daughter needs.”

“Why would you think that?”

“Cause guys like to do that with girls and she’s got a cute butt, just like mine but only a little bit bigger.”

“Like I said, too much information.”

“I’ll know when you do.”

“Ok, bedtime for Kiddo.”

She climbed off his lap, picked up her panties and walked to the door. Before leaving she turned, grinned at him and said, “I’ll know, Dad, I’ll know.”

When Janie joined him in the bedroom she sniffed the air.

“God Roy, what went on in here? This room smells like a French Bordello, or at least what I think a French Bordello would smell like.”

“Well, I’m sure there’s the scent of a female bottom from her enemas.”

‘Yes, and?”

“I’m afraid Gloria found her spanking arousing.”

“That’s it, I recognized the smell, she smells just like me when I get hotter than a firecracker.”

Then he went on, “She knows about Friday nights, your spanking and your enema. She wants to get the same. I told her ok to light maintenance spankings but no to the enemas.”

“What did she say to that?”

“She’s ok with it, she said she knows why you get your enemas anyhow.”


“Yeah, she said I’m preparing you for anal sex but that we hadn’t done it yet ‘cause she’d know when you did that.”

“My God, is there no privacy in this house?” Then Janie continued,

“Well, I guess it’s time to see if she will know. You told me I’d ask for it. I’m asking, next Friday after my enema and spanking. Don’t spank too hard, I don’t want to be terribly sore.”

“Next Friday, it’s a date.”

As they lay in bed Janie said, “I’m afraid we haven’t heard the end of it, if I know my daughter, and I do, she’ll persist, it sounds like she’d developing a crush on you.”

“You really think so?” Roy asked.

“Yes to the crush and no to her giving up. I know her and she doesn’t give up. She can be awfully bull-headed as I think you’ve learned.”

“Well, what do you suggest Beautiful, how do we deal with it?”

“Honey, I know you’ll think I’m crazy but the only thing I can see working is to give her what she wants…no, wait, let me finish. There is one caveat, what ever happens I must be in the room. Maybe her sense of modesty will overcome her horniness.”

“Do you think it’ll work?”

“No, honestly I don’t think it will stop her; she’ll probably want to be there watching when we’re together.”

“Oh, and?”

“If you can deal with it so can I.”

“Do you want her there this Friday?”

“Why not, let’s do give her an enema and a spanking then she can watch while I get mine.”

“I meant after, you know.”

“Oh yeah, I know and it’s scaring the poop out of me.”

“Ah, no, I’ll take care of that.”

“Yeah, I suppose you will, maybe it’s scaring the pee out of me.”

“Do you want me to talk with her,” Janie.

“No Honey, leave that duty to me.”

She had her conversation with Gloria the following morning and, as anticipated she did want to be in attendance if Janie was going to be with her for what ever she and Dad did.

Time truly is relative. The hours until Friday night were exactly the same for Roy, Janie and Gloria, but.

For Roy the time dragged, each hour seeming longer than the last. He’d wanted Janie’s bottom from the first moment he’d seen her and, truly, he was anticipating his encounter with Gloria, wherever that might lead.

For Janie, the time flew. She was nervous, her tummy wouldn’t settle. She was sure it would hurt when he went in her, he was so big, much larger than her first husband. It had taken several months for her to easily take him in her vagina now she would be surrendering her virgin bottom.

For Gloria, too, time passed quickly, if anything she was even more nervous than her Mom. She didn’t know what Dad was going to do but whatever it was she knew she’d have her Mother, her Mother for God’s sake, as her audience.

Yet, strangely enough, Friday evening arrived at the same time for all of them. After a light meal, which neither of the girls touched they retired to the bedroom.

Gloria’s voice was low and raspy with a quiver as she asked, “What are we going to do.”

“Kiddo, you go first, you’ll get your enema then your spanking. Afterward, you can have anything you want with my hands.”

“Ok,” she whispered.

“Why not have a seat while we prepare.”

Janie spread the towel while Roy got the equipment. He sat down on the bedside and asked her to come to him.

“You’re sure you want to go through with Gloria?”

“Yes, I’m a little scared but, yes.”

He pulled her to him.

“Let me help you undress,” he said as he lifted her top off. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts stood out, her nipples were swollen.

Next he lowered her shorts.

“Step out of those please.”

He rolled her panties down over her hips and let them fall to the floor.

She stepped out of them and stood naked and trembling.

As he admired her young body he said, “I don’t think I should call you Kiddo anymore, you qualify as a woman, how about I call you Cutie?”

“Yes Dad, I’m your Cutie.”

“Ok, over my lap,” he said as he guided her down.

He lubricated her and inserted the first syringe. Slowly he inched it into her, watching her be penetrated. The thought occurred that he might be that man who took her anal virginity. It would be his delight. He squeezed and the water flowed.

After five he stopped and, holding her on his lap waited five minutes, all the time lightly stroking her perfect bottom.

Janie took her to the bathroom, he’d asked that Janie see that she showered afterwards. While he waited on them, he cleaned the equipment.

When she came out she was scrubbed and sweet smelling. She came to him and folded herself over his lap.

‘Do you want to cry Cutie.”

“Maybe a little bit Dad.”

He turned her pink with a ten minute warm-up, stroked her for a few minutes then reddened her until her eyes were leaking.

“Spread your legs for me Cutie.”

She thought she was going to get the thigh slap, her legs were wide. Instead he inserted two fingers into her vagina. She was tight, much tighter than Janie but she wasn’t a virgin. With his left hand he daubed a small amount of lube on her pucker, rested his right thumb against her portal and strummed her clit with his index finger.

As he’d done with Janie he let her skewer herself on his thumb with her own pelvic thrusting. She moaned as he slid into her then pounded against his hand violently.

Her body began to tremble, he felt the contractions of both her vagina and anus. She wailed, not as loudly as Janie maybe but she was no shrinking violet in the sound department either.

As she settled down he asked, “Feel good?”

“Oh yeah, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”

Standing and carrying her to the bed he laid her on her back and climbed in over her saying, “Maybe we can do better.”

He gave her a little kiss then concentrated on her breasts. Her nipples were swollen and tender. He was gentle as he sucked and caressed then he trailed kisses down over her tummy and lower.

Oh God, he’s going to tongue me, she thought. Of course she knew about it, how could you not with the Internet but the boys she’d been with, all two of them wouldn’t do it. Sure they wanted her to suck them but they wouldn’t taste her, said it was too dirty.

An electric shock like she’d never felt flowed through her as Dad’s tongue parted her labia and glided along her coral slit.

Roy glanced over, Janie was nearly gasping for breath as she masturbated herself, her hand down the front of her shorts. He smiled, yes, she’d be so sexually charged up he’d probably have to fight her off.

Gloria’s scent and taste were nearly identical to Janie’s. A little lighter, perhaps but, no doubt she’d acquire the depth of taste and fragrance with age.

He slid lower and rimmed her tight ring then replaced his tongue with a finger. He seated it deeply in her. She groaned as he slowly pumped in and out. His mouth moved up. Her clitoris was red, blood engorged, protruding. He took it between his lips, licked it and sucked it into his mouth. He had to grab her around the hips and hold her down, her orgasm was cataclysmic, she screamed rivaling Janie’s best efforts, her shaking head was whipping her auburn locks hither and yon and tremors shook her, her tummy muscles were rippling like a washboard, Roy slid down just a little, he wanted to drink her gushing nectar, staying on her until her flood ceased.

She looked like she’d been through the mill, disheveled hair and glazed eyes. He came up and gave her a full tongue kiss. He wanted her to taste herself on his lips.

After she’d regained her equilibrium she asked, “Can I touch you Dad.”

“Of course you can Cutie.”

She lowered his shorts, he was only at half-staff, she took it in hand, she couldn’t span the entire circumference and stroked until he was hard.

“My God Dad, you’re huge (he was a fat eight inches), you’d hurt me, I just know.”

Her only comparison was with two teenagers, yes, Roy did look huge.

“Dad, are you going to put it in me?”

“That remains to be seen, doesn’t it.”

“I’m already scared.”

“I’d get you ready before we ever went there.”

“What do you mean, ‘get me ready,’ what will you do.”

“Just watch and learn tonight.”

She caught her breath, “You’re going to, tonight?”

“Want to jump up, it’s Beautiful’s turn.”

How about you put the towel back on the bed while I get my things.

He got his bucket and syringe, came back and sat on the bed.

“Come to me Beautiful.”

She stood and started to undress.

“No, tonight let me do that for you; what did you think?”

“God Honey, it was awesome, I already came once just watching, my panties are soaked.”

“Good, I’d hoped that you’d enjoy.”

He lifted off her top, unfastened her brassiere and let it fall from her shoulders then lowered her shorts. He reached between her legs and cupped her sex.

“Yeah, you are sopping,” as he tugged her panties off.

She bent over him, he lubricated her in preparation then inserted the nozzle.

Five bulbs, five minutes retention then Gloria helped her to the bath for evacuation and her shower. Roy washed the enema equipment and stowed it in the closet for another week.

She came to him and prostrated herself over his thighs.

“You want tears Beautiful?”

“Maybe a few, like you gave Gloria.”

Gloria, still naked sat on the bed waiting.

He gave her a ten minute warm-up, rubbed her then turned her cute bottom red. He stopped as the first tears fell and cradled her in his arms.

“Let’s talk through what’s going to happen, ok Beautiful.”

“You’ll get your cunnilingus, I’m gonna take you right to the edge then stop. I’ll probably do that four or five times. I want you lubricating heavily and acutely aroused. You’ll probably cuss at me because I won’t give you your orgasm; if you do I forgive you in advance. Then I’m going to put you on your hands and knees. I’ll put a pillow under your you and lower your head to the pillow. Then I’ll lubricate you, I’m going to use a lot of lube, that’s one of the secrets to enjoyable anal sex but the most important thing is that you be totally relaxed. When I move up behind you, I’ll talk and caress you then place the head of my cock against your anus. When I ask you to, I want you to bear down like you’re trying to go potty. That’s when I’ll enter you.”

“Ok Roy, I trust you about this.”

“Beautiful, I’m not going to lie to you, you may feel some pain. Cry if you want to, that’s partly what your pillow is for. If it gets to be too much, tell me and I’ll stop, remember that, if it’s too painful, I’ll stop. Any questions?”

“I’m going to hurt, aren’t I?”

“Probably this first time, at least a little, but with practice we’ll get over that.”

“Gloria, I think we need the bed now.”

He picked up Janie and carried her to the bed.

“God I love you Beautiful, give me a smile.”

She did and he parted her luscious folds with the tip of his tongue, he tasted her slickness and probed her vagina before moving to her clitoris. He toyed with it with the tip of his tongue ‘til her breathing got ragged then he stopped. She swiveled her hips at him and said,

“Come on.”

When her breathing returned to normal he resumed.. This time as she neared she started thrusting her hips hard against his lips, when her breathing changed he stopped again.

“Animal,” she called him. He just smiled at her.

And then he started again. On the fourth time, her vagina was lubricating copiously, she was flowing like a fountain, there was even a small wet spot under her on the bed.

She hissed, “Bastard, I feel like I’m ready to explode.”

“Good,” he told her as he came up beside her.

“Turn over on your tummy Beautiful.”

As she did so he helped her up to her knees, placed the pillow and lowered her head.

“I’m going to lubricate you now.”

He looked, the KY Jelly was just out of reach.

“Cutie, could you hand me the lube, it’s right there on the night stand.”

Gloria looked a little shocked, she’d really never seen sex, she couldn’t watch herself the two times she’d done it. She handed him the gel.

“I’m going to take my time getting you ready, I want to get plenty of this up in you. It’ll make it go smoother.”

He began, first just a coating over her entrance then a finger into her. She tensed up.

“Remember, I explained how important it is that you relax, take a deep breath and lose the tension.”

As he felt her relaxing he added another big squirt of the lube and added a second finger.

Janie moaned when the second finger penetrated her but her muscles stayed loose. More lube and a third finger, she groaned as he gently pumped his hand in and out. Then more lubricant, working it deep into her, then more lube.

He wiped his hand on the towel and moved up behind her.

Caressing her sides, hips and bottom he crooned to her, “You’re doing wonderfully, you’re my great girl Beautiful; just stay relaxed, that’s my gal, that’s perfect. Now I’m going to be against your body. You’ll feel my head press against you, when I say push I want you to push down like I told you, ready, push.”

As she bore down he popped through her virgin sphincters.

She groaned, “Oooooooooooooooo.”

With firm pressure he continued into her. He’d found that stopping was self-defeating, her sphincters were already stretched, she was open and he was filling her.

“Oh God, it hurts Honey, you’re so big, so big.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Yes, but don’t, I want to do this but I’m gonna cry.”

“Use your pillow.”

She was making little mewling sounds deep in her throat as he pressed deeper into her. He was about four inches in when he began caressing her sides and massaging her bottom.

“You’re doing fine Beautiful, God you’re so hot.”

Gloria sat entranced, he was going into her so slowly she could see as each inch disappeared into her. Her Mommy was crying and she was certainly getting fucked. Gloria knew that one day she’d probably get it, too. And when his big cock was slowly splitting her, it would be her tears on the pillow with her Mommy watching. God, Dad’s cock looked so big. Just the thought of being penetrated this way took her breath away.

He’d inched further forward, at least six inches was in her when she began to squirm. Roy knew what the problem was, he gripped her hips pushed forward and bottomed out.

Janie groaned at the final penetration then moaned, “I’ve gotta go Honey, take it out, I’m gonna poop myself.”

He held her down, “Stop the squirming Janie, you don’t have to poop, you had an enema about two hours ago.”

“I do, too, I gotta go.”

“You don’t need a BM, what you’re feeling is my cock in your bowels, it’s me filling you up, now settle down and relax. I’m going to pump you now,” he told her as he began long languid slow pumping.

He slow stroked her for about fifteen minutes then stopped, reached up and took her right hand. He guided it back between her legs and placed her fingers on her clit.

“Rub it, I think it’ll feel good to you.”

As she pleasured herself he resumed pumping.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“It does, it does feel good Honey.”

“Beautiful, I’m going to ride you a little harder and faster, be ready.”

He pulled his feet up so they were parallel to her thighs then rose on his haunches, let her hips take some of his weight and mounted her.

His hands were on her cheeks, holding her open as he thrust, God she had the tightest ass he’d ever been in yet she’d taken all eight inches.

When he began to really pound her she moaned but soon lost herself again to her dancing fingers.

Fast, hard and furious he powered deeply into her bowels.

Janie groaned, “God Honey it feels like you’re a foot deep in my guts.”

“Only eight inches,” was his reply.

After five minutes of the frenzied action Janie asked, “Are you about ready to cum Honey, ‘cause I am.”

He thrust rapidly, he felt the cum rising, she felt the first jerk of his pulsing jets of semen when she screamed announcing her orgasm, Roy roared like a male lion as he poured into her. He pumped ‘til he began to soften then rode her down to the mattress. He stayed on her and in her as he looked over to his dazed step-daughter.

“Bedtime for Cutie, I’m afraid.”

She got up, picked up her clothing and stumbled to her room. She’d seen a lot and she had a lot to think about. She wasn’t sure what waited her in the night, pleasant sexy dreams or nightmares.

After Gloria had left he rolled off Janie, pulled her into his arms and kissed her with a passion they hadn’t often shared.

“How’s my beautiful wife, Beautiful?”

“Your Beautiful feels whipped, man, that takes it out of a girl.”

“Let’s rest and snuggle for a while.”

“Let me rinse off and get a nightie.”

“No, I’d like you to stay here, you won’t need to do those things.”

“Why not?”

“Well, if you rinse off I’ll just have to lubricate you again and if you put on a nightie I’ll just have to take it off.”

“What do you mean Honey?”

“This was only round one, I’m going to spend a lot of the night in you then again tomorrow and Sunday.”

“Sounds like a rough night for Janie Girl.”

“Come here and let’s bill and coo as they used to say.”

That really isn’t what the did, what they did was talk about Gloria.

“Roy, when she saw the size of your penis I think it nearly scared the pants off her.”

“Oh, so that’s all it takes to get them off?”

She swatted him saying, “Not funny,” then chuckled. “Well maybe a little funny.”

“If she stays and wants to play are you really going to?”

“You mean her tight little back door?”

“Yeah, that’s what I mean, I’m a fully grown, sexually experienced adult woman and it was all and I mean absolutely all that I could do to take it.”

“I doubt it, I think all she wants are her little orgasms and to play at being a big girl.”

“But you’re grooming her for it, the spankings, the enemas and the orgasms, when you’ve got her conditioned you’ll take her, won’t you? God, if you do I’ll be there for her. I’ll try to soothe her, relax her and I’ll give her my fingers while she cries and I know she’ll cry. She thinks she’s such a toughie but she doesn’t do pain well.”

“From her spankings I already kinda figured that out.”

“Honey, would you want her vagina? I know she’s no virgin but I’d bet she’s still young and tight and she’s been on birth control since she was fifteen. Maybe that would be easier on her, do you think?”

What Roy thought was that it would be nigh on impossible to pass on that cute coral pink pussy. What he said was, “Why don’t you find out what she has to say?”

Janie was still lying on her tummy, Roy massaged her shoulders, her back and down to her bottom.

“Damn, you’re one sexy woman, woman.”

“Does that mean you’re ready again?”

“Well, I do believe I could perform if I was forced.”

Janie started up to her knees but he said, “Just lie still, we’ll do it a little differently this time.”

She was still pretty squishy from before, he did add a bit more lube then straddled her hips.

“Remember the time you let me ride your crack?”

“Sure, it was part of my warm-up to the real thing.”

“Well, we’re going to do it pretty much like that but it will be the real thing.”

He slid his cock along her anal crevasse then guided it to his target.

“I’m coming in, push,” he said as his penis pierced her.

He didn’t really pump her, he just sorta rocked back and forth, not so different than how he’d ridden her crack the first time.

“Hurt?” He asked.

“Not really, I’ve got that same full feeling but you’re not as deep. It doesn’t hurt much, maybe just a little soreness from before.

“Beautiful, you’ve got one spectacular ass.”

“As cute as Gloria’s.”

Was that the green eyed monster, jealously, flashing from those enticing green eyes? Diplomatically he answered, “Looking exactly as your clone will when she’s thirty-eight.”

“Hunh, some answer.”

“We were talking about vaginas earlier, right?”

“Well, at least Gloria’s, yes, why?”

“I’d like to talk to you about yours, we’ve got a yours and two mines, would you consider an ours?”

“Honey, what are you asking, if I’d consider a baby?”

“Janie you’re still young, thirty-eight isn’t old at all, we make plenty of money and we’ve got this big house completely paid for, we’re financially secure, even if you need help we could hire a nanny, I’d like it if you’d have my baby.”

“Roy, if this ain’t the cat’s meow, I’m lying here skewered with eight inches of cock up my bootie, we just had a conversation about you having sex with my eighteen year old daughter and now we’re discussing motherhood for me at least thirty-eight and you’ll be forty-four. I’m not sure I signed on for this but, what the hell, it’s been a fun ride so far. Why not, I’ll make an appointment with my gynecologist, go off the pill and prepare myself to be a Mommy again. I love the idea. Now, quit taking and screw me.”

In this position it was easy for him to reach under her. He gave her his fingers as he rocked deeper into her.

After about fifteen minutes he asked, “Are you gonna cum again?”

“Oh man, yes, I’m almost there.”

His flicked his fingers faster and pumped her more rapidly; she screamed out her pleasure as his semen gushed into her.

He stayed on her until he softened and fell out.

She didn’t even suggest cleaning up, she already knew the night was young.

“So Honey, I’m gonna be a Mommy again and you’re gonna be a Daddy; do you want me to breast feed, I could share, you know.”

He licked his lips at the thought, now that they’d decided he was looking forward to being a new father again and, as much as he loved his girls he’d be so proud if his Beautiful gave him a son.

They cuddled and napped in each other’s arms, she was the first to stir. Janie looked at the clock, three-thirty a.m., she found his penis and stroked him to hardness.

As his eyes opened she said, “Your Beautiful is ready if you are, let’s do it like we did last time, I liked that.”

With the addition of just a bit more lube he mounted her.

God, his woman could scream he mused as the windows shook.

There last coupling of the night started at around five. He positioned her on her side with her back to him.

In the spoon position he told her, “Arch your back and scoot your bottom back against me, I’m going to enter you from behind.”

She cooed as he easily slid into her. Neither of them climaxed, with her in his arms both dozed off.

It was after nine when Janie awakened, Roy was still sleeping. She started to get up when she felt his arm around her waist.

“Not yet,” he said.

“Honey, I’ve got to pee pee.”

“In a few minutes, you’ll probably want to sit on the throne for a little while, too. You won’t have a bowel movement but you do have a rectum full of semen that you might want to drain so you don’t leak.”

“Can I shower then?”

“Of course, but let’s give you a little more semen to drain,” he said as he pulled her onto the mattress on her back.

“Lift your hips,” he instructed as he doubled over a pillow and slid it under her.

“I want you to pull your legs up toward your breasts.”

“Honey, what are you going to do?”

“Have sex with you while I can watch your beautiful eyes, your pretty face and see those breasts I’m already salivating over.” He reached for the KY tube and added more of the lube.

“Pull them back…thata girl, just like that.”

He took a moment to admire her, in this position all of her feminine treasures were on display, her tight anus, her glistening vaginal slit, her breasts and her smile. He moved forward and penetrated her.

Her eyes closed and she gave out a little moan as he slid into her.

He continued until all eight inches were seated in her then began massaging her breasts, she opened her eyes.

He began thrusting and said, “Touch yourself, I want to watch while you touch yourself.”

Her fingers slid to her clit and she began to strum it in a rhythm with his thrusts.

“You like?” He asked.

“Unhuh, I like, I like being able to see my handsome Honey while I give him what he wants.”

“You know, you’re the best, the absolute best Beautiful. I can’t believe I’m so lucky as to have won you.”

‘Oh, I’m a prize now?”

“Yeah, my prize as the luckiest guy in the world.”

“Kiss me Honey, can you lean forward far enough to kiss me?” He could.

“You can give it to me a little harder if you want,” she told him.

Needing no further prodding he picked up the pace.

Her window shaking wail announced to the world that Janie had climaxed once again. Roy pumped into her, filling her bowels with his semen.

They showered together, each scrubbing the other, special attention paid to intimate places, dried each other and, while Janie retired to the potty for a drain, Roy donned a robe and headed to the kitchen saying, I’ll squeeze the orange juice and make the rye toast but you gotta poach the eggs, yeah, that’s right Roy couldn’t even poach an egg.

When she finally came down the juice was squeezed and the toast was in the oven to keep it warm. She commented,

“I think I’m down a quart, anything you can do about it?”

“I’m sure we can work something out.”

About then a bleary eyed eighteen year old stumbled in.

After a greeting of “Good Morning Bright Eyes,” from Roy he was met with

“I got almost no sleep last night, every time I managed to doze off I was (with her eyes boring into her Mother) awakened by the wail of a banshee…what did you people do?”

Janie smiled, “I’ll never tell.” Roy echoed that sentiment.

“We’re having poached eggs and dry rye toast, orange juice and coffee, what would you like?”

“Could you do two scrambled with bacon, buttered wheat toast and some of the juice and coffee?”

“Of course, the coffee’s brewed, pour yourself a cup while I get things put together for you.”

Once the meal was served and all were seated it was a little tense around the table, where to start, who to start it?

Roy decided on neutral ground.

“Gloria, you’re going into your senior year, have you given any thought to college?”

“A little but not a lot, I didn’t think I’d be able to go, you know, my grades are usually pretty good but I’m no scholarship quality student.”

“Tell you what, you buckle down, show you’re trying, I’ll foot the bill, fair deal?”

‘Oh Dad, I know you do pretty well but your not rich like the doctors at Mom’s hospital or anything and college is so expensive.”

“Gloria, were you aware that both of my daughters attend a private college, they aren’t scholarship students, they share a condo that I happen to own and they each have their own cars and adequate spending money, where do you imagine it comes from?”

Incredulously she asked, “You?”

“Yes, me. Look, we’re a family now and every family has its secrets, an example would be last night, I don’t think we want to share that with the world, do we? You Gloria have secrets, Janie, I’m sure you have yours and I have mine. I’ve never lied to you Janie, you know how I feel about that but I haven’t been absolutely forthcoming, either; there are many things that even Jenna and Gina have no idea about. I didn’t always share everything with Millie, either, she was a fun gal but she couldn’t keep her mouth shut. So Gloria, lead off, like I said, we’re family, I want to hear your secrets.”

“Am I going to get spanked for what I tell?”

“No, after this morning we move on, no repercussions, just the truth.”

“Ok but I could be in real trouble, so I’m trusting you Dad. I smoke marijuana sometimes.” She paused.

“If I catch you I will spank but today you have a free ride, continue.”

She nearly stammered as she sputtered, “I’ve had sex with two boys, I didn’t like it very much the first one hurt me and the second one was like a bunny rabbit, done in seconds.”

“Anything else?”

“Oh, I could tell you about little girl things, sneaking cigarettes, cutting a class or two, that kinda stuff but, I guess my biggest secret is that I’m a little scared of you Dad. I mean, you haven’t really done anything to hurt me or anything but I see some pain in my future.”

“Gloria, you might be right but I want you to know how proud I am of you sharing your secrets and concerns. Come here and let me give you a big hug.”

She came into his arms, got her squeeze and a kiss and retook her chair.

“Janie, you’re up to bat.”

”Oh, please Honey, do I have to?”

“Of course, now what have you done that’s so bad?”

She started, “I cheated on my first husband once, it was with a handsome intern, when we finally got together I found out he was a freak, he wanted me to spank him and pee on his chest. I ran out like my hair was on fire, God, I couldn’t believe it.”

“Anything else?” Roy asked.

“Oh, I’m so ashamed about this, I shoplifted a purse when I was thirteen and got caught. The store detective took me into this little room and told me he could either call the police or I could take a spanking and not come back to the store. I took the spanking, I had on a pair of jeans, he took them and my panties down to my knees, whacked my bare bottom about ten times then told me to get out of there and don’t steal again. Maybe I do think corporal punishment, even if I didn’t use it with Gloria, works because I never stole anything else ever again.”

“Any other sins?”

She gave him a smirky smile and said, “Not until I met you, your turn.”

“We don’t have enough time so I’m going to do some editing. When I was young I was a hellion, I settled arguments with my fists and I rarely lost but I came of an age when I needed to earn a living. I got a job as an auto mechanic in a garage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, knuckle busting work but my boss, the owner was an old man, he was getting ready to retire. I’d saved a few bucks, he liked me, I gave him what money I had and we worked out terms for me to buy the shop. Here I am, twenty-three and I own my own business, damn, do I think I’m hot shit. The shops spinning off maybe fifty, sixty a year and I’m a cheap prick, I’m living on ten. Two years later I buy a second shop. My investment advisor is aces, the best. He’s handled those things from the beginning but I’ve always lived a pretty simple life, you understand?”

“Roy, I know you’re pretty well set, you own a nice house, you have a successful business, we know that but what’s your point?”

“Beautiful, I don’t own a successful business, I have a chain of seventeen successful business that span the country, you were impressed with Dr Uberhander’s home? I could pay cash for it. I’m worth an estimated twenty-seven million dollars and if I liquidated my business and real estate and converted it to cash or liquid investments I’d probably top a hundred million.”

The girls both gaped at him slack jawed. Gloria was the first to respond..

“You’re kidding us, right, Dad?”

“I’ll ask you again, where do you want to go to college?”

“Let me explain, what you know won’t change out lifestyle, and I’ve already written both of you into my will.”

Janie still sat slack jawed, finally she said, “What is this, ‘I married a millionaire,’ is that what you just told me Roy?”

“No, not at all Beautiful, I think it’s ‘I married a multimillionaire,’ don’t you?”

“Honey, let’s go back to bed, I’m in shock and need to lie down.”

Gloria piped up, “Can I come, too?”

“Oh, come on, why not,” Janie told her.

Once on the bed Janie asked, “Roy Honey why didn’t you tell me.”

“Think about it, you’re a nurse, you make pretty good money, I own a garage, I make pretty good money, we’re equals. You’re not chasing my cash, you like Roy, you fall in love with Roy, you marry Roy. Even at the docs party you pointed out I was just a garage owner, not a high falluting dude like they were, right?”

“Roy, I’m sorry about that and I’ve apologized.”

“Yes you have and I don’t hold it against you, not at all. You’re my Beautiful and the most spectacular woman I’ve ever met. But I ‘m particularly impressed that you accepted me just as a lonely garage owner, you understand.”

Yes, she did. She loved Roy because he was her Honey and not for his money, she relied, “Yes I do understand, I loved you before you were rich or at least before I knew you were rich.”

Perhaps Gloria had made a mistake in coming in, certainly she made a mistake by opening her teen aged mouth, it simply wasn’t the time nor appropriate when she asked,

“What about me?”

It was Janie that took the lead and answered, “Well, what about you?”

“I want to know what happens to me now?”

“Gloria, you sound like a money grabbing little bitch, now hush, ok?”

She sniveled, “Well I just want to know, what’s wrong with that?”

I answered, “Gloria, I’ve already agreed to pay for your college education and you are one of my heirs, you’ll be well provided for, ok? Now, that said, your attitude toward your mother is about to require correction.” Waggling his right index finger at her he cautioned, you’re awfully close to a spanking or…”

She found the waggling finger mesmerizing, she knew what he was warning; Janie knew, too. They’d both experienced it although Gloria didn’t know that her Mommy had endured that humiliation.

“I’m sorry Mommy and Dad,” she got up and hugged them both.

Janie thought now was an appropriate time to break the news, it was after all a family meeting.

“Gloria, I, well we, have decided that we want a baby together, you’ll have a little brother or sister.”

Janie wasn’t sure what kind of a reaction to expect but, when Gloria exalted, “Mom, that’s wonderful,” then smirked, “Can I be there and watch while you make it?”

Janie looked to Roy who said, “After what you saw last night, I don’t see why not.”

“Gloria, I need to visit my gynecologist before we try, maybe it would be a good idea if you came, too.”

That took a little of the wind out of Gloria’s sails, she wouldn’t look forward to being prodded even if the doctor was another woman but she said, “If you think it’s a good idea, sure.”

Gloria had never had a full exam, her pediatrician had prescribed her birth control pills.

Their appointment was for Wednesday, Gloria would pick Janie up when school was out, and they’d go together.

They went into the examination room together. The nurse gave them skimpy Johnnies and after recording weight, height, temperature and blood pressure told them that the doctor would be with them in just a moment.

When they were alone Janie asked, “Nervous?”

“A bunch.”

“Me, too but if you want, I’ll go first; you can see how the exam is done.”

“Oh thanks Mommy.”

The doctor came in, greeted them both and asked Gloria, “First time?”


“Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt; who wants to go first?”

Janie answered that she would.

“Ok, up on the table and let’s get started.”

After checking ears, nose and throat the doctor told her to lower the top of her Johnnie. With her stethoscope she listened at her back and chest then asked her to lie down and put her hands above her head.

She inspected her breasts for lumps then manipulated her nipples to see if there was any discharge.

“Ok Janie, everything’s fine up here, now I need you to put your feet in these stirrups and scoot down so your bottom is at the edge of the table.”

Once she was in position the doctor turned on a lamp that illuminated her genitals. She heard the snap of a vinyl glove being put on.

After a visual inspection of her labia, vulva and vagina she said,

“Janie, I’m going to put my fingers into your vagina, try to stay relaxed.”

Two fingers slid into her while with her other hand the doctor pressed her ovaries and felt for abnormalities around her cervix. The fingers were withdrawn.

“Janie, next I’m going to do a bi-manual exam. One of my fingers will be in your rectum, the other in your vagina.”

The snap of vinyl then the fingers.

When she had completed that exam she looked Janie in the eyes, gave her the hint of a smile and said, “I’m going to do a rectal examination, I usually reserve that for women over forty but you’re close to that age and, more importantly, there is some redness in the area of your anus.”

After she’d completed that examination she asked Gloria if she’d step into the next room, she had something to discuss privately with her mother.

“Janie, in the rectal exam I noted a slight amount of redness and swelling and there’s a small amount of tissue damage. It appears you’ve recently been engaged in anal sex, am I right?”

Janie found the question extremely embarrassing but she acknowledged that, yes, that was the case.

“Well, I participate myself so I want to give you some advice. Slow and easy and remember, you can’t use too much lubricant. Other than that, everything seems to be in exceptional shape for a woman of thirty-eight, let me see you again in a year or when ever you become pregnant, which ever comes first, ok. Do you want to get dressed before I start with Gloria?”

“No, I think she might be more comfortable if I’m wearing the same thing she is.”

Janie climbed off the table and, while the doctor changed the paper drape, called Gloria back.

“Is everything ok Mom?”

“Yes honey, everything’s perfect.”

“Ok, up on the table Gloria,” the doctor said.

The exam was the same as Janie’s except no rectal was done.

“Everything is in order, I see no problems but a bit of redness on your buttocks.”

“I was a bad girl.”

“You got a spanking?”

“Over the knee, panties down, yes, I got a spanking.”

If she was looking for sympathy she’d gone to the wrong place, the doctor asked, “Did you deserve it?”


“I hope you learned from the experience. Now, do you need a renewal of the prescription for your birth control pills”

“Yes, I do.”

“Gloria, you might want to consider a more effective method, I recommend an IUD, they have a failure rate of less than one percent and last up to twelve years. Think about it and let me know, otherwise I’ll see you in a year.”

In the car Gloria had to ask, “Mom, what did she want to talk to you privately about?”

“She realized I was having anal sex; I think she does it, too. All she said was slow, easy and loads of lubricant.”

Changing the subject Janie said, “School’s out in just a short while, do you have any plans?”

“Well Jenna and Gina are coming for a couple of weeks, I thought I’d get to know them better and maybe they can give me some guidance in choosing a college. Then we have our vacation planned, there I’ll probably spend time toasting in the sun, splashing in the Gulf and generally lazing. Hey Mom, while Jenna and Gina are here could we have a pool party, that would be fun wouldn’t it?”

“The party sounds great but it’ll be a challenge to see if you three girls can stay out of trouble. I’m making two to one odds that at least one of you will wind over Dad’s knee.”

“Oh, Mom, there are worse things, you know.”

Janie’s bottom twitched remembering the doctor’s party, “Yes honey, I do know, I certainly do.”

Gloria gave her a searching glance, “Mom did you get in trouble somewhere public?”

“Dr. Uberhander’s party, I had a little too much to drink and a whole lot too much to say.”

“What did Dad do?”

“He took me into the bathroom.”


“He took off my jeans and panties, made me bend over the vanity and look at myself and gave me the fickle finger of fate, just like happened to you at the restaurant. It was the most humiliating thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. With my panties in my purse and my gooey bottom he made me express my gratitude for the party to Mrs. Uberhander and, maybe the most embarrassing of all, Victoria Uberhander knew something had happened, maybe not the absolute what but she did know I’d been disciplined.”

“Just the once?” Gloria asked.

“You bet, once was enough, I haven’t even dreamed about getting out of line like that again.”

“You know, he does it to all of us don’t you?”

“Yes Gloria, I know. And not just Jenna, Gina, and you and me. His first wife I guess was a little wild. She got it frequently.”

“Well, I guess we just need to be good, I’d rather have five spanking than five minutes staring at myself in the mirror.”

“Me, too,” echoed her Mother.

At home Roy asked about their doctor’s visit.

Janie told him that she was off the pill and that, for a woman of thirty-eight she was in perfect health, they could begin their effort immediately.

Gloria said that she was in great shape but that the doctor had asked her if would consider going off birth control pills and have an IUD inserted.

They talked about the pros and cons of an IUD. Gloria said that it was much more effective than the pill, that it would last up to twelve years and, of course you didn’t have to remember it every morning. The only downside was it did not protect against STD’s but neither did the pill and besides, she wasn’t planning to have sex with anyone who presented a STD risk.

Roy had to ask, “Well who are you planning to have sex with that’s risk free?”

With a big smile for both Dad and Mom she turned and walked to her room.

“Roy, I see a problem brewing. I think she has her eyes on you. If we let her watch us she’ll probably get so aroused that she’ll want to climb right into bed with us.”

“Well then we won’t let her watch, that’s simple.”

“No it’s not, we already told her that she could and there would probably be a tantrum if we denied her now.”

“Do you have other suggestions?”

“Sure, what I usually do, give in to her. I think I might enjoy watching the two of you.”

“That’s your suggestion? Acquiesce?”

“You wouldn’t enjoy it?”

Roy thought about that pretty coral pink pussy, hell yes he’d enjoy it.

“Maybe,” he answered.

“Well that settles it, if she wants it she gets it.”

“I’ll start supper, then after we finish we can start making babies.”

The meal was simple, light and healthy; grilled salmon and an edamame salad. Janie and Gloria took care of the clean-up.

Gloria asked, “Are you and Dad going to bed now?”

“In just a few minutes, yes.”

“Mommy, are you two going to have sex, you know, regular sex?”

“My, aren’t you the nosey one, but, yes, that’s the plan.”

“Are you still going to let me be there?”

“I told you that you could so, yes you can. Why don’t you change clothes, maybe just a tee shirt and your panties.”

“Overdressed, I thought barefooted, topless with just the panties.”

“You want to be able to touch yourself, don’t you.”

“Unless someone else wants to touch me, you bet I do.”

“Well, go ahead, I’ll let you know when we’re going.”

Gloria bounced off to her room, she was eagerly anticipating watching her Mommy being bred.

There was a tap on her bedroom door and Dad called out, “Come on Cutie.”

Gloria took a seat on the spanking chair. The lights were low, they took turns undressing each other. When Roy lowered Janie’s slacks then rolled down her panties he knelt in front of her and nuzzled her fiery bush, inhaling, savoring her scent. She opened her legs, he tasted her; ambrosia, citrus and mildly salty, so sexy. He stood and she took down his shorts and boxers, kneeling in front of him she took him between her lips and into her mouth, circling his shaft with her tongue. He took her hands and raised her. Kissing her he lowered her to the mattress and followed her down. Her legs parted.

“Take me now Honey, I’m so ready.” She bent her legs at the knees and pulled them up, opening herself for him.

He guided himself to her love channel and slowly slid into her as she cooed, “Oh, God yes.”

He began to pump her. Across the room Gloria had her hand over herself atop her panties, her fingers gliding along her liquid slit. Her panties were already getting wet. Mommy had taken his so easily, she wondered if she could, too. It excited and aroused her, just the thought.

Roy was stroking her with long, deep strokes, they’d been at it for ten minutes or so when Janie circled his waist with her long legs and pulled him to her.

“A little harder, a little faster, please,” she whispered.

He mounted her a little higher so his penis would contact her clit and he thrust deeper, drilling her with a pounding rhythm.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, that’s just the spot, that’s the spot, that’s the spot. Honey, I’m gonna cum, catch up with me, cum with me, Oooooooooo,” her scream reverberated throughout the room, her hips were pounding against him, bucking as one orgasm then a second and a third shook her.

Roy rode her fast and hard, penetrating her deeply as she bucked. His penis jerked as his pulsing hot cum filled her. He continued stroking until he was drained then stayed in her saying, “I want to stay in you, maybe help to keep the sperm do its work.”

Finally, now completely soft, he pulled out, took Janie into his arms hugging and kissing her.

“You’re going to be a Mommy again, I just know it.”

She smiled, “And you’re going to be a Daddy.”

Then a small voice added, “And I’m gonna be a sister.”

In their passion they’d completely forgotten Gloria.

Janie said to her, “Yes, you are going to be a sister. Come here and give me a kiss.”

She went to the bed and kissed her Mom.

“Do you want to get in,” Janie asked.

She slid into bed beside her Mommy.

“Well?” Janie asked.

“Oh God Mom, it was awesome, totally awesome. The sounds, the aroma, and just watching you, seeing your pleasure, unbelievable.”

“Baby, I’d like to watch you, would you do that for me?”

“You mean will I like make love to Dad?”

“Only if you want to.”

“He’s so big, will it hurt?”

“Oh he’ll probably stretch you but you’re built to stretch down there.”

Janie touched Gloria’s breast, her nipple immediately became stiff and erect and her chest took on a reddish hue from the blood rushing to her bosom, heating her.

“Mommy? What are you doing? You’re exciting me.”

“Quiet little one,” as she brought Gloria’s head down to her own breast. Gloria suckled just like she had when she was a baby. She felt so nice, so loved as she nuzzled.

She felt her panties being taken off, still she continued to suck.

Fingers found her slit, opened her then she felt his tongue, still she continued to suck.

Her Mommy smoothed her hair and kissed her cheek. “Are you ready baby?” she heard her Mommy ask.

She nodded yes.

Her vagina was nearly aflame, she spread her legs in invitation, she felt Dad move up against her, she felt his head glide along her slit then pressure at the throat of her vagina.

As he slid deeper into her she moaned, yes she was being stretched, she now knew what it felt like to have a big man enter her body. It didn’t really hurt, just an ache as he opened her.

She heard, “You’re doing fine baby, so sexy, it’s beautiful, your vagina, it’s so pink. I can smell you, your fragrance.”

Then she felt her legs being lifted, pushed back toward her breasts.

“Hold them there for me Cutie,” she heard Dad say.

She knew she was open, exposed. He pushed even deeper into her, again she moaned, he was in territory the other two hadn’t touched.

God yes, this is what sex is suppose to be. A man completely filling maybe even hurting her a little, she felt herself surrendering to him but it was a sweet, sweet surrender.

Mommy would share him she thought, she wanted a baby with him, too. She wanted his cum in her, to fill her womb, she wanted her belly to swell, her breasts to fill, she wanted to be a Mommy.

Her thoughts were interrupted.

Dad told her, “You’ve taken all of me Cutie, now I’m going to pump you.”

He scooted a little higher changing the angle, his cock was stimulating her clit. He was going even deeper, his thrusts were harder and faster. Yes, she could sure feel him as she was further stretched. She was moaning as he plunged into her depths then she was whipping her head as her hips pounded up to meet him, roiling up from her core, her voice rose as she cried out, intense, so intense, the feelings in her body, her uterus, her vagina, her anus, contracting, clenching as her orgasm washed over her.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum in you Cutie,” she heard as she felt the jerking of his cock in her, deep in her. He continued to pump her, to her it was spectacular, she was with a real man now. She wanted more, much, much more.

He leaned forward and kissed her.

“Oh Dad, that was the best. God you’ve made me feel like a woman, a real woman.

He kissed her again then leaned over and kissed Janie, too.

“Quite an evening so far, right ladies?”

Gloria stayed in their bed all night, no more sex for her but her sleep was disturbed on three separate occasions by her Mother’s wails. They were really anxious to make that baby, it seemed.

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