I return to Abbys flat a few days later, her and Holly are already drunk.
Again, i would appreciate any and all criticism, this is my third story and I've returned to what has so far been the preferred story line. Many thanks for ready and rating, please feel free to comment your opinions.

I had just fucked my ex-girlfriend senseless, after being told that she had caught her boyfriend bending her room-mate Holly over the kitchen counter. Now standing before me is Holly, smiling. Sitting next to me is my ex girlfriend Abby, smiling.

“What's going on?” I asked. The cigarette in my had was now a tower of ash, Abby continued to puff on hers while Holly was leaving against the door frame. “Abby missed you. Well, she missed your cock.” Holly told me. “So after recently finishing with her new guy, I suggested that she text you and I go next door for an hour. And by the way, Abby, if the people in the flat below didn't hear you then they must've been out.”
Abby laughed and then turned her head to look at me, they think me an Holly are lesbians. We told them that when they started trying to invite us down for drinks.” Holly laughed, “Then even wanted a demonstration, so we tongue fucked each other faces right in front of them.”
Jesus fuck, I thought to myself. “Why didn't you just tell me the truth?” I asked. Abby finished her cigarette and stubbed it out in the ashtray. “Because this was more fun. I know how much you like being the hero.” she told me. Holly reached into her bag and pulled out a wet wipe, she walked across the room and cleaned the dry cum from Abbys cheek. My dick then twitched.
Abby was still completely naked, except from the tube top still around her waist. Holly was wearing a strapped white top and a pair of jeans. Her bra was hot pink, she wiped Abbys face and then the top of her chest. “Thank you.” Abby grinned. She then got to her feet and removed the tube top, “Guna jump in the shower. Ben, you know where the kettle is.” she said with a wink before turning and disappearing out of the room.
I puffed a sigh and got to my feet, I took a long stretch and caught Holly staring at my penis. I reached down and pulled up my trousers and went into the kitchen area. She took a seat on the arm of the sofa and looked round at me, “Don't tell Abby this, but I rubbed a couple out to you two. You were so loud.” she said looking down at the damp patches on the carpet.
“She probably already knows, she's like that.” I said flicking the kettle on. “Tea?” I asked. “No, not for me thanks.” my imagination then started to wonder back to the idea of Holly and Abby together. “So has anything happened between you and Abby?” I asked, two sugars for me, none for Abby. Holly took a moment and then smiled. “Well, do you know how Abby kinda passes out when shes in a comfy position when drunk?” “Yes.” I answered. “Well we were all drunk one night, and she starts giving Ed a blow-job right in front of me. But she kinda lost the will and just rolled onto the floor and fell asleep. It was hilarious.”
“Drunken stories always are, but that didn't answer my question.” I said pouring the water into my cup. Holly grinned, “No, I guess it didn't.”
-- Abby walked back into the room in a just a towel, her hair was wrapped up in another one. “Alright?” she asked. “Yeah.” we both replied. Holly was still sat on the arm of the sofa as I was sat where I had been when Holly first walked into the room. “Oh dear.” said Abby, looking down at the damp patch of the carpet. “Yeah,” I said. “I think most of the second lot went down my legs and over my trousers.” I said as I finished my tea, “Well your trousers are going to be smelling very nice then.” Holly said. “Indeed.” added Abby.
“Look I better get home, I have some writing to do before tomorrow. Need to get it finished before I get even more tired.” I said as I got up from the chair. “Okay,” Abby replied, “Well next Friday night me and Holly are going to be doing the usual of a few drinks after work. Celebrate the end of a another week kinda thing, you're welcome to come.”
“No I can't I'm sorry, I'm supposed to be at the movies with Al, there's a film coming out that he's begged me to see with him. What time will you be back? I can pick up a pizza afterwards and bring it round?” I suggested, but the moment I said it I knew I shouldn't have. Abby has been suffering from Bulimia since she was 17. She's only just started to beat it, with a lot of help from group sessions. “Okay sounds good.” Abby said to my surprise. Then I realised that she'd probably turn it down on the night and me and Holly would eat it. “So I'll text you later, and will see you Friday.” I said. She smiled, “Yes.” I kissed her on the cheek and said goodbye to Holly as I left.
Abby had always been a party girl, she loved to drink and have a good time. She wasn't a slut though, not what I defined as a slut anyway. She always told me 'I'm not a one night stand person, I'd never sleep with anyone I didn't intend on sleeping with again.'
I lost count 0of the times she cheated on me in the two years we were together, it was always with the same guy though. Her best-friend Paul, her previous relationships had been bad. The one before me kept her locked away, he'd hit her about and wouldn't even be allowed to talk to her mother. I couldn't imagine the freedom she must've felt when she finally left him. She was even more surprised of the freedom I'd allowed her when we were together, even though it came back to bite me on the ass, I'd been the best boy-friend she ever had. And despite the pain, she was the best girl-friend I'd ever had. But then a friend of mine always thought that I'd had an attraction to damsels in distress, or the chicks that were 'damaged'. During the time before meeting me she'd started a degree in psychology, she finished it a month or so into our relationship. She was finally starting to become proud of herself. After all this time I was still very much attracted to her, I wasn't in love with her any more which is why I ended it. But still attracted.
I never really knew much about her room-mate Holly, only that she was a former lesbian and worked at the same office as Abby, there must've been a drunken night where Abby realised that she was perfect to move in with. The flat itself was on the edge of town, it over looked around half of the city centre. She'd gotten it at a bargain price, but then the landlords were a little slimy so who knows what they were hoping might happen if they cut the two attractive chicks a deal. Who knows.
Abby was someone I had to pull away from, but until I was sure that she was 100% happy I don't think I'd be able to. Due to past abusive relationships shed gotten a low opinion of herself, and relied on drinking to get herself to sleep due to nightmares.
Me I've always been happy, I worked as an artist and was volunteering at a charity shop when I met Abby. She was doing community service for drink driving offences, and thought I was a break dancer. I told her I was an artist and months later we got together, neither of us really looked back.
I pulled into her drive and got out of the car, bringing with me the large pizza, I knew that Abby like Hawaiian, had no idea about Holly so I got half n half. It was a little after 22:30 and thought if they aren't in then they'd have gone into town. There was a small amount of relief when I was buzzed in, I made my way up the three flights of stairs and was now standing outside their door. I could hear the music playing, I just hoped they hadn't brought back strangers.
Though Abby wouldn't I wasn't sure about Holly, I didn't know what she was into now a days. I pushed open the door and walked in, the lounge and kitchen was through a door on my left, while the bathrooms and bedrooms were on my right. I turned and stood in the door way into the lounge and peeked around the door.
Abby was stood on the sofa dancing, to my surprise she was wearing the dress I had bought her. It was a black and white halter neck. I strained my neck a little bit further and saw Holly bent over with her head in the fridge, she was wearing a light blue tube dress with dark blue high heels. Abby was barefoot gyrating in the sofa with her arms above her head.
“Somebody order the pizza?” I asked, Abby jumped in shock and started laughing, Holly's head popped out of the fridge and smiled, “Benjamin!”
“Well it's about time,” Abby said climbing off the sofa. “Hellloo.” she greeted, she came over to me and wrapped her arms around me in an embrace, she then backed up and puckered her lips. This was what I hated, it was Abby acting like we were still together. I bit the bullet and pecked her on the lips, Holly then came over and puckered her lips! I was a little surprised but I guessed that this was the way it was going to be now, close friends. I pecked her on the lips too, but she grabbed the back of my head and held the kiss longer. “Jealous!” Abby yelled. Holly pulled away, “God I'm horny. Why couldn't you have a vagina?” she asked causing her and Abby to start laughing at one another. “Abby has a nice one.” I told her. “I know, I've seen it but haven't had the pleasure to eat it yet.” she said grinning. “Well you know, who knows when I'll need a feminine touch.” Abby said looking at the ceiling with her head tilted. “So what is there to drink?” I asked, Holly turned and picked up a can of lager. Abby picked up a bottle of wine and took a mouthful, before Holly could pass my the can, Abby locked lips with me and passed me the mouthful of wine she just had. “Cheeky!” Holly exclaimed. Abby pulled away and smiled, “I think that beats your kiss missy.” she told her. “For now yes, we'll see how drunk I get.” Holly replied.
She handed me the can and I put the pizza down on the kitchen side, I had the feeling that it wasn't going to be eaten. “Drinking game!” Abby called. “Ben you have some catching up to do.” Holly added. “True, maybe you can come up with a game where I can do that.” I replied. I drank from the can, I made it look like I was drinking a lot of it, but only letting little bits into my mouth. I hated being drunk with Abby, when we were together my guard would drop and I'd be open to arguments. Drunken arguments and fights. So I made sure to never get drunk with her again, I would act tipsy but have full control over what ever happened. It was easier that way.
Abby and Holly took a seat on the sofa, they had a bottle of Cactus Jack Apple Sours set out of the floor, Abby still had her pint glass of wine with a straw and Holly had a can of the same lager I was drinking, I sat on the floor facing them as Holly started, “Truth or dare?” she asked. I nodded and Abby agreed, sipping her wine. “Who's guna start?” I asked. Holly said “I will, Ben, truth or dare?” I smiled and replied “Truth.”
Holly thought for a moment and then, “Your favourite Abby story.” she said. I laughed, Abby smiled. “Well,” I started, “I think it might be coming home from the pub, and having sex on the grass behind a tall bush. We'd just finished and then we spotted someone crouching down on the other side of the bush, we thought that we'd had an audience. But it was some guy on all fours throwing his guts up. We then got dressed and left. To this day I can't walk through that park without remembering it.”
Abby was laughing, “Yes, it was awesome.” “Okay,” Holly said smiling, “Ben it's your turn.” I thought for a moment how to build sexual tension, then it hit me. “Abby, truth or dare?” knowing the answer I had the perfect dare. “Dare.” she replied as clockwork. “Okay, I dare you, to lick Holly's nipple three times.” Holly's face lit up, Abby sat up and put down her glass. She reached over without blinking and pulled Holly's dress down a little, exposing her right breast. Abby leaned over and licked the nipple, after the first lick the nipple became hard, Holly closed her eyes as Abby licked a second time, and then a third. Abby then leaned back into the sofa and smiled. “I'll put my boob away then.” Holly said with a tone of disappointment. I knew Abby would do it, I could see the look in her eye that she would. The look of assurance that she would not pass up a dare. “Abby then turned to Holly and asked, “Truth or dare Holly?” Holly replied “Dare.” almost without even thinking about it.
“I dare you, to slide your hand down Ben's trousers and stroke his cock.” Abby said. I raised an eyebrow, I didn't really see that one coming, Holly stood up and pulled her dress down a little as it was riding up, she ushered for me to stand.
The last time another woman had done something similar in Abbys presence was when she was drunk, and when I told her about it the next day she freaked out that another woman had touched my cock. I wondered if it would be the same this time around. Was Abby going to get nasty, or would she play nice?
Holly stood to the side of me and slid her hand down my trousers and boxers, her hand wrapped around my semi erect cock and she held it, I could feel it getting harder. She stroked it up and down as I looked into Abbys eyes, Abby was watching. I couldn't tell if she was liking what she saw or not. I had the sense though that Holly was enjoying it. “It's big.” she said. “And getting bigger” I replied. Holly took her hand back and sat down, “My turn then I guess,” she said taking a sip of lager. “Abby, I dare you to use Ben as a pole, and rub your ass up against him and up and down him.” - I loved being Abbys pole. She'd used me as one when she was 'teaching' me how to dance, it was so erotic. I remained standing as Abby got to her feet, she came in close and put her arms around the back of my neck, she started swinging her hips from side to side, bringing it closer and then rubbing her crotch up against mine. I wanted so much to put my hands onto her waist, but a pole shouldn't move. She turned around and with one hand on the back of my neck, rubbed her ass up against my erect penis. She dropped down into a squat and tilted her head back, looking into my eyes. I then noticed Holly had a great view of Abbys wide open legs.
Abby slowly moved back up, still rubbing her ass up against me. She pulled her hair to the side revealing the knot that tied the top half of her dress. I couldn't hold back much longer, my hands were now on her hips as she swung them. My hands came up to her rib cage, and then cupped her breasts. I then held her arms and place them above her head, her hands dropped to the top of my head, still keeping her arms in the air and moving her body, I unfastened the knot at the back of her head. I lowered her elbows so that they were level with my shoulders, and her top fell forward exposing her breasts to Holly. My hands slid down her arms and found them both, I cupped them and squeezed them.
“Holly,” I said. “Truth or dare?” I asked her. She stared at Abbys breasts being groped by my hands. “Dare.” she said. I kissed Abbys neck, “I want you, to lick Abbys pussy.” Abby turned her head to mine and kissed me hard on the mouth as Holly slid off the sofa, she raised Abbys dress up around her waist and slid off her panties, revealing the shaved vagina, with just a patch of hair. Holly lifted one of Abbys legs and draped it over her shoulder and then brought her head closer before licking Abby. She moaned into my mouth, I held one of her arms behind my head while fondling her breast. Her other hand slid down my trousers and grabbed hold of my aching cock, she ran her hand up and down it while moaning softly at Holly's tongue moving over her clit.
Holly could sit there all night and do it, she was tasting the juices that she'd wanted to taste since she'd met Abby. Her hand reached up and squeezed one of Abbys breasts, she nuzzled the tip of her vagina with her nose while her tongue slipped up and down.
Abby pulled her hand out of my trousers and held Holly by the sides of her head, she pulled Holly to her feet and kissed her passionately on the mouth. She then pushed Holly onto the sofa, and dropped to her knees, she then began a slow crawl over to Holly, Holly leaned back and opened her legs. Her yellow thong looked damp. I stood and watched Abby make her way over there, to then pull the thong down Holly's long legs. She was still wearing her heels as she stepped out of the thong, Abby got up to her knees and bunched up the thong, she then put it into Holly's mouth. Holly stared at her with lust as Abby lowered her head and began eating her out. I admired the view before noticing Abbys ass staring back at me, I crouched down and spread her cheeks. I buried my tongue deep inside of her, and heard her moan into Holly's pussy. Holly had pulled out her breasts and began squeezing her nipples. The yellow thong still hanging from her mouth as her eyes were fixed on Abbys head.
I was now on my feet, taking off my trousers. I then moved around to where Holly was and shoved my cock into her mouth, it felt strange with her thong still in there, I lightly backwards and forwards as Holly's eyes found mine. I was amazed that she kept her glasses on, but they just added to the wonderful look on her face. Having her pussy tongue fucked by her room-mate while I rape her mouth, I became too much for her and I heard her moan loudly. Saliva was leaking from her mouth, oozing down the thong onto her chest, I held the back of her head as she came into Abbys mouth. She wasn't a squirter like Abby was, which I guess was lucky for Abby.
I pulled my cock from her mouth and went behind Abby, I pulled her to her feet, Holly leaned forward pulling the thong from her mouth and burying her tongue into Abbys mouth. I pushed my cock into Abby and heard her cry out, Holly had made her way to Abbys breasts and was sucking and squeezing on them. The dress was bunched at Abbys waist, I half wished that she'd kept on her heels, but it didn't matter, Abbys pussy was working fine enough for me as I held her hips. I fucked her hard from behind for a couple of minutes while Holly went all out on her boobs. She then stood up and pulled Abby's head into her own boob, her eyes looked to be dancing around in her head. She was in heaven having Abby do whatever she wanted her to do.
I then pulled my cock out of Abby and sat on the sofa, Abby turned around and sat back on me, my cock slid straight up her as she cried out again. Holly sat between my legs now, licking Abbys pussy as I fucked it. I reached up and squeezed her breasts hard, Abby was starting to tighten up, I knew she was about to cum. Holly continued to lick, I thrust in deep once more and Abby exploded with juices, my cock came out and Holly got a mouthful. Abby cried out as her legs began shaking, I moved from underneath her and dropped her onto the sofa, I started jerking my cock as I pulled Holly's head in close, I then shot my load over her face. One side of her glasses got hit, as did her cheek, her mouth was open for the third lot. I then rammed my cock into her mouth for her to clean off. Abby was in a daze on the sofa, as Holly gagged for a moment. I pulled out of her mouth and sat on the arm of the sofa. Holly climbed up onto the sofa and joined Abby, she leaned into her and rested her head on Abbys shoulder. I had a case of a flushed face as I reached for my cigarettes. Holly held out her hand and I gave her one. Abby looked to be falling to sleep, she had a dopey grin on her face, Holly looked to me and I shrugged. “Drunken sex, I was amazed she didn't fall asleep halfway through. She's done that to me a couple of times.” I told her. Holly smiled as I lit my Cigarette. She then removed her glasses and looked at the cum splash on them. She then looked at Abby, who had completely dozed off. “I think this may have been the greatest sexual experience of my life.” she told me.
“Don't worry,” I said taking a drag of nicotine. “I'm sure there's plenty more memories to be made yet.” I told her.

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