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Your Xmas part turns out to be a lot of fun
It is a couple of days before your office Christmas party and your man is coming down with the flue. You tell him you will not be going to the office party if he is still feeling ill.

“Don’t’ stop going on my behalf” he says.

“Oh if you are sure you don’t mind then” you reply.

“So long as you tell me all about it later” he laughs.

On the day of the office Christmas party you tell your man you are staying at home with him. Again he insists on you going to the party without him. Your man tells you to wear a sexy dress and tease everybody.

You go upstairs and get ready for the party. As you get ready your mind wanders to Bill and I. You know how much we both want to fuck you. We are always telling you how sexy you are and how your man is a lucky guy. We both flirt with you on an almost daily basis. Bill and I have often chatted in work about how much we would love to fuck you. We both agree you have fantastic legs and a very sexy body. We often wonder what sort of woman you are in bed.

As it is Xmas decide to wear your little sexy red number. This will keep to the Christmas feel. The party is going to be in a small country hotel. The meal is booked for 7:30 pm with a disco starting up at about 9 pm.

After you get ready you ask your man for his opinion.

“Well do I look sexy then?” you ask him.

“MMMMMMMMM very sexy. You are my very own sexy Mrs Santa Claus. I am sure the all the office men will be after you tonight” he says.

Your man tells you he has packed something in your handbag for you. You look in your handbag and see he has put your red vibrator inside.

“What do I need this for?” you ask.

“Well with all the drinking everybody is going to be doing you may not be able to find a nice stiff cock” he laughs.

You give your man a kiss on the cheek and tell him not to wait up. He tells you there is no way he is going to sleep before you come home as he wants to hear all the dirty details when you get back.

“What do you mean?” you laugh.

Your man knows how horny you get after a few drinks and knows you will probably end up fucking somebody.

You arrive at the hotel to find Bill and I sitting at the bar. As always Bill and I are the first to arrive. You come over and join us.

“Wow Bill doesn’t she look even sexier than usual? Come on show us yourself” I say laughing.

You grab some Christmas decorations and drape them around yourself. You raise your skirt to show us your sexy legs.

Bill tells you that you look seriously sexy. “I would love to fuck you” he says.

“Would you like to fuck her John?” he asks me.

“I have wanted to fuck her since the first day I met her” I reply.

You tell us to stop messing about and buy you a drink. We ask you were your man is and you tell us he is ill.

“Mmmmmmmm maybe it’s our lucky night tonight then?” says Bill.

“What makes you think I would fuck you two?” you say.

Bill grabs your hand and places it on his cock. He loves showing off his enormous cock.

“Wow very nice. Do you know how to use it?” you ask.

“Oh I know how to use it alright” laughs Bill

The thought of Bill’s massive cock has got you aroused. You wonder why you have never noticed his huge cock before. You are not shy at looking at the men’s bulges when working in the office. In fact you have had quite a few of them up your pussy over the years.

“What about your cock John is that big as well?” you ask me.

“Big enough to sort you out” I say.

A couple of the office bores arrive and our conversation returns to normal. Everyone from the office slowly arrives in drips and drabs. There are about 90 people in our office with about 80 of them being bores that you would not want to meet or socialise with outside of work. We all mingle with each other making the usual boring small talk. You can’t stop thinking about Bills massive cock and how you would love to feel it fucking you.

At 7:30 sharp the waiter informs us we can all sit down for our meal. There have been no formal seating plans arranged so Bill and I make sure you are sitting in the middle of us.

“Why am I sitting in the middle of you two?” you laugh.

“Because we are both going to fuck you later” I whisper in your ear.

I reach under the table and place my hand at the top of your thigh to see what reaction you give me. You look me straight in my eyes and open your legs. I move my hand by your pussy and give it a feel. Your pussy is already wet from thinking about Bills big cock. We sit chatting and eating our soup as I finger your pussy. It is really turning you on knowing anybody could spot what was happening. It is a good job all the bores are making the usual small talk. I pull out my finger and seductively lick my lips.

“My turn now” says Bill

He quickly replaces my fingers with his own. He fingers your pussy and teases your clit with his thumb. All the fingering makes you cum and you have to bite your bottom lip to stop yourself screaming out aloud.

You remember where you are and tell us to stop.

“Only until later when we fuck you” I say.

During the meal we keep on topping your glass with champagne. You notice what we are doing but you don’t care. Bill and I keep on feeling your pussy and legs. Your pussy is dripping wet. We both whisper what we are both going to do to you later. The mixture of Bill and I feeling you up and drinking the champagne has made you very horny. You keep on thinking about Bills massive cock.

Bill whispers in your ear that he has his cock out.

“Wank my cock you dirty bitch” he says to you.

You place your hand under the table and grab his cock. Since your quick feel of his cock earlier you have been dying to feel his cock in the flesh. His cock doesn’t disappoint you and you tell Bill he has a wonderful cock.

“Just wait until you feel it in your mouth and pussy” he whispers in your ear.

You give his cock a little wank and stop. You want him to save all his spunk for later.

Bill tells you that you are a sexy little slut and he is going to enjoy fucking you.

“As I said before what makes you think I am going to let you two fuck me?” you reply.

“Well the way your pussy is so wet I know you are gagging for my big cock” replies Bill.

“Well we will just have to wait until later and see if I am still wet for you”

“Wet or not John and I will be fucking you” he replies.

You tell us you only do safe sex so we better have condoms or we don’t get a fuck.

“We always carry condoms” I say.

During the meal Bill and I keep on whispering in your ear what we are going to do to you later. The sexy talk really turns you on.

Once the meal has finished everybody heads to a room with a bar and a dance floor. It is the usual cheap cheesy DJ. Still this is what office parties are about, crap music and everybody drunkenly copping off with each other.

Bill and I keep on plying you with drink.

“Anybody would think you two are trying to get me drunk” you say to us.

I laugh and whisper in your ear that we going to fuck you later so don’t get too drunk. I give your pussy another quick feel. You are still dripping wet.

The DJ puts on an old 70’s disco song. It is one of your all time favourite records so you head to the dance floor for a dance. Bill and I watch you from the bar. You are looking directly at Bill and me as you dance. You are dancing sexily to tease us. You still have some Christmas decorations draped over you.

Every so often you raise your skirt and flash your knickers at us. Everybody else is too drunk to notice what you are doing.

We give you a smile to let you know we enjoy what we are seeing. You turn around and flash your bum at us.

The sight of your sexy legs and bare bum give Bill and me instant erections.

The champagne has made you very tipsy and you don’t care who is watching.

After your dance you come back over the bar.

“Did you enjoy that boy’s?” you ask us.

“Oh very much” we reply.

I tell you that you are very beautiful and Bill and I are going to really enjoy fucking you.

Boring Ken wanders over to make small talk with the three of us. He is very drunk and doesn’t stay long before he wanders off to bore his next victim.

Bill and I laugh about how boring he is. We say how we both feel sorry for his wife and kids.

“Don’t be” you say. “He may be a bore but he knows how to fuck a woman”

This stops Bill and me in our tracks.

“Are you saying you have fucked Ken?” I ask.

You tell us it was during a conference you both attended a few years ago. He may be a bore out of bed but in bed he knows how to please a woman. He is one of my best ever fucks. His wife is a lucky woman not an unlucky woman. He also has his tongue pierced.

“I am sure you know what a pierced tongue is for?” you laugh.

I poke out my tongue.

I tell you of course I know what a pierced tongue is for. It is why I got my tongue pierced.

You tell us how you love receiving oral sex from a man with a pierced tongue.

“Don’t worry with a body like yours I will lick your pussy for as long as you like” I say.

“Forget that. Show us your sexy bum again” says Bill.

Without caring who can see, you raise your skirt to give us both an eyeful again.

All three of us stand at the bar drinking. You try to make serious conversation but Bill and I just keep on telling you what we are going to do to you later. It is really turning you on listening to us telling you how we are going to fuck you.

We whisper in graphic detail what we are both going to do to you. You have a quick feel of our cocks. Both bill and me have raging hard ons.

“Mmmmmmmm very nice you better know how to use them cocks of yours” you say to us.

Bill tells you to wait until later and we will show you how we use them. He tells you we are going to fuck you up very hole.

You raise you skirt to tease us a little.

We both grab another quick feel of your pussy. Your knickers are covered in your pussy juices.

All the sex talk has made you very horny. You decide it is time to relieve yourself. You grab your handbag and head for the toilet. Once you are in the cubicle you sit on the toilet and grab your vibrator. You decide not to turn it on as somebody may hear you. You sit on toilet ramming the vibrator up your pussy. As you fuck yourself you are thinking about having Bills big cock up your pussy.

You feel really horny and you cum very quickly. Once you have made yourself cum a couple of times you head back to the bar.

“Where have you been?” we ask.

You open your handbag and say “I have been using my little red friend”.

Bill and I see your vibrator in the handbag.

“MMMM very nice. You can give me and Bill a show later. I love watching women masturbate” I say to you.

“Get me another drink and I will consider it” you say.

I order you another drink. You pass me your handbag and head for the dance floor again. You look very sexy as you dance. All the men keep on asking you for a dance. They all feel you up as they dance with you. Well with legs and body as sexy as yours no red blooded male could resist feeling you up. Knowing so many out of the office men would love to fuck you drives you wild. After what seems like hours of dancing you are exhausted and need a rest. You just plonk yourself down on the floor. I look over to see you sitting on the floor with your legs open. You don’t care who can see you.

We decide is time to fuck you. We are trying to think where we can take you for a fuck. I notice that you are actually sitting down leaning against a small stage. The green backdrop behind you is the stage curtains. The curtains are very thick. Nobody would notice us fucking behind them I tell Bill. We walk across the dance floor and sit next to you.

I place my hand on your pussy.

“MMMMMMMM still wet I see”

“Wet and ready” you reply.

“Well get ready to take our cocks you dirty little slut”

You ask us where we are going to go to fuck.

We point out the stage behind you.

“We are going to take you behind the curtains and fuck you rotten”

You love risky sex and the thought of getting fucked behind the curtains while you colleagues are only a few feet away dancing is a big thrill for you. The music is so loud they will never hear us.

“Go on then slut get behind the curtain” I say to you.

Everybody is too drunk to notice you slipping behind the curtain. We wait 2 minutes and join you. Bill has put your vibrator in an empty Christmas bag.

We order you to give us a sexy dance.

“Come on show us how much you want our cocks” I say to you.

You raise you skirt and ask us if we like what we see.

“Very nice. Now give us a sexy dance and turn us on” I say.

You tell us to pretend you are a lapdancer and the Christmas decorations are a boa snake.

You lower your top to show us your beautiful breasts. While you dance you ask Bill and I how much we want to fuck you.

“Am I sexy?” you ask us.

“Tease, you know you are very sexy” Bill replies.

“You could have any man you wanted in the office” I say to you.

“I know. I have already fucked quite a few of them. Why do you think I take a different man from the office every time I go away to a conference?” you say to us.

We both sit there eyeing up your gorgeous body as you dance around us. You are very sexy. Your nipples are rock hard. I can’t wait to have them in my mouth. I am not sure how long my cock can wait to fuck you.

Bill asks you to show us how you use the vibrator.

He throws you the Christmas bag with the vibrator in. You sit down on the floor so you can show us how you use your vibrator.

You reach into the Christmas bag and pull out your vibrator.

“Are you ready for this boy’s?” you ask.

“Just get on with it” we reply.

You tell Bill and me that your pussy must be really wet so the vibrator slides in easily.

“I want somebody to get me nice and wet first”. you say to Bill and I.

You spread your legs and open your pussy.

I get in my knees and use my tongue on your pussy. You tell me how you love the feel of my pierced tongue on your clit. Your pussy tastes beautiful and I use my pierced tongue to your bring you to your first orgasm.

Suddenly Bill asks me to stop.

“Save some for me John” he says.

Bill replaces my tongue with his.

I sit watching Bill tongue your pussy for about 10 minutes. It is a big turn on knowing our colleagues are only a few feet away from us. The only thing between us and our colleagues is the green stage curtains.

“Are you wet enough now?” I ask.

You tell me and Bill to sit down and enjoy the show. You get the vibrator out of the Christmas bag and slowly insert it inch by inch.

“Go on sexy fuck yourself” I say to you.

You slowly ease the vibrator up yourself.

You ram the vibrator in and out your pussy while your other hand plays with your clit.

We both watch you fuck your pussy.

I kneel down to lick your clit as you fuck yourself

You begin to moan loudly.

“Shove your cock in her mouth Bill and shut her up”

Bill walks over and offers you his cock to suck. He may well have a big cock but you are determined to get it all in your mouth. You give Bill a deep throat blow job as I tongue your clit. You let go of the vibrator and concentrate on sucking Bills cock. I grab the vibrator and carry on fucking you with it. Once I have made you cum a couple times I move up by Bill. You take turns in sucking both our cocks.

“I want both of you to cum in my mouth” you say to us.

I tell you to get on your knees. I offer you my cock to suck and you greedily accept.

“That’s it you sexy suck my cock good” I say to you.

I grab hold of your head and slowly fuck your mouth. After about 5 minutes of your expert sucking I can take no more. I warn you I am about to shoot. I shoot my cum all down your throat. A little bit of my cum dribbles out of your mouth as you ask Bill to take my place. Bill doesn’t need asking twice and he soon has his cock in your mouth.

I sit and watch as you give Bill a blowjob. He has a massive cock but you fit him in your mouth easily. While you suck Bill off I go for another taste of your beautiful pussy. You suck Bill until he shoots a thick wad of cum down your throat. You deliberately let some dribble down your chin and onto your breasts.

“Not bad for starters” I say.

Bill asks you to give us another sex show while we rest our dicks.

You warn us our dicks better not be out of action too long as you want a good fucking.

We don’t really need to rest our dicks we just want to watch you masturbating again. You certainly know how to please yourself with a vibrator.

You grab your vibrator and give us another show.

Bill and I tell you what a filthy slut you are.

You get on your knees and fuck yourself from behind.

As you fuck yourself I offer you my cock to suck.

“Suck me hard again” I say to you.

I watch you fucking yourself as you suck me off.

Bill comes over and gives your arse a good rimming.

Bill is rimming your arse and makes it very wet. His tongue explores every inch of your arsehole. One you are wet he places a finger up your bum. You tell him to stop. We think that means you do not like anal sex. How wrong we are. You take the vibrator out of your pussy and shove it up your arse.

Watching you fuck yourself up the arse nearly sends me overboard so I pull my cock out of your mouth.

I get behind you and take the vibrator off you.

“Give it to me and I will fuck your arse with it” I say to you.

You tell me to be careful. The vibrator is covered in your pussy juice so it slides in and out of your arse easily.

Bill climbs under you so he can lick your pussy as I fuck your arse with the vibrator.

He licks up and down your slit with his tongue. You soon both adopt a 69 position. Bills expert tongue soon has you cumming again. You tell me to stop fucking your arse with the vibrator and give you a real cock.

I shove my cock up your pussy and carry on fucking your arse with the vibrator.

Bill stays underneath you. He licks your clit as I fuck your arse and pussy. You feel so full with my cock up your pussy and the vibrator up your arse.

Knowing our colleagues are only a few feet away from us turns me on even more. If anybody opens the stage curtains now we will all be sacked.

You start to moan as an orgasm rips through your body.

“For fucks sake Bill shove your cock in her mouth again and shut her up before we get caught” I say to Bill.

Bill gets up and shoves his cock in your mouth. We take turns in fucking your mouth and pussy. We leave the vibrator up your arse as we fuck you.

You tell us you want a real cock up your bum.

Bill gets behind you and inserts his cock up your arse.

You are begging Bill not to stop. “Fuck me I am a slut” you say.

I shove my cock in your mouth to shut you up. Bill carries on fucking your arse as you suck me off. Your arse is so wet his big cock slides in and out easily.

Knowing we could be caught at any minute drives you wild with lust. You are really sucking my cock hard.

Bill tells you he is about to cum, he pulls his cock out of your arse and shoots his cum all over it.

You tell me to lie on the floor and you impale yourself on my dick. I lie there playing and kissing with your breasts as you ride my cock.

Watching us fuck gives Bill another hard on. He finds a chair and tells you to come and sit on his big cock. You get off me and walk over to bill. He lifts you up and sits you on his cock. His huge cock feels wonderful as you ride up and down. I come over and tell you to push your arse out. I slowly ease my cock up your bum. Bill and I get a steady rhythm going. Your bum feels lovely and tight. The feeling of Bills cock up your pussy as I fuck your arse drives you crazy. It seems like you are having orgasm after orgasm. You ask Bill and I to warn you when we are about to cum.

“I want you watch you both shoot over my tits” you say.

We both carry on fucking your arse and pussy until we are both ready to shoot. Once we are ready to shoot we lay you on the floor and kneel beside you. You reach up and masturbate our cocks. We don’t last long and both shoot our cum over your tits

Once we have cum we make you suck our cocks clean. Bill grabs your soiled knickers as a souvenir.

We all get dressed and sneak back to the bar. There are only 12 or so people left at the party. We look at our watches. It is nearly 1 a.m. We have been fucking for 1.5 hours. Nobody seems to have missed us though.

This will be some story to tell your man when you get home.
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