The second part in my BCWYW4 series. If this one is as well received as the first then I will make a third. I thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy my story. Read the tags! All I have to say.
Be Careful What You Wish For (Part Two)

Ch. 6
I am Karen McKellen, a 15 year old girl living in south Florida. You may know me as the “Sixth” child of the McKellen kids (despite the fact I am the eldest.) My heathen siblings have managed to deflect all of their flaws on to me… I don’t know how, but they succeed at getting away with murder by blaming me for all the wrongs they commit. My parents, Irene and Steve, are somehow incapable of seeing the obvious. They are blind to the deeds of my three sisters and two brothers. I must have been in the limelight at one point, before the birth of the others. Now I am a fallen angel, doomed forever to reside in the cold shadow of my family’s misplaced wrath… At least that is what I had believed a short time ago. This last summer vacation has quickly changed all of that. Suddenly I am the least of anyone’s concerns. My broken world is somehow spinning even more out of control and I fear it will collide into oblivion very soon. So much darkness has enveloped me in the last couple weeks. I have witnessed the brutal rapes of my sisters, Belle and Tira. They are identical 12 year old twins. I have seen horrors that defy even my own imagination; dark magic that twists misguided wishes into evil incarnations of pain and lust. My entire family has fallen victim to an ancient being, old as hell itself. A demon who feeds on the souls of the innocent by forcing them to wish for things they do not want. Its powers are inconceivable and the worst part is I am to blame. My festering rage against my siblings drew it to me like a moth to a flame. Slowly he began to grant my family’s wishes. He started with Kevin, the next oldest. This is when I found out Kevin is a sicko. Kev wished for control over the youngest (and brattiest), Ella. He gained the power to force her to suck his cock at will. She wouldn’t remember a thing after he came down her tight 9 year old throat. Systematically the demon began granting wishes for all my siblings, sometimes without them even knowing about it. I, on the other hand, always knew when a wish was granted because I could hear his demonic voice ring in my head. All the wishes ended up with someone getting raped or sexually abused… and I was there each time to witness the vicious outcome. Despite this, I have remained completely untouched, physically anyway. My mind is another story…

So here I am, lying in my bed. Downstairs I assume my parents are trying to sort out what happened. I bet there are tears everywhere, tears streaming down the face of my loving guardians and even more tears pouring down the faces of the twins. After all they were brutally raped by a madman barely an hour ago. I had neglected to inform my parents about what had happened moments before they returned home. I was far too tired, so instead I had crawled up stairs to my closet of a room to blackout in peace. Sometime later the demon had made its first real appearance before to finally reveal his plan. I lay here wondering what to do. It had been my hate that had summoned this beast, but I had never wanted all of this! What makes matters worse is it seemed like I was finally returning into good graces with my parents. Now none of that matters. The demon only has to collect one more soul and he will become “unstoppable.” I am not 100% sure what the entails exactly, but I know for a fact it isn’t good. But what can I do? I am just a 15 year old girl… I have never accomplished anything in my life! Furthermore, should I really care if he destroys my family from the inside out? They haven’t exactly down anything for me. In fact, it is because of them we are in this mess in the first place! If they hadn’t been complete assholes to me, I wouldn’t have built up enough hate to summon a fucking demon on accident. And yes, fucking demon is a double meaning! Maybe I should let them all burn in hell! Then again…

“Karen! Karen sweetie, could you come down here please?” my mom calls. I can hear her voice quivering. That is the last thing I want to do. I had witnessed Belle’s initial rape and said nothing. I was too scared I would catch the blame somehow like I always do. It was Tira’s fault Belle opened her mouth long enough to make a wish and considering it was originally Tira’s wish who had caused Belle to get raped and take a vow of silence, it was painfully ironic. Belle’s wish summoned the psycho who had raped her. He ended up raping Tira in her virgin pussy and tight ass, only to rape Belle’s ass as well. I had seen the whole thing.

Now I am supposed to walk downstairs and look my sisters in the eye. If I was afraid of taking the heat before, now I am petrified. If Belle admits to the first rape like she did to Tira and then elaborates that I was a witness to it… They are going to pin me with the fact the rapist returned and sexually assaulted the twins. They will use the excuse that if I had told someone about the act when it happened they could have called the police or at the very least did a better job of protecting their children. What am I supposed to do? Tell them the root of all this mayhem is a wish granting demon? What proof do I have? John and Kevin have both seen it and know what it is capable of, but they will never admit it; least of all to our parents, especially considering what their wishes were.

“I can’t stay here,” I sigh. I know I must avoid confronting my parents until I know what to do. I’m sure the world will go to hell just fine without me. I search desperately around my room sweeping my gaze over everything. “Everything” is a rock-hard cot, a tattered straw basket with a few pieces of clothing strewn in it, and a window slot about the size of a toaster oven. I let out another sigh.

“Karen?” my mom tries again.

“Uh… Coming mom,” I reply, trying to sound as upset as possible. Unfortunately it is a terrible attempt at acting. I know I can’t stall for much longer, but there isn’t an escape route in this room. I brush a strand of my dark golden hair from my emerald eyes. I’m going to have to sneak out the back door.

I open my door as quietly as possible and slide out into the darkened hall. I creep through the corridor trying hard not to cause too much squeaking from the wooden floor. I ease past Ella’s door. Suddenly memories of Kevin’s wish flood my brain. I recall spying on Kevin as he tried out his dark gift for the first time. I remember watching Ella suck my brother’s cock and drink his hot, sticky cum. I shake my head and continue forward. I reach the stairs and gaze downward. I can catch a glimpse of light coming from the living room. The stairs lead down into the kitchen directly adjacent to the living room. The back door is opposite the entrance to living room on the far side of the kitchen. It is going to be a challenge to sneak past the congregation in living room disappear out the rear entrance. I manage to make my way down the steps without making too much noise. I reach the landing and get a visual of the door. I can hear the hushed voices of my entire family in the room directly behind me.

“Fuck it,” I think almost out loud. I make a mad dash for the back door, wrench it open, and dart into the warm summer night. I continue running briskly through my back yard. I spot the garden shed. More flashes of obscene sex surge through my head. That is where Belle was raped the first time. The weather from that fateful day is nothing like tonight. Tonight the air is clear, the moon is full, and the breeze is steady. It’s a perfect night to escape the hell hole that is my house. My assumption is that it won’t be long until it is literally a hell hole. For a moment I almost feel remorseful, but then I remember how even after all of the shit that has happened my family still wants to bury me under the blame. They are all lost and just don’t know it yet. I refuse to go down with them. This is one thing I will not bare the cross for.

I don’t run far before I realize I have absolutely no clue where I am going. I hadn’t really thought that far ahead. My main goal was to avoid the nightmare that is my family. I stand in the middle of someone’s lawn, the well-trimmed sod torn a little from where I had treaded on it. My thin white tee-shirt is already soaked with my sweat. Florida is a humid place, even my jeans are wet. I look around, a little light-headed, trying to figure out what to do or where to go.

“That way works,” I finally mutter realizing I need to get lost and fast before someone finds me. I start running again in a random direction.

Eventually I find myself on an abandoned golf course. At this point I am exhausted so I slide into one of the sand hazards and out of view. I rest in the yellow-white sand and let my eyelids close slowly.

My eyes flutter back open after a while. I try to lift my hands to rub my tired pupils, but find I can’t move any of my limbs. I quickly begin to panic, thrashing violently trying to break free of whatever is restricting my movement. I soon find to effort futile and quit trashing. My eyes finally readjust and I see a tall, shady man towering over me in a black trench coat. It’s him… The demon!

“Nice to see you are awake. We have got to stop meeting like this,” The man chuckles. Well, he isn’t exactly a man and he doesn’t exactly chuckle.

“What do you want from me?” I demand in a ragged voice. The demon has a wide brimmed hat on and the bright full moon casts a shadow concealing his entire face. Only the shine from his beady eyes is visible in the dark.

“What do I want from you? Do you really want to know the answer to that?” At this I remain silent. “It would be so much easier to show you anyhow… Not to mention more fun,” the demon smiles revealing a set of gleaming fangs that glow in the moonlight as he utters these words. It begins to bend down towards me. I can’t see anything physically holding me, but I can’t move nonetheless. The demon gets closer to me, lust burning in his eyes. I renew my trashing to no avail.

“Stop it! Let me go!” I cry.

“Nonsense! I’m just getting started!” The creature begins to pull at my sweaty jeans attempting to wiggle them free of my body. Slowly, but surely the pants slide off my panty covered ass and down my pale legs. Before long they have been completely removed along with my shoes and socks leaving me in nothing but a worthless white tee shirt and my plain white cotton panties. I can hear the gurgled laughter of the beast resonate in my head once again as he unzips his black trousers and discards them. From the darkness I can make out a form growing bigger and bigger. I already know it’s his monster penis. Honestly, I am surprised I made it this far unscathed. I suppose it was inevitable. I wait nervously to lose my virginity to a hellspawn. The demon cock protruding from the things pelvis just continues to grow in size until it is about as thick and long as your average baseball bat. In the moonlight I can make out that it is solid black and rigid, with what appear to be large cyst-type-things all over it. I can feel warm, salty tears roll down my face. I sob quietly as the beast takes his position. I am half certain he can kill me just by fucking me with his “cock.” He is unsettlingly close now. I finally take into account the smell he gives off. He smells surprisingly like burning wood and spices. It is a strong, but not unpleasant scent. It’s odd the things that run through your mind when you’re about to be raped to death. I have given up pleading, I know it is useless. I just wait for the black meat stick to sink harshly into my tight virgin insides.

It begins by rubbing its monster penis on the inside of my bare leg. It makes sure I can feel just how hard and rigid it is. I can see what looks like radioactive waste oozing grotesquely out of the tip. The green sludge sticks to my thigh as the demon pokes his cock into my leg. He is dangerously close to my panty covered innocence now. The unbearable heat radiating off his dick warms my crotch.

“Are you ready to become a woman?” the monster asks. I shake my head vigorously in opposition. “Too fucking bad!” I let out a high pitch scream as it enters me.

I spin my head around in confusion.

“Wha… What just happened?” I inquire to the wind.

“Oh the look on your face was worth all the damned souls in the world,” I hear a voice say. I turn and see it is the trench coat wearing demon, his hat still pulled over his face.

“I thought…” I begin.

“You thought I was gonna fuck you! I know! It was priceless,” the demon answers. I am beyond confused at this point. I realize I have regained control of my limbs and decide to stand up on shaky legs. I am still clad in nothing but my undies and tee shirt. I gaze at the full moon then over the green of the golf course. I brush some of the sand off my back then refocus my gaze on the demon.

“Why didn’t you… Why didn’t you rape me?”

“I just wanted to mess with your head because I knew it would be hilarious. I’m a demon, I get off on that shit.”


“But what?” the demon cuts me off, “You and I are on the same side darling. You summoned me, remember?”

“Not on purpose!” I assert. The demon’s eyes glint again in the darkness. I catch another glimpse of his monstrous grin.

“Does it really matter? Can you honestly say you don’t love the hell I’ve subjected your siblings to? No… You love it. Before I came into your life you were miserable, wishing, PRAYING for a better existence. I can give you that! I can give you whatever your heart desires. All you need to do is ask.”

“No! You… You just want my soul so you can be complete,” I retaliate. The demon shakes his head.

“My name is Galvio… I am a powerful Djinn, a wish demon. I feed on the souls I collect from those I grant wishes to.”

“Why are you telling me this?” I ask.

“Just give my proposition some thought,” Galvio finally says, “If you want to live a shattered life in the afterglow of the rest of your family then be my guest. But, if you want to be something great; if you want to be eternal and get back at those miserable excuses for relatives of yours… Well… You know what to do.” With that the demon vanishes into a wisp of smoke, rising into the moonlit night. I think back to when I first saw him outside my house from my bedroom window; how after he granted Kevin’s wish he just walked away. I remember thinking he should have turned into a cloud of smoke, as proof he was a genie. Now look at me, standing in my underwear in the middle of some unknown golf course all alone; gazing at the fading, smoky remnants of a Djinn. I collapse back into the sand pit and once again shut my eyes. I drift into a peaceful slumber and for a moment I am without a care.

Ch. 8
The blazing sun harkens me awake. I blink repeatedly in the morning light as I sit up. My back is sore from sleeping the ground. I find my pants and shove my legs back into them. I need to get out of here. There isn’t any telling how close my parents are. By now they have likely notified the police… So I’ll have to be extra careful.

I leave the green course and head in the first random direction my feet take me. I have no idea where I am. I have even less of an idea of where I’m going. Somehow I end up at my school campus after walking for about an hour. I am getting hungry, but I don’t have any money and I don’t want to draw attention to myself. I look around the campus. It is summer break so it is nearly deserted, however, some younger kids like to come and hang out here. Today it appears as if it’s just two young girls who look about Ella’s age riding their bikes around in the school parking lot. I shrug and head for my secret spot.

Whenever I get free time during school I always go to this secluded spot hidden between two of the buildings. It is completely out of view, surprisingly roomy, and always shaded and cool. In the sunshine state that is a huge plus. I ease into the only entrance and rest my back against the far brick wall. I let the shade wash over me, dispelling the unforgiving Florida heat. I catch my breath and collect my thoughts; what should be my next plan of action?

“Holy shit! There is already a bitch in here,” I hear an excited voice say.

“No fucking way! We bagged three sluts in one day? Fuck me!” another voice spouts. I snap out of my trance like state just in time to see two skinny punks make their way into my hideout. They push the little girls who had been riding their bikes in the parking lot in front of them, successfully blocking the only escape route.

“Look at all these holes! Fresh for the taking!” the first one gasps in amazement. He is a little taller than his counterpart, with a greasy brown mop tucked under the knit cap atop his head.

“No shit! We’re gonna need to grow some more dicks, huh Pentz?” the second, shorter one says. He has longish black hair that his just as greasy looking. He has to keep pusing it out of his dull eyes.

“You said it Jonah,” the one who is apparently called Pentz agrees. These guys are as dumb as they look, but they do have us cornered and I doubt my co-victims can put up much a fight.
“Why don’t you get the hell out of here before I call the cops,” I finally pipe up, trying to sound confident in my own words. Pentz and Jonah train their gazes on me before busting out in laughter.

“Pentz, tie this skank up with that rope in your backpack. I’ll make sure our other playthings don’t get away.” Pentz nods and lurches toward me. I raise my fists. Pentz just grins at my pathetic attempt at self-defense and plants a punch square in my gut, knocking the wind out of me. I fall to the ground, gasping for air. Before I can do anything my hands are tied firmly behind my back and my ankles are bound together. This is my third time being bound and forced to witness rape.

Pentz makes his way back to Jonah and they bicker over which preteen they want to deflower first. To my horror I learn that they don’t want to have one each, but instead want to tag team on one girl and then the next. They are going to force each girl to take two cocks at the same time! For the first time I take a closer look at the girls. They may be even younger than Ella! One wears a cute little blue mini skirt and a collared shirt. She has brown hair and brown eyes, much like Ella. The other girl is wearing pink shorts and a matching tank top. She is blonde with hazel eyes. Both girls are significantly smaller than their attackers.

Eventually the dynamic duo reaches a decision. They plan on taking the girl with the skirt first. Then they will play with her little blonde friend. They look at me again and lick their lips. I shiver. They tie the other girl up and set their sights on the brown headed one. Tears are already streaming down her petite face and her torment has yet to begin. Both goons lose their trousers and boxers, revealing their sizable pricks. They give them a few strokes and they spring to life, hard as rocks. Like vultures they descend on the defenseless virgin planning to scavenge her innocence away forever leaving nothing behind.

It happens quickly, viciously. Pentz pounces on the young girl and flips her in a flash. She finds herself on her stomach, weary of what is to come next. The boney thug slides his greasy palms underneath the child’s tiny skirt and comes back with his prize: the girl’s tight, cotton panties. He brings the garment close to his face and inhales deeply. Pentz shutters with anticipation.

“Oh... This bitch is gonna be sooooo tight!” he exclaims.The brunette lets out a pitiful squeak and her tears continue to flow.

“Yeah, yeah, but her moist mouth is gonna feel even better around my throbbing cock!” Jonah states. The pair can’t restrain themselves any longer. They need to be inside this preteen.

Pentz repositions the girl so he can get to her cunt. Meanwhile, Jonah gets in front of her. She meekly stares up at her assailant. He gives her a sleazy grin.

“Here it comes!” Pentz lets out. He forces his hard dick into the child’s dry, virgin pussy.

A shrill scream escapes her thin lips only to be quickly muffled by Jonah's prick. The
greasy punk rams his member into the girl’s untouched throat making her gag and choke as he moans in ecstasy. All the while Pentz is exciting countless futile shrieks from his victim as he pummels her tight hole, relishing the feeling that only comes from stealing someone’s virginity. The small girl is utterly helpless... as am I. All I can do is watch her cruel and unusual torture. I can hear the crude sucking noises caused by Jonah shoving his cock brutally into the brunette's wet gullet. A can see the blood trickle down her legs as Pentz slams into her over and over again. I can smell the sweat. I can feel her agony resonating clearly into the summer air. Her friend sobs uncontrollably. She watches wide eyed as the other girl;s onslaught continues. She is painfully aware that she will soon be next.

The brown headed girl’s screams sound like pained grunts with a dick jammed into her mouth. They become more and more frequent as her rapists pick up pace. Her blue skirt is now stained with her own virgin blood. Her drool oozes out the corners of her mouth and around Jonah’s penis as it goes down her throat.

“How damn her mouth is fucking hot! I can hardly take it!”

“You think that feels good? You should fuck her fucking fuck hole man!” Their rape toy only adds forced cries to the thugs’ charming conversation.

Nearly ten minutes pass and I can tell the goons are close to finishing with the first young girl. Their pace gets quicker and quicker and their poor victim grunts louder and louder, her small form struggling immensely to take two large cocks at once. Finally the duo begins to cum. Pentz shoves hard into the girl’s tight pussy and ets wave after wave of his white goo fill her womb. Soon after his friend finishes cumming, Jonah begins to spew his hot slime down the brunette's moist throat. She i forced to swallow shot after shot of the disgusting man fluid. Her big brown eyes shed a continuous stream of tears. Once the two have ceased cumming, they pull out of their abused meat and take a break.

“That was intense,” Jonah sighs. Pentz nods in agreement. The young girl lays defeated on the ground, coughing up cum and sobbing silently. Her friend’s fear has reached its peak as she knows it won't be long now until she is subjected to similar torture. She cries violently, pleading in a high voice for mercy. Apparently they think mercy is another word for disrobe and rape me. Because after a minute of rest that is exactly what the pair does. The second girls clothes disappear in a blur and she is shoved into the hard cement ground.

“I want her mouth this time!” Pentz declares. Jonah doesn’t appear to have any qualms with this notion.

“Fine,” he begins, “I’ll just rape this bitch up her tiny virgin ass. I’ll make her scream into your cock. I’ll make her fucking wish she was never born.” Jonah glances at the girl in question and smirks.

“You ready to bleed little girl?” Pentz asks. The tiny female shakes her head vigorously back and forth to signal her disagreement, but her actions are not headed.

Pentz slaps the girl making her cry out. This gives him the opportunity to stuff his cock in her small orifice. Her cries instantly become muffled by the hard meat in her mouth. She is crying harder than her friend had been moments before.

“Suck!” the thug commands. Unlike his counterpart, Pentz wants to make his prey work for their punishment. Instead of just ramming forcefully into her throat, he’d rather subject her to even more embarrassment. The girl mumbles some objection that is only met with another slap and another command. Reluctantly the girl begins to pathetically slurp on the grungy penis in her mouth. I can only imagine how she feels. I feel worse and worse by the second. How can I be so useless? I almost hope they rape me at this point. How else can I justify witnessing this brutality? If I am not a victim... then I am a victimiser.

The true victim right now is the little girl in front of me. I can make out the awkward wet sounds coming from her forced blowjob. Pentz dick goes in and out of her mouth as she slowly as she works to get him off. Jonah watches... waiting for the perfect time to destroy her ass. My mind drifts back to Ella. I think of the curse my brother has over her. I reflect wistfully. Everything that has happened this summer has been my felt. In some convoluted way, the rape of these poor girls is on my hands.. and still I can do nothing. A lone tear streams down my face.

My attention is re-focused on the scene in front of me when I hear a blood curdling scream. Jonah has finally decided to penetrate the blonde’s tight ass. Her hair flies out from her face with each brutal thrust as Jonah buries his stiff cock in her nether regions. Pentz has relinquished his previous campaign and resorted to plugging her throat with his thick member. This pair has shish-kabobed their second virgin of the day. This time they are even more ferocious with their rape! They have synchronized their rhythm so that they both plunge their dicks in at the same time.

“Uhm! Uhm! Uhm! Uhm!” the girl’s grunts grow louder and more erotic with each painful thrust. Her eyes bulge open in fear and agony. Saliva drains out of her mouth as blood pours out of her ass. I can see Jonah’s dick grinding in and out of her backside, tearing her tender flesh, making her scream into Pentz’s erection.

After a lifetime of watching the brutal episode it finally reaches its climax. Pentz thrusts deep into the back of the blonde’s throat and empties his cum into her. She chokes and gags as she is made to drink all of it. Pentz pulls out of her tortured mouth only for Jonah to replace him.To the girl’s horror she is forced to swallow yrt another led of cum. This time, however, she must also taste her own blood and shit. She wretches violently as her tummy bulges with the seed of her tormentors. The duo laughs as their hands collide in victory and amusement.

After the thugs have rested a little they turn their greedy eyes on me. Their mouths spread into wicked grins as they advance towards me. I watch helplessly as their dicks begin to grow hard again. I brace myself for the inevitable... I am finally going to get what I deserve. I am going to be raped.

“Karen! Karen Mckellen!” voices cry out from around the corner. The blood drains from the faces of my attackers.

“Oh shit!” Jonah mutters, “It’s the fuzz!” Pentz and Jonah retrieve their pants and make a hasty escape. In a second they have disappeared leaving me and my two broken counterparts alone in the alley-like passage. Moments later the cops arrive at the hideout and gawk at the nightmarish scene.

After being untied I tell the cops everything that had happened. After I have finished with my testimony they inform me that my family has been worried sick about me. Upon hearing this I am hit with another pang of guilt. But somewhere amongst that guilt is a hint of anger. Now that I go missing they care about me? I am torn between my feelings. I don’t know what to do. My thought drift once again to the Djinn. Galvio...

I am placed in the backseat of a police cruiser and escorted back to my home. Once again I have escaped certain sexual demise at the cost of others’. I can't take much more of this. The cop car pulls into my driveway. I am numb. The last thing I want to do is confront my family. Hell! Its why I ran away in the first place! I am let out of the car. The officer doesn’t walk me to the door. Instead he watches intently as I make my way up the walk, slowly and deliberately. I reach the entrance to my house and go inside without taking a second glance at the cop. I figure I might as well get this over with. A haven’t taken two steps inside when I am swarmed by my family. They hit me with a sea of varied emotions. They express their anger over the fact I made them worry. They express their joy from my return, their sorrow. I don't know if I should be flattered or sick. I listen to them scold me only to turn around and shower me with signs of relief. It goes on for an eternity...

Finally they let me go back to my room to rest. Apparently they think the stress of the “twin situation” is what led me to run away. I am fine with them believing that. It beats the truth any day. My room looks the same as when I left it, then again it has only been a day since I ran away. I smile slightly when I realise how terribly I failed at escaping. The school was an obvious place to search for me. Then my smile fades. Damn cops! Why did they have to show up so late? If they had found me earlier those girls could have been spared! Just like that my anger returns. I get mad at myself for causing this horrible scenario. But wait... I am not the root of this evil. If my parents weren't so blind and if my siblings weren't so corrupt then... Then I would have never had a reason to summon a demon on accident. I think of how quickly the twins sold each other out. How Kevin forced Ella to blow him against her will. I have witnessed first hand the selfishness of my so called “loved ones.” I have seen them toss their souls away for a cheap trick. They deserve nothing better than what they get.

“I wish I was free of my family!” I mutter under my breath. Nothing happens. My rage boils higher and higher. I say it again, this time a little louder. Still nothing. The pressure in my skull intensifies and my sight turns red. I scream the wish at the top of my lungs! I feel dizzy and I nearly fall down, but there he is... Galvio.

“Why, hello dearest,” he chants cooly. I blink rapidly as I try to steady myself against my bed. The demon leans against the corner, his hat down low.

“Hello,” I respond wondering if I made the right choice to call him.

“I see you have come to a decision. You wish to be free of your family, right?” The way he says “wish” sends shivers down my spine. I am suddenly aware that I am still in the cloths from last night: skimpy white tee-shirt, jeans, underwear...

I eventually nod in agreement. I am ready to be free of those cretins.

“Good! I have just the thing in mind.” The demon’s eyes begin to grow eerily as he utters these words.

“What does that mean?” I try to ask.

The demon responds with, “Wish granted!” There is a blinding flash and then everything dissolves into darkness. And I am free... for a moment.

Ch. 10
I wake with a start. My head is fuzzy and I can’t recall where I am. Slowly my senses return, but I soon realize something is terribly wrong. I try to make out my surroundings. Everything is tinted in haze, but I think I am in my room. Yes! There is my window slot... and my bed... and... Me. I am watching myself sleep. My chest rises and falls steadily. I try to look at my hands, but I have none... I am outside of my body. The WISH! What did he do to me? What is going on? I’m not dead. My body is still breathing. So what then?

I hover aimlessly in my room for ten minutes, just watching myself slumber peacefully. I am freaking out on the other hand! I can’t move. I can only pan my vision and even that takes a tremendous effort. I have resigned to staring at my motionless form in the hay dark. Nothing.

Then... Something! My body moves! It sits upright on my cot, cranes in my direction, and grins. Is that what my smile looks like? Yikes. I try to call out. Try to call to my possessed body, but nothing happens. Instead it crawls of the bed and begins walking out of the room. I am compelled to follow, like I am tethered by some unseen force. I watch “myself” walk down the darkened hallway. My form stops at one of the small oak tables we keep pictures and memorabilia on. It grabs something off the table and heads a little further down the hall. My sight is still clouded and wispy, I can’t quite make out the object. I am pulled along with my body down, down, down... Down to Ella’s door. It must be late because there doesn’t appear to be a single light on in the house. My body carefully pries my little sister’s door open and creeps inside. I too am forced to enter the room. What am I doing? Why can’t I control myself? I remain answerless as I observe my body act with a mind of its own.

Ella’s room is dim, lit only by a tiny night-light in the corner. My distorted vision can focus a little now. I can see what “I” am holding. It looks like a slender glass vase. It is sort of bulbous with a bottleneck design, starting very narrow at the opening and getting slightly bigger at the bottom. I can see Ella as well, her tiny form shrouded in a thin fleece blanket. The night-light throws an eerie shadow on the powder blue walls as my body inches towards Ella. I watch as my free hand takes hold of the fleecy and gently drags it from Ella’s body. Ella is wearing a lacy yellow nightgown. It has ridden up as she slept revealing her pink cotton panties. My body crawls tentatively onto the full size bed. I witness in horror as my hands grab hold of Ella’s girly underwear and pull the from her skinny legs. The panties are balled up and inserted into Ella’s small mouth. Finally I figure out the purpose behind the vase. Now that my sister’s nine year old pussy has been exposed my form parts Ella’s legs, covers her panty filled mouth, and places the neck of the vase against her virgin opening. Without even gracing her with the most basic of lubricants, “I” slam the ornament deep into Ella’s tight virginity. Her eyes pop open and grow wide. She lets out a scream that can be heard even through her elaborate gag. She stares up in shock as she realises her attacker is her sister. She stares up in brutal agony as she feels the hard glass rip through her innocence. Warm, salty tears begin to well up in my sisters big, brown eyes. They roll down her cheeks in dramatic liquid streaks, staining her bed sheets. I can hear her girlish cries of pain as she wails through the panties in her mouth. My possessed body plunges the vase deeper and deeper, harder and harder into poor little Ella’s slit. Virgin blood trickles into the clear glass and onto the bed. A wicked grin permeates my visage... Only it isn’t “my Visage”... Not anymore. Now I am just an apparition who is cruelly bound to the the body that is no longer mine, forced to witness the unspeakable torture of my youngest sibling.

I don’t know how much time passes. My sister’s rape at my hands and my inability to do shit about it is killing me... What is left of me. The glass fuck tool wrenches in and out of Ella’s destroyed pussy. It is painted in her warm blood now. Ella must have lost her voice. Now she only squeaks as her body lurches forward with each thrust. After a millennium of brutal assault my body finally ceases and tears the vase from Ella’s torn insides. It throws the bottle-like glass aside. I watch as it clatters to the ground and rolls across the floor, leaving a trail of my sister’s blood in its wake. Ella shakes and whimpers as tears continue to stream down her petite face. My body pulls the panties from little Ella’s mouth. They are soaked with her saliva. I stare in shock as “I” unball the underwear and proceed to slide them back over Ella’s abused crotch. My form fixes Ella’s nightgown, throws the fleecy back over her, and leaves the room just as quietly as it entered it dragging my ghost-like state with it. I catch one last glimpse of Ella writhing in pain on her bed before I am forced to leave her... Alone.

Ch. 11
Glittering sunlight filters into my room stirring me from my restless slumber. I bolt upright from my cot and thrash my head around anxiously. Was it just a dream? I look at my hands effortlessly. I am me again... I get out of bed and change briskly. I thrown on some fresh panties, a plain skirt, and a purple button-up. I desperately need a shower, but it’ll have to wait. I rush out of my room and pace down the hall. I stop abruptly at Ella’s door. My heart sinks. My head pulses. I push the door ajar and peek inside. Ella is asleep on her bed under a thin fleece blanket. I gulp. There is only one way to be sure. I tiptoe into the room and scour the floor... Then I see it. The bloody vase! Oh my God! It really happened! My eyes sting as they tear up. Why is this happening to me? I flee the room and dart into the hall. I smack into something hard and fall back with a thud.

“Look at us! Running into each other again! How quaint. So, how do you like your wish so far?” I look up as the tall man finishes his question. Galvio... Trench coat and all.

“You! You did this? Yous stole my body and tortured my sister?”

“Why yes. Yes I did. But I was only granting your wish you see?”

“I... I didn’t wish for that.”

“Maybe not exactly, but I like to take a little creative liberty with my work. You know that. Don’t worry. You will be ‘free’ of you family. I promise.”

I can’t believe this is happening. I have played right into Galvio’s hand. He has won. He has my soul now and he can do whatever he wants with me. I am his slave.

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