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A young boy finds out that he is not just a boy but something more.
Sorry for the long delay between posting of stories, but I've taken a break from, the great war, and started a new story. I well try to get the next one out soon but I don't know, I'm also trying something new from the great war. Hope you like it and as all way, please rate and post feedback.

I was 10 when I noticed that, I was different from the other children, I could do things that they could not. I could imagine thing that they could not , and I could also see thing that were not mean't to be.

The first time that I noticed that something was not right was when I was playing with the other kids, I saw something that they could not see, I was telling every one that I saw a giant lizard fly through the sky, I also said that I saw a small man with a pot of gold running around trying to find a place to put it.

The teachers thought that I had no friends and was doing this to get attention and try to make Friends, well I had no friends I had some offers to be friends, but I could not stand to be around them, or anyone for that fact.

The next time that I noticed when something was wrong was when I turned 12, I was drawing a picture of something that I could only describe as being a man on fire, battling a big fish that looked like a octopus, but had shark teeth.

The next time that I know something was wrong was when I turned 15, my parents and two sibiling went out and left me at home to look after the dog, of courses I don't like to leave the house unless I need to.

It was a few minutes later that I heard the front door open, thiking it was just my parents coming back as they forgotten something, I got back to playing my game. It was another few minutes after that, that I heard some guys shout something.

Walking out of my room, I come face to face with a gun and some guy shouting something at me. Starting to panic, I felt my hands start to heat up, looking at my hands, I was now starting to freak out, looking at my hand, I could see that they where on fire but, they did not feel like they were burning.

The guy that had the gun to my face said something, but I was mesmerized but the fact that my hands wore on fire but they did not burn. Looking back at the guy I ask what did he say.

"I said we have finally found the mage, the mage that is meant to take down our master. We're here to make sure that does not happen."

"Wait! What do you mean mage, I'm not a mage I can't even do magic, let alone do thing that a mage can do."

I was sat on the floor waiting for him to either pull the trigger of for something to happen, of course the latter happened. When the guy was about to pull the trigger I could feel me hands heat up for a split second before their was a blinding light. I woke up sometime later to my dog licking my face, sitting up and looking around I could se my house burning in the distance, I could also see that I was in a field with bits of burning house all around me.

Getting up I was stop when my dog growled, stopping, the dog stoped.

"this is wierd first some guys call me a mage and now I'm beening growled at by my dog what next" I asked my self

"next my boy, next we need to train you" awnsered a voice from nowhere.

Looking around I could see no one that talked to me, "who said that, who talked to me."

"I did my dear boy" again the voice answered but I could still not see who talk to me, looking down at my dog I could see that he did not make the sound that heard, I could not have been more wrong.

"Final you can now speak to me properly, instead of looking around like a fool."

" can speak, no, no I must still be Asleep. Yes that's it I fall asleep well playing a game and any second on my family's going to walk me up" 

"No my dear boy, you are not sleeping, and you did just blow up you parents houses. So I would advise we get out of here before the emergency services show up, which would be very soon."

Getting up, I winched in pain. It felt like my back was on fire and that I had a scar that was being pulled tight across my back. Looking around I asked the dog (if it was a dog) where we should go, all that it did was start to walk off In a direction going away from the house.

Following the dog we came across an old houses, that was a bit worse for ware. And looked like it could have seen better days, walking up to the door, my dog, seem to mutter something before the door started to shimmer. The next thing I know I'm looking at a massive library filled with books.

Looking around I started to notice that we were not alone In the room. The reason, that we were not alone, was because their looked to be other kids there as well, all milling around, picking up books, Charing with friends, or they were looking at me or my dog, I'm not sure which. But I was starting to feel uneasy.

Looking at my hands they started to glow again, feeling the same thing that I felt In the house, I start to panic, thinking that I'm going to blow up this area, like I did with my home.

Looking at my dog I ask what we're ment to do as I'm start to get the same felling again.

"Look here my boy..."

"Can you not call me by my name, I do have one you know."

"Yes, yes sorry what was your name again."

"Uhhh, my name is..."

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2013-07-11 05:42:48
Please make more chapters

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Please make more chapters


2013-02-17 10:30:11
sorry what do you mean by ryan.bc


2013-02-17 05:36:47
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2013-02-16 22:51:18 English is my native language, but i was typing this on my phone so some of the words and punctuation would be wrong, and wolf_knight (great stories loved the modern mage series, it the one that got me hooked on writing) thanks i well try and ask first, and not do the post first ask questions later type deal


2013-02-16 23:02:50
Interest concept but you need to work on a number of areas. Your punctuation and word choice up front are the top two. You made contractions out of words that aren't and don't need to be such a meant. Take a little more time and be deive. You have the imagination to write, you just have to work on your technical skills. I'm not rating the story positive or negative because it is middle of the road as it is. If you want assistance from the authors on the site post the story into the Sex Stories forum and ask for constructive criticisms and you'll find some of the best authors on the site (CAW Winners and others from the Recommended Writers list) more than willing to aid you. All you have to do is first, ask; and second listen whether you like what is said or not. I am still working on issues in my writing and regularly ask for advice for Snowleopard3200, Ed Itor, Darthel01 and others and I may not like everything they say but I listen and adjust as I need to

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