Misty got up stairs and went to the bathroom to see her sister Summer and told her what happened and that John passed out and it was there turn and that she was pissed and he was going to pay for it. Misty asked Summer, what she had to humiliate John sexually with and make him suffer alot. Summer then grabbed Misty and took her to her bedroom and told her to sit down. Summer then went to her closet and pulled out a flat box. Summer told Misty this is a cage that we can put John in while he is it his ass, mouth, and dick would be exposed but nothing else and he wouldn't be able to stroke his dick. Then Summer went under her bed and pulled out a red bag and started to pull things out saying what they were: handcuffs, rope, butt plugs, dildos, cock rings, gag and the best part strap-ons. That could get filled with a cum solution that Summer has 4 bottles of. Summer then went down stairs set of the cage quietly then pulled out an ironing board set it up in living room. with everything set up Summer went back up stairs and got the bottles of solution and put them in the bag with everything else and told Misty that she was ready whenever she was.

after about an hour when Misty was rested enough that she knew she could cum again without hurting.....Summer and Misty then went down stairs quietly and picked up John and bent him over the ironing board without his dick being on the board. Then Summer opened the bag an took a small piece of rope and tied it behind Johns balls and pulled it tight making sure he wouldn't be able to cum. John start to wake up and Misty then grabbed the handcuffs out of the bag and handcuffed Johns hands under the ironing board so he couldn't get free. John started to get mad but Misty then said "Cause you fucked me in the ass hard...hurting me...and then passed out I decided that I am going to start now...and go until I feel like stopping..." John eyes widen as Summer handed Misty a double headed dildo that was as long and as thick as his own dick. John opened his mouth to ask what's she was going to do with that but right when he opened his mouth Misty forced 5 inches of it in his mouth and started to move it in and out his mouth sometimes making it go deep and making John gag. Summer was turned on by this and grabbed a vibrating cock ring out of the bag then slid it onto Johns dick down to the bass then turned it on making John twitch and turning him on fast revealing his 8.5 inch hard dick. Misty couldn't take it anymore and got on the ironing board and put the other end of the dildo that wasn’t in John’s mouth inside her pussy and started to fuck it while moving the other end in and out of John’s mouth. Misty was getting closer to cumming then grabbed John’s head and pulled making him gag on the dildo as she was cumming. Misty calmed down then took the dildo out of John’s mouth and John yelled "Please let me cum I have to so b...." Then Summer put a gag on John shutting him up. you will only cum when we decide that you been good enough to until then you can't Misty said smiling Summer then held John on the board and told Misty to get off and uncuff him Misty did that Summer pulled John close to her and then took the handcuffs off of Misty and cuffed Johns hands behind his back and made him sit on the floor. Misty then started to lick Summer's nipples and playing with her slit making her even wetter than she was then Misty pushed Summer on the couch and started to gently bite from her tits down to her pussy. once Misty got there she spread Summer lips and put her tongue inside of Misty tasting her sister's cum and shortly finding her g-spot and started to make circles around it and fingering her left and right "walls" with her fingers. Misty notice that Summer breathes was getting faster and starting to turn into gasp and the pulled her tongue out and replace it with 2 fingers then told John to "come here" John barley able to move cause of the cock ring making him harder on the verge of cumming rolled over to the girls right when he got there Summer grabbed his head and started to squirt all over his face. Misty then felt bad for John alittle so she loosened the rope that was behind his balls and right when she did John came letting out a massive load all over the rug. Misty took the cock ring off and when John finished cumming tightened the rope again so he couldn't cum again. John fell on his back after cumming and Summer laid limply on the couch recovering from the one the best squirts she ever had. Misty now looking in the bag and decided it was time for a strap-on...she grabbed a bottle of the solution and a 10 inch long by 4 inch wide strap-on and walked over to Summer and ask how to fill it. Summer filled it up then Misty went back to the bag and grabbed another pair of handcuffs and the in a quick motion grabbed Summer and handcuffed her hands in front of her and then lifted her hands up above her head so she couldn't move them. Misty said smiling "Now this is not a real dick so I am going to make you suck it" Summer wouldn't open her mouth and the Misty said "It’s part of the rules now open your mouth or it will be worst...please sis I really want to and John is getting it to after you..." Summer then opened her mouth wide. Misty smiled and slowly push the tip of the strap-on inside her sister's mouth then started to push further until she had half of it inside of her sister's mouth. Misty then slowly started to thrust her hips moving the strap-on in and out of Summer's mouth and then when Summer seemed comfortable Misty lost alittle control and started to get rougher and going further inside her sister's mouth making her gag on the strap-on. Misty stopped to let her sister get her breath back and then said "I want you to open your throat I am going to push until you do..." Summer nodded scared Misty the pushed the strap-on inside Summer's mouth hitting her throat and started to push gently until Summer's throat finally opened and started to go deeper inside her mouth looking down Mist saw the strap-on inside her sister's throat then pulled out being satisfied and went over to John took the gag off. Misty said "honey open up your mouth I got a present..." John opened his eyes seeing his wife with a strap-on started to freak out and opening his mouth just enough for Misty to force the strap-on into his mouth making him take 7 inches before gagging. Misty pulled out and then started to thrust fast and hard hitting John's throat saying "this is pay back hope you enjoy..." John helplessly letting his wife fuck his face with a strap-on. When Misty got John's throat to open she pushed all 10 inches inside his mouth making it go down his throat as Misty watched it not being able to control herself she pulled out and squeezed the balls on the strap-on and it started to shoot cum all over John's face. Misty walked over to Summer and uncuffed her and said "get another big strap-on we are going to have fun covering John with all 4 bottles of cum." Summer went in the bag and grabbed 2 bottle of the solution and gave them to Misty and then Summer grabbed a strap-on that was 11 inches long by 6 inches thick and filled it with the solution. Then picked John up and bent him over the ironing board again so that both Misty and Summer could fuck his ass and his face at the same time Summer then asked "would you like you take his ass first?" Misty said walking behind John "that would be a good idea...well honey let me show you why I hate anal..." Smiling Misty lined up the strap-on with John's ass and started to push slowly until the tip of it was in John's ass. He started to scream but Summer grabbed his head and pushed her strap-on in his mouth saying "this is what you get for cumming in my ass..." and started to roughly fuck John's face. Misty began to push the strap-on further inside John's ass until he had about 7 inches in then she forced the rest in his ass hard. Summer getting hornier by this started to fuck his face faster until John eventually passed out. Then both girls pulled out can came all over his body..,...
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