I have enjoyed writing about the memories of sex with my sisters. This is the final chapter in the series. Hope you enjoyed them.
As I explained in the last chapter, my Grandmother had to move in with one of her daughters (my aunt) for a month who was having a troublesome pregnancy. Since I was still living at home while starting college, I was left in charge of my three sisters, Mary (age 16), Tracey (age 14) and Julie (age 13). Mary and I were no stranger to brother/sister sex. We had been fucking and sucking each other for several years. Last night, we had welcomed Tracey to our incestuous couplings. Yet, after a night of fucking and sucking with Mary and Tracey in my bed, I was sitting here at the breakfast table thinking about what Julie would be like in bed. With two young girls willing to take care of all my sexual needs, why would I risk it all by expanding my conquests to my final sister, and at such a young age. I quickly dismissed the thoughts from my mind.

For the next week, it was a set routine. As soon as Julie was safely asleep; Mary, Tracey and I would meet in my room for a sibling orgy. It usually started with Mary and Tracey pussy eating on the bed while I watched from a nearby chair. Then one of them would suck my dick while I licked all the pussy juice off the face of the other and then they would switch positions. Then we would crawl into my bed for some serious fucking. I loved it when they had me lay on my back with one bouncing on my dick and the other straddling my head for some more pussy licking. Tracey preferred to spread her legs and have me pound her pussy with my cock. Mary was game for any position, including my fucking her in the ass. I tried to convince Tracey to take it in the ass once, but she couldn’t take the pain. No problem, because her pussy was as tight as Mary’s ass and just as hot. I also liked to watch the girls clean each other’s pussy out after I creamed a load in them. Yet, as often and feverously we fucked; I still found my thoughts roaming around to what Julie would be like in bed.

Ten days into our new arrangement, I came home from school to find Mary waiting for me in the kitchen. Julie wasn’t around so I leaned in for a kiss. However, Mary held up her hand to stop me. “We’ve got a problem,” she said. My first thought was that one of them was pregnant. They were both suppose to be on the pill, but maybe they messed up. I asked her what was wrong. She told me. “Julie knows about Tracey and me fucking around with you, and she says she is going to tell everyone.” I wasn’t worried about my Grandmother as I was certain she already knew Mary and I were fooling around, but both girls were still underage and I was eighteen. I could be in serious trouble. I took Mary in my arm and comforted her. “Let me talk to Julie,” I said, “I’m sure she doesn’t want to cause problems. I’ll just explain to her that we are not hurting anybody, and her telling other people could cause us to lose each other. I don’t think she wants that.”

I stood up to go find Julie for our talk. Turning to Mary, I added, “We may have to stop sleeping together to keep her quiet” Mary stood up and firmly proclaimed, “I’m not going to give you up.” I took her in my arms and comforted her. It would be difficult to give up sex with Mary and Tracey, but I didn’t know what else I could offer to get Julie’s silence. Pulling Mary back an arm’s length, I said I better have that talk with Julie now. Mary turned her back to me, and said, “I’m afraid just talking is not going to do it. I had to stop her now.” Sudden panic gripped me as I spun Mary back around and demanded, “What did you do?”

Mary pulled herself free of my grip and said, “I’ve already come up with a plan to deal with her.” I froze. I demanded to know what she meant, but she just turned and walked toward my room. I followed her. I was not prepared for what I saw when I entered my bedroom. Julie was stripped naked and tied spread eagle on my bed with a gag in her mouth. A naked Tracey was kneeling at her crotch making exaggerated slurping noises as she licked and sucked her little sister’s [ussy. Mary turned to me and in a quivering voice said, “We need to show her sex is not bad. If you fuck her, she can’t tell anyone without getting herself in trouble also.” I stared at the naked Julie. What my sister was suggesting was unthinkable. She wanted me to rape my youngest sister to keep her quiet. Tracey looked up with a sheen of pussy juice coating her face. She motioned my gaze to the sweet pussy spread before her and used her fingers to spread the little ones pussy lips to show me the pink interior. There was a trickle of liquid seeping out of Julie’s tight little hole. At a signal from Mary, Tracey got up and walked over to me. She pressed her lips to mine and probed them with her tongue. I detected the familiar taste and smell of pussy juice on her face. She broke the kiss and stood back. Looking at me, Tracey said, “How does it taste? I’ve been getting her warmed up for you. Sweet virgin pussy juice.” I turned back to Mary to protest and noticed she had stripped while my attention was on the other two girls.

Mary climbed up on the bed and nestled her face between Julie’s legs. With exaggerated sounds, she also proceeded to suck and lick the little one’s pussy. Julie’s eyes were wild with fear as a second sister orally raped her. Julie squirmed and twisted as if to move her pussy out of reach but the bounds held her tight. I was both repulsed and excited by the scene before me. My mind was all in a jumble. All the nasty thoughts I had previously about Julie came back to me. I admitted to myself that I wanted to fuck her, but not rape her. But I also didn’t want her to spoil what I had going with Mary and Tracey.

As I stood there dumbfounded and watched and listened to Mary slurp on her sister’s pussy; Tracey had been not been standing still. She had crouched down and unzipped my pants to haul out my growing boner. As her warm lips closed over the knob, it jolted me back to reality. Reluctantly, I pulled my dick out of Tracey’s mouth and moved over to the bed. With all the visual stimulation, it didn’t take Tracey more than a couple of thrusts down my shaft to get me to full erection. Mary got up from the bed and came behind me. She whispered in my ear, “Um, look at that sweet pussy just waiting to be fucked. She’s so tight, I could hardly get my tongue up her hole.” She reached around and held her finger under my nose. “But I didn’t give up,” she said, “until I got two fingers in her cunt to loosen her up for your dick. Smell her.” She rubbed her finger under my nose to give me the scent and then stuck two of them in my mouth to suck off Julie’s juice. The combined efforts of my sisters was overwhelming my common sense. I stopped thinking about how wrong this was, and could only think about how hot it was.

Mary took my hesitation as refusal. She pushed Tracey out of the way and shoved me toward the bed. With my pants around my ankles, I stumbled forward losing my balance. I ended up flopping on the end of the bed with my face just a foot away from Julie’s hot pussy. I could see the trickle of juice and salvia running out of the end of her cunt and down toward her ass. Mary grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head up. She looked at me with anger in her eyes. She yelled at me, “You fuck that bitch and you fuck her now, or the only sex you will be having for the next five to ten years is with a cellmate named Big Bubba.” I tried in vain to kick my wadded up pants off, but Mary was becoming increasingly impatient. She motioned to Tracey who quickly slipped my pants and underwear off my ankles. I was now naked from the waist down.
Mary ordered me to crawl up between Julie’s legs. Now with my face directly against Julie’s face, I asked the youngster, “Can you just promise you won’t tell anyone? We don’t have to do this. I love you all; but if you tell, they will take me away.” Julie shook her head no. My dick was now resting against her warm pussy lips. Every movement, every struggle seemed to rub my dick along her pussy lips. I thought if I just humped her mound without putting it in her, I could put a little fear into her; everybody would be happy before it went too far. However, Tracey reached under me to line my dick up with Julie’s tight hole. Despite the unsettling situation, my dick was already drooling pre-cum to mingle with the juices from Mary’s tongue torture. Even when I felt my dick head touch her inner most secret; I thought if I could get away with just putting the head in. If I didn’t pop her cherry, it wouldn’t be as bad. I pushed gently until the hole gave way enough to allow just my mushroom head in. Julie screamed a muffled cry into the gag. I leaned in and whispered, “I won’t put it all the way in. Just act like it is.” I pulled back and pushed in just a fraction of an inch, satisfied to just fuck the opening. Mary had other plans. She came up behind me, and smacked me with a belt without warning. I tensed up and instinctively drove forward to avoid the smack. I didn’t even feel resistance as my sudden lunge tore through Julie’s hymen. A second smack on my ass forced any remaining dick up her no longer virgin hole. I felt my dick slam up against her womb, and my balls smack her ass. I paused to allow Julie to adjust to the intrusion as I begged her to forgive me. Julie struggled to free herself which only increased the friction of her wet walls along my dick. If I didn’t know she was trying to throw me off, I would probably of thought she was trying to fuck my dick on her own. The effect was the same, I was getting turned on.

Mary moved the pillows on the bed around to cover up the binds holding Julie’s arms. She removed the gag from Julie’s mouth. Julie began screaming and yelling at me to get off. Then I saw a flash of light as Mary snapped a couple of pictures to use as blackmail to force Julie to keep our secret. Without the gag and with the binds hidden under the pillows, the picture would look like Julie was enjoying getting screwed by her brother. Mary returned the gag to silence Julie and pushed on my ass yelling, “Get busy fucking her. I want to see her cum. I want her pussy filled with your cum.” I should of stopped, but the tight walls of her pussy were squeezing my dick tighter than ever. I slowly pulled back and pushed in again. Gradually I increased my movements once Julie’s pussy got use to my shaft. Mary and Tracey were hooting and hollering as I fucked our sister. I wish I could say I did not enjoy it, but it would be a lie. The whole scene of the unwilling Julie and her two horny sisters egging me on, soon had me fucking the poor girl like an animal. Julie seemed to be moving less to get free than to meet my thrust, or so I convinced myself. Mary leaned in close to Julie’s ear, “How you like your brother’s dick? He’s not going to stop until he fucks you silly. If you can’t keep your mouth shut, you better be willing to keep your legs open.” She pulled the gag out again and clamped her mouth over her sister’s mouth. I paused in my strokes to pull my shirt over my head so I was now fully naked.

When Mary broke the kiss, Julie was gasping for breath. Before she screamed again, I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers. I forced my tongue into her mouth and thrilled as her tongue tried to force it back out. My bare chest now pressed against her budding breasts. I swear her nipples were as hard as marbles pressing into my chest. I was surprised when I felt a shudder roll through her vagina. Her muscles contracted and milked my dick for its cum as she experienced a climax during the rape. That was all it took as I felt the cum shot up my shaft and out the end of my dick. Filling her with my juice would bring this to an end. I rolled over and collapsed on the bed. Mary immediately dove into Julie’s crotch to slurp up the leaking cum/pussy juice. I was surprised when Julie arched her back and thrashed about as if in the throes of another climax. Tracey climbed over the two sisters heaving and lapping to wrap her lips around my dick to clean off the cherry juice and cum. She shifted around and planted her pussy right over my face. I greedily lapped up her flowing juices until she also stiffened in a shuddering climax. As her pussy contracted on my spearing tongue, she sat up to ground her sloppy pussy on my face.

When she finished, she climbed off my face. I opened my eyes to see Mary and Julie laying beside us watching. Julie was no longer tied down and the gag had been removed. Julie leaned over and kissed me on the lips. As her lips left mine, she remarked “Did you like our little play? My pussy sure did.” I sat up bewilderment. All three sisters rolled on the bed laughing and commenting about the look on my face. I realized I had been had. I had not raped Julie, I had been forced into popping her cherry by all three of them. I also realized something else, Mary was in charge. Not of just her sister, but of me too. She had always been in charge through our whole relationship, she just didn’t let me know until now.

Tracey’s dick sucking had reawakened my erection, and I needed to get another load off. Tracey and Julie rolled over into each other’s arms in a passionate kiss. That left Mary to tend to my aching boner. I turned to her and she obediently rolled over on her back. I lifted her legs and jammed my spear into her pussy. I was hot, horny and pissed off. I rode her with no mercy, pounding her into the mattress. Her grunts and the sounds of our crotches slapping together filled the room. I was determined to fuck pain into her pussy for all she had put me through. Yet, she pushed up with every thrust to bottom my dick out inside her womb. I felt as if my dick had slipped even further into her body then ever before as new muscles seemed to clamp over my dick head. It was like I had entered another pussy within her pussy. She reached her climax before me. Her back arched up off the bed and a growl escaped her lips. She went totally limp as she passed out from the pleasure. I didn’t miss a stroke. I continued to pound every inch of my dick into her. Her body no longer met my thrusts, but just jerked around as my dick assaulted her. Then the moment arrived. I arched my back forward as my dick spurted its first wad of thick cum further into her cunt then ever before and howled my climax like a wild animal. I jammed my dick with full force into her with every spurt until my balls were totally drained.

Rolling over, I saw my other two sisters with looks of amazement on their face. They both clamored that that fuck is what they want when it was their turn. I begged off saying I needed to recover. Mary stirred beside me and reached down to touch her gaping pussy lips. “Wow,” she said, “it’s going to take a week before I’ll be able to close my legs again.” We all laughed and rolled into a jumble of nakedness, kissing and cuddling in peace. We dozed off together in my bed. I no longer had to wonder what Julie was like in bed, I knew.

A few days later, I came home from school and was greeted by Julie in the kitchen. I asked where the others were. She said Tracey had a late band practice today, and Mary had company. I raised my eyebrow about the company comment. Julie signaled me to be quiet and follow her. We silently went over to the door of the girls’ bedroom. The door was cracked just enough for us to look inside. I could see Mary laying on her bed and some boy fucking her. From the sounds, they were having a good time. Taking my hand, Julie lead me back into the kitchen. She snickered, “Well, she was right. She is having problems keeping her legs closed.” I laughed and kissed Julie. She whispered into my ear, “Guess I’ve got you all to myself this time.” I took her hand and turned to head to my bedroom, but she stood firmly rooted to the spot. I turned and looked puzzled at her resistance. She freed her hand from my grasp. Hooking her thumbs into her shorts, she slid them down her legs and kicked them off. She was not wearing any panties. As I stared, she doffed her top and stood there naked. Sheepishly, she looked at me. “You use to get a boner watching me fix breakfast every morning,” she said. “And I was always hoping you would get up off your chair and throw me on the table to fuck me.” I smiled. I unzipped my pants and stepped out of them as they hit the floor. Moving to Julie, she pulled my shirt up over my head. With us both naked, I took her by the shoulders and spun her around. I then pushed on her back to get her lean over the table. I moved in to rub my dick along her already wet slit from behind. She looked back over her shoulder and fearfully said, “Not in the ass. I’m not ready for that yet.” I pushed her head back down and lined my dick up with her pussy hole and pushed in. Her lips gave way and I slid into her warm pussy grip. I proceeded to fuck her doggy style while reaching around to massage her small breasts.

We were in the middle of our kitchen fuck when Mary walked into the room. She was naked and obviously freshly fucked. She paused and said, “Sorry, don’t let me interrupt you. Just need to get some drinks from the fridge.” She opened the refrigerator and bent over to search for the right soda. For some reason, it was taking her longer than normal. She was shaking her ass as she searched and I could clearly see the matted hair of her twat, sticky with cum. Grabbing two drinks from the fridge, she closed the door. She walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek as I continued to gently fuck in and out of Julie. She leaned down to Julie’s ear and gave a couple of soft dog barks. She straightened up and left the room laughing. Julie wiggled her ass and told me to be a little harder. I took ahold of her hips and picked up my pace. She responded by reaching between her legs and jerking on her clit. Her pussy soon shuddered in rippling muscle contractions. When her climax was over, I announced that I was ready to cum. She said, “Not yet.” She pushed me back and spun around. Kneeling before me, she engulfed my dick with her lips and swallowed me to the base. Her mouth was hot and wet. Her tongue seemed to wrap around my dick when I shafted in and played with the sensitive underside of my knob when I pulled back. She had no problem taking my entire length. Soon I was skull fucking her. I looked down and noticed she had one hand wrapped around my shaft and the other diddling her clit again. The cum was bubbling in my balls when I warned I was getting ready to shoot. She did not back off at all. The first wad splashed against the back of her mouth and slid down her throat in a single gulp. I lost track of how many wads I shot, but she greedily swallowed them all. I pulled my spent dick out of her mouth and pulled her to her feet. Clamping my lips over hers, I sucked her cum coated tongue and searched her mouth for any remains. As I kissed her, I reached down between her legs to move her hand aside. I rammed two fingers up her snatch and positioned my thumb to stroke her clit. I forcefully rammed my fingers in and out as she grunted her approval. Soon her cunt muscles convulsed again and she stiffened in my arms. I was rewarded with a gush of warm liquid coating my fingers as her legs started to wobble. I gently laid her back on the table and knelt to lap her pussy. She pushed me away saying it was too sensitive now. I helped her up and wrapped my arm around her as we headed over to my bedroom for a nap.

After my Grandmother returned, there was no hiding the fact that all three sisters were sharing my bed. If not from seeing one or more of them leave my bedroom in the morning, the fuck stains on the sheets, or the smell of sex in my room; the nightly screams of pleasure coming from behind my closed door would certainly convince her. She never said anything, and never attempted to stop us. However, she did not allow the girls to bring dates home. Brother/sister sex seemed okay with her, but she didn’t want the girls fucking their boyfriends under her roof. When I graduated from college, I had a good job waiting for me. I made enough money to support my Grandmother and get a place of mine own. It was close enough that my sisters could visit anytime they got horny, and they did a lot. I dated but never found the right girl. My sisters grew up and got married one at a time. Even that did not stop their desire for a good brotherly fuck from time to time.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my sisters and me. There are other memories of them I’ll pass on to you at a later date.

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im37h7 Major thankies for the article. Cool.

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So there was only 2 bedrooms in this house my sisters Ann-marie, Stephanie , Patricia and Dana slept in this fold away bed with me . I can actually remember being cuddled into each of them as they buried my face between their breasts but I think I was just too young to appreciate what a fortunate little boy I was . To be honest I can remember when everything changed it was sunday morning and it was only Steph and myself in bed having a long lie I can recall as if it was yesterday she was spooning me and the feeling of her bra and pants was giving me a hard on her hand was in my pants as I lying there wandering what she was doing next thing I knew she was slipping my pants down my legs she had already stripped naked herself and then she had my cock in her mouth sucking like a wild whore that morning led to me having fantastic sex with four beautiful women as a matter of fact im 65 next month and im still screwing Dana and pat

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So there was only 2 bedrooms in this house my sisters Ann-marie, Stephanie , Patricia and Dana slept in this fold away bed with me . I can actually remember being cuddled into each of them as they buried my face between their breasts but I think I was just too young to appreciate what a fortunate little boy I was . To be honest I can remember when everything changed it was sunday morning and it was only Steph and myself in bed having a long lie I can recall as if it was yesterday she was spooning me and the feeling of her bra and pants was giving me a hard on her hand was in my pants as I lying there wandering what she was doing next thing I knew she was slipping my pants down my legs she had already stripped naked herself and then she had my cock in her mouth sucking like a wild whore that morning led to me having fantastic sex with four beautiful women as a matter of fact im 65 next month and im still screwing Dana and pat

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I loved this story and I think you would be surprised how widespread brother/sister incest really is. I was born in 1950 in Dublin and believe it or not ,by the time I was about 13-14 it would be easier to name the boys in my class who had not fucked or at least fondled with their sister that's how common it was. What you have to remember is most of the families I knew all the children slept in the same bed and taking into consideration the average couple had at least 7 to 8 of a family and it was not unusual to see some with 13 or 15 kids in fact one of my classmates Kevin McGonigle had 10 sisters and 6 brothers. We were actually one of the smallest as I only had 4 sisters who actually lived with mum & dad I had an older brother Michael and an older sister Bridget who were married and had their own place we had also lost our two oldest siblings Teresa and Thomas who perished in a fire before I was born.

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Hay boys younger than 20 if you want fuck I am all in how about it I am only 13 but that won't stop me

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