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My first experience of dominance was shortly after Id moved to Somerset when I was still 19. I had leased a small flat and was busy getting everything sorted out. I needed some furniture and a fridge but I was desperate for the internet so I had to get connected first. I rang BT and they arranged for a line to be installed and activated and informed me that they’d need access on a particular day. Bar work meant that Id be about earlier in the day so it wasn’t a problem and I eagerly awaited the day. BT arrived really early in the morning, just after 8am on the appointed day. I was still in bed after a long shift at work the night before. The doorbell rang and I got up quickly to answer the door, I opened up and there he was, a silver haired guy, a good body shape, with his BT ID in his hand.

He introduced himself and asked me if I was the person he was meant to be visiting, I said yes that’s me as he looked me up and down. It was then that I realised I was only in my jersey shorts and I quickly turned away from him and I invited him in. We walked into the kitchen, as I got there I turned to offer him a cup of tea, once again he was looking elsewhere, this time at my bum in the tight jersey shorts. He looked up quickly, he was smiling, then his eyes flicked down to my crutch again as I stood there, I felt my cock start to stiffen and rise, tenting my jersey shorts out a little. I quickly adjusted my crotch whilst his eyes lingered, he didn’t bother to avert his eyes at all and I was a little embarrassed as my semi hard cock wouldn’t soften.

He asked for a coffee and I reached for the kettle and cups and stuff and made us both a drink whilst he watched me. I turned back to him to ask if he wanted sugar and saw his hand move quickly away from his crotch area, he told me 1 sugar and I turned back to finish the drink. I picked up both mugs and turned again to hand his to him. His hand was rubbing his cock through his trousers as his eyes wandered up and down my body. He asked which one was for him and I offered him a mug, he laughed a little and took it from me.

I felt my cock harden a little more in my shorts as I stood right in front of him. He smiled at me and nodded his head towards my crotch and asked if that was for him too. I looked down, my cock was hard and really pushing my shorts out. I shyly used my hand to cover my hardness. He told me to don’t be shy and show him my pretty cock. I stood there, frozen, here he said, hold my mug and he passed it to me, instinctively I took it, revealing my hardness again. He stepped right up to me and reached for my bulge with his right hand, wrapping his fingers around it and squeezing it firmly and pulling my cock around through my shorts.

I moaned as his fingers slipped into the top of the waist band and wrapped themselves around my hard cock. He told me that my cock felt really good and he wanted to see it, he said pull down those shorts for me. My body was tingling and my cock felt so good in his hands. Without thinking I reached out and put the mugs down on the side and slid my hands into the waistband and then pushed my shorts down until my cock has exposed to his gaze. He released his grip of me momentarily and then started to wank me slowly and deeply, I sighed as he stroked my cock, now fully hard, his other hand reached around my hip and grabbed a hand full of my ass cheek.

Part 2

He whispered that he liked smooth boys and that I’d done a good job shaving my cock area, but had I done the same elsewhere. With that his hand that was squeezing my ass cheek moved into the cleft of my bottom and slid down until his fingers touched my asshole. Mmm he said, smooth here too, you are a good little boy. And with that his finger gently pushed at my tight hole and slid into me.

A moan escaped my lips again as his finger slid in and out of me whilst he wanked my rock hard cock, you like that don’t you he said I replied with a whispered yes. He stopped playing with me and said yes what? I looked at him in a bit of a panic, he smiled and said yes sir! I said yes sir I do like it very much, he smiled again and I felt a second finger push into my now tingling hole as he slid both fingers in and out of me.

His other hand moved to my balls and squeezed them and pulled at them, pressing them into my body. It hurt a little but not enough to stop the hungry, horny feeling that was overtaking me. Pre cum was dripping from my hard cock, literally dripping to the floor, my balls were swollen, full of cum, engorged also maybe from the handiwork of the guy, then he stopped! He pulled his fingers from me suddenly, I gasped as he did it, he released his hold on my balls, his hands on his hips he just stood there. He was fully dressed, smiling, in control. I was naked except for the discarded jersey shorts that had made it to my ankles.

My hard cock dripping pre cum on the floor and my shorts, my back bent forward slightly still to accommodate his fingers in my hot tingling ass. Pass me your shorts he said, I bent over and picked them up, gave them to him. He looked at them and touched the wetness from my pre cum. It’s time for you to earn your pleasure now little boy, get down on your knees in front of me and undo my trousers! he said.

I moved to him and lowered myself to my knees, his bulge looked enormous from this angle. Take my trousers off boy he said. I reached up to his belt and undid it, then the button, before pulling down his zipper. The trousers separated as I undid the zip and his white pants bulged out at me. I pulled at the top of his trousers and started to pull them down, all the time watching his white briefs, I think I was holding my breath as his trousers slid down his legs. He stepped out of each leg as I pulled it off his body.

His bulge looked huge in the tight white briefs, the waist band was actually pulled off his skin by the size of the hard cock trapped inside. Do you like the look of that boy? he asked. I nodded, he said what? I said yes Sir. Kiss it through my pants, he said. so I did, I leaned in and started to kiss his hard cock through his pants, I traced his size and shape with my tongue and lips, finding his swollen head and licking it, tasting his own pre cum as it wet his briefs and leaking through the material to my hungry tongue.

His cock was now so hard, it had pushed itself higher in his pants and I licked it more and more, trying to push it higher, moving his head clear of the waistband, exposing his cockhead to my mouth without the briefs in the way. He groaned deeply as I finally wrapped my lips around his exposed uncut head, sucking on the swollen piss slit as his foreskin rolled back a little. He grabbed my head and pulled me away, my mouth popping off his cock. You are a hungry little boy, aren’t you he said. But I didn’t tell you to suck my cock yet. You have to pull down my pants now, slowly pull them down for me. I reached up for his briefs, I slipped a finger into either side of them, and started to slowly pull them down his thighs.

His cockhead was already out of the top of them and so I watched as I slowly exposed more of him as the briefs slipped down. His head looked amazing, big, wet, purple, quite thick, then his foreskin appeared, fleshy, pink and making his shaft look thick too. I pulled his pants lower and more of his hard shaft came into view, and then more, before finally his balls revealed themselves and his hard cock fell forward, handing right in front of my face, his balls hanging below.

His hand appeared and he wrapped it around his shaft, slowly pulling his foreskin back, exposing more of his head. His veiny cock looked magnificent, thick in his hand, and maybe 8 inches long. It was a cock that you are lucky if you ever see for real. Yes id seen bigger on the internet and imagined them in my mouth and buried in my tight asshole but now in reality I knelt there in front of it wondering if I can take it!

please let me know if you like my true story, if i get a good response I will continue x

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2016-09-13 17:48:05
I'd love this to happen to me. I fantasise about being dominated by an older man, and to be his personal cocksucker, I would obey any commands he gave me. Please, please write more, I love to wank to this sort of thing, thank you.

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2015-09-23 03:02:48
Grewt Story and I am ready to suck cock

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2013-04-04 14:57:45
i would love to be his sex slave i would do any thing for him,and i mean any thing

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2013-02-18 18:00:49
Great story...but you need to put "when the person is talking" that way we know who is talking...

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2013-02-17 20:18:44
Oh my god please continue! This is such a great story! You're practically writing one of my own fantasies!! xxx

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