Asuka has been a Bad girl and deserves to be caned
Asuka’s Lesson

Standard disclaimer: This fic contains scenes that could be considered by some to be sexually explicit or suggestive and contains the use of
non-consensual corporal punishment (spanking). If this offends you or you are not of legal age to view this material in your country then you
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"Unnnnhhhh...." groaned a tired voice as blankets started shifting as an
alarm sounded. A hand reached out and pounded it into silence. Slowly a
figure emerged from under the blankets, but this figure was not Misato for
once. It was Sohryu Asuka Langley, the 14- year old pilot of Eva02. Asuka,
barely managing to get her eyes squinted at the clock. 7:00AM it read. It
was Sunday so she didn't have school.
"Idiots! Why do they have to make me practice on Sunday? I'm good enough
without having to practice with baka Shinji and Wonder Woman!" Asuka
attempted to shout, though it came out as more of a groan. Asuka hadn't
slept more than about 1 hour the entire night. She didn't know why but she
just couldn't get to sleep. Worse yet, she had a full day of training with
the other two children at NERV Headquarters. "Forget it! I don't need to practice today! I'll go to headquarters and tell
Misato and Ritsuko that I'm taking the day off, " she thought to herself. Asuka slowly stumbled to her feet and made her way to the bathroom to take a
shower. 15 minutes, not looking much better than she had when she went in,
she emerged. She went back to her room and got dressed. Shinji had left
with Misato to run a few errands before they were to meet up with Asuka at
HQ. She came out of her room still looking groggy and exhausted. She was
wearing her Blue School Uniform with a White Shirt, And A Red Bow Tie And Wearing Her Own Black Mary Jane Shoes Instead Of Her Yellow Sunday Dress. Thinking she would be back in an hour or so she didn't bother to
eat anything as she walked out, slamming the door behind her. She was
definitely not in one of her best moods. Thirty minutes later, the exhausted young teenager arrived at Central Dogma
and sought out Ritsuko to tell her that she was taking the day off. She
thought to herself, "What's she going to say? I've earned it! They need me
more than I need them anyways!" On her way to the lab where Ritsuko was
supposed to be she saw Shinji, who greeted her with an unenthusiastic, "Good
morning." Asuka glared at him and snapped, "There's nothing good about it!" Shinji replied, "What's upsetting you so much?"
Asuka answered, "Not that it's any of YOUR business, but I didn't sleep at
all last night! I'm taking the day off! You and Rei will have to do without
me!" Shinji replied, "I don't think that Dr. Akagi will like that idea too much.
She has some very impor..." Asuka cut him off yelling, "I don't CARE what she likes! I'm too damn tired
to do this today!" and with that she stormed off. Ritsuko was in the lab with Misato discussing the tests that were to be
performed today. They were going to be performing combat stress tests on
all three Evas using a new material for the Evas' joints. This would make
them less susceptible to being broken during combat if the tests were
successful. "Preliminary tests complete Dr. Akagi," Maya stated. "Good. Move the Eva's to their bays and get them ready for the live tests."
Ritsuko replied. "Was it really necessary to have them do this on their only day off?" Misato
asked. "Yes, unfortunately. We're already behind schedule on our other research and
we need to catch up or Commander Ikari's going to have our asses," Ritsuko
responded. "Well at least he's gone for a few days. So we can run the tests without
being scrutinized constantly." Misato replied. "You can always find a bright side in everything Misato," Ritsuko replied. The door opened up revealing Sohryu Asuka Langley looking like she had been
through a war within the last day or so. But all her exhaustion couldn't
hide the look of arrogance she always carried. Misato and Ritsuko both
looked up as Asuka approached them. Asuka, prideful as always began, "I didn't sleep at all last night. I'm way
too tired to be here today. I'm taking the day off. Alright?" Ritsuko turned to the young lady and replied, "No, I'm sorry, but we need
you here today. We have to run these tests. We're already behind schedule
enough as it is."
"I don't care about the schedule! I'm exhausted. I didn't get any sleep at
all last night. There's no way I can do this." Asuka replied in a louder,
more annoyed tone. Misato looked at Asuka and said, "You heard her. We need to get this done
today. That's all there is to it. Now go get suited up," Asuka turned away from Misato and back to Ritsuko and said, "There must be
some way that Shinji and Rei can do it! I'm not going out there today!" Ritsuko answered, "Yes, you are! Now follow your orders and go get ready!"
It was obvious that Ritsuko was beginning to get annoyed with Asuka's
insubordination. Asuka clenched her fists tightly at her side, looked Ritsuko straight in the
face and shouted, "What are you deaf and stupid? I said I'm not doing it
today Goddamnit!" Just then the entire room turned around to look at Asuka, Ritsuko, and
Misato. Silence fell throughout the room. Asuka looked around to see
everyone staring at her, and also fell silent. Ritsuko on the other hand was fuming. Her face turned red with anger and
embarrassment. She had just been insulted in front of all her subordinates.
She stood there not even able to speak for a moment. Misato grabbed Asuka and spun her around, and shouted, "You realize what you
just did is known as insubordination don't you?!" Asuka, knowing that all eyes were on her, came off her high horse for a
moment and said, "I... I... I didn't mean it." Misato was perturbed that someone under her command would ever do such a
thing, much less Asuka. Though she didn't want to she knew she had a duty
to do as her superior officer. "I think you need to spend some time in the
brig. Come on!" She grabbed Asuka's Ear and started to lead her away. "OW! That's My Ear!" Asuka Shouted. "Wait!" Ritsuko said, "That won't be necessary. I'll take care of this
myself." Misato released Asuka, and Asuka turned to Ritsuko who still looked very
Furious. "Come with me Asuka. We'll talk about this elsewhere Young Lady!." With that
Ritsuko took Asuka, who was still speechless, by the Hair and led her out the
door. "OUCH! Let Go Of My Red Hair!" Scream Asuka As Ritsuko Grabbed Her Hair. Misato stood there wondering about what Ritsuko was going to say or
do. Once they got outside Asuka said, "I didn't mean to ins..."
Ritsuko turned an angry glare to Asuka and cut her off, saying, "Be quiet!
I've heard enough from you today Young Lady!" With that, Asuka was silent, something
which very unusual for her. Ritsuko led her down the halls to an empty
office. Both of them entered and Ritsuko closed the door behind them. Once inside the office Ritsuko released Asuka’s Red Hair who stood in front of her,
looking down towards the ground. "What you did in there was completely
inexcusable! You disrespected me, Captain Katsuragi, and yourself in front
of everyone there!" Dr. Akagi shouted at the insubordinate Asuka. "I should
be letting you rot in the brig for a few days for that! What do you have to
say for yourself?"
Asuka, having gotten some of her confidence back spoke, "I'm really tired.
I didn't mean to come off like that, but I can't do it today!"
Ritsuko responded firmly, "So you took it into your hands to call me deaf
and stupid in front of everyone there? Do you have any idea how that makes
me look to my subordinates? ANY IDEA???!!!"
Asuka was starting to get the arrogance back in her voice, "Look, I'm sorry
alright. It won't happen again! Can't we just drop it?"
Ritsuko was noticeable perturbed. She grabbed Asuka tightly by the wrist
and turned her face to look at hers. "No! We can't just drop it! You've
gone too far this time, but rather than delay the schedule of everyone here
and waste everyone's hard work by letting you sit in the brig for the next
few days or so, I'm going to deal with this another way! You're going to
learn to respect those that are above you. You wait here! I'll be back in
a few minutes." She shouted. With that she released Asuka, and walked out
the door, leaving a surprised Asuka to wonder what she meant. Asuka stood there, silent, thinking, "What is she going to do? What can she
do, and why did she leave?" Asuka paced the floor for a few moments trying
to think of what she meant by "learning respect". Asuka sat down on top of
the Desk in the center of the office and thought, "I told her I'm sorry.
What more does she want me to do? It's not like I can go back in time and
fix it."
About 15 minutes later Ritsuko returned. The first thing Asuka noticed was
in her right hand she was holding a Long Wooden Cane. Already having an
idea of what its purpose was Asuka nervously asked, "What... what's that
for?" Ritsuko took the Cane and laid it across her other hand. "This is what is going to teach you respect Young Lady!” Rather than inconvenience
everyone because you acted like an 8 year old child I have decided to punish
you When You Were an 8 year old child."
Immediately Asuka became indignant and defensive and said, "No, you can't do
this. I'm too old for that kind of punishment! Besides, you have no right! And
You’re Not My Mother!" Ritsuko shouted back at her, "You're Right, I'm Not Your Mother, But Misato And I are responsible for how you behave, and someone has to keep you
disciplined! If you're too old for this then why were you acting like you
were 8 years old in there? You should know to respect people more than that!
I'm not doing this because I like it, you know, but this cannot continue!
I'm going to make sure you never pull a stunt like that again!" Asuka, trying to act tough again answered, "I won't let you do it. You
can't force me to take it!" Ritsuko, replied, "I've about had enough of you using that attitude towards
me. You'll either take it willingly or I'll have Misato come in here and
restrain you while I administer it. After what you just did, I don't think
she'll disagree." Asuka replied, "You wouldn't dare!" Ritsuko walked over to the monitor on the wall and paged the Eva hangar,
using the intercom . Asuka, watching in horror, shouted, "No! Don't! I'll
take it." Misato appeared on the screen a few seconds later. "You paged for me?" she asked. "Never mind. I thought I was going to need you for a few minutes, But
That's Changed. Get Unit 02 ready, the tests will be a little later than I
had anticipated, but they will take place." Ritsuko ordered. "Will do!" Misato replied, and with that the screen went blank. Ritsuko looked back at Asuka. The color had drained from the young eva
pilot's face, and she was starting to feel sick to her stomach. She Hadn't
Been Spanked Since She Was A Very Little Girl And The Ones she remembered
were no joy. She thought, "Oh God, please don't let this happen!" but
outwardly she tried to maintain a stoic appearance.
"I'm glad you changed your mind, Asuka. I think we've inconvenienced enough
people today, don't you?" Ritsuko asked. "Yes," was the only word Asuka managed to reply with. "That's yes, Ma'am!" Ritsuko scolded. "Yes.... Ma'am." Asuka replied, choking on the words.
Ritsuko pointed with the Cane to the Desk and said, "Go over to that Desk
and Bend over." Asuka slowly, and worriedly turned around and walked over to the front of
the Desk with her head downward. She felt so humiliated. Where was her
pride now? Asuka then stretched her young, shapely body out on the desk so
that her firm backside was sticking straight out. The look on her face was
not that of the confident young woman she usually was, but one of a scared
Ritsuko sighed and walked over to where Asuka was standing and lifted the
back of her Blue Schoolgirl skirt, revealing a set of Plain Cotton White Panties underneath. Asuka
turned her head around and asked, "What are you doing?" Ritsuko snapped, "Quiet! I'm making sure you learn this lesson well. I'm
going to give your Bare Buttocks A Painful Caning you'll never forget!" Asuka stared at her in horror. "No! You can't do that! Not Bare!" she
pleaded. Ritsuko was pleased to see that she was finally getting a less
than flippant attitude from the teenager, but paid no attention to her pleas
as she took the waistband of Asuka's Panties and slid them down to Her
Knees. Revealing her Young, Cute Sexy Buttocks. Asuka's face turned a dark
shade of red. This was the most embarrassing moment of her life. No amount
of pride she had could hold up against this humiliation.
Ritsuko took the Cane in hand and stood to Asuka's left and said
authoritatively, "Now hold still. The more cooperative you are, the quicker
this will go and the quicker we can all get back to normal life."
Asuka didn't say a word, but put on a stern face and vowed to herself to
take it bravely. She would not let Dr. Akagi win this. She would beat her
at her own game. At least that's what she thought.
Dr. Akagi took aim, pulled her arm all the way back and swung, full force
with the Cane. *WHOOSH* *CRACK*! The Cane landed on Asuka's shapely Buttocks
Leaving a Red Stripe where it landed. Asuka thrust herself forward against
the Desk hissing in pain through clenched teeth, still determined not to Cry
out. She was in a world of hurt, and she knew it wasn't going to get any
easier. Ritsuko once again brought her arm back and loosed another strike with the
Cane. *WHOOSH* *CRACK*!, down came the Wooden Cane leaving another stripe in it's
place. "OW!" Asuka let out a yelp, unable to hold it back. Tears were
already Rolling Down And foaming in the 14-year old's Eyes. She knew she wouldn't be able to
hold out for much longer. Yet again Ritsuko brought the Cane back and mercilessly laid it across
Asuka's now marked Bottom. *WHOOSH!* *CRACK*!... down it came causing Asuka to once
again lurch her body forward. If the desk hadn't been nailed down it would
have moved forward under the force. "OWWWW!!! Please! No more! I've
learned!" Asuka cried, Tears flowing down her Cheeks. She certainly
wouldn't forget this.
"I'll decide when you have learned! Now hold still!" Dr. Akagi commanded. Asuka turned her face forward again, thinking, "Please God let this end
soon!" She tightened her Bottom and clenched her teeth, waiting for the
next blow. Ritsuko obliged her, without delay, and brought the Cane back for another
strike. *WHOOSH!* *CRACK*!, down it came causing Asuka to jump up and grab her
Buttocks, dropping her Panties to her Ankles. "AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! PLEASE
STOP!!! OWWWW!!! OH GOD IT HURTS!!!!" she Screamed and started Crying And Bawling Like A Little 5 Year Old Girl.
"Bend back over that Desk and do NOT do that again or you'll get more!"
Ritsuko ordered. "Please, I can't take it! Please, no more!" Asuka begged through her many
Tears. "I said bend back over now!" Ritsuko commanded while she pushed Asuka back
over the Desk, lifting her Skirt over the small of her back again. "Now stay
Asuka continued to Cry while Ritsuko once again took the Wooden Cane back
and brought it down where her Buttocks met the Thighs. *WHOOSH* *CRACK*!
"WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Asuka bawled being unable to even speak
words. The pain she was in was unbelievable. She didn't care about her
dignity or her pride anymore. She just wanted the pain to stop. She grabbed
hold of the end of the Desk and held on for dear life. She surely didn't
want more than she was already going to get. "If you cooperate you'll get just 2 more." Ritsuko stated, before bringing
back the Cane for another strike. *WHOOSH* *CRACK*! Harder than the other 5,
it came down on Asuka's backside, causing her to scream in agony, lunge
forward and her legs to spread apart showing more than she would have ever
wanted to show anyone. Her Ass felt like someone had cut into it with a
hot knife, or as if the flesh had just been ripped away. She didn't realize
anything could hurt so badly. "Just one more Asuka... just one more then it will be all over," Ritsuko
said, feeling compassion for the her, but still wanting to make sure the
lesson got across. Asuka, unable to say anything, just lay across the Desk
bawling her eyes out unable to think about anything but the pain she was in. Ritsuko took the Cane back for the final time. Asuka tightened her cheeks
and prepared for the worst... The worst is that came. *WHOOSH* *CRACK*! The hardest
of all 7 came down, causing her to shriek yet again and Cry So Loud Uncontrollably,
as she jumped up and began rubbing her burning striped and swollen Buttocks,
Crying loudly. She was lucky the office was soundproofed or the whole
station would have heard her Cries of pain. Ritsuko put the Cane down and walked over to Asuka and embraced her. Asuka
just continued crying. "Shhhhhh... It's over now. It'll be alright,"
Ritsuko said to her. She hadn't wanted to hurt her, but what happened then
could never happen again either.
"I... I'm sorry Dr. Akagi. I didn't mean to call you stupid in front of
everyone," Asuka sobbed. "It's ok... it's forgiven now. It will never be brought up again," she said
still holding onto Asuka As She Continued Crying. Asuka didn't fight her. She was in no condition
to, and even if she was, she didn't want to risk having it happen all over
again. After about 5 minutes Asuka had calmed down, and Ritsuko released her, much
to her satisfaction. Even now she didn't like being treated like a little
child. She pulled her Panties up only to find the fire rekindle as the
material met her Buttocks. "Owwwww..." she moaned as she grimaced in pain.
Ritsuko waited for a moment and said, "Take 30 minutes, then go to the Eva
hangar and suit up. You're still going to perform that test today." Asuka didn't even have to think twice before responding, still with a
wavering in her voice, "Yes, Ma'am." Ritsuko then turned around and just
before she left she said, "Remember... I was a kid once too." She then
opened the door and walked out Asuka stood there rubbing her swollen, and heated Buttocks. Starting to
return to her old self, she thought to herself, "That was so humiliating!
How could she do that?" which was immediately replaced by, "But I did
deserve it I guess. It could have been worse. I could be sitting in the
brig for the next week." Asuka was sure she wouldn't do that again. She did
not want to ever go through what she just did again. By the end of the 30
minutes her Bottom had begun to cool down a bit. It still hurt a lot and
probably would hurt for the next day or two.
Asuka made her way to the locker room and undressed. Rei walked in just as
Asuka was getting into her suit and saw the marks on her Buttocks. Asuka
turned around and again her face turned red with embarrassment while at the
same time grimacing in pain from the suit making contact. "You won't tell
anyone what you saw will you???" Asuka exclaimed. "No. I won't." Rei replied as she went about getting dressed in her eva
suit. "Normally I can't stand it when the doll doesn't say a word, but now I am
grateful for it," Asuka thought to herself as she finished getting dressed. Asuka stepped out of the locker room and proceeded, painfully, to the Eva
hangar. Along the way she was met by Shinji who said, "I thought you were
going home."
Asuka, getting back to her old self already replied, "Why do you always have
to be so nosy? Dr. Akagi gave me an incentive to stay if you must know." "Oh," was all Shinji replied with as they eva pilots parted to test their
Evas. Asuka acted as though it had never happened from there on out, and
the subject was never brought up again, and she had arguments with Misato as
well, but she never again crossed the line, and she never forgot the one
person who taught her to respect her superiors. A valuable lesson which
sooner or later, painful though it may be, everyone must learn.
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