Candy Cane Has disobeyed her Teacher and she deserve to be spanked
Candy Cane's Punishment
by ~darthraner83

A Rumble Roses XX     Spanking Story

(Note: This Is A Spanking Fic About Candy Cane Getting Spanked By Miss Spencer.)

It Was A Typical Day In High School All Teenaged Schoolgirls Dressed In High School Uniforms And Wearing Black High Heel Shoes Especially Candy Cane Who had to do all her History work. Miss Muriel Spencer The Slutty History Teacher Told Every Schoolgirl If They'd Finished Their History Homework. All Except Candy Cane who is ignoring her teacher. "Miss Rebecca Welsh!" Shouted Miss Spencer. "What the hell Is It Miss Spencer? Asked Candy Cane.  "You Watch Your Naughty Mouth Of Yours And Why Didn't You finished Your Homework?'' She Asked. ''Oh Well Gimme A Goddamned Break Teacher!'' Yelled Candy Cane. "Why That Is Very Rude Young Lady Talking To Your Teacher That Way!" Just Then The Schoolbell Rang And Every Schoolgirl had to Leave all except Candy Cane. "Don't Forget Class We Have Another Math Class Tomorrow!'' Said Miss Spencer. "Well Finally I'm Leaving" Said Candy Cane. "Not So Fast, Miss Welsh!" Said Miss Spencer As She Grabbed Candy Cane By Her Red Hair. "Ouch Hey Quit It! That's My Hair! Screamed Candy Cane As Classroom was Empty. As Miss Spencer Released Candy Cane's Hair And Told Her To Stand In Front Of Her. "Miss Welsh, I'm Very Disappointed In You Young Lady!" Snapped Miss Spencer As Candy Cane Stand In Front Of Her Acting Very Ashamed. "But Teach I...'' Said Candy Cane. "Don't But Teach Me, Miss Welsh!" shouted Miss Spencer. "You were supposed to do your homework, But Instead I know what you were doing." Yelled Miss Spencer. "You Were Again In A Punk Girl Band Concert Performing!" And I Thought You Were Done With Your Homework But You Didn't!" She Shouted. "So Now You Leave Me No Choice But To Punish You!" Shouted Miss Spencer. Candy Cane Was Shocked That Her Strict Teacher Is Going Do Something drastic To Her. "Miss Spencer, What You Mean I Have To Be Punished? I Mean, Give Me A Break Here!" Asked And Shouted Candy Cane While Miss Spencer Grabbed A Ruler From Her Desk. "Well It Means I Have To Give You 100 Stroke Spanking On Your Naughty Bottom When You Were A 5-Year Old Orphaned Little Girl!" Said Miss Spencer. "What? No, You Can't I'm To Old For This And You Have No Right! And Plus Your Not My Mother!" Shouted Candy Cane. "Your Right I Am Not Your Mother, But This Is Going Teach You A Lesson That You Will Never Forget When You Were A Naughty Orphaned Schoolgirl!" Replied Miss Spencer. "So Come Here And Over My Knees!" She Shouted As She Grabbed Candy Cane By The Arm And Over Her Lap. "NO! But Teach I'm Too Old For..." Candy Cane Cried As Miss Spencer Began To Raise The Ruler In Air. "Be Quiet! And This Might Stings But You Deserve It, Young Lady!" Miss Spencer Shouted As She Begins Spanking Her On Her Backside And Then.. "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" WHAP,    SLAP,    SPANK,   WHAP,   SPLAT, "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" WHAP,    SLAP,    SPANK,   WHAP,   SPLAT, Candy Cane Started Screaming In Pain And Starts Kicking Her Legs As Miss Spencer Spanks Her Bottom. "PLEASE
STOP!!! OWWWW!!! OH GOD IT HURTS!!!!" "OOOOUUUUUCCCCCHHHH!!!!!!!!!" "OOOOOOooo" "Owwwieeee" "sssssttooooppppppllessssee" Cried Candy Cane As Miss Spencer Stopped Spanking. "You Brought This On Yourself Now Miss Welsh, I'm Going To Lift Up Your Skirt.." As She Lifts Candy Cane's Blue Plaid Skirt Revealing Her Plain White Cotton Panties. "And Spank You On Your Cute Panties." Said Miss Spencer. "NNNNNOOOOO!!!! Please You Can't! You Bitch! No One Spanks Me Or My Ass!!!" Candy Cane Cries As Tears Are Rolling Down Her Eyes. She Knew Wouldn't Be Able To Hold Out For Much Longer. Yet Again Miss Spencer Brought The Ruler Into The Air And Then... "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK"
STOP!!! OWWWW!!! OH GOD IT HURTS!!!!" "OOOOUUUUUCCCCCHHHH!!!!!!!!!" She Screamed And Started Crying And Bawling Like A Little 5 Year Old Girl And Kicking Her Legs. Hold Still, Miss Welsh Or You're Going To Get 200 More!" As She Continued Spanking Her Panties.. "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" WHAP,    SLAP,    SPANK,   WHAP,   SPLAT, "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" WHAP,    SLAP,    SPANK,   WHAP,   SPLAT, "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" As Miss Spencer Stopped And She Starts Pulling Down Candy Cane's Panties To Reveal Her Cute Sexy Buttocks. "Now All Naughty Little Girls Get Spanked On The Bare Bottom And I'm Going To Spank It Nice And Red And Maybe Even Redder." Said Miss Spencer. "NNNOO!!!! NNNOOO!!!!! Please, Miss Spencer I'll Be Good! I Promise!!!" Cried Candy Cane As Tears Were Rolling And Foaming Down Her Face. "Too Late!" Shouted Miss Spencer And Then She Continued Spanking On Her Bare Bottom.. "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" WHAP,    SLAP,    SPANK,   WHAP,   SPLAT, "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" "SWACK" "CRACK" WHAP," "SLAP," "SPANK," "WHAP," "SPLAT," "OOOOHHHHH GGGGOOOODDD IIIITTTT HURTS STOP IT ALREADYYYYYY!!!!!!" Candy Cane Sobbed Even Louder Kicking Her Legs. And Finally After The Final Stroke "SWACK" It Was Finally Over. There, It's Over". Said Miss Spencer. Candy Cane Was Crying Loudly. She Was Lucky The Classroom Was Soundproofed Or The Whole
School Would Have Heard Her Cries Of Pain. Miss Spencer Put The Ruler Down And Lifts Candy Cane Who Is Crying And Embraced And Hugged Her. Candy Cane
Just Continued Crying. "Shhhhhh... It's Over Now. It'll Be Alright,"
Miss Spencer Said To Her. She Didn't Want To Hurt Her, But what happened then
Could Never Happen Again Either. "I... I'm Sorry Miss Spencer. I Didn't Mean To Call You Stupid In Front Of
You," Candy Cane Sobbed. "It's Ok... It's Forgiven Now. It Will Never Be Brought Up Again," She Said
Still Holding Onto Candy Cane As She Continued Crying. Candy Cane Didn't Fight Her. She Was In No Condition
To, And Even If She Was, She Didn't Want To Risk Having It Happen All Over
Again. After About 5 Minutes Candy Cane Had Calmed Down, "Alright Miss Welsh, Said Miss Spencer. You Can Go Back To The Orphanage Home Now And I'm Sorry I Spanked You Like A Little 5 Year Old Girl." Said Miss Spencer. As Candy Cane Pulled Up Her Panties And Rubbed Her Swollen Butt And Said "Ooowwww." She Walked Out The Door Feeling What A Naughty Schoolgirl She Turned Out To Be.


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Dont ever write again u dick

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Are you kidding me? You spent all that time spelling out all the sounds of a spanking? Dude get serious you can use more descriptive adjectives to get your point acroos. Waste of time, didn't even try to read the whole story it was a lost cause. Try taking an english language course it will help with your writting or whatever you want to call this.

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