Granny begins Red Riding Hood's sex education and the Big Bad Wolf wants to eat her pussy
Once upon a time, there was a gorgeous, little, seventeen year-old bitch. Nobody loved her more than her grandmother, who at the age of 56 was still pretty fucking hot, herself.

The grandmother, who we’ll call Liz, was an excellent seamstress and was always keeping up with current styles and making clothes for her granddaughter. Just a couple of weeks before this writer began telling this story; Liz had found a great buy on some red satin material at Wal-Mart.

She immediately sat down at her Singer and began sewing. Two days later, her granddaughter tried on the short skirt, bikini panties, and a loose fitting blouse (which was cropped short, so it would hang off her tits and show the well-tanned skin of her luscious belly) Since she was young, she rarely wore (or needed) a bra. Her breasts were high and firm, with nipples which stuck out ¾ inch.

The crowning piece was a matching cape with a hood, which covered her long blonde curls, to keep them from getting blown around on a bad hair day.

“My goodness, sweetheart, now you look just like the girl in the old fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. Maybe we’ll just start calling you ‘Red’, what do you think?”

Red hugged her granny tight and told her it was a wonderful nickname. Then she grabbed her purse, and her Smart Phone, and headed home, which was a short twenty minute walk through some calm and beautiful woods. Often, the only noise you could hear along the trail was the sound of Ed, the woodcutter’s, chainsaw.
Humming along with the music coming thru her ear plugs, she wasn’t aware of the big Grey Wolf following her most of the way home. He had seen this girl many times and knew exactly who she was, but on that day, there was a definite difference. He appraised the red outfit and decided, ‘nope, that’s not it’
Maybe it was her fine young ass swayed as she bounced along with her music… ‘nope, not that either’.
“PUSSY!” ‘that’s what it is. Today I can smell some pussy juice on this girl. Funny… as old as she is, I wonder why I never caught her scent before’?

The wolf didn’t know that Red had spent a little time masturbating in Liz’s bathroom, just before leaving. She must not have cleaned her legs good, where her girlie cum had dripped.

‘One of these days, I’m gonna have to eat this young one…’
Day before yesterday, Red’s mother called her into the kitchen, “Darling, your granny’s not feeling well today. She texted me and asked if you’d mind taking her some soup and a small piece of that pound cake I made. Would you be too busy to do that?”

“Sure, Mom, I’ll be happy to. Will it be okay if I wear my new red outfit?”

“Sure, honey, there’s only woods between here and there. I don’t think you need to be wearing it to town anytime soon, though. It really doesn’t cover much, but I know your granny… she’ll love to see you wearing it.”

A short time later, in the thickest part of the forest, Red felt something cold touch her leg, making her jump.
“Dammit, Harry! You just scared the hell out of me. You’re a bad wolf… a big bad wolf. What are you doing out here on the trail? You usually just watch people from behind the trees.”

All the years Red had walked the trail, she had seen the wolf many times, but never this close. She had spoken to him as he peeked around trees, but never knew he was able to communicate with her.

“I’ve watched you grow up,” the telepathy was very clear in Red’s mind, but she still had reservations about what she was hearing in her head.

“What do you mean, you’ve watched me grow up? If you know me well, then what’s my name?”

“Now how am I supposed to know your name? You always walk this trail to Liz’s place, then back to your own house. Nobody is ever with you. Nobody to call you by name. I guess you think my name is Harry… it’s not, but it’ll do.”

“You just called my grandmother by her name, ‘Liz’. How do you know that?”

“Liz feeds me occasionally. She likes me and talks to me a lot. She’s a very nice human and doesn’t mind sharing what she’s got.”

“All these years, granny never told me that she feeds a wolf. What does she give you?’



“Pussy. Liz gives me pussy every chance she gets.”

“So that’s what happens to all the stray cats that people dump out here in the country. Granny catches them and feeds to you. Yuck!”

“Huh? Oh, yeah… that’s exactly where they go. I eat every pussy I can get.”

“Look, Harry! The daffodils are blooming! Granny would love to have a bouquet. I’m going to put this soup and cake down and you better not bother it, either.”

“Don’t worry… what’s your name, again?”

“Just call me Red, it’s my nickname. Granny started calling me that when she made this outfit for me. Do you like it?”

“You can bet that sweet ass of yours I like it… oh, sorry. I forgot you could hear my thoughts. Tell you what, I’ll help you find the best flowers to pick.”

Red and Harry… maybe it was supposed to be ‘Hairy’… spent the next 15 minutes selecting the biggest, brightest daffodils. Harry spent most of his time positioning his head to be able to see under her blouse, occasionally glimpsing a full, firm tit. Every time she bent down to pull a bloom, Harry was able to see her panties, wedging into her slit, her labia bared on each side.

Twice, Red slapped at his nose when it touched the inside of her leg. “Stop it! Your nose is cold.”

“…and your young cunt is hot.”


“Never mind, Red, it’s getting late. We spent too long picking flowers and you may have to stay the night at Liz’s. You don’t need to be wandering these woods at night.”

She picked up the cake, soup and flowers and skipped away towards Granny’s house, yelling goodbye to Harry over her shoulder.
“Why of course it’ll be alright for Red to spend the night here,” Liz was talking to Red’s mother on Skype. She dropped her voice to a whisper and said, “I’ll see what I can do. If it works, I’ll video all I can.”

Liz pulled out a couple of porn movies and turned on the Blu-Ray player. “Your mother and I were talking, sweetheart. We feel it’s time you learned about the birds and the bees.”

“Granny, we learned in health class how intercourse happens, what ejaculation is, what sperm does and how it’ll fertilize a girl’s eggs and make her pregnant. Mom has me take birth control pills now, even though I never have screwed a boy. So don’t worry, I’m not going to get pregnant.”

“Well, that’s wonderful, Red. But intercourse, getting pregnant and having babies is only a small part of having sex. I’m talking about enjoying the feel of a good hard cock, stuck in any of your holes….. or more than one at a time.”


“Tell you what, darling, let’s get completely naked and watch this first movie. I’ll be honest with you, I’ll probably be masturbating through the whole thing.”


“Shhh, take off your clothes and watch…, I mean it.”

Red’s nipples were hard enough to cut glass as she watched the young brunette alternate between two dicks, both about ten inches long. The girl may have been an actress, but it was easy to see she enjoyed being the object of pleasure for the men.

The sucking, combined with her humming and the men’s gasps of ecstasy, was fascinating for Red. Glancing at Liz, she spotted a dildo in her grandmother’s pussy, sliding back and forth rapidly.

Smiling and the teenage beauty, Liz told her, “I’ll be… oh, oh… through in… uh, uh... a minute. You can… mmmmm… use it next.”

The girl in the video had one of the ten inchers in her cunt, now, the other was pumping its full length down her throat, only pulling it short enough for her to occasionally catch her breath.

Red had masturbated herself many times, in private. Now, she discovered that her long fingers were in her cunt, working in and out, in front of Liz.

One of the actors pulled out of the brunette’s cunt and jacked several streams of hot cum onto the girl’s tummy and mound. As he finished, the other started gasping and groaning as his load shot straight down her throat. The only taste she got was the last few drops she sucked out as he withdrew.

Liz came hard and pulled the dildo from her shaved pussy. She quickly moved Red’s hands away their task and shoved it into the virgin snatch. She fell to her knees and began licking at Red’s clit as she worked the fake dick all the way in.

As the actor on TV was sliding his cock into the brunette, Red had her first orgasm of the evening, “OHHHH, Granny! Ohhhh…. SHIT! Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhh… Ooooh, ooooh, damn…..”

Liz stood and stretched, “Now you know about your dirty Granny, sweetheart. AND… you know that there’s a lot more to sex than just getting pregnant and having babies. Having sex is the most wonderful feeling in the world, and there’s so many ways to enjoy it. The girl in the video is cumming now with a cock up her ass. Before the movie’s over, she’ll have a session with five men at one time. One will be in her ass, one in her pussy, one in her mouth, and she’ll be jacking two more off with her hands.

“The next movie is about a lesbian who doesn’t like men, at all. She’ll be fucking dogs and goats, sucking a horse’s dick, and eating lots of pussy. Tonight, you’ll be learning more about sex than you ever thought possible. Now, for the beginning of your next lesson, we’ll start out by you eating me. Come here and give your granny a kiss, then put your pretty face between my legs.”

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