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The best way to rebuild a friendship
Will make much more sense if you read the previous stories. Enjoy part 4.

Justin's heart dropped.

He pushed through the ocean of people, finding the front door of the frat house. Expecting to have to look all over campus for his friend, he was relieved to open the door and find her sitting on the front steps. She was bawling her eyes out.

"If you come any closer to me, I still have one drink I haven't thrown yet," Brittany warned, not even turning to face him.

"Brittany, you don't understand..." Justin started, not sure what he was going to say.

"Don't understand what? That my BEST FRIEND who was supposed to be helping me through JUST THIS WEEKEND decided he would make 20 bucks on my heartbreak, rather than just PRETEND that he gave a damn?!" she stabbed him over and over with her words.

"No Brittany, we didn't bet any money, I swear! He was just saying that to make you mad at me... To start shit between us," Justin tried to explain.

"So... You didn't bet?" Brittany said, turning to look at him for the first time.

"Well..." Justin admitted. "We did... But the only wager was that he would leave you alone! That he wouldn't hurt you any more!"

"I see." Brittany said coldly, obviously not letting the excuse waver her feelings. "So let me get this straight. He predicted he could do whatever the fuck he wanted, and I would still follow him like a little puppy dog. You countered with 'I know she's stupid, but not THAT stupid,' and that I would lose it and cry my eyes out? And your prize was that I returned home heartbroken and alone?!"

"That's not it at all Brittany," Justin continued to try to ease the situation. "Listen, if you would have heard the things he said about you... calling you weak... and... It just got me so mad! Of course I bet that you would stand up for yourself. I had to defend you! You have no idea how sorry I feel that you got hurt... But at least now it can be over!"

"Yeah... Now it's over," Brittany echoed, a double meaning lingering in the air.

"What... what do you mean by that? Justin asked worried.

"I honestly don't know. Can you take me home? I need to think, and I can't do it here," she concluded.

Justin breathed a sigh of relief, glad that, in the least, she wasn't going to completely shun him. Yet... "Well... I haven't drank that much, but can we just go get something to eat for about an hour, and give my body time for a full purge? I don't wanna get pulled over like this," he explained.

"Yeah, that's fine. I'm going to go up to the dorm and get my things," she explained.

"I'll join you. I need to get mine too," Justin finished, satisfied by the conversation.

They walked in silence, Brittany staying two or three steps ahead of him the entire walk to John's dorm room.

Finally reaching the ground-floor dorm, Brittany unlocked the door and showed herself in, still not waiting for Justin. As he entered the doorway, she was already hurriedly packing what little she had gotten out earlier that day.

She came out of the bathroom, surveying the area to see if she had forgotten anything. Then, an idea popped into her head. Heading straight for the side table next to the couch, she opened the drawer reveling a large baggie full of weed, at least 8 ounces.

"John's main stash. I doubt he'll report it stolen..." she grinned, more to herself than to Justin, who admired her devilishness. Then something else in the drawer caught Brittany's eye. In the back corner, there was a second baggie, filled with little white pills. "That son of a bitch! He told me he had quit Sophomore year!" Brittany took the second bag in frustration. Tossing the bag to Justin across the room, she announced, "Here. There's about 600 dollars of oxy in there, it's all yours. The bastard deserves to 'misplace' them."

"Uh... thanks?" Justin was taken aback at the 'gift', but shoved the bag in his backpack anyway. He then watched as Brittany continued to raid the draw, removing a pipe, and a can of chew.

"And if we have this much weed in the car, we'll need snacks!" she announced as she headed for the kitchen, looting the cupboards of crackers and puddings, and taking a few string cheeses out of the fridge for good measure.

"Oh, and one MORE thing!" she marched over to the PS3, ejecting the Black Ops 2 disc that Justin had played earlier that day. She strained to break the game in half, but try as she might, she couldn't snap the CD. Not letting her lack of upper body strength deter her, she used the newly emptied side table as a fulcrum, successfully breaking the disc into an even two pieces. Then she neatly placed both halves back into the game's case, and returned the case back to the shelf. "There. All his abuse this weekend just cost him about a thousand dollars. No returns. Buyer's remorse."

Justin smiled yet again as Brittany finally made eye contact with him for the first time since she had started her rampage. "Ready?" she offered, smiling back at him, which made him feel better about the days events.

"You bet. Lets go," Justin grabbed his backpack and turned toward the exit. The pair walked out, together this time, as Brittany's anger seemed to have subsided. Justin went to close the door, but Brittany's hand swatted him away.

"Oh, I don't want him to forget his key in his drunken stupor tonight. Why don't we LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN for him," she smiled as she announced to the world that the room would remain accessible. "After all, he WONT BE BACK FOR HOURS, right?"

"Remind me to NEVER fuck with you... Ever," Justin was amazed that the bold girl he saw before him was one in the same as the timid submissive he had had to stand up for earlier that day.

"I have a feeling you'll remember," Brittany warned with a grin as she headed for the building's exit, Justin in tow. As she reached the outer door, she ditched the can of chew and the stolen pipe into the garbage can before exiting the building.

The duo hurried to the school parking lot where they found Justin's car rather quickly. Shoving all their bags into the back, they both found their seats and started up the car. "Alright, where do you want to go eat? I should be fine for freeway driving after a quick bite," Justin explained.

"Let's just go to Taco Bell. There's one just off campus that should still be open inside," Brittany reported back. Just like that, they were off, arriving at the fast food restaurant only a minute or so later. Feeling that sitting down inside would take up more time, they piled back out of the car, heading for the entrance.

Justin opened the glass door, holding it for Brittany. The place was absolutely deserted, save for one young looking cashier and one cook in the back Justin couldn't see well.

"Good evening and welcome to Taco Bell. How are you two doing tonight?" the cashier asked in her sweetest tone, but it was apparent she didn't want to be here this late.

"Good, now thanks!" Brittany responded with another evil grin as she walked up to the counter. "I'm buying this time. You got lunch today."

"Yeah, you're funny," Justin fake laughed. "You take your wallet out, I'll throw it across the store," he successfully conveyed his message, seeing Brittany roll her eyes at his 'big-bad-manliness'. "Oh, shut it. It's not pride, it's chivalry. Am I right?" Justin asked the cashier, dragging her into the debate.

"Oh, well um.." she was caught off guard, stammering. "My boyfriend's a cheapskate. So whenever I have money, I end up paying for everything." Her voice was hushed, but Justin knew he had won this mini-feud.

"So him paying would be... a welcomed event?" Justin pried, causing Brittany to groan and roll her eyes even more.

"Very much so," the worker conceded.

"Thank you," Justin rubbed Brittany's nose in his victory before asking her what she was getting.

"Well... if you're so hell-bent on paying for me..." Brittany smirked. "Two crunch wrap supremes, a beefy nacho griller, a cantina burrito, a chicken quesadilla, and an order of cinnamon twists. With a large coke," she finished. Turning to Justin she added, "Hey, if you wanna pay while I'm smoking you out, I'm going to eat you out!"

"And here I thought I was going to eat YOU out," Justin offered, the sexual context solidifying what Brittany had just said.

"Okay, sicko, I didn't mean it like that," Brittany backtracked, but it was too late. The cashier was already giggling at her expense, and Justin had the argument's upper hand.

But returning to seriousness, Justin continued his order. "I'll have the same thing. But a side order of nachos as well. And a dew, not a coke."

"We have Pepsi products, is that okay?" she asked Brittany as she totaled up the order. Brittany assured her that that was fine as the girl went to find a seat in the back corner of the dining area. "That will be... $22.78," the girl reported to Justin.

"Damn, I'm already spending more on you than I would have on the entire night with the other hookers!" Justin shouted to Brittany, who merely answered by raising a middle finger in his direction. The cashier, Justin noticed her name badge read Whitney, handed over two large soda cups as she pointed to where the soda fountain machine was located.

Justin filled up both drinks, Brittany's with her cola and his with a combination of Red Mountain Dew and regular. Finding the secluded seat that Brittany had chosen, he slid her cup to her and swung into the bench-seat.

"She's cute," Brittany initiated the conversation. "I bet I could totally get her to fuck you."

"Didn't you hear that she had a boyfriend?" Justin grinned, turning down the offer.

"Didn't you hear?" Brittany replied without smiling. "I don't really give a fuck about boyfriends right now?"

"Well.. that's understandable. But she wasn't just cheated on," Justin countered, not really sure why he was arguing for the girl he had just met.

They were interrupted by the cute blond girl as she approached the table carrying two trays full of food. "Here you guys go!" Whitney smiled with her best customer service face. "Enjoy! Is there anything else I can get for you?"

Looking at each other, Justin decided that they were both content, relaying the message to the girl before she headed back to her station.

Brittany waited until Whitney was back behind the counter before she continued. "She thinks we're a couple, and she is super jealous. Say the word and I bet you I can get you laid in the next 10 minutes."

"What are you talking about?" Justin laughed her off, looking at the cashier, wondering if Brittany was right.

"Say the word," Brittany egged, smiling from ear to ear.

"Can I eat first?" Justin offered. Brittany sighed her disapproval but agreed. The two quickly munched their food down, slurping and chomping away.

It wasn't even 10 minutes later that Justin was sucking the last drops of Mountain Dew out of his straw. Brittany was already long done, staring at him, waiting to pounce at another opportunity to hook Justin up with some random hottie. "Are you done yet??" She finally asked, watching Justin set his cup down.

"Fine," Justin conceded, rolling his eyes. "Go ahead and see what happens."

Brittany paused for a moment, trying not to laugh as she gathered herself. Finally she spoke, or rather shouted. "For the last time, baby, I'm NOT testing you! If we weren't together, would you fuck her?!"

Justin was taken aback, not prepared for Brittany's approach. "What are you doing?!" he whispered his disapproval.

"Thank you! That's what I thought!" Brittany waived off his question, continuing her act at her previous volume. "You know what? That'd be fun to watch! You should ask her," she went on, slightly quieter, but still plenty loud enough for the cashier to hear (and possibly even the cook).

"I take it back, I don't want to see what happens," Justin was turning red, begging Brittany to stop with his eyes.

"Go into the bathroom. Now. And don't lock the door behind you," Brittany commanded, switching to a hushed tone.

"I mean it Brittany, I changed my mind. You're crazy," Justin pleaded. Still, Brittany pushed him on, demanding that he listen to her. Finally, Justin got up, heading for the bathroom in the corner of the restaurant, making sure not to make eye-contact with the sure-to-be giggling cashier. Closing the door behind him, but not locking it, he waited. Minutes passed as he sat on the toilet with the lid down, wondering what Brittany was up to.

A few minutes further and Justin heard giggling outside the bathroom. He stood up, ready to open the door, but it swung open before he got the chance, revealing Whitney and Brittany both piling into the small bathroom.

Brittany locked the door behind them, laughing historically as she spoke. "Justin, sweety! I'd like for you to meet Whitney! Whitney, this is the cutie I was telling you about!" Both girls erupted into laughter as Justin sat there puzzled. "What did I tell you, baby? Whitney here would absolutely LOVE for you to fuck her while I watch!"

Justin's jaw dropped as Whitney giggled, her eyes locking on to his. Justin still wasn't too sure about the whole situation, but the girl was extremely cute and Brittany was very persistent. Before he could say a word, Whitney pushed him back down onto the toilet seat lid, climbing onto his lap as she did so. Straddling his hips, the girl leaned in and kissed him.

Justin closed his eyes as the girl slowly slid her tongue into his mouth. Before long she was grinding her pelvis against him, desperately trying to get his dick hard as quickly as possible.

Justin broke off of her kiss as he moved lower to her neck. Slowly inching his way down, he finally planted a kiss where her neck met her shoulder, continuing to kiss her over and over again. As she cooed out loud, Justin's eyes met Brittany's. She stood behind the couple, grinning from ear to ear, watching, and obviously becoming very aroused herself. Justin smiled in his mind, too focused on teasing the cashier to remove his lips from her.

He then bit down gently on her neck, which the blond must have liked because she cried out softly before reaching for Justin's pants. Gripping his cock through his jeans, she whispered that it felt huge, which Justin wrote off as her being nice, but still appreciated it.

Whitney lowered herself so she could see what she was doing as she seductively undid Justin's pants, tugging them down, releasing Justin's dick from it's confines.

"See? Told you he was big," Brittany commentated from the sidelines as Whitney took Justin's member in her hands, fondling it as it grew harder before her. Without another moment's thought, she lifted her taco-bell-regulation black polo over her head, revealing a basic black bra. This too was quickly discarded, Justin's eyes locking onto her cute boobs. Sure, they we're terribly big, Justin would have guessed large Bs or small Cs, but her nipples stood out proudly in the coldness of the bathroom, and Justin couldn't resist reaching out and squeezing them. Pinching the nipples and massaging the flesh around them, Justin was kept occupied as Whitney attempted to remove her pants without tearing her chest away from Justin's reach.

Finally, she managed, standing before Justin completely nude. She had a small landing strip of pubic hair slightly above her slit, but was cleanly shaven otherwise. She assumed control, pushing Justin back against the back of the toilet as she lifted one leg high to climb on top of him. Positioning herself, she quickly lowered her pussy down onto Justin's now rock hard dick, all the while allowing Justin to continue playing with her tits.

Her pussy lips meeting the head of his dick, she giggled at the randomness and forbiddeness of it all. Brittany sat behind them, also giggling before she stood up, getting a closer look. Encouraging the girl, she egged her on, shouting that she needed to fuck him already. Whitney complied, slamming her hips down and impaling herself on Justin's cock.

With a quick moan, she recovered and lifted herself up for another impact. Brittany was smiling from ear to ear as her and Justin made eye contact while he was fucking another random girl. Reading Justin's curiosity, Brittany shrugged giving her explanation. "What? You saw me get fucked, I figured it was my turn!" The two of them laughed as Whitney ignored them, focused on bouncing up and down on Justin's dick, pleasuring herself with increased speed.

Justin looked over to see Whitney's eye's closed in ecstasy. She was moaning aloud as she rode his dick as fast as she could. Her arms were wrapped around Justin's shoulders as she used his meat to get herself off, but Justin figured he could help her out a bit. Sliding down slightly, for better angle, he was able to pump ferociously into the girl, syncingup with her rhythm rather quickly.

Brittany tugged her pants down to her knees, lifting herself onto the sink. Enjoying the view before her, she pulled her panties to the side before licking her fingers and diving them into her slit. Sure, why couldn't she finger-fuck herself to her best friend plowing away at a complete stranger that she herself had persuaded to join in?

Whitney gasped as Justin's cock slid further and further into her pussy with every stroke going farther than the last. She shivered at the feeling as her vaginal walls were stretched with his thickness. As the two of them began pistoning at each other with increased tenacity, she started moaning louder and louder. "I... haven't... been fucked.... like this... in......... EVER!" she cried out as Justin continued to thrust against her cervix. "Shit! I'm gonna cum!" she announced.

Brittany smirked at Whitney's earliness as the girl screamed into Justin's neck, attempting to muffle herself for the cook's benefit, Whitney still hoping that he was clueless as to what was actually transpiring in the bathroom. "Well, now that you've gotten yours...," Brittany concluded, "how about you turn around and let him fuck you from behind, so that you can help me get mine?!"

Whitney smiled as Justin quickly assisted her in changing positions, his dick never leaving her as he did so. Standing up, he began pummeling her from behind as he bent her face down to groin level, awaiting Brittany's next move.

Brittany answered by quickly jumping off the counter, positioning herself so Whitney had easy access to her snatch. "Oh... you meant eating you out? I've never done that before... I thought you just meant fingering and playing," Whitney admitted. Before she got another word in, Justin thrusted as hard as he possibly could into her, pushing her face right into Brittany's pussy. Whitney yelped, her mouth opening enough that she was, indeed, able to taste Brittany's cunt.

Brittany quickly grabbed the back of Whitney's head, shoving the girl's face into her pussy. She heard Whitney giggle once more, submitting. "Fine, fine. I'm licking, I'm licking," Whitney laughed as she slowly extended her tongue into Brittany's mound. Licking her labia slowly, she figured the taste was subtly sweet, and found she enjoyed it quite a bit. She began licking in longer strokes as Justin continued to fuck her from behind, her pussy still extremely sensitive from the orgasm she had just sustained.

Justin looked to Brittany over their shared fuckmate's back, smiling. Brittany laughed as they read each other's minds that this was most certainly the best relationship they had ever had.

All of the sudden, Brittany gasped as Whitney slid two fingers into her pussy while flicking her tongue across the girl's clit. Brittany shuddered as chills overwhelmed her body, the girl truly talented, especially given this was her first time. Not satisfied with Brittany's reaction yet, the two fingers quickly became three, this time causing a yelp to escape from the Latina girl's lips.

Justin smirked as he squeezed Whitney's ass, bringing the girl's attention back to him. Eager to please both of her partners, she began bouncing her bent ass, slapping her pussy against Justin's groin, gripping the edge of his dick all the more. Justin's eyes rolled back into his head as the girl's skill seemed to know no end. Her pussy was gripping and releasing as it massaged his cock with perfection.

"Damn, girl, you know what you're doing, don't you?" he complimented as she continued her work. Meanwhile, she continued ferociously pumping her fingers deep into Brittany, all the while, torturing her clit with her tongue.

All three of them were slowly getting louder as the scene continued for several minutes. Brittany, who's back was against the door, nearly shit herself as someone started banging on the locked entrance behind her. "Whitney? What the hell is going on in there?!" a man's voice demanded, most likely the cook's.

"Tell him the truth," Brittany smirked, whispering to Whitney.

Whitney's eyes widened as she heard what Brittany said, but slowly, her lips formed a smile as she pondered it. Finally she screamed at the top of her lungs. "I'm getting my brains fucked out, do you mind?!" she shouted proudly, erupting into contagious laughter as the other two soon joined in.

"Fucking slut! We're done. I'm leaving. Find your own ride home," the angry cook punched against the bathroom wall once more before the trio could hear the bell signalling the front door was opening. A loud motor revved, and slowly disappeared. Brittany and Justin continued their laughter again, which Whitney joined half-heartedly.

"So you two usually carpool, but when you leave him to cover the floor by himself, he gets pissed and leaves you stranded here?" Brittany laughed at the guy's pettiness.

"Not exactly no," Whitney started her explanation. "That WAS my boyfriend..."

Brittany was stunned for a moment, but quickly recovered. "Well he sounded like an asshole anyway."

"Oh, he was. I was going to break up with him once I got transferred to another Taco Bell, but now I guess I had better hurry with that request..." she thought aloud.

"Well, if you're going to get caught cheating, you might as well get your money's worth, right?" Brittany hinted, nudging the girl's face with her groin. Whitney smiled, agreeing, and continued her oral assault, albeit with less gusto.

Justin started humping the girl once more, diving deep into her pussy as she started to moan once more. "I have to admit, being caught was a huge turn on. Do you know we haven't even had sex since Valentine's Day?" she admitted to the strangers who were still fucking her.

The duo offered the girl their condolences as they continued keeping her busy. Whitney's breathing quickly increased as she thought about what would happen if her boyfriend had walked into the room... Or if ANYONE had walked in for that matter... Soon she couldn't shake the idea, as she suggested it to the group.

"You know... we're the only ones in the restaurant now... Someone really should be watching the register..." she started. The other two teens looked disappointed, thinking they had to stop, but Whitney quickly added in her next piece. "Why don't we move this session to behind the counter? If someone walks in... well let's hope you guys are quick to react."

Justin laughed as he and Brittany quickly agreed. But liking to keep a small bit of control over the cashier, Justin laid out his terms. Whitney was to keep her bra and panties in the bathroom, as well as her work pants. She would stand behind the cash register so that no one would be able to see her from the waist down, and since she could keep her shirt, they may not notice anything. Whitney agreed to this, grabbing her Taco Bell shirt and pulling it over her head. Her nipples were still sticking through her shirt, but she figured they would hide themselves in time.

Brittany and Justin got dressed, then proceeded to see if the coast was clear. Brittany peeked out of the bathroom door, finding the place deserted. She crept around, and still finding no one, signaled for her party to join her.

Soon enough, the trio emptied out of the bathroom behind her. Whitney was soon back behind the cash register, Brittany hiding under the counter so she could be inches away from the girls exposed pussy. Justin found a place directly behind the fast-food employee, groping her breasts as she stood at her post.

Minutes past with no customers, and Justin grew bolder. He slowly unzipped his jeans, maneuvering his dick so that it stuck through his fly. Without warning, he bent Whitney over slightly, enough so that he could press his member into her slit from behind.

Whitney gasped in shock as her face was flung toward the counter. She was barely able to stop her inertia with her arms before she felt Justin's dick ram into her pussy once more. She cried out, both from being startled, and being pleasured, as he used her body, fucking her mercilessly once again.

Brittany took initiative, using her fingers to rapidly brush against Whitney's clit as she watched the blond girl get fucked inches from her face. It didn't take long for Whitney to scream out that she was cumming again, although she wasn't sure if it was pent up aggression from the bathroom scene, or the kinkiness of the current situation that pushed her over the edge so soon.

Justin found himself quickly approaching orgasm as well. He grabbed a fistful of hair as he continued to pummel into Whitney, pulling her head back to face him. "Are you on the pill, babe?" he asked, releasing the girl's hair before fish-hooking her mouth with two fingers, which was equally effective at forcing her to look at him.

"Mhmm," was all that Whitney could make out with her cheek pulled to the side. It was all Justin needed though, as moments later, he was filling her cunt with his sperm. Whitney moaned at the warmth inside of her body as she was soon completely filled with his spunk.

Justin continued to groan and pump into her as his balls slowly shot off their remaining ammunition. Finally, he pulled out of the girl, giving her a quick pat on the ass before repositioning his dick so he could once again zip up his jeans.

No sooner had Justin zipped his fly than a car pulled up to the restaurant. Justin quickly ducked behind a corner, Whitney situating herself so she couldn't be seen below her shirt.

A group of guys strolled in, obviously high of something strong. They were laughing hysterically as they approached the counter. Whitney gulped at the knot in her throat, the rush of being naked overwhelming her.

She was able to speak after several moments. "I'm sorry guys, but we're closed for the night."

"What do you mean you're closed? It says open till 3 a.m. or later!" One of the guys objected with curiosity.

"Well, yes, we SHOULD be open..." Whitney countered, "but unfortunately our cook decided to go home early. I suggest you come in tomorrow and complain to the manager about it," she explained, smiling at what may happen to her ex if the manager found out.

"That's pretty fucked up. So what are YOU doing here? And why was the door unlocked?" another one of the guys pondered.

"Well, I figure as long as I stay, I'll still get paid for being here. So I'll just stand my post and get a couple extra bucks before I go home," Whitney concluded. As she spoke, she started to feel Justin's cum ooze out of her pussy as it was pulled down by gravity. She shuddered at the feeling as a small drop splashed onto the floor at her feet.

Unaware of this, the boys continued. "Well that fucking sucks! Is there any way you can still make us something?"

Whitney, who didn't dare move from her current location, decided to lie. "I'm sorry, but I haven't been trained at cooking at ALL. Without a cook here, there's no way for me to make you guys anything. But again, please come back tomorrow, and I'm sure our manager will give you some free food vouchers for your trouble."

All of the sudden, Whitney jumped in shock as she felt Brittany's fingers make contact with her soaked labia. The boys were staring at her with curiosity, and a bit of fear as the blond tried to recover herself. But Whitney was quick to think. "Sorry, I'm practically falling asleep over here. You know how when you catch yourself falling asleep and you jump back awake? Anyway, I'm going to be closing up soon, so I hope you guys come back tomorrow," she tried to shoo them away. One by one, the guys decided it'd be best to listen to her and leave. They soon filed out of the restaurant, piling back into their car and driving off.

"That was so crazy!" Whitney screamed once the patrons had gone. "I was shaking so much!" She turned to Brittany, helping her up from under the counter. "AND YOU!! Touching my pussy while I was mid-conversation?! Are you crazy?!" Though her words seemed upset, the cashier never once stopped smiling.
"Anyway, it really is about time to go home. Is there... any chance I can get a ride from you guys?" Whitney asked, hopefully.

"Sure! No problem!" Brittany agreed, hugging her new friend. She grabbed at the bottom of the girl's shirt, quickly pulling it over her head. "As long as I get to hold on to your clothes while we're in the car," she said with a wink, curious at how far the cashier would go.

But Whitney merely smiled a devilish grin as her answer, allowing Brittany to take her shirt completely off. "Deal!" she shouted as she tallied the money in the cash box, now completely nude.

Once everything was settled and Brittany had gathered the rest of the girl's clothes, they locked up, heading for the car. Whitney darted toward the only vehicle left in the parking lot, begging Justin to unlock the doors quickly.

"What, are you afraid someone will see you? It's too dark for them to tell that you're naked anyway," Justin laughed at the girl's sense of urgency.

"Well, that, and it's freezing balls out here!" Whitney cried, shivering in nothing but her skin. Justin agreed it was pretty chilly, and unlocked the doors via the key chain. Whitney reached for the back seat, but Brittany called out to her.

"No, you can sit up front with Justin. You need to be able to tell him how to get to your house," she offered. Whitney shrugged, climbing into the passenger side seat. As the two other teens approached the car, Justin shook his head at Brittany.

"You aren't really going to make our guest ride naked alone, are you?" he smirked, eyeing the girl to take her clothes off as well.

"Nice try, Jay, but I don't think so," Brittany rejected him. She climbed into the back, Justin following suit as he filled the driver's seat. He started the engine, but before he put the car in gear, he turned to Whitney.

"Wouldn't you feel more comfortable if Brittany had less clothing on as well?" he asked, unsure if Whitney had heard his request moments ago.

"Sure!" Whitney agreed, smiling, as the pair of them looked back to Brittany for her next move.

Rolling her eyes and sighing, Brittany lifted her shirt up over her head, tossing it in the other seat. Seeing as how her peers were still unsatisfied, she soon unclasped her bra, presenting herself with a face that said "There, are you happy?!"

"Thank you," Justin said, the fact that he had won looming in his voice. He chuckled to himself as he put the car in reverse and backed out of the parking spot, driving onto the main road.

Whitney easily maneuvered him through the city, heading north, towards a suburb district. The group laughed and joked as they went on, when finally Whitney told Justin to slow down. "Aaaaaand... it's right up there on your right. See the green house there?"

"Nice place," Justin complimented. He slowed down, pulling into the empty driveway. "Live here alone?"

"No, I have two other roommates. Are you kidding? A house on a Taco Bell wage?" Whitney pleaded. "Anyway, thank you SO much for the ride! If you ever want to get together again, my number is in Brittany's phone!" she turned to Brittany, receiving her pile of clothes. Then she opened the door and made a dash toward her door. She fumbled around in the wad of laundry, then, finding her pants pocket, she was able to locate her key. With a wave, she entered the house, closing it behind her before any of her neighbors could get a late night show.

Brittany climbed up over the console, managing to get into the passenger seat. "Well! She seems lovely," she commented as Justin backed out of the driveway. "That was a lot of fun!"

Justin grinned as he backtracked through the residential area. "Hell yeah it was. We should do this more often," he suggested, hoping to make it a VERY usual occurrence. Brittany laughed, but nodded her head as she reached in the back for her bra. "Aww... do you really have to get dressed? I'm getting used to my passengers with their boobs hanging out," Justin pleaded.

"Oh, shut up," Brittany laughed. "Tell you what, I'll keep it to just a bra. But the LAST thing I need is you to get pulled over on the freeway and I get hit with indecent exposure."

"Oh please, if your boobs were out, there's not a cop on God's green earth that would cite you for it. In fact, I bet it could get me out of just about anything," Justin jested. "So how did you manage to get her to do that anyway?"

"Well like I told you, she thought we were a couple," Brittany started. "So she was already interested in you because I had you. All it took was a little 'oh your boyfriend sounds like a tool'... and 'Justin is a real sweetheart. You should see his dick'," she laughed. "You don't need to know all of the details."

"Did she care to mention that her 'tool' of a boyfriend was under the safe roof?" Justin smirked at Brittany's explanation.

"No, no. That was news to me as well," Brittany burst into laughter at the thought of the girl's break-up circumstances.

"Well, all I know is that you were right. You ARE the best wing man ever, girl," Justin complimented, Brittany smiling at the title she had obtained. "So...... Are we good?" he asked, hoping that the night had granted him 100% amnesty for the earlier incidents.

"Yeah... We're good," Brittany smiled, closing her eyes. "Thank you for everything," she leaned over, giving him a gentle hug as he continued down the road, turning onto the freeway entrance.

They drove north toward home. It was so much like their car ride less than a day before, yet already so much had changed.

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