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Finally got done with this chapter, sorry for the delay. After their first sexual experiences, James and Carrie are ready to learn more. James starts playing with Carrie, but then Karen comes in and interrupts. Karen takes James to her room for his first time putting his dick in a pussy, and they get a spectator. Read on and enjoy! By the way this series will not have the parents getting involved, or pregnancies so quit asking for it.
After the three of them got cleaned up, they went to their respective rooms to recover. James laid on his bed, reliving the events that had transpired today. He thought about how it felt when he had jacked off, and the intense pleasure running through him as he came. He remembered what it tasted like to eat his middle sister out, her sweet juices filling his mouth. He also thought about how incredible it felt when his sister's sucked on his dick until he came again. And finally thinking about what he had done to his oldest sister's asshole, licking it, then sticking his finger in there.

When Karen left James's room, she took the magazine that she was looking at with her. She still could not believe what had transpired this afternoon. Part of her was telling her it was wrong, but another part of her was reminding her of how much fun it was, and it would be ok as long as James didn't cum in her or Carrie's pussy. She laid in bed, her asshole still feeling a little weird, but she couldn't believe how it had intensified her orgasm with her brother's finger in there. She was also thinking about what she had taught Carrie, and what her and Carrie had done together, eating out each other's pussies until they came.

Carrie went to her room, pure pleasure still coursing through her body. She realized she hadn't gotten her room reorganized today like she wanted to, but after what she had just done with her brother and older sister, she didn't really care. She laid on her bed, a big smile on her face, reliving everything that had happened today.

As everyone got ready to go to bed, Karen went to her room, ready to see what else they could try tomorrow. She did know that James was going to put his dick in her pussy, and maybe Carrie's if she wanted to try it. She grabbed the magazine and opened it a little over halfway, her eye's widening and her pussy tingling again as she looked at the pictures on the pages. It was the scene with a blond girl, brunette girl, and a guy together having sex. The picture on the top, right page really intrigued her. The girls were in the 69 position, with the blond laying on her back and the brunette over her. The brunette had her left knee on the bed, while her other was raised, her foot was flat on the bed, and she was looking over her shoulder, as if in pain. The blond had her legs spread wide open, while she licked the brunette's pussy. Standing behind the brunette was the guy, with dick in her ass, which is what really intrigued Karen.

Karen laid there, wondering what that would feel like, to have a guy's dick in her butt. She did like it when James had put his finger in there, but knew a dick would be bigger than a finger. Karen looked at the picture below that one, a soft moan escaping her as she looked at it. The brunette was laying on her back, the blond hovering over her head, while they sucked on each other's nipples. The brunette was rubbing her own pussy, while the guy was holding one of her leg's on his shoulder, and pushing the other flat on the bed, with his dick buried in her asshole.

Karen felt her pussy beginning to moisten again as she studied the picture. Her eyes slowly drifted to the picture on the other page, it was a full page, close-up view of the guy's dick inside of one of the girl's asshole. His thick, veiny shaft stretching the woman's rectum open, while whichever girl it was rubbed her own clit. Karen felt herself getting extremely excited again as she slowly turned the page. She immediately felt shocks go to her pussy, looking at the two page spread. The brunette had her ass high in the air, on her knees, with her chest laying on the bed. On top of her was the blond, laying across the brunette's back, the blond's legs running along the side of the brunette's. The guy was standing over them, with his dick buried in the blond's pussy.

Karen realized she needed to put the magazine down before her pussy started leaking even more. She closed the magazine and threw it under her bed, knowing that they needed to try that last position out, as well as wanting to see what it would feel like to have her brother's dick in her asshole. She shut off her lamp, laying down to go to sleep, her mind racing with what she was going to do with her siblings tomorrow.

The next morning...

James was the first to wake in the morning. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, looking at the alarm clock, it read 9:30 am. He sat up in bed, excited and hoping to have more fun with his sisters today. His regular morning wood was throbbing, even harder than normal, in his boxers, rolling out of bed, and heading for the bathroom. He went piss, his dick slowly deflating as he felt relief.

After James finished he headed for Carrie's room, slowly opening the door, "Carrie are you awake?" He asked, a little louder than a whisper. Carrie didn't stir as James entered her room, heading towards the side of her bed. James stood over her, his young dick beginning to twitch back to hardness, as he stared at her. Carrie was laying on her side, her loose fitting night shirt was pulled tight, exposing one of her tits to him. James bit his lower lip, slowly reaching towards it, wondering how Carrie would react if she woke up. His hand began to tremble as it got closer to her chest, hoping she wouldn't be scared by it. His dick forming a small tent in his boxers as his fingers brushed across her tit, feeling her nipple harden.

Carrie let out a soft moan when she felt something brush across her tit. She opened her eyes slightly, as her exposed tit was cupped and lightly squeezed, seeing the tent in the boxers next to her bed. She realized it was her younger brother, focusing on his bouncing dick in his boxers. She lightly licked her lips, looking up at him, giggling to herself as she saw him focused on her tit, biting his lower lip. She let out another soft moan, rolling onto her back, pretending to be asleep.

James's breathing was hastening, continuing to squeeze and fondle his middle sister's tit, feeling himself getting more excited and braver. He slowly moved his hand down her body, pushing the blanket down, getting closer and closer to her hips. He pushed the blanket down further, revealing her pink, bikini style panties, causing him to groan as he looked at her slit pushing against her panties. He looked back up at her face, noticing her eyes were still closed. He looked back down at her covered pussy, lightly running his finger over the cotton panties, feeling the warmth of her pussy permeating through them, causing his dick to grow even harder.

Carrie wanted to moan loudly in pleasure, and urge him to go further, but didn't want to startle him, so still pretended to be asleep. She realized that yesterday was the first time, that her and James had done anything sexually, and felt the great pleasure of orgasming, she didn't want it to end, and it looked like James didn't either. She spread her legs apart, hoping he would get the hint and go further.

James noticed her legs open further, pushing his finger a little harder against her panties, pushing them into her slit. He groaned lightly when he felt her legs jump and tremble, pushing his finger against her covered clit, hearing a louder moan come from her as well.

Carrie almost couldn't control herself anymore, feeling her body temperature quickly rising with excitement. She bit her lower lip to keep from crying out and urging her brother on, using all of her willpower to hold back.

James moved his finger down Carrie's slit, feeling her wetness beginning to seep into her panties. He glanced back up at her, wanting to see if she was awake yet. He noticed her biting her lower lip, but her eyes were still closed like she was asleep. His eyes moved back down her body, noticing her breathing had hastened. He looked at her pussy, moving his finger to the side of her panty strip, covering her virgin slit, slowly sliding his finger under it.

'Yes, yes, yes,' Carrie screamed in her head, feeling James's finger pulling her panties off of her pussy. She moaned again when the cool air hit her inflamed pussy, sending more jolts of pleasure through her.

"Boy, you two just couldn't wait huh?" Karen said from the doorway. James jumped at her words, turning to look at his oldest sister, and putting a finger to his lips to hush her. Karen chuckled, slowly walking towards him, "why do I need to be quiet?" James looked at her sternly, whispering, "cause she's still asleep." Karen walked up, on the left side of him, looking at Carrie's exposed snatch. She looked at James, her face flushed with excitement now, asking in a whisper, "so you are going to take advantage of your sleeping sister?"

James shrugged his shoulders, staring at Carrie's glistening slit, not sure what Karen meant. "I... I just came in here and one of boobs was out, and when I rubbed it she rolled onto her back, and I started rubbing her pussy," he whispered nervously. Karen moaned softly, "so what are your intentions now?" Again he shrugged his shoulders, "I... I don't know, just rubbing her pussy." Karen giggled, realizing her brother wasn't thinking the same way she was. She pointed at the tent in his boxers, whispering, "and what about your dick?"

James looked at her in confusion, "wh... what do you mean?" Karen had to cover her mouth to keep from bursting out in laughter, knowing her brother was inexperienced, but thought he would have gotten the idea from the magazines. "Well I thought maybe you would want to try having sex for the first time," Karen said bluntly. He looked at her, even more confused. Karen smiled slyly, "do you want to try having sex with your sleeping sister? Or you can try it with me first." Karen knew that when James put his dick inside of Carrie's pussy, she would more than likely wake up, which is why she mentioned having sex with her first.

Carrie laid there, still pretending to be asleep, listening to her siblings whispering. When she heard Karen mention having sex with her, she was a little confused, she thought they had done that yesterday. She cracked open her eyes, trying to see what they were doing, but they were just standing there whispering to each other.

"I tell you what James, let's go to my room, and you can try it with me first, then when Carrie wakes up we can show her what you learned," Karen whispered, her pussy beginning to moisten at the thought of getting a dick in it. James slowly nodded, not knowing what else to say. Karen grabbed his wrist, leading him out of the room and into hers.

Carrie opened her eyes fully as they exited the room, a little disappointed now. Her brother had gotten her so turned on, then her older sister came in stopped him. She pulled her soaked panties back over her sensitive pussy, knowing that her sister had said she would involve her later, but still feeling left out. She sat up in bed, deciding she would wait a little before going to Karen's room.

Karen led James to her bed, turning him to face her and pushed him back onto the bed. James sat down on the edge of her bed, looking up at her with intrigue. Karen grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up over her head, exposing her bra holding back her supple tits. Without saying a word, Karen gave him a devilish grin, reaching behind her and unsnapping her bra. James kept his eyes transfixed on her, watching as she bent over slightly, shucking her bra off, letting it fall to the floor. Karen looked at him, still bent over slightly, and giggled as she watched him swallow hard.

James was mesmerized by the size of Karen's tits, he figured they were big, but didn't realize they were this big. Karen smiled at him, "are you ok James?" James was speechless, slowly nodding as he stared at her naked tits. Karen stood up straight, smiling wider, "I take it you like what you see?" He nodded again, focusing on her pert nipples standing erect. She laughed lightly, saying, "you can touch them if you want." James didn't need anymore encouragement, nervously reaching out and brushing the back of his hand across her left tit.

Karen arched her back into it, letting out a moan, "oh yes." James's hand trembled as he ran it over her tit, his dick throbbing and beginning to leak precum into his boxers. Karen chuckled softly, grabbing his wrist and pulling his hand away, "what are you scared of, I won't and they won't hurt you," she said, turning his hand around and pulling it against her tit. An involuntary groan escaped James, lightly squeezing her tit, admiring its softness. His tiny hand did little to cover her tit, but it still felt good as he squeezed a little harder.

Karen pushed her chest out more, feeling her juices starting to leak. James nervously reached up with his other hand, cupping her other tit, cooing as he squeezed both of them. Karen moaned a little louder, putting her thumbs in the waistline of her pajama pants and panties, "mmm yes, use your tongue and mouth on them, suck on my nipples," quickly getting more turned on.

James slowly stood up, licking his lips as he moved towards her chest. He stuck his tongue out, holding her tit in his hand, flicking the tip of his tongue against her nipple quickly. Karen threw her head back, opening her mouth in a gasp, and pushing her pajama pants and panties down. James flicked his tongue against her nipple harder, then opened his mouth wide, covering her areola and sucking on it.

Karen immediately put a hand on the back of his head, pulling him hard into her tit, moaning loudly, "oh fuck yes James, suck on my tits." She wiggled her legs around, trying to shuck her pants and panties down, as her other hand went to his crotch, grabbing his throbbing erection.

James groaned into his sister's tit when she grabbed his dick, moving his hips into her. He pulled away from her nipple, then moved to the other one, sucking it into his mouth and lightly nibbling at it.

Karen slowly stroked his dick, moaning, "oh James, you got me so hot, mmm, I want you to eat my pussy, then fuck me hard." She was in a world of her own, not even thinking about the fact that he was her brother, her pussy beginning to leak even more as she stroked his dick faster.

James pulled away from her nipple, looking at her in lust, "ok." Karen turned him around and pushed her pants and panties completely off, stepping out of them as she sat on the edge of her bed, scooting herself back, and laying back, looking at him in want. "Ok get me all wet so you can slide your dick in." James was a little confused by what she said, but wasn't about to question it, as he moved onto the bed between her spread legs, looking at her shaved pussy.

Karen smiled at him seductively as she slid a finger between her pussy lips, losing all of her inhibitions and not thinking about what she was saying. "Mmm my pussy is all wet for you baby," she moaned, bringing her finger to her mouth and sucking on it. Karen knew that since she had gone to college she had learned quite a bit about sex, most of it from watching porn. She knew that the guys she had sex with there enjoyed watching her do that and talk like that, but James didn't seem to care.

James had no idea what she was doing or talking about, but watched her suck on her finger, then held the tip of her finger on the edge of her mouth, smiling. "Aren't you gonna eat me out?" She asked with a moan. James nodded, moving his head between her legs, smelling the sweet scent of her excitement, his dick popping through the slit in his boxers as it throbbed. He stuck his tongue out as far as he could, pushing the tip of it against her swollen pussy lips.

Karen let out a loud moan when she felt his tongue make contact with her pussy, lifting her hips up into him. James slowly moved his tongue up and down her pussy, noticing her pussy had a different taste than Carrie's, but enjoying it. Karen couldn't control herself any longer, grabbing the sides of his head and pulling his face into her pussy. "I said eat it, not lick it," she gasped, arching her back as jolts of electricity shot from her clit and throughout her body. James groaned into her pussy, having been taken by surprise at her urgency. His tongue delving into her pussy, his mouth filling with juices as he moved it around inside of her.

Karen held his head in place, gyrating her hips and grinding her pussy against his face. "Oh fuck, oh fuck," she moaned over and over, his nose prodding against her clit heightening her excitement.

James tried to pull away from her, but her grip was to strong. He started to move his tongue in and out of her, noticing her pussy getting wetter as her hips started to move faster. He did everything he could to catch his breath, but she held him firm, moaning louder and louder.

Carrie could hear her sister's moans getting louder from her room, her pussy tingling and beginning to itch for attention. She got out of bed and made her way to Karen's room, trying to be as quiet as possible. She stopped at the doorway, a fit of jealousy coming over her as she peered into the room. Karen was laying on her back, with James kneeling between her legs, his head buried in her pussy. Carrie started to enter the room when Karen cried out, "o... oh yes, I... I'm cumming, ohhhhh fuuuccckkk!"

Karen's orgasm shot through her body quickly, her back arching higher as she let go of James's head and grabbed the sheets on her bed. James pulled away from her pussy as her back fell to the bed and her hips lifted up towards him. He kept his eyes locked on her pussy, when all of a sudden juices gushed out of her slit, splashing against his face, neck, and chest, causing him to jump back. Karen's hips fell back to the bed, then quickly lifted up again, her body trembling violently as more juices gushed from her, soaking her bed.

James looked at her in awe, trying to figure out what he had just witnessed, remembering he had seen her do that yesterday also. "D... d... did you just go pee?" He asked in shock.

Carrie was also awestruck by what she had just seen, wondering what had just happened as well. She tried to listen closely, moving out of sight, standing just outside of the room.

Karen continued to writhe on the bed, trying to recover from her orgasm, her pussy continuing to leak juices and run down her ass crack. She moaned and lightly laughed, "mmm no it wasn't pee, it was my cum." James looked at her in confusion, "what?" She laughed again, sitting up on the bed, "ok you know when your dick shoots that white stuff, it's called cum." James nodded in acknowledgment, listening to her. "Well that's kind of the same thing as what I just did, only mine can't get anyone pregnant," she continued, not sure how else to put it. "Bu... but Carrie didn't do that," he stammered out.

Karen chuckled lightly at his innocence, saying, "well not every girl can squirt like that." James gave her a half smile, kind of understanding what she said. Without another word, Karen reached out and tugged his boxers down, letting them slide down his legs, cooing as his dick popped back up in front of her. She wrapped her hand around the base of it, smiling at him, "so are you ready to see what it feels like to put this in a pussy?" James groaned, looking down at her, shrugging his shoulders, "I... I guess so."

Carrie peered back into the room when she heard Karen say that, curious about what her sister meant. Her eyes widening as she watched Karen pull on James's shoulders, pulling him on top of her, his tiny ball sack dangling between his legs, his dick pointing at Karen's pussy.

Karen looked James in the eyes, softly saying, "but when you get ready to shoot your cum, let me know." James quickly nodded, feeling the head of his dick pushing against her pussy, his dick seeming to grow bigger as he felt the warmth against it. He kept his eyes locked on Karen's, wondering what was going to happen next. Karen moaned lightly, sliding a hand between them and grabbing his dick. She giggled, his eyes widening, his mouth opening wide, as she started rubbing the head of his dick up and down her slit. "Mmm you like that?" Karen moaned seductively.

Carrie quietly entered the room, wanting to get a closer look, staring at her sister's pussy, watching the lips part and close as James's dick slid up and down it. She stopped a few feet from the bed, her pussy soaking her panties even more as she stared.

Karen moved his dick back down her slit one last time, holding the head of his dick at her entrance. "Push your hips forward slowly," Karen moaned. James let out a long breath, slowly pushing his hips forward, feeling the head of his dick being enveloped by his sister's hot and wet pussy, causing a long groan to involuntarily escape him. Karen moaned in response, feeling the head of her brother's dick penetrate her, "ohhhh yes!"

Carrie's mouth opened wide in awe, mesmerized by the sight of her brother's dick penetrating her older sister's pussy. She covered her mouth to muffle any noises, walking closer to the bed, keeping her eyes focused on the incestuous joining, watching Karen's pussy lips open to accept James's dick.

Karen moved her hand away from his dick, as James continued to slowly sink into her. When his pubic bone pushed against Karen's, he let out a louder groan, his dick throbbing deep inside of her. "O... oh my god, it... it's so hot on my dick," he groaned under his breath, but loud enough for Karen to hear, feeling his balls tingling already. "Oh my god, your dick feels so good inside of me," she moaned in response. They stayed like that for a while, neither one of them moving or speaking, enjoying the feeling of it all. James concentrating on the feelings of her pussy squeezing and contracting around his dick, as if massaging it. "Ok, now start moving your hips back and forward, move your dick in and out of me, do it slowly at first," Karen moaned, breaking the silence.

James was holding himself up over, his eyes closed in pleasure. When he heard Karen speak, his eyes slowly opened, looking at her in lust now, nodding. He looked down at where his dick was buried in his sister, slowly pulling his hips back, watching his dick slowly withdrawing from the warm cocoon, glistening with his sister's juices. He kept moving back until his dick slipped completely out of her, then slowly moved his hips forward again, his dick sliding up Karen's slit, failing to penetrate her.

Karen moaned as her brother looked up at her in confusion, giggling, "you're not supposed to pull it all of the way out." She reached back down, lining his dick back up with her pussy. James pushed his hips forward again, feeling his dick enter her again, groaning in pleasure.

Carrie was on her knees now, at the foot of the bed, watching this all happen up close. She was intrigued by how her sister's pussy gaped a little when James had pulled his dick out. When his dick entered Karen again, Carrie could hear squishing noises coming from Karen's pussy, watching as her sister's pussy lips opened around her brother's dick again.

James slowly pulled back again, this time stopping when the head of his dick was just inside of Karen. He kept his eyes fixed on his dick, pushing forward, enjoying the feeling of her pussy sucking him back in. Karen put her hands on his hips, urging him on, "oh yes, fuck me, fuck your sister." James slowly pulled back once again. When he was almost out of her, Karen put her hands on his ass, pulling him hard into her, lifting her hips up to meet him, their skin slapping together, both of them moaning in unison, James's dick throbbing hard as her pussy squeezed his dick harder.

James pulled back again, and Karen pulled him back into her again, moaning through gritted teeth, "yeah, fuck me, god your dick feels sooo good." They started a steady rhythm, James slowly moving back, then Karen pulling him back into her hard.

Carrie watched in amazement, her hand moving over her covered pussy, lightly rubbing it. She watched as James started moving faster, listening to Karen urge him on, moaning, "yes, harder, faster." Carrie's hand started moving faster on her pussy, feeling the familiar pressure building inside of her, her hips involuntarily beginning to gyrate into it.

James was grunting as he started moving in and out of Karen faster, Karen no longer pulling him into her. She moved her hands to the bed, grabbing onto the sheets, wrapping her legs around his hips and locking her ankles together behind his back. Her moans were getting louder, another orgasm quickly building inside of her, "yes, yes, oh fuck your gonna make me cum, yes make me cum baby."

James's dick moving in and out of Karen's pussy was a blur to Carrie, his movements like a rabbit. Carrie covered her mouth, her orgasm shooting through her body, her whole body shaking and trembling as she feel forward onto the floor, juices flowing out of the sides of her panties and down her thighs. Carrie continued to vigorously rub her covered pussy, her orgasm seemingly to go on and on. Finally her legs gave out and she fell flat on the floor, her hips still jumping with aftershocks of her orgasm.

James looked at Karen in lust, feeling like he was going to cum soon, his balls pulling tight against him. "I... I'm gonna shoot soon," he gritted out, not relenting with his thrusts. Karen looked at him with pure pleasure, not wanting it to end so quickly, but knew it had to. Karen moaned loudly, "go ahead, shoot it inside of me, I'm on the pill, I wanna feel you shoot your hot cum inside of me."

James slammed into Karen hard, his dick surging harder, his face contorting in ecstasy, cum rushing up his dick, groaning loudly. Karen almost yelled out, moaning loudly as his first shot of cum splashed into her pussy, coating her inner walls, "oh god yes, fill my pussy with your hot cum."

Carrie pushed herself back up, as James pulled his hips back, his dick throbbing again, shooting more cum into Karen. Carrie stared in awe, watching his ball sack twitching as his dick throbbed with each shot of cum, his white cum beginning to seep out around the shaft of his dick.

James's arms grew weak, and gave out, falling onto his sister, slowly moving his hips forward and back, his dick still twitching inside of her. Karen lightly rubbed his back in love, "mmm how was it? Did you like fucking your first pussy." James breathlessly groaned, "uh huh." Karen moaned and lightly chuckled under him, dropping her legs back to the bed.

James slowly pushed himself up, looking at Karen, "that was even better than what you and Carrie did to me yesterday." Karen smiled wide, "glad I could help, but one thing you need to learn is making sure the girl cums before you do." James nodded quickly, looking down at his dick, slowly withdrawing his wilting member, listening to Karen's pussy squish as it exited. Karen groaned at the emptyness, but enjoying the feeling of his hot cum swimming around inside of her pussy. James laid down next to Karen, still trying to catch his breath.

Carrie looked wide eyed at Karen's cream filled pussy, watching a trickle of her brother's cum run down the crack of Karen's ass. "Did he really fill me up?" Karen asked, breaking Carrie's stare.

To be continued... Constructive criticism please.

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