“Ah pleaase!” He begs me for the millionth time.
I shake my head.
I worked a shitty cleaning job for two years to pay for my computer so I had no intentions of sharing it with my little brother.
“Just once? One game?” he persists.
I sigh. “No”
“You can watch! I won’t break anything I swear.”
I hesitate.
“I’ll do anything!” My little brother adds to his pleads.

I want to reject his offer but my mind goes to a dark place. “Anything?” I ask.
He nods. Seeing a chance he repeats his offer. “Anything!”
“Promise me you won’t tell mom and dad and you can play one game” I offer him in return.
His smile is almost wider than his face. “Pinky promise!” He says right away and holds up his cute hand.
I feel my heart starting to beat faster. My plan unfolds in my mind. A part of me wants to ignore it, keep my little brother innocent, yet a greater part seizes this opportunity. To touch him…
I hesitate for a little while, then the almost painful throbbing of my cock in my jeans gains the upper-hand. I get off the chair. It’s taken right away by my brother who grabs the mouse and starts scrolling through my games collection.
After a while he selects a platform game. I connect the controller for him and start up the game.
He watches the intro with a fascination only young boys have. He has no idea of my internal struggle.
I crouch behind the chair and watch the computer screen from over his shoulder. I smell his sweet smell.
The game starts and my brother disappears into it. My own instinct take over. I glance to the side and see the silky white skin in his neck. I press my lips softly onto it and taste my brother.
I kiss him again.
He giggles and sighs. Without taking his eyes of the screen he says “you are sweet”.
It’s a statement. He cocks his head, giving me more of skin to kiss. I let myself be taken by my own desires. I kiss him on his neck over and over. He approves my touch by giggles and soft sighs of pleasure. I warp one arm around the chair and lay my hand on his soft belly. I breathe deeply, taking in his smell and then nibble on his cute ear. I feel him shiver under my touch.

Holding him with one arm, I let the other rest on his upper leg. Such silky smooth skin.
I gently stroke him a few times. He doesn’t respond, the game holds every thought.
Slowly I let my fingers follow my desire, creeping like a spider up his thigh. I reach the edge of his short. I touch the fabric with my finger tips and look at my brother. His eyes are wide open and his nimble fingers move over the buttons like a professional. I have played this game myself many time.
It’s difficult, but I keep control of my hand until the game reaches an intense moment. The music gets louder and my brother leans forward in concentration. I use the distraction and my fingers slip under the fabric. He makes a gasp. I don’t know whether it’s cause of the game or my hand.
It doesn’t matter, I’ve reached my goal.
Just on the edge of my fingertips I feel the soft skin of his crotch. It’s packed tightly in his underwear.
I wiggle my hand until it’s inside. I cup his entire package in one hand. The softness is unbelievable.
I squeeze it gently and rub it. The blood starts to flow. I can feel it in my palm. The pressure rises and my young brother gets hard.

My own heart is pounding hard and I feel my own underwear getting soaked in pre-cum.
I try to use my fingers to jerk him but there isn’t much room in his tight underwear. I kiss his neck a few times. Then my brother swears softly. His game character died.
“Wait” he whispers and stands up. His motion forces my hand from his crotch.
For a second I think the experience is over but then he lays the controller down and grabs his shorts.
In one go he removes them, dragging them to his knees and lets them fall to his ankle. His underwear quickly follows. I get a good look of his white soft cushions before he sits down again.
I feel like this is my own first time. I am so nervous my own hand shakes.

I look down. His bright white legs make a V shape towards his beautiful hairless crotch. His cock his curved on his thigh, not sure whether to be hard or soft. I decide to help it.
I follow his thigh up again until I touch his cock. I cannot believe it. It feels so soft. I am holding a young boys cock, in my hand, making it hard. It only takes a few strokes to get it up. I can feel his heartbeat through the silky skin that covers his rock. I start jerking him. Clasping his cute stiffy I move my hand up and down. The skin glides over it smoothly and with every tug a small throb echo’s through his body.

I feel his heartbeat rising, his breathing gets heavier. His eyes are still focussed on the screen but his character keeps dying over and over.
I move my hand faster. I feel his body respond. The muscles in his flat belly tighten up. Small drops of sweat appear in his neck. I kiss his skin until the drops are gone. His sweet taste has a pinch of salt in them now.
“Jake?” he whispers. His voice is so soft I can hardly hear him. “I fee-“ He starts saying but a soft moan interrupts his speech. He takes a shuddering breath and tries again, my hand doesn’t stop pleasuring his unused stiffy.
“My belly, ugh, my belly feels weird.” He finally says.
I smile and nibble his ear again. A louder moan escapes his mouth. I keep my mouth close to his ear.
“It’s ok, just let it go.” I comfort him.
He reacts. He spreads his legs further, surrendering his crotch, his cock and balls to my hand. I use my other hand to give him what he wants. While jerking him I let my other hand run over his balls. I cup them and caress them with all the love I have. I tickle the magic soft skin between his balls and hole. He shivers again.
I move further down until one finger is making circles around his hole.
He gasps for air again. “Not there” he says. But instead of retracting he leans backwards, giving my finger more room. I decide to listen to his body and caress his tight hole more.

His breathing turns into moan after moan. His head is thrown back and his eyes stare into infinity.
He then makes a sound I’ll cherish forever. He first tries to stop it. I hear the sound in this throat until he opens his mouth again. “ah!” he exclaims.
It feels as if his entire body is pulsating. A small explosion in my hand tells me he is orgasming. His hips force his crotch upwards into my moving hand. I see his cute hands are gripping the chair with all their might. He makes an “ah” sound with every tug. I jerk his orgasm out of his body, feeling him shiver and spasm.
Then it’s all over. I slow down. I gently squeeze the last of his first orgasm out his still throbbing cock and gently caress his tight balls. He arches forward and stares at his throbbing cock in disbelief.
His hair is stuck to his face with sweat. His entire body moves up and down under his breath.
Two drops of clear fluid stick to my fingers. No seed yet.
I move the skin over his cockhead one last time and then release his stiffy. It falls back to his belly with throbbing movements.

After he is convinced that just really happened he tears his gaze away from his softening cock and looks at me full with questions.
I answer them by kissing the freckles on his cheek. He then smiles. It’s a cute wide grin. He hugs me tightly, flinging his arms around me. He then takes his shirt off, grabs the controller and in full nudity continues the game as if nothing happened.
I kiss his bare chest and tickle his belly.
After that I stand up and go to the bathroom. I see the clear drops of his cum on my hand. Without thinking I lick it off. It tastes incredible.
I only have to jerk on my own cock a few times before I reach the most intense orgasm of my life.
My own sperm shoots out of it in long gushes. I have to bite my lip to prevent moaning myself.

Once my orgasm is done I am filled with guilt and shame. I realize I just jerked my own young brother. I walk back to my room slowly, thinking of any excuse I can muster. But when I return to my room and see him in all his naked glory all my thoughts disappear. Instead of talking to him I lay down on the bed and do nothing but stare at every naked inch of my young brother.
I doze off at some point.

I awake later by a wet feeling in my neck. I open my eyes and look straight into his cute blue eyes. He leans over again and kisses my neck once more. He is all dressed.
“Thank you for letting me use your computer” he says and walks out.

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