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These two young girls find someone to show them everything.
Hitchhiker 2

"First, you both need to come over here, closer to me." They both slide closer until all three of us made a triangle with me in the middle. I leaned forward and kissed Kim on the lips. I teased my tongue into her mouth. She kisses back with wild abandon. she obviously has done this before. Her thick lips press against mine as our tongues dance together. her hand slides up my leg and squeezes my thigh. i break off the kiss and pull Sandy closer. Soon I'm tongue to tongue with Sandy's small mouth. One hand is moving up and down Kims leg going as far as her exposed inner thigh while my other hand is wrapped around Sandy's little waist pulling her into me. I grab Kim around the waist and pull her closer too. I stop kissing Sandy and start pushing the two of them closer.

"You two need to kiss each other now. Do you have a problem with that."
"No," Kim said, "We kiss all the time."

"Oh, you do, do you?" The girls start kissing, tentatively at first, but quickly it turns into deeper tongue to tongue action. I move around until I'm behind Sandy and put one arm around her little waste while the other starts groping Kim's chest. I scoot in until my crotch is pressed against Sandy's back and I know she can feel my hard dick pressing into her lower back.

She wiggles her little ass back against me and it feels so good. I pull up Sandy’s shirt which breaks off their kiss. Kim gets the idea and pulls her shirt up and off also then continues kissing Sandy. I unbutton Sandy's bra and slide it off to release her perfect little buds. I slide my hands to cup them and squeeze them gently then pinch the tiny nipples. She moans a quiet moan into Kim's mouth.

After a bit of teasing Sandy's nipples while I ground my hard on into her lower back I decided to move again. I scoot back and around to the side again. I sit and stare for a moment. These two young teens kissing each other is so hot. I help Kim out of her bra next. Her luscious breasts are so nice, full and perky, she also has small nipples.

“That's nice girls.” I say, “Keep going. Sandy, hun, I bet Kim would love it if you sucked on her luscious titties.” She didn’t need to be asked twice. With no hesitation Sandy kissed down Kim's neck and down to her breasts and started sucking and squeezing them. I moved behind Kim and pulled her back onto my lap. Her head lay on my thigh and she nuzzled her cheek into my dick. I knew I was going to have to release it from it's cage soon. But not quite yet.

“Kiss her down her stomach.” I watched as Sandy slowly kissed down Kims slim belly. “Keep going down.” Kim spread her legs as Sandy reached the hem of her skirt. I slide my hand down Kim’s chest and to her skirt and pulled it up until the crotch of her panties were completely exposed.

“Lick her, Sandy. Lick her pussy.” Sandy complied with no hesitation, licking first the crotch of Kim’s panties and then moving them aside settled in further. Kim started moaning and moving her head back and forth. I needed to let my cock out now. I unbuttoned and zipped and pulled out my raging hard dick. Seven inches long and medium thickness, my cock throbbed against Kim's cheek. I grabbed her head and turned it towards my head.

“Lick it, girl. Lick up and down.” Kim's tongue comes out and she starts moving up and down my shaft. Sandy thinks I'm talking to her and starts going up and down faster on Kim’s puss. My one hand is on Kim's head guiding her while my other hand is squeezing her tit and pinching the little nipple. Kim moans loudly as Sandy's administrations bring her closer to the edge. I turn Kim onto her side so she can get at my dick easier.

“Put it in your mouth, baby. Wrap your lips around it. No teeth.” Kim's mouth opens and the head of my cock enters her mouth. Her full lips enclose around it and I start pushing her head down and then pull her up, then back down. “Just like that. Keep going.” I sit back a little and watch. Sandy is still going to town on Kim's little cunt with her tongue while Kim is taking my dick in and out of her mouth. It feels so good but I don't want to get carried away. I let her keep it up for another minute then I push her head away. I move out from under Kim and she lays back still moaning from Sandy's tongue.

I move all the way around to Sandy's rear. She is on her knees with her face buried in Kim’s crotch. I move close behind until my cock is pressed against her tiny ass. I grabbed her hips and started to dry hump her, then I reach under her and unbutton her shorts and slide them down. She isn’t wearing any panties so her virgin twat is now exposed to me. I go down and start licking her, spreading her cheeks apart so I can reach my tongue into her cunt. She tastes so heavenly. She spreads her legs so I can get my mouth all the way onto her pussy and my tongue finds her clit and I feel her start to quiver. I tongued every inch of her tiny sex, God I wanted to slide my rod into that tight hole but I held back. Soon I heard Kim Scream out with an orgasm from Sandy's tongue. Sandy must have been turned on immensely by her friend cumming because she tensed up and let out a loud moan of her own. I tasted every drop of her wetness as she let go of an enormous orgasm.

Sandy fell forward and lay on Kim while they both basked in the after glow of their mutual orgasms. I let them relax for a minute then I stood up. My hard dick was sticking straight out in front of me.

“Alright, you two.” I said. “Get up. I need you both to kneel in front of me.” Sandy looked up and saw my dick in all its raging glory for the first time. Her eyes widened a little but she moved and let Kim up. They both got in front of me. “Both of you start licking it.” Kim new exactly what to do and started licking up and down the shaft. Soon both of their tongues were moving all around my dick. It felt so good. “Yeah, that’s good. Now suck on it, Kim. Show Sandy how to do it.” Kim opened her mouth and my dick slid right in. She started sucking it in and out of her mouth. After a bit she stopped and it was Sandy's turn. Sandy's mouth was so small and tight as she wrapped her lips around the head and she mimicked Kim's in and out motion.

“Yeah, Keep going. That's so good.” I put my hand on each of their heads and guided them both to take turns sucking on my dick. Kim was really getting in to it and I pushed her head down until my cock head hit the back of her throat and she gagged. When she pulled away and off I pushed Sandy down on it.

“Oh, your tight mouth is so nice, Sandy.” They both were taking turns seeing how deep they could get it in but neither of them could get more than half of its length into their throat before gagging and having to switch. Looking down at these two cute-as-hell little girls taking turns gobbling my dick was so hot. I felt my balls swell and I knew I was going to blow soon.

“I going to come soon,” I groaned, “Which one of you wants it?” Kim practically pushed Sandy out of the way and took me into her mouth. She started really going at it. Slurping and sucking. I could see she wanted it. “Get ready it's gonna fill your mouth real soon.” I looked down at Kim as she looked up at me with expectant eyes. Sandy was rubbing my sack and I could see a drop of sweat glide down her neck and onto her little tit.

“Oh yeah, Swallow it, Baby. Swallow it all!” I shot my huge load into Kim's sucking mouth. Load after load emptied into her throat as she tried her best to swallow it all. She sputtered and pulled away because it was too much and the last squirt flew past her face and landed on Sandy's pretty little face.

“Ooh,” Sandy said. Then she pulled Kim to her and kissed her deep on the mouth. They Kissed for minute and I sat down on the blanket. I pulled them both to me and we lay there in the sun for a bit. I slowly caressed each one while I held them close, feeling their tight bodies pressed against me.

To be continued......


2018-02-06 19:47:00
I'd consider this one abandoned as it has been about 5 years. Not particularly novel stroke story.

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2015-09-25 13:18:12
Nice story gud 2 see him shoot it in her mouth.was hoping he wud get em on their face and hands wit asses in the air and ram it up their little fuckholes


2015-07-26 02:35:34
Great story, keep going.

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2015-05-05 16:44:28
Please keep going my pussy is so wet reading this I really want to cum to your story

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2015-05-05 05:53:40
Please keep going my pussy is so wet reading this I really want to cum to your story

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