So-called new freinds showed how to spice up our marriage. So we thought!
True Story and we are still happily married.....

My wife and I have been married for 20 years with 3 grown children and a sex life that was almost none existent. One night while out at a local bar susie and I were on the dance floor and having a great time. Another couple came up and danced with us and we sat down together and talked, They introduced themselves as Rich and Joan...several drinks and shots later we were all pretty will loaded. I had to go to the bathroom and when I returned I found Susie, Rich and Joan were out on the dance floor. Susie was very shy but when she became drunk she had a tendency to get very disoriented and forgetful. I could see she was having a hard time dancing and staying upright but I just sat there and watched. Rich came up behind here and pulled her hips to his crotch and Joan held her hands and made sure she kept dancing and didn't pull away...I was literally shocked the Sue didn't turn around and slap him, but instead she began to push back into his crotch and grind him...I could tell by his face that he must be getting a massive hard on....he reached around and started to feel sue crotch......she didn't resist and joan began to make out with was dark and crowded...they moved to the corner somewhat out of the way...i moved quietly accross the room so i could get a better look..I could tell Sue was really out of it and was almost stumbling in her high heels and mini skirt..Rich began to grope her even harder and she just kept moving her hips...his hands slide down and touched her inner thigh and then up into her mini skirt....her skirt was now at her waist but it was so dark and they were in the corner that no one noticed or cared....then I saw sue's face and I realized his fingers were now inside her wet pussy. Joan kept kissing her and shielding them all from the dance floor....I thought My Sue? Does she even know what is going on..Should I stop it? There was a huge bulge in my own pants and I began to rub it under the table cloth while I watched this scene unfold. The grinding got more and more intense and Joan was kissing her and now pulling her off the floor into a back corner...the three intertwined bodies slowly moved into the corner....I could only see figures as it was so dark but I could see sue in the middle bend over and begin to kiss Joans tight exposed nipples...I didn't know she was into girls at all...I was sooo mistaken....I couldn't really see what Rich was doing but then I realized his hips began to move....Holy shit....when she bent over he pulled her panties down and slid his cock inside her...HE WAS FUCKING HER!!1!!1. Did he have a condom on? Do I care? Should I stop it knowing sue is really drunk and not in control of her actions? But I just sat there and played with myself....Then I saw him really begin to thrust and Sue seemed to realize he was fucking her finally. She tried to stand up and reach back to push him away but Joan grabbed her hands and Rich grabbed her hips and rammed his cock in her violently and after a few good thrusts I could tell he shot a massive load as his head arched back...then I realized that Sue began to orgasm as I could tell by her head movements. He didn't have a condom on because the only way she would have orgasm was if he flooded her womb with hot cum....they all became still and she pulled her skirt down and he zipped up...they were coming my way so I quickly went back to our table and waited. The came to the table with this total guilty look on their faces...I said where have you been. I just got back from the bathroom and had met an old buddy in the lobby. They said they were all on the dance floor. We had a few more drinks and Joan and Rich said they had to go and gave us their number and said they would love for us to come to the city to a really great club they knew of.

Sue and I walked home and when we stumbled upstairs I threw her in bed and began to throat fuck her.....I was stripping her as I was shoving my cock down her throat. I was angry, horny and wanted to really know....then I got to her panties...As I figured they were soaking wet with cum,,,I put my finger in her and her pussy erupted with wads of cum from Rich. He must have shot a massive load...I began to fuck her mouth harder and harder while I worked the cum deep inside her. 1,2,3 then 4 fingers...that is as far as I had ever gone but not tonight...I folded my thumb in worked my hand into her pussy...I was stretched to the max and I was not past my knuckles yet....I used my other hand and grabbed the back of her head and held my cock buried in her throat and at the same time I shove my hand inside her and it just popped in....she tried to yell but I just shoved my cock deeper. then she began to really love it, my fist was inside her. I was wanting her to pay for taking a strange cock in her pussy...I took my anger out on her throat and finally erupted down her throat and she gagged trying to keep up with swallowing all of it. I pulled my had out and she laid there almost lifeless and feel fast asleep. In the morning she woke up and didn't remember a thing....she asked what time we got home and that she had a good time dancing. She didn't remember saying goodbye to rich and Joan. I told her I had their number and they invited us to a club down in the city...She said that would be great and that she would like to be friends with them. I asked if she felt ok and she said fine but her pussy hurt a bit from me fucking her the night before. Hummmm She really didn't remember a thing.

I contacted Rich and Joan and told them we wanted to go out with them again and it was our 20th anniversary. He said he had the perfect place. They still didn't know that I knew Rich had fucked Sue but I was intrigued by what had happened. He said that they would pick us up next Friday night. Sue got all dressed up nice and sexy and in really high heels...she was ready for a night out on the town.
The picked us up in a limo with dark windows and Rich said he knew a guy in the limo business and got the car for free. I thought it was a bit odd that the shades were pulled down on the windows. The limo had a fully stocked bar and Rich began making all sorts of drinks as we headed to the city...He had all sorts of funny names for them...wild passion, popped cherry, wild penetration. Sue and I were getting totally drunk and I could barely see straight...Rich had said we were getting close and I had no clue where we were...Then Joan whipped up a special drink just for Sue and it sort of struck me odd that she made sure she drank every last drop of it...we got out of the limo and shuffled in the side door of this old building. Rich said he had special passes and knew the owner...We walked into this massive dance floor with lights flashing everywhere. We all danced for a bit and drank some more...I could tell Sue was having a hard time focusing and her eyes were barely open. She began to really stumble around and Joan suggested that she take her to the ladies lounge downstairs and let her lay down for a bit. Joan told Rich to show me around the entire club...

So we separated....

Rich gave me the grand tour of the all the bars, the sports bar, the tiki bar, the back room strip bar. there was one with female strippers and one with male strippers for the ladies. We sat and watched for a bit as this cute young 20ish blonde danced and stripped totally naked...I said I didn't think they could strip totally nude at a club in the city.. He laughed and said this is no ordinary club...Then he asked if I wanted to see the special play rooms in the basement. I said sure...we descended this stairwell and the sounds of the dance floor were replaced by sounds of women and men screaming in passion. Once downstairs we came upon a bar where everyone was naked and there was a cloths check..Rich just stripped down and handed the girl his cloths..It was then that I saw the massive cock that had rammed and flooded Sue's pussy with cum...I was reluctant but he said it was the rules for down stairs and Sue would never know. So I stripped and gave her my cloths...there were hot chicks everywhere totally naked. They were sucking guys off and getting fucked in booths. There was porn playing everywhere. Rich looked down at my cock and said damn your well hung....I was sort of proud...He said you need to get that thing serviced soon...he took me to a booth with a hole in the wall and a small window...he said take a look at through the window and pick out a hot chick and then stick your cock in the hole and she well suck you off. At first I was like "hell no" but then he did it and I didn't want to feel like I didn't fit in. So I did. Holy shit this blonde sucked my cock like it was a pulled me away and said save that cum for later big boy...The tour has only just begun. He asked if I like kinky stuff and I said we went to this small theater room where there were bleachers and a stage up front. It was totally dark, but then a spot light came on just the stage and I could see some sort of bench with padded cuffs on it. Then they led this hot girl in a hood with only a hole for her mouth into the room. she was stumbling a bit but seemed to be going willingly. the laid her down and restrained her ankles and wrists.. She was in the doggie position....her head hung down like she could barely hold it up....Rich whispered to me that they called this a bitch breeding stand...and it is really hot...Another girl came out strapped and o-gag in her mouth and began to pour oil all over her cunt and ass...then she left....soon several guys came into the room...all well hung and tattoo from head to toe...they walked around her inspecting her like a piece of meat...The one big black guy was like look at this fresh little cunt we have here for us tonight..He asked her if she was ready to get fucked...she sort of just shook her head no as she could not speak with the gag. He slapped her ass and said "listen cunt tonight is about you realizing that you are just a piece of flesh for the pleasure of men and the sooner you realize this the better tonight will be". I was a little shocked but Rich said that it was a swingers place and that the girls husband was in the crowd watching. They had both given consent and that the whole thing was staged and video taped so it didn't get out of hand. There was always a safe word that he could say and stop it all. Then the guy walked around her again,,,and asked if she wanted a nice fat black cock in her pussy, she shook her head no....he slapped her dangling breasts this time and she pulled against the restraints....but then settled back down....he said you need to shake you head yes cunt, as we are in control of what your throat, cunt and ass are to be used for over the next few hours....The he asked her if she ever took a cock up her ass? she shook her head no wildly and began to moan...He just laughed and said well you will after tonight and it will be so stretched out it will be looser than her pussy....she shook her head some more but then another guy came and shove his cock down her throat. He held her head and throat fucked her until she gasped for air..another guy began to slap her tits wildly....The black guy sat down at her ear and began to tell her what he was going to do. she struggled as a guy shoved his massive cock deep inside her pussy and the other guy rammed her throat.....I could see his cock make her stomach buldge out with each thrust against her womb...I was mesmerized! I didn't know if I should leave, say something but I figured the girls husband was in the stands. then the guy fucking her began to moan and I he erupted deep inside her. She began to orgasm as she felt his hot cum flood her womb....then a TV turned on and it had a cam right at her pussy so that you we could all see his cock inside her,,as he pulled out the cum came running out of her cunt and down into a bowl on the floor.....the fingered her cunt to pull out the cum of the pussy he just bred. Then another guy lined up and did the same thing and as each guy shot his cum inside her she orgasmed....After about 6 guys flooding her womb the black guy said "now you are learning to be a good cunt and enjoying it". "You see you have been fucked by 6 total strangers and you will never see their faces are being bred like a little cock whore" and "even though your mind is screaming NOOO your cunt has now taken over and you are orgasming to total strangers cocks." Then he said now its time for some real fun.....
The next group of guys came in the room and they were bigger than the last guys....they began slapping her ass and biting at her nipples.....she seamed to like it.....then I guy lined up behind her and his cock was right at her ass could tell by the TV that it was really tight...he slowly forced his way in and she pulled harder and harder against the restraints. She screaming as his massive cock stretched her ass wide open....I wanted to get up and stop it as she seemed to be in pain but then she stopped as he slid in and she relaxed..slowly he pushed in deeper and deeper until he was balls deep inside her....then he began to pull out and let her ass pull closed then he would ram back in balls deep again...I now found myself starting to play with myself,,Rich noticed and whistled and a hot young girl came over and began to stroke me...he said we have girls for that, you just sit back and relax and watch. Its far from over...
The guy finally arched his back with one final thrust and blew his hot cum deep in her ass and she again began to orgasm, but this time it seemed even more intense...she screamed and screamed with pleasure into the gag....then one by one 6 more guys breed her tight little ass hole and blew load after load inside her....each time letting the cum run out and down into this pan on the floor...which now had quite the pool of cum collected....they had a camera showing the cum bowl with clear cum and wads of white sperm floating around in it. She was exhausted and laid there limp...The black guy was sitting there along side her the whole time...The he took the bowl full of cum and brought it to her nose...he said "smell this cum,,,this is all the cum that has been inside you and has leaked out, A good cunt never, allows cum to escape now you must swallow it so it is in your stomach.." She shook her head know and he slapped her ass really hard this time "listen bitch you will swallow it all", she shook her head no again....then he picked up two huge alligator clamps and clamped them onto her nipples, her back arched and pulled against the restraints...He strapped this hose to the O-gag and then to a funnel..He turned the valve on the clear hose on and you could see the cum running down and into her mouth but then it stopped...He yelled swallow it bitch! and he pinched her nose so she could not breath....she gasped for air and swallowed....she now listened and wad after wad the cum flowed down her throat and into her stomach...It seemed like an eternity and you could see her trying to hold back from heaving with each swallow...but she got it all down....he released the nipple clamps and all of her restraints...I thought the show was over.
I hadn't even realized the girl was still sucking me off sitting on the floor in between my legs.
The black guys stood her up and showed us her exposed marks on her wrists and ankles,,tits all read and nipples all puffy,,ass with hand prints on them and cum still running down her legs.. she could not even stand up as he had to hold her.....Then he picked her up and and I guy came around the back of him and secured her ankles around his waist...he reached down and guided his massive 14" cock into her pussy..she was so loose right now that she just slide down onto his cock right to his seemed that he could almost not even hold her and that his cock would keep her attached to him...he began to bounce her up and down on his cock....then another huge black guy came out that was just as big as him...he came up behind her and stuffed his cock up her ass,,,she lurched up in the air in pain as his massive head tore into her ass, but he just grabbed her shoulders and forced her down onto him...they three of them moved over the floor camera so the TV screen could see the two massive black cocks destroying her cunt and ass....Holy shit I thought as I saw a small amount of blood on the TV. He tore her freaking ass....and he was still fucking her. I thought how can this girls husband allow this to go on...but then she began to ride them and come back to life....she liked having the two cocks inside her....they were talking to her all nasty and stuff and she seemed to get turned on...He said "now that's my little cock whore, take these big black cocks.."...They were violent in fucking her and it was getting more intense...I loved it and now the girl that was sucking my stood up and bent over the theater seat in front of me...I stood up and began to fuck her and watch these two black dudes destroy this white chick...then the girl I was fucking pulled me out of her pussy and put my head at her ass...My mind went wild. I had never fucked an ass before and I pushed right in...My bid cock was in this cute young 25 yr old's ass.....I began to feel her inner ass ring clamp around my cock...they stage was heating up and I was ramming harder and harder.....The black guys were ramming her so hard that she began to orgasm once again, she was going wild....
That is when the one black guy ripped off her hood and first I didn't realize it as I was focused on my own cock buried deep in this sweet ass....I could not help it and I began to fuck her ass wildly and I orgasmed and blew load after load inside her ass....Right in the middle of my orgasm I heard the girl on the stage scream in passion for the first time without the gag and to my horror it was my wife...I looked up and there she was getting double penetrated by two huge black men and I had my cock in another women's ass.....I stood there freaking out as the two black guys began to orgasm and flood her cunt and ass at the same time....Oh my god what had I done? Then I realized the TV screen had a replay of me fucking the girl over the theater seat and cumming in her ass.

What the hell was going on?

The two black guys how were finished with my wife and let her fall on the floor in a puddle of cum..before i could get to her they guys began to piss all over her as she lay there helpless...I ran up and covered her and they pissed all over my back as well..after several minutes I looked up and everyone was gone. I looked for rich and Joan but they were gone. our cloths were lying on the theater seat with a note...

Hope you had a good time and it was a shame that the husband in the audience didn't stop the brutal breeding of his wife because he thought it was to hot and wanted to watch...At least now you know what a true cunt she is and that she was having orgasms from totally strangers cocks cumming inside her...Oh, yeah, there was also a DVD of the entire night for me as a special present and also as warning that if we ever told a soul that the film would be all over the internet with links to all our friends and family.
p.s. there is a pill in the envelope as well. It's the morning after pill and I suggest sue takes its it show she does not get knocked up from all the cum that was blown inside her... There will be a cab out the side door waiting to take you home.

I tried to talk to sue but she was so out of it she didn't even recognize me. I got her in the cab and when we got home I made her swallow the pill and put her to bed. I laid there all freaked out and she slept soundly..In the morning she rolled over and snuggled with me and asked if I had a good time last night....I didn't say anything....I thought holy shit she doesn't' remember a thing. then she got up and went to the bathroom and yelled at the sight of her bruised body in the mirror...I thought quickly and said that it got really gropy on the dance floor and she had fallen several times in her heels. I said we left early and came come and made love..........

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2014-03-23 08:22:33
Bullshit - badly written and poorly presented fantasy.

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2014-03-23 08:21:40
Bullshit - badly written and poorly presented fantasy.

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2013-04-30 07:13:34
This is bullshit. If hubby could see the blood from her ass being torn, then she was likely to need stitches to repair the damage and she would definitely feel it in the morning. Plus, if she was out of it that she didn't know where she was or want she was doing, then how the fuck is she going to use a safe word and the only thing the tape proves is that they raped an unconscious woman and from the news reports lately, we know how well that turns out for rapists.

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It would be interesting to see her reaction to the vid of that evening especially if it were ended just before the hood was removed!!!

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