My Irish setter loved people around and especially my friends. Pat always had a way with dogs. She had two huskies when her son was small but he was all grown now and lived in another state. Her dogs had been gone for many years, as she came in my door she found Shawn waiting to be petted. Shawns tongue hanging out, he ran to the recroom door, I said no Shawn come here. Pat asked what's that all about, I said let's get a cup of coffe and I'll tell you then if you want to you can go to the recroom with Shawn.
I told pat about my adventure fucking Shawn, and that we still went to the recroom several times a week. Shawn loves it pat and quite frankly you will never have better fucking than you'll get from him. So what do you think? Pat said hell yes I haven't been fucked in over a year, how much time do I need? I told her sometimes as much as an hour and a half, oh god that sounds delicious can I take Shawn home with me. I wouldn't be comfortable here. I said sure I'll just drive down you know he will beat us there. We kept our boats at pats dock and the moment we headed that way Shawn took off and waited to board the boat. But this time out he would mount my dear friend.

Shawn had indeed beat us there, but I just waited for pat to take him in her house, and left. I knew he would be home soon enough.
Pat closed her draperies put on her music and undressed, she laid down on the floor and spread her legs and began fingering herself. Shawn was pacing back and forth at the door, but soon got interested in pat. He began licking her pussy and the more he got into it pat started shifting her position. She saw his cock out and knew it was going to happen. She let Shawn find his own way It didn't take him long to get behind her and start trying to find her hole. Pat was excited and reached back and helped guide him in.
The moment he was inside he went at her like a rabbit, the only difference is his cock was enormous. It brought Pati immediately to orgasm, one like she had never had, Shawn kept fucking her and she kept cumming over and over, never wanting it to end. Shawn was more than ready to give her the time of her life, he by now knew he would get his favorite treat for fucking me, this was no dttifferent to him. Pat couldn't believe his stamina, and loved every minute of it, as his knot began to form she was then fucking him.
Shawn stopped and turned around from pat but the knot had them both. Pat pushed and fucked his knot for thirty minutes having the biggest orgasms of her life. She finally was tiring and Shawn had laid down, Pat knew she had to relax before the knot would come out. She called me after her shower and said she had sent Shawn home just as she called and within minutes he was there.
I asked Pat about his treat and she said oh yes he knew I had them in my purse, he wanted them before we started.

Pat began telling me about the experience and wanted to know how often I would share him. I told her that I had him when ever I wanted him, that at first it was several times a day. So I said it's no problem if you want him again today or tomorrow, just call me.Now I love to fuck and I believed that pat was as much a fucker as I was and sure enough not a full hour had passed when she called for Shawn. All I had to do was tell her that i was with him at the moment and we would be awhile yet, that I would call her before I headed him her way. Shawn and I fucked for over an hour sharing him with Pat had really made me horny for him. Having that big of a cock inside your pussy and Shawn going at it so hard and fast was more than I could have asked for, I loved this dog. I loved to fuck even more as Shawn took deep strokes now he was almost ready for the knot and I was more than ready for it. Omg the knot was huge It never went completely in me, I don't think it did, but the ecstasy it gave as it hit your g spot was unbelievable the thrill of having your g spot hit over and over again by this moving animal, as he moved the knot got bigger and so did my orgasms. I had cum dozens of g spot times and still wanted him in me so I pushed and he pushed and I fell into the biggest orgasm of my life, it lasted as long as he kept moving and I was truly in heaven. It must have been a full ten minutes of climaxing full throttle. We both laid down and it took another half hour for the knot to come undone. After fifteen minute of waiting I did push against it until I came again. I was feeling like I had worn him out. But as soon as the knot was gone he jumped up and tried to mount me again. I let him of course, I hadnt given him his treats but somehow I knew he was getting a treat as he humped me faster and faster and harder omg it was wonderful his cock had no end and I loved having it in me.

It was a rainy miserable day and i was with Shawn he had just mounted me and the dam phone was ringing again I could hear the recorder and it was my youngest sons teacher.  He was sick and in the office could I pick him up right away? Of course I had to go, but I fucked Shawn to my first orgasm and then Called pat and told her what was happening and that I would send him down now. She was thrilled, but hoped my son wasn't to sick.

As Shawn got to Pats she went out and gave him a treat he beat her back to her door and whined to get in. She opened the door and he turned to wait for her. His cock already half displayed, oh boy she said mommy didn't finish you did she. Pat took her robe off and got on the floor Shawn went right to it, Pat was a bit surprised he hit her pussy right off. Oh god Pat moaned and squealed with delight as he fucked her so deep
with a cock so long and wide it more than filled her. Shawn in fact was not all the way in, Pat knew it took me a half dozen fucks before I could take all of him. But she wanted that now and she pushed against his cock
Shawn got more aggressive and growled his approval of her aggressions.  Pat was fucking back at Shawn as hard as she possible could she was indeed loving every movement that came from Shawn she liked it ruff and fast and between them they had it ruffer than Shawn had ever had and he kept up his growling in approval of pats movements. The two were well matched and fucked much longer than I could ever have done. They fucked the first time for two plus hours with all Pats strength, but she and Shawn laid on the floor for forty-five minutes waiting for the knot to undo. Pat was afraid if she let him out he would come home. So she took him out herself with a belt for a leash hooked on his collar. He lifted his keg here and there and took a dump and pat took him back in. She gave him a few more treats and got on the floor he went to her and licked and licked until his whining wanting her to roll over, drive her crazy. His cock was fully out and he wanted to hump, pat gave in and barely made in her ass wasn't in the air yet and once again he got her anus. Oh god pat loved it and now she knew how to get him to ass fuck her. Pat came many times and now wanted it in her pussy. She laid down just as she should have and Shawn mounted again he was even more aggressive and his growl had changed pat thought he was wanting her ass again but her pussy was wanton. He fucked her hard and fast and before pat could stop it he and she were knotted together but that didn't stop pat she continued to fuck Shawn he was getting used to it by now, I always had to have more of his knot. It wasn't painful for Shawn to fuck with the knot it was just instinct that told him to stop. So after many months of us humping his knot he began to give some strokes of his own. Now this was fucking heaven twice over, we never suspected he would use that knot on us but let me tell you ecstasy doesn't describe the orgasm it gave with every move he made in you. Soon Shawn would be wandering to pats on his own. If I left in the car now I didn't have to head Toward her house, when I headed to town he went to her, in fact it got so when my car started he just left for pats.

Shawn never tired of us wanting him to fuck us, he must have been a very happy dog sexualy that is. He humped me just an hour after i got my son home, I had worked myself up to such a state of arousal I couldn't help myself. I was so wet with wanting to be fucked by Shawn any more that I never asked my husband again for sex. As I said in shawns first story it was a liberating feeling not to beg for my husband to fuck me. And besides the fact he was a ten minute wonder, if that long. I was seldom fulfilled. Now with Shawn I was left totally and completely satisfied sexually or so I thought.

Pat and I would talk about our adventures many mornings over coffee, one morning at her house she implied she wanted Shawn ASAP I said well he is right outside why don't we both have him. I told pat I would show her how to get him to quit fucking me and go to her. Omgod she said that sounds really hot, so we let him in. Pat gave him a treat and by then I had my jeans off and was on the floor Shawn mounted me and fucked me with a new energy, that I also had. Being watched is a powerful thing I learned that day. I kept Shawn until I had climaxed half a dozen times and was happy, I then laid on my side as pat was on the floor next to
Me. Pat moved closer to me and Shawn licked her and moved to mount her, he missed and pat reached to guide him, I said I would. But he beat us both the problem was he hit her ass and within a minute pat stopped screaming and loved it. Shawn did as well he was able to get fully into her and rode her with an urgency he hadn't had before. We figured it was from the tightness. I asked Pat if she had any dildos, she said sure why do you ask?

I said I would get one  and she could try out my theory. When I returned I said  Pat you use small ones, I have but one and it is 9"s I figured I wanted something bigger than I have ever had. She said have you had Something almost that big. I said yes, I've never told you about my first real boyfriend, meaning the one who took my virginity. He was Huge around and a full 8"s when he was about to come he was 8 1/2"s and he
swelled so big around I came again and again. He Was the best fuck I have ever had, he kissed like he fucked, and I couldn't resist him ever. We fucked in public, on a bus, in the school Parking lot, at school of course. He always had his fingers in me as he drove down the road. I think he liked keeping me hot and ready For him and I wanted him in me as much as he wanted to be there. Oh god I am wet thinking about him. I should try to get A hold of him for you but honestly pat if he was around I couldn't stay away from him, I still love him, always will.

Now back to my theory, pat was moaning from Shawn fucking her the whole time I talked. He was still in her ass and loving it, so I told pat not to look I was going to put the dildo in her pussy, she couldn't herself at this pont. She was wet but I was having trouble putting it in, so I used my finger then two fingers and I was fucking her pussy myself and she came so hard, she laid on her side to stop Shawn. She said oh my god good theory but I thought you were using the dido, I couldn't get it in. Well she said I will do the same for you, as I got on my hands and knees Shawn was more than happy to mount me again and he knew he could put all 12" into me at once pat was on her knees cumming with her dildo, as she put her fingers in my pussy I loved the feel. She began stroking as I had Shawn was ready with his knot and pat was at me feverishly fast and hard, oh I screamed with fucking joy and looked at pat and we kissed, not a peck but a full blown French kiss that reminded me of that boyfriend. Oh god it was so hotbi didn't stop cumming as she kissed me and fucked me with sshawns knot so huge in my virgin ass. I will probably never experience that thrill again. When things are knew they are really excitement personified. We didn't want to stop but we had to give Shawn a break, we let him outside and as
I returned, Pat kissed me again and as she did she fi ger fucked me, I said wow pat where did that come from. She said the minute you put your fingers in my pussy I knew I would want to give it back to you, so while Shawn rests come lay across my chaise. And I will fuck you, I said kiss me like you did and I will follow you any place. She lowered her lips on to mine and began by teasing me with her tongue, darting it in and out of my mouth then she settled it in my mouth as she began to suck on my tongue she inserted three fingers
In me and stroked until I came the first time she picked up the pace as well as her strength and gave it to me just as hard as I needed It to be. Nobody was ever ruff enough for me until now. I said pat one more time and ruff like that but even ruffer please. Pat said sure but Shawn is at the door oh god do me first will you. Then I'll let you have Shawn alone if you want? She said hell you aren't leaving. Pat kissed me again and went at my pussy just right all three fingers became four and stretched me and pummeled me it didnt take
But a minute and I was complete. I have wanted that feeling since I was 14 when my boy friend moved away.

I was home and fixing dinner when Pat called, she wanted me again and I said I would be down after dinner. My husband was used to Pat calling me and wanting me to come down. Pat was divorced about a year now and still needed someone to talk to. He was very understanding, so I left him doing the dishes and helping the boys.

Shawn and I drove into pats and as he jumped from the car he went to her door with his cock already flying full mast. I told pat to get down that I wanted my after dinner smoke and a pop. She was down with Shawn now he had hit her pussy and she was in doggie heaven Shawn was pumping at her so fast, we guessed he knew what horny was. They made me so horny I said I'll be right back I have to go get something. I wanted myndildo I told pat I would be tight back and I ran home and got a book and my dildo. When I got back to pats they were in The knot mode, but when she saw all 9 1/2" of my dildo and then I inserted it with an extra dose of lube she said save some for me oh god I  had that fake cock in me so dam deep it's head was right where I needed it and I came in screams wanting more of the same. With Pat wanting it that meant I could have Shawn again today, it seemed the more I had the more I wanted. Shawn needed a break and I  let him out as pat got cleaned up. When she came down she said how much time do you have, I said as much as we need why?

I want you again can I have you again just like before, yes why the urgency, I loved doing you and I just want to do it again. Pat you do know this is just fucking it's not any kind of love. I mean I love you as my friend and maybe I'd like to funk with you and have you kiss me again but it's not lesbian love it's just fucking. She agreed and as she kissed me she took my dildo and began rubbing it on clitty I needed some lube even though I was wet, this dildo was not only but it's girth matched that of my old boyfriend and it head was an over sized mushroom with a great big ring around it. That ring made me cum more often than not. She began to stroke me with it getting deeper and deeper until she had the whole thing in, I told her to pull him out slowly all the way to his head then. Slam him back in. But I needed a rythum to it but of course she understood completely.

The thing is that night my husband brought me flowers and had purchased my favorite very expensive perfume. I thanked him and started to go put the flowers in water, but he grabbed me around the waste and pushed his hard cock against me, he turned me then and kissed me deeply with his tongue,i knew he had to be dam horny. I said oh baby what took you so long. He fucked me til dawn he fucked missionary style, he fucked me doggie style, he fucked me up against the shower wall so ruff I screamed and the boys woke
Up. I said I had fallen in the shower but dad was helping me up so go back to bed. We laughed in our room about what had happened And we truly enjoyed each other. He wanted to fuck again he had already burst his semen on me 3 times that night but sure enough he
Was hard as a rock again. Told him he felt like 15 again like when he first fucked me. He said the difference is honey we both know what we are doing now. And he put me on the floor and raised my ass to meet his cock and slowly with some lubrication he fucked my ass for the first time, as he fucked me he inserted his fingers in me and began stroking with a hard and fast rythum to die for. I had my eyes wide open and he said honey bend you head and watch  you can see my cock fucking you and my fingers it's hot. And as I looked
I came so hard it was indeed hot stuff. I Told him how wonderful it was to have him in my bed again. He said I am so happy to be with you.
I said you cant tell me something hasn't changed because I know it has,you have been fucking someone else for what two plus yeari

I am to happy right now, but when we wake up I want you to tell me the truth. They woke up in the middle of the night, I could feel him between my legs probing with his finger, He said he had to have me again, I was ready at all times for him, I loved this man so much.
He wanted me from behind again and I wanted it too, he penetrated my ass and as he did he put two then three fingers in my pussy.

I yelled my delight as he stroked me with the same rhythm, hard and fast and now and then an extra hard push. Oh god honey I
Love you and I love fucking you, why, I said sorry later. And he went at me even harder oh god yes honey I
want it as ruff as you can be.
He humped and humped so hard we had to get on the floor but even then he pushed me forward, finally I held onto the sofa and slightly raised myself off the floor, omg he cried that is wonderful honey don't move and he rammed me I came as he did at that moment.
It was so good, he said stay there baby I want that again, it will just take a minute, be still and he kissed my neck and kept finger fucking me until he was hard again. He said honey I am going to give it to you really hard if it's too much tell me. He began an assault on my ass with his cock and his fingers now three then four in my pussy that I loved he rammed me so hard over and over, he was able ro keep that pace for over an hour before he could no longer hold back when he came it was so deep in me all I could really feel was his magnificent head swelling and a small pumping that made me cum again and again. Oh my god honey I have always wanted it that hard and fast,
It was wonderful. He said so have I but I was afraid to hurt you. Honey he asked do you want it again? I said yes I do baby but could you ram my pussy like that with your cock and kiss me? He said yes and picked me up off the floor and gave it to me against the wall in an upward thrust that at first hurt but soon became ummmmmmmmm more baby more. He kissed me with his tongue so fucking good it made each orgasm into a huge release.

Oh god pat I need you and Shawn can we come down. Pat will you and Shawn fuck me so hard I loose my mind? Sure, then pat Asked will you tell me what's going on, yes. I was out of my jeans in short order and on the floor Shawn went to licking me with That long tongue and I wanted it to last awhile, he made me cum several times, his tongue had learned that my pussy hole gave All the juices and he knew his big cock went there, he was whining now to mount me his cock was fully hard. I got on my knees And Shawn quickly moved behind me, he gave a lick and knew right whereto go. Shawn was in my pussy in on e huge thrust Omg it felt good, but now that he was in he didn't pull back much he just ground into you in ultra fast slams. Those slams are Wonderful to the pussy, then there's the size of him small at the tip until about half way then omg he gets huge and that is where He begins hitting all your bells. Then the knot, it's huge and it hits perfect to give you one huge orgasm. Back to the story so Shawn Is beginning his humping but he's in my pussy, pat said I thought you wanted me, I do pat after Shawn please now though will You kiss me hard. Oh she could kiss it didn't take me but seconds to pretend it was my first lover, and then I pretended Shawn Was him to, it made the whole two hours go by much to fast. I had never fucked Shawn that long before but when I thought he Was ready to knot I laid down and gave him a break, after five minutes I got another half hour from him. Oh gid I was enjoying It more than ever, pats kisses and shawns huge cock and they were really the old boyfriend, oh god how I wished it were true. I fell to the floor in a heap to wait for the knot to loosen. Pat had long since taken my top and bra off, I was sweating still as I felt his knot and was ready to go again, but I waited until I was free. I said pat grab somelube I want Shawn in my ass this Time and you in my pussy, I brought my dildo in my bag. This was going to be huge orgasm time. I gave Shawn double his Treats and and I applied the lube to my anus and got down, pat helped guide him and once again he plunged into my ass, as Much as he could, it felt wonderful as he got all the way in he kind of goes crazy in your ass, it's so much tighter and he pulled Out more and pushed back even harder, it was perfect, pat had been kissing me and now decided to go to my
pussy she Started with her fingers all four fit so snug but it allowed her to put her thumb on my clotoris, it was like being triple fucked I had one of the longest hardest orgasms of my life. I laid down then and gave Shawn a break, I wanted him in my pussy so When he closed his eyes I quickly pulled free of him. I got a towel wet and washed his cock with a stream of water. Then I got back down And he went right into my pussy oh I yelled it felt so fucking great. Shawn went at me for just an hour this time before the Wonderful knot came and I fucked it for another hour until laid down. I was finally free and pat had let me rest while she got naked it had made her so horny she used my big dildo while I was with Shawn.

I went upstairs to shower while Shawn and pat fucked, I could hear pat moaning and squealing upstairs. They fucked for the next two hours as I took a nap. When they finished pat let Shawn out with his treats. My husband had called and pat Told him, I don't know what's going on with you two but your wife is sound asleep. You might just leave her for the night, she can Sleep in the spare room. Pat took a long shower and as she was putting her robe on I woke up wanting Shawn

Pat said not so fast i want to know what's going on. I said coffee please, and we went down stairs got some fresh brewed coffee. I said pat he has been Fucking someone else fir more than two years. I said I knew it, but I never confronted him until he fucked my brains out last night. He literally fucked me all night and morning. In ways he had never fucked me before and he has a new French kissTo die for. He wants me now, but for the last two years until Shawn happened he made me beg for his ten minutes of him getting Himself off. He made me feel like a second class person.

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