Going to Livorno for a softball tournament with Taylor.
We get off the bus and make sure that everyone got everything they off of the bus. I get the keys to my room and think about taking a shower, but don’t really have time before the coach’s meeting. Taylor meets up with some of the kids her age and is talking outside. I hand her a room key and put our stuff in the room.
I see Mercedes out side With Wojo. Wojo had one of those ski names that no one used a beautiful 20 year old with a soccer athlete body, short blonde hair and deep blue eyes. “Are you using your shower?”
“No, I have to get to the meeting. So I am just going to change and get to it.”
“Can we use it? We have four girls in the room and we will be late for the ice breaker if we don’t.”
“Sure, but if Taylor decides she wants to go could you bring her with you? I don’t want her walking around alone.”
“No problem” as I let them in.
“I will be in to change in a minute”
Taylor comes up to me “Are you going to hang with your friends or go to the party? Walk with them or your friends if you want to go to the party. I don’t think there will be much else to eat if you guys don’t. We have to pick up food in the morning.”
“Ok, I’m not a little girl and I can take care of myself.”
“Sure Taylor, but it is one of my rules even with the women that they do not leave each other alone. Don’t get a shitty taking it the wrong way.”
“Oh, ok…Are you going to be alright? You need to put the cream on and you should take that pain pill and go to sleep tonight.”
“We’ll see when I get back.”
“Are you mad at me or something?”
“I’m sorry, the pain and all that happened today has taken its toll on me. Things just went weird. I am also thinking about how this is going to affect my ability to play. I don’t mean to take that out on you. I just want to be sure that you are taken care of and have the fun you came here to have. Please just send me texts letting me know where you are in case something happens. You have the card for the door and your stuff is in there come and go as you please.”
“I’ll never forget you protecting me today, I am sorry that you are hurt.” She gave me a hug “”I love you, thanks” I kissed her on her neck and went into the room.

The room was like a little apartment with a small kitchen like an efficiency or loft all in one open room. Since my kids didn’t come they gave me a smaller one with one king sized bed, but it had a big chair that pulled out into a single bed. I wasn’t sure if Taylor was planning on sleeping in here or with her friends, but I would get the pull out ready just in case. There was even a fenced in patio in the back with a charcoal grill.

The bathroom door was wide open and I had two hot chicks naked and showering. Like many European rooms it had a tilt to the floor and a drain without shower doors around a big bathtub. With all that was in there it made it narrow to get around.

The two in the bathroom were a vision straight out of a porno. Damn did they have beautiful bodies. I watched for a minute then decided to get changed. I stripped out of my sweats and shirt looking in the mirror. I didn’t look too great with my torso bandaged and I had a reddish colored bruise under my eye like a half shiner. I guess it was from the hit to the cheek bone. I was going to unwrap the bandages, but then thought better of it. I could feel the pain now on a constant basis with sharp pains with certain movements or actions. I was tired and took another set of supplements to get some energy and build up for tomorrow.

“Tony, are you in there? Come here if you are.” I went in to the bathroom and the two were there holding towels loosely across their fronts. “Could you put this lotion on our backs?” dropping the towels when I agreed. “Don’t miss a spot.”

I put the lotion on paying special attention to their asses. They moaned seductively with every motion I made. As I covered their legs they pushed their asses back towards me opening their legs. I am an ass man so this was very inviting. I brought my hand up between their legs running a finger through their slits and giving their assholes a quick lick. They really liked that. “Why don’t you just fuck us with this big cock?” both rubbing my crotch pushing their tits against me.
I laughed “I wish I had time, but I have to get to the meeting and pay the entry fees. We have all weekend if you are still interested later.” I was surprised that I even had an erection with all of the pain I was feeling.

Wojo reached in pulling it out “Oh my, that’s a nice one”. Dropping to her knees and taking it in her mouth. I thought I heard a click in the room.
“Hey, no fair! We agreed I got it first” said Mercedes as she dropped to her knees as well.
Damn this was like being in a porno. They started working my cock licking my shaft kissing each other. “As great as this feels, you guys are going to have to save this for later or your going to have to take another shower to get the result off of you. I really have to go.”
“Awww, come on we were having so much fun.”
I turned to leave pulling my shorts back up catching Taylor just outside the door with her hand down her shorts face flushed. She was so focused in on my erection that she didn’t notice I was looking at her until I covered it up. She looked me in the eye pulling her hand out and rushing outside. I chuckled and thought about following her, but thought better of it with the massive erection I had.
I put on a pair of slacks and a silk shirt heading out to the meeting. I showed a little late and the room erupted in applause. I figured they were just harassing me for being late. I paid our fees and got the bylaws. My mind was elsewhere thinking about the threesome I walked away from for this boring meeting and even more picturing Taylor fixated on my cock with her hand down her shorts.

We left from there to the club next door for the icebreaker, a lot of talk about my rage session at the stop on the way up. Mercedes and Wojo met me in front of the door greeting me with kisses on the cheek. They were dressed up in short dresses right under their asses and hooker pumps. I walked in with one on each arm and the club erupted in applause and cheers once again. The girls came with me as I was pulled to the side for a local TV interview as the coach and MVP of the reigning championship team. The correspondent was a hot local girl probably trying to get recognized for bigger things. The girls enjoyed being part of the show as my show dogs, but left my arms to join the party once the interview was over. A few locals came over asking me to sign their shirts or balls. They were once again taken back by the fact that I could speak Italian gathering around me asking questions about the sport. I was glad that I had put decent clothes on not knowing that I would be on the local news. It seemed like everyone wanted to get a picture with me. A few of the local women getting grabby and kisses were a bit too wet. The correspondent rescued me taking me over to the bar.

Her name was Francesca typical beautiful Italian women with the olive skin, dark hair and deep blue eyes. Her body was amazing even if much of it was fake. Her inflated boobs almost fully exposed in her tight thin low cut dress and gel filled lips. I was sure that she was probably better looking before she did all of that, but I guess she felt she needed it to go higher. She asked me how her English was during the interview and felt I made her look bad by responding in Italian. I told her she should have done her research and she would have known I spoke Italian. She should have called to let me know I was going to have an interview, then we could have talked for her to know.

We swapped numbers in case we needed to talk more. Some guys with cameras came up taking pictures of us together. She scooted closer whispering in my ear for me to put my hand on her ass while she kissed me. I did and what a nice ass it was, but then she reached back and pulled my hand from under her skirt to on top of it as her tongue explored my mouth and the cameras went crazy. She turned to the camera sitting me on the stool and hopping up into my lap my hand cupping the bottom of her breast. She reached behind running her hand down my chest stopping at my crotch cooing in appreciation of my half erect cock. She turned on my lap using her other hand to peek into my shirt. Asking what happened and I told her it was nothing I wanted to end up on the news. Her crew called her to go and she turned around kissing me passionately putting her hand up to her ear giving me the sign to call her as she walked away.

I saw Taylor was watching, but turned away not looking me in the eye. I didn’t know what the hell was wrong with her, but I wanted to enjoy more time with her. Almost like I was all of the sudden worried about how she felt about me. Why the hell am I feeling shit like this? I have at least three beautiful “women” I could hook up with and I am thinking about some fifteen or sixteen year old girl? I decided to immerse myself in the party, get some food, and find the other two to finish our story.

As I turned Taylor’s friend Val saw me and ran over jumping up hugging me and wrapping her legs around me. I caught her with one hand under her bare ass fingers right on her slit up against her thong under her short summer dress one finger parting her slit and pressing the tip into her hole. I knew her from when I coached the high school team and we played them I helped her with her swing last year. I pulled the finger out resting the hand between her cheeks “oooh coach, you should have left it there. It felt good.” I could smell alcohol on her breath as she kissed me trying to pus her tongue through. I pulled back letting her drop as pain rushed through my body. Taylor came up pulling her away “Val, I told you he was hurt”.
“Oh yeah, sorry! I heard how you came to Taylor’s rescue. You are such a big brave man..” I pulled Taylor over.
“Why do I smell alcohol on you two? “ still not looking me in the eyes.
“You seem to be having fun and so are we” taking Val and moving away from me.

Whatever, I went over to get something to eat. Then the girl’s team pulled me out onto the dance floor. The whole team of them having their fun treating my like a stripper pole. I even felt Jenna grasp my pole when she was humping on me. They were drunk and having fun. I hadn’t drank in 15 years or so as I am a violent drunk unable or not wanting to control my rage when I drank. I looked over to see that Taylor was dancing with one of the players from another team. He was definitely to old for her, like me, and was now groping her ass. I felt the rage coming on and headed over.

I grabbed his arm pulling it off her ass “Let me cut in” he started to get pissed but thought better of it. I held Taylor in place with my arm around her still staring him down as his friends came to stand by his sides.
“You have that look again. Could you please just stop, he went away” trying to walk away.
“Hey, come here.” A nice slow song started to play. “Give me one dance, I did cut in.” taking her arms putting them around my neck and placing my hands on her waist. I talked in her ear “Why are you avoiding me and why the hell are you angry with me? Did you like having that guy groping your ass?”
“Not really, but I wanted to dance. I am not angry. I am embarrassed…”
“Why would you be embarrassed?”
“About what happened in the room. I shouldn’t have been watching, but I had never seen anything like that.”
“Yeah, I haven’t either and it was hard to walk away from. I am single though and would have stayed if I didn’t have to get to the meeting.”
“I know you are and they are beautiful women. I don’t want to talk about it anymore, but it was not them that got me that way. That was embarrassing to me for you to catch me like that.”
“I could see why you feel embarrassed, but God Taylor. I have to tell you that seeing you like that has to be the hottest thing I have ever seen. For some reason even hotter than looking down at those two naked with my dick in their mouth.” I could feel her berating get stronger and faster and her body started to shiver as she pulled herself closer to me. “Actually, I haven’t been able to think of anything else since. I guess I was a bit jealous seeing that guy touching you after that too.”
Her body still shivering “Really? Oh God. I was jealous so many times. Oh my God.”
“Why are you shivering?”
She squeezed me tight “I dooon’t want to saaay, but you are going to want these panties later” I kissed her on her forehead noticing when I looked up that the guy and his friends were coming back over.

I moved Taylor behind me the rage back on “What’s up? Can I help you guys?”
One of the drunks “Why are you trying to hog all of the women?” A few of the ladies coming over, but seeing the look in my eyes kept their distance.
“Do you guys want to do this here? She’s fucking fifteen you dumb ass!”
Taylor hit me in the back sending sharp pains through my body pissing me off more “Sixteen” crying she ran over grabbing Val leaving the club.
“Oh shit, sorry dude I didn’t know” said the guy that was dancing with her.
“Damn she a hot little bitch” said the drunk. I dropped him in with one punch and then a bunch of guys off my team grabbed me as I was getting ready to jump on him. They pulled me over where Mercedes, Wojo, and Jenna were.
“You just can’t avoid violence can you?” Jenna asked
“I guess today is just not my day. I’m going to head back and take the pain meds.”
Wojo and Mercedes came up to me “I guess we are off for tonight?” each kissing me passionately “I guess we will just have to take care of each other” kissing each other passionately.

One of the guys from before said something so I walked over towards them. Their coach, Val’s father, came up meeting me before I got there “Come on Tony, he didn’t know who you are and they didn’t know you knew Taylor.”
“How would you have liked it if that was Val?”
“Dude, she’s no virgin angel. I see what you mean though; I wouldn’t have liked it at all. Just let me take it from here.”
The original guy came over with a couple of others “Hey Tony, I really didn’t know. I am sorry now that I do. We’re just trying to have as good of a time as you were with all those women” shaking my hand.
“I appreciate that, I hope your guy will be ok too. Just tell him to watch what he says when he drinks or don’t let him out in public when he does.”

I got back to the room opening up Taylor’s bed in case she got over it and came back. I took two of the pills rather than one taking a shower waiting for it to kick in. I put sports center on and got in the bed thinking that I would take care my erection, but the meds kicked in and all I could do was pull the sheet over me and go to sleep. The meds seemed to give me hallucinations as I had some of the strangest and sexiest dreams.

I woke suddenly as if one of my dreams was real. I had a nice tit in my hand a nice firm handful and was pinching the nipple. I could feel a tight wet pussy on my cock about half way in. Then I slipped back into my drug induced sleep. I woke again with the warm feeling of a mouth on my cock as I sprayed her face with my cum.
I slowly and groggily started to awaken in the dark feeling a body against me and something nice and warm on my half erect penis. I figured Mercedes or Wojo had snuck back in last night. Trying to shake the fog from my mind and vision I saw blond hair and felt nice soft skin. I reached around to feel perky handful size tits and on down to a nice firm little ass. I kissed her on her shoulder reaching back up to feel the beautiful firm breast again pinching the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned with the touch and rolled onto her stomach my flaccid penis popping out of her pussy with another moan. Her face turned towards me eyes closed. It was Val, god she is beautiful with her high cheek bones, blond hair, bushy eyebrows, crevice in her chin and plump red lips. I ran my hand down her back to her nice firm ass, her tan stopping at the sides of her ass. What had I done or more like it what had she done to me. Was it her or was it Taylor I dreamed about last night? Was it a dream at all? I kissed succulent lips, nut not hard enough to wake her. I tried to pull the hair out of her face finding it was stuck together and stuck to her. Now I know who’s face I shot all over. I rolled over to find Taylor outside of the sheets in a small g-string and her little half shirt. She was on her belly with one leg straight and the other bent. One of her little breasts with little erect nipple exposed. Her legs open so I could see her little camel toe between her legs and her anus only covered by the dental floss of her panties. I went to put my head back down to watch her sleep. As I put my hand under my pillow I found a little pink and black thong pulling it to my nose I knew it was hers my erection immediately coming to life.

I thought, why could it not have been her last night? Then a bit glad that it had not been as I would not have wanted to miss a second. I found myself stroking her beautiful as. It seemed like it was fake or computer generated as it was too perfect to be real. I had to piss so I painfully scooted out of the bed I got down to where I was face to face with Val’s ass stopping to taste it running my tongues under the crease to her crack and anus flattening my tongue over her pussy. She smelled as if she had quite a bit of action but tasted sweet and salty at the same time. I then started to think that I may be tasting my own secretions and kissed down her thighs getting out of bed. As I stood I got a better view of Taylor’s ass bending down to kiss it and wake her up with my face between her legs. As I pursed my lips on her cheek I looked up seeing the clock. I needed to be on the field in twenty minutes. I jumped up making my way to the shower. There was a nock at the bathroom door.
“Can I come in? I really have to pee I don’t want to pee myself and I can not wait any longer.” She has already seen it pointed into two women’s mouths.
“Sure, but I am showering”
The door opened and she came in going directly to the toilet. I stepped out of the tub fully erect, actually turned on by the sound and thought of her urinating. “Are you ok?” I asked her “I was worried about you leaving the way you did and I was glad to find you with no scratches or dents in my bed this morning.”
“I’m sorry about last night. It was just that I thought that you were finally seeing me as the woman I am and then you told those guys I was a little girl and it was like you stabbed me in my heart.” looking down at her feet. “We went and got drunk and all Val could talk about was how badly she wanted to fuck you and how lucky I was that you looked at me in the way you do.” She paused “why do you look at me that way? Are you in love with me? Do you want me the way you want those others or do you still see me as a little girl?” I was brushing my teeth and rinsed out my mouth as she wedged her way in front of me to wash her hands pressing her ass against my erection. “The women came back and told us about what happened after we left, that’s why we came in here. We were going to go to Val’s room once we sobered up. We tried to wake you up, but you were out cold. I figured that you took the pain meds and laid there with you watching you sleep until I passed out from drinking too much.”

“I have to get to the field and we can talk later” I heard the door to the room open and close. I put my arm around her putting my hand on her belly and kissing her shoulder “I think you can tell that I see you as all woman.”

I went back in the room to find that Val had left while I was showering. I put my compression shorts and uniform on taking my supplements. Taylor was laying on the bed sleeping with her ass pointed towards me. I leaned down kissing the cheek of her ass looking up to see a smile cross her lips grabbing my ball bag and heading out the door to the field
A crowd had gathered to watch our game and people came to me for autograph’s, but I had to tell them to wait until after the game. I got the lineup in and put it out to my players. Jenna was there to keep score “Did I hear you right?”
“Did I hear you say that you were pitching and batting 5th?”
“Yep, I moved myself down the order since I am not 100%.”
“How are you even going to play? You should be sitting out this weekend!”
“Look, two had to drop bringing us down to eleven. This is a good team and if we go undefeated we will have half the games we would if we lose. If we get up on them then maybe I can pull myself out since I have the one extra player.”
“You really are as crazy as they say you are. Pull your shirt up I have a neoprene wrap I will put on you.” I was holding my shirt up “I need you to unbutton your pants and pull them down a bit.”
“I can’t do that and hold my shirt up”
“Let me call Mercedes or Wojo over to help” she said smiling.
“We’ll never get done if you do that. I have sliding shorts on and it’s not like you had any issue touching me last night.”
“Oh, you remember that?”
“I don’t drink, remember?”
“Neither do I” she smiled unbuttoning my pants. She wrapped my torso and then went to button my pants reaching in to hold my half erect cock while zipping them up. “Just to be sure that I don’t get it caught in the zipper.” She gave it a squeeze “feels as though you may be coming down with a fever”
“I would think you weren’t giving me your medical opinion if you weren’t married”
“I don’t see any husbands around here” she said as she walked away.

It was a tight game as people were working their hangovers off and I didn’t have my full power. Last inning, time expired, down by two, man on 2nd and 3rd and the 4th batter got the second out sacrificing a run in. I came up to the plate knowing if we lost we would have five more games today vice one mustering all of my strength to hit the ball over the fence scoring three runs to win the game.

I was exhausted as I came out of the dugout and had a constant sharp pain in my ribs. Jenna came over and unbuttoned my pants Taylor had shown up and held my shirt up while Jenna pulled the wrap off then having me lay down on the ground cameras going off left and right. She massaged my ribs until I heard a distinctive pop and the sharp pain went away. “You dumbass, you could have punctured your damn lung. You really need to sit out no matter whether you are going to win or lose.”
“Thanks Jenna”
“Fuck you too” she responded.
I pulled her to me kissing her on the neck “I heard you, I’ll see what I can do” She smiled kissing me back on the cheek.

“Rambo, can I get an interview?” I heard in broken English a voice I recognized.
“You want to be on TV?” I asked Taylor
“I’m not sure that I want to be with you right now?”
“What now? You can’t keep getting jealous of these women”
“Oh yeah, what about Val?”
“I have no idea what happened, you probably know more than me as I was out on pain meds. Whatever, we can talk after the interview but all of this drama is getting old. Do you want to come with me or not?”
I walked up alone with the cameras rolling. Francesca looked wonderful in a thong bikini just barely covering her nipples and a see through sarong around her waste. I walked up slapping her on the ass and kissing her on the lips instead of the cheeks. She held up a local paper with a picture of the gas station/snack bar we stopped the day before. The article headline was “RAMBO hurts nine in rage”. The second picture showed guys being loaded into ambulances. So, after our discussion yesterday and seeing this story come out I thought I would check with the police to get the names of the possible assailants.” Taylor ran up grabbing the article from her. “Young lady, we are rolling.”
“Do you want to give us your side of the story?”
“Look, the police will do their investigation and the truth will come out. I am not afraid of what they will find”
Taylor came forward “He saved me from these dirty guys that would have molested me if he didn’t.” Giving her puppy dog look with tears rolling down her cheeks while Francesca translated for the local viewers. “Do you think he just wanted to fight nine guys? He did it for a reason and really got hurt protecting me” Francesca came up giving her a hug acting like she cared.
“If you show your injuries then it may help the public understand that you are not a maniac who hates Italians.” Francesca pointed out. I nodded and she handed Taylor the microphone pulling my shirt up showing the bruises pushing on the rib demonstrating the full injury. When I turned around I saw her in a different light as she had tears rolling down her cheeks. “This is an amazing man who defended this beautiful young girl keeping her from harm as these animals were ready to attack. He does not hate Italians as I witnessed last night. These pictures show how he cares about people whether Italian or American and actually speaks both languages. If you witnessed anything at this location yesterday then please call the local police and provide your story.” She closed out by kissing me passionately her tongue checking my tonsils kicking one foot up in the air and hugging Taylor.
“Thanks for the kind words”
“You owe me, you had better call me! I have been looking for a good man all of my life. All they want to do is make promises they don’t keep and have sex.”
“I keep my promises, but I like the last part as well” Taylor slapping me on the arm.
As I tried to walk away I was accosted by people asking me to sign their newspapers “could you please sign it |”Rambo”?” I signed them all with my name instead taking pictures with more people to include some beautiful Italian women of different ages in very small bikinis.

After I was done Val’s father came up to me “Did my daughter sleep with you last night?” hoping he did not really me sleep with, but not wanting to lie.
“Yes, she was in my room this morning when I woke up. I don’t know when they came in because I took two pain pills and was knocked out until this morning.”
“Well, I guess that’s cool. Has Taylor said anything? Val came home half dressed with what looked like semen all in her hair.”
“She hasn’t said anything to me other than that they drank too much. I don’t know where they got it or who they were with. Like I said, I was out cold and got up just in time to get here this morning.”
“I heard, how are the ribs? I heard you were in the paper as well.”
“I guess, crazy huh? I will let you know if Taylor tells me anything you should know. Is she acting ok or giving you any signs that make you worry?”
“Actually she was happier than I have seen her in a long time until I grounded her for not telling us where she was all night.”
“She’s a good kid, teens are rough these days…”
“Tell me about it, at least she went to your place. I guess I won’t be too hard on her.”

I coached the women’s game and they won as well. The second team we played must have won their first game by forfeit. I didn’t play and we won by 20 runs. Jenna sat next to me keeping score and talking about how she needed to check my penis to see if it had been injured as well the whole time in as many different ways as she could. My cell rang and it was Francesca asking if I had time to go to dinner. I told her that I was going to have to take my meds and get some sleep, but she could come hang out at the campsite if she wanted. She declined.

Taylor and I finally got to talk. “So why do you say all of those things to me and then go fucking Val behind my back? Actually you fucked her in the same bed I was sleeping in. She got in trouble because she had your cum all in her hair when she went home. So why after all of the affection we have been showing each other would you fuck her instead of making love to me? Don’t you feel that I deserve it more than her? Do you think that she is sexier than I am? Why are you playing these games with my emotions? I would have been fine if it was one of these women as I could say it is because I am too young, but Val is the same age I am”
“Taylor, Let me start by saying that I love you with all of my heart and I see you in a totally different light than I ever have before. I want to protect you and that is why I will probably never end up making love to you. You are obviously as confused as I am, but I can not give you what you really need. I am as fucked up as they come when it comes to dealing with women and you deserve as well as I want better for you. I say all of that because I love you so much.”
“As Val goes, I have no idea what happened. No, I did not fall and my dick landed in her or anything like that. I took two pills instead of one because my pain was so bad. I was hallucinating and having weird dreams. I guess now that not all of them were just dreams. I woke up this morning with my dick in her and I have no idea how long it was there as it was no longer hard. You can be the judge as to what happened and if it was my fault or not.”
“She is a beautiful young woman and having her naked in my bed was nice, but scary as well. To answer the last part, rolling over to see your bare ass on my bed was the most amazing site I have ever seen. All I could do was hope that I had not done anything with you. Not because I would rather do it with her, but because I would not want to miss a second of it or not be able to remember it. These women are beautiful and they keep coming at me. The thing I know is that even if I hook up with them tight now I would be thinking about you when I did. This all may sound like the most fucked up thing in the world and it probably is. I would love to have the chance to make love to you, but I don’t want to at the same time. If we keep going the way we are then I will probably not be able to fight it anymore and the last thing I want is to be some part of your life that hurt you or fucked you up emotionally.”
She responded in tears “I am crying because I am so happy to hear all or at least most of that. You are so kind and honest. I never wanted anyone the way I want you, but I do understand your apprehension and love you for not wanting to hurt me, but that just makes me want you even more. Thank you so much for not lying to me and being so honest. Maybe you should hook up with one of them, at least I could imagine you thinking of me when you did.” Now smiling again.
“What would you think about me when you are with them?”
I pulled the little panties that were under my pillow out of my pocket taking a big whiff. She laughed giving me a big hug and passionate kiss on the lips. “You should at least get a taste of what you seem to love to smell sometime. I don’t think that is going too far, do you?”
“Shit, if I went that far I would never be able to stop. Plus nobody would ever be able to get me out of the room as I would just live off of eating this.”
“Oh lord, I have a new set of those for you.” We both laughed. She headed off to meet Val at the pool. I wish I could have gone as hot as it was hot as hell this afternoon.

I coached the women again and they came out on top. So they were hyped up and started drinking to celebrate.

The Tournament Director grabbed me and needed us to play our early game this afternoon since they had some kind of issue with the morning scheduling, something about the field being too close to the church. I sent a couple of guys to gather the team and stopped in to the room in need of energy.

As I entered I found Taylor and Val changing out of their bikinis. They seemed to want to put on a show for me walking around naked. I doubled up my supplements and was turning to leave Val decided to talk to me putting her arms around my neck still naked. “Did you have as much fun as I did last night?” Taylor came in close to listen.
“I wish I could remember what happened, all I know is that I woke up with my dick in you. It would have been nice if I was actually more of a part of it as I seeing your beautiful young body it would have probably have been a great time.”
Using her pouty lip she put her legs around my waist moving my hands under her nice tight ass. “Well, I had a good time. I had your humongous cock in me twice and you blew a crazy load all over my chest, face and hair. I’m getting wet again just thinking about it. Why don’t we have some fun now and you will never be able to forget it.”
“Sorry Val, although I am sure it would be great I have to get to the game, plus I already feel bad about having to lie to your Dad this morning. I never say never, but I will say probably not again this weekend.” I kissed her on the lips picking her up with one hand under her ass fingers on her wet slit taking each quarter sized nipple in my mouth and set her down on the bed running my finger through her slit on the way out. She is a beautiful girl and her body is amazing. I really did want to just spend the rest of the day having fun with her, but at this point I had not willingly committed any crimes. She could tell her father, but then it would make her look like a true nymphomaniac slut since he new I was drugged up.
Hearing that also made Taylor really happy so she cut me off on the way out the door. “I love you Tony! I kind of believed you before, but she has been bragging all day at how big you are and how good you felt in her. Plus she brought up a good point as to if you weren’t into it then how did you cum all over her?”
“Taylor, what would ever make you feel like I would lie to you? Think about it, if she thought she was right would she have snuck out this morning? Look, let’s just move on. I thought you understood what we talked about earlier and now you’re teasing me totally naked. You’re pushing me to take this where we both know it shouldn’t.”
“Hey, you walked in on us in the state we were. Since you already saw me then why should I cover up. Just like with you this morning. Do you not like it” looking up with her best innocent look
“I’m definitely not disappointed, but you guys quit talking about me before this whole thing gets blown out of proportion. I already have photographers and shit following me around about that shit yesterday. All I need is a picture or video taken at the wrong time.”
“Ok ok, but will you at least just say goodbye to me the way you did her?” wrapping her leg around me. I held my hand on her ass pulling her crotch against mine.
“No, because I wouldn’t ever leave. You have me walking around like this most of the day. It’s not fair and trust me it will not end well.” Kissing her on the forehead twirling her around and leaving out the door thankful for compression shorts and baggy ball pants.

One of my players was already too drunk to play so I had to be in the game. I went in at catcher thinking it would be the easiest on my body. The game was tight and a couple of errors in the bottom of the last inning with one out dropped or lead to one with a runner on first for the other team. So with the tying run on first and the winning run at the plate My left center fielder missed the ball and my left fielder ran to the fence to get it. He threw it in to the short stop who relayed it in high up the third base line. I ran towards the two runners as the guy who had hit the ball was catching up to the slower guy who was on first. I jumped up getting the ball clipping the first runner who flipped me around like a helicopter blade as I reached out tagging the second one hearing a couple of pops as our legs got twisted together and I hit the ground flashes going off in the background. I passed out from the pain as soon as I hit the ground.

I came to with the smell of smelling salts they touched my nose and I tried to reach up to touch my nose finding it trapped under a bare ass. As the fog cleared I focused on Jenna who was doing her thing as a medic. All I could think about was “where are your panties as I ran my finger in her slit.”
“Do you want my help or not? If you must know I got drunk and got them dirty pissing behind a bush, so I left them there.” She pulled my hand back under her ass and I didn’t complain as I kept groping her. “I’m going to give you a pass as you aren’t with it and because I never had anyone so interested in my anus before.” Winking at me, which I took as a green light to continue as I passed out from the pain again.

I came to again now Taylor was sitting opposite of Jenna with tears in her eyes. I reached up making sure that I hadn’t dreamed what happened before. Nope, still bare ass. I reached up with the other hand to find what I thought was the same feeling ass cheeks on my fingers but panties on my thumb as I put pressure on her pussy. “Tony!?!” pulling my hand out and slapping me on the arm.
“Oh shit, sorry! I must have been dreaming or something.” She took my hand putting it back under her skirt. She and Jenna both laughed loudly. I started to pass out again when Jenna leaned over and slapped my cheek and then kissed me.
“Stay with me dude! I am out of smelling salts.”
“What happened to you? You said you don’t drink.”
“Here we goes again with the questions. Just keep playing with my ass and shut up.”
“Yeah, really” echoed Taylor and they laughed again. At this point it all came together bringing my erection to life.
“Seriously, before I roll you over to check your rib again, what happened and what hurts the most?”
“When I collided with the second guy and when I hit the ground I heard two pops. One was probably my ribs and I think the other was my leg.” She unbuttoned my pants pulling them down below my knees. As she did it repositioned her so that her slit was now at my finger tips. I reached up feeling the heat and found that she was sopping wet. This time she let out a moan and did not pull me away. So I pressed my index finger between her lips and into her wet hole. Not wanting to leave her out as she had also squatted on my hand, I started rubbing Taylor’s pussy though her panties.”
“Holy shit” I thought she was pissed about my finger. But then I felt her hand on my erection.
“What is it?”
“You’ve got a huge… bruise from your knee up under your sliding pants. Do you have another pair?”
“Yeah, why” as I felt her scissors start to cut down through the waistband to the bottom of the shorts. Everyone else seemed to be in the bleachers on the other side and it was pretty dark already. She felt up my leg to see if anything was broken and then up to my erection. Jenna gave it a couple of pumps.”
“At least one thing isn’t broken.” Winking at Taylor. “Could you hold that thing out of the way?” Taylor looked embarrassed. “Go ahead I see you eyeing it. Not like I can stand on any moral ground as I am a married woman with a man’s hand up my skirt. If he is doing the same to you under there then take advantage of it while you can. He is not always this cooperative.” Taylor grabbed my cock feeling it tip to balls.
Jenna rubbed some crème on my leg as I continued my finger assault on her pussy rubbing my palm against her clit. As I shoved a second finger in her muscles popped it back out as she came on my hand. As the orgasm attacked her body her juices covering my hand she leaned forward kissing me passionately in a tongue war with me like she was trying to eat my face. She ran her hand down to moving Taylor’s hands away pumping it a couple of times then leaving my mouth wrapping her lips around my cock as the orgasm still flooded her body. I was rubbing Taylor’s clit through her panties with my middle finger as her panties became drenched as well. As soon as Jenna pulled off Taylor jumped in. Seeing this Jenna either started another orgasm or extended the one she was on as her pussy continued to contract on my finger and more juices came out.

“Before you make him shoot all over us, we need to take a look at his ribs.” Rolling me over on my side. My erection disappeared quickly as she popped my rib back in place. They seemed disappointed when they rolled me back over.

I headed back to the room showering and changing into sweats. Taylor put on some shorts and we headed over to the BBQ. I ate a little, but didn’t really feel like eating. The men and women from our teams started playing bear pong and Jenna came over wearing a pair of sweats rolling into a ball in my lap with her head on my chest and I think we both dozed for about half an hour. I was awakened by some commotion and I got up telling everyone to call it a night as we had a long day tomorrow.

I kissed Jenna and the other women good night heading back to the room. Val was there trying to get Taylor to go out, but she told her that she had to do some laundry as she didn’t have any clean underwear. Val lifted up her skirt “Go without like me!” I came up from behind her running my finger through her slit and up her ass crack. She slapped me on the arm as I licked my finger. “Don’t tease me if you’re not gonna please me!” laughing as she walked out.
I stripped down checking my leg and then getting under the sheet on the bed. Taylor came out of the kitchen wearing one of my wife beaters that came almost to the bottom of her ass. She sat on the bed next to me getting under the sheet and cuddling up with her face in the nape of my neck. I had my arm around her and started stroking her ass. Her leg was across my crotch and she could feel my half erect penis against her leg. She asked if I wanted her to get my pills and I nodded. As she bent down into my bag she gave me a great view of her ass and the bare camel toe between her legs. What a beautiful sight! I knew that she must have been doing that on purpose. It was obvious as she sent Val away and actually got under the sheets with me. I might as well make the best of it. I mean it was not like I didn’t want to do it, I just knew that I shouldn’t. When would I have this chance again? Soon she would be moving on and would forget all about me. Right now she was young, beautiful, and wanted me bad. The thought of tasting her sweet pussy gave me a vein popping erection that caused a noticeable tent in the sheets.

Taylor grabbed some water and came to me with the pill. I motioned for her to put it on the night stand as she smiled at the tent she had created in the sheet. She climbed back under the covers rubbing my erection with her leg. This time I moved my finger to her anus. “would you like for me to get the control for the TV” as it was sitting on the end of the bed. I nodded. She pulled the sheet off pointing her ass back towards me while reaching to get the control. Holy cow, I have never seen anything that I wanted more than that at that moment. I pulled her leg laying her down facing the other direction. “While I change the channels tell me to stop when you see something you like.”

I reached over feeling of her ass. “You are killing me with this! I thought we had an understanding and then here you are flaunting your sexy naked ass at me like that”
“I can’t help it! All of my panties are dirty. I threw them in the laundry with your uniform. Why? Do you like what you see?”
I rolled over kissing every inch of her ass pulling her cheeks apart as I tongued her asshole. She started to lift her hips up for me to tongue her pussy and the buzzer from the washer went off. I slapped her on the ass “you better get that!” laying back down.

She started the dryer and I acted like I was sleeping as she pulled the shirt off and go under the covers. I honestly thought I was going to shoot my load right there. My hand squeezing her ass, she knew I was awake. I need to check your leg as she pulled the sheet down. She kissed me leg and the started to lick my cock. Sucking my head into her mouth while running her tongue on it. I gave in pressing a finger deep into her pussy causing her to suck harder as I did. Ready to come already I pulled her off laying her down and licking her ass again tonguing her asshole lifting her hips up to taste her pussy. I was in heaven and thought about shoving my cock in her, but was afraid I would taint the master piece that was her pussy. What if I screwed it up for ever? What if I changed the taste? That would be like taking a knife to the Mona Lisa or changing the recipe for Crispy Cream Doughnuts. I am not sure that I could forgive myself for doing that.
I licked up her back and back down wanting to eat every bit of her beautiful ass. I licked her ass some more while fingering her swollen pussy. Turning her over I kissed her passionately wrestling tongues then kissed down her neck and sucking in her hard nipples with little dime sized areola I tried to suck he hole tit into my mouth and she moaned with pleasure. I followed down further tonguing her pierced belly button down to her pubic region and onto the lips of her pussy so swollen and wet by now that my tongue moved with ease. As soon as I hit her clit for the first time she writhed in orgasm as I took her whole pussy in my mouth sucking in every bit of anything she let out. I lifted her up with my hands under her ass licking her anus, lower ass cheeks, taint and thighs clean of her juices. She was screaming in orgasm once again as I tongued her hole nibbling on her lips and rubbing her clit with my thumb. I licked her clean again going through the same process brining myself up now tonguing circles around her swollen clit tonguing the top right of it and then sucking it like a little penis holding it between my teeth as she had yet another orgasm. I must have eaten her pussy for at least thirty minutes and through multiple orgasms to the point that her pussy was so sensitive that she pulled me up to her chest again.

I rolled over onto my back pulling her pussy to my face. She winced in pain but didn’t want me to stop. I was not sure if it was because she liked it with a little pain or if she just didn’t want to rob me of the taste. Her pussy now so swollen that it looked like a cut open peach. She worked my erection as I tongued her ass giving her pussy a rest. I started licking circles around it and ended up with half an inch of tongue inside her ass. She turned around and aimed my cock into her pussy, but it was too sensitive and swollen. She dropped down between my legs and continued licking my erection going down to suck my testicles. Sucking her way up the side of my cock then taking the head back in while stroking the shaft. She could only get about half of it in before she would start to gag. “I’m going to cum!” she flipped around dropping her pussy onto my face and taking my cock as far as she could into her mouth as I shot load after load into it as she came on my face screaming in pleasure or maybe in pain as just a little liquid was able to come out. She dropped against me in exhaustion as I continued kissing her ass. Finally getting up and gathering her legs underneath her went to the bathroom. I heard he pee and it sounded like she was crying.

She came to the bed handing me my pill and water. “I need for you to go to sleep” she said with a smile on her face. “I can’t take anymore”. I pulled her into the bed next to me placing my cock between her legs as it was already back to full erection. “You really should sleep” shivering at every touch. She rolled over and kissing me holding my hands up so I wouldn’t drift below her waist. “You really do like the way it tastes don’t you?”
“I do. I didn’t want to stop”
“I could tell, I just can’t take anymore. I may have to stay in the room and ice it down all day tomorrow so that you can taste it again. I am thinking about sleeping in the other bed because I am afraid that I can’t control it anymore and may pee all over the bed.”
“Pretty soon I will not even notice, but do whatever you are comfortable doing.”
“I love you Tony”
“I love you too”
“I don’t think you understand, I love you Tony!”
“I love you too Taylor” as I drifted off to sleep.


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