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1970's - Italian city school girl goes out to deliver her scout cookies but finds trouble in a changing neighborhood.
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Lamont straddled the exercise bench. Lisa’s ass was slightly below his cock, just right.
Hard, stiff, Lamont held his member in his one hand, her ass cheek in another and started to work the head into Lisa’s asshole.
He pushed twisted and turned trying to get it started.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. He pushed getting in maybe an inch.
The fear and pain overcame all her other torments.

Cyrus watched. The ultimate, a young white piece of ass being fucked by a big Black Man.

AHAHAHAH. Lamont was red in the face panting, pushing.
Dis Bitch be da titest I ever had.
The head of his dick disappeared into her ass meat.
Man fuck dat ass, yelled Cyrus.
As Lisa screamed, Cyrus slapped her face.

Lamont had her ass cheeks in his hands as he slowly thrust trying to work his cock deeper in
the virgin teen ass. With his entire weight behind him he pushed forward moving a little
deeper with each thrust. His hands wrenched her ass as he tried to gain the leverage he needed.

Jose was captivated by the teen titties swaying as she was being fucked.
He squeezed, slapped and pinched them as she knelt helpless.

Cyrus pushed his thumbs into the corner of her mouth to hold her mouth open,
held her head in place and pushed his cock into her mouth.
Gagging the ass fucked white teen had a black cock in her mouth and one
in her cute white ass.

Tied by the neck Lisa was choking.
Every time Lamont slammed into her ass her head jerked.
Cyrus held her head in a vice like grip as he face fucked her.

Slap Slap Jose was slapping her tits.
Jose was tantalized by the firm young teen breasts.
He strained his neck to suck on the tit meat. One in his mouth and the other in his hand.
He sucked as hard as he could and bit into the nipple.

Smack Smack, Lamont was slapping her ass.
AHAH Lamont pushed in now half way. Lisa tried to scream but was choked by Cyrus.

Lamont kept fucking her ass, Each time his cock would move a little deeper.
Finally his full weight behind him
Lamont pushed his cock all the way in bottoming out at his balls.
Slurp Slurp he started a steady ass fucking rhythm.
The hard big 14” BLACK COCK was reaming out the tight white teen ass.

Fuck Ya, dats it, now dats what I am talkin bout.
Lamont and Cyrus looked right at each laughing as they fucked the little bitch.
Big black cocks in her mouth and ass, Lisa hung to a thread of life.
Her neck was tied to the bar choking her.
Cyrus grabbed her hair, his cock deep in her throat.
U gonna die Bitch. The mad man was pounding her ass harder and harder.
His thick 14 inches felt like it was in her stomach.
Smack. Smack. Her ass was being slapped time and again.
The cock was so deep in her throat she thought the two might me together.

Cyrus pulled out his cock and shot his load over Lisa’s face.
He cock slapped her mouth again and again. The cum coated her swollen eyes
and dripped down her face.

Please Please. Her pitful pleading was fading.

Jose got up and took Cyrus’s place.
Ha Ha, my turn while you steeeel aaliive.
He looked at Lisa and saw only a little response. Her eyes mostly swollen shut were glazed over.
Man theeese Bitch just about had it.

Jose spit in her face and rubbed his hand around her swollen lips.
Lisa’s head jerked. Jose looked into her one good eye, he could see the fear, the pain.
He smiled. Got your attention now.
He ran his fingers under her lip, pinched and twisted. Lisa emitted low guttural groans.
His fingefs ran over her swollen eye that she struggled to keep open. He spit in it and
then slapped that side of her head hard. Her eye closed for good.

Looking at her in her one good eye.

Thee last thiiing you will see is my big cock.

He took his cock and rubbed against her swollen lips and then in her eye.
Her body and head jerked with every fucking her ass took.
He pulled her mouth open with both his hands and shoved his cock in her mouth.
He was deep in her throat, his cock throbbing, fucking her mouth.

Lisa’s eye began to roll. Everything was out of focus. The lights were a bright blur.
She could see the men in uniform walking up
to the front door. Her mom was crying, Buster at her side. .
She could feel the cock in her ass THROBBING. Everything began
to swirl around.
The warm spring day, the words, On Behalf of a Gratefull Nation.
She tried to breathe but felt the semen in her throat.
Her head shook again and again as she was face slapped.
People were yelling at her Dad, calling him a killer.
Vomit was coming up her throat and through her nose.
Everything went dark and then white again.
Her teacher called them murderers. She saw her Dad walking
toward her. She could hear Mr. D’Angelo, we are all proud of you.
The light got brighter. Images flashed, a coffin, a flag…………………………
Lamont was still inside her, screwing her ass.
Grunting and groaning, fucking the girl who was almost gone.
The lights streaming through glass stained windows.
A white dress. May crowning.
Baseball game outing.
A wrenching pain, slamming, slapping, her ass, pussy inside.
Jose pulled his cock out. Jose wiped up some mess off her face
and shoved it back down her throat. Then he stuck his cock in her mouth
for another face fucking.

Time fo U to go. Times out, Lights out. Bye Bye Bitch

A Hand over her nose. Rope tight around the throat

Bright flashes of light.
Throbbing inside her. Lamont came inside her ass. She could feel the cum.
Ahhh, she could feel the cum running out her ass.
Lisa was limp. There was only dark. The struggling was stopped.

LIGHTS OUT BITCH laughed Cyrus.
Man, I think you did it, fucked her to death yelled Cyrus.
She not breating? Can’t see any.
Man, gotta be said, dat was da best ass fucking ever.
Never better. Fuckin A: man.

Cyrus cut Lisa down and she flopped on the floor without a movement.

Lamont kicked her, fuckin Bitch, get up.
Cyrus kicked her but no movement.
U think she is dead. Don’t know, maybe.
Lamont kicked her again.
Cyrus knelt down and slapped her face. Nothing.

Fuck it. Lamont took his cock and pissed on her.
Cyrus was jacking off, shooting his cum on Lisa’s body.
All dat white cunt is worth. Lets watch some TV, cleanup dis trash later.
The white trash bitch lay there, motionless. Raw, beaten raped.
Jose knelt down picked up her legs over his shoulders and pushed his cock inside her.

Lamont and Cyrus just lay back on the couch, laughing.
Look at dat shit man, one last fuck while she warm.

Yea when he’s done we take out dat trash.
Yea, take out da White Trash.
Maybe wese do some slicing first, jst fo da fun of it.
They looked over at Jose, he was humpings Lisa’s body, swearing at her, slapping her face.

Dats if dat Mfer ever gits done fuckin da body.
One sick Mfer dats fo sho.

Man , OH what a night.
Got dat Right.

Anonymous readerReport

2016-04-15 23:00:37
Great story - Personally I prefer getting inside her head more to "see" her torment - Great story still though

anonymous readerReport

2013-10-27 08:37:34
if the story sucked or troubled you, just stop reading it, morons...

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-28 03:30:04
What a sick and depraved story. bigbob1200 you are a sick and deeply troubled mind. And that is why I truly like your stories so much. Don't ever change. And fuck the creepy little queers that don't like your stories, there ass holes and ass hole lickers. Your stories are hot keep them cuming, more, more,more...

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-19 23:48:10
I didn't like the ending o wanted her to get free some how

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-19 20:13:33
I didn't like it because of the ending. I like it when pricks like these get what's coming to them... Especially if it's a war heroes daughter. other than that... Periods. Use them. I get the whole dialect, but not the lack of periods.

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