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The fate of the planet is at stake

(There is a prequel to this story called “The Coming”. You don't need to read it to understand this story but it is recommended.)

Part 1: Rebel Uprising

Eleven months ago, prominent scientist Dr. Timothy Andrews discovered a wormhole, a space gate close to Earth that promised a new era in space exploration. But before the experiments began an alien force used the gate to invade the planet, spreading its domain like an unstoppable virus. Humankind was doomed as people were mind-controlled and transformed to serve the invaders.

Only small groups of free humans formed the resistance. But they were also falling quickly under the alien's domain; until today, when an incident in one of these groups offered some hope to an otherwise dark future. This is their story…

Gina Bianco, a former police detective, was the leader of a small rebel group in the north side of the city. They had set camp inside a large, underground warehouse that had access to the city's sewer system. One of the motion sensors had been triggered near the base and Gina went to investigate.

She soon spotted the intruder. Some sort of reptilian humanoid, a type of alien that she hadn't seen before. She silently followed him, waiting for the best chance to kill him.

“It went this way. Stay behind me,” Gina whispered to Megan, the second in command in their small group, “Don't make any noise.”

Seeing this strange creature, Gina remembered her first encounter with an alien, almost a year ago, maybe the first one to arrive to the planet. She tried to warn her boss about the danger of an upcoming invasion but nobody believed her. When they did, it was too late.

“Can you see it?” Megan asked with a hushed voice.

“Barely. I’ve never seen a creature like this one. I just need a clear shot…” Gina said.

Then, in the blink of an eye, the creature was gone. “Shit! Where did it go? I lost it!” Gina exclaimed.

They kept walking until they reached a dark vent that lead upward. “It must had escaped through this vent.”

Megan heard a faint noise behind her and as she turned her head...”Eh?! Oh my God! It’s behind us!”

SMACK! The creature knocked Megan unconscious.

Gina, gun in hand, tried to shot at it. But with a swift move of his hand, the humanoid disarmed her in a fraction of a second and pushed the astonished woman to the ground. Realizing that she had no chance to escape, Gina pulled a small knife from her clothes and pressed it against her own throat!

“I will die before you make me a slave!”

But the beast moved its tail like a wipe and before she knew it, the knife was flying away from her. Then the reptilian pulled her up and spoke... “I am not here to make you a slave. I am here to help you.”

“You can speak?” Gina asked with wide open eyes.

“Yes. We have no time to waist. We have taken control of one of the teleports. Come with me.”

Without waiting for a response, the creature lifted Gina onto his shoulder and carried her towards the teleport.

“Wait… what is going on?! Let go of me!”

The creature took Gina through a series of dark tunnels and then everything became blurry around her. Moments later, they were transported to a large, strange room, filled with electronic equipment. Gina realized that all her clothing had disappeared during the teleportation.

What the fuck! I am naked! She thought, covering her breasts.

The creature started talking again. Gina was still baffled not only by the fact that she had just being instantly transported to another place but also by the ability of these creatures to speak her own language. The words sound very weird but it was clear enough to understand what he was saying.

“Your enemies and our enemies are the same. We want to propose a deal,” the reptilian said.

Gina's mind was in overdrive, trying to understand her situation, 'Ok, be strong. Focus. I might get out if this alive.' Then she finally spoke “Who are you? What kind of deal?”

“If you help us, we will help you eliminate your enemy and keep your planet.”

The creature proceeded to explain. Their species have being struggling for a long time with a virus that made their females infertile. They had spent centuries working on molecular genetics trying to fix the problem with little success. During their long research, they became aware that other species could be used for their own reproduction and began an endless search across the universe for such species. It was during these travels that they learned about the existence of the Menglers alliance, a group of aggressive civilizations that worked together to take control of whatever planet they could find using the universal space portals. The Menglers specialized in controlling cognizant minds and that was their main weapon, as Gina already knew very well.

The reptilian ended his explanation by saying, “The Menglers alliance always work in a hierarchical structure. One mind controls the ones below it and so on. We can help you eliminate the mind that controls this planet and you will be free. Thousands of years may pass before they come to your planet again.”

Gina, still a little shook up but truly interested, asked, “What do you want from us in return for your help?”

“We want your help in our reproduction.”

“What if we refuse? What if we can't do it?”

“Then your entire civilization will become nothing more than a group of drones at the Menglers’s service. Your weapons are useless against their mind-controlling power.”

Gina thought about it for a moment. All the information was hard to process that she knew that this strange creature was right. They were losing the battle with the invaders and it was just a matter of time before there was no one left with a mind of its own.

Gina looked up at the reptilian while assessing the proposal.

Maybe this is just a trick. Maybe they are working together with the Menglers or whatever they are called....
But the creature had me at his mercy back in the sewer. He could have kill me or transform me. Why go through all this trouble if this wasn’t true?

She concluded that the smart choice, her only choice, was to play along. “Ok, what do I have to do?”

The reptilian extended his hand to her and opened it up saying, “Put this inside you. It will adapt your body for the test.”

“Test?! What test?” Gina exclaimed.

Her whole body shivered with fear as she looked at the writhing form in the reptilian’s hand. It was some sort of worm, about thirty centimeters long and four centimeters wide. Green and ugly, with a viscous, rugged skin that shimmered with the overhead light.

“The reproduction test,” was the creature's short answer.

Gina wished all of this was just a bad dream but it wasn’t. It was real. Very real.

Still lying on the floor since the teleportation, Gina recoiled back, spreading her thighs slightly in the process. The creature saw this as an invitation and placed the worm between her legs, a couple of centimeters from her pussy.

Gina started to have second thoughts about the whole thing and kept retreating, but the reptilian grabbed her shoulder, keeping her in place.

Sensing her body heat, the worm slithered swiftly across the floor and penetrated halfway into Gina's pussy before she could do anything to prevent it.

“Uggh! No! Take it off!”

The worm started to release a bundle of chemicals that merged with Gina’s body at a cellular level. This was not a natural organism. It had been engineered for this specific purpose and the astounded woman felt the changes immediately. An inexplicable arousal spread throughout Gina's body as her insides shifted and changed according to the new genetic instructions.

While Gina twitched on the floor, the reptilian watched the rest of the worm disappear inside of her body. His cock was already enlarging, getting ready for the feast.

As the seconds passed, Gina's nipples swelled and her pussy tingled with increasing intensity until it became almost unbearable. She was not scare of hesitant about all this anymore. Her fear had been replaced by unbridled excitement that overwhelmed her mind.

Meanwhile, the reptilian's phallus grew even larger, reaching almost forty centimeters long with the girth of Gina's forearm.

In a matter of minutes, it became too much for Gina and she exploded in a powerful orgasm. Her stiff legs trembled rapidly while blissful waves of ecstasy traveled back and forth across her shuddering body making her jolt without control.

When Gina came back to her senses, she was not herself anymore. There was an insistent itch in her pussy that heralded an unavoidable urgency to have sex. Everything else was irrelevant. She wanted to fuck anybody, or anything...

The creature stepped forward presenting its enormous cock to the desperate woman. Gina sat up and caressed the large member with willing disposition. It didn't occur to her that his cock may not even fit inside of her slim body.

His cock is so big, Gina thought, looking up at the reptilian, almost begging him to fuck her.

The creature positioned Gina onto her hands and knees and knelt behind her, aiming his phallus at her burning pussy. Looking at the size of his cock, Gina finally realized that fucking him may be an impossible task, but the chemicals controlling her actions kept her from recognizing any kind of danger.

I hope this doesn’t hurt me but I have to do this. I need it! She thought.

And he penetrated her! The creature shoved his entire cock inside of her slim body with a single stroke. Gina screamed. She could feel the monstrous phallus being pushed deeper than humanly possible. And yet she felt an incredible pleasure. It was something beyond her physical capabilities but she couldn’t care less. It was happening! The creature was pumping his cock within her body almost all the way to her chest and she loved it. She wanted more!

They fucked in this position for several minutes. Gina grunted every time he pushed forward, expelling the air from her lungs and her eyes rolled back intermittently as she tried to cope with this chemically enhance bliss.

After a while, the reptile leaned backwards until resting on his back, bringing the frail woman on top of him. He knew very well that she could take all of him and more. Her body had been modified for this purpose and he was going to take full advantage of it.

“It feels so good…” Gina moaned as she was turned up.

Now Gina’s arms and legs swung freely from the creature’s forceful thrusts. Her loud moans mixed with the squishy sounds of the fat cock smashing against her soaked, tight cavity.

In this position, the reptilian could swing his hips faster and in a matter of minutes Gina reached another orgasm that rocked her body savagely from head to toe. Gina screamed and twitched until her limp body collapsed on top of the reptile’s chest. Seeing her almost unconscious, he gave her a break but his goal was still far from complete.

Gina’s sexual satisfaction lasted only a few minutes and soon she was ready for more. She stood up and straddled his hips; the long penis just inches below her pussy lips. She couldn’t wait to let him slide inside of her again. And she did! She plunged down with her whole weight, shoving his cock as deep as it would go. Gina only saw a burst of white light exploding behind her eyes from the astonishing bliss that took over her body. She pictured the fat cock inside of her, pushing everything aside, stabbing her pussy as much as her mind. She was in heaven and wished this would never end.

After a while of humping up and down, Gina started to get tired and they shifted positions again. The former detective laid facing down while the heavy body of the human-like reptile pinned her against the floor. He smashed down forcefully on Gina’s soaked pussy, making her growl from pleasure.

Gina loved it. She encouraged him to fuck her harder and faster. She wanted to be crushed into a blissful, orgasmic end. Her vaginal muscles wrapped around his fat cock as hard as they could; seizing him inside of her to never let go.

The creature knelt on the floor and flipped her over. Handling her receptive slim body like a rag-doll, he grabbed her hips, lifted her to the right position and shoved his cock back inside of her, pumping her pussy even faster, testing her endurance. He had to be sure that she was ready for the next step.

Gina was barely able to breathe from the rough treatment. His cock was so big and he was fucking her so fast and deep. After a couple of minutes she reached yet another climax. Her body shuddered and writhed violently while her eyes rolled back into her head. It was so intense that she almost fell unconscious again... but she didn't.

The reptile stood up, bringing her limp body up with him. His pulsating cock was still deeply embedded within her body with no signs of stopping any time soon. Gina was struggling to keep her sanity but if he was going to keep fucking her, she didn’t want to miss it.

Not far from the couple, another figure was watching the scene. It was another reptile that heard Gina’s moans and wanted to be part of the action. His cock was already at full size and he was more than willing.

Gina felt someone touching her lower back and turned her head to see the other creature right behind her. Gina’s heart jolted and a shot of adrenaline woke her from her delightful reverie.

What? Another one?! Gina thought.

She felt the tip of the second cock pressing at her anus and this brought her back to full awareness. She was certainly able to take one huge cock inside of her and she was enjoying it greatly, but two cocks? Was it even possible?

“Oh my God! Please be gentle…” she whispered.

The reptile was not gentle! He shoved the entire length of his phallus into Gina’s ass with incredible force. The astounded woman screamed as a mind-blowing sensation washed over her mind and body once again.

Gina couldn’t believe that her slim, tight body could accommodate all that alien meat. And it was even more incredible that the phallus in her ass was just as pleasurable as the one in her pussy. Before she knew it, she was contorting and shaking under the spasms of a new orgasm, her eyes completely rolled back into her head. It was her strongest climax so far and her vaginal and anal muscles clutched down on both pumping cocks, milking them for all they were worth.

The reptile in front of her knew it was time and without any warning, he discharged an enormous amount of sperm inside of Gina’s pussy, filling it completely. The hot fluid stimulated Gina’s oversensitive membranes, extending her orgasm and almost driving her insane. When he was done, the reptile stepped back, removing his soaked cock from Gina’s pussy and letting the remnants of sperm gush out from her tight cavity to the floor.

The other creature held Gina's feeble body until most of the semen leaked from her pussy. Then, with his cock still deeply lodged in her ass, he laid on the ground bringing the exhausted woman to lie on top of him.

The reptile that just vacated her pussy watched Gina’s body intently, waiting for something to happen…

The former detective wanted nothing else than enjoying the ravishing of her ass and to wait for the next climax but then she felt a sudden, sturdy motion in her lower abdomen. She lifted her head to discover that her belly was expanding; fast!

“Oh God! What is happening? My belly is growing!” Gina exclaimed as her belly got larger, resembling an extremely accelerated pregnancy. “This is not possible! I can feel something moving inside of me!”

Gina grabbed her enlarging belly with both hands as it pulsated upward and back, following the motions of the fat cock penetrating her ass. She tried to cope with this surreal situation but forming coherent thought was becoming more difficult every second.

“It’s …. too…. much…”

Then it happened! A large cylindrical object began to squirm its way out of Gina’s pussy, delightfully stretching her vaginal walls. Gina's arms flapped around wildly while she screamed in bliss. She was giving birth to something and it was the best sensation ever.

The creature standing in front of her watched the whole thing with fascination and satisfaction. She was enduring the process without problems; she was serving her purpose.

It took several minutes for the larvae to escape its warm, cozy confinement. Far from hurting her, the birthing experience took Gina to another plane of ecstasy. The reptile grabbed the newborn and pulled it out of Gina’s body at the same moment that she reached her last, mind-shattering orgasm of the night.

The creature fucking her ass climaxed too, spraying a gallon of sperm into Gina’s convulsing body. The besieged woman could barely notice that some of the monster’s cum projected from her mouth in perfect synchrony with her orgasmic spasms.

Then, it was all over. Gina lay completely limp on top of the reptilian as white sperm leaked from every opening in her body.

The reptile lifted his head to look at his friend, “It worked,” he said. Then his facial expression change to resemble some sort of smile, “Human females are perfect for our reproduction. The Menglers must not take this planet.”

The other alien responded with excitement, “We must bring our allies here and begin the counterattack. I’ll inform central command.”

Gina cough out more semen while she slowly recovered her consciousness.

The reptilian waited until Gina was sufficiently recuperated from her orgasmic ordeal and began to explain the next step…

“Your test was successful. We can help each other,” the reptilian said.

“Did I just gave birth to... wait, I don't want to know. So you will help us? What should we do next? We need your help urgently.” Gina asked, still a little groggy.

“We will go back to your base and prepare for battle,” was the brief but convincing response.


Meanwhile, inside a large underground construction in New Mexico’s desert, an unreal event was taking place. Monica, one of the first converted humans, was initiating a new experiment on a recently captured rebel. Something unthinkable a year ago, now was an increasingly common situation.

“Throw her in the chamber and release the hunters,” Monica commanded.

“No please! I’m not part of the resistance. Let me go.” Claudia pleaded. She was lying of course but it made no difference. Every person was going to be converted whether they belong to the resistance or not.

They hadn't taken Claudia's clothes off, which seemed strange given the fact the all the other women in the building were naked.

Claudia was pushed into a creepy chamber and the door closed behind her. There was a lot of junk spread across the room. She looked at every corner and couldn’t see any creatures but she was able to hear something moving around. She felt a chill running down her spine.

I have to find a way out of here, she thought.

Tiny footsteps echoed from a poorly lit area of the room. She was desperately trying to find a vent or some other way out when a loud voice in the intercom startled her… “If you cooperate with them, they won’t hurt you. If you fight them, they will kill you.”

The hell I will! Claudia thought, knowing fully well what would become of her if she gave in; another mindless zombie at the service of the invaders.

More tip-toeing around her startled Claudia even more. Then she turned her head and gasped. A small multi-legged creature appeared right in front of her. It looked like an over-sized scorpion, with a half-a-meter long body and a long, flexible tail.

“Oh my God! What is that thing?” Claudia asked, knowing that there would be no answer.

The weird bug was making a cracking noise that prevented Claudia to hear the other two identical creatures approaching from behind.

It’s not that big. Maybe I can kill it, Claudia thought, remembering her brief combat training.


Monica was observing everything from the control room. One of the invasion leaders, Gorogn, stood beside her, eager to see the hunters in action. He was a large humanoid with a grayish muscular body, tinted with red spots across his chest and face. He was as smart as he was ill-tempered.

“The hunters have to overpower her. If she is able to take them down, we will need a different strategy,” Monica said.

“She won’t,” was Gorogn's brief response.


Claudia felt something smashing against her shoulder and turned her head in panic to see a bug wrapping its bony legs around her.

“What the hell!” she screamed, realizing that the other bug had been distracting her on purpose. They were organized!

The scared woman fell to the ground as the other two creatures moved closer to her from both sides. There was nowhere to run.

“Get off me!”

The swift, flexible tails of the creatures swung back and forth across her body, slithering beneath her clothes and ripping them off.

“No! Stop!”

Claudia opened her eyes wide in terror as one bug crawled between her legs and extruded and large pinkish proboscis. She immediately understood the purpose of this appendage and desperately tried to avoid it.

“No! Get away from me!”


Monica watched on the screen while the creature struggled between Claudia's legs, trying to get closer to the woman's crotch. Monica felt her pussy moistening by the rough spectacle.

“Her multiple spawns will serve as the perfect spies. We will exterminate the last rebel groups very soon,” Monica said in low voice, almost talking to herself.

“Yes.” Gorogn was pleased with the development of the invasion. Everything had been so easy since the beginning. Mind-control was the ultimate weapon. His cock began to enlarge as he got excited as well.


The strong bug pushed Claudia’s legs wide open while the other two, grabbed Claudia’s arms and thighs, keeping her in place.

They are too strong! Claudia thought, starting to lose hope.

With a sudden, forceful move, the bug jumped forward shoving the entire length of its phallus into Claudia’s tight pussy. The scared woman could feel the large, cold appendage squirming deep within her vaginal cavity.

“Ahhhgg!” She screamed. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She was being violated by a group of alien creatures.

The bug wrapped its legs around Claudia’s hip and waist, firmly attaching itself to her body and pushing its phallus even deeper.

The other two creatures were now displaying their phalluses as well and one of them tried to shove it down Claudia’s throat.

“Fuck off!” Claudia reacted in time. Using both arms, threw the bug as far away as she could.

The creature landed upside down, moving its legs rapidly in every direction desperately trying to turn itself over.

Claudia saw this as an opportunity and rolled into her hand and knees. She started to crawl with great effort towards the door, carrying one bug between her legs. She never suspected that the third creature was already in the air, aiming at her ass.

“I need to get out of here… oughh!”

The creature landed with incredible precision and shoved its cock into Claudia’s tight anus.

Claudia screamed as her body froze from the sudden shock. She felt the long phallus worming its way deep into her ass and now she was being penetrated in both holes simultaneously.

This creature, like his partner, wrapped its legs around Claudia’s round hips and secured its position. There was nothing she could do to remove those squirming cocks from her tight holes.

Claudia’s trembling body fell to her side as she tried to cope with the surreal situation. It was almost impossible to think or focus on anything. She was reacting by instinct. The remaining bug had managed to turn itself over and once again threatened to shove its cock into Claudia’s mouth.

The phallus in her pussy slid back and forth a couple of times and for an instant, she felt pleasure. Maybe it was better to cooperate with them. Let them have their way with her and maybe it’ll be over soon.

Claudia failed to notice the remaining bug and the appendage worming between her lips brought her back to reality. Her first impulse was to push the creature again but she restrained herself. Claudia had decided to stop fighting.

The alien cock being pushed down her throat made her heart jolt, both in fear and excitement. Her pussy and ass stretched and adjusted to accommodate the pulsating cocks wriggling within. For the first time that night, Claudia moaned.

The creatures felt their prey surrendering and they loosened their grip on her body. They began to move freely, pumping Claudia’s body faster, deeper. The lubricating fluids flowed abundantly as they got closer to reaching their goal.

Several minutes passed and Claudia was completely at the mercy of the alien creatures. She waved her hips up and down, following the pace of the pumping cocks in her burning holes. She had been right. It was better to cooperate with them. She was ashamed to admit that it was the best fuck she ever had.

The creature buried in her pussy stopped moving for a second, his cock pulsated a couple of times and as expected, sperm began to gush out in large quantities, filling her vaginal cavity completely.

Claudia felt the hot fluid bursting within while her belly started to bloat. This sent her over the edge. The besieged woman exploded in an unbelievable orgasm that made her whole body shudder uncontrollably.

The bug penetrating her ass followed his partner’s lead and also sprayed a large load of cum into Claudia’s tight hole, extending her devastating climax for the longest time. The last bug wasn’t far behind and soon it filled the beleaguered woman’s throat with another dose of hot cum that traveled forcefully into her stomach.

The three creatures emptied their sperm receptacles completely before removing their phalluses from the rebel’s flooded holes.

Claudia felt that she was about to explode from so much cum pumped into her body and still her orgasmic spasms continued until the last cock was retrieved from her mouth.

Claudia, barely conscious, collapsed exhausted onto the floor. She was happy to be still alive and that the creatures didn’t hurt her, but deep inside, she was sad that it was all over.


In the monitoring room, Monica turned her eyes from the screen and looked at Gorogn's erect cock.

“I can see you are pleased my Master,” Monica said seductively.

“Get down to your knees,” Gorogn commanded.

“Yes, Master.”

Monica knelt and leaned forward, licking Gorogn’s cock lovingly while her pussy burned from anxious anticipation. The exciting scene of Claudia’s ravishing and the pleasure of serving her Master had her already on the verge of orgasm.

She began to engulf the whole length of her Master’s cock. She felt it smash against the back of her throat and push beyond, deeper into her fervent body.

As his phallus disappeared between Monica's lips and her nose touched his pelvis, she climaxed. Her pussy twitched hard into emptiness spraying love juice down her shaking thighs.


Claudia laid on the cold floor, recuperating from the blissful ordeal while the little bugs moved slowly away from her. She never suspected that yet another creature, an enormous version of the bugs was silently getting close to her. Its skin was pinkish instead of green and its body was almost as big as Claudia's, not considering the length of the tail and the thick, bony legs.

Squishy sounds filled the room as a tentacle projected from an opening below the big creature’s main bulk. It curved and swung slowly towards Claudia’s shapely body. The creature´s long tale also moved into action, wrapping around Claudia and lifting her from the ground.

She barely had time to react before the creature shoved the fat tentacle into her cum-filled pussy, spraying remnants of sperm in every direction. Claudia screamed from the sudden penetration, as the enormous appendage stretched her cavity beyond belief. She writhed and moaned trying to understand what was happening.

The base of the tentacle expanded as one egg was expelled from the creature's main bulk. The tentacle was an ovipositor. The large egg initiated the journey across the hollow tentacle towards Claudia’s cozy womb.

She lifted her head and looked in terror at the distended tentacle that pulsated every few seconds, pushing something closer and closer to her pussy.

The monster’s egg finally reached her crotch, stretching her pussy lips widely and sliding into her bloating belly. Claudia started to understand why the little bugs had filled her with sperm just moments ago. They were the males and they prepare her to receive and fertilize the female’s egg.

“On my God! They are using me as a living incubator!”

More eggs followed the first one. Claudia felt each one of them entering her body and accommodating inside of her womb. Once again she couldn’t avoid feeling a perverse excitement that increased with every new egg that passed between her snuggling pussy lips.

As the last egg penetrated her, Claudia reached another involuntary climax. Her legs kicking and trembling as her pussy remained firmly attached to the retrieving tentacle.

The large creature finally pulled the ovipositor out of Claudia’s body while laying the overwhelmed woman back onto the ground. With its job done, the monster turned around and walked away.

Claudia rested exhausted on the floor, breathing heavily, as one of the eggs escaped her over-packed belly, sliding between her leaking pussy lips. Now it was just a matter of time until the eggs hatch. Dozens of new bugs would come out of her body and serve the invading forces against the last rebel groups. Involuntarily, she had already betrayed her friends.


In the control room, Monica and Gorogn weren’t paying attention to the screen anymore. Monica was on her feet, leaning against a column while Gorogn eagerly pumped her pussy from behind.

This is what Monica loved most about being a slave. Everything excited her and she was always trying to seduce whatever creature crossed her path, no matter how strange it looked. Gorogn, her Master, was one of her favorites.

The shyness and discretion of Monica’s previous life were completely forgotten. She had been turned into a leader with improved mental and physical strength and was thankful for it. She didn’t mind being only a puppet of the alien invaders. All she cared about was getting more of that delightful cock sliding in and out of her pussy, driving her insane.

Monica's daughter, Ellen, could hear the moans of pleasure from the hall before walking into the room and she knew perfectly well what was going on. Ellen's mind had been bent and subjugated by her own mother since the first days of the invasion and she now served as another dutiful slave, aiding the planet's takeover.

Ellen had information she wanted to share with her mother… I have to tell mom something important but I can see she is pretty busy right now.

Ellen watched the couple and waited. Gorogn was now lying on the shiny floor and Monica was sitting on top, facing away from him. The older woman bounced up and down on the large cock, shoving it deeply into her pussy.

Soon, Ellen got too excited to just stand there. She walked forward determined to join the action. The young woman knelt between her mother’s legs and attached her lips to her clitoris as it moved up and down.

Within seconds, Monica started shaking violently and screamed in bliss in the midst of a strong orgasm that spread quickly all over her trembling body.

Gorogn’s cock got loose from Monica’s pussy while she was still shivering. Ellen grabbed the huge phallus with both hands and put it in her mouth just in time to catch the first load of cum. She did her best to swallow all the sperm but it was too much and some of it spilled down the shaft to the floor.

Then Ellen heard her mother speak…”Don’t swallow it.”

Ellen lifted her head with her mouth still full of cum and looked at her mother.

“Give it to me,” Monica said

“Yes… share my seed,” Gorogn added, observing satisfied from behind.

Ellen stood up and leaned forward, slowly letting the warm, white fluid spill from her lips into her mother’s wide-open mouth. Monica extended her tongue out with ravenous eagerness.

Ellen felt her pussy twitch as she watched the gooey sperm fill her mother’s mouth. She was careful not to spill anything but when her mother pushed one finger into her pussy it was almost impossible to aim at the right spot.

When Ellen’s mouth was empty, Monica pulled her and they kissed fervently. Ellen had been the perfect daughter in the past and now she was the perfect slave.

Moments later, Gorogn walked away while Ellen finally had the chance to tell her mother the new information she had. “I have found Joey’s location mother. He is part of a rebel group in the north section of the city. We could capture him tonight and turn him to our side. We will all be together again.”

Joey was Ellen's brother and he had become an obsession for her. She wanted to capture him and turned him against the rebels, even as he was an irrelevant asset to the invaders.

Monica made this clear once again, “I’ve told you that your brother is meaningless now. Very soon the last rebel groups will succumb, including your brother. We will proceed as planned.”

“Yes mother... I mean, Master.”

Monica started to wonder if her daughter needed another mind-reprogramming session to eliminate that compulsion.


A few days later, in the north side of the city, Gina had explained to the members of her group about her bizarre experience with the ‘other’ aliens. At first, there was an understandable reluctance to believe that they meant no harm to the humans but it was obvious that they had no other choice. They accepted their help.

The invading force was advancing rapidly and there was no time to waste. Gina was instructed by one of the reptilians to take Megan into an abandoned factory.

“And what are we supposed to do here?” Megan asked.

“You will see. I want you to meet someone,” was the mysterious response from Gina.

The large reptilian came out of a dark corner and approached them. Megan nervously took one step back. She had seen this creature before, but only for a second before he knocked her unconscious down in the sewer tunnels.

“Hello Megan. I am sorry I hit you the first time we met. I promise that this time the situation will be different,” said the reptilian reassuringly.

“It’s…okay,” Megan responded. She wanted to trust him since she knew it was her only chance to survive the invasion.

“We have a very important assignment for you Megan,” Gina said.

After they explained to her what she had to do, Megan was even more nervous than before. But she was certain about the crucial importance of her mission and she was up to anything.

“You have to remove your clothes,” Gina told her.

“O...Okay,” Megan answered, as she pulled down the zipper of her jeans.

Moments after she got completely naked, Megan saw the strangest monster walking towards her. It looked like prehistoric spider, with rugged, leathery skin and bigger than a large dog.

“Holy crap! I have to mate with that thing?!” Megan exclaimed.

“I know how you feel honey, but it is going to be alright,” Gina said, not really knowing what was coming for Megan. Lucky me that my first time was not with that thing, Gina thought.

Gina and the reptilian stepped aside, getting out of the way for the upcoming act.

Megan was usually very brave but now she was shaking like a leaf and her mind was in overdrive, Oh my God! Oh my God!

“It is getting closer… what do I do?” Megan asked without taking her eyes off the creature.

“Just let him smell you. He will know what to do,” the reptilian responded.

The weird creature reached Megan and sniffed her body. In a few seconds, it focused its attention on the woman’s crotch.

How did I let Gina talk me into this? This monster is horrible, Megan thought while she reconsidered her agreement.

The creature immediately recognized the estrogen produced by Megan’s ovaries and it projected two flexible phalluses from beneath its rugged, bulky body.

The monster initiated the mating ritual by lifting the front part of its body and showing Megan the growing appendages. Megan turned her head looking back at Gina who nodded in response. Then she analyzed the waving appendages.

I think I know what those are for. Megan thought. The phalluses looked more like tentacles, with a silky texture, very different from the rest of the creature's body. They were pinkish with black stripes and as thick as Megan's forearm. It didn't look like an impossible task so Megan took a deep breath and said out load “Okay, let’s do this.”

Megan turned around and knelt down, offering her ass to the creature. I hope it doesn’t hurt me with those things.

Just as she finished the thought, the monster shoved one phallus into her pussy. Its natural lubrication allowed for an easy and deep penetration. Megan gasped!

She felt the appendage squirm and push within her vaginal cavity. It filled her completely but didn't hurt, which was a huge relief. “Oh my God! This is really happening!”

Megan could not believe how deep the phallus was penetrating her as the weird sensation slowly turned into pleasure and started to intensify. She tried to imagine that it was not a monster fucking her but a handsome lover with a big cock, no, a huge cock.

After a couple of minutes, it felt so good that Megan began to moan out load. But then, she felt the other appendage poking at her anal entrance. Megan gasped in fear.

He is going to fuck my ass!! It is too big!

And the creature shoved his second cock inside of her! Megan jolted and tightened her anus trying to prevent the brutal penetration but the abundant lubrication made it impossible. The tentacle was entering inexorably into her body.

Megan had never tried anal sex before and the sensation was overwhelming. Pain mixed with pleasure in a bizarre way, augmenting the bliss in her pussy. After the brief initial shock, she stopped fighting it and soon the discomfort gave way to pleasure, absolute pleasure.

The monster pumped her pussy and ass relentlessly, one phallus competing with the other to go further into her shuddering body.

Oh my God! I never thought it could feel this good!

Megan felt a familiar tingling building within her loins and moments later, everything went blank as she reached a blinding orgasm. Her hips twitched spasmodically while her pussy and ass clenched around the fat appendages that wouldn’t stop jabbing at her.

Megan came back from elation as her climax receded and she turned to look at the monster. It didn’t seem so hideous anymore.

The creature kept fucking her, following his own rhythm. Both phalluses pushed in with a squelching sound and then pulled almost all the way out, then in again and again. He increased the pace every couple of minutes and this was driving Megan insane. She was getting rapidly closer to her second climax.

Gina could hear Megan’s frantic moans from far away and she could only imagine the fat tentacles squirming wildly inside of her curvaceous friend. She thought about her own recent ordeal with the reptilians and her pussy stirred.

Megan felt the appendages bloating within her body and then a warm, forceful stream filled her holes completely. She arched her back and opened her mouth in a silent scream that lasted only for a second… Then her whole body jolted and trembled in waves of ecstasy that traveled back and forth while she cried in blissful oblivion.

Finally, as the creature retrieved his phalluses back into his body, Megan collapsed exhausted on the dirty ground.

Gina and the reptile approached the peculiar couple. “Wow! That was intense! Are you okay honey?” Gina asked, to which the reptilian answered, “It is not over yet.”

“Not yet? I thought it was already inside of her,” Gina commented, looking at Megan's belly.

Megan, still dizzy from her overwhelming experience, heard Gina's comments and asked, “What..? What do you mean?”

“He is going to do it now,” the reptilian said.

The creature moved its head closer to Megan and another proboscis slowly squirmed from its mouth towards the woman’s pussy.

“What is that?!” Megan asked, looking at the new appendage.

The strange limb looked like a completely different creature as it emerged from the monster's mouth. It was blue and its girth was a lot smaller than the phalluses. Megan jolted but remained in place as it entered her vaginal cavity and wormed its way in. It had a bulbous shape than ended with multiple tiny tentacles that looked almost like feathers.

As it turned out, the strange appendage was indeed an independent creature and it freed itself from the monster’s mouth while penetrating deeper into Megan’s body.

Megan stopped watching it as her eyes rolled back from the pleasant sensation, “Ahhh!”

Then, a sudden and powerful rush of pleasure sent Megan into an unexpected orgasm, making her shudder uncontrollably for a few seconds. During this time, the smaller creature lodged comfortably within Megan’s belly and churned around to occupy the least space possible.

“It is amazing. This plan is going to work like a charm,” Gina exclaimed.

When Megan regained her composure, Gina and the reptile proceeded to explain the rest of the plan…

“The small creature inside you has the ability to communicate with the big creature using ultrasonic waves. It is a natural symbiotic relationship that allows the big creature to always know where you are when he is ready to mate again. This signal is undetectable by most devices,” the reptilian said.

Then Gina added, “Your mission will be to infiltrate the invader’s headquarters and find the mastermind of the whole operation. We will use the ultrasonic signal to pinpoint your location and prepare the attack.”

“Yes! I’ll do it,” Megan said excitedly. In the back of her mind, Megan wondered if she really would have to mate again with the creature sometime in the future. She hoped so.


In a house nearby, a beautiful woman working for the invaders was on a mission of her own. Her name was Cindy and she had been sent by Gorogn to capture more rebels and use them to his advantage. Amy and her sister Lana were not really involved with any rebel groups but to the eyes of the invaders, any civilian that hadn't been converted yet, was a rebel.

The two sisters were hiding in an abandoned hotel downtown. Cindy found them easily using the hunter bugs, “There is no point hiding from us in this crappy motel. We will find you anywhere.”

“No! We haven’t done anything!” Amy exclaimed.

“Just look into my eyes and your fear will vanish,” Cindy said as her eyes began to glow with a strange inner light. The transformation pod had modified not only her mind but her body as well. Now she was able to subjugate minds, just like Monica and her Masters.

A humanoid creature also under the control of the slavers was aiding Cindy in the recruitment crusade. He was large and strong, yet not very smart. He was there as muscle and stimulator.
This creature grabbed Amy from behind and pulled her towards him, his fully erect cock ready to penetrate the scare woman's trembling body. Amy struggled to free herself but he was too strong.

“Lana! Help me!” Amy screamed, looking at the bathroom.

Lana had problems of her own. She was desperately crawling out of the bathroom trying to escape from an attacking bug. But it was too late. The creepy creature was already grabbing Lana’s hips and was pushing its flexible appendage into her pussy.

“Your sister can’t help you. She is busy right now,” Cindy said, trying to capture Amy's eyes.

“Amy!” Lana screamed from the bathroom door. She was on her knees and the bug started to penetrate her body. “Ahhhgg!”

“Don’t worry about her. Very soon she will be begging for more,” Cindy said with a soothing voice. Then she grabbed Amy’s head with both hands and forced her to look at her face… “But let’s focus on us shall we. Look at me!”

Cindy's eyes glowed brighter with entrancing charm and Amy´s heart jolted when she looked into them.

“Your… eyes… how can you…?” Amy asked confused.

“Aren’t they pretty?” Cindy asked rhetorically.

Amy wondered how this was possible, unaware that her gaze was already trapped, “So… strange… and pretty…” Amy whispered.

The tiredness of several days without good sleep worked against Amy. Her weakened mind easily subdued to Cindy’s entrancing gaze. The creature released Amy's arms but she stood still, trapped in the woman's eyes.

“Let the fear go away and prepare for infinite pleasure,” Cindy said seductively.

Amy’s thoughts became sluggish and slowly faded off until there were no thoughts at all. Cindy’s voice filled her brain completely and the soft sound reverberated in her pussy.

“Our big friend is waiting. Sit on his cock,” Cindy commanded without raising her voice.

“Yes… sit on his cock,” Amy repeated absentmindedly.

Amy climbed onto the bed and positioned her crotch above the creature’s large penis. The monster grabbed her hips and aimed for the right spot.

When Amy felt the cold tip of his cock spreading her sensitive labia, she let herself go, allowing the thick phallus to pierce deeply into her body. Amy moaned loudly, never having something so big inside of her before.

“I can see how much you like it. Your nipples are swelling already,” Cindy said.

The creature swung Amy’s slim body up and down easily, impaling her with his cock. Cindy leaned forward and licked one of Amy’s bloated nipples, fully aware that the woman’s impending climax was going to make the entrancing job easier.

“Go on my darling. Give yourself over to that blissful orgasm that will open your soul for me…”

Lana was still dragging herself out of the bathroom trying to cope with this unearthly and perplexing situation. This hideous creature came out of nowhere, jumped her from behind and now it was pushing its squirming appendage so deep inside of her.

“Help me Amy! It is going to kill me!” Lana pleaded, unaware that her sister's mind was gone.

Amy couldn’t hear Lana or anything else anymore. Her eyes rolled back into her head as a heavenly orgasm rocked her trembling body from head to toe.

This little bitch came faster than I thought. I guess she likes being fucked by monsters, Cindy thought with a mischievous smile on her face.

Amy slowly came back from her climax and regained focus just to find a couple of glowing eyes a few centimeters from hers. The carnal bliss that faded away was immediately replaced by bliss of submission and devotion. Her pupils unconsciously distended allowing total access to her mushy, malleable mind.

“Now you belong to me,” Cindy said.

Amy’s pussy still twitched around the monster’s cock while Cindy’s commands made her heart jolt with excitement.

“It is your sister’s turn. Follow me,” Cindy commanded.

“Yes, Mistress,” Amy responded, as she stood robotically, letting a soft moan escape her lips when the creature’s big cock slid out of her body.

Cindy moved beside Lana and ordered Amy to stand and wait. The bug-like creature was fiercely pumping Lana’s pussy while the scared young woman screamed for help, “Please! Take it off me!”

“Come here my little friend. I am going to need this pussy,” said Cindy to the bug, as if it could understand her. Cindy grabbed the smaller creature and pulled it up, forcing its appendage out of Lana’s vaginal cavity with a wet slurping sound. Lana moaned.

The big humanoid approached Lana and kept her in place. Lana pleaded for mercy, trembling with fear and looking up at the humanoid, “No, don’t hurt me please.”

Cindy moved back to Amy, carrying the bug. “I have a present for you Amy, since you have been such a good girl,” Cindy said to the unresponsive woman.

Amy stood still staring forward, waiting for something to fill her empty mind.

Cindy moved the squirming bug closer to Amy’s crotch and it immediately wrapped its bony legs around the woman’s hips. Its flexible cock flipped between her legs, searching and then it penetrated forcefully into her pussy.

“Ahhh!” Amy’s empty head was suddenly filled with the same bliss that vacated her mind moments ago. She was back in heaven and her Mistress was responsible for it. She would be thankful forever.

“You like it, don’t you. I will let you play with my little friend here as long as you do everything I say,” Cindy said to Amy.

“Yes….Miss..tress. Ahh…” Amy responded between gasps.

“What have you done to my sister? Why is she acting like that?!” Lana asked between sobs.

Cindy turned around and faced Lana again, who was being held up by the humanoid, “Don’t worry dear. Just look at me and you will understand,” Cindy said.

Lana looked with disbelief at Amy’s glowing eyes. She felt a strange warmth spark in her pussy. Those eyes were so alluring… and dangerous! Having witnessed the process of her sister’s subjugation, Lana closed her eyes and looked away.

“No! I know your eyes are evil. Stay away from me!” Lana screamed.

“It’s ok. If you don’t want to do this the easy way, then we’ll do it the hard way. I bet you will enjoy it too.”

Before Lana even wondered about Cindy's remark, the big creature grabbed her waist from behind and pulled her back, shoving his large cock into her pussy. The frail woman screamed from both pain and pleasure.

“You will soon reach and orgasm, whether you like it or not.”

Lana felt the monster’s fat phallus thrusting deeper and deeper, pushing everything aside while it penetrated beyond possible. That brief moment when Lana looked into Cindy’s glowing eyes was still lingering in her mind and somehow it made this nightmare easier to endure. She began to understand how Amy had given in so easily. But she had to resist. She had to save her sister.

“Yes… let it fill your body. Let pleasure overcome everything else,” Cindy said.

The monster pumped her pussy with an increasing pace and Lana felt an unavoidable arousal build within her body. She felt ashamed of herself and she didn’t want to think of it. She didn’t want to think anything. It felt so good…

“It is getting closer, isn’t it? I am going to give you some help,” Cindy said, caressing Lana's breasts. Then she turned around and gave Amy a command, “Lick your sister’s pussy.”

Amy’s own pussy jolted around the bug’s appendage from the thrill of obeying her new mistress,
“Yes Mistress.”

Amy knelt between Lana's legs and sucked her clitoris as best she could. In her denatured mind, Lana was no longer her sister. She was just another subject to be taken by the invaders.

But for Lana things were very different. She couldn’t believe that her own sister was licking her intimate parts and increasing this unwanted arousal that quickly became unbearable, “Amy… no…”

The monster’s hammering cock and her sister’s agile tongue was more than Lana could take. In a matter of minutes she was on the verge of the strongest orgasm of her life.

“Don’t fight it baby. Let it come to you,” Cindy whispered in her ear.

Without any warning, the monster’s cock bloated even bigger and ejected a warm load of white cum into Lana’s packed cavity. Amy didn’t even flinch as some of the sperm splattered on her face and her chest. She just kept licking her sister’s pussy as commanded.

The hot fluid filling her womb drove Lana over the edge. A mind-blowing orgasm rocked her body like never before. Her eyes rolled back while her arms and legs jerked spasmodically following the rhythm of the blissful waves that spread across her overwrought body.

“Yes… now open your soul to me,” Cindy said softly.

When the heavenly feeling slowly faded away, Lana unconsciously looked at Cindy, trying to make sense of what just happened. But she didn’t have time to think anything at all as a couple of magnetic, glowing eyes pulled her gaze and her thoughts at the same time.

“You are mine,” Cindy claimed.

Lana opened her eyes wide and her pupils even wider. Her tired and overwhelmed mind was caught completely off guard and at the mercy of Cindy’s hypnotic powers. She felt her heart jolt and her pussy twitched hard. She was lost.

Even her sister’s tongue and the massive phallus withdrawing from her pussy didn’t feel as good as the blissful sense of submission that filled her head completely. Now both sisters were at the service of the invaders and they would receive their first mission at once.

“You both will be very useful to my Master.”

Cindy explained the details of their mission to Lana and Amy while both sisters stood like porcelain statues in front of her. Every word of their new Mistress was imprinted in their brains and echoed in their pussies. The sweet voice of their Mistress gave them so much pleasure that if Cindy would talk for a short while longer, they would undoubtedly reach another orgasm.

“You will infiltrate the rebel group north from here. When you acquire the information we need, send it to us.”

“Yes Mistress,” Lana and Amy responded at the same time.

Cindy gave the final instructions and left the room taking the bug and the humanoid with her, “You will do exactly what you were doing before we arrived and you will not remember anything that happened here until it is the right time.”

“Yes Mistress,” Both sisters responded again.

A few minutes later, Lana came out of the bathroom as if nothing had happened. Amy was calmly waiting for her, sitting on the bed.

“Finally, I thought you would never come out of the bathroom,” Amy said casually.

“Did I take too long?” Lana asked, knowing that she did.

“I was thinking about your idea of joining the rebel groups instead of hiding in this awful place and I guess you are right,” Amy said.

“Really? That’s great! We can go tonight,” Lana responded excitedly.

“Yes. It is about time we do something against those horrible monsters. Just thinking about them gives me the creeps,” Amy added.

As Amy said those last words, she felt a strange tickle in her pussy. Lana was too distracted staring at her sister’s voluptuous breasts.


Not far from there, inside the city’s sewer system, Ellen was lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to attack. Ellen’s obsession to capture her brother and bring the family together was strong enough to make her disobey her mother’s orders, even after Monica explained to her that Joey was not relevant to the invaders’ plan.

Joey was on his way to join Gina’s group in order to deliver important information.

There you are sweet brother. After all this time, I finally found you. Ellen thought with satisfaction.

She jumped with unnatural agility and landed in front of her surprised brother, displaying her beautiful naked body in a threatening position, “Hello Joey. Have you missed me?”

Joey quickly reached for his gun… “Ellen!”

But an instant later, the gun was already flying away from his hand, “You won’t need this!” Ellen said as she kicked it off.

Shit! She is so damn fast! Joey thought truly amazed.

Ellen knocked Joey to the ground, straddling him. Her eyes were wide open, shining with a hypnotizing glow and staring directly at Joey’s face. Joey was well aware of the danger and turned his gaze away.

“Open your eyes darling. If you join us, we can be together in more ways than you can imagine.”

“No!! Get off me!”

Because of her transformation by the aliens, the young woman was a lot stronger than her brother and she subdued him easily. Ellen unzipped his pants and moved her face down to his crotch. Despite Joey’s weak protests, Ellen’s eager mouth sucked his cock to full erection in almost no time.

The sinful couple failed to notice a silent creature swimming through the slimy waters, getting dangerously close.

“I can see that your body is ready to cooperate,” Ellen said.

“Ellen, don’t do this. We have some new friends! They can cure you. Make you normal again!”

But Ellen wasn't listening. Having her brother's cock fully erect, she quickly straddled him and inserted his phallus into her dripping pussy. She was determined to convert Joey and she knew that having sex with him would weaken his futile resistance.

Ellen was so excited that she didn’t hear the monster climbing off the greenish water just one meter behind her. Joey was becoming overwhelmed by the delightful sensation of his sister’s warm cavity, encasing his cock so delightfully.

“Yeess my dear brother. Can you see how good it feels?”

“No Ellen. This is wrong. We can’t do this.”

Joey erroneously looked into his sister’s eyes and this time he couldn't look away. Her captivating glow had trapped him. He started to lose his mind into those beautiful shinning orbs.

Suddenly Ellen’s body was pulled back with great force and the entrancement was broken, “What the hell!” Ellen screamed.

Ellen was not scared of the monster that grabbed her but she was confused about its behavior. The alien monsters were supposed to help the invading forces yet this one was acting against her. Ellen had no idea that this creature was a sentinel working for the reptilians and it was assigned to monitor the sewer tunnels near the rebel's camp.

“What are you doing, stupid creature?” Ellen yelled, trying to make the creature obey.

Joey was as confused as his sister since he didn't know about the sentinels. Where did this monster come from? It saved me!

Ellen struggled to get free but the creature was much stronger than her. She watched with desperation as her brother ran away, “He is running away! Get him before he escapes! Let go of me!” Ellen insisted.

I need to get help before it kills my sister! Joey thought as he ran desperately.

The monster was grabbing Ellen from behind so she couldn't see his shape but she could see its tale as it lingered between her legs. The creature waved the phallic appendage like some sort of foreplay. Ellen was still puzzled by the situation.

What is happening? Why is this monster not obeying me? Ellen thought.

When the creature aimed its bulbous tail at the girl’s pussy, its intentions became very clear. Shit! This thing is going to fuck me!

Ellen felt the monster’s proboscis pushing her pussy lips apart and penetrating all the way to the bottom of her vaginal cavity with a single, powerful stroke. She gasped loudly.

The young woman had willingly fucked different monsters since her conversion by the invaders but this time was different. She was not in control. She couldn’t understand why her helplessness was so strangely arousing. It is going so deep inside of me… “Ahhh…”

The creature manipulated her at will, knowing that she would comply no matter what. He had a limited intelligence but enough to understand that all the mind-controlled converts had the same weakness... sex! Ellen had been trained to obey and submit as a sex slave and this weakness was easily exploited.

He is too strong. I better surrender to his wishes. I’ll get Joey some other time, Ellen thought as her arousal grew.

The creature pumped Ellen's pussy at a frantic pace and after a short time, Ellen reached her first orgasm, “Ahhhhghh!” The young woman’s pussy twitched around the phallus, trying to suck it deeper inside as the monster’s flexible appendage squirmed and rubbed against her over sensitive inner walls.

He released its grip on the woman and Ellen just stayed there on her hands and knees, hoping this ravishing would never stop.

“Fuck me harder!” She pleaded.

The large phallus stroke her hard and fast, rocking Ellen’s whole body back and forth without pause. The girl’s loud moans mixed with squelchy sounds that echoed across the tunnels. She became surprise that her second orgasm was already building within her loins.

Soon after, as the creature discharged a load of cum into her body, Ellen exploded in another mind-blowing climax far stronger than the first one. Her eyes rolled up her head and her body convulsed violently. She was now completely at the mercy of the creature and she loved it.

Many more orgasms would follow…

One hour later, Ellen was exhausted but still she wanted more. The creature knew that she had to be maintained in a state of utter arousal until instructed otherwise and he intended to do so . It retrieved its phallic tail from her cum-filled pussy and lifted her hips up in the air. Then, two fat tentacles protruded from the creature’s head and snaked around her slim body.

The monster aligned one tentacle at her pussy and the other at her ass. It was time for the real party to begin…

“Please, don’t stop. It feels so good…” Ellen whispered.

Both fat tentacles penetrated her pussy and ass simultaneously, pushing everything aside as they stabbed forward. The double penetration took Ellen by surprise. She opened her eyes wide but she stared at nothing as a blinding light sparked inside her mind and out-shined everything else.

Her body was tense and shaking from the astonishing rapture that radiated from her crotch. This creature was giving her the best fuck of her life. She was going to come again and it was going to be monumental...

Moments later, when the tentacles began to vibrate, she was done. The orgasmic overdose turned Ellen into a mass of pink, shuddering flesh with not a single thought other than bliss.

Gina and Joey arrived at the scene to find Ellen immobile on the ground. Both fat tentacles were still squirming inside of her but she was completely limp, only moving at the monster’s rhythm.

“Is she dead?! Are we too late?” asked Joey in desperation.

“She is not dead. I can see her breathing,” Gina responded.

Ellen was submerged in a heavenly stupor where everything around her meant nothing. As Gina got closer, she could hear Ellen’s barely audible moans of pleasure.

“She is barely conscious. Looks like our green friend did a real number on her,” Gina said.

“Thank God she is alive.” Joey was more than happy that her sister had a chance to become once again the cheerful young woman she had always been. “We should take her to the base. Maybe our alien friends can fix her. Make her normal again,” Joey said enthusiastically.

Gina had something different in her mind. The rebels’ offensive against the invaders was about to start and Ellen could be crucial to win the battle. Or maybe they can extract valuable information from her, Gina thought, looking down at the converted blond. Then she said, “You are right. We should take her to the base.”

Part 2: Spies

After being captured by one of the rebels’ sentinels, Ellen was held captive inside an abandoned factory. The reptiles knew she could become a good asset if they were able to fix her corrupted mind.

Even in her helpless situation, the young woman stood defiantly before her enemies, “Let me go! My mother will crush you when she finds out that you have me here!”

Ellen tried unsuccessfully to free herself from the hard metal claw wrapped around her waist. Her brother and a reptilian stood in front of her while a strange metallic tentacle waved around her head, analyzing her brain waves.

“Relax Ellen. You have been brainwashed. We will correct that,” the reptilian said.

“Who the fuck are you?!” Ellen yelled, them she added, “There is nothing to correct. I am perfect the way I am now. And you will be too after we conquer the whole world.”

“Please Ellen. Let them help you,” pleaded her brother.

“These creatures will help in the process of conversion. Just let them work,” the reptilian said as he leaned forward and opened a small container located beside the captive woman. The reptile pulled two twitching worms from the box and placed them on Ellen’s thighs. Each worm was about fifty centimeters long and had thick segmented bodies that exuded a bluish slime.

“Don’t try to take them away or you will feel excruciating pain,” the reptilian added.

“Get these gruesome things away from me!” Ellen screamed, more angry than afraid. She immediately started feeling subtle prickles on her thighs as the worms slid upwards.

“Oh God! What will they do to my sister?” Joey asked, staring at the creatures with disgust.

“The process of correcting her mind will follow the same path as the one that corrupted her. It is the only way,” the reptilian answered.

Ellen saw Joey and the reptilian walking away. She tried desperately to appeal to Joey’s brotherly feelings. Her eyes glowed, trying to capture her brother’s but he never looked directly at her face, fully aware of Ellen’s mesmerizing powers, “Joey! Don’t leave me here! Help me get out of here!”

“Hang in there, sister. You will be fine really soon.”

When she found herself alone, Ellen grabbed one of the worms and pulled, trying to remove it from her leg but a sudden and shocking pain forced her to stop. As soon as Ellen let go of it, the pain went away. “Ouch!! It feels like I am trying to pull off my skin!”

Ellen quickly realized that the worm was approaching her pussy and she tried to block it but the worm once again used injected chemicals through her skin to induce awful pain. She moved her hand away.

The writhing creature found Ellen’s vaginal entrance and pushed its head forward. A different combination of chemicals worked in the opposite way as before. A sensation of overwhelming pleasure sparked within the young woman’s crotch and spread across her entire body.

“Ahh! What is it doing to me?”

Moments later, Ellen dismissed any intention of stopping the worm and focused on the unbelievable feeling that grew stronger as the creature moved deeper into her pussy.

“Oh my God! This feels incredible!!”

Ellen’s belly bulged slightly while the worm squirmed and twisted, stretching her vagina, stimulating her yielding body against her will.

While the worm sliding into Ellen’s pussy was almost completely inside, accommodating its long flexible body within the tight, cozy space, the second worm circled around her thigh, approaching her anus. Ellen only noticed this when it started to penetrate her! The worm shoved its head into her anus accelerating her chemically enhanced arousal.

Ellen moaned and her body tensed from this new sensation but far from trying to resist, she wished for more.

The metallic tentacle that waved around Ellen’s head sensed a spike in her brain activity. The right time was approaching and it sent a signal to the bulky machine at its base, setting the process in motion.

Now both worms flooded Ellen’s body with arousing substances, adding to the physical stimulation of their pulsating, twisting bodies. It was more than Ellen could take…

The ravished woman reached her first orgasm! Ellen quickly forgot about her brother, the invaders and everything else. All she cared about was the delightful feeling that possessed her body and numbed her mind.

Meanwhile, the metallic tentacle took more samples of her brain waves.

The worm in Ellen’s ass reached impossibly deep into her body while the other worm churned and twisted, finding a final accommodation inside her womb.

Ellen’s legs trembled beneath her as her orgasm slowly faded down. She didn’t notice that more worms were coming out of the container and crawling towards her feet.

Moments later, a third worm was sliding into her crammed pussy. It didn’t matter that there was not enough room; there was no way to stop the worm from pushing all the way inside of Ellen. As soon as the first orgasm finally ended, Ellen reached another one, more potent and longer lasting.
The metallic tentacle realized it was time and initiated the conversion process. It emitted a strange light from its hollow tip and Ellen immediately felt it invading her mind, pulling away at her Master’s teachings. She tried to fight it; to defend her new powerful self. But the mind shattering orgasm made it impossible to resist.

The metal claw that kept Ellen in place opened up to make room for her expanding belly. Small bumps popped out here and there from the twisting worms that entwined into one another, prolonging her devastating orgasm for the longest time.

The process was unstoppable now. Ellen’s mind was once again a blank canvas ready to be painted with anything the reptilians wanted. The only thing that mattered to her was the spot between her legs and the way it made her feel.

A few hours later, the orgy continued. All the worms were now lodged inside Ellen’s shuddering body while the ravished woman experienced orgasm after orgasm. The mysterious light still danced before her unfocused eyes but she didn’t even realize it.

The worms churned around each other, fighting for the best place inside her belly and keeping Ellen in a spiral of unending bliss that would define her new personality.

Her eyes glowed in yellow as an instinctive, desperate reaction to fight back the incredible force that was transforming her mind once again. But it was too late. Ellen’s loyalty to the invaders was slowly vanishing away after each orgasm that ravished her numbed brain.

The cheerful college student that she was before was long gone. The mind-controlled slave devoted to the invaders was gone as well. At this very moment, a new Ellen was being born.


Meanwhile, pretending to be a captured slave, Megan had managed to infiltrate the invader’s headquarters. One of the guards ordered her to stand and wait next to two other mesmerized women who appeared to be mother and daughter. These women stood rigidly, motionless, with their unblinking eyes staring forward. Megan did the same while thinking about her next move. Then, Gorogn entered the room...

Shit, someone is coming. Megan thought alarmed.

Gorogn walked toward the new slaves while analyzing their physical condition. The state of their bodies would determine their job within the complex.

“What do we have here?” Gorogn asked rhetorically.

Megan mind was racing but she stayed frozen, faking a deep entrancement, Holy crap! Maybe this creature is one of the leaders. It is freaking ugly!

Gorogn touched the left nipple of the youngest woman. She didn’t react at all. Megan was certain that she would not be able to do the same.

Oh my God! Don’t let him grab me or I’ll pee myself.

But luckily for Megan, Gorogn took a step back and said, “All of you will do just fine for the nest. Follow me!”

Gorogn commanded and they obeyed. The older woman felt her pussy twitch but she couldn’t really understand why. So did her daughter’s. Megan realized that her only option was to follow them.

I hope the leader of this invasion is in this nest he just mentioned. Megan thought, starting to march behind the other slaves.

After several minutes of walking through the complex, they reached an intersection of four halls. There was a mushy fungus covering the floor and a big hole in the center. Loud moans echoed in the room as another slave was being ravished by a monstrous creature.

That poor woman is being fucked so hard by that huge monster! I hope they won't force me to do the same! Megan thought.

The big creature was holding the woman by her waist and was smashing her frail body against his cock, over and over. She squealed in enthralled bliss, happy to serve the invaders as a breeding womb to create more monsters.

I can´t believe she doesn’t mind the size of his cock! Megan thought with amazement.

Gorogn led Megan and the two slaves a few steps further and stopped near a pod rooted on the fungus, then he spoke to the older slave, “You, step near the pod and spread your legs.”

“Yes, Master,” was the monotone response.

Megan looked discretely around to room, searching for a place to hide now that Gorogn was distracted but there was none. She got even more nervous.

Shit! How am I going to get out of this?! I don't see the main leader anywhere around here.

The older slave walked forward and stood with her feet at either side of the pod. The planet's transformation to make it more suitable for its new inhabitants would start here, in this chamber and soon would spread across the entire world.

Gorogn rejoiced on the imminent success of the invasion, “All of you will be in charge of scattering the nagarkan’s seeds. It is our Master's favorite food and he will be pleased with your work.”

“Yes, Master,” Mother and daughter responded.

Megan answered the same way a second later, then she thought... Scattering seeds?!

The pod between the woman's legs was a nagarkan plant. It had the ability to change any creature’s behavior to its own advantage. Using any living thing that moved nearby to carry its seeds and disseminate them in faraway places. Gorogn knew that the seeds needed to remain wet and warm until dropped on a fertile land.

As soon as the slave spread her legs, a large tentacle protruded from the pod. The flexible appendage waved around the slave’s body, searching for an opening. It curved between her legs failing to detect her vaginal entrance but it found her anus. With a swift move, the tentacle penetrated her ass! It stopped for a second, then pushed forward, exploring the slave’s tense body.

“Your body now belongs to the plant. It may do with you whatever it wants,” Gorogn said.

“Yes… Mast...ugghh!”

Megan saw the woman's eyes open wide, then rolling up her head. She started to panic, Oh God! I have to get out of here!

The pain from the rough penetration weakened the older woman’s entrancement. She suddenly remembered seeing her daughter naked on the floor fighting a monstrous bug and another bug jumping in her direction. Everything was a blur after that. The woman mumbled her daughter’s name just before a new set of chemicals were injected in her blood stream.


The plant was preparing her to carry its seeds and her pussy twitched in response. She was ready.

Megan didn't realize that her own eyes were wide open, staring at the other woman's anus, God! The tentacle is pushing so deep inside of her! It is going to kill her!

The tentacle pushed deep within the slave's innards as it extended from the pod, filling her completely, searching for an appropriate place in her body to eject its seeds.

Gorogn ordered Susan to move closer to the plant too, “Move closer to your mother. Help her stand still.”

She obeyed without hesitation, “Yes, Master.”

Megan trembled with fear, Fuck! I’m next! If I run I’ll blow my cover. But if I stay, this plant will do the same to me!

Susan stood in front of her mother, staring forward, impassive. The older woman’s shuddering body meant nothing to her. She was just another slave serving her purpose.

Megan saw the appendage still pushing deeper into the woman’s ass. It was impossible. For a moment she forgot about running away and imagined the tentacle writhing and churning inside of the slave’s body, moving past her belly and into her esophagus. Megan felt a spontaneous tickling in her pussy.

And then it happened! The woman grunted faintly as the tentacle spread her jaw wide-open and projected from her mouth, waving in the air.

Shit! It passed through her completely! Megan thought with astonishment.

The tentacle twitched and churned right in front of Susan’s unblinking eyes while her mother gargled from the pulsating limb protruding from her throat. The nagarkan plant was about to pull back when it found a new hole and decided to explore. It found Susan's mouth.

Susan opened her eyes wider from the sudden penetration of the tentacle into her throat, pushing past her esophagus and beyond.

Megan observed with incredulity from a few steps away. Her nervousness was mixing with an unexplainable excitement as she felt a cold breeze circle around her pussy lips. She was getting wet. Holy crap! The tentacle is now penetrating the daughter! That’s it! I’ll run to hell out of here!

Gorogn was getting excited as well watching the plant ravish both mother and daughter with a single tentacle, “This is most unexpected. I like this.” Then he called for Megan, just a second before she started running, “You, come close to me and get down on your knees!”

Megan decided not to run. She had an important mission to complete. He wants me to suck his cock? Ok. That, I can do. As long as I don’t get close to that fucking plant, Megan thought, then she responded faking entrancement, “Yes, Master.” The rebel's moistening pussy made the decision a bit easier.

Megan knelt at Gorogn’s feet; his large cock throbbing inches from her face. Wow! This is the biggest cock I have ever seen.

“Suck it!” Gorogn demanded.

“Yes, Master.”

While Megan timidly licked Gorogn’s penis, the plant’s tentacle was moving deeper into Susan’s body, churning within her belly, searching further inside.

Shortly after, the tentacle pierced across Susan’s entire body and came out of her ass. The plant had its appendage waving in the air one more time, still without finding a good place to lay its seeds.

But the search continued. The tentacle curved between Susan’s thighs and quickly found another way in! The plant swiftly shoved the tentacle into Susan’s pussy and forced it all the way into her uterus. Susan moaned, muffled by the same tentacle that also filled her mouth.

Once within Susan's womb, the plant realized that this cozy environment was perfect for sheltering embryos. It immediately started releasing seeds, one by one. Each of them was a little bigger than a golf ball and covered with a gelatinous substance that not only helped it traveled through the tentacle but was also infused with arousing chemicals.

After a couple of minutes, Susan felt the blissful substances filtering into her blood stream causing her to reach a powerful orgasm. Her legs trembled forcefully but she remained in position, both from her willingness to serve her purpose and from the strong tentacle that passed completely through her shivering body.

Susan’s belly was soon bulging from the huge number of seeds expelled within her womb. Meanwhile, Gorogn got tired of Megan’s strange timidity and grabbing the back of her head, he shoved his entire cock down her throat.

“This is the way it’s done!” He grunted, ignoring the fact that Megan was not hypnotized at all.

Megan gargled and jolted but she knew that a real slave would take it without complains, so she did. Her noise was almost touching his pelvis and she felt his cock reaching way beyond her throat. She got scared but at the same time she felt her nipples hardening and her pussy twitched a couple of times.

God! I can’t believe I swallowed it all.

Two meters ahead, Susan’s belly was full to the limit. The plant retrieved the tentacle from her pussy with a wet, squelchy movement. It kept pulling the flexible appendage through Susan’s quivering body until it finally came out of her mouth.

Susan tightened her pussy behind it, keeping the seeds trapped inside her womb. Somehow she knew that she had to keep them there until the time was right. A blissful feeling of accomplishment overwhelmed her and the ravaged young woman climaxed again. Without the tentacle’s firm support, she crumbled limply to the mushy ground.

Having found the perfect location to lay its seeds inside Susan, the plant prepared to use the other female the same way. It retrieved the tentacle back into the mother's mouth, down her entire body and out of her ass. The entranced woman moaned loudly from the intense experience but still managed to remain standing, as commanded by Gorogn.

The plant swiftly shoved the tentacle into the older woman’s pussy and started releasing seeds into her womb as well. She climaxed immediately, urging the tentacle to give her more.

Meanwhile, Gorogn fucked Megan’s face with rough excitement, smashing his cock over and over down her throat, approaching his own peak. Megan's mind was spinning as she stayed put and keep her mouth open. Not that she had any choice in the matter. It didn't take long before Gorogn discharged his first stream of cum into Megan’s stuffed mouth.

The sexy spy felt the monster’s hot fluid fill her oral cavity completely and tried not to gag with it.

Oh God! He is coming!

Gorogn ordered her to swallow and Megan tried to comply as best she could but it was too much. The sticky sperm escaped between her stretched lips and even from her nose, spilling down to her breasts.

“Swallow all of it!”

He sprayed load after load of sperm and Megan kept swallowing with desperation. There was an undeniable excitement that tickled in Megan’s pussy but she decided to ignore it. Her belly was bulging already from the huge amount of white fluid gushing down her gullet when he finally finished.

Gorogn pulled away, dismissing Megan like a used object and got closer to Susan and her mother, both filled with the plant’s seeds and ready to perform the next step of their new mission.

“Stand up!” He commanded the ravished slaves.

“Yes…. Mas…ter.”

Megan stayed on her knees behind Gorogn, almost in shock, trying to catch her breath. She leaned forward gagging and coughing. She had swallowed too much sperm and there was no way her belly was going to keep all that inside. She was pretty sure of what was going to happen next and she worried that this reaction might look suspicious to Gorogn, but there was nothing she could do to avoid it…

Megan leaned forward and threw up most of the cum that crammed her belly. Gorogn was standing very close but apparently he was too busy with the other slaves and paid no attention to her.

“Follow me!” Gorogn ordered Susan and her mother.

“Yes, Master.”

As Gorogn led the slaves out of the room, he turned his head to Megan and ordered her to move closer to the plant. Megan recomposed enough to give him the proper response, “Yes… Master.”

The hell I will! Megan thought.

Megan watched the trio walk away while she carefully moved closer to the hole in the center of the converging tunnels. Thank god he is leaving. Now I have to inform headquarters about this place.

Megan looked down the hole and what she saw sent a chill across her guts, “Holy crap!”


Meanwhile, the sisters Amy and Lana were sent to wander in the sewer system near the rebel’s north base. Posing as victims, they planned to enter the rebel’s headquarters and gather information helpful to the invaders. One of the guards found them quickly… “Don’t move! Who are you?”

The guard was taken aback by the fact that Amy was only wearing a bra and panties and Lana was not even wearing a bra, exposing her full, rounded breasts.

“My sister was attacked by a horrible giant bug! We killed it and ran away. Please help us…” Amy pleaded.

“Ok. Follow me,” the guard said, staring at Lana breasts.

There was a lot of activity inside the rebel’s base. People and alien creatures of all kinds moved furtively from one building to the other, preparing for the counter offensive.

“Oh my God! There is a monster!” Amy exclaimed.

“Quiet! Don’t worry about it. It won’t hurt you. They are helping us,” the guard explained.

They entered an ample basement that served as command center. It was the heart of the rebel’s operations. Former Detective Gina was there. They guard led the girls close to her and said, “Chief, I found these two in section 4. They were running from the bugs.”

“Fine. Take them to medical for checkup and then find them something to do. We need all the help we can take,” Gina responded, barely looking at the two sisters.

After a quick, superficial check-up by a busy Doctor, the guard led them to another nearby building. The girls’ frail appearance was more than obvious, “You don’t look like fighters to me. I’ll take you to the nursing room,” the guard said.

“Ok. We’ll do whatever it takes,” Amy said timidly.

Once in the nursery, the guard left the two sisters alone. The room was filled with creatures, most of them with a woman or two mating with them. Suddenly, something clicked in the sisters minds simultaneously. There was relevant information to be shared and that was the trigger. They spoke with a flat tone of voice, completely absent of emotion.

“All these monsters are helping the rebels. This is relevant information,” Lana said.

“Yes, we must send a messenger to the Master right away. Is it ready?” Amy asked.

“Yes, I’ve been feeling it stirring inside of me. It is ready.”

“Follow me. Let’s find a safer place.”

Amy and Lana moved to the farthest section of the wide room, which was empty except for only one woman which was being ravished by a strange creature. The monster had one tentacle buried in the woman's pussy and another one waving around her body.

As they got closer and began to remove their underwear, the woman spoke to them, “Hi, I am Karen… I am in charge of... ugh… making food for our friends. Are you volunteers… ahh… too?”

“Yes,” Lana said, with little emotion.

“You will not regret this... I guarantee that,” Karen added between gasps.

Karen found the lack of emotion of the two sisters a little odd but she was too excited to care. The creature shoved its tentacle a little deeper into her pussy and she screamed in bliss.

As soon as both sisters were naked, Amy knelt in front of Lana and touched her belly. It was shuddering with life. “I can feel it. It is ready to come out.”

Lana only moaned in response.

Amy leaned forward and engulfed her sister’s pussy with her mouth. She shoved her tongue as deep as she could and twirled it around, lubricating the way.

Inside Lana, little monster embryos were developing at different rates. They were messengers and one of them was ready to be released. It stirred inside its protecting shell, eager to get out.

Meanwhile, Karen was getting closer to her first orgasm of the night. She had been in this chamber for only a couple of days and she was not sure how getting fucked by this weird creature was going to help feeding the other creatures. But she didn't care. Since she was a young girl, she had always had secret fantasies about being with an alien creature. When she heard about the nursing room within the rebel’s base, she didn’t give it a second thought and she volunteered. Now she was certain that she had been born to do this.

“Yes, baby. Do it like only you can. Take me over the edge…” Karen moaned.

The second tentacle was sliding closer to her ass and she was already waiting for it. Just an instant after the thick appendage penetrated her anus, Karen jolted in bliss. Her whole body trembled with a wonderful orgasm that made her see the stars; but her legs never lost their grip around the creature’s main bulk.

Behind Karen, Amy was pushing three fingers into her sister's tight pussy and after loosening her cavity a little, she inserted her whole hand. Amy could already feel the bottom of a large egg with the tip of her fingers. It was pulsating impatiently within Lana's belly. Lana moaned and her nipples swelled from the incredible sensation of her sister's entire fist inside of her, combined with the joy of serving her Masters.

Moments later, Amy had most of her forearm inside Lana’s shuddering body and she was circling her fingers around the embryo. “I almost have it, honey. It is so big! Try to stay still.”

Amy began to pull down the egg when she heard Karen screamed in ecstasy. The creature had reached its peak and was pumping sperm into her body. This would trigger the food making process within Karen’s reproductive system. “It is starting! He is filling me with his sperm!” Karen moaned.

The monster didn’t care about the size of Karen’s cavities. It always ejected as much sperm as possible to ensure a successful procedure. Karen’s belly began to distend from the accumulated fluid in her pussy and ass.

The egg was almost completely out of Lana’s pussy. Amy was saying something to her but she couldn't hear her sister any more. Her whole body jolted with strong spasms as she climaxed too from the overwhelming experience. “Keep pushing Lana. You are doing great.”

As she saw the large egg finally come free, covered with slime, Amy’s pussy twitched with excitement. She admired the mushy ovoid that throbbed with life on her hand. The messenger stirred inside trying to break the protecting shell.

Meanwhile, just one meter away, the monster kept ejecting sperm into Karen’s body and her belly kept bloating. The cum pumped into her ass was filling her guts to the limit and more kept flowing from the creature’s hard appendage. “Oh God! It is pumping so much cum inside of me. It is heaven!” Karen whispered.

It was only a matter of time until the sperm gargled up her throat and started leaking from her open mouth. Karen's eyes rolled up her head and she climaxed again.

After recovering from her birthing bliss, Lana sat on the floor beside her sister and both of them waited patiently, staring at the egg.

“Is it coming out?” Lana asked.

“It will be just a second. The shell is cracking already.” Amy responded, gently holding the egg.

At last, the shell yielded and a small creature emerged from it. This little creature was identical to the monster that ravished them before in the hotel room with the exception that this one had wings. “It is so beautiful!” Lana exclaimed.

“Yes. Now it’s time to imprint the message for our Master.” Amy said.

After passing all the information to the messenger, they watched it fly away.

Lana, satisfied by her accomplishment, turned her attention to Karen, who laid in ecstasy with sperm still leaking from her overflowing body. The successful completion of her mission and the view of those fat appendages penetrating Karen’s body, ignited in Lana a burning excitement impossible to restrain. She reached out and touched the creature.

“What are you doing?” Amy asked.

“We must blend in with the other women. This is what we are supposed to do.” Lana responded, picturing the fat tentacle pumping her pussy, instead of Karen's.

The monster detected the new willing female and it retrieved its tentacles from Karen’s limp body, moving slowly towards Lana.

“I guess you are right. We must blend in.” Amy added, also staring at the creature's appendages.

The creature’s hollow tentacle shot forward and penetrated Lana’s pussy. She moaned from pleasure and amazement. Her Master had taught her that having sex with monsters was good, but their cocks were always so big. “Ahhh!”

Amy watched her sister’s bewildered expression as the squishy sounds of the pumping limb echoed in the room. She began to feel envious; her own moistening pussy craved for the same treatment.

Amy laid beside her sister and watched the other huge appendage wave in front of her face preparing to enter her. Her chest jolted with fear and her pussy twitched with anticipation. The penetration was swift and merciless. Amy screamed in shock as her vaginal walls tighten around the fat penis, sucking it deeper inside.

An hour later, both sisters trembled within multiple orgasms while the creature pumped the first load of sperm into their bodies. Lana worried for a second about the other messengers growing inside of her belly but as she climaxed again, all thoughts vanished from her mind…


At the invader's headquarters, Megan was left alone after Gorogn walked away with the two slaves. She looked with incredulity at the creature residing down the hole in the center of the chamber, then she searched for a solitary space to send a message to the rebel’s central base.

That thing must be the leader! I have to inform Gina and the reptilians about this location! Gina thought, once she found a good isolated place. Gina told me that I only have to concentrate and my internal “partner” will transmit the necessary info. Let’s try it…

The creature inside of Megan received her signal and immediately began to slide downwards, twitching and shuddering as it moved.

Ahh… it is working! My little friend is starting to move inside of me…

The little monster filled her vaginal cavity completely until its flexible head protruded between her pussy lips. Then it began to vibrate, initiating the message transfer.

Wow! Nobody told me it was going to shake like that… Megan thought, trying not to moan out loud. It feels like a super vibrator!

After a few minutes, Megan was biting her lower lip and breathing heavily. Still she managed to remain quite. The outgoing message was almost complete and Megan was on the verge of climax. The creature vibrated at incredible speed, stimulating Megan from within her pussy, all the way to her womb.

Ohh… it feels so good!! Please stop now or I'll cum!

At that precise moment, the large doors at the left side of the hall opened and Monica entered the room, followed by a strange dog-like creature. Megan tried to act quickly stiffening her posture and acting like she was a hypnotized slave waiting for instructions. She discretely moved her left hand over her pussy, hiding her little friend.

Shit!! Someone is coming! Stop the process… abort! shit!

When Monica walked in front of her, Megan's legs trembled from restrained excitement and nervous tension. The small creature between her legs was not going to stop vibrating until the message was completed. Megan moaned softly.

Monica didn't hear Megan but the dog-like pet did, and it turned its head with oddment.

Oh my God! I’m coming… I am going to cum in front of them and they'll discover me! Megan thought in panic.

But Monica had other things in her mind and paid no attention to either the “slave” or her pet.

I have to inform the Master that the rebels are getting help from the reptilians. This can complicate our invading plan. Monica thought.

While Monica walked forward towards her Master, her dog-like pet stayed behind, curious about Megan’s situation. Megan was doing her best to stand still but the vibrating creature in her pussy made it almost impossible. Her whole body shuddered as she approached an unavoidable orgasm.

I think this monster is on to me… and this thing is not stopping. I can’t hold it any longer...

The message was finally completed and the small creature retracted swiftly into Megan body. This new sensation triggered a forceful orgasm that rocked Megan’s body from top to bottom. Her knees bent, shivering in the midst of strong spasms while Monica’s pet watched closely, detecting the scent of Megan’s love juices that poured from her twitching pussy.


Moments later, after talking to her Master, Monica came back to find Megan on her knees and her pet excitedly sniffing the slave's crotch. She saw her pet’s cock already growing beneath its muscular body.

Megan’s orgasmic reverie was slowly clearing away… Holy crap! What an orgasm…

“What is going on here?” Monica asked, as if her pet could answer back.

Megan felt the monster’s rugged tongue licking her wet pussy and this brought her back to reality with a startle. What the hell?!

“Umm… I can see you want her, my pet. Go ahead, take her. It looks like this horny bitch wants you too. She is already on her knees,” Monica said with a smirk on her face.

As the creature moved on top of Megan’s frail body, Monica gave it instructions before leaving the room, disclosing very important information, “When you are done with her, meet me in the command center. Our Master has given the order to launch the final attack. This planet will be ours very soon.”

Megan realized that her only option was to play along again, I am supposed to be a horny entranced slave. I better do whatever they want if I am going to keep my cover and send this new information.

The creature stabbed its cock forward, missing her pussy completely. While the large penis slid between her ass cheeks, Megan realized something very important… Oh no! It can’t penetrate my pussy. I’ll hurt the messenger.

Without giving it a second thought, Megan grabbed the pumping cock and guided it to her anus. The penetration was swift and deep. “Ahhhg!”

Megan felt with astonishment as the thick member pierced deeply into her ass and more was coming. It is going too deep!

When the creature felt it was deep enough, it curved its pelvis and started pumping Megan’s ass with incredible speed. Her initial pain was quickly overridden by a rush of pleasure that made her head spin.

The monster fucked her for several minutes, smashing its cock against her wide open ass and rocking her body back and forth with an intense fast rhythm. Her swinging breasts rubbed the hard, dirty floor, increasing her bliss even further.

It was hard for Megan to believe that this ugly creature was driving her so quickly towards another orgasm. She could feel his enormous cock pulsating in her ass, expanding as it moved in and out of her tight cavity. I am going to cum again… shame on me. But is feels so good!

Suddenly, as the fat cock grew even thicker, the creature reached its peak, discharging a large amount of cum into Megan packed hole. She felt the hot fluid ejecting from the monster’s cock, burst after burst, flooding every crevice until there was no more room. Yet the sperm kept pouring into her. Finding its way out… the white sperm gushed from Megan’s mouth, one more time.

Just at that moment, Megan reached her second climax.

Drained and satisfied, the creature stepped back, removing its big cock from Megan’s ass, allowing for the rest of the sperm to gush out of her twitching body. He headed to the command center leaving Megan lying limp on the floor, breathing heavily within the blissful aftermath of her fading climax.

With remnants of sperm still drooling from her mouth and ass, Megan thought, I can’t believe this happened twice in one day. And worse, I am beginning to like the taste of it… I am such a slut.


Back in the rebel’s headquarters, the final preparations were taking place for the counterattack. One of the reptilians talked to Gina, “The information sent by Megan is most valuable. We now have the location and the deion of the invader’s main leader.”

“Great! Everyone is getting ready for battle. We march tomorrow at dawn,” Gina responded with excitement. For the first time, they would be on the offensive instead of just hiding and surviving.

“Good. You must go to the amphibians. They will give you the perfect weapon to kill the mastermind of the invasion,” the reptilian added. The amphibians had been close allies of the reptilians for centuries. They had battled together many times before against the Menglers alliance and this time was no exception.

Gina entered another room where two amphibians were waiting for her. These creatures were bulky humanoids with large, frog-like faces, round bellies and long stocky legs.

“I hear you have something for me,” Gina said.

One of the amphibians that had a bluish skin answered, “Yes. We have a weapon for you. It is perfect to kill the leader of the invaders. You have to shoot at his main bulk and he will explode.”

“Excellent! Let me look at it,” Gina said, extending her hand to grab it, “It is not heavy at all. Thanks!”

The amphibians were a little more excited than they should about Gina's presence. They had mated with a few human females already and they liked it. They made her a proposal that sounded less than honest but Gina was grateful for their help so she pretended to believe them.

“There is one more thing. We should mate to make your body stronger for battle. It will help you greatly,” the amphibian said.

Hmm… I think you just want to fuck me. But what the hell, I should have a relaxing activity for a change. Gina thought. “Sure, why not.”

The other amphibian, which had a greenish skin, approached them. Both creature's cocks emerged from their bulky bodies. They were a lot bigger than Gina expected.

Holy crap! Look at the size of those cocks!

“Your body is slim and sexy. We will make you feel very good,” the bluish amphibian said reassuringly as Gina removed her clothes and turned around.

Her nervousness and excitement was well hidden by her confident tone of voice. “Come here my friend. Let’s see what kind of moves you have.”

“You will learn that the reptilians are nothing compared to us when it comes to sex,” he said while his cock started to move like a fifth limb.

Holly shit! He can move his cock like an elephant moves his trunk.

The bluish amphibian jutted his cock forward into Gina’s body to an impossible depth. Gina felt his member stirring inside of her. God! I don’t know what had happened to my body since I gave birth to that reptilian egg but this feels awesome!

The amphibian barely moved his bulky body but his flexible and long cock compensated thoroughly as it stroked back and forth into her pussy with amazing speed. Meanwhile, the other amphibian moved in front of Gina and shoved his tongue deep into her mouth, muffling her loud moans of pleasure.

His tongue tickles in my mouth. It feels so weird. Gina thought.

Gina was now completely in the mood, forgetting about the evil aliens, the invasion and everything else. She pulled the amphibian's tongue out her mouth and bent forward, letting the greenish creature shove his phallus instead. All she wanted was to enjoy those magnificent, pulsating cocks that throbbed inside of her body, pushing her closer to a long awaited orgasm. Mmmh... His cock tastes even better. I want more…

As Gina sucked the amphibian’s member with eagerness, the fat creature step forward, shoving it deeper down her throat. Gina pictured both cocks reaching so deep, almost meeting in the middle of her trembling body. With this image in her mind, she reached her first climax. “Ahhhgg!”

Moments later, after coming down from heaven, Gina was back in the game, ready to take those bulky aliens for all they were worth. She told the bluish creature to lay on the floor and she straddled him while saying, “Lay still my darling. I am not done yet.”

“You are amazing. We can take you back with us when this is over,” the greenish amphibian said.

“Yes. You could have your way with us any time you want,” the other added.

“That is a kind offer. I’ll surely take it into consideration… Ahhh!” Gina responded, being interrupted by her own loud moan. She went down to her knees letting the lubricated phallus slid back into her vaginal cavity. It didn't cease to amuse to her how her tight, little pussy could accommodate such a large piece of alien meat.

The greenish amphibian moved closer and caressed her anus with the tip of his cock. Gina’s pussy twitched tighter around the pulsating cock from anticipation of having a second huge phallus penetrating her. “Get ready for me. I’m entering your other hole.”

“Yesss! I want you both inside of me.” Gina said between gasps.

The greenish amphibian needed no further invitation and shoved his cock into Gina’s ass so deep that she thought she was going to die right then and there…

But far from killing her, this new penetration brought Gina to a new, devastating orgasm that made her head spin and almost drove her unconscious. The woman's eyes rolled back as bright lights flashed inside of her mind. Gina's body trembled uncontrollably while both aliens competed with each other to see who could go deeper inside of her.

They kept pounding Gina’s holes without mercy, prolonging her climax for a blissful eternity.

When she recomposed herself once again, there was a slimy tongue waiting right in front of her face and she sucked it into her mouth with eagerness. There was something strange about the amphibians’ saliva that was so alluring and addictive. He tastes so good. I just had an orgasm and I think I am coming again…

And she did! Gina had a third orgasm almost as soon as the second ended. Just as before, the amphibians kept fucking her relentlessly.

After a couple more orgasms, Gina rested limply on the amphibian's chest, letting herself by used as a fuck toy. They weren’t joking when they said… uugh... that their sex skills were better than the reptilians’…

After a while, the greenish amphibian roughly pulled her backwards, forcing the large cock of the other amphibian to slip out of her pussy. This woke Gina from her dreamy state. “Aahhh!”

“Let’s change positions…” the greenish amphibian said. “It is my turn to lie down.”

Without removing his phallus from her ass, the amphibian laid flat on the floor, bringing Gina to lie on top of him, facing up. As the fat cock stirred inside of her, it became more evident how deep it was embedded within her body.

Oh God! I think I have died and gone to heaven… Gina thought, overwhelmed with boundless elation.

Gina lifted her head searching for her other lover and she signaled him to move closer. Her pussy was burning on emptiness. “Come to me big boy.”

The bluish amphibian gladly complied and walked forward while Gina guided the tip of his cock between her pussy lips…

“At your service my lady,” the amphibian said gallantly.

“Push it all the way inside of me. I want to feel it just like before,” Gina said with a tone of urgency.

Gina’s eyes crossed and her mind clouded as the huge phallus slid deep within her tight vaginal cavity once again. “Ahhgh!”

Her world became a surreal reality of impossible penetrations that bewildered her and excited her immeasurably. She reached yet another mind-blowing climax! Gina’s whole body twitched and contorted within the blissful spasms of orgasmic release as her pussy and ass pulsated around the fat cocks that never stopped pumping.

“She is so delightful. I am reaching my peak,” the bluish amphibian said.

“So am I. This mission has been a total success,” responded the other.

Seconds later, both amphibians discharged a huge amount of a bluish sperm within Gina’s packed body! “”Groaaahhh!”

Gina barely realized that her body was being flooded to the limit as she drifted in and out of consciousness from her own never-ending orgasm. Her spastic body received every drop of the hot, sticky sperm like a gift from paradise. The fluid filled every crevice and merged with her own juices, creating a joyful mixture that would remain inside of her for a very long time.

When the astonishing session was finally over, Gina recovered her breath wondering what had happened in the last few minutes. She just remembered having the most devastating orgasm of her life as they came inside of her and then everything became a fuzzy haze of delight. Her entire body tickled the same way her mouth had when she sucked the amphibians tongue, only multiplied by a hundred. It felt weird, but nice.

“Hehe… you are still shivering,” the greenish amphibian said with obvious happiness. “I can see you enjoyed it.”

“It was incredible... I can feel my body all tingly inside…” Gina responded still lightheaded.

“Now you are very relaxed and you will be a better fighter,” the bluish amphibian added.

“Shit guys! Where did you learn to fuck like that?” Gina asked with true amazement. The playful nature of the amphibians was a nice change compared to the business-like conduct of the reptilians.

Their pleasant conversation was suddenly interrupted by the building’s loud alarm!

“The alarm! Something is happening!” The amphibian said.

Gina new the meaning of this alarm and warned her new partners, “There are intruders in the building! Get ready to fight!”

“Grab the gun and go! You have an important mission to complete. We will cover you.” the bluish amphibian said as he handed Gina the weapon.

Part 3: World’s Fate

Gina was trying to get out of the old factory that served as the rebel’s central base but the invaders blocked every exit. Now that she had the location of the evil mastermind controlling everything, she needed to get there as soon as possible and destroy him, whatever this creature was. The resistance was falling quickly and everyday more humans were brainwashed to help the Mengler’s cause. Gina was holding the world’s last hope in her hands.

She was running through a hallway thinking about her gun, Shit! I forgot my regular gun and the amphibians told me that this special weapon can only be used one time. I need to find a way out fast.

Gina heard some tiptoeing right behind her and when she turned her head, she saw one of the invader’s giant bugs leaping towards her. She was barely able to lift her arms when suddenly, a friendly spider-like monster came out of nowhere and impaled the bug with a swift move of its sharp nail.

The dying bug twitched desperately as it emitted a piercing noise, calling for help.

“Wow! You got it! You killed the fucking bug!” Exclaimed Gina with admiration. Seconds later, more bugs were approaching the area. Gina and the friendly creature were quickly outnumbered.

At that moment, a familiar voice called for Gina down the hall. “Gina, this way!”

“Candra!” Gina yelled with relief.

Gina ran towards the exit while Candra shot another bug that managed to elude the friendly creature. The insect’s guts burst out as the bullet perforated its thick exoskeleton. Fuck! This one was close.

“Hurry! I’ve found a way out of this place!” Candra said as Gina reached her.

Gina explained to Candra the importance of her mission and why she was not using the strange gun she was carrying. “This gun was especially designed to blow the shit out of the mastermind of the invasion but it can only be used once. And I must get to him first.”

“Good thing I found you on time. We have to move now!” Candra responded.

But just as they reached the back entrance, another huge, ugly monster cut them off at the door. It was some sort of humanoid with a large head, large teeth and a bloated belly. “Watch out!” Gina screamed.

Candra tried to shoot at it but her gun was empty. “Shit! I am out of ammo!”

The creature kept moving upon them. Both women walked back as the monster knocked the gun out of Candra’s hand. They had nowhere to run.

“Go back! This fucker is huge!” Candra yelled.

“There is no way back. The other side is crawling with bugs too!” Gina responded.

The monster cornered Gina and Candra against the wall as it adopted an intimidating stance. He still wasn’t sure what to do with the females but they were not going anywhere. Candra noticed something particular about the creature; his dangling cock. Then she remembered something.

“Fuck this! I’m using the gun. Maybe the amphibians can recharge it,” Gina said in desperation.

“No, wait. Don’t shoot. You will never get to the amphibians in time. I have seen one of these creatures before. Let me try something,” Candra said and then she stood up and started removing her clothes.

Gina was baffled by her friend’s actions. “What the hell are you doing?”

Candra had in fact seen one identical creature a few days before. It was ravishing one woman in an alley and it didn’t seem to care about anything else.

“I’ll distract him. When you see the chance, go through that door and follow the tunnel on the left,” Candra said.

“Are you nuts? This thing will eat you!” Gina exclaimed with true concern for her friend.

Moments later, it became pretty obvious to Gina what Candra was trying to do. When the monster smelled the scent of the fertile female before him, he stopped growling and attentively watched Candra’s slow movements.

Complete naked, Candra crawled closer to the creature. I must be crazy for doing this. But it is the only way…

Candra reached out and hesitantly touched his small phallus. It grew to full erection almost instantly and it became enormous! Both Candra and Gina had the same simultaneous thought, Holy crap!

The monster grabbed Candra’s hips and lifted her effortlessly from the floor, curious about the female’s body configuration.

Candra was shuddering with fear, Oh fuck, oh fuck! Please don’t kill me!

Gina watched from two meters away, pointing the gun at the creature's chest. If he tries to bite her, I am shooting the bastard.

The creature extended its long tongue and jiggled it between Candra’s legs, rubbing her pussy lips and smearing them with lubricating saliva. Oh, gross, Candra thought at the weird feeling.

He is licking her pussy! This might actually work. She is so fucking brave! Gina thought.

The creature found Candra’s vaginal opening and shoved its tongue in. The flexible limb squirmed and twitched reaching her uterus, corroborating her susceptibility for impregnation.

Candra felt the monster’s tongue deep within her pussy and grunted in disgust, but her body reacted differently as her toes curled down and her nipples swelled involuntarily. Shit! His soggy tongue is so deep inside of me.

The hideous monster set her down to the floor and pulling her hips up, he aimed his cock at her pussy. Candra looked again at the size of it and had second thoughts, God! Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…

But there was nothing she could do now. With a sudden, forceful move, the creature shoved his cock into her pussy all the way to the bottom. Candra screamed wildly as the fat phallus stretched her like never before. “Ahhhgh!”

Gina watched with wide open eyes, Shit! He pushed his entire cock inside of her!

The ravished woman tried desperately to free herself but the monster grabbed her hips firmly and started pumping her pussy with fast and ruthless strokes. Candra’s body hurled around like a hand puppet.

Candra could feel the monster’s cock impossibly deep inside of her. She looked at her crotch wondering how her body could take a pounding like that and still be in one piece. Even worse, her pussy was getting used to his enormous size and now a hint of shameful pleasure began to grow within her. He is going to rip me apart!

After a few minutes, Candra was lying flat on the ground while the monster, now on top of her, rocked his hips back and forth hastily. Candra moaned with every stroke, unable to disguise the enjoyable feeling of the wild fuck she was receiving, regardless of who or what was giving it to her.

Gina was still there, against the wall, staring at the hard ravishing, He is fucking her so hard!

But Candra hadn’t forgotten why she was doing this. Realizing that the monster had released her hips, she saw the opportunity to make some room for Gina to escape. Candra turned over and started crawling away.

Gina quickly understood this. She is moving him away! Now is the time!

Candra managed to drag herself one meter but the creature quickly grabbed her again and started poking at her crotch with this cock. She was not going away without his sperm inside of her.

“Gina, don't worry about me… I’ll deal with this,” Candra whispered between gasps.

“Thank you for doing this, Candra. I will not forget it.” Gina was reluctant to leave her friend at the mercy of this monster but she knew there was nothing else she could do. She couldn’t use the weapon on this creature.

Now the monster was penetrating Candra again, unfortunately for her, he missed her pussy completely and shoved his cock into her ass. “Ahhhh!”

Candra went berserk from the sudden anal penetration. Her eyes rolled back as a baffling feeling of pain and pleasure mixed together in her dazzled brain.

The monster began to get a rhythm again, pumping his mate's ass with strong, steady strokes. Gina noticed that the creature was paying no attention to her. This was the chance she needed and started walking very slowly towards the exit.

Now is the time. He is so distracted with her. I feel sorry for Candra.

But at that moment, the monster stood up pulling Candra’s body with him, never removing his cock from her ass. Gina immediately hunkered down, trying to stay away of the creature's reach.


Gina looked at the exit. It was so close, but the monster was even closer. It could easily grab her and kill her. Candra was unaware of any of this since the huge cock pumping her ass occupied all of her thoughts and concentration. Her ass had adjusted to his size and now she was shamelessly moaning out loud from the undeniable pleasure.

Should I risk it? I am so close. Gina wondered.

The monster was now on his back and Candra’s was on top, facing at the ceiling. Her body trembled from head to toe as the creature’s hips swayed up and down, driving his large cock in and out of her ass with mind-blowing speed. The monstrous phallus went so deep into her body that she couldn’t even tell where it ended.

Gina was only a couple of step away from the creature, Shit! He is looking right at me.

Gina remained motionless and hesitant while Candra writhed and bounced onto the creature’s cock, moaning with total surrender. Candra had done all she could to help Gina. Now she just had to endure the savage pounding on her body, trying not to reach an embarrassing orgasm in the process. She was certain to lose this battle.

When the monster stopped moving completely and discharged a vast load of sperm into her tight ass, Candra came as well. The overwhelmed woman’s legs trembled rapidly and uncontrollably while her pussy contracted over and over on itself. Gina could clearly hear the streams of fluid ejecting from the monster’s cock even though it was deeply embedded within her friend’s body.

He is coming! He is coming inside of her!

Candra’s belly began to bloat as more and more sperm was pumped into her guts. This was the reason of the monster’s prominent abdomen. It was not filled with food but with thick, white cum, ready to impregnate as many females as possible.

At this moment, the creature couldn’t care less about Gina. She slowly walked towards the door while watching the messy scene with astonishment.

Candra’s body got stuffed to the limit until the sperm overflowed her and started gushing from her ass and mouth. She jolted wildly with orgasmic spasms that refused to fade down. The whole situation was so surreal, so overwhelming, and so… blissful.

Gina reached the exit safely and turned around to watch her ravished friend one last time. Candra was still breathing while lying completely limp on the monster’s chest, cum leaking from everywhere.

Good, she is still alive! She is so fucking brave!


One hour later, Gina reached the entrance of the invader’s headquarters where she met Yvonne, one of the scouts sent prior to the battle.

“Hi, this entrance is clear. Where is everyone?” Yvonne asked.

“Somehow they discovered our plan to attack today and they moved first. The base is falling into the invader’s control,” Gina responded.

“We should go back and help!” Yvonne said alarmed.

“No. I’ve come here to kill the mastermind of the whole invasion. I have his location and the weapon to do it.”

“Ok. Are we going in alone?” Yvonne asked.

“We’ll do it the same way as our spies. Get naked and blend in. This is our best chance,” Gina said.

“Ok. Lead the way,” Yvonne responded while removing her clothes.

Both girls walked into the enemy base through the unguarded door. It was very quiet considering the circumstances, until… “Careful. Someone is coming.” Gina whispered.

“Stand very still against the wall. Hide the gun,” Yvonne said, as she did just that.

A small monster similar to Gorogn approached the girls while they faked being hypnotized. Both girls’s hearts were beating fast but they did their best to conceal it.

Gina was able to see the creature with the corner of her eye, This one is small. Maybe Yvonne and I can take him without making too much noise. But those blades on his fingers look dangerous…

The creature looked attentively at Gina, then at Yvonne, then back at Gina, touching her leg with one of its blades. It spoke an incomprehensible gibberish.

This fucker is choosing one of use. Gina thought while standing still and looking straight forward.

Yvonne realized the same thing and came to a decision, Gina can’t be taken…

Without thinking any further, Yvonne took a small step forward, like a subtle offering of her own self. Ok, ugly beast. Take me. I’ll take care of you later.

The creature turned its attention on her.

Gina saw Yvonne's actions as well. She is offering herself!

The monster moved closer to Yvonne. It made a cracking noise with its jaw and prepared its blades in case she made a sudden move. Yvonne remained completely still while Gina kept her hands behind her body and the gun out of view.

That’s right… come to me. Forget about Gina. Yvonne thought.

After observing Yvonne for a moment, the creature moved one hand between her legs and inserted a finger into her pussy.

Yvonne jolted, startled. This finger didn't had a blade like the others but it was cold and rugged.
She could also feel one of the blades touching her inner thigh. She did her best not to move again. Mmmgh… Watch it with those blades you fucker.

Gina turned her eyes discretely but she couldn't see what was happening between Yvonne's legs. What is it doing?

The monster wiggled its finger within Yvonne’s pussy, pushing it further in a few times. Yvonne moaned out loud and felt embarrassed afterwards. Shit! Stop doing this!

Then the creature grabbed Yvonne’s hand and started leading her back to where it came from. Yvonne didn't risk looking back at Gina but she wished she could hear her thoughts, Good luck Gina!

Gina watched them walking away. She waited until they were out of sight and proceeded further into the complex. I hope this beast takes Yvonne to a secluded place so she can kick the shit out of him.

The sound of a woman’s voice in the distance interrupted her thoughts. She immediately recognized this voice. It was Megan's! Gina followed the sound and looked furtively from the edge of an open door. There she is! And she is in trouble!

“Let go of me, you stupid creature!” Megan yelled while being embrace by the tentacles of an giant scorpion-like monster.

The creature seemed very distracted with Megan so Gina moved slowly inside the room and called for her friend’s attention. “Hey… over here.”

Megan turned her head and said with surprise, “Gina! You are here!”

Then she added, “Sorry I couldn’t warn you about the invader’s attack. This monster grabbed me and pulled my messenger out of my body. It is dead!” The small creature was in fact laying between Megan's feet, immobile.

Gina knew she couldn’t help her friend without risking being discovered. More guards could come any second. Megan’s rescue will have to wait.

“Don't worry about it Megan. You did great. I have the information you sent before. It is really valuable. I am heading to the master-mind's chamber and I am going to kill him.”

Megan responded as the creature tightened its grip around her waist and lifted her above its head.
“Uggh... In that case we are in luck. This creature is supposed to guard the door but now it is distracted with me … follow this hall….. ahhh! Go now!”

Megan was getting used to being handled by monsters and her stoic attitude offered Gina some comfort having to leave her behind.

“I’ll be back. I promise.” Gina said.

“Don’t worry about me. Just kill that bastard!” Megan said.

While Gina got out of sight, Megan looked down to see a pinkish proboscis coming out of the creature’s mouth. What the fuck is that?!

The she noticed that the appendage was holding a slimy egg and carrying it slowly towards her pussy. “Shit! Don’t you dare push that thing inside of me!”

She barely finished the sentence before the monster pressed the egg between her legs. Megan’s pussy lips stretched widely allowing access to her vaginal cavity. “No! It is too big!”

Megan twitched and kicked her legs around but there was nothing she could do to prevent the extreme penetration. She felt the thickest part of the egg pushing through and sliding relentlessly into her body. “Ahhhrggg!”

Megan looked with astonishment at her bloated belly, right where the egg rested. It was pulsating incessantly, full with growing life. This rapid and rhythmic motion throbbed all over her pelvic area, providing an unwelcome but unavoidable pleasure. Oh God! It is in! It pushed it all the way in!

Megan tried to make it stop by pushing hard against the bulge but it only made it worse. Meanwhile, the pink proboscis went back inside the monster’s main bulk and quickly came back with another egg.

“No! Please stop this!”

The second egg followed the same path as the first one. It slid faster through Megan’s cavity since her vaginal walls were already lubricated with alien slime and her own love juices.

By the third egg, the ravished woman climaxed hard. Her body jolted uncontrollably within the tight embrace of the creature’s tentacle. She foresaw the shame that would come later but at the moment, she only cared about the bliss that numbed her mind.

The monster kept shoving eggs into Megan’s womb while she was still shaking from her unending orgasm. Megan only grunted and moaned in vain protest.

The monster stopped after six eggs were crammed into the Megan's body and there was no room for more. She was hanging from the creature’s tentacle completely limp, ecstatic and exhausted. Her belly bulged here and there, outlining the growing embryos that nested inside.

Megan reacted again when the monster flipped her forward and lifted her hips further, positioning her pelvis in line with the creature’s long tail. “Fuck! Now what?!”

She felt a hard, slick object touching her pussy lips. She remembered that the monster’s tail ended in some sort of phallus and she immediately knew what was coming next.

Shit! This doesn’t look good…
Megan was right. She felt the fat cock penetrating deep into her already stuffed body. She screamed from the shocking sensation of the large eggs being tossed around within her belly and the large phallus stretching her even wider.

The entire cock busted into her tight pussy and remained there immobile for almost a minute. Then, without any warning, it exploded in a burning bliss of hot semen that inundated Megan’s body to the limit, until it sprayed hastily from her hole.

And just as sudden, Megan reached another mind-blowing orgasm. Her brain had given up trying to fight the situation and she just gave in to the myriad of wonderful feelings that crowded her mind. Now she was just a womb, ready to breed the monster’s babies and she was fine with it. It felt too good. She would feel no shame anymore.


Meanwhile, Gina walked through yet another door. She visualized in her mind the building’s diagram that she had memorized the day before. She was so close now, This is it. The main chamber is just across that door ahead of me. I’ll have to move fast. There must be guards in there and I only have one chanc… ehh?!

“Hello Gina!” Monica said behind her.

Gina had heard that voice before, on a video. Almost a year had passed but she recognized it right away. This woman had been involved with the invasion since the beginning.

Monica stood defiantly by the door, confident that Gina represented no threat given her superior strength and speed.

“I’ve heard a lot about you. You will be a great asset for our mission,” Monica said.

“Monica! I’ve heard about you too bitch. You were one of the first converted humans.” Gina replied.

Knowing that she couldn’t use the gun, Gina placed it on the floor and challenged Monica to fight hand to hand.

“Come on. Let’s have a little talk,” Gina said in a fighting stance.

“So you want a clean combat eh? This should be fun,” Monica said, accepting the challenge.

As Monica walked closer, Gina moved swiftly and threw the first punch. The moment Gina hit Monica’s face, she knew she was in trouble. Shit! She barely lost her balance.

Monica reacted with a fast kick into Gina’s ribs, knocking the air out of her lungs… “You are going to need a lot more than that, bitch.”

Then she followed with a potent blow to Gina’s face which knocked her to the ground. The detective never expected Monica’s speed and strength, especially when this woman used to be a friendly housewife.

“Our Master made us superior in every way.”

With Gina down, Monica jumped on top. She grabbed Gina’s neck with one hand and place the other on her breast, just to show her how easy it was to subdue her. “You will join us whether you want it or not!”

“Ahgh! Fuck… you!” Gina mumbled.

Gina couldn’t breathe and she started to lose consciousness. The fate of the world was in her hands and she was failing. The invaders will take over the planet!

“Just look into my eyes and I’ll let you breath. All your troubles will go away,” Monica said softly as her eyes started to glow.

I’d rather die! Gina thought, averting her eyes.

A voice coming from behind interrupted Monica’s dialog… “Let her go!”

Monica responded without turning her head, “Ellen? What did you just say?”

Realizing that Monica was not listening, Ellen leaped forward and pushed her mother away from Gina. The detective gasped for air just before she passed out.

“I said let her go!!” Ellen screamed.

“What the fuck! What’s got into you?!” Monica yelled confused and very angry.

Monica immediately stood up and confronted her daughter. Ellen had been a loyal servant of their Master and now she was acting against her.

Monica didn't suspected that Ellen’s mind had been liberated from evil and she had become the most valuable asset to the resistance. The only Mengler’s attribute that remained in Ellen’s body was her improved strength and speed, like her mother’s.

“You owe obedience to our Master! Remember our mission!” Monica yelled.

“I have no Master! They have shown me the truth. We were nothing more than slaves,” Ellen responded.

Monica grew furious from hearing her daughter’s words. She charged on Ellen with a hasty move and punched her in the face. Ellen fell backwards to the hard floor, “I guess we will have to reinforce your education!”

Ellen recovered fast and turned her head up to see her mother in the air, ready to land on top of her. Ellen knew that her mother was stronger than her. She couldn’t let her mom restrain her down like she did with Gina. The young woman took advantage of her mother’s own impulse and flipped her over, sending Monica to land backwards on the ground.

Gina recovered enough to sit up and watched in amazement as mother and daughter fought fiercely. Holy crap! That’s Ellen! The reptilians must have fixed her mind!

“This won’t be as easy as you think, mother!” Ellen said as she stood up and positioned herself between Monica and Gina, giving the detective a chance to escape. “Go Gina! Complete your mission.”

She won’t tell me twice. I am out of here. Gina thought and then she said, “Thank you for doing this Ellen.”

“I’ll deal with you later Gina. First I have to teach this brat a lesson about obedience,” Monica yelled from across the room.

As Gina ran away, Ellen threw a fast punch at her mother but Monica moved even faster and blocked it easily. Fuck!

“You can’t defeat me my sweet daughter. You better give yourself to me, again” Monica said with a smirk on her face.

Monica embraced her daughter’s waist with all her might and grabbed her neck, forcing Ellen to look straight at her. Monica’s entrancing eyes started to glow. “You are mine now. Let’s recompose this little head of yours. Look at me!”

“Mother!” Ellen yelled.

In a matter seconds, Ellen stopped resisting and looked back at her mother. Her eyes were wide open, unfocused. Monica released her daughter’s waist and moved her hand to Ellen’s breast, gently caressing her swelling nipple. Ellen’s pussy twitched softly; she knew something great was coming and she was very excited about it.

“That’s right. Let yourself get lost in the alluring glow,” Monica whispered.

Both women’s eyes were locked on each other, fixed and unblinking. Suddenly, Ellen’s serene facial expression changed to a naughty one. An instant later, her eyes started to glow as well. But not like her mother’s. Ellen’s eyes glowed in blue, far more intense and captivating. Monica blinked twice in surprise but didn’t look away. She couldn’t.

“What?!” Monica asked confused.

“I have a few tricks of my own mother. You will find out how fantastic they are.”

Monica felt Ellen’s eyes penetrating into her head, piercing into her mind with a painful energy that overpowered anything else. Monica realized she was in real danger! She thought about pushing her daughter away but her arms wouldn’t obey her.

“Ahh! Don’t! It hurts!” Monica pleaded with a softer tone of voice.

“It’ll hurt only for a moment. Pleasure will soon flood your mind,” Ellen whispered.

Ellen was right. After a few minutes, the pain want away and subtle tickling ignited within Monica’s pussy. The bluish glow entered through her eyes and penetrated her mind, then traveled down her body to hoard in her pussy, pulsating with increasing intensity.

“What are you doing to me? My Master will get angry at me,” Monica mumbled.

“You won’t have a Master anymore. You will be free.”

Ellen brought their bodies closer together and briefly lost focus on her mother’s eyes as her own rolled up her head. A soft, inevitable moan escaped her lips while a squishy sound broke the silence. The reason was a fat worm projecting from Ellen’s pussy, expanding its flexible bulk that had been carefully hidden within the young woman's tight body.

Ellen shuddered from the pleasurable feeling of the worm’s skin caressing her vaginal walls, “I brought a present especially for you mother. It will help you get free as it helped me.”

Monica stared at Ellen’s eyes, oblivious to the presence of the worm that twitched between her daughter's legs.

The worm curved upward, getting closer to Monica. Its body contracted and expanded in waves as it slithered out of Ellen’s pussy, following the scent of its destination.

A moment later, the worm twitched hard and penetrated Monica’s pussy. The older woman screamed in bliss as her whole body shivered from the unexpected feeling.

Being already stimulated to the limit, the sensation of the fat worm pushing into her pussy drove Monica over the edge. A powerful orgasm exploded within her loins, sending electric charges from head to toe. Monica’s entire body shook in place while the worm glided from one pussy to the other. Mother and daughter bounded together by an alien piece of meat that symbolized a union that would never be broken again.

Monica’s brain became a mushy mass, wide open to whatever stimulation was thrown at her. This was what Ellen was hoping for. As the last section of the worm finally left her body, she concentrated even harder and began to erase every trace of the Menglers presence in her mother’s mind.

The worm churned and revolved within Monica’s vaginal cavity, pulling itself further in, nesting inside the dazed woman that used to be a vicious leader of the invasion and now just repeated her daughters’ words; those words that would become her only truth.

“Repeat these words for me,” Ellen said, “I am no longer a slave.”

“I am no longer a slave,” Monica whispered.

“I don’t have a Master,” Ellen said. “I don’t have a Master.” Monica repeated

“I am free to do and think as I like,” Ellen said. “I am free to do and think as I like,” Monica repeated.


After leaving the fight between Ellen and her mother, Gina crossed the hall and walked through the last door that separated her from the creature that coordinated the whole invasion.

“There you are motherfucker… you are as ugly as Megan described you,” Gina whispered.

The monster wasn't like anything she had seen before. It reminded Gina of a moray peeking from its hiding hole, except this one was enormous.

Apparently Gina had arrived just in time because the mind-controlling creature was out in the open, pulling information from a female spy. Three fat tentacles protruded from its mouth and one of them was buried deep into the woman’s pussy, keeping her brain in a daze as it probed inside. Still unaware of Gina’s presence, the creature believed that the invasion was progressing perfectly.

Gina walked a few steps forward with her finger on the trigger but the enthralled woman was standing between the monster and her. She thought about shooting through the slave but she just couldn’t do it. After all, she was still a police officer and her job was to protect people whatever the circumstances. Shit! That woman is in the line of fire. I have to get closer.

Gina moved to the left and walked a few steps forward. When she was just ten meters away from the monster, she knelt and aimed for the perfect spot. Her hand trembled from nervousness but she steadied herself. Missing was not an option; this was too important.

You are mine, ugly worm! Gina thought, just before pulling the trigger. At that instant, a shadow moved silently right above Gina's head and jumped down, ready to stab her neck.

Gina sensed the danger upon her and leaped away at the last second. She looked up at the falling bug, kicking it in mid-air. “Fuck! Where the hell did you come from?”

The mind-controlling monster became aware of Gina’s presence and started to pull back into the hole.

Gina rolled on the floor as fast as she could, aimed her gun in a fraction of a second and fired.
“You are not going anywhere filthy beast! Die!”

The burning blast passed with amazing precision between the woman’s legs and smashed the creature’s body below its mouth. A gush of dark blood erupted from the open wound.

The beast roared incredibly loud from the pain inflicted by Gina’s shot while its eyes turned red showing absolute rage. The hypnotized slaved fell backwards as the tentacle was pulled forcefully from her pussy.

A few seconds passed. The creature kept screaming... but nothing else happened.

The amphibians had told Gina that the monster would explode upon receiving the shot but it didn’t. The creature was still growling and jerking in pain but it was still there… still alive! The center of its eyes slowly turned from red to yellow and a subtle vibration started to fill the whole room. The small bugs that now surrounded Gina froze immediately.

Gina was confused. What the fuck?! It seems that the creature is hurt but it didn’t blow up!

One minute later, the monster stopped growling while its wound started to heal astoundingly fast. It was recovering! Gina was dazzled. She tried to shoot again but the gun was empty.

“This fucking gun is useless! The amphibians were wrong! This can’t be happening!”

The vibration in the room increased its frequency until a low humming noise began to resonate between the metal walls. The creature calmed down. Its wound had almost healed. It’s eyes glowed with an intense yellow that was impossible to ignore.

“I have to do something, I have to kill it!” Gina said out loud with desperation.

The sound got louder and it began to reverberate inside Gina’s head as well. She could feel it across her entire body but mainly inside of her brain. It became difficult to think.

Arrh… What is that noise?! That thing is trying to get inside my head! I can’t let it! Gina thought, covering her ears.

The creature assessed the situation. He had been too distracted with her newest slave and this almost caused his death. How did this woman pass through security with a gun? How many were there? Gina needed to be interrogated. He needed to read her mind. The monster increased the yellowish glow of its eyes.

A sudden, overwhelming voice echoed in Gina’s mind, startling her. The creature was speaking to her in a strange language but she could understand him. She couldn’t explain it. The distressed woman felt her heart jolt in fear but at the same time her nipples swelled and her pussy stirred.

“Come to me!” said the incorporeal voice.

Oh God! He is talking to me! He is trying to hypnotize me like all those other women!

Gina’s pupils distended widely to allow more of the alluring radiance flow into her brain. Her body felt the irresistible need to get closer to the glowing light of his eyes despite her mind fighting against it.

The light is so beautiful… but I can’t let this happen… I have to kill him.

Gina stood up and started walking forward. Her mind was still struggling with the hypnotic power of the creature that threatened the existence of humanity, yet her hips swayed sexily as if she was trying to seduce him.

This is dangerous… I shouldn’t get closer. She was determined not to cave in.

Gina stopped one meter from the creature, well within its tentacles’ reach. Her body was now acting independently from her mind, offering itself to the monster. Gina was still aware of her desperate situation and tried unsuccessfully to act accordingly.

He is trying to possess me. He will try to fuck me. I must stop him…

While Gina stood motionless with her legs spread, the creature captured her stunned brainwaves and interpreted her thoughts. He began to read her mind...

He learned that this woman was the rebels’ last resort. This could mean the final victory! But he had to be sure. Everything would become clearer once he read her mind from within.

The eyes… I must destroy those beautiful glowing eyes. Gina thought groggily.

The monster moved one tentacle closer to Gina’s crotch and pressed slightly, testing her reaction. Gina jerked her hips vigorously in response to the unnerving touch. She hated it but then she felt a drop of her own lubrication juice dripping down her thigh. She was extremely aroused. Gina finally realized that her body was completely out of her control.


An instant later, the mastermind creature bent its tentacle upward and penetrated Gina’s tight pussy. He did it very slowly, savoring every second of his imminent victory. The detective felt her pussy lips stretching wider and wider as her vaginal cavity snuggled the fleshy appendage with loving anxiousness.

While the large phallus kept sinking into her pussy, Gina became even more confused. Her body was on fire, opening up to the blissful delights of absolute submission. She considered surrendering to the beast once and for all. Let the bliss possess her mind as much as it owned her body.

I can’t let it go deeper… yes… deeper.

The detective’s belly bulged out while the massive appendage accommodated within her slim body. She just stood there with her legs trembling and her mind trying to process what was going on. She had lost the battle and she knew it, but she couldn’t admit it. Gina thought about the amphibians. They made love to her so well and she trusted them. It was all a lie; they betrayed her.

Ahhg… cock… too big…. amphibians… damned amphibians…

The monster toyed with Gina by lifting her from the ground using only the tentacle lodged in her pussy. Gina felt pain, follow by incredible pleasure, then pain again. She kicked hopelessly in the air while she tried unsuccessfully to grab on to something. This was so unreal. The tentacle was going to pass through her entire body and kill her.

Gina imagined the huge phallus sliding inexorably into her pussy, then into her womb, her chest and finally penetrating her brain. The monster was going to fuck her brain and her body was going to enjoy it immensely. In a way, she was betraying humanity too. She was going to die in the middle of a glorious orgasm.

My body… is betraying me too… I am going to cum...

Meanwhile, the creature aligned another tentacle at Gina’s ass. He was going to drain the last bit of information from her brain before erasing her mind completely.

The bulbous head of the appendage pressed against her anus and shot forward, stuffing her slim body to the limit. Gina grunted from the rude intrusion as she felt her insides expanding and shifting violently.

Gina could feel the tentacles not only pumping in and out but also pulsating with a throbbing rhythm that was driving her insane. Her mind was quickly getting in sync with the irresistibly arousal that controlled her body.

I can’t… resist anymore… I give up… make me cum!

The creature probed deeper into her ass and more information flowed from the detective’s mind. There was a true sense of defeat roaming around Gina’s brain. The humans had lost and now this planet belonged to him. There were no rebels left. Gina moaned out loud from the devastating feeling of the two massive tentacles squirming within her loins.

But then the monster found something surprising in Gina’s memory. She believed the amphibians had betrayed her … Gina started trembling as she was on the verge of a huge orgasm … The creature realized that Gina must be mistaken because there was no deal with any amphibians! … One second later, Gina exploded in the strongest climax of her life. Her pussy and ass wrapped hard around the tentacles with a strength she didn’t know she had. She felt her body ejecting love juices that had been accumulating inside of her, waiting to be released within the power of ecstasy.

Gina shuddered uncontrollably riding the waves of bliss that overtook her body as both her holes clenched around the appendages, holding on to them, it was wonderful … On the contrary, the monster felt an incredible pain on the tip of its tentacles. He tried to pull them out but Gina was so tightly attached to them that it was impossible. It was too late anyway … The venom was already spreading!

The fleshy red skin of the tentacles started to change into a putrid tone that advanced quickly toward the appendage’s base, inside the creature’s mouth. The cause of this was powerful venom created by the amphibians specifically designed to destroy the mind-controlling creature. This was the ultimate, undetectable weapon and Gina was the perfect carrier to deliver it.

The venom traveled across the entire length of the tentacle and reached the inside of the monster. The eyes of the creature stopped glowing as he tried to figure out what was happening. The monster had fucked and purged information from dozens of women before without any danger. How could this woman be hurting him? He started to panic and tried dropping Gina to the mushy ground.

In a matter of seconds, the venom spread beyond the tentacles to the main bulk. The monster opened its mouth screaming in pain wondering why he couldn’t discover the trap; why he couldn't read the female’s mind correctly. Gina laid on the ground with her hips up, still holding on to the tentacles as hard as she could, not because she knew what was happing but because she wanted those blissful phalluses inside of her. She wanted her climax to last forever.

The creature jerked and trembled fully aware that he had been deceived. He tried to use the power of his superior mind to call for help but the damage was already too extensive. Only a pathetic grunt came out of his mouth heralding his imminent death.

A myriad of images flashed within the monster’s huge brain. So many planets that he had invaded without fault. So many powerful beings had surrendered to him. It couldn’t end like this; defeated by a slim, weak woman that craved for sex more than anything else. This couldn’t be happening…

An instant later, the monster was dead.


Gina lay exhausted on the ground, breathing heavily from the aftermath of the most wonderful orgasm of her life. The slave kneeling beside her, with her mind completely blank and her pussy on fire, still waited to be penetrated again by her master.

The former detective came back to her senses slowly. She opened her eyes trying to remember where she was… until everything came back to her.

“Ummh… what happened..? Shit! … the monster… I have to kill the monster,” she said.

“You already did it,” someone said from across the room.

Gina sat up and looked astonished at the blackened inert body of the monster in front of her. He wasn’t moving. The last thing she remembered were those huge tentacles being shoved into her body and then everything became a mind-shattering bliss.

“What the fuck?!” Gina exclaimed.

“He is dead,” the reptilian spoke again.

Gina turned around and looked at her ally, standing behind her. She had a lot of questions to ask.

“Hey, you are here! What happened? I don’t understand. The gun… failed. He didn’t blow up like the amphibians said he would,” Gina said.

“I’m sorry that we had to deceive you about the gun. It was the only way to conceal our plans from this monster,” the reptilian explained. “The real weapon was inside you in the form of powerful venom. If we had told you about it, the monster would have read it from your mind and killed you.”

Gina realized that they had used her like a sex toy and it kind of bothered her but she acknowledged that it was the only way. What was really important was right there, in front of her eyes. The mind-controlling monster was dead.

“So this fucker is really dead? Does this mean we won?!” Gina asked excitedly.

“Yes, we won. Your world is safe. The rest of the creatures will be docile now. There is no one to control and manipulate their tiny brains,” the reptilian responded.

“This is fucking awesome!” Gina stood up with a grin of satisfaction and started walking away. She made promises she had to keep.

“Where are you going?” the reptilian asked.

“I have some pending business to attend. Please help that hypnotized woman would you? And try not to fuck her,” Gina said, signaling at the entranced slave.

“Ok. I’ll try… no guarantees… he he he.” the reptilian responded.


Not far from there, Ellen was still holding her mother. Monica fell in and out of consciousness while her body jerked sporadically from the overwhelming feeling of the worm that squirmed inside of her. The older woman’s mind was wide open to let Ellen purge all of the invader’s teachings. She was almost free…

Ellen laid Monica on the cold floor and sat beside her. She lovingly caressed her mother’s belly as it bumped here and there while the worm accommodated itself within the confined space. All she could do now was to wait and hope for a full recovery.

Moments later, Monica regained consciousness and sat up. Ellen looked at her mother with anxiousness, waiting to see the changes in her personality.

“Ellen? What happened? Where are we? Why are we naked?”

“Mom! Is it really you? Are you ok now?”

Monica couldn’t remember anything after the unexpected visit from Ellen’s teacher, Sara, almost a year ago. She listened in shock while Ellen explained everything that had happened in the last eleven months. The world was never going to be the same but now there was hope. If Monica’s mind could be freed from the invader’s control, then any slave could be turned back to normal.

“Thank you baby! Thank you for saving me!” Monica cried.

“It’s ok. Everything would be fine now,” Ellen said, embracing her mother.


Meanwhile, Gina returned to the place where she had left Megan with the bug-like monster. She was relieved to see that Megan looked fine and the giant bug was gone.

“Megan! Are you ok? Where is the creature?” Gina asked.

“The giant bug had me trapped here, but a moment ago it started acting strange and then just walked away.”

Gina helped Megan up. She couldn’t stop staring at her friend’s bloated belly.

Megan explained, “After you left, this monster started pushing some kind of eggs inside of me. I lost count of how many.”

Wow! She is really stuffed. Gina thought.

After a few steps, Megan stopped. She was not planning to walk around carrying the bug’s babies. “I am going to push them out. Can you help me please?”

“Of course I can,” Gina answered.

Megan spread her legs, placed her hand on her belly and pressed down. She could feel the eggs flipping around but nothing was happening. “They are not coming out!”

Gina carefully touched Megan’s bulging skin, trying to determine how many eggs were inside. I think there are six eggs. Then she said, “Maybe you need to push, as if you were giving birth.”

Following her friend’s suggestion, Megan started pushing with all her might while she kept pressing her belly. She could feel one of the eggs sliding down and stretching her vaginal cavity.

Gina still had her hand on Megan pelvis and could also feel the egg moving, “I think its working! Keep going!”

Seconds later, the greenish surface of a slimy egg was protruding between Megan’s pussy lips.

“I can see it. One is coming out!” Gina exclaimed.

Megan could feel every bump and crevice of the fat, rugged object as it slowly glided down her vaginal walls. Far from being painful, it was a very pleasurable sensation. Megan almost moaned out loud but Gina was right there and it would be too embarrassing to show any sort of excitement. She did her best to restrained herself.

“It is almost all out. Keep pushing!”

Gina grabbed the egg as it vacated Megan’s body. It felt heavy and pulsated with life. “Wow! It looks so strange. Something is moving inside.”

Megan’s legs were shaking while she looked down at it. Both women watched it for a moment and then Gina placed it carefully on the floor. It didn’t feel right to smash it.

“Ok, one down, a few more to go. Let’s do this,” Megan said with renewed encouragement.

Twenty minutes later, there were four slimy eggs already on the floor and another one half way through Megan’s stretched pussy lips. The woman’s whole body trembled from the overwhelming sensation. She was grunting and moaning out load, no longer able to hide the obvious pleasure that the gliding eggs provided for her.

Gina helped by embracing Megan from behind and pressing down on her belly with both hands. She couldn’t blame Megan from feeling so exited since she could feel her own pussy getting wet from the whole situation. “Keep pushing. You are almost done.”

As the fifth egg finally slid out of her pussy, Megan reached an inevitable orgasm. Her legs shook rapidly while the rest of her body jolted uncontrollably. Her eyes rolled back as her entire world concentrated on that spot between her legs that twitched over and over, almost sending her unconscious.

Gina grabbed her friend trying to prevent her from falling over but there was no use, Megan crumbled forward. Shit! She is coming so hard!

Megan lay on her knees for a minute trying to recompose herself. Gina knew that it was not ever yet. There were only five eggs on the floor. One was still inside.

“Are you ok?” Gina asked.

“Sorry… I...” Megan mumbled.

Gina interrupted, “You don't need to explain. I have been in the same situation myself. There is still one egg inside. You just need to push a little more and it is over.”

“I can’t push anymore. I am exhausted. You have to get it out,” Megan said in a low voice.

“Me?” Gina asked surprised. She thought about for a moment. She still needed to find Yvonne so there was no time to waste. “Ok, I’ll do it. Are you ready?”

Gina instructed Megan to lay on her back while she scanned her friend’s belly. The egg was far inside.

“I am ready,” Megan said.

Gina moved her hand as gentle as possible, pumping Megan’s pussy with her fingers until her whole fist was inside. Megan’s skin was still very tender from her previous experience and Gina’s hand was triggering countless sensations that traveled from head to toe.

How can she be so tight after pushing out all those fat eggs? Gina thought.

The detective could clearly feel Megan’s cavity clutching down on her forearm as she pushed her hand deeper and deeper, until she found the round object lodged comfortably within her belly. Megan was going out of her mind and couldn’t even hear her friend’s words. “I’ve got it! I’m pulling it out!”

Gina grabbed the egg and pulled it out very slowly while Megan jerked and twisted like a fish out of water, undergoing another mind-blowing orgasm that overwhelmed her already wrecked body.

I better hurry or she is going to fall unconscious. Gina thought.

Finally, the last egg came out of Megan’s body. The exhausted woman lay limp on her back, breathing heavily. She stared up with unfocused eyes, trying to collect her thoughts.

“It is done! You can rest for a moment,” Gina said, still holding the egg.

“Th….thanks…” Megan responded, still out of breath.

“We have to keep moving soon. Yvonne might be in trouble and we need to find her,” Gina said as she stood up.

That was so fucking great! Megan thought, surprising herself. Her orgasmic aftermath still lingered, but she wanted to help Yvonne, “Ok… Just give me a minute.”

Gina started walking towards the door and Megan followed close behind, looking down at the six greenish eggs piled up on the floor. She felt her pussy stir slightly as she moved her hand to her flat belly. I can’t believe all those things fit inside of me.


Gina and Megan searched the enemy base, passing a few bugs that walked freely and without purpose across the halls. The detective heard a woman’s voice in a room ahead and looked carefully inside.

“There she is! Be careful. Don’t let the creature see you.” Gina whispered.

Megan also peaked inside.

Holy crap! She is mounting a freaking ugly monster!

Yvonne was indeed fucking the creature like there was no tomorrow. It was the same humanoid monster that chose her when they first entered the complex. She bounced up and down on his cock while waving her hips back and forth in a sensual rhythm. Her half-opened eyes displayed a strange detachment indicating that she was under some sort of narcotic influence. Yvonne caressed her nipples showing an obvious, uncontrolled excitement.

Gina was barely able to see the base of the creature’s large cock penetrating Yvonne’s pussy. But she could see the outline of his phallus going all the way up her belly. Yvonne grunted as the air was expelled from her lungs every time she let her body smash down on her mate.

Gina moved closer and hid behind a nearby column. She considered jumping on the couple and pushing Yvonne away from the monster but it was too dangerous. The creature had its sharp blades at either side of Yvonne and he only needed a fraction of a second to cut her in half.

If I had my gun, I’d blow this fucker’s brains out right now, Gina thought.

While Gina analyzed the situation, Yvonne was completely unaware of her surroundings. All she cared about was the large phallus shoved between her legs and the overwhelming pleasure that it gave her. She couldn’t remember how her state of mind changed from wanting to kill this monster to wanting to fuck him so badly. But it didn’t matter anymore; her mind was trapped in a loop of unending bliss as a strand of drool fell from her lower lip.

The monster lifted his head slightly and spoke. Gina heard the same gibberish she had heard before but somehow Yvonne seemed to understand. She began to change her position…

Yvonne placed her feet on the ground and sat back on his cock. This position allowed for longer and deeper penetrations. The monster was using Yvonne like a sexual puppet.

Gina observed her friend bouncing and moaning. She remembered when the other monster climaxed inside of Candra, back at their home base. The creature had lost control for a few seconds allowing her to escape. The same thing might happen here too. This would give her time to pulled Yvonne to safety, away from those blades. Gina decided to wait. There was a metal box sitting on the floor between her and the couple and this gave her an idea.

This will be your last orgasm, you ugly beast, Gina though angrily.

Megan, still standing near the entrance, was having completely different thoughts, I’m getting horny again just by watching them. What’s wrong with me?

Several minutes later, Gina was still waiting. Yvonne looked tired but she never stopped moving her hips. The creature was making strange noises and his tail moved in waves with increasing intensity.

I think it’s almost time. I have to be ready.

The creature spoke a few more words and Yvonne started moving faster. The woman’s legs trembled, part from the exertion and part from the bliss of her lover’s cock penetrating so deep inside of her, filling her so utterly.

Suddenly, Yvonne and the creature stopped moving completely. They both closed their eyes at the same time as if their minds were connected. Yvonne felt his cock enlarging within her tight cavity and the monster felt her pussy clutching down on his phallus. The couple stayed like this for a brief moment… then they both exploded in climax!

The monster growled loudly as he sprayed his cum into his mate’s soft body. His tail shook like a rattlesnake and his gills stood erect from the pleasure of spreading his seed.

Yvonne was in the same state of arousal but for reasons she could not understand. There she was, receiving a huge load of sperm from an ugly monster and yet she was shaking uncontrollably from the greatest orgasm of her life. She felt the monster’s cock pulsate as it discharged load after load of white, sticky cum inside her body, filling her womb to the limit, making her shudder in ecstasy.

The moment Gina saw the white sperm spraying out of Yvonne’s pussy she knew it was time. The climaxing creature never saw the Detective lifting the heavy metal box, ready to drop it over his head with all her might. This was going to be his last time fucking a human female.

Let’s see how you like this box on your head, you fucking rapist.

The box smashed down on the creature’s head, crushing his skull against the floor. Gina could clearly hear his neck breaking within a brief muffled grunt from the monster. The creature shook for a few seconds with agonizing spasm until it lay completely still. He was dead.

Meanwhile, Yvonne shook for a few more seconds until her lingering orgasm faded down and she rested exhausted on her back. Gina knelt by her side, lifting her head and trying to wake her out of her blissful reverie.

“Yvonne! Wake up! It is over. We won the war!”

“Is she okay?” Megan asked, approaching them.

Gina saw Yvonne’s belly twitching as the monster’s cock continued to pump sperm even after he was dead. Yvonne moaned softly while she whispered a few unexpected words to Gina. Whatever drug had made her fuck the monster, was still circling in her veins. “Gina… make love to me..”

Gina smiled briefly from her friend’s request. She thought it was actually not a bad idea but this was not the place or the time, “We need to move her. His cock is still inside of her.” Gina said, looking at Yvonne's cum-leaking pussy.

She start pulling Yvonne’s limp body away as the monster’s cock vacated her shivering body. Wow! She is full of sperm. I hope she doesn’t get pregnant.

They waited a moment until Yvonne recovered enough to walk. Gina embraced her friend and helped her out into the hall. It was a long way back to the home base.

“Come on Megan. Let’s go home,” Gina said, looking over her shoulder at Megan, who was still staring at the dead monster.

“Okay. I’m right behind you.” Megan said. He was certainly ugly. But his cock is gorgeous.


After Ellen liberated her mother’s mind from enslavement, they walked calmly towards the exit. The reptilian had explained that most of the creatures would be docile after the death of the mind-controller, but he forgot to mention that intelligent creatures like Gorogn were still a dangerous menace.

He was hiding around the corner of a narrow hall, watching at Ellen and Monica walking towards him, unaware of his presence. Gorogn wondered how Ellen managed to fix Monica’s brain. It didn't matter. He was stronger than her. The invasion may have failed but I am not leaving this place empty handed.

“Despite everything that had happened, I feel great; full of energy,” Monica said to Ellen.

“Yes. I feel the same way. These creatures did something to us. They improved our bodies somehow,” Ellen responded.

When the two sexy women reached the corner, Gorogn jumped out, grabbing Monica’s arm and pulling her towards him. “You are coming with me.”

“Oh my God! A monster!” Monica screamed.

“What the fuck?!” Ellen said.

Gorogn was not alone. A giant bug was there to protect him. Unlike the other slave creatures, this bug was controlled directly by Gorogn, so the master’s demise didn’t interfered with its obedience.

Catching them completely off guard, Gorogn had enough time to lift Monica onto his shoulder and move behind the bug. Gorogn ordered it to attack, “Kill her!”

“Ellen, help me!” Monica yelled.

“Leave her alone!” Ellen said to Gorogn as she prepared to attack. But at that instant, the bug threw a killer strike with one of its tentacles. Ellen moved away barely in time to avoid it. Fuck! This creature is fast!

Ellen reacted jumping forward and grabbing one of the creature’s eye-stalks. Her eyes were already starting to glow in a bright blue.

Gorogn walked away as fast as he could with Monica bouncing on his shoulder. She was too scared to remember that she was stronger than before and she could put up a good fight against her captor.

“Hold on mom. I won’t let him take you!” Ellen yelled, without taking her eyes off the bug's eye.

The large bug wrapped one tentacle around Ellen’s waist and prepared the other to impale her. But suddenly it stopped moving. It’s tiny, vulnerable brain was no match for Ellen’s hypnotic powers and it fell almost instantly under her control. Ellen only had to think about a command and the bug obeyed. “Stop moving!”

With the bug frozen in place, Ellen ran to help her mother. Gorogn was not a fast runner and she would be able to catch them very quickly. While she ran, several images popped into her mind, remembering all the sexy times she spent with Gorogn before being rescued.

How could I forget about Gorogn? Now I even remember swallowing his cum … Then Ellen remembered something else, the space portal was not far ahead. No! The portal!

She couldn’t let Gorogn use it or she would never be able to find him and her mother. She feared the worst.

When Ellen reached the room, it was too late! The solid figures of Gorogn and her mother were already vanishing into space towards an unknown destination.

“No!” Ellen screamed.

She could hear Gorogn's sinister laughter before they disappeared completely.


An hour later, Gina, the reptilian and the rest of the girls reached their home base. The news about winning the war had traveled fast and everyone was celebrating. There was a woman happily offering herself to an ally creature that looked exactly like the one that pushed the messenger inside Megan's body.

Megan looked at them and became jealous, I hope that is not my pet or she will get her ass kicked.

“Wow! I can see everyone knows about the good news,” Gina exclaimed as she saw more couples mating around the room.

“This planet will now become part of our universal federation. We will share our technology with your people and everyone will be free to come and go as they please,” the reptilian said.

“And we will honor our deal of helping you with your reproduction problem. As you can see, some of us are already at it,” Gina responded with a smile.

“I can see that. Both our races will thrive as one.”

Another reptilian was pounding at one blonde’s ass. He increase his rhythm while his breathing became heavier, clear indication that he was reaching his peak. The curvy woman was moaning loudly not caring about anything but the wonderful, large cock that penetrated her so fine.

“I have to go back to my planet but many of my people will stay here,” the reptilian said.

“I am coming with you,” Ellen said, stepping out of the shadows, “Gorogn took my mother and I am going to find her.”

“You should realize that they could be anywhere. It could take you a very long time and the universe can be a dangerous place. There are millions of planets inhabited by all sorts of strange creatures,” the reptilian said.

“I’ll deal with those creatures if I have to, one by one. But I am going and I will find her.”

“Very well. It is your choice. Let’s go,” the reptilian agreed.

“Have a nice trip and be careful out there,” Gina said as she watched them go. Then she turned her head towards the orgy in front of her. She saw the other reptilian reaching his peak and spurting a large amount of cum into the climaxing blonde. From now on, life on Earth is going to get very interesting.

Then Gina remember one last thing she had to do... That reminds me; where are the amphibians? I need to “punish” them for deceiving me.

Just thinking about it made Gina’s pussy flutter.

The end.

Note from the author: There is a graphic version of this story.

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