Craig was good but Joe was better
Annie was on her way home from work, it was a dismal rainy night. Traffic wasn't bad at this hour she had worked until 8:00h her usual 12 hour day. On her way home she had found an oldies but goodies radio station, as she listened to the old songs she longed for the simple days in the past when you talked to your neighbors, you actually knew them. Annie had lived in her house for four years and not one of her neighbors had a simple hello. She and Craig had introduced themselves to the neighbors when they moved in they weren't expecting to make life long friends, just a simple hello now and again.

Finally pulling up in front of her house she noticed a light on, she new it had to be her ex, he had called her last week. He wanted to get laid, his little bimbo had left him three months into our separation. He was forever calling but this wasn't such a bad day and he was already there and she could use a warm hug from the guy she had loved for so many years, someone she knew. So she thought she would play this cool let him surprise her.

She went in through the garage and took her coat off, she went to her office and put her briefcase down and went right to her bedroom. She undressed and got into the shower, she could feel his presence,  she didn't say a word, he was beside her holding her from behind. He started kissing her neck and fondling her breasts, it felt so dam good she leaned into him. She could feel his erection and that felt great. He bent her forward and put his cock in her vagina slowly at first then he picked up the pace. She gasped then as he plunged it deep, he knew all the right moves, as he thrust it into her over and over the friction became to much and she came so hard and long he knew he was in for a long wonderful night. He could make this A habit if she would let him. When she was ready again he took his cock out and put it in her ass she moaned and accepted him with a flurry of words, fuck me Craig, fuck me and he sped up until they both came. It had been to long since they both had fucked so it didn't take long, but it left them wanting. They finished there shower and moved to the bedroom. She laid down on her stomach and he finger fucked her pussy while he mounted her ass again. She loved it this way and now they could fuck for some time and they went at it. He was telling her how great a fuck she was while she was telling him what a cock sucker he was. She wasn't going to cut him any slack just because he was fucking her and she was loving it. Craig baby harder honey harder, he went to it then and went deep and hard she came within a minute and was ready again in less time..
She wanted to change positions and she got on the floor doggie style, he was huge but felt bigger like this, she came again... Craig said baby I want you more often, I could fuck you every day if you would let me move in again. She said don't talk just fuck me Craig fuck me, he knew what would really get to her so he started pulling out to his head and ramming her with his full length pulling and ramming her she came over and over yelling yes Craig yes honey fuck me fuck me ummmmmmm
Now baby now that meant go deep and grind both her ass and her pussy and they both were yelling as they came. Oh my god Craig that was wonderful have you got anything left before you pull your cock? He pulled anyway and said stand up and I'll show you he picked her up spreading her legs around him and pushed her into the wall he fucked her with upward strokes that went so dam deep she couldn't even think, she came again and again, he was exhausted but wanted to give it to her until she begged him to stop. He put her on the chest of drawers and entered her pussy with a savage need to get hgis own orgasm, it proved to be his undoing. Facing her like that he kissed her for the first time since they separated he had forgotten how good she kissed and kiss him she did, she fucked his mouth as he came and she went with him to climax
Together in a huge orgasm that neither of them would forget. He went down on his knees as she slid from the chest and hugged him. They held each other until they were cold and they climbed into bed holding each other.

They had fallen asleep but Annie woke up feeling him between her legs again, he said oh baby one more time. And he warmed her up with his fingers until she wanted him more than ever, he entered her slow and pulled to his head and entered again and again making her beg him to stay in her, oh Craig baby fuck me deep honey fuck me deeper, harder harder now baby now.

Omg omg you are a fucking stud and he fucked her for more than an hour before she said, I need a break big boy. Please i need a break he thrust into her hard and fast until they both came together again. He said baby I'll pull if you let me in one more time after our break. She said yes baby yes.

It was almost time for Annie to get ready for work, so they talked as he made them both breakfast. Craig had lost his job and he had to give notice last month on his apartment. He had no way to pay the rent, he had to move in ten days. Annie asked what about the money we divided? Craig said that half went to the down payment on his BMW  and that he had to take a huge loss on it when he took it back last month. And the rest went to wining and dining his bimbo. He had nothing left, Annie couldn't believe he had been so foolish. Craig I'm going to call in sick, we need to talk and there is that one more time.

The one more time came before they finished talking, Annie moved around the dining room table and opened her bath robe as she took a seat on crags growing cock. She began kissing him as she had before and he thrust up into her as she tried to get her breath. He was sucking on her breasts and she was in heaven he was lifting her by her waste and slamming her down on his engulfed cock, it was a position he never did with his bimbo, remembering Annies love of it this way he couldn't. d it with someone else. She threw her head back and arched her back as he kept pumping his cock into her pussy. She had multiple orgasms one after the
other until he could take no more and thrust into her deep and begged her not to move.
She kissed him with her mouth wide and her tongue using every inch of his mouth, she sucked his tongue knowing it would arouse him yet again and she began to hump him faster and faster, he said omg woman you are in real need and I am going to give you your fill. Annie couldn't believe his stamina, they could have been lovers again. In college she thought he was a fucking animal always wanting more, now she was just as bad as he is. They fucked for hours until finally.
Annie said we really have to talk.

After their shower they grabbed a cup of coffee and sat at the dining room table. Annie said so Craig what you are saying is, you want to move back in because you have no other place to go and you are also broke. So I could make a deal with you,
Or I could just tell you to go fuck yourself. Annie, listen I don't mean to bust your chops with this, I am simply at the bottom, right now and you are really my only hope. So what ever conditions you place I will hold up to whatever your needs are. Nothing like our marriage that began changing on your part after a month? Okay that's fair I was overwhelmed, I missed the excitement of dating you not knowing if i would get laid, then you were there all the time. Is that what happened with bimbo, Annie asked? No she left when I  put the brakes on spending. Annie said let me fuck you one more time while I think. Oh my god woman are you starved, Annie said just for your cock your bullshit you can keep. Stay where you are I didn't put underwear on. She lifted her leg over him and stood in fronton him and said well we are at the dining room table aren't you hungry.
He said, Annie you never wanted me to do this before, Annie said, you never listened when I asked. So what is it did you hear me this time? Craig was more than willing and he began by caressing every inch of her groin as his tongue followed his fingers he licked he sucked, and a little nibble once in awhile, he placed his thumb in her opening and massaged it until she came then he licked the juices from her and asked if she was ready

to have a seat on his cock? She didn't answer she simply sat down so hard he felt skinned. Annie careful, of what Annie replied, don't you like it when I get ruff and she slammed down on him again he moaned then and she continued coming herself within minutes. Now big boy the game is in your court. Craig was excited to thrill her and thrill her he did, stood up with her and pulled one of her legs up sharply and entered her with the same thrust she had given him and again and again until she could no longer keep her balance on one leg. So he picked her up and set her on the edge of the table and turned her over and entered her ass she couldn't
Breath he was thrusting so hard and fast but when she came she screamed for him to keep fucking her, don't stop fuck me baby fuck me. When they finished Annie was ready to give her terms to him.

Yes you can move in but leave everything in boxes in the garage, only your clothes can come in. The guest room will be yours you have six weeks to find a job or you are out. I don't expect any money fog this but I also will not give you any money, so don't ask. I expect you to clean the house and have my dinner ready when I get home. When I want to fuck I will tell you,
That doesn't mean that I don't want you to try, just don't get on my nerves.

Having made the agreement Annie went to do some work in her office, while Craig cleaned up in the kitchen. When he finished he asked if he could borrow her car, Annie said no in a hurry. She said listen craig I want this to be a decent resolution to your problems, but your problems will not become mine. Craig said he understood, however he had no vehicle to which Annie said she was sorry. Craig stood around about a second to long when Annie said and what is it now? Craig said oh I was just thinking about this morning and how dam good you felt. Annie said Craig I won't be free until six or later this evening I would like to have a steak
The salad fixings are there to. Craig said great that sounds good, I can grill them. Annie said don't bother I don't have a grill anyway and there is just one Craig unless you brought your own? I am not going to feed you Craig, I am only housing you I am not loaning you my car any money or anything else, please don't hassle me.

Craig took stock of what this adventure might bring him, and what it might cost him. He decided to give a last friend a call.
Hey Joe, Craig I was wondering if you still wanted a boarder? Joe said yes in fact I ran an ad for this weekend, well Joe I am looking, why don't I come by tonight and have a look if I like it you can cancel the ad. Joe said hey that sounds great let me give you the address. Well, Craig said, I actually don't know how I would get there tonight unless I could talk you into picking me up. Joe said, don't you have a car? Craig said, mine is in for servicing these foreign cars take a week so I am on foot until next week. Okay Joe said give me your address, Craig of course gave him Annies address and Joe agreed to pick him up by 5:30. Great Craig thought I won't have to cook dinner or clean up. He decided to take a nap, when he woke Up it was 5:45 and the door bell was ringing. He went to the door and there was Joe, Annie could here them talking and quickly learned that Craig was going to rent from him. She walked out and introduced herself as Craigs ex and was pleasantly
surprised at how handsome Joe was. She flirted as he did for a couple of minutes and then said boy Craig I hope you get your car back before next week I can't even bring you back tonight. Oh Annie said Craig isn't coming back here tonight he doesn't live here, he just stopped by, but won't be coming back, as she looked at Craig. Oh and by the way Joe he doesn't have a car. Craig told Joe he would explain on the way, Annie said maybe you can explain to me why you lied to me?

Right here right now so Joe can be my witness. Craig looked at Joe with a shrug and again said I will explain on the way. Annie said no Craig I want you to explain in front of Joe so that he knows what he is in for. Joe said what do you mean by that? Annie said well Craig is my ex but he told me last night he was destitute no money, no car, and had to move in ten days because he couldn't pay his rent. So Annie asked Craig again will you explain so that I understand why you are lying? Craig said let's go Joe this could be more than you want to know. Joe said I think it's exactly what Annie and I both want to know.

Annie called a cab for Craig and gave the cabbie twenty bucks to take him wherever it would get him. Joe waited for him to leave and thanked Annie for being so candid. She invited him for a glass of wine and they talked for an hour when Joe asked her out to dinner for Sunday afternoon early dinner. Annie said she would meet him there and bid him a safe trip home. She was livid with Craig but was glad she found out that she didn't know the man he had become at all. Annie was glad she met Joe, he seemed to be a nice guy, but she would give him plenty of rope, to see where or if it led anywhere.

Joe took Annie to the park and brought a basket and a blanket. It was a beautiful sunny day, not to hot and to cool. They chose A spot at the edge ifthe park and under a weeping willow tree, they were barely visible, the trees weeping branches were like an umbrella coming almost to the ground. Joe spread the blanket and sat Annie down, he handed her two glasses and he popped the cork on Asti spamonti chamaign. He toasted her for her courage to tell the truth and let Craig know she wasn't afraid of him. He laid their dinner out and had Annie fix their plates they had a wonderful vegetable pizza that he had made and cottage cheese with fruit. He had fixed strawberries withba fruit dip for dessert. He hand fed Annie the strawberries And it was so sensual Annie wanted him to fuck her right then. Joe knew what she wanted and he said Annie are you sure
Annie said oh my god yes he said get on your hands and knees and then sit back in my cock, she was so wet he had justA little problem getting his robust cock in her. Annie, gasped as he made his second thrust into her, he felt so big around.
He fuxked her hard she came within a half dozen strokes, but he didn't stop. He was holding her by her hips and as he thrust he pulled her into him,omgomg ummmmmm fuck me Joe fuck me. Joe said you are so fucking tight I can't get enough of you.
Annie said don't stop Joe you are perfect in me ummmmmmm fuck me Joe your cock is so big. Am I hurting you, Annie said only if you stop. Joe went for it then and put her back on her hands and knees and fucked her doggie style. He was getting bigger Annie knew he was going to come,she begged him not to stop but he came almost right away. Joe said just give me a minute Annie he pulled his cock and when he tried to reenter her he hit her anus, Annie said go for it Joe I love it. He plunged In then and fucked her for an hour with slow hard rams Annie felt stretched to her maximum and the feeling was so intense she came over and over again. she invited Joe home with her to shower.

You are wonderful Joe I can't believe we did that in the park, I think several people saw us but I couldn't stop. He said you where beyond anything I have had Annie let's see how good it is in the shower. Before they could get their clothes off Joe was in her pussy fucking her hard Annie said harder Joe, he asked if she was sure? Oh yes Joe yes, he got ruff and a bit ruffer Annie loved it, saying more Joe more he put her on the bed then and absolutely fuxked her deep and harder than Annie had ever been fucked. As they both came Annie cried out oh my gid that was divine Joe. He said let me get another bottle of bubbly well have a break before I fuck you again. Annie was thrilled she wanted it again and before they finished their drink he took her again this time from behind in her ass. Annie said take me hard again I loved it, Joe said oh god Annie I'd love to, and he
Gave hervthe best fucking she had ever had. It was raw fucking she held nothing back she talked dirty to him, that made him go even harder but this time Annie was getting sore and she asked him to stop and get in the shower with her. Once there she asked him to fuck her pussy again, he still had a hard on and was more than happy to oblige her. They went at it hard until the water turned cold, he lifted her onto his cock then and carried her to her chest of drawers where he sat her on the edge and thrust up into her. Annie told Joe she wanted it harder, ruffer so he pocked her up and put her on the floor doggie style.
Again he squeezed her tits as he slammed her pussy harder than before, Annie came instantly and kept coming until he was ready to cum, it was an hour of ruff hot fucking that Annie couldn't get enough of.

It was getting late, Joe had to leave soon but he finger fucked Annie and kissed her, telling her he loved every minute if his time with her. Can you come back tomorrow night Annie asked? He said I get off at 4:00 what about you? Annie said that would be great I'll fix dinner and see you about 5:00. They excghaged cell phone numbers, just in case one of them couldn't make it.

Annie picked up chinees food and Joe drove up at the same time she did. They couldn't get into the house fast enough. Just inside the front door he kissed her as they were both taking their clothes off. He helped her finish and took her there the first time, Annie told him get ruff Joe I loved it yesterday, I had great dreams of you fucking me last night. Oh Joe said it wasn't a dream I want to wake up from, to bad we have to work. They ate then and picked up their clothes and headed to the shower. Annie was laughing she told Joe she had never eaten naked before, he laughed saying he hadn't either but they should do it again it made him even hungrier for ner. You have the most beautiful body Annie I want it now. Oh Joe I'm yours take me anyway you want, I would like to watch this time as you enter me can we use this chair and I'll straddle you? By all means baby and he kissed her deeply, as she sat down on his coxk they both watched it disappear inside her pussy she
Rose slowly to his tip and slid back down his shaft he was moaning and said oh my god Annie you are great keep going.
Watching my cock go in and out of you totally turns me on. She said he was awesome, that his cock hit her g spot more times than she had ever had it. But he stood up with her then and pulled his cock and put her on the floor and ass fucked her until she cried for mercy. Oh Joe I am still pretty sore well have to take a rain check on that position for awhile. He said let's stay like this and I'll fuck your pussy as soon as I clean up. When he came back Annie was waiting and told him just this one more time Joe I have to do some work I brought home. But Joe take me hard and ruff will you? He asked her to stay on her back he got down and lifted her hips and put each leg over a shoulder and told her to watch again. He absolutely thrust so hard it pushed Annie forward he did it hard and ruff as they both watched for over an hour before he came. When he did he stayed deeper thanhehad gone Annie squealed in delight as she came with him. Omg don't move annie he's still cumming and so was Annie. Annie said don't pull Joe please you feel amazing in me. Joe asked her if she had to quit Annie said maybe we shouldn't. Joe said just one more time honey, just one more time. He knew he could last for hours now and he wanted her more than ever. He told her how he loved her long blonde hair, lush breasts, and her thin body and this long legs wrapped around him.

They did take a break and Annies ass was sore but he loved the way she liked it ruff and this time he wanted to give it to her harder than he had. He pit her on the table and put her wonderful long legs, one over each shoulder, he ate pussy and sucked and licked until Annie said Joe baby i have cum so many times can you fuck me now, he entered her slow then he rammed it home. Annies eyes were huge he id it again and again she came the whole entire time oh Joe I love it this time he plunged into her and stayed deep and gave her short fast strokes he was like a rabbit but the force beehind each stroke was enough to bring tears to her eyes, when Joe saw her tears he pulle his cock and hugged her to him. Annie said Joe are you alright, he looked at her and said you are the one with tears in your eyes.
Oh she said these are tears of happiness I have never felt so fuxked in my life please don't stop. He kissed her as he penetrated her pussy again and again she must have liked it, so he went even deeper and gave her short fast and brutal strokes she scream sped for him not to quit please Joe fuck me please fuck me omg Joe yes yes ummmmmmmmm now honey now and he went so deep Annie lost her ability to breath Jo said Annie breath breath, oh she said don't stop please don't stop I just want you in me Joe. I am calling in sick tomorrow if you will? Yea baby I will and I will fuck you all night and all day tomorrow. Annie hugged him and they fucked again and again.....

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