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Jesus, history class is boring. The teacher is just droning on and on about a subject that we’ve all had shoved down our throats; the dicking the Germans gave the Jews during World War II. The teacher, Mr. Lockhart is explaining some assignment about how we need to watch a movie about the war, noting its perspective on the conflict, and give an oral report to the class next week. He expects us to choose a movie like Schindler’s List, but I’ve already chosen to do my report on Quentin Tarantino’s, Inglorious Basterds.

My best friend Jack leans over to me and whispers in my ear, “Hey Leon.”

“What?” I snap back.

“You see her?” He asks.

“Her?” I gesture across the room trying to clarify who he’s talking about.

He points this time and says, “No. Her.”

He’s pointing at a girl who had joined the class a few days before. Apparently her family just moved to town from Ohio or somewhere boring like that.

“Oh the new girl. I think her name’s Jessica, right?”

“That’s right,” he answered. “She has some rack, doesn’t she?”

“That she does,” I said.

And in fact, she does have quite the rack. If I had to guess her tits are a big C or maybe even a D. She has fair skin, not too pale, but not too dark. Blonde hair that goes just past her shoulders, blue eyes, and skin tight jeans that make her round ass pop. And I think she’s sixteen. Maybe seventeen. She is quite the knockout. As for me, I’m just your average seventeen year old boy. Average brown unkempt hair, average green eyes, average height, and average build. Average everything. I might as well be named John Smith. Speaking of which, the only unaverage thing about me is my name. Leon. Sounds exotic, don’t it?

“I dare you to spank her after class,” Jack says.

“What? No way. That’s insane,” I say.

“Why not?”

“Why not? Why don’t you do it?”

“Because I got Shelly,” he says.

“Well no. I’m not doing it,” I say.

“Come on. I’ll burn you out after class if ya do,” he offers.

I think for a second then say, “Deal.”

Mr. Lockhart is finally cut off by the bell and we all pour out of class. I make sure I exit right behind Jessica and begin to execute my attack. I check my escape route then go for it. I give that firm round ass the slap of a lifetime. Then as I turn to flee the scene, I find my escape route blocked by a wall of people. I’m trapped. Jessica begins to turn around and only one thought runs through my head; “I’m dead.” She turns around and says,

“Well, well, well. Who might you be?”

“Um, I’m Leon,” I manage to stammer out.

“Oh, you’re in Mr. Lockhart’s class with me, aren’t you? Isn’t he so boring? He just goes on and on and on.”

“Yeah, he certainly does,” I say awkwardly.

“It’s surprising. I’ve been here for about a week now and not a single guy has made a move on me until just now. If I knew the guys in this town had no balls, I wouldn’t have let my parents move us here.”

“Well, I certainly am surprised that no guys have tried to hit on you, you’re gorgeous.”

She blushes and gives a little twirl. “Really? You think?”

“No, I don’t think,” I say. “I know.” She flutters her eyes at me and starts to send signals with her body. “Look, my friend and I are about to go get high. You’re welcome to join us. If you’d like.”

“I’d love that,” she says.

I get Jack and we head off on our way. We settle down in the field behind the locker rooms and smoke a couple joints. We laugh and joke as we pass and take hits. When we ran out, Jack sprays us down with his cologne, “Freedom,” by Calvin Klein, and says “Oh shit, I’m late for Political Science.”

I say, “I have a free period.”

And Jessica says, “I have math. But I can skip,” and she nuzzles into my shoulder.

“Well, I’ll be on my way. See ya later, Leon.”

“Later Jack.”

Jack left Jessica and I. We were alone. And well, I think you can guess what happens when two high teenagers who are attracted to each other are left alone. She climbed onto my life and pulled my face into hers. We sit there and make out. I don’t think we were even breathing, just embracing one another. My left hand goes to her breast and my right goes top her ass. She doesn’t resist, so I enjoy her lips, ass, and tit freely for a few minutes. Then, as I got more daring, I slip my hand into her pants. She breaks the kiss for the first time. I think I’ve gone too far as she says,

“Mmmmmm, you’re getting a bit frisky, aren’t ya? I like it. Let’s go somewhere a bit more comfy.”

So we stand up and I accompany Jessica to the girl’s locker room. It was the middle of fifth period and no one would be in here for a while. I slam Jessica against the lockers and force my tongue down her throat. After a few minutes of this she pushes me off of her and has me sit down on a bench. She begins to perform a striptease for me. She sways her hips as she slowly and sexily removes her clothing. She peels off her shirt, slowly, and frees her braless tits from their prison. They bounce as the clothing departs from her skin. Her perfectly pink, quarter sized nipples stand hard and true. She bends over in front of me, giving me the view of her hanging breasts. At this point I’m hard as a rock. And before I could get enough, she turns around and replaces her tits swinging in my face with her denim covered ass. She jiggles it in front of me before starting to take it off. I hear the sound of her zipper being unzipped and then the fabric begins to come down. Slowly her round behind shows itself to me. It’s like the sun rising. Soon I was staring at her barely covered ass. The only thing on it was a black lacy thong that left very little to the imagination. While her ass is sizable, it’s perfectly firm. No cellulite to be found anywhere. I lean forward to bury my face in her gorgeous cheeks when she looks back and says,

“Woah, not so fast. No touching, hotshot.”

After a few more seconds of having her perfect ass in my face she turns around and I look up at her face and her breasts. They almost look better from below. Then I stare right in front of me, into her panty covered pussy. She whispers, almost seeming like she’s afraid to ask,

“Would you like to remove my panties?”

I don’t even respond and just rip them off. Now, staring back at me as if it’s a living creature is her glistening wet, pink pussy. Just above it is a well-trimmed landing strip. Instinctively I lean forward and take her hard clit into my mouth. I nearly devour it. I lap it up like a dog. Along with my oral onslaught, I slip my middle finger into her wet, tight snatch. She moans as pleasure overcomes her body. Eventually she pulls away and says,

“My turn.”

She rubs her body against mine as she lowers herself to between my legs. She unzips my pants and releases my hard, seven inch cock. She gives it a few pumps before she takes it into her mouth. She puts the head into her mouth and uses her tongue to lick around it. She looks up at me as she lowers her head and takes my member down her throat. She sucks my cock and moans sending vibrations through my spine. It’s ultimate bliss, and just before I can think it can’t get better than this, she raises her head to the tip of my dick and wraps her tits around my remaining cock. She titfucks me as she sucks me off. We’re both moaning and right before I exclaim that I’m about to cum, she gets off me and stands up. Before I can complain, she puts a finger to my lips and shushes me.

She mounts me, reaches between my legs and guides my cock to her opening as she lowers herself onto me. She moans as all seven of my inches pierces her. Soon enough, I’m fully inside of her. She sits on my cock for a second before she begins to ride me. Her tits are bouncing in front of my face as she rides me hard. I latch onto one of her nipples as she fucks me. I reach behind her and grab her ass forcefully. I pinch her nipple with my teeth and that elicits a long, throaty moan from her. Between moans and grunts she whispers in my ear,

“I’m. About. To. Cum.”

After she said that, she moans and throws her head back, pushing her tits into me.

“Me too, babe,” I reply.

With that, I put one of my fingers into Jessica’s mouth and she eagerly sucks it. I remove it and then slowly and gently push it into her ass. She moans out loudly and once my finger is fully inside of her she freezes and begins to tremor. She clamps down on my dick and begins to flood it with her juices. She begins to scream and this pushes me over the edge. I grunt as I shoot my cum inside of her and we ride out our orgasms together. Once we’re done, we sit there; embracing each other’s sweaty bodies and enjoy our post-orgasm haze until the bell rings.

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2013-04-16 02:10:17
This is awesome. You should definitely write more.

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2013-04-10 23:26:26
The news articles I've read about Chester don't say what will haeppn to Chester, but I guess they'll be in the Blue Square North, if they manage to survive, because no football until next season will be tough. It will be interesting to see what SI do about this. The easy option is to just exclude them for the season, but that does have some financial effects on the other teams in their league, where each home match is very important to their survival.I tire of the people that just go around trolling very quickly. Yes there are some issues, but quite a few of the problems seem to be more to do with the tactics people are trying to use.As for the things I'd like to see done in the next patch are, in no particular order:1. Resolve the issue with throw-ins after the ball was put out of play for an injury to be treated.2. Resolve another issue with throw-ins where you occassionally see the player throw the ball striaght out in a completely unrealistic way. Saw one yesterday where one of my


2013-02-21 02:21:49
good story... I agree with another reader - you have the potential to be a great writer. Write more stories - i look forward to reading them.

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2013-02-19 22:32:37
i had the most amazing orgasm ;)

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2013-02-19 22:32:17
i came all over my girlfriends panties

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