Twin Japanese Nieces Update

This has been two of the most difficult months that I have ever experienced in my life. Loosing Kayko at the beginning of December 2012 was devastating to say the least. Add in to the mix that I lost my son and one of my nieces and it has been almost unbearable. You never really understand just how your life is structured until you lose your spouse. My heart has never hurt like it has during these last few weeks. I hope none of you ever have to experience what I have. A parent should never have to bury their child let alone your spouse at the same time and a niece. Imagine your world with a hole in it that you can’t fill and the ache of the love of your life being stolen from you, then magnify it by every second of every day and you might understand how I feel. And I will freely admit that there is still quite a bit of anger pinned up in me because of that little bitch that was texting her boyfriend when she killed my family. It has been hard, and the girls have suffered as well. But we are surviving. We spent the majority of December 2012 and the New Year in Fiji, a place that none of us have ever been, and just about as far away from home as you can get without leaving the planet. We are trying to mend.

For my readers and fans that sent me the hundreds of well wishes and the e-mails, Thank you all very much. I had no idea that so many read my stories and had grown to care about my family so much. I really do appreciate it and so do Erin and Saki. I will not comment on the negative or insensitive comments.

I want to make a comment to a reader who sent me an anonymous message. His or her remark really struck home with me and I could tell that his or her feelings were genuine. The comment was to leave the stories up as somewhat of a memorial to Kayko, Mark, Shiori, and Eric. But it was the next comment that made me think. The suggestion was for me to write about Kaykos’ life to help with the healing process. At first I thought this was a ridiculous idea because I hurt so badly. To be honest, I still don’t know if I can ever write again. It is still too painful to describe. But in going through the house to package up Kaykos’ stuff I found her diaries, a series of 18 books she started when she was 8 years old in Japan. And they lead up to the day she was killed. The first 4 volumes are all in Japanese, but then the volumes switch over to English. Some of it is really difficult reading due to my emotional state, but in reading those pages I have come to know that my wife loved me more than any other measureable thing anywhere. She sacrificed her life to become the woman I married, the person you know from my stories, even to the point of personal discomfort and pain. She had given herself to me completely in every way of her own accord. She literally allowed her love for me to consume her completely and rule her destiny. A love of genuine purity, that’s the only way I can describe it. That is how much she loved me. And it took that one anonymous comment for me to wake up and realize it. I know that sounds stupid, but it makes sense to me and that is all that matters. So whoever you are, thank you. You kept the essence of me from spilling out into oblivion.

I am going to attempt to write again. I don’t know how well this is going to work but I will try. A shrink I have been seeing says it will help. I don’t know if he is full of shit or just wants my money, but it does make me feel a little better to have some kind of outlet. So I am going to try and write Kaykos’ story from her point of view. I have never attempted anything like this so it might come out as a disaster. But it’s more for me than anything. Erin and Saki are both supportive of the idea so I will give it a try. I will also finish up the rest of the Twins story line. It will more than likely be a bit more condensed, but I will do my best while the events of last summer are still in my head and heart.

Once again, I want to thank all of my fans who have sent the e-mails and wished me and the girls well. We really do appreciate it.


Twin Japanese Nieces 17 Continued

The girls had just finished the “games” outside and returned into the house. I had told Mark that, for the most part, Shiori was his but he had to take care of her and follow his mothers’ instructions. As Kayko looked down at me while I sat in the lawn chair sipping my scotch, a big smile came across her face.

“That was really nice of you,” she said as she stepped over to me and straddled my chair with her perfect legs.

I watched very intently as she lowered herself down till her wide open pussy came to rest on my dick that was hidden under my robe. Once in place she wiggled back and forth just a little before putting her arms around my neck and looking me in the eye.

“You are such a wonderful man,” she said just before she leaned in and kissed me very tenderly. “I don’t know what we would do without you.”

“I do,” said Jennie as she shifted back and forth a little. “You would be able to walk around without your pussy hurting you!”

Kayko and I both looked up at Jennie who was standing there with a shit eating grin on her face. We knew she was kidding, but she probably was not lying about her pussy. Kayko looked back at me and gave me one more little kiss before standing up.

Looking at Jennie, Kayko said, “Come on inside. I have something that will help you with that.” Kayko then turned and looked at me. “Mike, will you run to the store and get some ice cream? I forgot to pick it up yesterday.”

That was a bit odd. Kayko never forgot anything when she went to the store. She always had a carefully thought out list with her and she was very meticulous about picking up every last item. It had been that way for 13 years. Why, all of a sudden, she had forgotten something like the ice cream was beyond me.

“Sure honey,” I replied as I stood from my chair and began following them in the house.

Inside the house it was dead quiet. It was hard to believe that there were 4 young kids in there somewhere and not a sound to be heard. But if they were doing what my wife had instructed, then I welcomed the silence. Kayko took Jennie up to our bathroom while I got dressed. I could hear Kayko talking quietly to Jennie as I donned my shorts and shirt. Before I left I stepped over to the bathroom and stuck my head in. Kayko had Jennie standing naked over the drain in the middle of the room with the hose from her wash stand sticking in her pussy. Kayko was explaining something to her while water flowed down the insides of her legs and showered down from her pussy.

“I’m gone to the store,” I said as I watched the two in the middle of the room.

“Ok,” Kayko replied as she pulled the hose from inside Jennie, allowing the remaining water to escape her. “We will be ready for you when you return.”

I headed down to the garage. What did she mean by, ‘we will be ready for you’? I started the car and headed out. This was going to take a little bit of time. Kayko likes a specific kind of ice cream and it is only available in a store that is about 20 miles away. I know that sound ridicules, but the remoteness of our house makes going for groceries a rather involved excursion. This trip was going to take almost an hour, but it would put me back home right at lunch time. With the radio pumping out some good tunes, I set out on my mission.

It was almost exactly an hour later when I got home. By this time it was really hot outside, so outside activity was virtually out of the question. I figured everyone would be inside in the AC and I had no issues about joining them. As I walked into the house I noticed that all of the furniture from the far side of the living room had been moved to the side. Essentially the only thing left in its original place was the couch. As I walked in Jennie came out of the hallway connecting the living room to my office and the spare bedroom.

“Glad you’re back,” she said as she took the ice cream from me and placed it in the freezer. “Would you please have a seat on the couch,” she said as she gestured toward the living room. “The show is about to begin.”

Show?! This was going to be interesting. When I was told there were going to be games outside I got to watch the girls give me a great display of pussy control. Now I was going to be treated to a show? I could not think of all the different combinations of events that could take place as I set down in the middle of the couch. My dick started to get hard in anticipation of what might be ahead. Jennie stepped back over to that short hallway and flipped the lights on and off once before coming into the living room and joining me on the couch.

“Aren’t you a part of this too?” I asked as my cousin settled in next to me.

“No,” she replied as she crossed her legs and leaned back. “I am just a spectator like you.”

As soon as Jennie was seated Erin and Kayko both emerged from the hallway. They were both dressed from head to toe in very ornate Japanese kimonos. My god they were absolutely gorgeous! The kimonos were virtually identical so it was a little difficult to distinguish who was who at first. But the apparatus they carried is what made the difference. Erin was carrying a pair of sticks and Kayko was carrying a Japanese Tonkori. It could best be described as a cross between a banjo and a dulcimer. It’s a traditional Japanese string instrument used for entertaining. It had hung on the wall in our bedroom for the last 12 years, but I had no idea that it was a genuine instrument. I had always thought it was just a piece of decoration. I guess I was wrong.

The two came in and stopped in the middle of the room before turning to me and bowing. It was strange to see my daughter bow to me because she had never done it before. I guess it was just part of the show. The two then took up positions on the edge of the fireplace hearth and seated themselves on their knees. Kayko readied her instrument and began playing, plucking the strings in a steady and methodic manner. The music was definitely very Japanese, but it was also absolutely beautiful. I had no idea that Kayko knew how to play. This was a secret she had kept from me for our entire relationship. Kayko played and Erin hit the sticks together at the appropriate times to coincide with the music. It was great. After a minute or two the music paused just long enough for the twins to come in. There was no mistake about it this time, their kimonos were exactly identical. Both of the girls had their hair fixed in the exact same fashion, and the make up on their faces was identical. There was absolutely no way to tell them apart. When they reached the middle of the room the music started again. I must have looked rather stupid sitting there with my mouth hanging open as I watched the two young girls dance in front of me for my entertainment. It was one of the most incredible spectacles I have ever had the privilege of viewing, especially in such an exclusive venue.

Kayko plucked out the music and Erin hit the sticks together as the twins danced in the middle of the living room. Their movements were slow and exacting, but showing the expertise of 11 year olds. There was a bobble here and there, but I was in no position to be a critic. There is no way I could ever duplicate even a few of the moves my two nieces were performing in front of me with virtually expressionless faces. Their arms flowed from move to move as the moved around each other with small but quick steps. It was almost poetic the way they moved their bodies. But it definitely had the feel of something very erotic. As I watched, my dick strained at the zipper of my shorts, longing to be inside any of the beauties that were performing for me on my birthday. It was almost an agonizing experience. I wanted so badly to touch, but yet I also wanted to watch. Torn between my options, I just sat and blankly watched as the dance continued. Jennie didn’t make a sound during the whole performance. I think she too was mesmerized by the beauty and elegance of my gift from the girls. The dance and performance was truly exquisite.

With one last pluck of a string and one final click from the sticks, the twins froze in place in the middle of the room. Kayko and Erin both bowed from their seated positions as Jennie and I both began clapping as loud as we could.

“Bravo! Bravo!” we cheered as the twins stood up straight before bowing to us. “Absolutely excellent!” I reiterated as I stood up and approached them. Both of the twins stood like statues as I stepped up to them and engulfed them in my outstretched arms. “That was so wonderful!” I exclaimed as I hugged them tightly to me.

Kayko and Erin both approached from the fireplace to join in the hug. I felt like the king of the world as I kissed each one of them and thanked them for such a wonderful present. It was only while we were standing in the middle of the room that Mark made his appearance. He was carrying a small tray with all of the remotes on it. As I reached for the remotes, the first thing I did was to grab the one that belonged to Shiori and hand it to Mark.

“There you go son,” I said as I dropped it into his hand. “The keys for your future.”

Mark looked at the remote with a smile on his face as I picked up the rest of them. I turned Kayko on first, followed by Erin and then Saki. My three girls all twitched a little as the eggs inside them sprang to life. A faint and muffled hum eased up in the air from my three beautiful girls. All of them were going to cum for me, as an added bonus, as I resumed my seat on the couch and watched them intently. Mark and Shiori made a B line for the stairs and were in his room before you could have said “ala-ka-zam”. I guess he was tired of waiting and was going to try and fuck Shioris pussy right out of her.

“Girls,” Kayko said sharply with a noted quiver to her voice. “Quickly go and change your clothes and get back down here. Mike wants to see all of you cum.”

Saki didn’t have time to do anything before her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. She began shaking and humping her hips forward and back against the empty air as her pussy gripped and convulsed around the vibrating egg. Her mouth opened in a big O as she stood and shook almost uncontrollably. Then, without warning, Saki stepped forward, pulled open the flaps of her kimono, and set her bare pussy down on my knee.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed as she ground her clit against my leg and dug her fingernails into the skin of my thigh. “I’m cumming so hard!”

Her small body twitched back and forth erratically as wave after wave surged through her. A warm and slick wet spot coated my knee as her juice coated my skin and increased the ease at which she was sliding back and forth. I was completely enjoying myself as I watched her cum over and over with no intention of turning the egg off. Erin had made it halfway up the stairs before she had to stop and dig into her pussy with her fingers. I twisted my head around and watched her when she moaned loudly as her hand dug at her crotch while her other hand hung on to the hand rail for dear life. For a moment I thought she was going to fall and quickly turned the egg off. It only took a few seconds before Erin recovered with a big sigh and continued up the stairs. She looked back at me with a very satisfied smile just before she disappeared into the upstairs hall. Kayko was still standing in the middle of the living room watching Saki cum like a waterfall. My wife had considerably more practice at this than the girls, so she was able to control her reactions better. She smiled at me as she watched our niece writhe around on my knee.

“Mike,” she said while switching her gaze from Sakis contorting body to my eyes repeatedly. “Are you going to give her a break and let her change?”

“No,” I replied as I switched Erins’ egg back on before placing all of the remotes into the pocket of my shorts. “I don’t think I am. Do what you must to help her out, but the eggs stay on.”

Kayko had nothing to say, nor could she. The remotes and their bodies had been given to me for my birthday as presents. So if I wanted them to cum all day, or at least until the batteries were dead, then that is what was going to happen. Kayko handed me the Tonkori before grasping the shaking girl by the shoulders and helped her to her feet. Saki looked almost like a wet noodle as Kayko helped her to stand up on very wobbly legs. Her breath was coming in short and sharp gasps as Kayko turned her toward the stairs and coaxed her to walk.

“You know Mike,” Jennie said as she watched the pair slowly make their way out of the living room. “You could at least turn it off so she could get up the stairs.”

“I am,” I said as I looked at her and gave her a wink. “But only my pets’ gets turned off. Kayko can handle it.”

As the two got to the first step I shut Sakis’ egg off. Even without the egg humming inside her many small orgasms still raced through her body, causing her to twitch really hard several times as they made their way upstairs. I would be willing to bet that she had a stream of cream running down the insides of her legs under her kimono. And I was positive that I would get to lick it all off later. As it was, I waited until they made it to the top step before I turned Sakis egg back on. Instantly she bolted upright and let out a loud gasp as the egg began working its magic again. Kayko leaned down and whispered something into her ear before the two scooted down the hallway and out of sight. I leaned back on the couch and took a big pull from my glass of scotch. I was happy.

Several minutes pass while the girls were upstairs. Jennie and I chatted about the performance we had just watched. It was amazing how the girls had danced in unison in the living room. I guess they had been instructed, while they were still in Japan, by one of the hired help Hirito had paid for. I was impressed by what I had seen. Not only was the dance truly impressive, it had a certain degree of eroticism. The beauty and charm of the whole event had made me hard, longing to make love with each and every one of them. I looked down at the Tonkori and lightly plucked a few of the strings. Kayko had really surprised me.

When I finished my scotch I looked over at Jennie. “I’m going to go and see what is taking them so long.” It had been almost 10 minutes by now and no one had shown a face yet.

“Ok,” Jennie replied as she stood up with me. “I am going to get lunch started.”

As I crested the top of the steps I could hear moans and groans coming from Marks room. He was waist deep in Shiori and it sounded like the two of them were really enjoying themselves. Erins’ door was wide open and I stopped to look in on my way down the hall. Erin was laying on her bed completely nude with her fingers buried up to the knuckles in her snatch. Her left hand was mauling her right breast as she continued to cum repeatedly. I could not help myself, so I stepped in. Erin looked up at me in the obvious throws of ecstasy as I sat down next to her and began rubbing her clit. You would think she had been hit by a bolt of lightning when my finger first touched the hardened little nub. Her body jerked and she let out a very loud moan as my touch sent her flying through the stratosphere.

“Oh my god!” she gasped as her left hand came down and gripped my forearm with a grip of steel. “No more! No more!” she pleaded as her back arched and a huge gush of cum emerged from her reddened pussy around her fingers.

“It’s ok sweetie,” I said as I reached into my pocket and found the remote for her egg. I flipped the switch to the off position before sliding it back into my pocket. “Daddy understands.”

Erin instantly let out a sigh of relief even though her chest was still heaving up and down. “I have never cum so much in my life!” she exclaimed as she withdrew her sticky fingers from inside her.

I gently took her hand and began licking her fingers clean. She tasted sweet and musky. Almost exactly like her mother. I looked into her eyes as I licked the last finger clean. “Is that better sweetie?” I asked while giving her hand a kiss.

The look of contentment on her face was priceless. She smiled up at me really big before sitting up and throwing her arms around me. “Thanks daddy.” She said before giving me a very sweet kiss on the lips.

“You know,” I said as we parted and I stood up. “You won today, so I guess I will be staying in here with you tonight.”

Her smile spoke volumes. Her eyes had a definite sparkle to them as she contemplated sleeping with me all night. “I know,” she answered while bringing her legs together with her knees up by her chest. She squeezed them with her arms before she replied. “I can hardly wait!”

“Get dressed for lunch.” I said as I turned to leave the room. “Jennie probably needs some help.”

I walked down the hallway with pleasant thoughts of my daughter running through my head. She is beautiful, and in a few years I probably will not be able to tell the difference between her and her mother; not only in physical appearance, but in bedroom performance. Erin was definitely growing up to be a beautiful and talented young lady.

I stepped into the master bedroom to an incredible sight. Kayko was lying on her back in the middle of our bed completely naked with her legs spread wide open. My pet was on top of her, also completely naked, straddling Kaykos’ face with her crotch and her own face nestled between Kaykos’ legs. They were in a 69 and absolutely devouring each other. Sakis ass was toward the door so I could plainly see Kayko licking her clit while jamming three fingers in and out of her at the speed of light. Every time Saki would reach the peak of a climax she would scream at the top of her lungs directly into my wife’s pussy. I leaned against the door jam and watched for a few moments as the two, oblivious to my attendance, pleasured each other. It was a wonderful thing to watch. Cum coated the insides of Sakis thighs as Kayko finger fucked her like a woman possessed. I could have stayed there and watched for hours but the growling in my stomach reminded me of the necessities of life. I reached in to my pocket and pulled out the two remotes for their eggs. I really hated to do it, but I switched them both off. Almost instantly the two girls froze in place and looked over at the door.

“Bravo, bravo!” I said as I gently clapped my hands together with a big smile. “That was worth the walk.”

Saki flopped down onto Kaykos chest in an obvious display of exhaustion. Her chest was heaving up and down, and her body was coated with a light sheen of sweat. Kayko allowed her head to flop backward onto the bed as she pulled her cum coated fingers out of her playmate. The two were both tired, but very satisfied.

“Oh my god,” Kayko sighed as she rolled Saki off to the side. That was all she said. Or actually that was all she was able to muster at the time. She placed her left hand on the pit of her stomach while her right hand rested on her forehead. Her hard little nipples strained to reach the ceiling as her breath slowly began to subside. The two girls lay side by side quietly as they recuperated from their prolonged bout of excitement.

“Are you guys going to eat lunch?” I asked with a shit eating grin on my face as I stepped over to the bed and sat down. “Or are you both full?”

Kayko looked up at me. She had very dark circles around her eyes, indicating the aftermath of multiple orgasms. She smiled at me before she looked down at Saki. Saki was lying on her side in the fetal position with her dripping pussy pointed right at me. She was out like a light and sleeping very soundly.

“I am,” Kayko responded, “But I think your little pet needs some rest. She must have cum fifty times.”

“That’s fine,” I said as I reached over and stuck my finger into Sakis sopping wet box. Saki did not move an inch. Not even a twitch. I dug around with my finger until I found the wire for the egg and pulled it out. The egg was completely covered in cum. “I think she really likes this.” I said as I set the egg down on the nightstand. I opened the drawer and pulled out one of Kaykos’ dildos, the big pink one that had been molded from me. I rubbed the head back and forth on Sakis slit a few times before I pushed it in as far as it would go. It almost disappeared! Still, Saki did not move. “I don’t want her to be alone.” I said as I pulled my hand away from her ass before looking back down at Kayko. “Besides,” I said as I gently rubbed Kaykos cheek, “It will make her dream of me.”

Kayko let out a very soft little coo as she smiled and nuzzled her face against my hand. “I dream about you all the time,” she said as she stretched her legs and arms. “But I get to sleep with the real thing inside me!” she added with a naughty smile on her face.

“Ok, naughty girl,” I said as I stood up from the bed. “Let’s go and get some food. I’ll come back up for her in a little while.”

As I left the master bedroom with Saki sleeping and Kayko getting dressed, I met Shiori coming up the hallway heading for her old room. Her hair looked like it had been combed by a leaf blower and her makeup was smeared all over her face. She was naked but had her kimono neatly folded and hanging over her arm. When she saw me she smiled before throwing her arms around me in a big hug.

“What’s that for?” I asked as I hugged her back.

“Thank you Uncle Mike,” she exclaimed before looking up at me. She had tears of joy running down her face, further destroying the remnants of her makeup job by producing long multi colored streaks down her cheeks. “Mark is so wonderful.” She said while sniffing her nose. “Thank you for giving me to him. I love you so much!”

‘That was an interesting way of wording things’, I thought to myself as I looked down into her smiling face. I had never given a person away before so I was at a bit of a loss. I said the only thing I could think of to say. “You’re welcome sweetie.” I replied as I renewed my hug on her. She was genuinely happy. I could tell from the tightness of her hug and from her body language. I didn’t know it at the time, but for the most part, I had just married them. Shiori was completely dedicated to Mark just like Kayko was to me. And my gesture of thoughtfulness and kindness toward my son and his girlfriend was the knot that tied them together. After today, the two were virtually inseparable.

When I got down to the kitchen it was in top gear. Jennie and Erin were cooking away and jabbering back and forth like they were old friends. While Jennie was still wearing her shorts and T-shirt from this morning, Erin appeared to have on only a long T-shirt and nothing else. Her tanned slender legs stretching out of the shirt and down to her bare feet made me wonder what desert was going to be. As she walked by I reached out with my hand and searched up under the hem of the shirt. Instantly Erin stopped and spread her feet apart as my fingers found her still soaking naked pussy. She smiled up at me and stood patiently as I shoved my fingers in and out of her a few times. I could feel the plastic egg deep inside her as I probed around to acquire a good taste on my fingers before bringing them up to my mouth.
“Desert is for after dinner,” she said with a coy smile on her face.

“I’m just sampling the cosine,” I replied as I licked my fingers clean.

The food was starting to smell delicious, and it looked like they were making enough to feed an army. Both of them danced back and forth past each other as the dishes came to life. A very large bowl of oysters stood at the ready for when Kayko came down the stairs. Next to that there was a large serving platter piled high with seasoned steaks and my grill tongs just waiting for me to fire up the grill and dazzle everyone. There was a large 5 gallon pot on the stove with steam just starting to come out of its top while several other side dishes simmered and bubbled away. It looked like this was going to be the only meal for the rest of the day. In a way I hoped it was. If we ate everything here, we would probably be set for a week.

“Daddy,” Erin said as she handed me the tongs and the plate of steaks. “Would you take care of this please?”

How could I resist? I stuck my hand back up under her shirt and drove my fingers back into her honey pot. Erin took a small step to the side to spread her feet apart. She stood quietly as I slid my fingers in and out of her several more times before licking them clean again. “How was that?” I said with a very mischievous look on my face.

“I was talking about the steaks,” she said as she pursed her lips to the side and extended her hands with the food a little more.

“Oh,” I said as I took the food and the tongs from her, acting like I was surprised that I had made a mistake.

“You can have that anytime you want,” she said as she quickly lifted the front of her shirt to give me a quick view of her pussy. “But right now,” she said as she dropped the front of her shirt, “We need to get the steaks started.”

“Yes mam!” I said, and I gave her a mock salute with the steak tongs.

The playful banter was fun, and I definitely enjoy all of the interactions I have with my family; even when they are not of a sexual nature. But she really was right. If I did not get started on the steaks now, everyone would be eating raw meat. And I am sorry to offend those of you who like rare and medium rare steaks, but the only raw meat I eat around my house is pussy! The steaks get cooked.

When I stepped out onto the patio it felt like I had just been dropped onto the surface of the sun. My thermometer, on the always shaded side of the house, read 102. Wow! I was going to do this as quickly as possible. With one push of a button the grill sprang to life. I really spent some bank of it, but it has proven to be worth every cent. As I picked up the tongs to grab the first steak, Jennie came out the patio doors carrying a large glass of some kind of punch that was loaded with ice.

“Whew it’s hot!” she exasperated as she set the glass down on the edge of the bricks. “How long will it be?”

“Not long,” I said as I dropped the first steak onto the hot bars, hearing it begin to sizzle at first contact. “I don’t want to melt out here.”

“Well this should keep you refreshed,” she said as she picked up my glass and took a little sip. “I wouldn’t drink it too fast if I were you.” She said as she set the glass back down. “We wouldn’t want to have to pick you up off the grill.”

With that said she turned and headed back into the house. What was she talking about? I dropped the last steak onto the grill and reached for the glass. It didn’t look to be anything more than just cool-aid with ice, so I lifted the glass and took a nice big swig. It didn’t hit me until the first swallow went down the hatch. That familiar burning sensation accompanied by the strong taste of corn told me that Jennie had brought some of her dad’s moonshine with her in her luggage. WOW! Instantly my ears began to burn and I could feel my insides light up. I looked over at the patio doors to see her standing there laughing her ass off. It was a bit of a trick, but to be honest, I really didn’t mind. Her dad made some of the best corn liquor that I had ever tried. It just helps to know that it’s coming first.

I think I got the steaks cooked in world record, which was absolutely fine by me. The heat outside was unbelievable. And by the time they were done, the drink Jennie had brought me was also gone. I might have been roasting in my loafers, but I felt pretty damn fine. I picked up the plate of sizzling steaks and started toward the house. That first step was a doozie. I don’t know how much shine Jennie had put in my drink, but my first step was more sideways than a genuine stride toward the house. I definitely was not going to need a scotch before dinner. As it was, I just might have to strap myself into my chair just to hang on! When I did make it into the house, everyone, except for Saki, was in the kitchen dancing around each other with all of the burners on the stove going at full tilt, and the dinner table set. It smelled like a really expensive restaurant in my own home.

“Mike,” Kayko said as I approached the counter and set the steaks down. “Go and get Saki, it’s time to eat.”

I looked and marveled as I walked past the kitchen on the living room side of the bar. This was not a lunch they were making, it was a feast! The smells of different foods and the volume of each kind of food was almost overwhelming. I headed up the stairs with Kayko giving commands to everyone. This might be my house in which I am the undisputed king, but the kitchen was definitely Kaykos’.

I walked into my bedroom to find Saki still asleep in the exact position we had left her. Granted it had only been about 25 or 30 minutes, but she had not moved an inch. Her little ass was still pointed toward the door with just the very end of the big pick dildo visible between her tight pussy lips. As I walked over to her my dick grew. I almost hated to wake her up, but I knew she needed to eat. Seeing as how it is my birthday, the manner in which I wake her was completely at my discretion. A step or two before I reached the bed I dropped my shorts, allowing my hard tool to spring free. She had awakened me many times by fucking me awake, so now it was my turn to return the favor. I pulled the slimy dildo from inside her. She was absolutely sopping wet and a small trickle of cum eased out of her slightly dilated hole. This was going to be as easy as pie! I eased myself onto the bed and lined up with her. It still looks strange to see the largeness of my dick disappearing into such a tiny girl, but I slid right in with one steady push until my groin was firmly against her ass. Saki still did not move. Now it was time for the wakeup call.

With a firm but gentle grip on her hips I pulled back half the length of my dick before pushing back in. All this produced was a very slight sigh. Ok, time to get a little more serious about it. I pulled back a little further this time and thrust in a little harder several times. Still the response was minimal. Saki was really out of it. Alright, now I got serious about waking her up. I pulled back three quarters of my length and let her have it. I began fucking her with long deep strokes, pushing her little body back and forth almost like a rag doll. I was digging in deep! On about the third or fourth stroke Saki began to stir. Her head rolled to the side and her body started to straighten out, causing my strokes to become more difficult due to the change in angle. ‘This simply won’t do,’ I said to myself as Saki started to roll onto her back. Grasping her right ankle, I leaned back, pushing myself as deeply into her as possible as I swung her right leg up and over my chest. Now Saki was lying on her back with her legs spread wide open and I was balls deep inside her.

“Wake up time!” I said as I leaned forward and resumed my long and deep strokes into her.

I don’t know if it was an instinctive move or a learned reaction, but Sakis’ legs came up and closed in around my waist as I started driving into her with greater speed and force. Slowly her eyes fluttered open and a pleasant little smile came across her face as she realized who it was that was waking her up and how I was doing it.

“Hello my little pet,” I said as I pushed in deep into her and held my ground, keeping her pussy completely full of me with the head of my dick mashed hard against her cervix. “Did you have a nice little nap?” I asked as I ran my hand over her bare chest to tease her hard little nipples.

“Mmmm,” she hummed. “I like waking up like this.” She said as she gave my waist a squeeze with her legs and my dick a squeeze with her pussy.

I reached under her shoulders and lifted her off the bed, bringing her up to my chest. “I don’t mind waking you up like this either,” I said as I stood up from the bed and started toward the door while carrying her mounted on my dick. Saki lightly threw her arms around me as I started the trek toward the kitchen. “But it’s time to eat lunch,” I said as I walked down the hallway with her. “Are you ready to eat?”

Saki hugged herself against me tightly, grinding herself down on my shaft as it poked against her cervix. “Yes Uncle Mike,” she said as I took us down the stairs.

The kitchen was in the final stages of clearing out as I walked in carrying Saki. Now I had the full scope of what lunch was all about. Steak and lobster tails was the main course, accompanied by fried oysters, asparagus, mac-and-cheese, corn on the cobb, rice, green beans, hush puppies, and several other side dishes. It smelled absolutely fabulous! The last of the food was just being dished out onto the plates when I walked in to the dining room.

“Mike,” Kayko said as she set down the serving dish of asparagus. “Are you going to eat with your pet on your lap?” She had a pleasant smile on her face which told me she did not mind at all.

Saki gave me a tight hug and looked up at me as I stopped next to my chair. “I wouldn’t mind,” I said as I lifted up on Saki and pulled her off my dick. “But I think I am going to need the extra space for all of this food.”

Saki had a very disappointed look on her face and protested a little as I set her down on the floor. I knew she wanted to sit on my lap with me inside her while we ate, but this meal was going to take some work. And eating with her on my lap, while fun and pleasurable, makes getting to my food just a little difficult. Besides, I was hungry and I wanted to eat my food while it was hot.

We all sat down and pigged out. Everything was delicious! The whole bowl of oysters sat right next to me. Every time I would finish the oysters on my plate, Saki would quickly replace them. I must have had about 20 or so throughout the meal, and was really starting to feel full. The steaks and lobster were great, and the side dishes just rounded everything off nicely. By the time we were through I was almost to the point of feeling sick. I was stuffed to the max and definitely feeling it. Everyone looked to be full when Kayko spoke up.

Standing at her end of the table Kayko glanced around at all the kids before focusing her sight on me. “Mike,” she said with a very soft tone to her voice, “You are the nicest man, the best father, the most outstanding lover, and the greatest husband I could have ever hoped for. All of us love you very much and we hope that your birthday is the best you have ever had.”

The kids looked at Kayko for just a second before turning their heads toward me and smiled. All of them had that warm fuzzy glow about them and I could clearly see the joy in their eyes. In that moment, I cannot describe how I felt, at least not adequately. My entire family was looking on me with love and admiration in the eyes, and longing in their hearts. Each one of them had an expression of gratitude and appreciation about them that was as distinct as each of their personalities. It felt like a tidal wave of love was pouring on to me from my family. It is the most incredible thing I have ever experienced! I could feel the lump start to grow in my throat and the tears begin to well up in my eyes as I looked back at each and every one of them, returning their smiles. Wow.

“And so,” Kayko continued as she motioned toward the small utility room next to the kitchen, instantly causing Erin and Jennie to jump up from the table. “We have a nice little desert for you.” Saki quickly jumped up and removed my plate from in front of me to make room for the cake that Erin and Jennie were carrying in. “I had the mold made especially for your birthday,” Kayko said as the girls set the cake down in front of me. “We hope you like it.”

I had already had several surprises today, and each seemed to be better than the last. But this time Kayko had really outdone herself. The cake that was now sitting where my plate had been was an actual, life size recreation of my wife’s spread legs and pussy. I know it is because I have been in there plenty of times so I know exactly what she looks like. The cake was frosted with a light chocolate icing which matches the tanned color of Kaykos’ legs almost exactly. The pussy in the middle, an exact replica of my wife’s slightly opened lips and delicate labia had pink frosting, which made the whole cake appear like it was really her laying on the table in front of me. To top it off, the small black patch of her pubic hair was made out of shredded dark chocolate. It looked fantastic. I looked up at Kayko who was grinning at me like a possum eating a sweet potato.

“How did you do this?” I stammered as I looked back down at the cake.

“It’s a secret,” she said while smiling at me really big.

I don’t know how my wife comes up with the things she does. However she had this made, it had to have taken quite a bit of time. That told me that she had this day planned out long in advance. It was an incredible surprise, but it just proved my predictable nature. As the girls sang happy birthday to me Mark took picture after picture with our digital camera. I might be predictable, but I definitely feel loved. I took the slice of cake that was Kaykos’ pussy. As I ate the delicious cake smiled to myself. I was going to get the real thing later!


End Pt17

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2013-06-14 09:24:45
This is not a true story! Don't believe me? Look as this accidentinDOTcom/illinois/chicago/archives/201212.htm

Put periods where DOT is.
These are the car accident archives for December 2012, nothing in there even closely resembles what this lier says happened to his 'real' family. Read it for yourself.

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-14 08:43:03
I cant believe that people actually believe this! This is the internet! Anybody can say anything and claim its real. Untill i see concrete evidence of that happening(News article) then you sir need to admit that you have been lieing to these people. Im not gullible, so i dont believe everything i hear on the internet. Especially on a site like this. Im not trying to sound insensitive or like an asshole or anything but just show the article or somthing.

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-08 08:49:48
Dear mike

I have been reading your stories for a while and I feel like I have goten to know u and your family. I hane seen how much a loving husband and father u r and I really hope I can prove to be as good with my wife. I know only a part of your pain because we just lost our first baby do to miscarriage but I hope through these tough time the writing helps and I know that through your bonds with your daughter and niece will only get strounger. So as alway I will keep praying for u and the girls

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-29 12:20:53
hi mike, you are not alone. I lost my sons in '80 after my wife and i had been split up for 1 year.their landlord turned out to be an arsonist..i mention this to you to let you know that .....anytiime you'd like to talk..i will listen. my condolences to your family and a prayer that the love you have for each other will sustain you.

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2013-04-22 00:42:30
...and my deepest condolances again for your loss...
Peace be with all of you, and then some...
From a fellow Mike.
(Continuation of below post)

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