Here's one from the archives. Let me know what you think.
I spent the morning playing around on an OLD computer and found some stories saved on the drive that I wrote a LONG time ago, before I had the internet, and have decided to post a few.

This one, which was vaguely inspired by real-life, has a very strong homo-erotic tone, even if all the sex that happens is strictly hetero… I gave it a quick read and did some limited editing, if response is high enough, I can always go back and re-edit. And, there are plans for this story to continue, even after all these years, I can still remember what was going to happen next. If you think I should write more, let me know. Leave me a PM, or a comment below, or email at

I hope you enjoy my story.

FRESHman from the Farm….

The moment my new roommate came into our tiny dorm-room I knew that I was in trouble. He was hot! Tall, dark and handsome, like he’d just stepped off the cover of a romance novel. His snug, white t-shirt did nothing to hide the muscles of his torso, nor did his cutoff jean-shorts hide his thick, moderately-hairy legs. He was like my dream of perfection come true. Yet, he was also the realization of my deepest and darkest nightmare. He was the type of guy who, based solely on his imposing size and extreme good-looks, intimidated the hell out of me.

Not that I was a small guy. I was only half an inch shy of six-feet tall, but I was on the skinny side, weighing in a bit over a hundred and fifty pounds. The adonis standing before me, muscles bulging with the weight of a big suitcase in one hand and a large, green army-duffle hanging from his other, had to have been, at the least, six and a half feet tall and I wouldn’t have been surprised if he tipped the scales at two-twenty. I was in awe. I wouldn’t have been surprised if my mouth wad gaping, with drool dripping from the sides. I felt like a silly schoolgirl, ogling the gorgeous guy, who, it seemed, would be sharing room three-nineteen of Rothbury Hall with me for the next nine months.

My mind was chaotic, whirring from thought to thought, unable go focus on any one thing. As my eyes scanned his body, I made mental notes on what I saw, and at the same time, I was wondering how long it would be before I saw him naked. I thought about how difficult it was going to be to control myself for the next... (I quickly did the math in my head, to push out the thoughts as my eyes came to rest on the massive lump in the front of his well-worn denim shorts) and eighty-some days, and nights. The room was only, what, twelve by twenty, that gave each of us, uh, sixty square-feet of space.

“Hi, uh, I’m Jake,” he said with a deep, rumbling baritone. I thought I could feel the bass of his voice vibrating through my body. I remember thinking, that if he’d told me to get down on my knees and suck his dick, instead of introducing himself to me, I’d have done it without a second thought. And realizing that scared me more than the time I got chased by that big Rottweiler at the junkyard.

Jake dropped the big, beaten-up suitcase with a thump and, quickly wiping the sweat from his hand on his pale-blue shorts, making a much darker spot on his hip, pushed it out to me. As his big, meaty hand enveloped mine, I felt something like an electric shock surge through my body. My freshman year of college was going to be either pure-heaven, or a living-hell.

Within the first ten minutes my new roommate and I spent together, I became a bit less scared of him. He was a really nice guy, genuinely nice, and, well, he seemed a bit dumb. And as I heard his story, I realized he was the epitome of a naive country-boy, fresh off the farm. I wasn’t sure if that made matters better or worse. He just might be dumb enough for me to seduce, however, was he smart enough to keep his mouth shut about it? Oh, I had all sorts of evil thoughts running through my mind as Jake and I got to know one another. Not any different than the evil thoughts I’d been having for years about guys from home, or guys I’d seen on tv, or at the movies.

My fantasies usually started with a scene similar to what happened the first time my buddies got together and had a circle-jerk. Yeah, my buddies and I would beat-off together once in a while, though, as we got a bit older and found girlfriends, it didn’t happen as much as it used to. But jacking-off was the only thing I’d ever done with another guy. I did go out with a few girls in highschool, and fucked a couple of them.

All of this happened, by the way, back in 1976, at the tail end of the sexual-revolution, yet before the AIDS crisis. Sex was everywhere and everyone was doing it. Now, I’d have much rather jacked-off with a hot-looking guy, than fucked a girl, but . . . I had to keep-up appearances and, at that age, even girls’ pussies were better than jacking-off alone. But I never dared go after another dude. Sex might have been everywhere you looked, but gay-sex was a completely different story. And while I grew-up in a fairly decent-sized city, it was still right on the buckle of the bible-belt, where that sort of thing was considered disgusting, if not downright evil.

So, after talking a bit, Jake and I set up our room. Not that there was much to set up. We made our beds up, put our clothes away and I hung the psychedelic tapestry I’d brought from my bedroom at home on the wall by my bed, and the poster of my favorite rock-band beside the window (on my half of the room). All Jake set-out was a framed-photo of his family and a stuffed bear beside his pillow.

Now, I won’t bore you with the details of the next few hours, only to say that as Jake and I went and got lunch together, then took a walk around campus to familiarize ourselves with the place. Whenever I asked him where he thought we should go next, he responded with, “I dun’no, where do you think we should go?” So, after a few times, I stopped asking and just went where I felt, with Jake following me. I started thinking of him as a lost, little puppy.

Like I said, he wasn’t that bright and had grown-up on a farm, three miles from the nearest neighbor and more than thirty miles from the nearest town. When we were walking from the library to the art-building, he said to me, “I think I’m gonna like living in the big-city.” I almost choked. We were in a typical college-town, twenty-thousand residents, which increased by a good twelve thousand with us the college-kids. I grew-up in the second largest city in my state, but I wouldn’t have called it a big-city, and this place was tiny compared to what I was used to. Yet, it was the biggest place Jake had ever seen.

While we were walking around campus, I noticed that there seemed to be a lot more eyes catching mine than normally happened. People were looking at us. Then I realized it wasn’t me they were looking at, necessarily. The more I watched, I saw that everyone would look at Jake first and then at me. And not just girls, who mostly looked at him with dreamy, lovelorn expressions, but guys too. However, when they looked at him, it was more with envy, or admiration, or sometimes even fear, or submission (which I understood perfectly, even if it had all but faded since getting to know my hulking hunk of a roommate and, it seemed, my new best-friend).

We took a break and sat by the fountain in the commons, watching the crisp water spurt and splash, and the people walking by. We sat there for no more than two minutes when we were approached by two girls. One of them was beautiful, with dark hair and brilliant blue eyes and a body that caused a spark somewhere deep down in my deeply repressed soul. The other girl was rather plain, if not a bit homely. She had stringy red hair, too many freckles, and blue-green-greyish eyes that were so pale the looked like ice. The beautiful girl spoke to Jake, the other keeping her cold eyes on me.

They told us of a party that evening and wanted us to escort them. Jake accepted before I had a chance to say anything. They sat with us and we started talking. We found-out that they lived in the sister-hall to where Jake and I lived, which meant that they were just across the courtyard from our dorm and our buildings shared the same dining-hall. So, being the gentleman he was and seeing how it was getting to be that time, Jake invited the girls to join us for supper.

Jake was enamored with the dark-haired beauty. The redhead was ok, she seemed a bit impulsive and talked a bit too much, but she did have a decent sense of humor and seemed to like the same kind of music I did. But I didn’t feel that spark in my loins when I looked at her, as I did when I looked at her beautiful friend, or at Jake for that matter. Now, the dark-haired girl was all over Jake and he was loving every minute of it. I doubt if she ever even looked at me, every word I heard her say was directed at my roommate (and I guess in the same vein, Jake’s eyes never left the gorgeous brunette, he completely ignored the redhead girl).

After eating we said our goodbyes to the girls and we both got a kiss (Jake got a deep tongue-kiss from the brunette, but I kept my lips tight, when the redhead poked them with her tongue). We had a few hours before the party started and the girls said they had to get ready. Jake and I were supposed to meet them at the door to their building at nine o’clock.

“Did you see that?” Jake blurted-out the moment the girls were gone. “She kissed me, an’ not just a regular kiss, but one of them, uh, French-kisses.”

“That wasn’t your first kiss, was it?” I asked, before thinking about it.

He didn’t answer, but the red blush that rushed his face told me all I needed to know. I couldn’t resist, so I asked, “So, you’re still a..” For whatever reason, I couldn’t say the word ‘virgin’, but Jake knew what I was asking. Again, he didn’t answer, but his face got redder and he shoved his big fists into the pockets of his cutoffs and we started walking to our dorm.

The crowd of people in the lobby of our building took me by surprise. Then it hit me. We’d forgotten all about the meeting to go over all the rules and stuff for the dorm. No one really noticed as Jake and I melded into the crowd and those that did just looked-up to Jake, then back to the hall-director, who was standing on a footstool and talking to the amassed residents. I’d wondered why the dining-hall had been so empty, and I wondered if the girls had missed their meeting too. When it was over, most of the guys left as a group to go eat dinner, and Jake and I headed up to our room. The whole time, he went on and on about the beautiful brunette girl and how great her kiss had been.

When we got to our room Jake raised one arm, stuck his nose into his pit and took a big whiff. “Should probably take a shower before our, uh, dates,” he said and then pulled his t-shirt off, revealing his naked torso to me for the first time. His chest and belly were hairy, though not so much that it covered the incredible tone of his muscles, instead it was all right in the right places to accentuate his build.

Then, my eyes staring big-time, he reached to the button of his cutoff and fumbling at the huge bulge, popped the fly open. It was immediately clear that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. I got my first glance at the mound of flesh and pubic hair and then a second later he shoved his shorts down his thick legs and pulled them off. My stud-muffin of a roommate was standing there completely naked and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. But then, as I got a good look between his legs, I almost started laughing out loud.

The huge bulge I’d seen in the crotch of his shorts, it seemed, had been mostly hair and balls. His dick was tiny. His balls were each the size of an extra-large egg, covered with the thickest matt of hair I’d ever seen on a guy, but his dick was no bigger around than my little finger and about half as long. Ok, so I figured that when it got hard, it would get a lot bigger. I was wrong.

The bathroom and showers were down the hall. I stripped down and we both wrapped a towel around our waist, then walked down the hall. The whole time, Jake kept talking about the hot dark-haired girl, how she’d kissed him, “an’ I even think I felt her press her leg against my crotch,” he said, as we entered the humid bathroom. The shower-room was one big area, with spigots high on the walls every few feet. I went to one and Jake chose the one right next to me. I tried not to stare at him, but seeing him all wet and rubbing a bar of soap all over his body, it wasn’t easy.

“I wonder if she’ll let me, uh, ya know . . . ” He started, soaping-up his little dick and huge hairy balls.

“...Fuck her?” I finished for him.

“Uh, well, uh . . . ” He continued rubbing his soapy crotch as he stumbled over his words.

“I’ll bet a dollar she will,” I said, realizing that he wasn’t going to be able to say much more. “She was all over you dude, she wants you bad.”

“Ya think?” he said, his hand moving a bit faster and with a bit more determination.

“I know,” I said with an excited tone, “and I’m going to fuck that redhead, even if she is a bit of a dog.”

And that was when I noticed it. Jake had popped a boner, only, well, it didn’t get much bigger than it had started, a bit maybe, but I knew my eyes weren’t lying to me. His dick seemed to be hard as steel, but was still smaller than mine when completely flaccid. So, what did I do. I started to soap my own crotch, and realizing that the gorgeous stud was all boned-up, it didn’t take long for me to get a hard-on.

This time, it was Jake’s turn to stare. I pretended not to notice, but I always did. See, I might have been a tall, skinny, gangling guy, but I had a big dick. Even when it was only chubbed-up a bit, it was rather impressive and I always got looks and even the occasional congratulatory comment from the guys in the locker-room, or my buddies when we would jerk-off together. We stood there a bit, water rushing over our naked bodies, our hands staying between our legs, looking at each other. I got to the point where I had to decide if I was going to take the next step and actually beat out a load, or if it was time to stop.

“Maybe we better get back to the room and get ready,” I said finally, knowing I’d probably have more chances in the future to jack-off with Jake. And if I was going to fuck the ugly redhead girl later that night, I figured it was best to be fully charged, so maybe I could get past her looks.

It was almost a shame, as I watched Jake start to get dressed. He looked so good naked, I hated to see him cover himself up. I noticed that he did put on underwear, a brand-new-looking pair of white briefs, before pulling a pair of dark socks from his drawer. I watched his tight, muscular butt stretch at the pristine cotton covering it, as he bent to his feet and put on his socks. Then he reached into his closet and pulled out a pair of nice dress pants. As Jake pulled his slacks over his thick, hairy legs, I began to wonder . . . Sure enough, with his pants pulled-up, but before he’d zipped them up, he reached into his closet and pulled out a neatly ironed and starched dress-shirt. Holding out one arm, and just before shoving it down the sleeve, he sniffed his pit again.

“Uh, do ya think I should wear a t-shirt under my good shirt,” then, with another sniff of his pit, “so I don’t get sweat-stains my good shirt?”

I couldn’t help myself. “Jake,” I said, sounding a bit stern, “do you want to get laid tonight?”

He nodded and his face started turning red again. “We’re going to a party, not church. You want to look hot, not like a used-car salesman.” I went through his closet and drawers (which made me wonder if I shouldn’t have gotten myself off in the shower?) pawing through Jake’s underwear drawer nearly made me pop-off and in the end, I talked him into not even wearing underwear.

“I ain’t wearing my work-jeans to no party,” he said, as I pulled a tattered and torn pair of jeans from his closet and handed them to him. “Those things are just about ready to get cut into shorts, if the holes in the butt don’t get any bigger.”

“Jake, dude, you’re not on the farm anymore,” I said, flipping through the shirts he had hanging in the closet, “if it were me, I’d rip the holes bigger, you got a great ass, why not show it off.” Oops. Had I gone too far I hadn’t meant to tell him he had a great ass.

“But I want to look good,” he said softly, “Not like some bumpkin.”

“That’s what I’m doing for you,” I turned and looked at him, not finding any shirt of his I liked. “Trust me,” I said, trying to sound as scrupulous as possible, “I’ve been to parties like this before, and if you show-up looking like a backwoods evangelist, it will ruin every chance you’ll have of getting any pussy.” It was a complete and total lie, of course. Jake could have shown-up wearing a whole Victorian-era get-up and still gotten laid. But I knew I was helping him just the same.

In the end, he wore his holey jeans (with no drawers) and a tie-dyed t-shirt of mine (which he sniffed before he put on and commented that it smelled good - I got a bit of a rush knowing that I’d worn that shirt a couple of times since it had been washed and Jake was sniffing my scent from the t-shirt), which was a bit tight, but it looked great on him. I made him take off his dark socks and, with the choice of a new-ish pair of sneakers, an old and battered pair of work-boots, and a nice pair of dress-shoes to choose from, I suggested we both go barefoot.

I told him to stop, when he started to comb his hair, telling him that he’d get more tail with his hair messy. And when he grabbed his stick of deodorant, I told him that a girl would rather smell his sweat, rather than a bunch of chemicals on him. Then, with an hour left before we were supposed to pick-up the girls, I tried to coach Jake a bit, on how not seem so innocent and, well, rube-like. He listened, but I’m not sure how much he took in. Though, when we finally got up to go, I noticed that there was a touch of a swagger to his walk.

The beautiful dark-haired girl was wearing a simple black dress and black heels, and I was almost sure that there was nothing under her dress but her. My date had washed and styled her hair, and she looked better, though she didn’t even compare to her friend. She was wearing a spaghetti-strap sun-dress and I don’t think she was wearing anything underneath either. They were all over us. The brunette latched onto Jake and the redhead onto me, and we walked the several blocks to the party.

We drank a few beers and found someone to share a joint with us, and even though it was still early, Jake’s date started hinting to him that she was ready to leave. Well, before we knew it, we were walking back to the dorms, making-out as we walked. When we reached the buildings, instead of walking to the girls’ door, the brunette led Jake (with me and the redhead following) to our building. As it was a weekend, girls were allowed in the building until eleven o’clock. It was quarter to. When we got to our room, we closed the door (which we weren’t supposed to do with girls in the room, but we were told by some of the other guys that it wasn’t strictly enforced) and locked it. Jake and his girl fell to his bed, their lips locked together in a wet, sloppy kiss.

The redhead girl wasn’t a good kisser, but I was still turned-on like never before. I might have been mouth to mouth with her, my hands moving over her body, but my mind (and my ears) were in Jake’s bed. I could hear their wet kisses and occasional grunts, groans, squeals and moans. I suppose the same sounds were coming from my bed, but I was much more interested in what was going on a few feet away. Then I felt the redhead chick reaching down between my legs, so I went between hers. She was hot there, and I could already feel her wetness seeping through the thin fabric of her dress. It didn’t take me long for me to pull her dress up her legs and, after a moment of feeling her hairy slit, she squealed when I shoved one of my long, skinny fingers deep inside her.

About the same time, I heard a similar squeal from the bed on the other side of the small room. Our window was open and even though it was dark outside, there was a bit of light from the streetlights filtering into the room. With my finger still deep in the redhead’s cunt, I pulled my face from hers and looked over to Jake’s bed. The brunette girl was laying on top of him, her little black dress pulled-up enough for me to see that she wasn’t wearing panties either. One of Jake’s hands was covering one of her buttcheeks, and his fingers were moving around either in her crack, or maybe they were down a bit, feeling her snatch. Either way, I could hear her moans, as she rocked her body over his.

Just about that time, I felt the redhead girl fumbling with the buttons of my jeans. A moment later, her soft, little hand found its way inside my pants. And a second after that, she gasped and pulled herself off my finger. That wasn’t an uncommon reaction, most of the girls that have encountered my dick did something similar.

“It feels huge,” she whispered under her breath.

“It is,” I whispered back.

We were no longer kissing. The redhead girl was trying her best to take my stiffening prick out of my pants. While her attention was there, I turned mine a few feet away to Jake and the beautiful brunette. I watched her press against his hand, which moved against her backside, and deeper between her slightly spread legs. She groaned and I heard him grunt. Their sloppy kisses stopped and I heard her whisper something to him, but wasn’t able to make out what she said. There was a quick movement and the girl was on her back with Jake on top of her.

Once the redhead had all of me out of my pants, I could no longer remain focused completely on what was happening on the other side of the room. She stroked it a minute, then she tried to suck it. It felt good, for a minute, but then I started feeling her teeth and I knew that she’d never be able to give me a satisfactory blow-job. So, with a glance across the room (the girl was pulling Jake’s shirt off him), I flipped my girl on her back and pushed her skirt to her waist. Without giving the redhead a chance to stop me (even though I doubt she would have), I planted my face between her legs and started eating her out.

Now, the redhead’s wasn’t the first pussy I’d eaten and all of them had tasted different. This girl’s wasn’t the worse-tasting pussy I’d eaten, though she wasn’t the best either. But I knew that with a cock the size of mine, it was best if the girl was as wet as possible before I tried to fuck her. And what better way to get a girl all wet, than mixing my spit with her juices. Usually a good cunt-licking made a girl’s juices flow even more. She quaked and wiggled while I tongued her pussy, making a bunch of different noises, from squeals and whines, to groans and grunts. When my jaw started to tire a bit, I pulled my tongue out of her and put a finger back in. That was when I felt it.

She was a virgin. There was no doubt in my mind. I could feel her hymen with my long finger. I flicked my finger across it and she let-out a cry as her whole body reacted. I looked over to the other bed, Jake and the brunette had stopped and were both looking at my bed. With their four eyes on us, I flicked the little barrier of skin again, with a bit more force, which caused a bit more of a reaction from the redhead. Her cry was louder and her body trembled more intensely. I gave Jake a wink, not sure if there was enough light for him to see it though, then slammed my face back between the redhead’s legs, forcing my tongue into her cunt without removing my finger. Her whole body came up from the flimsy mattress, causing the rickety bed to squeak loudly, so that only her butt was still on the bed. Her legs wrapped around my back and her arms wrapped around my head, as she pulled me tighter into her crotch.

I felt the flood of her juices oozing over my face as the redhead girl grinded her pelvis against my head, her whole body going into spasms and her cries becoming louder and more frequent. Then her whole body went tense, she let out a deep, breathy moan, and I felt another gush of pussy-juice on my face. I forgot about the other two people in the room, knowing that my girl was ready.

I pushed her back on the bed and scooted-up so that my throbbing cock was where my face had just been. With my face still dripping from her juice, I shoved my tongue into her mouth, hoping to muffle her sounds a bit. My pants had only gotten pushed down to my thighs, but I didn’t worry about that. I held her down by one shoulder with one of my hands, and used the other to guide my hard cock.

The first inch went in easily. She was hot and wet and ready to get fucked. But then I felt my dickhead pushing against the barricade of her innocense. I could feel her reacting beneath me, her hands pushing against me and her head trying to rock away from my frantic kisses. I was afraid that she was trying to stop me from breaking her in, so I thrust my hips and felt my raging cock break through.

If I hadn’t had my mouth covering hers, the scream she let out surely would have brought someone knocking on the door. With that one thrust, I plunged my whole cock inside her. I’d taken one other virgin, although she insisted on sitting on my dick, so she could control her deflowering. I liked it this way better. With my dick balls-deep inside her, I stayed still for a few seconds, feeling her tight tunnel pulsating around my big, invading cock. It felt incredible. And as horned-up as I’d been all day (mostly from ogling Jake), it only took a few seconds before I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to move. And I did.

I kept my mouth tight against hers as I fucked her. The whole time, she wiggled and jiggled under me, making this the best fuck I’d ever experienced. I think she was trying to say something to me, between her muffled cries, grunts and groans, but I never took my mouth from hers to give her the chance. I humped and pumped, kissing her deep, keeping her down on the bed with one hand while the other pinched and plucked at her tits and nipples. Her hands pushed and pulled at me, sometimes even balling-up into fists and hitting me. I was loving every minute of it.

But as with all good things, they must come to an end. I think I fucked her for maybe five minutes before I felt that tingling between my legs and my balls start to tighten. I pumped her harder and faster, knowing the end was near and wanting it to be as good as humanly possible. Only when I felt the pressure of my load reach maximum, did I pull my sticky face from hers. I let out a howl as I started to unload inside the redhead girl’s womb.

Once my mouth was away from hers, she let out a string of curses that would have made a sailor blush. I’d never heard a girl talk (or more like yell) like that. Even though my cock was as deep as possible inside her, I thrust even deeper with each spurt of cum I shot. After a few more “Fuck!”s, “Shit!”s, and “God Damn!”s, I felt her body seize again. Again, her pussy was pulsing around my cock, making it feel like I had a tight fist around it. I shot several more wads of cum inside her, loving each and every second of my orgasm. I’d never come like that before. I’d never shot so much cum, or so aggressively in my life.

When I was done, I slumped down on top of her, giving her almost my full weight, with my cock still deep in her wet snatch. After taking a couple deep breaths, I looked over and saw that somehow, Jake and the brunette had gotten naked and, even though I couldn’t see their equipment, I knew by the way Jake was laying on top of the girl, and by the humping of his hips (which showed-off his magnificently muscled ass perfectly), that they were fucking. It was only seconds later, when I saw Jake’s body seize, all his muscles seeming to flex at the same time and by the grunts he was making, I realized he was shooting his wad too.

Well, even though I’d just shot the biggest load of cum I ever had, watching my hunk of a roommate filling the beautiful brunette girl with his cum, well, I felt my cock start to react. It had wilted a bit, but with two intense throbs of hot blood between my legs, I was fully hard again and ready for another round. So, with my eyes still on the other bed, I started slowly pumping the redhead again.

But I didn’t shoot a second load of cum in her. Before I’d even gotten into a really serious fuck-rhythm, she made me stop. About the same time, Jake rolled of the brunette girl and started trying to catch his breath. By looking at the beautiful girl laying on my roommate’s bed, I could tell that she wasn’t satisfied.

It was the brunette who said she had to go to the bathroom and of course, her friend said she’d go too. The brunette grabbed the shirt Jake had been wearing (my tie-dye) and put it on, which fit her like a dress. Considering I’d never stripped the redhead, her sun-dress fell back into place when she stood. The brunette opened the door and, after looking out to make sure the coast was clear, she darted out into the hallway. The redhead followed, closing the door behind them.

That was when I looked down at myself and realized that my cock and my lower belly were covered with whitish blobs of my cum, mixed with pinkish and red blobs of blood from the girl’s virginity being taken. I was about to find something to wipe myself clean with, but was distracted by Jake’s voice.

“Shit-Damn!” Jake said, still naked and sitting on the edge of his bed. His body seemed to be glowing (from the lights outside, though it could have been his expression too). “I never . . . ” He shook his head as though trying to get water out of his ears. “That was . . . ” His eyes were wide as dinner-plates and he had an incredibly silly grin plastered to his sweaty face. I could see that he was trying to compose a thought.

“The best fucking thing you ever did in your life?” I said, trying to help him.

Jake nodded and I could see him blushing again, though his pleased grin never faltered. “Uh-huh,” he uttered. “It was . . . ” He still couldn’t decide what he wanted to say.

Well, I wasn’t quite as excited as Jake, but I’d just had the best fuck of my life and I wanted to talk about it. “That redhead might be ugly, but she’s one hell of a fuck. Man, when I felt my big cock pop her tight, little cherry, I’m telling you, I just about popped my wad. Shit, that bitch was so tight, I could feel her cunt squeezing my cock. I know I got her off. I think I made her come three times. But, maybe when her hymen snapped, she went nuts ‘cause of the pain, not the pleasure.”

Jake’s face was blood-red and he was either looking at me with either intense idolatry, or intense fear. I was either his hero, or his devil.

“So, how was your girl’s pussy?” I asked, but before he could answer, a thought struck me. “That’s right, your first pussy, you ain’t cherry anymore. How does it feel to finally be a man?”

With his face still crimson, Jake stared at me a moment. I could almost see the wheels turning behind his deep, dark eyes and smell the burn of grinding gears. “It was ok,” he said softly.

“Ok,” I was stunned, “just ok?” Again his mouth started to move, but before anything came out, I continued, “A big, fucking stud like you gets your first piece of ass and all you can say is,” and I raised my voice, sounding girlish, “‘It’s ok.’ Bullshit! How was it man? Come on, tell me. How did it feel having your cock in some bitch’s gash?”

His face turned and he said, “She isn’t a bitch, she’s nice.”

“She is a bitch,” I stated emphatically. “They’re both bitches. Sluts too. I mean, what kind of girl fucks a guy the same day she meets him.” I saw Jake’s expression change. The silly grin was gone and, well, he looked more like a man than I’d ever seen in the short time I’d known him. “Am I right?”

His prominent brow furrowed and he drew in a deep breath, though he never looked away from me. Then slowly he said, “That is right.”

“Right,” I said, “So here’s what we’re going to do. When they get back here, we’re going bed them down again and give them another go. This time, fuck her. Give it to her, man. All she is, is a bitch-slut and all she wants is for you to fuck her. Don’t fucking worry about it. You ain’t never gonna take this girl back home to the farm and introduce her to your mama, are you?” I didn’t wait for him to respond. “Of course not. You’re not gonna marry this bitch, I mean, who’d marry a slut who fucked you the same day she met you. So when they get back, just grab her, lay her down, and nail her to your fucking bed.”

I think he was about to say something, but before he did, the door opened and the girls returned. I saw the redhead flip the deadbolt, as the brunette started talking. First she told us that they met a couple of our floor-mates in the men’s room (the only bathroom on the floor), but they said they’d be cool about the girls being there after hours.

“And there’s one other thing,” the brunette said with a bit of hesitation in her voice. “We were talking in the bathroom and, well, we want to switch.”

At first I wasn’t really sure what she was talking about, then it hit me. Just like Jake and I had, they probably started talking about getting fucked by us the moment the door was shut behind them. I’d actually been wondering if the redhead girl was going to let me fuck her again (I decided if she wouldn’t give-up her newly-popped pussy to me, I’d try for her asshole), maybe I was a bit too rough with her, considering it was her first time.

The brunette girl, however, considering how quickly she came-on to Jake, and, well, she had a confidence to her that told me that she was no virgin. And I have a feeling that poor Jake didn’t have a clue what he was doing, and that the gorgeous brunette didn’t want to be a teacher, she wanted to get fucked. The redhead was in the same boat as Jake. She was just as new to it as Jake, though, I think she knew a bit more about how it worked than he did. They wanted to explore, discover how it felt when touched by another person.

We turned on the radio to the college rock station with the volume somewhat low. The brunette came to my bed and the redhead went to Jake’s. I’d pulled my pants up, but hadn’t buttoned them. All she wore was my long t-shirt. Jake was still naked and the redhead crawled into his bed wearing her dress, though I saw her pull it up a bit as they entwined.

The brunette and I kissed for a bit, then she pulled back and looked at the other couple. I looked at them too. They were in a tight embrace, their mouths locked together and their hands slowly roaming the other’s body.

“It’s better this way,” the beautiful girl said softly. “Me with you, and them together.”

“Why’s that?” I asked, my voice just as soft as hers. With the soft music and the moans of pleasure Jake and the redhead were making, I was sure that they wouldn’t be able to hear us.

“Well,” she said, then looked me right in the eye . . .

So here’s the thing. I never would have imagined that I’d ever bag a girl like her. I’ve said it again and again, she was gorgeous, with a hot body and an attitude to back it up. A wimpy, skinny, repressed fag-boy like me would never have a chance with a girl like her. Yet there she was, in my bed. In fact, I realized that this was the first time she’d actually spoken directly to me. I was a bit angry. She wouldn’t have given me a second glance, until her ugly friend told her how big my cock was and how hard I banged her. That was what the bitch wanted, not Jake’s little boy-dick, which might not be so bad, if he knew how to use it.

And it hit me. I had the power here. She wanted me. She might have been pawing over Jake all day, getting herself more and more worked-up. She was probably just as horny as I was. She wanted it, badly. She wanted me. Every other time I had a girl, even the one I’d just had to an extent, I wanted them so much that they had the power, whether to give it up or not. This bitch wanted me so bad, I knew she’d do anything to get it. And I wanted to see just how far she’d go.

“You were a bit rough on her, after all, she’d never done it before, it was her first time, and he was so scared to hurt me, he barely touched me.”

“She didn’t tell me she was a virgin,” I whispered, truthfully.

“She tried, but you wouldn’t stop kissing her.”

“Oh,” I said, feigning concern. Then I asked her, “What else did she tell you?”

“She said that you were huge,” and with that, she stuck one hand inside my pants and grabbed it. “She was right.”

“And it gets bigger too,” I told her softly, as her fingers tried to get all the way around it.

“She also said that made her come harder than she ever made herself come, when you were eating her out.”

“She did, did she?” I’d almost forgotten I’d eaten the redhead, before fucking her.

“Um hum,” she cooed, still trying to get her fingers around my cock.

I kissed her, shoving my tongue into her mouth. At the same time, I reached down and got my hand under the t-shirt she wore. It didn’t take me long at all to find her hairy bush. I shoved my middle finger through the lips and as deep into her as I could. My other fingers squeezed the hairy mound. I could feel her trying to moan or grunt, though my mouth on hers kept any sounds from coming out. We were both snorting breaths through our noses, as I kissed her hard. I could feel her pussy trying to squeeze at my finger, though it was much too skinny to feel too much pressure. So, kissing her a bit harsher, I slid my index finger inside her as well. Before long, I had three fingers inside the beautiful brunette’s pussy, and I could hear the wet, sloppy sounds my fingers made as I finger-fucked her.

That was when I realized that as well as the beautiful girl’s pussy juice, I was probably digging my fingers through Jake’s cum, also. I pulled my fingers out of her and moved my hand into the light. Sure enough, there were white blobs all over my fingers, mixed with her smooth glistening pussy-juice. I took a quick lick, before sticking my fingers in her face and saying, “You got a big ol’ load of Jake’s cum up in you. You want me to eat my friend’s cum out of your snatch?”

Her mouth opened, but she didn’t say anything, so I stuck my gooey fingers between her red lips and inside. “Tell you what,” I said, digging my three fingers inside her mouth, wiping my them off on her tongue and then pulling them out and moving my hand back down to her pussy. She grunted as I reinserted all three fingers inside her. “I’m gonna keep feeding you my fingers from your pussy, until you’ve licked-up all of his spunk, then, I might go down on you.” I swished my fingers in her soupy snatch, then pulled them out and back to her mouth. This time, she sucked greedily at my fingers.

Shoving my fingers as deep as I could, I leaned right down to her ear and said with almost no voice at all, “You like eating that dumb stud’s spooge, fresh out of your pussy? Don’t you?” Her eyes snapped open and she looked at me with lust. I felt her try to nod her head, but with my fingers prodding down her throat, her nodding was no more than a couple twitches. “You’re nothing but a cum-eating, fucking slut, aren’t you?” Again, I felt her head twitch in agreement. But something else happened. The beautiful brunette’s eyes lost some of their lust and another emotion crept in. Fear. Eyes don’t lie. The girl was horny, but she was also scared. Yet, I didn’t get the impression that she was scared of me. It was more like she was frightened of herself. I decided to step it up a bit.

I pulled my fingers from the girl’s mouth and put them right back in her pussy. With three of my long, skinny fingers deep inside her, I put my face right over hers. I wanted to watch her eyes. I shoved even deeper and hissed, “Your ugly friend told you how good I ate her snatch, didn’t she?” The beautiful brunette nodded, a bit of the fear in her eyes was replaced by lust, but only a bit. “And I’ll bet,” I went out on a hunch, “you’ve had a bunch of guys eat your fish-taco but you never got-off.” She nodded again, her eyes showing more lust, and more fear. I rammed my fingers in and out of her sloppy slit a few times, good and hard and, trying to keep any malice from my voice I asked, “Do you want me to eat your pussy?”

Again she nodded. But that wasn’t enough for me. “Tell me how bad you want it. I wanna hear you say it.”

“I want . . . ” she started, I could barely hear her, but as long as she was voicing her desires, I was getting what I wanted. I moved my fingers a bit rougher inside her. She closed her eyes and whispered, “I want you to eat me.”

“How bad do you want it?” I hissed. I made a scoop with my fingers and started collecting the messy wetness from inside her.

Her eye flickered open and she looked at me, for a fraction of a second. I felt her fuck-tunnel start squeezing my fingers, as she moaned, “I want you to eat my pussy so bad I can’t stand it.”

I was feeling hotter than I ever had with a girl. Although, I’d never been with a girl who’d just gotten fucked by another dude, his cum still inside her. And I couldn’t believe that this beautiful girl, who, no more than half an hour before, had barely even noticed me, was all but begging me to eat her out. And I knew that she wanted me to fuck her with my big dick too. And I was going to. But first, well, as much as I wanted the girl to think the complete opposite, I could barely wait to get down and taste Jake’s cum in her pussy.

I pulled my fingers from her, afraid that she was getting too close to coming (didn’t want that to happen yet), scooping out as much of the mixture of juices as I could. Before doing anything with my fingers I wanted to hear a bit more from her. “You want me to eat your pussy?” I asked again, this time trying to sound ambivalent. She nodded vigorously and uttered a couple, “Yes!”s. “What’s the magic word?” I did want to hear her beg.

“Please,” she said with no sound but a lot of breath.

“Please what?” I wanted more.

“Please eat me,” she said, but it wasn’t enough.

“You really want me to eat your cunt?”

“Oh god yes,” her eyes were flashing, open and closed, open and closed, as though she wanted to look at me, but couldn’t quite bring herself to. I noticed one of her hands moving between her legs and grabbed it. I didn’t want her playing with herself. She looked at me, then closed her eyes again and let out a heavy breath. I could hear sloppy, wet noises coming from Jake’s bed, and glancing over, I couldn’t really see what was going on, but I was so turned-on by the hot girl in my bed and the power I’d realized I had over her, that my focus was mostly on her.

“Look at me!” I managed to exclaim without making a lot of sound. She did, and while there was still a lot of lust in her eyes, there was much more fear. “You get in my bed and want me eat you out,” I paused a moment and she nodded, a bit of the fear slipping from her expression. I continued, “But you’re such a nasty slut, you already got another dude’s spunk up your cunt, don’t you?”

Again she nodded, and the fear returned to her eyes. I put my fingers right by her mouth. Considering my face was right over hers, well, my fingers were right by my mouth too. “Tell me what you are!”

Her eyes went wide and I swear they were getting wetter. “Tell me what kind of girl gets into a guy’s bed, already full of spooge, wanting that sloppy, used pussy eaten?” I was right, tears started leaking from her eyes, as I waited for her reply. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out. I was tempted to ram my gooey fingers in her mouth, but I really wanted to hear her call herself a slut. “Tell me what kind of girl you are!”

“I’m a bad girl,” she said weakly. Not enough.

“Are you a slut?”

She nodded.

“Tell me!”

“I’m a slut.” Her eyes closed in shame. She’d said it, and she knew it was true.

That’s what I wanted to hear. Before shoving my fingers into her mouth, I took a lick of them myself. I don’t think she even noticed. And as I made her eat the juices from her pussy, I went off on her. “You’re such a fucking slut, you wouldn’t even look at me, until you heard how good I eat pussy and how big my cock was.” She sucked the goo from my fingers and I felt her try to nod, but the tears flowed more steadily from her eyes. “You thought Jake was the big stud, didn’t you, Bitch!” She tried to nod again and more tears came. “But you’re not just a slut, you’re a stupid slut. You couldn’t take your eyes off that big, dumb mother-fucker. You didn’t give a shit about me. I’ll bet you didn’t even get close to getting-off when Jake was fucking you. But all I had to do was stick my fingers in you and... Fuck yeah bitch, I felt you starting to get-off when my fingers were in your cunt.”

I heard her whimpering around my fingers and her breaths were becoming erratic. Her eyes were full, a copious amount of tears brimming over.

I pulled my fingers from her mouth and grabbed her by the hair, and at that moment, I heard a deep grunt from the other side of the room. Looking over, I saw Jake on his back, the redhead girl between his legs, her head bobbing up and down in his crotch. I lifted myself off the brunette girl, keeping her by the hair with one hand, getting to my knees over her. I wanted her to suck my cock, before I ate her out and fucked her. However, my cock was rock-hard and with her on her back, there was no way she was going to be able to suck the big fucker without her teeth raking the shit out of my cock.

Pulling her by the head, I got her out from under me and, scooting to one end of the small bed, got her on her hands and knees in front of me. I pulled her face tight against my body, trapping my cock between her face and my belly. I could feel her heaving breaths against my skin. Glancing over to Jake’s bed, I saw that he was still getting blown by the redhead. His fists were clenching the sheets and his hips were humping up and down a bit. His eyes were clenched shut and I could tell that he really loved what she was doing to him.

I returned my attention to the girl in my bed. I got my other hand in her hair and with two fist-fulls of her luxurious dark locks, I had complete control of her head. I looked down to see my hard cock right at the beautiful brunette’s face and realized that the remnants of my first fuck of the night, my cum and the redhead’s virgin-blood was still coating my dick. “Can you smell your friend’s pussy on my big cock?” I asked, my voice soft, however I knew that the other two in the room could hear it also.

She nodded against my cock and belly.

“And that big load of cum I shot up her?”

Again she nodded.

“Are you going to suck all that shit off my cock, before I fuck you with it?”

She nodded. I pulled her head from me, though keeping my rigid shaft touching her face. She was trembling, barely able to breathe and with tears running down her face.

“Open that mouth, slut, and suck a real man’s cock.” She opened her mouth and I shoved it in. It was the wettest mouth I’d ever been in. Whether from all the cum and pussy-juices I fed her, or from her own saliva and that gooey, mucus-like build-up from crying, I don’t know. Probably all of the above, not that it really mattered. I didn’t give her the chance to my cock and as a result, I felt her teeth scraping me as I shoved it deep. I clenched my fists, tightening my grip on her head, feeling a few hairs being pulled from her scalp, as I said (loud enough that someone standing right outside the door might hear), “I feel those teeth on my cock again, I’m gonna throw your sorry, slut-ass right out of here and use your ugly friend to finish off.”

Her mouth opened wider and I shoved my cock deeper. I groaned, as I felt my cock sinking into that hot, wet mouth. At the same time, I heard squealing, grunting and groaning only a few feet away. Looking over, I saw Jake’s hands wrapped in the redhead’s hair, her face still at his crotch. By his grunts and groans, I was sure that he was coming in the girl’s mouth. She was wriggling around, I think she was trying to get away from my roommate’s spurting dick, but Jake kept her right where he wanted her.

Seeing my hot roommate fill the redhead girl’s reluctant mouth with his cum almost got me to shoot a wad down the brunette’s throat. But, that wasn’t where I wanted to blast my load. So, with a quick tug on her hair and a backward thrust of my hips, I yanked my big cock out of her mouth. Then I flipped her around so that she was on her back and I got down between her legs and put my face just inches from her dripping pussy. I could feel her twitching and wiggling under me, trying to get her crotch closer to my face. As much as I wanted my mouth on her cunt, to not only taste her, but for a taste of Jake’s cum too, I wanted to hear her beg for it again.

I blew on her hot pussy, which made her quiver even more. Her legs wrapped around my head and she was trying to pull me into her. I blew a bit more air over her engorged cunt and this time she let out a whine. Her legs pulled me a bit more, but I resisted and didn’t let my face get more than a couple inches from her. I let this go on for a little bit, then my own desire to eat her pussy got the best of me...

“Tell me you want it,” I said softly, but with enough breath that I knew she could feel my words on her pussy.

“I want it,” She responded, her words sounding just as breathy as my own.

“What do you want, slut?”

“I want you to eat me.”

“Tell me what you are.”

“I’m a slut.”

Well, that’s what I wanted to hear, so I gave her what she wanted and started to eat her out. Now, before I go on, I just have to say that eating her pussy, knowing that I was also tasting Jake’s cum, really got my blood boiling. I almost wished that I hadn’t spent so much time feeding her the combined goo from my fingers. I’d have liked to have eaten Jake’s whole load out of her. But there was nothing I could do about it, and I also knew that there was still a good amount of the stud’s cum still inside her.


To be Continued? (just fair warning, if I do take this where I plan, the next chapter will be all about how ‘I’ seduced Jake, possibly while the both of us go at one girl, although it just might happen that we’re hanging around the room, horny, and…. But however it happens, I can guarantee that Jake’s gonna suck cock and take it up the ass.)

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