Chapter 1
Bobby's new power

Author's note: This story is located in Germany because I come from Germany. The whole story is written in English though, including the conversations, which should logically be German. I could possibly also write a German Version if there's any interest. Also, every measure is in metres, so you can see what I had to go through, when I first read English sex stories. Protip: Use a calculator. And you'll see that English is not my mother tongue, so don't be the grammar nazi while a German is present.
The first chapter (which you're actually reading) only contains b/b, but in the following chapters I will also include b/F, b/g, F/F, g/F and so on. Pretty open there.
And sorry, the first chapter doesn't contain much sex, as it mainly serves the purpose of explaining the setting. Hope you don't min

Chapter 1

Bobby was a typical shy 14 year old Teenager, standing 1.60m tall, relatively thin, with a pale body and an average-sized penis, being 9cm long when erect.
His family moved to Germany 2 years ago, because his father got a rather lucrative Job in Munich. His Family liked Germany and so did Bobby, although it still was someties difficult to communicate, because English was his mother-tongue and he didn't speak German perfectly.
Bobby also had siblings, two sisters, one 16 years old, named Mary the other 13 years old, Susan, and a little 11-year-old brother named Thomas. Except Thomes, who still was in primary School, the older ones all went to the same Gymnasium (Highschool in German).
Bobby was doing well in school, he scored B's in average, but he had the potential for more. His single problem was called Martin.
Martin was the typical bully, picking at Bobby whenever he could, and Bobby was way too beta to defend himself. His other Classmates didn't really join Martin, but they also didn't stop him.

But one day, Martin went way too far...

„What's that, 'Murican?“
They just had swimming class, which Bobby terribly failed the last year. He couldn't swim, was afraid of the water, so Thomas called him a weak little coward and a stupid asshole. Not that he wasn't doing this anyways, but in swimming class, it hurt much more than normally, because all the girls could see how weak he really was.
Bobby used to wear baggy clothes to hide his lack of muscles, but in swimming class everyone could see his flaws.

At this point, it's kinda pointless (no pun intended) to say that Bobby didn't have a girlfriend. Well, you could've figured it out yourself, you're reading a taboo sex story about a 14 year old boy.

But anyway, this time, Martin found something else. Bobbys scars.
Since he could think, Bobby had a little scar, shaped like a flower on the right side of his belly, and a second one, shaped like a banana next to it.
„You have a dick on your belly! And a cunt, too!“ Martin happily proclaimed.
Bobby blushed. He had never been thinking like that about his scars. He tried to look at them slowly and carefully, but he failed to do so, as Martin took his wet swimtrunks off and started to whip at Bobby. „BELLY-WIENER, BELLY-WIENER, BELLY-WIENER!“ he shouted repeatedly, as he hit away at Bobby's body, obviously aiming for the scars. Bobby covered the scar with his hand and tried to get away from him. No one helped him. In this moment, Bobby just wanted to get out of there. He wanted it to stop. He thought: "At least, it's just him. At least, the others don't....."
Suddenly, a hand reached him from behind and he stood in front of Joni, the tallest guy in his class. He looked at him in a strange way, as Bobby heard him saying „Belly-Wiener, Belly-Wiener...“, growing louder and louder, as the other classmates joined him. It was terrible. Suddenly, Bobby noticed that all of them had raging hard-ons, googling at him strangely. He had never felt so humiliated before and he desparately wanted to get out of that room. He flinged the door open and ran through the corridor, where he wanted to hide in a little broom closet.
But then he realised that he was intending to run stark naked past the girls' lockerroom.
He hesitated shortly, as the boys caught up with him, still shouting „BELLY-WIENER, BELLY-WIENER!“
Now Martin got to him and also realised that they were standing in front of the other lockerroom, and that most of them were naked. They all ran back to their lockerroom, as Bobby stood there, unsure, if he wanted to join them. He quickly turned around and ran to the broom closet, where he stayed hidden for what felt like an eternity.
The room had a plain light bulb, alluminating the cleaning supplies poorly, but it was bright enough for Bobby to examine his scars in a new light (again, no pun intended).
„They actually look like a dick and a vagina...“ he thought to himself. Suddenly, he felt very dizzy and had to sit down.

As he considered it safe, he left the closet and headed back to the lockerroom, where he wanted to change so that he could go home. But he was not alone yet. In the lockerroom stood Joni, now fully clothed. He seemed to be embarassed.
„Hi....uhm....sorry for that. I....I don't know what got into me back there...“ That surprised Bobby. After all, he didn't really have support in the class. „Thanks. I thought I would be used to it, but when suddenly everyone stood up against me..“ „I didn't stand against you, I.....kinda....“ „What? Kinda What?“ Even more embarrassed, now blushing furiously, Joni stammered: „Don't know...I didn't want to pick on you, I just...suddenly felt a strange urge.“ „What kind of urge?“ „“ Bobby was totally startled. „Me? Like...fuck me?“ „Yeah,'s away now, I'm fine. And damn, I thought I'm straight." "What could have caused that?" "I think it's that scar of yours, the Belly-Wiener...“ „Don't call it like that!" Bobby shouted angrily. After all, it was kind of an insult. "You got...turned on, when I touched the banana-scar?“ „Yeah, I think so.“
Bobby stood there, still naked, open-mouthed and thought about it. Could it be? Did he obtain some kind of psychic power, even...magic? But he always had that scar, why did it do that now? Deep in thought, he incidentally scratched the scar. Joni jumped back, scared. "Woah dude! What's wrong with you? Do you want me to flip again?"
"Oh shit! I'm sorry! It was an accident! But....wait. You didn't flip, did you?" Looking down at himself, Joni nodded. "You're right...maybe we were just in the dark there, and it was something else."

Hesitantly, Bobby nodded and headed to the spinds, where he left his clothes. Surprisingly, they were still there and outward fine.
"I stopped Martin from messing with them." Joni said.
"Oh....thanks." While dressing, Bobby again touched his scar, but nothing happened. He took his bag and turned around. Joni apparently left, as the room now was empty.
As he passed the other lockerroom, suddenly the door was torn open and Martin sprang out of it, grabbing Bobby by the coat.
"Got yourself a friend there, huh? Stupid little sucker! You messed with me!" Bobby tried to break free.
"Wha...I didn't do anything!"
"Yeah? So why did we all flip and stuff? You did that!"
"You just heard us, didn't you? We talked about that and it wasn't me!"
"LIAR! It must have been you! I'm" "Homo?" "YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH, YOU LITTLE PRICK!" He attemted to hit Bobby, but he broke free, and tried to get past Martin. Martin was quicker and pushed Bobby to the ground. "You're gonna pay for that, cocksucker!"
As he heard the insult, a lever was thrown in Bobbies head. "I wish he my slave." Bobby thought. Martin froze and released Bobby. He looked at him like earlier, with a strange expression. He still didn't move. Bobby could see that Martin was fighting on the inside. His face was a distorted mask of hatred, fear and...greed? Finally he moaned and started getting his clothes off. His face slowly changed as he removed his clothes slowly, becoming more and more eager and lustful as he pulled down his pants determined.
"W-Wait! What are you doing?" Bobby stummered. But Martin didn't respond as he finally removed his speedos and now was naked. He stood up and bowed down, with the words: "A proper slave has to be naked. What do you wish?"
Bobby looked at Martin. Besides being his worst enemy ever, he was kind of handsome. Of course he had a spotted face, like nearly every boy in his class, but he was definitely fitter than Bobby. Standing around 1.55m, he was relatively short, even shorter than Bobby himself, but that could not be said for his penis.
Earlier, Bobby just could catch a glimpse at it, but now he saw that Martin was sporting a 13cm-dick, way bigger than his own.
"Maybe it would be nice.." Bobby thought and without a hesitation, Martin reached for Bobbys zipper and pulled it down, trying to get to Bobbys dick. Totally dumbfounded, Bobby didn't fight back. Martin pulled Bobbys pants and boxers down and started to lick at the tip of Bobbys cock. The feelings were amazing.
Again, Bobby had no girlfriend and always thought he'd want one. He liked girls, didn't he? He didn't think about boys like that.
But Martins tongue worked magic on his pecker. It was good for Martin that Bobby's cock was relatively small, so his inexperienced mouth could take all of it without gagging. Not that he would have cared, at that time he was completely lost in his task, more than happy to oblige his master. Soon, he went deeper and deeper until he bottomed out, touching Bobbys balls with his chin. "You like that, Master?" Bobby heard the question in his head while he started to pant faster. "You can talk to me telepathically?" "Yes. A good slave should always be capable of asking for his masters wishes."
Normally, Bobby would have questioned all of this, but at the moment, he simply enjoyed the heavenly depths of Martins mouth. He began moving by himself, now actively bucking his hips. His movements grew faster and harder until he literally throatfucked Martin.
At this exact moment, Bobby climaxed in Martins throat. He quickly got up, pulled his pants up and ran away, leaving Bobby on the ground, completely naked with fresh boysemen in his throat.
While running, he remembered that Bobby still had his bag, but for nothing in the world he'd turn around and go back there to those black, empty eyes.

He got home and, like every Tuesday, his mother already made coffee for them. His sisters were still at school and his brother had a Judo-class, so he and his mother Lynn would enjoy a coffee together.

Lynn was 34 now. She and Gottfried, her German husband, married when they were 18, because she was already pregnant with Mary and her parents were very conservative. But their attitude apparently didn't affect their daughter at all, Lynn always habited like a Conservatists nightmare, going on parties and fucking strangers she met there, equally men and women. Her husband was more than okay with that. He enjoyed watching her get fucked or even double-team her. Besides that, she loved him and their children, which were all his, by the way.
But the children didn't know this site of their parents. They just knew those two pretty cool guys who watched movies with them, played games with them and really did everything they could to establish a real friendship to their children.

As they sat there, drinking coffee and eating cookies, Lynn noticed that there was something wrong with her son. But before she could ask, what it all was about, the doorbell rang.
She opened the door and stood in front of a boy of Bobbys age who was unfamiliar to her.
"Hello, is Bobby there?" the boy asked.
"Yes he is, do you want to see him?"
The boy hesitated. Finally he nodded and she let him in. Lynn had never seen this boy, but after all, she had never seen any of Bobbys friends. She didn't even know if he had friends besides his family and Tom, the 16-year-old neigbour, who came over from time to time.
"Bobby, there's someone who wants to see you."

Bobby was spechless. He just left Martin, his worst enemy of all time, in the swimming pools corridor, naked and with his semen in his mouth and he had the balls to come to his house!
"I have your bag." Martin held it up.
"Uhm...thanks...." Bobby took it hesitantly.
For a moment they stood there awkwardly, when Lynn broke the ice.
"Why don't you two go up in Bobbys room and play together? I'm sure you'll enjoy a good round of Skyrim!"
Martin nodded happily and took Bobby by the hand. "C'mon. That sounds like fun."
Bobby gave in and finally they sat on Bobbys bed.
"Are you not....mad?" Bobby finally asked.
"Why should I be mad? You just gave me the best present ever."
"But...." "But what?" " seemed to be mad at me at some point. I'm feeling like I just raped you!"
Martin started laughing. "Yeah, but back then I was still resisting. I didn't know how good it would feel to be your slave. I wanted it as bad as you when I finally gave in. Maybe even more..." "Don't call yourself a slave." "How should I call it then, master?"
"Stop that! You're not my slave!" "But I want to."
Again, Bobby just sat and looked at Martin dumbfounded. This was all he asked for, he suddenly realised. He had wished for Martin becoming his slave and now he was it. A rush of euphoria went through his body. Maybe he could...."get more slaves?" Martin asked.
"Of course. You can enslave everyone you want."
"Stop reading my mind! That's creepy!"
"But a good slave should always be knowing what his master wishes."
"Yes, yes, I already heard that."
Bobby looked up again. "So...could we do...IT...again?"
"Of course, anytime you wish to." Bobby could make out a bulge in Martins pants, as he was completely aroused at the thought of them making love again.
"Yeah...I guess....please undress."
"Don't say please. You have to command me, master."
In a matter of seconds, Martin sat on the bed in the exact same pose at before with the slight adjustment of his nakedness.
Instantly aroused at that sight, Bobby started to pull down his pants, as he heard a gasp from the door.
He turned around and saw his mother, covering her mouth at the sight of her half-naked son and the naked boy on his bed.
Without a hesitation, Bobby reached down and instinctively touched his flower-scar, feeling the familiar power...

Cliffhanger. (If you didn't notice it.)

]Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it and didn't cum on your keyboard (if the single short sexscene was already enough for you).
I'm definitely gonna continue this story and you also may send me suggestions on how to continue it (inb4 let him fuck his mother. We all know he will.) But please no scat and no fisting/large insertions because I'm not really into this (scat doesn't mean watersports, that would be okay, I guess.)
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