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This is the continuing adventures of Samantha and Lawrence.
The Celebration
By Dunchad©

This is another installment of the adventures of Samantha and Lawrence. This is a continuation of story and characters from The Payment and Payment the Next Week. This story is taken place almost a year after those two. Please read them to get to know the characters a little better.

Samantha sat in my small office. I had just gotten off the phone after making reservations for Friday. I wanted to make a big deal out of the news from Lawrence. His business had just gotten news from their accountant, for the fourth quarter in a row they had been in the green. In fact, they had been doing so good that they just finished the expansion on their offices after hiring four new people. Lawrence was very excited, especially since they had done this thorough diligent, hard work. That night he was almost bouncing when he came home. He went into his study and checked his emails as I finished making dinner. Several minutes later, he came into the kitchen with a couple drinks for us and offered to help finish up dinner. I was almost done so just had him relax at the little table we used when it just the two of us.

We talked about his day and mine. I told him that he needed to make sure that he left the office on time Friday. I had made reservations and if he messed them up... well, he knew how I felt about that. He smiled and agreed. We finished dinner with idle chatter. After we were done he helped me clean up, which is always a sign that he is trying to butter me up for something. I figured it had to be one of two things; He either wanted to know about my plans for Friday night or he was horny and wanting sex.

After dishes were in the washer and leftovers put away, we retired to the living room. We watched some TV, but he was antsy, so I knew what my man wanted, and being the loving wife I am, I was more than happy to oblige him. After the show ended, I stood before him, gave him that look, then walked away to our room. I didn’t say a thing, within minutes he was in the room. I stood at the end of the bed, bent over at the waist to remove my shoes and let him see that I was not wearing panties under my loose skirt.

As soon as my shoes were off, he was behind me, pressing his erection against me. I pressed hard against him, and wiggled my tight ass against his crotch. He groaned as his hands started to wander all over my body. Before I knew it, we were naked and in bed. Our hands were gliding and caressing over each other with the familiarity of long lovers. I moved onto his lap and slowly slid his hard cock into me. As always, it felt so good to have him in me. He was the perfect size and he knew how to use it, no matter what.

We made slow, satisfying love. Taking our time to please each other. Making sure that we each were satisfied, we eventually moved into the 69 position. He knows that it is hard for me to concentrate while doing this, and most times I do not take care of his needs, but tonight it didn’t matter. We seemed to have an agenda of pleasuring each other, and we did. By the time that we passed out, I had orgasmed numerous times and he had cum twice. Needless to say, we slept very well that night and even overslept in the morning.

The next two days went by as normal. I had decided that we would not have sex until Friday, so that we were both feeling that lovely need for each other in the most carnal of ways. I can be so evil sometimes. It was not easy, Lawrence was very determined, and one of the nights I had to hurt his feelings and tell him that I was not feeling good just to postpone it. He was not very happy, but I knew that I would make it up to him Friday.

Finally, it was Friday. Lawrence went into work early and I reminded him to leave on time for our reservations. I even called his assistant to make sure he got home on time. She assured me that he would leave on time. I went into town and pampered myself. I did not do it often, but I always enjoy it so much. I got a manicure and pedicure. I got home a couple of hours before him so I took a nice long bath. I took extra time to make sure that everything was nice and smooth and, in a moment of lusty inspiration, I decided to completely clean shave.. making my pussy nice and smooth all over... It had been a long time since I’d done so, and was pleasantly surprised at how extra sensitive it made me feel. One thing was certain; it wouldn’t take much to get my motor running! Afterward I rinsed off and started to get dressed. I had already packed our overnight bag and put it into my car so I wouldn’t have to worry about it later.

I heard Lawrence pull into the garage right on time. I smiled and decided to tease him a little. I met him in the hallway in just my stockings, high heels and the sexy panty and bra set I picked out. He rushed down the hall, anticipation and desire burning in his eyes. As he got to me I kissed him hard and passionately. Then I stepped away from him and walked into our room. He quickly followed and was striping as he did. As he got into the room he stepped over to our bed, expecting to have some fun.

“Oh no, you silly man. I have spent all day preparing for tonight, I am not going to ruin this just because you are horny. Take a quick shower, your clothes are in the bathroom. I will be waiting for you in the living room.”

He was a bit crest fallen, but I was confident that I would make it up to him later. As he showered, I stepped in to the bathroom and told him that if his cock was in his hand that would be the only attention it was going to get that night. He moaned and cursed, but he resumed his showering off. I called the restaurant and confirmed our reservations for dinner as well as a room at the adjoining hotel. I had planned this meticulously and was not going to overlook anything minor.

Lawrence came out of the bathroom and stopped short as he saw me in my little black dress. You ladies know which one I mean, that little dress that entices, flirts, and promises things that normally are not. He knew that when I wore a dress like this that I was planning on having a lot of fun and that it would an enjoyable ride for both of us.

We got into the car and headed into town. During the drive his hand was constantly sliding up and down my stocking covered leg. He was obviously worked up, but I just teased him a little here and there. I leaned over in the parking lot and promised him he would have fun but that he’d better control himself. The restaurant surprised him, knowing that when we ate there, we always stayed in the hotel. I told him to go in and get our table while I checked us into the hotel. I had our bag taken up and put the key in my purse.

During dinner we flirted and chatted. I even got bold and at one point had my hand inside of his trousers and was stroking his extremely hard cock. I was tempted to take him directly to the room afterwards, but I had plans and was not going to deviate, no matter how horny either of us was. We finished dinner, shared a dessert, paid and headed out the front door. Lawrence looked at me while I guided him outside.

“Where are we going, Samantha?” I looked him square in the eyes, I kissed him hard, grinding against his pelvis.

“Relax darling, I have planned a fun filled evening for us. We need to go down the street and around the corner. There is a club I have heard about that I want to take you to. So don’t you worry where we’re going just follow me, my handsome man.” I lead the way around to the club in question. Lawrence followed close behind me. His hands constantly on me, a few times I had to get him to stop before he caused a scene and got us arrested.

As we stepped up to the club I turned just in time to see his eyes light up in shock. We had never been to a gentleman’s club, but was something we discussed a time or two. We walked in and I paid the door fee, the lights were low with smoke flowing around. I was not sure if it was from a bunch of smokers or smoke machines, but it certainly contributed to the atmosphere. Black lights were everywhere as well, along with the occasional strobe light and a disco ball. The music was pumping and I felt as though everyone of my nerve endings was on high alert.

We looked around and found a small, almost private table towards the back of the room. We were able to see all three stages and one of them had a pole at the end of the stage. Another looked like it could be set up for showers, and the third stage was a long one that extended into the middle of the room. At the moment it had two lovely ladies dancing and stripping at the same time. It looked to me like it was a planned thing as they were very coordinated with their movements.

We were both looking around like kids in a candy store. Everywhere I looked there were beautiful women. From the servers to the bar tenders and of course the dancers. In the crowd there were several types of men. Ranging from the young college aged guys to businessmen to even some Japanese businessmen. They were watching the various stages with rapt attention. Every few songs a different group of dancers graced the stages, it definitely seemed as though they had enough girls to do a seemingly endless rotation and a wide variety of ladies sure would please everyone’s taste, it certainly was a feast for my eyes!

After our second drink an incredibly sexy red head stepped onto the stage closest to our table. She caught Lawrence’s eye and I was enjoying her movements as well. I had noticed that once a dancer was done with their turn, they came off the stage, put their outfits back on and then walked around and talked to people in the crowd. After the third song finished the red head strutted off stage and dressed. She walked in our general direction. Without Lawrence noticing, I waved and got her attention. She leaned in and started talking to us.

She explained to us that the girls would walk the floor and convince men to buy them drinks and, eventually, private dances. This seemed to get Lawrence’s attention, so I waved our server down and ordered another round of drinks. The dancer leaned over to the server and whispered into her ear. They laughed and the server sashayed away. When she returned she had 3 shot glasses on her tray. We had set up a tab as soon as we arrived, so we did not worry about anything as she set them down and walked away.

Our new friend then leaned down, grabbed a shot glass and downed it. As Lawrence reached for his she stopped him and told him she had a better way for him to drink his shot. His eyebrows raised and she moved him back a little so I could watch. She grabbed his shot glass, removed her top, and then stood over him. She tilted his head back and then poured the shot over her exposed left breast, down to the tip of her nipple and dripping into his mouth. He swallowed with a big grin on his face.

A new song started and the red head swung off of Lawrence’s lap and hopped over onto mine. As soon as she settled she had the last shot glass in her hand and offered it to me. I just looked at her and she understood that I wanted mine the same way my now delighted hubby had. So she adjusted herself and I had my first body shot in a long time and first from a woman. I was a bit taken aback with the drink as the strong taste of tequila trickled on to my tongue. I have not had tequila in a long time, but it tasted good and I was far too mesmerized by the beautiful breasts and woman, above me to give it another thought.

The lovely dancer stuck around for a couple more songs, dancing on both of our laps and having fun doing so. At least I had fun with it all. Finally she thanked us, grabbed her money and went off to a back room. We watched some more dancers, drank more shots and were really enjoying ourselves. Then a brunette took the stage with the pole. Seemed she was well known and very popular. We watched with interest as she danced on and around the pole. I was amazed by her skills, and could easily understand why every set of eyes in the club was on her as she performed.

She finished her set of songs and descended the stage. She didn’t get dressed like the previous dancers had; instead she grabbed a thin robe and started walking the room. She quickly disappeared into a back room and did not reappear for several songs. Finally she returned and she was smiling like the cat that caught the canary. As she passed by us she slowed and we locked eyes. I smiled in my slightly drunken state and motioned for her to have a seat. She did, right in my lap!

She leaned in and started whispering into my ear, complimenting me on my outfit and shoes and what not. Then she looked at Lawrence and leaned in to tell me what she would like to do with him. I smiled and let my hand glide over her smooth thigh. She looked down and frowned a little then told me not to get caught or we would have to leave. I slowly pulled my hand away. Our server brought over 3 fresh shots and smiled as she walked away.

We each took our shots and downed them quickly. She got up and told Lawrence that she could give us a private dance in the back room, so no one else could watch. He agreed and she grabbed our hands and led us to the curtained area. I think I was more excited than Lawrence was. She had us sit down on a love seat and as the next song started, so did she.

She didn’t waste any time and quickly was down to her g-string and was gyrating in Lawrence’s lap. While she did she was caressing me and teasing me mercilessly. It seemed that she could touch as much as she wanted, just as long as we kept our hands within sight. After the second dance, Lawrence seemed to be having a difficult time keeping himself from taking one or both of us right then and there. She climbed off of his lap and onto mine. I tried as best as I could to keep my hands to myself, but it was not easy.

Four songs later, someone came to the edge of the curtains and told her she was up next. She smiled at me and said she would see me later. I gave her the money, and she graciously took it while she groped my beasts at the same time. Before she got up, I had my first orgasm of the evening. I was a bit surprised, when it hit me, but it felt too good to worry about it. As she left through the curtain, Lawrence leaned over and kissed me passionately. He looked around to make sure we were still alone and then slid his hand between my legs and quickly brought me to another orgasm. We then got up and got back to our table just in time to see our new friend hit the stage to do her thing.

As soon as she was done, she was immediately busy with other customers, but I kept my eye on her the whole time, even caught her looking over at us a couple of times. We watched a few other dancers, and then Lawrence leaned over, kissed me and said that he could not take it anymore and that he wanted, no, NEEDED to have me and that we must leave for the hotel room immediately. I smiled and agreed. He went over to pay our tab just as the brunette returned to our table. She slid onto my lap and started to gyrate and wiggle around on me. She kept her hands up and off of me, but I still had another orgasm from what she was doing. Her body was smooth and she smelled like sweet lilies and lilacs.

Lawrence returned and extended his hand to help us up, while thanking her and expressing our gratitude in more ways than one! Causing her to make a playful pouty face. I told her that we were heading to our hotel room because he couldn’t wait any longer and needed some relief. She smiled and asked me which hotel we were staying at. I told her and gave her our room number as well. She gave me a hug and I slid our room key into her garter belt along with a twenty-dollar bill. She smiled as she walked away,

By the time we staggered back to the hotel, I was surprised I even still had clothes on. Lawrence was all over me and we stopped several times, making out in doorways of the closed businesses along the way. I must have orgasmed at least five more times. We stopped at the front desk and got another key card, I must have been quite a sight, he had a huge smile on his face as he handed over the new card and devoured me with a lustful gaze from head to toe and back again.

As soon as we were inside our room, our clothes were coming off. I barely got my dress off before Lawrence threw me on the bed. I stretched out as he was sucking on my aroused nipples through my lacy bra. My panties were soaking wet. His hands were all over me and soon he slid the gusset of my panties aside and his tongue assaulted my wet pussy with such passion, that I orgasmed within seconds as I ground my pussy into his face.

I’m not sure how much time had past, but, suddenly I heard the door to our suite opening. I looked up and saw that it was our new friend from the club. I motioned for her to hide as I writhed under Lawrence. I finally got enough of his attention that I moved him onto his side. I kissed my way down and pulled his raging erection from his pants. I looked in the entryway to see her reaction to him.

Granted he is not that well hung, but it is well proportioned. A nice thick mushroom head, with very prominent veins along the shaft. He was very hard, in fact harder than he normally was. I think the last time he was this hard was when we shared Deirdre. So I am sure that he was thinking of at least one of the dancers, if not many of them. So I did what any loving wife would do, I swallowed his hard cock down my throat, choked a little on it, but quickly adjusted and let him have his way with my mouth. This is something he rarely does.

Tonight, I could easily tell he was frustrated. He was not only more aggressive than usual; he was more vocal about it as well. He was calling me his little slut, and asked me, “Did you like it when that brunette tramp was all over you? Did she make you feel like a slut?”

As I withdrew his cock from my mouth to answer him, the “brunette tramp” came around the corner, completely naked. He still did not see her. As I opened my mouth to say something, he forced his cock back into my mouth and into my throat. I gagged and he pulled out and started to fuck my face like he had never done before. I grabbed his hips to make sure he didn’t get too deep and rough with me as I watched her dance behind him. She was swaying and moving, getting closer with each sexy step. Finally, she was right behind him. I watched her as she winked at me and then she reached around and wrapped her delicate hand around his throbbing cock.

He was pretty close to cumming until he felt her hand squeeze his dick. She pulled him from my mouth, dropped to her knees, licked the head of his cock and swallowed it like it was nothing. He stuttered for a few minutes as I watched her suck his dick like a pro.

When she stopped, she slide her mouth free, leaving a string of saliva at the tip and said, “Is this what you were wanting big boy. Did you want to fuck this brunette tramp’s little mouth?’ She swallowed his cock again and flicked her tongue against his balls as they hit her chin. He suddenly stiffened and I know he was filling her mouth with his cum.

The whole time she was doing this, I did not realize that my hands were stroking and rubbing my dripping pussy. As he came I was close to cumming myself. She pulled off his cock and let a couple of spurts jet across her gorgeous face. She leaned over when he was done and started to kiss me. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and I could feel and taste his cum on her tongue.

I sucked her tongue into my mouth as my orgasm crashed through my body. She kept kissing me as my orgasm worked its way through me. As I finished, she pulled my fingers from my pussy and sucked them clean. Lawrence was standing over us, watching us and his cock was still hard and throbbing. The brunette leaned over and quickly took him into her mouth, and started sucking on him in earnest once again.

I moved myself down and spread her legs wide open. She was bare and smooth and definitely wet from everything. I licked my way up her inner thigh and was rewarded with a sweet, yet tangy juice. I started sucking her pussy lips and working her juices up to her clit. Sucking and twirling my tongue around her sensitive nub, I looked up and watched as she swallowed my husband’s cock. The look on his face was amazing, and I knew that she was giving him a blowjob like none other.

As I pushed my tongue into her pussy I heard her moan around Lawrence’s cock, which caused him to moan as well. It was obvious that the vibrations hit all the right places. She started her head faster down and up his shaft. I watched her sucking him in deep and was amazed at how easily she was able to do it. And as she bottomed out, her tongue would flick out a little to tease the base of his cock and balls. Her hands were around his hips and squeezing his ass pulling him into her.

I turned my attention back to the lovely pussy in front of me. Her lips were swollen from arousal; otherwise they were tight and sexy. I licked and kissed around her delicate pussy until I got to the bottom. I flicked my tongue across the small space between her pussy and anus. Her body jerked and Lawrence’s cock went deep into her throat. She gagged a little, recovered in time for him to explode in her mouth.

His body jerked, his head flung back and his hands curled in her hair and holding her in place as he filled her mouth and throat with his cum for the second time in... who am I kidding, I really don’t know how long it had been. From what I could see, she swallowed it all without a drop spilled. As his orgasm subsided his knees buckled a little and he grabbed the wall to keep his balance. As she pulled away, licking her lips, she guided him to the bed and moved herself so they could both watch me.

I returned my attention to this glamorous woman, attacking her pussy with a renewed fervor. I used my fingers to spread her open and lick the inside of her pussy, flicking my tongue against her inner walls. I used my thumb to rub and press against her clit. I could feel it swell a little; I licked my way up and sucked it into my mouth. Getting it nice and wet as I pushed against her nub with my tongue and gently biting it.

As I sucked on her clit, I started to slide my hands up her body. My hands glide around her breasts. They are not big, but they are all natural and felt exquisite in my hands. I remember when she was in my lap how erect her nipples were. I slide my hands over her mounds and find them. They were just as hard as I remembered and now I explored them. My fingers flicking them, pulling on them, twisting them, pinching them, and rolling them all to her moans and her hips start to buck with all the stimulation.

I bite down firmly, yet gently, on her clit and her legs tightened around my head. I position myself so I don’t get suffocated. Just as I pull and suck on her clit, I also pull and pinch her nipples. It is enough to push her over the edge and she screams in pleasure. Her legs clamp together around me. Since I moved I was able to keep breathing and keep licking gently to keep her excitement going and make her orgasm last longer.

After a few minutes she relaxed her legs and I pull away. As I come up from between her legs, she reaches down and pulls me up to her. I move up I bite at her nipples, and then I am pulled into a deep, hard kiss. Our tongues dual and fight each other until we have to stop to breathe. As she releases me she looks me square in the eyes and says, “That has got to be one of the best orgasms I have had in a long time, thank you darling.”

I lay in her arms, enjoying that I have pleased her so thoroughly. We all drift off to sleep for a short time. When I wake up I discover that I am on the bed alone. I groggily get up and see that a couple of hours have passed. I walk into the other room of our suite and see Lawrence and the dancer exchange a passionate kiss. He is naked and the dancer is fully dressed.

I clear my throat and they slowly part. She comes over to me and kisses me just as hard and passionately. “I am sorry dear but I do need to go. I have had the most incredible time and wish it could continue just not tonight. I have given your charming husband my information and we will make arrangements for another meeting with much more time.”

She kissed me again, reached down and ran her fingers through my still swollen lips and sucked her fingers clean. Then bent down and kissed Lawrence’s hard cock and patted him on the cheek then left.

Lawrence and I returned to our bed and proceeded to have very intense, primal sex once again, we feel asleep in each other’s arms. We woke to a beautiful morning and very pleasant memories of the night before. We cleaned up and gathered our things to check out of the room and then went for a late breakfast.

We discussed all that had happened and agreed we should call the dancer later in the day. Lawrence pulled out a piece of paper and looked at it then smiled. He handed me the paper. I looked at the number scrawled across it followed by her name, Lucy. I immediately put her information into my phone and put the paper in my purse for later.

As we drove home I called Lucy and reminded her of who I was, she practically squealed on the phone from excitement. To say she was happy I called was an understatement. We talked for a long time until she said she needed to shower for work. We agreed that she and I would meet up in town during the week to have lunch and make more plans. And those will be for another telling.

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