My name is Cecilia. I was 14 when I had my first lesbian experience. I was just an average girl. Yes i was attractive. I have big tits and a nice ass.

I was over my friend Elena's house when it happened. Elena had turned 15 a week ago and had lost her virginity when she was 11. I was shocked when she first told me about it. And of course she did get some birthday sex. She mostly had cock in her ass and had proof of it. She was young and so was everyone she fucked of course she would like to masturbate to it. We were just talking for a while. She then brought up her sex life. I would occasionally claim that I had that same experience as well. But I was still a virgin and didn't want anyone touching my pussy. Yes I have a shaved pussy. Who wouldn't want that? I was freaked out by people playing with it.

It was one night when my dad was wishing me a good night. He came in and we had a little chat and he would then feel my body and then reach down and rub my pussy. I liked it until he viciously fingered me. It hurt abd i told him to stop and he slapped me and left. I was shocked that he would do that. I don't know why but i was scared by that because of him.

I was then kind of stunned when Elena asked me, "Have you ever had a lesbian experience before?"
"Well guess who i had sex with last week?"
"On your birthday?"
"I don't know."
I didn't know what to say. Did she have sex with a girl last week?
"You did? I thought she had a boyfriend."
"Had. Me and her just hanged out for a while and we had sex in her car."
"Please tell me your lying. That is so impossible. Even for you."
"Well I did. I tasted that sweet juicy pussy of hers. Sbe licked me so good i had an orgasm when she fingered."
I was getting wet by hearing this. I think she can tell because we were.just wearing a tank top and panties.
"If you want, maybe I can show you what I did."

She then grab my tits and pulled off my tank top. She then licked and sucked my nipples. I loved it and I know she knows it. She then reach for my pussy. As she started rubbing it, i was completely stunned.

"Elena! What are you doing? Stop!"
"You know you love it. You are as wet as i am right now."

I looked at her panties and she was right. She was soaking wet. I bet she even wanted to lick my pussy as well.

"Here let me see that pussy of yours."

She pushed me back onto her couch and pulled my panties off.

"Oh I knew you loved it."

She dove into my pussy and started licking. I had no idea she was like this. She licked my juicy pussy very magically. I still can't believe it.

"Oh my god Elena. That feels so good.
Don't stop. Don't stop Don't stop. Don't stop. Don't stop Oh my god please don't stop."

"You want some latina pussy Cece?"


"Too bad your gonna have to watch."

She took off her tank top and panties and showed me her wet pussy. I was being forced to watch her masturbated in front of me. She was squirter. She rubbed her pussy really fast. She got up as she continued and she squirted her sweet juices on my face.

"You can have the juice, but your pussy gets my pussy."

She then got really close to me that her pussy touched mine. She was scissoring me and i totally loved it. I loved it so much that i forgot about my situation with my dad. I couldn't believe it. Her pussy juice was all over my face and she was squirting on my pussy too. I found out i was a squirter as pushed me away and rub ny pussy really fast. I was feeling an orgasm coming. In a moment of pleasure i had one and squirted on Elena's face too.

We were both tired after all that pleasure. All we did was lay down on the couch, finding our breath.

"So what did you think?" she finally said.

"It's better than when my dad did it."

"What do you mean?"


"Tell me. Was he your first?"

"To touch my pussy, Yes. To fuck me, no."

"Huh?", was all Elena could say.
"So I'm your first Cece?"

"Yes and it was really good."

I knew she was shocked by that. Shemay have had a lesbian experience little over than a week ago so she would be surprised to be a girl's first. I know I would now.

"Let's go 69."


"If I'm gonna be your first then I want it to be memorable."

We just went at it. Juice all on our faces. Pussy in front of them. I thought this could only happen in porn.
Despite us being, well i could say first-timers, we knew what we were doing.
I felt like I was going to explode after a while.

"Elena i think I'm going to explode."

"I know so am I."

And that's what we did. We squirted on our faces and licked each others cum out our pussies.

"Well there you have it Cece."

"Wish there were more girls here right now. It would be awesome.

"You wish. Are you are going to be a lesbian Cece or are you bi now?"

"I rather have pussy now more than ever."

"Well welcome to the club."

She fingered me once again and this time I would be aquirting all over her and her couch.

"Damn girl you must love it."

"Don't stop. Keep going I want squirt all over the couch."

And I did. Afterwards weirdly enough. We kissed and and then licked the juice filled couch clean. It was weord but really fantastic.

What a wonderful experience.
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