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I now this starts off kinda slow but trust me it picks up I promise...

New family secrets

My name is ryan and this is my story. When i was fifteen my mother and step father were killed in a car accident. My aunt (my mother's youngest sister) took me in and adopted me. My aunt and uncle were welthy due to them being big time investers. Okay now that you have the rundown of how i got there I feel that i owe it to you to describe my new family. My uncle Derrick is fourty-nine stands about six foot three with salt and pepper hair and looks like he works out regularly. My aunt Misty is fourty stands five foot five with long wavy black hair and almond skin due to her father being a black man she is relatively slinder sized except for her tits which i estimate to be in the high D's if not double D range. My cousin Kevin is eightteen six foot six with an almost white complexion with curly black hair and he is a football player, who will be headed to LSU in a few weeks on scholarship to play football. My cousin Kyle is nine about five feet tall with a moca complexion and wavy dark brown hair down to his cheek He is autistic but a very good kid. My cousin Kara is five foot five with moca complexion with straight jet black hair down to her shoulders she has a develpoing but sexy shape with B cup tits and an apple butt.

The day after my mom's funeral my aunt and cousin Kevin took me to my house to get my things and whatever of my parents things i wanted to keep. I was done packing my things and started looking through my mothers room looking for pictures and any important things i couldn't leave behind. I was searching through my mothers side table drwers where i found her journals there were three. Two were black bound journals but the third was obviously from her childhood it was bright pink with words written in purple marker stating to stay the fuck out of it. I packed the journals away in a box with some photo albums and some important papers and i finished up just as Misty walked in the room. " There you are i was wondering where you got off too" she said in a slightly worried tone as i looked up a tear streaked down my cheek "Oh Ryan I am so sorry, I know this must be very hard for you" she said as she sat next to me and kissed my cheek hugging me tightly. "I... I just can't believe she is gone" I said through the tears that were pouring out of my eyes. We finished packing the last of the things that i wanted to keep, The rest was to be donated. I locked the door for the last time and dropped my head in defeat as i turned to walk to my aunts mercedes.

We followed Kevin who was driving the moving van just ahead of us. We pulled up to a long driveway out in the middle of nowhere with eerie trees lined on either side. As the trees cleared I couldn't believe their house as we pulled up it looked like a castle. Kevin pulled the moving van around behind the house as we parked in the garage as i looked around i saw atleast six other cars all looked to be just as expencive as the one i was sitting in. We walked through the door leading into the house which lead into the kitchen where my cousins Kara and Kyle were eating lunch when kara saw me she ran up to me and hugged me tightly and whispered that she was happy i was there. My cousin Kyle walked up and and said he was sorry and walked away. Aunt Misty asked if i was hungry and i told her i wasn't and she told me that once Kara was finished eating she would show me around and where my room would be "I'm finished" she chimed with a smile that could make you melt. She started by taking me through the house showing me the living room, dinning room (which they only used when they had company) then she showed me the indoor pool, the game room, and finally the sun room(which is a room made of just windows).

She grabbed my hand and took off running down the hall then up the stairs then down another hall and at the end of the hall she pointed to an open door and told me that was here parents room. Then just as quickly she drug me down the hall to another hall that lead to the other side of the house. The first door we came to was Kevins room and she took me in. She walked me through a door that lead to a giant bathroom then the door on the other side that led to Kyles room. She told me that Kevin took care of Kyle's bathtime and helped with him, but he was leaving to go to college so Kyle would be moving to a room next to her parents soon. She then led me back out into the hall and down two doors to her room and walked me in quickly and showed me and walked back out. We went down the stairs at the end of the hall and the first door we came to was the room directly under her's. She walked me in and said how do you like it this is your room as she showed me through the door to the huge bathroom that was attatched. This is your bathroom she said as she turned around and nearly knocked me over. She asked me if i wanted to see something cool and i said yes so she walked over to the closet and opened the door. She reached in and pushed on a panel of the wall and it pressed in then popped open it was a door and I asked her where it led to and she said everywhere. We walked in and it was like another hallway behind the walls and at the end there were stairs leading up to the second floor. When we got to the top she pulled on the handle and the door popped open. We were in a closet filled with dresses and girl's clothes as we walked out i realized it was her bedroom.

We ran back down stairs and outside she said she had something to show me. She led me to a guest house out back and it looked as if they used it for storage. It was filled with dusty boxes and bikes that hadn't been used in a long time. she led me to a stairway and up the stairs to a room in the back and she showed me a box of magazines. I grabbed one and looked at it and gasped as i saw a naked woman on it, she giggled and said it was ok that Kevin liked to look at then sometimes and i was feeling akward as my cock began to grow in my jeans. I ran out of the room and down the stairs and all the way back to my room as i walked in i saw that Kevin was putting my bed together and he had apparently moved all of my stuff into my room for me. He smiled at me when he noticed i was standing there and as he finished he said "that should do it I put all of your things where they go you should be able to find it all feel free to move it around if it's not where you want it". I told him i was sure it was fine then thanked him and as he turned to walk out he said over his shoulder that there was a box in my closet of stuff he didn't know what to do with so he just left it "okay i'll get it" i replied. As soon as he was out of the room I closed and locked my door i was afraid that Kara would pop up and ask me why i ran away and i knew i couldn't lie to her so I avoided her out of embarrasment.

I laid down to rest and the next thing i know my aunt Misty is knocking on my door telling me that dinner was ready. "oh my god Kara will be there along with everyone else" I thought to myself as i unlocked the door and headed down with Misty. When we finally reached the kitchen i was glad Misty had come because i would have never found my way back the house was just so damn big. When i walked in i immediatly saw Kara and she smiled at me when i walked in and Kyle was already eating. Derrick and Kevin weren't there and Misty informed me that Derrick was working late and Kevin was out so it would just be the four of us. once we were finished i tried to help with dishes like i did at home but was shooed away by Misty,

I headed back towards my room when i felt someone grab my hand and i knew it was Kara because her hand was so soft. She told me she wanted to see my room so we walked back to my room and as we walked in she shut the door behind us. I was worried that she would bring up this afternoon and rightfully so because she just blurted out "so why did you run away today, were you getting hard over it". My face was on fire and my cheeks were so red that she didn't need an answer from me. "It's okay I've seen one har before, when i used to spy on Kevin he would get hard and play with it" she said to me as if it were an everyday thing. She went on to tell me how sometimes she would go back to her room and play with herself thinking about Kevin playing with himself. I was shocked and at first kind of disturbed but the more i thought about her playing with herself the more it excited me. Then it happened my cock started to spring back to life and she noticed immediatly.

I looked up at her and she was staring at the bulge in my jeans then she asked if she could see it and i said no i can't your my cousin. She pushed me down on the bed and jumped on me laughing and tickling me and my cock just got bigger and harder then she started grinding her crotch into mine. It was that moment when my life and myself would change forever. I rolled over on top of her and i got right in her ear and i asked "Do you really want to see it? I'll show it to you". She replyed breathlessly "Oh yes show it to me please" so i slid up to where i was straddling her chest. I could feel her nipples start to harden under my thighs as she gasped "what are you doing Ryan?". I simply replied " you said you wanted to see it so i'm letting you see it" As i unzipped my pants releasing my seven and a half inch cock and laid it on her face. I don't know what had gotten into me, but I could hear a slight moan escape her lips so i kept on going. I started rubbing my dick all over her face then she shocked me by sticking out her tounge so i rubbed the tip of my dick back and forth over her tounge. I shifted slightly back and grabbed the sides of her head and tilted it up and slid the tip into her mouth. Her mouth felt so nice, wet, and warm so i started moving faster and faster shoving more and more of my dick in her mouth. When i was almost three quarters of the way in she started to gag but that didn't stop me i just kept ramming it down her throat and she made sounds like she was going to vomit but that just spurred me on more. I felt my balls tighten just as the first shot of cum was ejected into her mouth and i just kept ramming it in her mouth until the last drops were were sucked clean.

I snapped back to reality when i came down from my orgasm i realizes i had just throat rapped my cousin and i was about to start apologizing when i realized that she was still sucking on my now softening cock. I pulled my semi hard cock from her mouth and you could see the streaks from where she had been crying and the redness around her mouth. I leaned down and asked her if she liked that she looked up at me and said " not at first but once i realized you weren't going to stop i relaxed and started to really like it". Her words were like viagra to me because my cock started to get hard all over and she looked at it and looked at me and she asked if i was going to do it again.

I told her yes but a little different this time i told her to take off her shirt and bra and lay back with her head hanging off the bed(something i had seen on one of my stepfathers videos). She obeyed and there she was naked from the waist up with her mouth open right at cock level so i grabbed my dick and sank my balls into her mouth and told her to lick my balls and oh did she ever. The tounging i was getting from my cousin was enough to make me want to cum again right then but i stopped myself and pulled my balls out of her sucking mouth which hurt just enough to settle me down. I grabbed my cock and aimed it at her open mouth and all at one i shoved it all the way in, i grabbed Kara's neck and squeezed not hard just enough to feel her throat swell as my cock slid in and out. I started to speed up faster and faster and she was gagging again and again it just spurred me on. I reached down and grabbed her tits and squeezed them and played with her dark brown nipples gently twisting, pinching, and pulling them she started moaning around my cock. She moved her hand down between her legs and pulled her shorts and panties to the side. She started rubbing her pussy with her fingers then she let her middle finger slide in between her pussy lips and rubbed up and down moaning louder when her finger bumped her little pink knot. Then she slid her other hand down and started fingering her pussy hole with two then three fingers untill her whole body tightend up and started to shake with her orgasm. This brought me right to the edge so i pulled out of her mouth with a wet plop and took aim at those moca colored tits and stroked my dick until i started to cum splattering the sticky warm goo all over her perfect tits and the last couple shots on her face. I told her to hold still while i got my cell phone out and took a couple good pictures of her face and tits. she got up and without putting her shirt or bra on disappeared into my closet and into the secret hallway to her room. As i lay fully satisfied on my bed reliving what had just happened i realized that if she would let me do that she might let me do other things too....... To Be Continued...

Let me know what you think and i'll get to writing the follow up stories if you like it

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