A story on introducing new people to the incest lifestyle.
My sisters and I had a great family sex life growing up. Even after I moved out on my own, they would still stop by for some brotherly dick. This fictional story was inspired by an encounter with one of my sisters and a friend of hers, and how we encouraged her to start her own family sex life. .

My oldest sister Mary (age 19) was away to college and probably getting more dick than the girls at the Mustang Ranch. The youngest Julie (age 15) was in a “serious” relationship so only came over for some family sex on weekends. However, the middle sister Tracey (not yet 17) was going to the High School just down the street from my first apartment. Since I had an early computer setup and a full set of encyclopedia, she would come over after school to do homework. When I got home, we would usually take a roll in the hay before I drove her home. If the weather was bad, as it often was up here in the Northeast, she would call Grandma and say she was staying over so she did not miss school in the morning. Those nights would be non-stop sucking and fucking. The only thing I did wish is that she could take a dick up her ass like our sister Mary, but that wasn’t something she liked.

Anyway, I came home one afternoon to a surprise. I opened the door and froze. There were clothes strewn on the kitchen floor. I recognized Tracey’s stuff, but not the second dress on the floor. There were giggles coming from my bedroom. Quietly, I walked over to the door and peeked in. There was Tracey and another girl naked on my bed engaged in some serious muff diving. Leaning on the door frame, I continued to watch them for a few minutes. After a while, the other girl raised her head for a breath and smiled when she saw me. I recognized the pussy juice streaked face as Amber Drake, one of Tracey’s schoolmates. She rolled off of Tracey and said, “Look, Tracey, your brother is home.” Tracey looked over and said, “Hi, Johnny. You remember Amber?” I replied, “It was hard to recognize her with her face buried in your twat.” Amber laughingly said, “I love your sense of humor, Mr. Duke.”

Sitting on the bed, I asked Tracey, “Mind telling what is going on here?” Tracey moved over and hugged my arm. “Well,” she started, “I accidently told Amber about how great a fuck you were and she wanted to see for herself. We were just getting each other warmed up.” I pushed her body an arm’s length back and asked, “What do you mean you accidently told her?” Amber pulled her naked body close to me and said, “Don’t get mad at Tracey. We were talking about dicks we have seen. I mentioned seeing my brother in the bathroom once when he forgot to lock the door. He was jerking off. I told her his dick was six inches hard. She slipped and told me yours was bigger and you knew how to use it.” Tracey hung her head trying to look guilty, but it just made her look even sexier. “Amber,” I said, “you have to swear not to tell anybody about this. A lot of people won’t understand and will make trouble for both me and Tracey.” Amber shook her head in agreement. “But that still doesn’t explain why you two are here munching pussy,” I said.

“I’ll tell you,” said Tracey. “After I spilled the beans, Amber pressed me for more details. I couldn’t resist telling her how it feels to make love with your brother. She confided that she was more interested in her father than her brother as a lover, but she is still a virgin scared of how painful losing it could be. I told her you were a gentle lover and could make losing her cherry as painless as possible. If she liked it with you, she might get up enough nerve to seduce her father.” The two girls sat there with pleading eyes. Like I was going to give up the chance to get some new pussy. I pulled Amber over and pressed my lips to her. I could taste Tracey’s pussy as she spread her lips and sucked gently on my tongue. As we kissed, someone reached down and started groping my crotch.

I lay back on the bed, pulling Amber’s naked body with me. My hands roamed over her back and down to her ass. I felt my pants being unbuckled and pulled down. I knew it had to be Tracey as Amber was busy unbuttoning my shirt and running her hands across my chest. We broke our kiss. I looked down at Tracey’s face approaching my exposed crotch. I joked, “You sure she is a virgin. Somebody’s been teaching her how to kiss.” Tracey looked up at me and blushed at my comment. Then she ducked her head and sucked my cock into her warm mouth. I pulled Amber back to my lips as I reached down to finger her tight pussy. Even though Tracey had certainly worked her friend’s pussy into a frenzy, I found her hole to be extremely tight when I worked a finger through her cunt folds. It was tight but I was able to slip one finger in because of all the juice coating and flowing from her pussy. She grimaced a little as I worked the finger in to the second knuckle. I again broke our kiss and whispered in her ear, “Relax, I won’t do anything you don’t want to.” She just nodded her head.

I sat up and gently moved Tracey’s head away from my crotch. She looked up at me in bewilderment. I told her, “Don’t worry, sis. I won’t forget you, but right now Amber needs the lessons. Right?” I turned back to Amber and asked if she had ever sucked a dick. She shook her head no. I motioned for her to turn around into a pre-69 position. I held up my dick to her face, and said, “Tracey, tell her how to do it.” Tracey leaned in and started to whisper instructions into Amber’s ear. Amber tentatively stuck out her tongue for a taste of my dick. Under Tracey’s tutoring, she soon had her lips closed over the head and followed instructions on giving a good blowjob. She wasn’t as good as Tracey, but she had to learn first. Meanwhile, I pulled her pussy over to my face. I licked the sweet lips from one end to the other gently. After a few laps, I felt her lips swelling. I drilled my tongue in to flick across her clit. She jerked with each contact. As the hood pulled back from over the nub, I clamped my lips on it and sucked it like a mini-dick. I was rewarded with a moan reverberating around my dick. I reached up and stroked my finger along her slit as I continued to alternately lick and suck her clit. Meanwhile, her mouth slid up and down the shaft of my dick, and Tracey must have been giving her good instructions as her tongue glided along the underside of my cock and swirled the nob head when possible. Between my tongue work on her clit and the feel of my dick in her mouth, Amber was totally concentrating on her feelings. I snaked my finger in between her lips and gently stabbed at her tight pussy hole. With a little gentle pressure, I was able to get my finger sliding in and out freely as she loosened up. Soon I was able to get a second one in. although very tight.

Her work on my shaft, as crude as it was, had the desired effect. I felt my balls draw up and felt my cum ready to shoot. I instinctively pushed my dick into her mouth and blast the first wad against the back of her mouth. She pulled off coughing and spitting cum. Tracey swooped in and finished me off by jacking the rest of my load onto Amber’s chest. Amber sat up and started to cry. I sat up and wrapped my arms around her. I lied to her, “Oh, that was so great I didn’t have time to warn you I was going to cum.” Amber stopped crying and looked up into my face, “Was it really good?” I said, “with a little practice, you’ll be as great as Tracey. You just have to get use to it.” I asked if the taste bothered her and she said she really didn’t get to taste it. I scooped some cum off her chest and offered it to Tracey who greedily sucked it off my fingers. Amber stared at this. I scooped up some more and offered it to Amber. She warily stuck out her tongue to get a taste. Finding it not unpleasant, she sucked the remainder off my fingers.

I gently pushed her back on the bed and motioned for Tracey to take over. My sister swooped in and licked all the streaks of cum off of Amber’s chest, paying particular attention to the budding nipples. She was not greed, and frequently kissed Amber to swap some of the cum before swallowing the rest. While the two girls were busy, I moved over to the dresser and picked up a slender vibrator and a condom out of the toy drawer. While I always clean toys after every use, I still use condoms on them for safe sex. I moved back onto the bed and Tracey rolled off of Amber. I kissed Amber again tasting the mixture of cum, pussy and salvia. I reached down and gently parted her pussy lips to stroke her again. Keeping my lips pressed to her, I moved the vibrator to her pussy entrance and flicked on the switch. The vibrations startled her, and she struggled briefly. Yet, since I made no attempt to push it in; she relaxed and enjoyed the feeling. Very slowly, I circled the vibrator around her pussy hole. Increasing pressure by fractions, it soon popped through her opening. The sensations had her panting and gyrating her hips. I pulled the vibrator back and pushed it further in. I was careful not to push deep enough to pop her cherry. I preferred to do that the natural way.

I rolled over on top of her, keeping the vibrator moving gently in and out of her. I pulled the vibrator fully out and rolled the tip around her pussy lips and up to her clit before returning it to her pussy. I did this several times until she was use to it, sometimes with the vibration on and sometimes off. Finally, I withdrew the vibe and rubbed my dick around her lips like it was the vibe. When I pushed into her pussy this time, it was my dick not a piece of plastic. In her dreamy state, she seemed unaware despite the size difference and heat. Going a little further this time, I bumped against a block, her hymen. Kissing her, I pulled back and plunged forward. She rose up off the bed as her insides burned from the shattering of her pussy. She begged me to take it out, to stop. I just lay heavily on top of her until the struggling ceased as she grew use to the invasion. I pulled back and pushed in again. She winched in a little pain, but I kept whispering in her ear how great she felt, how grownup she was. I rained little kisses on her cheek and neck all the time telling her pussy was the best. I find gently whispered swear words can be highly erotic. A soft “I never want to stop fucking you,” or “your cunt is so hot it’s like sucking my dick off,” whispered into the ear of a girl you are nailing can arouse her quickly.

She began to get into the rhythm and with a little coxing was able to meet my thrusts by lifting her pubes in time with my thrusts. Her climax started with small ripples in the muscles of her walls. Then a low moan started to emit from her lips. Her hips rose up more forcefully to welcome my thrusts. Suddenly she stiffened and collapsed back on the bed. She wrapped her arms around me as her face flushed. She rained small kisses on my neck. I told her I was close and needed to cum inside her. She looked up in panic and said, “Not inside me! I’m not on the pill.” I assured her not to worry I wouldn’t get her pregnant. Then my balls erupted and I shot what seemed a gallon of cum into her womb. Even as I jerked out the final wads, I could feel it leaking out and coating my balls and I’m sure trickling down the crack of her ass.

When I rolled off her, Tracey fell down beside our two panting bodies. Reaching down between her legs, Amber scooped up some of the leaking cum. As she held up her cum coated fingers, she asked what I mean that I couldn’t get her pregnant. Tracey explained that since I did not want children, I had a vasectomy last year. Amber looked perplexed as she explained she thought if a guy had one of those he could not shot cum. Tracey and I laughed and said no it still all works the same except for making babies. Satisfied, in more ways than one, Amber snuggled up to me.

After a little rest, I turned Tracey over on to her back and fucked her. When I climaxed and rolled off, Amber moved in and eagerly cleaned up Tracey’s cummy pussy. I told her she was a fast learner, and she replied I was a good teacher.

We got a shower and sat in the kitchen talking after we got dressed. I asked Amber how she felt about it all. She said it was great, but she still wanted her father to be her next lover. Putting our heads together, the three of us came up with a perfect plan to seduce Amber’s father. I mentioned if she started down the family route, she might consider fucking her brother too. She wrinkled her noise at the suggestion. I smiled as I knew once she bedded her father, her brother would be a logical progression. Time would tell. Unfortunately, it was time to take the two girls home, but I invited Amber to come back again.

The following weekend our plan to seduce her father was set in motion, but that part of the story will have to wait until the next part.

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2014-02-22 00:09:19
Si c'è qualche cosa che non va, ma in compenso l'autore è un porcellone come tutti noi e, come me pensa e sogna di fottere delle belle ninfette anche lui. CIAOOO


2013-02-24 22:41:02
Thank you for your comments. The words emanate and emit are interchangeable in reference to sounds. The other two errors are my mistake. I am surprised the "coxed" did not get picked up by the spell checker, but understand why the other didn't. I have always found condoms on toys to be a good idea. You would not believe the horror stories I have heard of girls supposedly getting a rash or allergic reaction while using a vibrator. Worse was a girl who came in and provided graphic pictures of her injuries when battery acid leaked from a damaged unit onto one she pulled out of the drawer. Went to a lawsuit, but since we did not supply the batteries that leaked; it was tossed. I appreciate your constructive criticism.

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2013-02-21 01:54:36
Just a couple very minor things, the sentence "Then a low moan started to emit from her lips." Emit is not proper in the context in which you used it, it should have read "Then a low moan started to emanate from her lips." Secondly your word " coxed" which would actually be pronounced coxt (sic) is correctly spelled " coaxed". Also you spelled saliva as " salvia" which is a flowering plant or the Spanish word for sage. In addition, you are correct vibrators should be cleansed between partners. If you expose them to isopropyl alcohol for a good ten minutes 99% of pathogens are going to be neutralized. Unless your quite careless few bacteria are going to be able to multiply while in storage. Bacteria require a very narrow range of temperature in order to survive, and so logically ones that infect humans like temps around 98 degrees. The aids virus for example can only live for approximately seven minutes outside of a host. Use condoms on toys if your not monogamous.


2013-02-20 15:49:32
Yes, sex toys shared from person to person should be cleaned and covered with a condom. Unlike skin, materials in vibes may be porous enough to harbor micro organisms that could be transferred despite cleaning. Even cleaned, these microbs could multiply while in storage. In addition, some people react to materials in vibes which would destroy a great lay. Been selling adult toys for over 20 years and seen it happen.

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2013-02-20 04:54:21
He puts a condom on a vibrator for "safe sex" but then fucks her bareback??? Are there vibrators that can get some one pregnant now? or is his vibrator fucking diseased people that his cocok isnt?

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