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Chapter 1

I was only 12 when it first happened.

It was pouring down hard and the field was muddy and wet. I had watched the other boys leave one by one. Most of them had parents who stayed and watched the game. The only thing keeping me from mother nature was a thin soccer jersey with my favorite number on the back. I made my way to a wooden picnic table I used to sit under to wait for my mom when I was younger. I crawled under and wondered how I ever used to fit under there before.

Thunder clapped in the sky and I hugged my knees. I wasn’t entirely shocked she forgot me, again. I finally saw the maroon colored minivan pulling up the road. I opened the door, ready to give her a piece of my mind: reminding her that she does this all this time and that this time I would never forgive her.

“Hey, Cameron” a petite, long-haired, blonde woman said with a smile.

“Hi” I got in the car hesitantly. To my surprise, it was my aunt, Jillian-- my mother’s much younger sister.

“Your mom had something come up at work. She asked me to pick you up 20 minutes ago. Sorry, man. How long have you been out there?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged. She reached over to me and ran her hand across my head.

“You’re soaked! Don’t worry, we’ll be home soon to get you something warm to eat,” she reassured me. Her long, wavy, blonde hair came down the front of her chest. “You know, I don’t know how your mom drives this big thing around. I’m used to my little car”.

The sky lit up and then darkened again. The rain poured down in what seemed to be buckets and the wipers moved from side to side violently. She wore a snug gray t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts. I realized that her hair was dripping water onto her smooth golden thighs.

“I can’t see shit!” she laughed nervously. “Oh, sorry,” she said looking at me, acknowledging her swear word. I looked away, not sure what to say. “How is school going?”

“It’s summer,” I mumbled, with my head leaning against the window.

“Oh, right,” She stopped at a red light and checked her phone. It was the last light before the two mile road to my house. There were hardly any cars out from what I could see. The ones that were out had their brights on and their wipers flailing just as wildly.

She started driving again and the car skid slightly. “Woah, gotta be careful”, she said a little surprised. The road had many winding turns up the hill to my house. My mother had picked this place because of the seclusion from the rest of the town.

Nothing was visible outside the window up the road. She drove slowly up the road. Her phone, that was now resting in the cupholder between our seats, suddenly received a text message that read Can’t fuck you tonight, baby. She didn’t notice the message but the thought of my aunt having sex made me a little sick.

Suddenly the car made a jerking movement, hydroplaning off the road in the forested area. The car stopped a few feet away from a tree.
“Oh my god! Are you ok? Cam?! Cameron!” she shouted, panicked.
“Yeah. I’m fine,” I looked out the rear window. We had driven not too far from the road, but nothing was visible in the weather. She tried to put the car in reverse, but the tires kept spinning-- it didn’t budge.
“Your mother’s going to freak out,” she grabbed the phone.
“Don’t! Just- wait,” I searched the two rows of seats behind us for some extra umbrellas. Mom always kept some in the car. There was also an old sweatshirt of mine and a couple blankets. “Here, Aunt Jillian. Put this on. The house is right up the hill.” I tossed her the sweatshirt and draped the blanket over my shoulders.
“It’s pouring out, Cam. Maybe we should stay in the car.”
“Look, see that light up there? That’s the driveway,” I pointed. I opened the door and waited for her to put the sweatshirt on. “Alright, come on”. I held the umbrella open for her once out the door. We walked closely together through the woods under the large umbrella. I remember making fun of my mom for buying an umbrella so big. As the hill became steeper it became more and more difficult to walk. Aunt Jillian was wearing flip-flops which seem to suck down into the ground and sling back up, getting tiny specs of mud over her calves.
“It’s too steep, Cam,” Jillian cried, holding onto my arm tightly, almost slipping. There was a set of large rocks which used to serve as makeshift steps once upon a time, but no one ever used it.
“Here, you go first,” I told her. She pushed off my hand and I held her by the waist-- lifting her up on the first rock. My hand grazed over the backside of her tiny denim shorts which now were clinging wet to her body. She had a perfect little heart shaped thigh gap below her thighs in her tight shorts, which made me think of that text message again. Her legs weren’t terribly long, but they were on the slim side.
“Pass me the umbrella,” she shouted. It was hard to hear over the roaring of the rain. I handed her the umbrella and made my way up the rock. The rest of stones were short and wide. “Stay close to me,” I said to her. She placed an arm around my torso and held me tightly.

The thin material of my soccer uniform was completely drenched and so were the insides of my sneakers. I rested my right arm with the umbrella on her right shoulder to make sure she stayed as dry as possible. We finally reached the house after stumbling a few more times in the woods.

“Oh, god! The keys!” she panicked, jiggling the door handle several times.

“I have them,” I said. I opened the door and held it open for her to walk in.

“You’re amazing, Cam,” she kissed my cheek as she walked past. “Can you believe all that just now?” She took off my wet zip-up sweatshirt and let it fall to get ground in the foyer. Her gray T-shirt had gotten a little wet around the neckline and between her breasts. “Good thing it’s hot out at least, huh? I’m gonna go upstairs and take a shower in your mom’s bathroom. I can make you something when I get out. Heat up a Hot-Pocket or something if you’re starving”.

A shower sounded pretty good to me too. Her phone, in my sweatshirt pocket, started vibrating but Aunt Jillian was already upstairs. Missed call from my Mom. I figured Jillian was calm enough to speak to her now. I grabbed the phone and knocked on my mother’s bedroom door, which was half way open.

“Aunt Jill?” I heard the shower in my mother’s bedroom turn on and I decided to just leave the phone on the dresser for when Jillian came out. I then noticed, from the reflection in the dresser mirror, that the bathroom door was slightly open. The phone vibrated again and it was a text message that read: Can’t wait to see that sweet ass; from Jason. I thought about Jillian’s ass as she climbed up the rock a few minutes earlier, I had actually touched it. The thought of seeing it again made me excited and I wasn’t sure why. I picked up her gray t-shirt off the bed.

I slowly walked over to the bathroom, peeked through the two inches of open door and in the bathroom mirror, there she was. Her hair was flowing down her bare back as she placed one hand in the shower to test the water. She struggled to get the soaked denim shorts over her tight ass and down her legs. I felt myself become aroused at sight of her perfectly round cheeks and started to slowly rub myself over my shorts. Soon enough she got in the shower and was out of my view in the mirror.

I went to my own bedroom and locked the door. I still had her shirt and phone in my hand. I opened the phone and went through the messages. I want to suck your big dick, she said in one message to Jason. Reading the word “dick” made me almost lose my mind. I mean, I watch porn and all but I didn’t think of my Aunt as an actual person, she was just always-- my aunt.

I went through the pictures in the phone and found one of her cooking in a low cut lace tank top. It wasn’t terribly revealing but her collarbones and the way the fabric was clinging to her chest was so sexy. I took out my twelve year old dick and started stroking it.

I realized I was still in that wet uniform, so I quickly took it off and got completely naked. I placed the phone on my bed and zoomed the picture in to her chest as I beat my dick. I put the t-shirt to my face and smelled it. It smelled of incense and fabric softener, just like her. I put the shirt around my dick and started rubbing myself with it. It wasn’t long before I came all over it, possibly ruining it for good with what seemed like a quarter gallon of white fluid.

When I got out the shower, fifteen minutes later, I realized it was all missing, my uniform, the t-shirt, the phone! Gone. I thought I had locked my door but there it was, wide open. Fuck. FUCK!
I made the walk of shame downstairs and to the kitchen. Aunt Jillian was making something on the stove.

“Hey, Cam”

“Aunt Jillian, have you seen my uniform?” I asked, seemingly puzzled. She was wearing a big t-shirt that used to be my dad’s from college. It was hanging down to her mid thigh. I wondered what she had on under there.

“Oh, yeah. I threw all that wet stuff in the wash. Your mom called too. Says she is tied up at the hospital. The storm doesn’t seem to be letting out anyway, so it may be a long night for her”. I was used to my mother’s “long nights” at the hospital. “But, after we eat, we can play a game or watch a movie or something”. If my mom would have asked this, I would have immediately said no.

“Doesn’t matter,” I shrugged.

After some leftover pasta from last night, I went to the living room to play some XBox while she cleaned up the dishes. She came over twenty minutes later, with her phone in her hand. She propped herself on the opposite end of the couch with both knees up, feet digging into the couch. For a few seconds I caught a glimpse under her shirt, between her legs, whatever she had on, it was black.
I readjusted my position on the couch, tucking my boner up into my waistline so she wouldn’t notice.
“Do you want to watch a movie?” I asked.
“Uh huh,” she said, too busy texting to look up from her phone, “Could you get me a blanket, Cam?”

Whoever Jason was, I wished him dead that very instant. I could only imagine what kind of nasty perverted things he was saying to her. I brought her a big blanket from the closet and started a movie. She now had her legs spread out as she sat up on the other side of the couch, texting still. She smiled at her phone every so often and adjusted her body under the blanket, I wasn’t too sure why at the time.
“Aw my phone died,” she made a pouty face. Thank god. “It’s so chilly in here all of a sudden. Cam, you can share the blanket with me if you’re cold too”. I ignored her. “I’m gonna go plug my phone in the charger”. She tossed the blanket off her, and I could see what I was pretty sure were black panties. They were too small to be shorts. The best thing about it was the diamond shape they made in contrast to her golden skin. My erection came back and with a vengeance. She jumped off the couch and into another room. I quickly took a part of the blanket and covered my pants with it.
She came back in the room and buried herself under the blanket on the opposite end again. “Come on, share it with me,” she said, realizing the blanket wasn’t big enough. “Put your legs up”.

I put my long legs up stiffly behind her body toward the couch. She rested on her side- legs bent, making my knees bend and tuck into hers from behind. My feet cradled her soft bare ass and her heels were nearly in my crotch. We were both lying perfectly still for about five minutes. She then readjusted her torso and hips toward the ceiling instead of on her side and let her legs fall open a bit. My foot slipped forward slightly and I could feel the fabric of her panties on my toes.

I pretended not to notice what had just happened. I felt the warmth of my Aunt’s crotch on my foot and it made my dick throb, hidden in my pants. She started slowly moving her hips in tiny little circles. I wasn’t sure if she was aware of what was happening. Could she not feel my foot there? Maybe she thought I was asleep. I had not moved a muscle and didn’t want to.

Suddenly the buzzer from the washing machine went off. She didn’t do anything at first, but 30 seconds later it buzzed again.
“Shit,” she muttered and got up angrily to the laundry room. I couldn’t believe it was ruined. What were the odds my foot fell right in between my Aunt Jillian’s sweet thighs and pressed against her warm pussy? She came back within a few minutes. “It’s in the dryer now,” she announced, as if I cared about the laundry.
She rested on her back again and spread her legs open, this time taking my foot and placing it between her legs. She joined her knees again with my foot nestled on her panties. I couldn’t believe what she was doing. I tried not to budge and maintained my eyes closed. Surely she couldn’t have thought I was asleep. She started moving again slowly, making tiny thrusting movements with her pelvis.
A loud thud was at the window and then a snap. The storm outside made whooping sounds and the wind seemed to knock a branch off a tree. She stopped moving and laid perfectly still- waiting. I didn’t want it to be over, I didn’t want her to stop. I wanted to keep feeling the tremble from my aunt’s hot body on the sole of my foot. I started moving my foot slowly, pressing into the moist fabric between her legs. She moved her hips, matching her rhythm with mine. Her breathing became quicker and deeper.

I couldn’t see her expression because her knees were bent upward, covering her face. I felt her ass clench up and one of her legs straightened while her body stiffened-- she let out a small gasp, arching her back. I didn’t know what was happening. Her straightened leg twitched in midair. I didn’t know whether to stop or keep going. With her leg out of the way I caught a glimpse of her: eyes closed, mouth open and pinching her right nipple through the cotton fabric. Her breathing slowed, she seemed to only exhale deeply as her body relaxed again. She laid still a minute panting, looking blankly at the floor, but never at me.

Her phone rang in the other room and she couldn’t have gotten up more quickly to pick it up.

Chapter 2

Feelings of fear and embarrassment pulsed through my lanky body. How could I have rubbed my aunt that way with my foot?, I thought to myself, She must hate me. I kept thinking of how I would look at her now. My morality fought the images of her pressing her moist pussy against my foot while she grabbed her breasts.
She locked herself up in my mom’s room for the next couple hours on the phone with Jason. She was probably telling him what I sick fuck I was. Or worse, what if she told my mom? I busied myself with video games and the internet for a little while. I had my own cell phone, but I often would forget it at home and rarely carried it around with me. I was feeling frustrated and tried to watch some porn online while I stroked my hard dick. The thoughts of my aunt came flooding back: the water drop falling to her thigh in the car, her tight wet ass in the bathroom, her long yellow hair on her golden back, the deep breathing, the subtle moans, the heat of her pussy. I imagined the blonde woman in the porno with my aunt’s face. I want you, Cameron, she’d moan in my head. I felt dick pulsing with blood as I pumped it violently with my hand.
Suddenly there was a large crackle from the storm outside and the lights flickered a few times before finally going out. I jumped up when I realized how dark it had become outside and immediately went to the kitchen and grabbed a small flashlight from the drawer. I banged my knee hard on the corner of the opened pantry door, causing me suck in through my teeth in pain. I made my way to the garage to see if I could do anything to switch the power back on but the fuse box was not cooperating. The garage was cool and damp and the storm howled against the garage door, causing it to rattle loudly. I grabbed a large flashlight with a handle and two other flashlights that were nearby. I tested each one first before heading back to the into the house.
“Cameron?” I heard my aunt call out in the darkness.
“Where are you?” I asked, moving the light around the room in search of her.
“Up here,” she called, I shifted the light up to the end of the flight of stairs. She stood with her perfect legs slightly spread apart, still in my dad’s t-shirt. I aimed the light to her face to help her see, but it only caused her to shield her eyes with her forearm.
“Wait, right there. Don’t try to walk down” I said as I walked up the stairs to hand her a flashlight of her own. I rushed back down the stairs to look out the window. I noticed her light follow behind me. “There is some wood out in the yard. I can get it and start a fire.”
“What? No way are you going out there! Just look at it!” she shouted, staring out the window in amazement as the sky lit up with lightning.
I hurried to the foyer and put on my dad’s galoshes which were two sizes too big and a heavy raincoat.
“You look like Paddington Bear,” she joked once I had the hood up. “Cam, please don’t go out there. The flashlights are enough. I can’t even see the wood from here”.
“What if they burn out? We need the wood now incase we don’t have any flashlights for later”.
The wind was the worst part of the storm, it caused the water to cling to my face making it impossible to see-- flashlight or not. The wood was gathered in a pile last winter about 50 yards out from the house. I helped my father split some of it and carried bundles back to the garage. I knew wet wood wouldn’t burn as well so I tried to collect as many as I could carry. The flashlight was impossible to hold by the handle at the same time so I left it lit by the wood so that I could find my way back to gather more. I saw my aunt’s flashlight flickering through the house and I used it to guide me home.
“Where is your flashlight?” she asked, taking the wood from my wet hands.

“Keep that light on by the window,” I shouted, before turning back for more. I tried to go twice as fast this time, but my father’s rain boots were heavy and getting sucked into the mud with each step. I tried to take two extra logs of wood and created a tall pile in my arms, barely able to tuck them under my chin. Aunt Jillian did as she was told and shined the flashlight through the window. I felt a thud against my feet causing the wood to fly out of my arms before I struck the ground. I felt a burning pain on my shin through my sweat pants, which were now drenched in water. I slowly got back up and tried to gather the logs of wood around me. I heard my aunt at the door, shouting something at me, but the wind was too loud for me to make anything out. I knew I was missing some pieces, but I ran back anyway, slipping and sliding in the mud.

“Come! Get in here!” she cried out, “Are you ok?”. I dropped the wood onto the ceramic floor so she wouldn’t have to touch it.

“I have to get the flashlight,” I said before turning back around.

“No!” she pulled me back by my shoulder, “Leave it, please”.

“It’s the big one!” I shouted, opening the door to face the storm head on. Once at the pile I grabbed the flashlight and a few extra logs. On the way back I saw a piece of wood I had dropped earlier and added it to the bundle under my left arm.

“Oh god, get in here,” she rushed over to me, grabbing the wood from my arms. I took the raincoat and boots off, letting them fall to the floor. She carried the last few bundles of wood over by the fireplace where she already had a fire going. “Go dry up and change. I’ll be down here”.

I tried to change as quickly as possible, maneuvering in my dark room with only the dimness of the flashlight. The house had become much cooler since the afternoon and I couldn’t wait to get back downstairs next to the fire. I felt the stinging pain on my shin from the fall outside. It was a nasty scrape about 5 inches long and and two inches wide. It looked as if it were bleeding before but the bleeding had stopped. I knew it would dry up soon, I had gotten much worse injuries from soccer. I was one of the taller boys in middle school and the tallest on my soccer team at a near 5’9. I had grown three inches in the last six months or so. I was reminded of this when my last pair of dry sweatpants barely reached my ankles.

I was surprised to come downstairs to find aunt Jillian bent over slightly poking at the fire. Her tight legs looked extra radiant with the flame’s light flickering against them. I felt my dick starting to swell at the sight of them, so

I tucked my semi-hard into my waistband. Although the lights were off, I would be mortified to be caught with a raging hardon. She had a bottle of wine opened and a glass already poured for herself on the coffee table. We spent the next couple of hours playing board and card games in front of the fire. I realized the tension was a little awkward as she tried to have forced smalltalk.

“Your birthday is coming up next month. You’ll finally be a teen!”

“Yeah,” I smiled, for her sake. I extended my leg to keep it from falling asleep and winced in pain.

“What happened?” she leaned over to look at my leg. The gash I had gotten outside looked worse than it really was.

“It’s just a scratch,” I said, pulling my pants down to cover it. She didn’t buy it. She took a flashlight and went straight to the bathroom.

“Here,” she said when she came back. “At least put some ointment on it”. She rubbed in a white cream and then covered the scrape with the two biggest band aids she could find. She caressed my leg gently for a little while, smirking at me.

She took another sip of wine and then stretched her arms out into the air giving out a big yawn and exposing more of her upper thighs. Our knees were just inches away from each other and lightly touched as she gently laid down on the carpet in front of me. She bent her knees up in the air and then let them fall to the side toward me, almost touching mine. Her proximity to me excited me and made me nervous, too nervous to function. Her eyes were closed so I stared a moment at her perfect thighs. I noticed the fire was close to dying out, so I started to get up to add another few logs.

“No, stay” she purred, as she grabbed a hold of my arm.

“The fire is going out,” I said with much concern in my voice.

“Just let it,” she whispered with sleep eyes, still holding on to my arm. I hesitated a moment, then positioned myself on my back next to her. Her knees snuggled in closer to her body making contact with my straight legs.

“You were so brave today,” she opened her eyes slightly and smiled, “You’re so much like your father”.
She moved closer to me and wrapped her arms around mine on her side, resting her soft cheek on my bicept. I felt my boner go from semi to fully hard at her touch. “I used to have the biggest crush on him. Ever since I was 10 years old. Your mom brought him home for Thanksgiving her sophomore year of college,” she recalled in a heavy,sleepy voice. “He was so handsome, real modest guy, and very smart. He was always a perfect gentleman. My perfect sister- the doctor. Married to your perfect father- the doctor,” she scoffed, “I was always the fuck-up”.

I could tell the wine had started to really sink in. “You know, I kissed him once,” she stated proudly. “I was drunk at party in college and called your mom to come get me. She couldn’t make it so your dad came instead. As soon as he stopped the car in front of my dorm, I jumped on him. It only lasted a few seconds before he pushed me off. He was a married man by then, with a son”.

She started to breathe more heavily. I could feel her chest rise and fall against my arm as she hugged it tightly.
“Aunt Jillian?” I whispered, lifting my head slightly. I could only see the top of her head and her exposed legs, knees at my hip.

“Hm,” she barely got out, almost a sigh.

“Did I do something wrong earlier? On the couch?” I asked innocently. She turned her body away from me onto her back again, still holding my arm with one hand, and smiled sheepishly. My guilt caused my heart to beat a little more quickly. A few minutes passed and the low flames started making some final crackling sounds before burning out completely. The room become immediately dark. My eyelids grew heavy as I started to nearly doze off myself.

Aunt Jillian lifted my arm and inched her body over closer to mine, our sides completely touching. She let my arm fall onto her body, my tricep brushing against her breast. She led my hand down and let it fall past her stomach to the rim of those black panties. The shirt had bunched up over her hips to her waist. I knew now that what happened on the couch earlier wasn’t an accident, she had wanted it. But why did she tremble? Why did she stop?

I laid perfectly still, listening to my loud heart beating in my ears. She guided my hand lower over her panties and pushed it down against the plumpness of her panties. She slowly massaged my hand firmly between her legs, squirming her hips a little. Her legs tightened around my hand creating pressure against her dampness. My fingers felt the subtle mounds of her clitoris and a moist crease down the middle which felt squishy. She removed her hand and I realized I was moving my hand on her pussy on my own for a long time now. She’d inhale deeply and exhaled soft moans as I rhythmically kept the up and down motion she had started earlier.
I stroked my hard dick over the soft sweatpants with my freehand, it was too dark for her to notice. She placed her hand up her shirt and started to fiercely rub her breasts and pinch her nipples. I would do anything to touch them, I wanted to feel them. I removed my hand from between her legs and started to rub them up her stomach to her torso.

“No,” she huffed and pushed my hand back down into her underwear this time. I almost lost all control when I felt my aunts bald, wet pussy. I rubbed my dick harder with my free hand. She let out a deep whimper as I moved my fingers around her wet slit with my palm pressing firmly on her swollen clit. I was amazed at how smooth it was, it felt exactly as it looked in the porn movies. But it was surprisingly warm compared to my cool balls. She arched her back a few times while squeezing her legs tightly.

She moved one hand to my hip and touched the rim of my pants. I was so afraid of her seeing my boner, my heart rushed. She traced her thin fingers under my shirt and gently touched my stomach, working her way down. Our arms crossed perpendicular to the other, mine on her hot pussy and hers about to go down into my pants. At that very moment, the television blared and the lights came back on, frightening us. Her eyes widened in embarrassment and she sat up, quickly removing my hand from inside her panties. The microwave beeped a few times, resetting itself and she darted into the kitchen.

Nothing was racing faster than my heart at that moment as I felt the adrenaline rush build in my face and chest, making it hard to breathe. I rubbed my fingers on my left hand together, making my aunt’s sticky wetness dry up in my palm. I rose up from the carpet, turned the tv off and gathered my laptop up to my room knowing I would need it for later. My aunt walked through the doorframe in a hurry.

“We should probably call it a night. It’s almost 1 in the morning,” she said a little tersely, barely able to look me in the face.

Chapter 3

An hour later in my room, I tried to stroke my dick to porn but discovered I didn’t need it. The images in my head were enough to keep me going. I smelled my fingers that had been covered in my aunt Jillian’s juices not too long ago. The smell was so sweet. I went as far as licking them, wishing I had done it sooner when they were still wet and sticky. I covered my nose and mouth with my fingers, nearly inhaling the scent of my aunt’s sweet sex. I came into my shirt and almost immediately drifted off to sleep.

I wasn’t too sure what time of the night it was when aunt Jillian lifted my covers and slowly crept into my bed. But I was a bit too sleepy to be fully aware of what was going on. Both of us on our sides, she cradled my body around hers, pressing her butt into my hips. She reached back and placed my arm around her waist. I wasn’t sure what do, everything I did before seemed to upset her or make her leave. I was trying hard to control my erection but her backside pressing against me made it difficult. She was no longer wearing the t-shirt, only the black cotton panties. Her bare back was in full contact with my undefined twelve year old chest.

She placed her hand over mine and used my hand to cup her right breast. Her nipples became instantly hard between my fingers which made my dick grow and push against her tight ass. I moved my hips away from her to avoid her feeling the hard erection and getting upset. I didn’t want her to leave again. She pushed her hips back to find mine again, my hardon seemed to excite her more as she would grind into my dick.

“You make me so fucking hot,” she growled through her teeth. It was the first time she ever spoke while we were touching. She sat up suddenly, turned me on my back and straddled my stomach-- facing my feet.

“You’re so hard,” she said eagerly, rubbing my dick through my boxers. If I hadn’t made myself cum earlier, I would’ve came at her touch. She pulled my boxers down slightly, exposing my 6 inch cock. It flopped to my belly before she picked it up and started stroking it.

“Ohhh,” I gasped. She lowered her head an inch away from my dick and stuck her ass in the air above my shoulders. I stared in disbelief between her legs at the sight of her tongue about to touch the head. She gave it a few hard licks before wrapping her soft wet lips around it. My body was overtaken with electric shocks of pleasure racing through my veins. She took it deeper in her mouth, getting it nice and wet.

“It feels so good doesn’t it?” she said after a loud smacking sound with her mouth against my dick.

“Touch it, baby” she whined, wiggling her ass in my face. I was too busy focusing on her tongue to realize those black cotton panties that haunted me all night were now less than a foot away from my face. I took my fingers and rubbed on her bulging cunt.

I could clearly feel where the all wetness was coming from. I pushed into it harder. My thumb barely grazed her clit and I felt her twitch. I passed over it again in an up and down motion like earlier and it seemed to drive her wild, causing her to suck harder on my dick.

“Ohh, I love that,” she moaned, taking a break from my cock. She reached back and moved her panties to the side, revealing her bald, swollen pussy. The pretty pinkness of it all was covered in hot, clear moisture.

“Touch it,” she said again, spreading herself open from behind. I slowly brought my finger up to the wet center of it all, prodding gently. She took my hand and drove my finger deep inside her and moaned loudly as she pushed her body onto my finger, beginning a nice rhythm for me. I added another finger and thrust them both into her pussy, while rubbing her hard clit with my thumb.

“Oh, yeah. Good boy,” she huffed, before placing her mouth on my cock again. My entire hand soon became covered in my aunt’s flowing juices. She would tense up and then release again around my fingers, making soft moaning sounds with my dick in her mouth. She pried her mouth off it again.

“Lick it. Lick my pussy” she groaned, and returned to my wet dick. Lick it? I thought. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was dying to put my mouth on it, but wasn’t sure how. I stuck my tongue out and placed it right on the pink center. I retracted it back into my mouth and tasted what seemed to be sweetness and a bit tangy. I did it again, taking more of her onto my tongue this time. The third time I went to her pussy she reached out behind her and held my head there.

“Suck on it,” she grunted firmly. My tongue made long, quick laps around her pink hole.

“Yes!” she exhaled, pressing her pussy on my mouth. I was hooked. I sucked on her pussy hard, swallowing her thick juice in big gulps down my throat. I sat up a little, getting a better angle and a bit closer to her hot cunt. I spread her open myself and drove my tongue as deep inside her as I could. She leaned forward again and filled her mouth with my cock.

I licked around her fat lips, darted my tongue in and out of her hole and sometimes lightly brushing it over her twitching clit. I don’t know what came over me, but I boldly gripped both my hands on her ass cheeks and squeezed tightly, pulling her pussy closer to my mouth as my tongue went deeper. The combined sensation of her heat on my face and my throbbing cock in her wet mouth sent me over the edge.

I felt the build up starting to form inside me and I couldn’t stop it from happening. I felt Aunt Jillian’s moans vibrating on my dick. It was coming and there was nothing I could do. I gripped her ass tightly and dug my fingers into her soft skin as I felt the pressure race through me. I tensed up my body and released into her mouth, filling it up with what felt like the biggest load of my life. I knew it caught her by surprise, I felt her jump a little in shock.

“I’m so sorry,” I pleaded. I felt her take several gulps of my warm cum down her throat.

“Baby, you’re delicious” she said wildly as she licked my cock clean. I couldn’t believe what just happened. Aunt Jillian drank my cum and loved it!

“Do you like the way I taste?” she asked, turning her body around on top of my hips to face me. She leaned in just a few inches away from my face, “Stick out your tongue. I want to taste myself”.
I stared at her with wide eyes. She grabbed my face and squeezed my cheeks together with one hand.

“Give my that tongue” she commanded softly into my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and she sucked on it wildly, bobbing her head on it like it were a mini-cock. There it was, my first kiss and it was my aunt sucking her own juices off my tongue.

“Mmm, I love the way I taste,” she purred. “You made my pussy cum twice but you need to make my clit cum so I can fall asleep”. She rolled down her damp panties and spread her legs wide at the foot of my bed. Her perfect little body waiting for me to come and make it feel better. I knew how sensitive she was from any contact to her clitoris. I slowly moved over toward her, laying on my stomach.

I supported myself with my elbows against the bed, but aunt Jillian took my hands and placed them on her hips. She then pushed my head down onto her bald pussy, her clit stuck out like a little pink nub.

“Suck it,” she whispered. I placed my entire mouth around her swollen clit and sucked on it slowly. “Ohh, yeah,” she moaned, pushing her hips into my face.

“You do that so good”.

Her voice made me adore my task and I lost myself in her damp womanly scent. I squeezed where her hips and thighs met tightly. She took my hands and placed them on her naked breasts. I grabbed each one firmly as I circled my tongue around her pink bulb. She breathed harder, pressing my head down into her. She moaned louder and more frequently, causing me to become aroused again. Her body tightened in my mouth and she rubbed on her clit herself.

“Get back,” she warned, “It’s coming”. I moved back a little, sitting on my knees, but it was too late. A hot stream of white liquid shot out of her pretty, pink vagina and onto my chest.

“Fuck,” she panted, collapsing her body to my bed as she caught her breath. The look in her eye scared me when she crawled her way over to me and started licking her cum off my chest.

She is insane, I thought to myself. She gave me a long deep kiss on the lips, a real kiss, but then pulled away too soon for me. I wanted to kiss her forever. She quietly picked up her underwear and maneuvered her way out of my room as if nothing ever happened.

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2016-12-01 04:26:11
Beautifully written story with lots of details that made it seem real. Thank you. Please keep writing

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2015-12-13 07:53:53
that was incredible!! I've been reading stories here for a good part of 4ish years? this is my first comment, this is the best story I've read since they took down all stories that were blatantly "pedophilia" related.

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2015-07-16 14:18:54
One of the hottest stories, I have read on here. I particularly like, that you took the time to slowly build up towards the climax.

Wish, I'd been that lucky, when I was 12.

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2015-04-16 03:19:54
Sounds like a fun tine wish i had experience im alreday 16 and still a virgin


2013-09-06 20:38:05
Good story. Dam I wish I had a hot aunt when I was 12!

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