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Me:5"11 short brown hair average body
katie:5"8 slim body c cup tits
sarah: 5"5 slim body b cup tits.

Back story..

Me and katie have been dating for almost 6 months now, we met at clup mansion and have been going hot and heavy since then. That is until her friend sarah started hanging around all the time and staying the night at my place, but we still do it every night after sarah passes out. and your probably wondering why we jus dont go to my room.. well thing is i live in a 1 bedroom apartent and sarah refuses to sleep on the couch, but because katie and sarah have been friends forever katie refuses to make her go and lets her sleep in the bed with us, (im so glad its a queen) because she enjoys having sarah around(i know, girls right?) anyways all in all besides a cock block sarah isnt bad to hang aroun.


Katie: "Oh Fuck yes baby, fuck me harder, harder, omgg"
Me: " katie hush your about to wake up sarah"

i covered her mouth with my hand and pounded into her tight pussy harder, staring at her tits bouncing up and down, i couldnt handle it anymore.

Me: " oh fuck baby im coming. ohhh fucckkk, yessss"

I grunted as i shot into her, i rolled over, grabbed my boxers and slipped them on real quick before sarah woke up.

Katie: "that was great baby, now i remember why i love you"

Me: " Oh really thats the only reason you love me?... yea i could live with that"

Katie: " oh shut up you ass"

she giggled as she punched me in the arm.

Me:" ow fuck that hurt"

Katie: "quit being a pussy lol"

Me: " nahh your just real manly!"

i smirked and baby tapped her in the arm.
next thing i remembered it was morning, i lifted my head up, looked beside me and katie was sleeping and still naked, and on the otherside of her the bed was empty, by the noise i could tell sarah was in the bathroom. i got up threw some pants on and woke up katie.

Me: "hey girl its 9 o clock, time to get up"

katie stirred, opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled.

Katie: " well mornin baby, where is sarah?"

Me: "um bathroom in the shower i think"

Katie: " oh ok"

She got up grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom.
somtimes i really wonder what they are doing in there... katie says they just have girl talk and do their makeup and whatnot. i didnt believe her but whatever.
A few minutes later katie came out of the bathroom dressed.

Katie: "hey baby, sarah is going to be out of the shower in a minute, and me and her are taking the car and going shopping for a few hours, you dont mind do you?"

Me: " no its cool i supose, im sure i can find somthin on tv or.. somthin... just have fun and be back in a few hours'

Katie: " thanks jake, i love you so much!"

Sarah finally came out the shower she said her quick hi and bye, katie game me a kiss and they both left.
I began flipping through the channels, trying to see what i could find, after a dozen shopping and gospel networks i finally came across the simpsons and said fuck it good enough. i jump in the shower real quick, and get out in time to finish watching the simpsons. About 5 mins later the phone rings.

Me: "hello?"

Mike: " yo jake whats up man?'

it was one of my good friends mike.

Me: " oh hey, not shit sittin here watchin tv, you comin over to chill?"

Mike: " man sorry but i cant, got plans. thats also why i called, i have to cancel our plans for tonight im gonna be out of town"

Me: " alright no problem, just hit me up when you get back'

Mike: " yeah ok, cool. well ill talk to you later bro"

and with that i hung up the phone. ive known mike since he was 5, we have been through alot since then but we will always be friends, hes like a brother to me.
Its rolling around 1 o clock and i hear the door open and in comes katie and sarah. katie sits on the bed next to me with a bag, while katie walks to the other side and sets her things down and gets comfortable.

Katie: " hey baby, i got some new lingerie, but you cant see them until tonight"

Me: " well thats not fair!"

i made a pouty face and stared at her forever.

Katie: " no im not giving in this time!"

Sarah: " oh will you two love birds knock it off already"

Katie: " haha nooo"

Katie threw a pillow and hit sarah in the face

Sarah: "hey bitch. watch it! lol"

Me: " why is it so damn hot in here?"

Katie: " idk babe go check the air conditioner"

i go take a quick look, im not an air conditioner expert, but i do know by looking that its broken, so i grab my cell and call the repair man, and he says to me that he wont be able to show up until tomorrow. great, so i hang up the phone and walk back into the bedroom.

Me: " well girls bad news, air conditioner is broke, repair man wont be out until tomorrow"

Katie: "shit this heat is going to kill me"

a few hours pass and its 9 o clock.

Katie: "baby its really hot in here"

Me: " i know thats why im stripping down to my boxers"

katie and sarah look at each other.

Katie: ok fine, sar if you want you can strip down to your underwear, but no further, same to you jake, but you ave both seen me naked so ha"

sarah strips down to her underwear, and katie strips down completly naked.

katie: 'there now its not so bad"

Sarah: " agreed'

i stand up to go put a movie in the dvd player, on the way back i notice sarah quickly cover her eyes.

Katie: "Babe!"

I look down and notice my dick is hanging out of the hole.

Me: " oh shit"

I quickly put it back in the hole.

Katie: " im bored"

Sarah: " want me to give you a lap dance? lol"

Katie: 'sure, sounds fun"

Sarah; " i was kidding'

Katie: " like i said im bored. so get your cute but over here and show me what you got lol"

Sarah: " lol ok ok"

katie sits in our wood chair, sarah gets up and turns on some music and walks over to katie, she walks around the chair lightly touching katies shoulders. she gets on front of her leans over and kisss her on the neck while moving her sexy ass to the beat, i just stared at her ass, she had a black and pink thong on that rode nicely up her ass, omg i was getting hard. sarah stood straight up and put her boobs in katies face from my view it looked like katie was being suffocated by tits. damn i wish i had the tits in my face. sarah rubbed her tits in katies face, katie reached behind sarah and unsnapped her bra, her tits bounced out. the were round and perky, i was shocked when katie took a nipple in her mouth. my jaw dropped. she licked her nipple and nibbled on it softly. sarah let out a sexy moan. i was completely hard now. katie knew and she just smiled. sarah turned around and put her ass in katies face. katie smaced her ass and ran her claws down her ass. sarah jumped a bit. it really surprised me and i think it surprised sarah when katie slid her fingers under the side of sarahs thong and yanked it down. still bent over katie smacked sarahs and swirled her tongue around her ass. slowly moving her tongue towards her ass crack.

i watched in antiipation of what was to happen next.
katies tongue made its way to sarahs ass crack, still clawing sarahs ass katie ran her tongue up and down her ass crack. she slowly oved her tongue down and it finally reached sarahs asshole. she started licking around herasshole. sarahs eyes were wide. she didnt know what to do, but from the look on her face she liked it. katie started tongue fucking her ass hole. my dick felt like it was going to explode. she removed her tongue and replaced it with her finger, she gently rubbed her finger around sarahs asshole. she motioned me to get in front of sarah. so i did

Katie: " sarah baby, i wanna watch you suck his dick".

so obeying, she took my dick out of my pants and started slowly stroking it, then took the head and put it in her mouth ad let out a moan, and i soon realized why, katie was now finger fucking sarahs asshole and licking her pussing, her tongue was on sarahs clit from what i could see. by now katie had my dick all the way in her mouth while staring up at me with lustful eyes. katie was licking sarahs pussy furiously, sarahs pussy was dripping wet, katie was togue fucking sarahs pussy while still finger fucking her asshole. katie got up, grabbed sarah laid her on the bed and spread her legs, katie then took off her own thong then bent over and started going furiously at sarahs pussy again. so i took my que and positioned myself behind katie, and began to rub my throbbing dick across her pussy lips. she let out a soft moan, i positioned myself at her pussy hole, and slowly started sliding in, damn i loved how tight she was, after getting the head in i slammed the rest all the way in

she let out a yelp/moan that sounded hot as fuck, so i did it again. and again and again and again. i grabbed ahold of her nice round ass cheeks, and started furiously pounding her pussy. i watched as her tongue went up and down sarahs pussy, sarahs pussy looked amazing. clean shaven and very smooth. i slid my dick out of katies tight pussy then slammed back in, feeling close i fucked her as hard as i could. with her moaning i couldnt take it anymore, i let my load go inside of her, and as if on que sarah came right after.
i pulled out and katie turned around and sucked n licked me clean.
her and sarah got up and headed to the bathroom..

i was about passed out when i heard katie say

katie: " oh and jake, this will probably never happen again"


I do apologize for the short story line, and not giving enough detail.
This was all straight off the top of my head.
If you like Please Rate, and if you want a sequel, tell me which one of these you would like to see in it, which ever gets the most votess i will put in the story.. Anal, Exhibition, ass to mouth, cum swallowing, massage.

Thank you

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Cum swallowing and massage are my vote. besides anal seems to be done to death on here lately.

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