Guy flies back for cousins wedding and mets this girl
I got a call from home months back about my cousin's marriage and after the semester i was free to go back home for the summer break, It was a long flight back home and there i am waiting at the conveyer belt waiting for my luggage with my iPod on and a sprained neck.

I'm , 21 , 5'9", good built from my Muay Thai and bold face which was pretty good for an indian guy. I can say this because over the time i have had girls liking me and telling me about it. At 4am , i didn't expect anybody to pick me up from the airport so i called home and took a cab.

First thing i did was sleep, jet lag got me in a pretty bad shape so i slept for 8 hours straight and woke up with puffy eyes, marriage was another two days and its was gonna be very hectic for me to kill the hours but i was handed a big list of things to get and collect for the wedding after all my first cousin was getting married. Those two days were pretty much of work and tired nights with all the events.

On the day of the marriage, I wore a black tuxedo and got a lot of compliments from my family members lots of people were present and it was one fat wedding with millions put into it. I never liked these marriages because they tend to go on all night and had too many events with them but one thing that i did like about Indian marriages was the girls. If you've ever seen one , you'd know. All the girls drape beautiful sarees and suits with the most modern designs and that's what tempt me the most. I can say it, i have a thing with girls in traditional clothes.

There were a lot of pretty girls and it was a complete bliss for me but there was this one girl who looked familiar to me. So i decided to take a closer look and then it hit me it was Noor, she was in my class but we never talked much and were just friends. Noor was the same age, 5' 5" tall with 34C tits, Round but perfect ass and had high heels to go with her backless suit which made her look absolutely stunning. So timing it perfectly, i came in front of her and without saying anything i just stood there smiling to see if she recognises me.

I was rewarded with a smile and she said " Abhi is that you?" i nodded and came in for a hug even when we were just friends back then but boy i was glad to see her too. When i hugged her, i felt her firm tits on my chest and it felt really good. It was loud enough for us to talk to each other because to the deejay playing his music so we walked up to this corner of the lawn where the drinks were served. I asked for two drinks and handed one to her, she smiled at me. She had grown prettier that she was before, We talked a lot and then i jumped to the question i said " Are you seeing someone?"

Noor blushed and replied " No i left this guy two months back and been single since."

I came closer to her and looked right in her eyes and said " Noor , you're really pretty " while i sipped my drink.

She was about to reply and that's when one of the waiters spilled some wine on her dress which made her upset. So i took her to the room where all the bride's friends were and asked them if they had some tidy wipes. One of them told us " I have kept some in the next room, you can take the keys if you want to." I saw hope in Noor's eyes so i said " Yes please, give us the keys."

She smirked and gave me the keys, I opened the door easily and let Noor in. I could see a box of tidy wipes just near the Bedpost so i handled them over to Noor who was already in the washroom trying to wet the spot out.
She took the wipes and locked the washroom as i waited for her to clean her dress. After 10 minutes, she was out with the spot which was hardly noticeable and asked me " Can you still see it?"

I replied " Nah, its nearly gone."

Noor came closer and said " Thanks to you" while she pecked my right cheek.

I said " Now that's gonna leave a mark" referring to the lipstick she just imprinted on my clean shaved face.

Noor asked " and where were we? "

I made my move and moved close to her looking right in her eyes, took her hand in my hand and kissed them. She responded with a smile and we hugged but this was different , i moved my hands from her bare back to the end of the backless suit while holding them right above her her ass. She politely said " Don't stop" and that was a good green for me. I came closer to kiss her on her lips but waited her to come her part , she didn't hesitate and we kissed.

Her lips tasted like the best strawberry i had ever maybe cause of the drink but our kiss broke for a moment and resumed while our tongues swirled around playing with each others. I moved my hands to feel her ass and moved my lips to her neck. She moaned and i could feel that it turned her on. We continued to make out for another minute and then parted to take off our clothes, She started undoing my shirt after removing my tux and i took her dress and lifted it above her head. Her skin was like soft silk with a red lacy bra which really turned me on, she went for my belt and started removing the buckle and slid them down showing my boxer shorts. She started rubbing my semi hard cock through my boxers and felt my cock growing quickly, she gently slid my boxer down to see my hard 8-inches in upright position.

She gasped " Oh my, this is really good." while she started stroking it with her right hand, her left hand was felling my abs and moved down to feel my balls. Before she took it closer to her mouth i grabbed her and removed the bottoms revealing her panties. I sat down on the bed and she came onto me still holding my cock, she moved it right infront of her mouth and stick her tongue out to lick the head of my cock while her hand was stroking it all the way to the base. She took it in her soft mouth and started bobbing her head taking more and more of my inches. I was in heaven, grunts and moans were flowing to reward her for her effort while she took me closer to cum in her mouth. I told her I'm close and stopped her but instead she took a deep breath and took my cock down her throat which hit her gag and that's when i lost it and shot my cum down her mouth.

She took my cock out of her mouth slowly and a spurt made its way rolling on her down lip which she licked with her tongue and took it in her mouth " Mmmmm" she said.

"Noor that was the best thing i ever had" I looked into her gleamy eyes and picked her up positioning her panties over my face. I slowly removed her red lingerie and made her lay on her back, she was clean shaved and her pussy all wet. I slowly licked it up all the way from the start to her clit while my hands moved to her firm C cup tits.
The moment my tongue hit her clit again, her toes kurl and her ass rose while her neck dug deeper into the bed.

She said " Don't Stopp"

I followed and kept licking it till she came, her orgasm was pretty intense and she was almost shaking from it. I waited for her to catchup and moved close to her tits, taking both of them in my hand, i licked her dime sized nipple.
She started moaning again and said " Abhi i want you in me, I can't take it any longer."

I came on top of her and parted her legs to see the wetter pussy, she took my cock in her hand and guided it to her pussy lips. I pushed inside her with a thrust which was enough to drive her over the cliff, She was pretty tight but after a while she accommodated my 8 inches cock. I kept thrusting her and flipped her over to doggie style.
She was moaning loudly now and i had to tell her to keep it down as there were bride's friends in the very next room and they might hear us. I fondled her tits with my right hand as my left hand hold her hair to arch her ass up.
She went into overdrive and suddenly her pussy lips became very tight around my shaft and she started cumming on my cock.

It was not long before my balls tighten and i started thrusting her vigorously and told her " I'm gonna cum.". i thought she'd pull me off or ask me to cum on her ass but instead she compensated to my speed and started moving rapidly to match my rhyme.
I came shooting lots of spurts of my cum in her cunt and lay on her back, both our sweated bodies were tired of the love making session we just had but she didn't stop she started sucking my cock to revive it to the former state which came out as a surprise to me.

She said " There's still time and you still have to do this one thing"

I asked "What?" smiling at her pretty face

She said " I want your cock in my ass"

Right then there was a knock on the door and we both froze.

To be continued in the second part!

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