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He stepped in and used his hand to slap my cheek with his hard cock, not hard but hard enough to make a slapping sound, he then rubbed his head over my lips, my, chin, my cheeks, wetting me with his pre cum. He lifted his cock and rubbed my forehead, his balls now rubbing my mouth. His other hand moved behind my head and he pulled me into him, my face pressed hard against his shaft and balls.
Use your tongue he said, lick those balls boy! I didn’t need another invitation, my tongue slipped out of my lips and lapped at his ball sack, heavy, full and so large, I could feel each of his balls in there, fat, hot and full of his spunk, I knew I wasn’t going to be happy until they had emptied out for me, anywhere he pleased!
He pulled, away from me, still holding his cock, it pointing right at my mouth. You want it now boy he asked? Yes please Sir, I said, I want you big fat cock in my mouth! If you want it there are conditions, I only let boys suck my cock if they can take it all, can you do that? I looked at his big cock, wet, hard, thick and long and I doubted I could manage to take it all into my mouth and throat but I wanted it so bad so I just said yes Sir.
There’s another condition, once you’ve sucked my cock and got me fully hard I will have to fuck you, do you understand that? Yes Sir, I understand. Good boy he replied, now open your mouth and let’s give you what you want!

He stepped in, guiding his cock towards my waiting mouth. His head hit my lower lip and I realised I needed to open my mouth more but he didn’t wait, he pushed on in with his fat hard cock. My jaw opened further and he continued to push his cock into my eager mouth, my tongue tasting his juices as he slid in. My lips closed around his fat shaft, his foreskin moving smoothly over my wet eager tongue. He kept on pushing in and I realised that the test was going to come any minute as to whether I could handle all of his big fat dick.
He put his hand down onto my head and used it to pull me onto his cock. I felt his cockhead push on down the length of my tongue, further onto my mouth, moving on towards my throat. I felt myself gag as his head pressed at the top of my throat, he held my head on his rock hard cock, my jaw tightened and my teeth pressed at his manhood as I gagged. Good boy he said as he released my head and I pulled back, his cock popping out of my mouth with my own gastric juices stringing out of my mouth still attached to his head.
Yes, good boy indeed, you managed most of it, you will get better with practice! He pulled my head back towards him and instinctively I opened my mouth again, letting him guide my head onto his wet shinny cockhead. I closed my lips around it and let it slide back into my hungry mouth, feeling it push my tongue down as it filled me up. He let go of his cock and now both hands held my head firmly as he started to fuck my mouth, pushing in deeply before pulling out again until his head slipped out from my lips.
Suck on my balls he instructed as he stood in front of me as he lifted his cock away from my mouth. I put my hands on his thighs and leaned in to take his swollen sac into my mouth, tasting his flesh as my tongue lapped at his balls. He moaned as my tongue and lips went to work, sucking a ball into my mouth, rolling them around with my tongue, then releasing it and swapping to his other ball. They were big, firm, hot, full of the cum I wanted so much.
He pulled away, stoked my hair, smiling down at me as he said I was ready to taste the rest of him. He then turned around, facing away from me, his hairy bum now just inches from my face. Boy it’s time to eat my ass, have you rimmed a guy before he asked, yes sir, I replied, good then here, eat mine. With that he leant forward onto the kitchen worktop and opened his legs. His cheeks parted in front of my face to reveal his puckered asshole, his swollen sac hanging underneath. It was a very erotic sight to me, yet also very manly and strong, I knew that id do anything for this guy and I leaned in, my tongue already out. His smell was strong and musky, not unpleasant at all.
My hands reached for his cheeks as my tongue reached for his hole, the heat of it surprised me a little as I lapped at his asshole. I opened my mouth and buried my head in between his cheeks, covering his hole with my mouth. My tongue went to work on riming him, feeling his tight circular ring relax as my tongue massaged it repeatedly. I heard him sigh and as he did I felt his sphincter relax and his ass opened to my tongue, allowing me to push my tongue into him. Yes he moaned as my tongue slipped inside his ass and opened him further, good boy, you like eating ass don’t you he said.
He was slowly wanking himself now as my tongue continued to explore him, rim him and taste him. After only a couple more minutes he stood up causing me to have to pull away from him. He turned around, his cock still in his hand, you’ve got me very excited boy, I think its time you got to finish me he said. With that he pointed his cock at my mouth, it opened immediately and he stepped forward and pushed it deep inside. His hands back on my head he forced most of his cock into my mouth and throat. I gagged again, but he didn’t seem to notice as he kept on pushing, further into my throat, his body now practically pressed into my face.
Before I knew it he said good boy, you’ve taken it all, I was gagging still and my mouth was full of cock and my spittle as he slid his cock first out a bit then back in fully, jamming his belly against my nose. My throat got used to this action and the gagging stopped as he fucked my throat with his throbbing dick. It was amazing to feel all of him move inside me, my tongue now able to move a little and increase his pleasure. He fucked me like that for maybe a minute before suddenly pulling out completely and telling me to open wide and stick my tongue.
I did as he ordered and watched him as he gave his cock 3 or 4 rapid yanks and then he started to spurt his cum in my mouth, over my tongue and across my face. 5 or 6 spurts roped out from his eye as he pumped his cock again and again, filling my waiting hungry mouth and covering my face with his precious load. As he stopped spurting he pushed his cock back into my mouth, pushing it deep and, fucking me once again until I felt his cock spurt again twice, deep down my throat, giving me more of his juice, this time delivered direct.
He pulled his softening cock from me, it shone with his own cum and my juices. He looked down at me and smiled, you are covered in my juice boy he said and he used his cock to rub the cum spurts around my face before offering me his cock to clean which, of course, I did.
You passed that test boy he said, thank you sir I replied. There’s another test that you have to pass and that will be later on tonight. Do you wanna take that test boy? He asked. Yes sir I replied. You don’t even know what is it yet he said, laughing. Now finish cleaning me and I will then give you the instructions you will need to follow for later!


2018-04-15 18:37:11
damn i wish the bt guy would make the kid call him daddy

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2016-09-13 18:00:51
Keep writing! My cock is so hard, I love this.

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2013-02-22 09:18:18
Damn, that's hot. Keep going writer, I want to read the rest... To the previous comment: Why read something that clearly states its gay material if you are going to dis it? unless you are jealous he is open about it, unlike you who hides it

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2013-02-22 00:42:20
Damn you be a freaky little queer!!! Bitch you'll get what yo sick self deserve one day!!

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